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  1. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Star Wars   

    Most likely the "stories" are about the Emperor having a sinister alter-ego and dabbling in some occult and paranormal activities. Which was the exact reality, as all of us who have watched the 6 films should be aware.
    From what I understand, only the Jedi Order and a few Senators and the leaders of the Separatist forces have been awake and aware of the so-called Darth Sidious persona, while the rest of the galaxy a.k.a "the non-elite masses" have been completely unaware and clueless to the whole "Dark Side versus Light Side mystical power struggle".
    I'm convinced that the death of the Galactic Emperor in the Star Wars universe was advertised to the non-elite masses, just like the death (or the supposed death) of Hitler was advertised in our universe. There's a lot of mysteries and theories about the Fuhrer's life and what exactly he was doing behind the scenes, so it's only natural for the profile of a fictional dictator to be inspired by this in some way. 
    I'm convinced that in place of the Emperor there is a group of admirals and warlords squabbling for territory amongst themselves, similarly to the way that it was in the EU.
  2. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Star Wars   

    If that's the case then it would feel like a major rip-off of the Kyle Katarn storyline from the game Jedi Outcast. I don't even know what concrete opinion to form about such a development because it gives me mixed feelings.
    The only thing that is certain at this point is that the people who made these trailers have done a great job of getting everyone hyped and excited with too many unanswered questions, practically guaranteeing that almost everyone will buy tickets just to get all the answers even if some of those answers will be disappointing.
  3. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Star Wars   

    Perhaps by saying "stories" he was actually referring to the ability of the Jedi to use telekinesis and mind-control? It isn't so difficult for me to imagine how such powers and actions would have gradually transformed from real evidence into urban legends due to the Jedi having been purged and the Force having been completely dormant for several decades.
    Just because someone mentions "stories" while talking about real historical events doesn't necessarily mean that they're being ignorant. On the contrary it might actually mean that they have a curiosity and a thirst for further knowledge which hasn't been proven... For example, we are all aware of the fact that Hitler and the Nazis were real because we have proof of that. But do we have proof of the story that Nazis built a secret outpost on the Moon? Do we have proof of what really happened to Hitler's body when he died? Do we have absolute proof of whether he escaped to Argentina or the USA? Those are all "stories", and people question about them being real. And there's nothing wrong with this. It's human nature.
    So, from my perspective, the characters in the trailer are just being healthy curious youngsters.
  4. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Star Wars   

    To be completely honest, I'm not particularly admiring the design of the poster either, because it gives an impression of a last-minute rush job due to the fact that all 3 characters are standing in pretty much the same pose with pretty much the same grumpy facial expression, as if they're all anxiously waiting for that final photo to be taken so that they could all leave the studio and drive back to their homes and families after a long and exhausting day of filming. 
    But I refuse to believe that the effort, or rather the lack of effort, which was done on this poster serves as a precise premonition of the overall quality of the actual film. I base my stubborn opinion on the fact that the release of the film has been delayed from the traditional date in May to a further date which is closer to Christmas, giving the whole crew and staff extra time to ensure that any mistakes and bloopers get noticed and fixed. 
    I had the same gut feeling about the release of the DOOM movie a decade ago, and it turned out to be correct. That movie sucked because it felt like it was a chapter of a totally different story from a totally different franchise altogether. But I wouldn't go as far as making a general rule that just because my gut feeling about one thing long ago turned out to be correct then all the other gut feelings of everybody else about other things will turn out to be correct. I believe that there's always the chance for everyone to make a mistake and that only time will tell how great or how terrible the movie is once the release happens.
  5. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Star Wars   

    Well, there was actually somebody above your last post who said the following statement: "I have very low expectations for this movie. The prequels were trash, but this makes them look great. This whole movie is just a shameless cash-in" in reaction to seeing that poster. So I interpreted that reaction as judging the whole unreleased film by the single promotional poster.
    If I misinterpreted then I'm sorry, but that's what it felt like.
    Anyways, I'm convinced that Harrison Ford will do his best to not disappoint the fans on camera.
  6. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Favorite Composers   

    Being a worshipper of electronic music, I like the works of Liam Howlett who is the founder of the band The Prodigy. And then I also like some of the works by the German band Kraftwerk (whose real names I don't know). And then there's a really talented French composer who goes by the long and peculiar name of Jean-Michel Jarre, whose earlier works I really love.
    I used to like the Italian band Eiffel65 for a while, but nowadays they annoy me for some reason and I avoid them.
    I'm assuming that dubstep artists are not considered authentic composers, so I'm omitting them from being mentioned in this post, but I do love their crafts as well.
    And then whoever in Japan has composed the soundtrack for Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure is also regarded as my hero.
  7. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Star Wars   

    Well, I don't know guys, but I wouldn't want to be overly judgmental until I've actually sat in the theater and watched the entire film for the very first time.
    You know how they say: "You shouldn't judge a book by its cover", right? Well, in this case I might as well say that you shouldn't judge the performances of all the actors and scriptwriters by a single little poster.
  8. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Star Wars   

    That would be absolutely wonderful because, as a huge fan of both Anakin and Han, I wish to know the backgrounds of both of them as thoroughly as possible. The prequels have already given me insight into what Anakin's life was like, so now it only makes proper sense that the new trilogy should take a chance at exploring the life and roots of Han Solo.
  9. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Females in the Sonic Fandom   

    Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing. She does her best to interact through social media with all the fans that she's got. There's thousands of them but the majority don't live as close as I do. When she hit 10K followers on her Instagram she had a celebration. She's even got a P.O. Box to which people send her gifts. But I'm not one of the people who send her gifts, because I've learned from past experiences that that can sometimes scare people, so I don't want to risk that method anymore.
    So yeah, I chat on the Instagram and comment on her blogs. She's got no problems with it. Afterall, silently waiting an entire year for a convention is too boring. (I'm not as rich as her, so I only attend 1 convention per year, while she actually travels the world and attends multiple cons.)
    So there you have it. No problems, no violations, no hassles. Just some weird geeks fighting their boredom in peace.
  10. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Females in the Sonic Fandom   

    It's true that not everyone has the same idea of a "good time" and there's always a variety of preferences. At moments like this I wish that I could read a person's mind before I dare to approach them to start up a conversation. But unfortunately I'm not a mind-reader and therefore I have to take risks and gauge my actions based on someone's reaction to my approach. Some cosplayers that I came across were overly friendly but what held me back was the thought that I might not get to meet up with the particular person again due to them coming from far away and not being able to arrive to the particular event each year.
    I'm one of the lucky guys who lives only 1.5 hours away from a popular venue, so I can make it there every single year, unless I lose my job. So I treat the convention like a downtown pub where folks mingle on a regular basis with the hope of building a relationship. (The reasons why I don't go to real authentic pubs are: 1.) because I'm not much of a beer lover; 2.) because I don't like most modern pop music; and 3.) because those places are popular amongst people who most definitely lack my interests and who would most likely just tease me in some way instead of taking me seriously.).
    Sadly, the majority of the people are exactly the way that you describe. But I don't like to think as a cynic and there's a part of me that yearns to believe that at least a small exception can always exist to every scenario. With that said, I know of a female cosplayer who, just like me, lives very close to a popular venue and keeps arriving to it each year. And each time that she goes there she arranges community meet-ups for her fans/followers. So far I've only met her once, but if we can keep meeting up every year then it could hopefully have some kind of growth/advancement. Nothing wrong with wishful thinking. Especially if the person never told me to stay away.  

  11. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Females in the Sonic Fandom   

    I always knew that you were a guy, because I remember how you and Aoi were one of the most popular couples on the board back when I first arrived here. But regarding other members, I do confess that I thought FlyboyFox was a guy because of the fact that this member always had a picture of Tails the fox in their avatar and because they even had the word "flyboy" instead of "flygirl" in their username. I was very surprised/shocked to one day discover that this member was actually a female.
    Back in 2006, 2007, and 2008 I was active enough to review people's art and music in this community, and I took them very seriously, regardless of whether they were a female or a male. The old moderators who remember me will confirm this to you. It was a great time and I really did encourage and motivate a lot of folks to keep posting their crafts.
    That's basically how it goes. People keep advising me: "find a girl who shares a lot of the same interests with you; don't waste your time testing your luck with girls who have very little in common with you". And this is exactly why I end up going back to flirting with cosplayers of anime characters after being rejected by someone else who didn't have any matching interests with me despite looking attractive...
    So yeah, I've attended 4 conventions so far, and I didn't have any problems obtaining consent for photographs and for a few minutes of chatter. Other than that, no major breakthroughs.
  12. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Rise of the Machines - In real life.   

    What we should do is develop technology which assists disabled and elderly people with mobility and day-to-day functions; and also develop technology which cures diseases such as various forms of cancer. Stuff like nano-technology and cybernetics should be developed, but not to the point where it has complete self-awareness, for obvious reasons.
    We should also build something like a warp-drive which would allow us to explore the universe efficiently without feeling like some kind of handicapped losers.
    Those are the kinds of things we should develop instead of investing in robots who take away our quality and purpose of life. Sadly, the capitalist government will never favour this. Hence why some people are trying to promote socialism.
  13. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Rise of the Machines - In real life.   

    IMO it doesn't set us free at all. It sets us up for starvation and extinction in the long run. It's a recipe for disaster. Most people will be more likely to become obese and unhealthy instead of becoming re-employed and maintaining healthy lifestyles.
    And the saddest part is that this trend is affecting more than just the manufacturing industry. It is affecting all public service industries. Even airports and hotels are slowly being affected by this. Managers of some of the companies might try to replace ticketing agents and flight attendants with holograms and droids, and if that happens then it means that my college tuition and my diploma was a useless waste of money and I'm doomed.
    Not being able to acquire a skilled profession using my education and not being able to work at a factory without using my education will leave me with nothing to pursue and nothing to hope for, turning my life into meaningless hell.
  14. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Favorite Sonic Writer?   

    Ever since BreechLoader has stopped writing Sonic fanfiction and repositioned herself to writing fanfiction for Transformers and other franchises, my passion towards the Sonic fanfiction has been diminishing/declining over the passing years until now it has practically reached 0 enthusiasm.
    I don't know if it's because of my old age, but something is just not the same. Please don't interpret this the wrong way, though... I still have my hard-drives and USBs loaded with tons of fan-made content which I have downloaded and accumulated from various sources over the years. My existing collections are very precious to me, and I intend on preserving them for life. It's only the new stuff that I am not feeling any passion towards. I'm just clinging to old things and not willing to absorb new stuff.
  15. 188Eternal added a post in a topic What fictional lands would you like to live in and which ones would you wouldn't?   

    I would want to live either in the 30th century Crystal Tokyo or in the Silver Millennium of the Moon Kingdom, so that I could get close and personal with Sailor Jupiter.
    I wouldn't want to live on either Tattooine or Coruscant, because both are filled with petty thieves and thugs and bounty hunters.