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  1. 188Eternal added a post in a topic What music are you currently listening to?   

    Less than a month remains until the release of a new album from my favourite band. Here's yet another one of their latest singles from the upcoming record:

    ^Apparently, they've really become obsessed with anthropomorphic outcasts and intelligent mind-controlling foxes lately.
    Who knows? Perhaps they'll even get hooked on Sonic games and start worshiping Tails... Unless they're already secretly doing that. LOL
  2. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Welcome Back!   

    I lost 30 posts and 6 likes. I travelled back in time by half a year. How and why? 0_o
  3. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Dragon Ball   

    I've never been a fan of the Dragon Ball Z series and/or any other sequels where Goku was all grown up, but I did enjoy the original Dragon Ball where Goku was a kid and where he met a peculiar quirky character who was an anthropomorphic swine shapeshifter. Something about that shapeshifter always made my day. He had a great sense of humour.
    And my most memorable moment from that whole show was when the dragon was finally summoned and granted the shapeshifter's wish for a pair of clean underwear, which was worn proudly on his head like a hat.
    That was just hilarious entertainment for my back then 11-year-old and 12-year-old self.
  4. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014 Reboot)   

    I remember how, back inside the original 1980ies cartoon, the citizens of New York city were complaining about the Turtles being "scary and smelly"... So technically, the Turtles were intended to appear scary by the original scriptwriters despite the somewhat cutesy and lovable first appearance to us in the original audience.
    However, I do feel that Michael Bay has went too far to the point of where it's just too repulsive and discourages me from wanting to see the film. He has overdone what the original creators had unintentionally underdone. 
    Personally I feel that mutated turtles should retain turtle-like noses instead of having out-of-place human-like noses randomly plastered on. Those human-like noses look as unfitting as a piece of meat inside a dessert meal.
  5. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Defining moments of your favorite characters.   

    Sailor Jupiter's debut appearance in the original anime was something quite remarkable. It was a scene where she single-handedly incapacitated a group of street thugs, way before even meeting Luna the cat and awakening in Senshi form.
    Another notable scene with her happens a few episodes later, closer to the end of Season1... It's a scene where she's figureskating with a male trainer and she lifts him over her head! (Traditionally it is the male skater who lifts the female skater above the head. So this scene broke the tradition and surprised everyone.) 
    Regarding my other favourite characters.... Anakin Skywalker will always be defined to me by his strong devotion to Padme in the face of tremendous opposition from everything and everyone around him.
    I hated the scene where he murdered kids, though. That was too sad. 
    And Han Solo will always be defined to me by his courageous penchant for doing things in his own way regardless of what the odds of success are... Whether it's navigating through an asteroid field or winning the love of a woman.
  6. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Star Wars   

    Perhaps it was intentional/purposeful. They probably want people to be just as excited as they were back in 1977 for the debut/premiere of the film. Besides, it's fun to "pay homage" to something.
  7. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Sailor Moon Crystal   

    The English Dub is actually considered to be the worst one, because it attempted to distort and conceal the intended portrayal of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune as an open lesbian couple. Instead, it tried to deceitfully portray them as biological cousins who live together.
    This decision made Naoko Takeuchi (the creator) very angry, and that's why she denied English translators the rights for dubbing Season5 which was heavily focused on lesbians and trans-gender transformations and would've been utterly disfigured by the English censorship.
    Anyways, I wonder how many seasons will the new anime have and how the story arc will go... Will it only feature the fight against Queen Beryl? Will it feature only the 5 Inner Senshi without introducing Chibiusa and any of the 4 Outer Senshi? Will it have the same focus on lesbans and trans-gender transformations? And if so, how will the English translators handle it this time around?
  8. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Sailor Moon Crystal   

    I have an mp3 of that one in my collection, along with many others.
    IMO, the best theme song for Sailor Moon is definitely in the German dub. I don't understand a single word in it, but it's got the catchiest and most energetic beat out of all the other European dubs for this anime.
    I wonder how the theme song(s) for this reboot will sound like.
  9. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Sailor Moon Crystal   

    Same here. According to Naoko Takeuchi's original concept designs, most of the characters have been born (or rather, been reincarnated) in the year 1978 A.D., which meant that they were teenagers during an era before hipsters and before the invasion of things such as iPhone and Facebook and Tumblr and Twitter.
    Thank goodness that these rebooted designs have not been grotesquely disfigured in the way that the Ninja Turtles have been disfigured recently. That would've just hurt too much and would've been an unforgiveable  desecration. 
    Anyways, perhaps I would actually dare to check this reboot out once I finish reading the manga books. I might just actually risk it. Merely out of curiousity. Because so far I've been enjoying making comparisons between the manga version and the original anime version.
    This would give me more details to obsessively compare and research.
  10. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Feminism (For fictional characters)   

    Speaking of Amy Rose, for those of you who wish to see her having both a strong & decisive masculine attitude together with a touch of feminine intentions, you might want to check out my abandoned fangame about her: http://www.mediafire.com/download/946fo9mvcrc4r3y/Rose_Of_Longevity_-_(Beta2.5).zip
    (Yeah, it's glitchy, unprofessional and abandoned, but it's filled with that positive feminism vibe. Meh. Oh, and tons of "Easter eggs". I was crazy.)
  11. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Feminism (For fictional characters)   

    Fortunately not all female characters are being that way... Like Sailor Jupiter for instance. Despite liking martial arts and fishing she also loves cooking and figure skating and dancing. Occasionally she does like to wear a dress and feel womanish.
    I love the way that she can alternate and switch roles on the go.
  12. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Feminism (For fictional characters)   

    Personally I'm really enjoying how feminism finally became existent in the Star Wars universe due to the creations of both Ahsoka and Ventress in the CGI Clone Wars series. 
    I've also really enjoyed how even in the Star Trek universe, ever since The Next Generation females have been given roles such as Chief Medical Officer, Chief Engineer, Captain of a starship, and even Admiral of a fleet. 
    For some reason I find women in authoritative uniforms to be more attractive than some diminutive stereotypical girl-next-door types. I don't know how to explain it, but I guess it's a weird fetish.
    I just love it when a woman acts tough and brave and isn't afraid to take risks and make big decisions on her own. It makes the show more exciting.
  13. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Sailor Moon Crystal   

    Oh man, I know how you feel. I had to keep this as a skeleton in the closet back when I was in the sixth grade and through all of highschool.
  14. 188Eternal added a post in a topic Sailor Moon Crystal   

    I first heard about this a year ago at the Canada FanExpo in Toronto. Personally, instead of seeing a reboot I'd rather prefer to see a sequel which tells about the lives of the Sailor Senshi after they finish middle-school and high-school.
    I keep imagining and wondering what careers they would all end up choosing, who and when they would marry, and I keep wondering if Sailor Jupiter ever manages to conquer her fear of airplanes.
    I keep envisioning both Minako and Makoto as stewardesses for some reason. I really do.
    So yeah, I'm basically against reboots of all sorts for everything, because they just ruin my precious childhood memories.
    I am currently enjoying the manga series. I own 8 out of the total 12 books so far, and I'm planning to eventually buy the remaining 4 books during the upcoming Canada FanExpo this August.
  15. 188Eternal added a post in a topic YouTube and Google +   

    The only reason why I bothered registering a Google account is so that I could comment on YouTube and rate their videos and keep playlists of what I have already watched and what I still need to watch.
    I don't use Gmail as my primary email service. In fact, I only log into it like once in a whole year. I prefer Outlook.com and Mail.com instead.
    And yes, those who know me for a long time should know that I did have a separate pure YouTube account in the past before the days of the integration/merger. But that was the past.