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  1. Voyant added a post in a topic Sonic Unleashed Generations Mod Project   

    I can Run Sonic Melpontroations fine. There must be something up because I tried the same files on my main PC and it happened as well. Its Visual Runtime Library Error something like that.
    Maybe its the sound files however...I'll give it a shot.
  2. Voyant added a post in a topic Sonic Unleashed Generations Mod Project   

    Sorry to bump a old tread like this, but I managed to run into a major problem when running this mod. I can only get to the menu screen in Sonic Generations. 
    If I press New Game the games goes to the level loading screen and then eventually crashes. If I press continue then I get the forever loading screen that people are talking about. The level loading scree crash tells me me that its a Visual Run Time Error or something like that.
    I tried practically everything and have only heard one mention of this from someone else but he/she was never replied to. What really weird is that other level modes work fine. Just not this mod.
    Anyone have any idea what this is?
  3. Voyant added a post in a topic The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   

    I see what you guys are saying.
    All I'm saying though is I wouldn't be surprised if one day this guys pulls out of no where and declares this all a big cry for attention and just wants people to notice him. Its like what Miley Cyrus did to her image, but just....well... a lot worse.
    We have had all kinds of professionals here visit the forum. I'm sure Penders lurks here and is quite in tune with community hot spots. I think its more likely to say that he does rather than not.
  4. Voyant added a post in a topic The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   

    I seriously can't believe there is 100+ pages about this dude. Has it occurred to anyone that maybe this is the kind of attention that he wants?
    I don't understand why you guys choose to feed this man your time and energy.
  5. Voyant added a post in a topic Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   

    Ima be honest and say this...for the sake of Sonic's recovering status...SEGA needs to cancel this game. Regardless if you want this game or not if this game comes out this is only going to further put Sonic in a bad spot and I don't think the cartoon can make up for it.
    Please SEGA don't make the 06 mistake again do the right thing and let it go.
    This is sounding like Sonic 06 all over again..just this time we know better and can see the train wreck happening. At this point I don't see any reason why something with so much negative feedback should come out.
    I really hope SEGA does something about this....Lost World was an a bump in the road and it happens.....but they just went from bad to reallly bad. 
  6. Voyant added a post in a topic Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   

    While it may be annoying every now I then I think it's important.
    If you have a character that goes from point A to point B and it took 5 minutes to get there....and you didn't do absolutely anything, but walk....no obstacles...terrain...nothing.
    And people say "I think this is an alright game" from game design standards. People have total right to call them out for it. From a game design standards...no...walking from point a to point b does not make a good game....or a average game in the first place.
    I don't care if that is your opinion that that was the best straight line you walked in you life in gaming...it still fucking shit level design. While I understand the importance of respecting opinions there is a line crossed where it just absolutely pure arrogance and ignorance that makes whatever your saying invalid.
    Like the people that say the holocaust never existed...am I really supposed to respect that and say it okay that's your opinion from an intelligent standpoint? Come on now.
    I'm not saying that the speed levels in Boom are that simplistic, but generally from a technical aspect the on-rails or straight lines that are in Boom...compared to something like Unleashed, Colours, Generations, hell even Temple Fucking Run it is subpar, but guess this makes me an asshole.
    If anything this goes to show you that critical thinking is defiantly something you need to work on and your not born with it inherently cause damn there are some really smart people out there that can't think for shit critically.
  7. Voyant added a post in a topic Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   

    That hasn't really changed either. I'm just stating that Sonic forever damned to never having a full fledged experience ever again. I really given up on Sonic Team unless SEGA themselves change the mentality when it comes to Sonic as a brand.
  8. Voyant added a post in a topic Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   


    So we went from shit to slightly smelly shit. 
    I know what you mean though, but these steps in progress don't fucking matter when you take 2 steps back ever title you release. Its the most frustrating thing about the franchise to me.
  9. Voyant added a post in a topic Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   

    I think what just makes me mad about this game is that I don't see...like...improvement in a sense for the 1 side of the coin curse that we have been getting from games these days when it comes to Sonic.
    I'm just tired of never getting the full package with Sonic. Its either the narrative is really strong (Sonic and the Black Knight) and the gameplay is shit. Or the Gameplay is reallyy good, but the narrative is shit (Sonic Generations).
    The thing about narrative however is that good narrative ends to make a game a lot less boring in the mind. Good gameplay is something you can appreciate unless its incredibly fleshed out (Godhand, Bayonetta, DMC3/DMC4), but good NARRATIVE is something that sticks with you a lot longer or fuck narrative in general. Sonic's gameplay is not deep enough to  carry a game. The reason why the Sonic Adventure games are still talked about today is for the fact that it atleast HAD A STORY TO TALK AND SPECULATE ABOUT! And the characters has at least a semblance of personality for the atmosphere they were in. This is why people remember the Rush games more than the Advance games or why Sonic 3 and K gets more love than Sonic 2.
    Now we finally might get a chance of that in Boom...but guess what!? The gameplay is SUBPAR!  Same Shit Different Game!
    I'm just pissed that the people at SEGA and Sonic Team don't get this. I would kill for something like Sonic Boom's Atmosphere with Unleashed gameplay. I'm tired of buying games and feeling like their downloadable titles that you finish in a few hours and never touch it again. I want a Universe to talk about DAMN IT! Mario's Universe is more interesting than SEGA Sonic now...there something very wrong with that.
  10. Voyant added a post in a topic Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   

    That looks much much better.
    +1 for Team Optomistic
  11. Voyant added a post in a topic Will Sonic's reputation ever be adequately restored?   

    I agree with Azoo and Nepenthe on this one. As long as Sonic is treated as a brand instead of a gaming franchise...things are not going to change. Sonic Boom is something that should have never happened really when you have a main franchise that has been starving to realize its true potential. 
    I'm still a Sonic fan a heart and I don't think thats really going to go away for even the most cynical of people. I just think everyone wants a really good Sonic game, just one fucking game. Everyone literally tapping their foot everyday expecting the next one to be "The One" and they completely miss the mark every fucking time. Sonic Generations for example is a testament of this. Generations should have been much much bigger than how it was treated. Sure we have had fun games, but we have yet to get a Sonic game that feels like a wholesome package like Mario Galaxy for example.
    Its really damn sad too, because with Sega starving for money, if they honestly created a triple AAA Sonic title it would sell like crazy due to the strong word of mouth that Sonic has. This is why I said a while back I'm a SONIC fan, but my faith in Sonic Team and SEGA in general is tarnished at this point.
    Sonic Reputation could be easily restored if Sonic had his own Mario Galaxy and Mario Galaxy 2 and be labeled as the best games of all time, but this will never happen with SEGA mindset and Sonic Team's inconsistent.
  12. Voyant added a post in a topic Steam Summer Sale 2014: Prepare your wallet   

    Got the Witcher 2 and Devil May Cry 4 so far!
  13. Voyant added a post in a topic Edge of Tomorrow   

    Its still doing pretty decent to be honest. The movie has been broke even and I'm sure this will end in the 400$ mark at the end of its lifespan. Movies don't have to be Inception or Frozen big for them to make it worth while.
    This movie has already passed oblivion in long term sales numbers.
  14. Voyant added a post in a topic Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   

    Nice point! Still 20 million is pretty low in his day and get for a well known IP. Not that I believe that budget makes a game or anything, but it can impact the quality.
    Edit: And now that I taken a moment to think about it, I think I had a sudden change of perspective.
    I am Metal Gear Solid fan, but to be honest I never played MGS games for its gameplay. When I played the first MGS game what grabbed my attention was the story and how it made me really care about Snake. I wanted to see what happens to him and it made me want to take care for him more or less to see how everything plays out.
    If this Boom game manages to do something similar where its strong narrative provides motivation to keep playing then I'm totally fine with that at this point and will judge it as such. 
    BRB has stressed over and over how they really want people to think of this game as its own thing and stuff. While i'm still a bit "eh" with the things I've seen so far, if people buy this game then tell me the story is fantastic and worth playing for that reason alone, I'll but Boom in a heartbeat if it has okay gameplay considering how we as a fanbase are so hungry for a Sonic game with a great narrative. BRB might have something here in the end if they tread their icy waters well.
    That's just me though~
  15. Voyant added a post in a topic Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   

    I think a lot of people forget that $20 million dollars isn't going just for game devlopement. Most of or half of that money will be used for marketing. So no...this game does not have a regular SegaSonic budget.
    Actually this may explain the slow pace. Slower pace means less things to make.
    Remember Sonic Unleashed?
    Empire city was the equivalent of 7+ miles of map that you blasted through in 3 mins or less. With the slower pace less resources are needed. Not trying to give them excuses or anything, but its might be pretty likely that the reason this game is being made the way it is is due to keeping to their budget.
    This is why this game's narrative has to be REALLY good. This game needs to sell on its story and character interactions because it doesn't  have the thrilling and fast paced gameplay for example Sonic Generations to keep it a float.
    I have no problem with this game being one of those games you really only play once to see how the story plays out as long as it has a good story to compliment it and half way decent gameplay....perhaps that's their intention. If the game ends up decent I hope its does well because that would mean the NEXT sonic boom game will have a bigger budget to work with and become a fully realized game both gameplay and story wise.