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  1. Lemanic Defence League added a post in a topic General Furry Fandom Thread   

    A.) It's only described as a fetish by old media. New media is at best indifferent to it. One of the reasons people need to educate themselves about "source credibility". If people in our culture have the need to dissociate themselves to it, they've acquired "internalized fursecution". It's a form of self-loathing that doesn't need to exist in the first place. I'm sorry for what y'all've experienced at cons, but they're there because old media have indirectly advertised it as such, describing it in terms of being a fetish, for example.

    How about movies like Fritz the Cat, Animal Farm, Watership Down, Felidae and such? And add BoJack Horseman and the upcoming movie Zootopia while you're at it.
    There have been plenty of instances where the "talking funny animal" have been taken out of the supposed kid-friendly context and put into adult settings now. I think people are kinda used to it now. The only instances where the kid-friendly aspect of it is reinforced is through targeted advertising and cynical jokes, which only exist in old media anyway.
  2. Lemanic Defence League added a post in a topic General Furry Fandom Thread   

    I think you have misinterpreted my reply by completely missing the point of both Hiphop and Metal.
    Hiphop is more than just the music. It's the amalgamation of Rapping, DJing, Breakdancing and Graffiti. And from the very start, it had sexual connotations, as it was a result of the deterioration of hippie culture into the ghettos in the late 70's. Black people acquired hippie values and practices and started using them. 
    Metal came to the same conclusion, as it was also a result of the deterioration of hippie culture. The satanic symbolism prevalent in Metal is sexual by default. Even in later years, as Emo's have turned the sexual sides of Metal into cautionary tales almost worthy of being Christian (looking at you Fall Out Boy), it's still there. And why not include Rob Halford, who got Metal into Leather. Inspiration? Sex Shops, of course!
    So can Furries fit into this? Yes, of course!
    The problem is the framing, and the intersectional nature of our culture now just makes it worse, as we just can't seem to agree on anything. And as we acquire more and more ironic detachment to it (to actually survive through it), apathy is starting to show up as no one seems to care anymore, which makes way for yellow journalism to get even more power over it, which attracts more actual deviants to it. Dare I say, criminally deviant.
    There are hints of people caring, but they seem to be patronizing SJW's who reduce it to "kiddie culture" and actively tries to erase any sign of satire and sexual connotations within it. "It's just a hobby!", "Get over yourselves!", "That could've happened to anyone!", "He's just one of us!". The last one was indeed a comment by a SJW-furry about the gas attack on MidWest FurFest.  
    It is a civil rights issue. It's just not as heavy as the other ones. "If you ask another man to set you free, you'll never be free".
  3. Lemanic Defence League added a topic in Green Hill Zone   

    Sonic in the News
    Well, this is a topic about our blue hedgehog in news media that isn't a review nor about sales. Just Sonic culturally.
    Can be a column or an interview with fans and such.
    Let's begin with a Kotaku article about Sanic body pillows.
    I have no words about this. But what to expect out of a tabloid really?
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  4. Lemanic Defence League added a post in a topic General Furry Fandom Thread   

    When I look on furries on a pop-cultural scale, I find it comparable with, say, Hiphop and Metal.
    Both Hiphop and Metal have sexual connotations, while still not being automatically associated with it. The thing that made them dissociated with it is "broad appeal", "authenticity" and "righteousness". In order to dissociate Furries with it's sexual nature while still maintaining it, we should encourage more authenticity in our art. "Vanilla-washing" yiff could be the solution. Less outrageous fantasies and more everyday drama framing the sex in a more digestible way. 
  5. Lemanic Defence League added a post in a topic Insults to back up a statement   

    I guess it's a part of the intersectional discourse. It's gonna happen eventually.
    When there's no really good or bad side to adhere to, you're going to put two victimized groups against each other somehow anyway. That will encourage really offensive insults to be used.
  6. Lemanic Defence League added a post in a topic Females in the Sonic Fandom   

    What's being described here is "Low Intensive Rape Culture".
    The thing is that Sly's first reply delves into the casual sexism that is queer culture. It's the consequence of gay culture appropriating Neil Strauss "the Game", constructing the "cruising" phenomenon out of that and further reinforcing the notion that men just can't "control their hormones".
    It's the intersectionality in this that makes it even more complicated. A classic gay guy would assume the looks of a man that makes him attractive and thus the most capable. A contemporary gay guy goes for the personality. Because we're living in a patriarchy, it's more than often that the classic gay guy gets the prerogative over all gay guys in an attempt to teach and program women that it's only the looks of a man that matter. Luckily, women have resisted, gotten smarter and taught heterosexual men that personality matters too. That leaves the classic gay guy in a tight spot thinking he's the victim in all of this, which is exactly how privileges work.
    I don't cruise because of that. In the long run, it'll hurt women in one way or another anyway.
    So yeah, the fandom may be gay-friendly, but that doesn't make it women-friendly as well, and to assume both have the same preferences is what makes this casual sexism happen in the first place.
  7. Lemanic Defence League added a post in a topic The "What the HECK Is A 2016 Sonic" Prophecy Thread (two topics from the pre-server wipe in one!)   

    The intentions behind Boom were transparent enough for us to see that it clearly was "fresh without substance". It rides on a bandwagon that has been going too far in both animation and games and clearly, SEGA shouldn't even have touched that with a ten-foot pole. With Boom, there's no intersectionality within the fans, just straight-up unified disgust.
    It can be fresh, yet still have substance. Just stop with the 90's mentality and we're there. Hire folk with a sense of now. Preferably under the age of 30. Just Aaron Webber isn't enough, and he will eventually and literally burn out. #gamergaters agree with him now. That's not a good sign.
  8. Lemanic Defence League added a post in a topic The "What the HECK Is A 2016 Sonic" Prophecy Thread (two topics from the pre-server wipe in one!)   

    Fresh should NOT be an end in itself. Really not. It was a big part of the 90's narrative to do that, but today, it's rather hazardous.
    Fresh without substance takes you nowhere. It's like a Subway sandwich really. You think it's healthy, but you end up being more bloated and filled with empty calories than if you where going to Costa. You're just fooling yourself.
  9. Lemanic Defence League added a post in a topic Swat Kats Revolution - Kickstarter campaign has begun!   

    So the $75.000 have been reached, which means that they've been releasing some conceptual designs now. Let's take a look.

    Well, as the Tremblay Bros have said, this is only concept art and nothing else.
  10. Lemanic Defence League added a post in a topic Sonic Boom TV Show to Feature Shadow?   

    Yes, I would like Shadow to be in it, written as a combo of Daria and Scar.
  11. Lemanic Defence League added a topic in Chit-Chat   

    Swat Kats Revolution - Kickstarter campaign has begun!
    Yes, it's on! And they're ready to kick some tail!
    Let's do this, and maybe discuss the series as whole.
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  12. Lemanic Defence League added a post in a topic Member Map?   

    Well, this map would make meet-ups assured. This community is so old and faithful now that every meet-ups must be as successful of an event as it can be. No misunderstandings nor grudges should be an issue here. This is supposed to be a safe haven for Sonic fans, where our fears can be left behind. 
    Every attempt to open up this map should require a second login and some enforcements to secure it's bot-free. Maybe it should bee connected to the amount of likes someone gets?    
  13. Lemanic Defence League added a topic in Member Feedback / Bug Reports   

    Member Map?
    Well; as I am in the UK right now, I'm very hesitant to meet a few folks herefrom just to socialise a bit.
    The site "UK of Equestria" have a very useful Members-Only member map based around Google Maps where members can put in the exact directions where they live.
    Here it is! http://www.ukofequestria.co.uk/memberMap
    I would love something like that for SSMB. 
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  14. Lemanic Defence League added a post in a topic Danger Mouse to return to TV screens   

    Teaser trailer out now, and holy bollocks it looks rad as hell!
  15. Lemanic Defence League added a post in a topic Sonic at Alton Towers thread of... HOORAY!   

    OK, I'm possibly going to Alton Towers next week. Is it possible to experience anything remotely Sonic-related there now?