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  1. Vic Boss added a post in a topic Anime Conventions   

    I've been to a couple in London. I have never been in a more smelly sweaty place in my life. I guess they're not for me but it was cool seeing groups of people play Smash Bros I guess.
  2. Vic Boss added a post in a topic Zelda Topic   

    Would love to see a Zelda game with visuals based on the artwork for Majora's Mask. Very dark and harsh tones yet vibrant mixed with cel shading would be interesting. Heck anything that isn't bleak like TP or washed out like SS will do.
  3. Vic Boss added a post in a topic Kill La Kill   

    Will properly sink my teeth into this when the dub is out. so far the subbed version seems to be fan service but eh it's zany and fun so it's alright.
  4. Vic Boss added a post in a topic Phantasy Star Online 2! Open Beta now!   

    *sigh* we're never gonna get this on ps3/ps4 for realz are we? my hope at playing PSO on a console again is pretty much diminished >_<
  5. Vic Boss added a post in a topic The Neon Genesis Evangelion Thread   

    Great when I watched it, even though Shinji is dumb as a brick. Also wtf was that movie all about exactly it was likely the trippy-est LSD ever to come out of anime >: O!
  6. Vic Boss added a post in a topic Official Anime/Manga Thread   

    Been watching a lot of Ranma 1/2 lately. Is that show popular? I mean there's about 200 ish episodes and for some reason I always feel like watching a couple when I'm bored even though it doesn't really go anywhere!
  7. Vic Boss added a post in a topic Spoiler Topic [Warning - Untagged Discussion]   

    Here's another 7 minutes of gameplay through WHZ with Super Sonic.

    Interested to see what 3DS equivalent is now. Who is the user that said they'll upload?
  8. Vic Boss added a post in a topic Spoiler Topic [Warning - Untagged Discussion]   

    For those who want to know what happens after the credits and collecting the red rings...
    Hidden World is unlocked!

    All red rings = 7 Chaos Emeralds:

    7 Chaos Emeralds =... well you'll see:

    Here's a video of Super Sonic in action:

    You're welcome. All captured by me.
  9. Vic Boss added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World in PAX Prime 2013   

    Game looks good. However still don't think the 3DS version is anything too special.
  10. Vic Boss added a post in a topic ARTWORK: Super Meow in Litterbox Land   

    Might i ask for a favour and see if there's any possibility that you would show us a step-by-step for a drawing. I'm curious how you produce your drawings and would love to watch it come together from the most basic stage all the way to completed.

    Thanks would be a big help!
  11. Vic Boss added a post in a topic All-Stars Racing Transformed: The Track Roster Thread   

    Don't take it so literally. I made it clear where my edit was to better explain my post underneath.
  12. Vic Boss added a post in a topic All-Stars Racing Transformed: The Track Roster Thread   

    I would love to play a stage based on Sky Chase from Sonic Adventure.

    The stage would be air / land based comprised of exploring the Egg Carrier and flying through the sky and arround the ship. Eventually Eggman would start firing his laser cannon at you (like the boss fight of Sky Chase act 2) and you'd need to manuever in the air to avoid being hit. The air boosters used would have the appearence of the boosters Tails used in his adventure in that game.

    I thought of this idea where I saw your representation of Panzer Dragoon and how Sky Chase from Sonic Adventure was an homage in terms of gameplay (and conceptially with that Dragon from the beta) to Panzer Dragoon. Would come full circle, kind of .

    EDIT: So it would basically be this:

    See how the plane does a loop around the Egg Carrier? The racers in the game would follow a flight path around the Egg Carrier and eventually land on board and explore the interior of the ship including the bridge and all the little rooms as well as the deck. The ship would transform (as it does in the game) and create a new path for act 2. During Act 3 the ship would fire it's lasers during the sky path.
  13. Vic Boss added a post in a topic Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed...!   

    This game is looking really fantastic and I'm happy that this is one of the 3 games I'm looking forward to this year. E3 totally sucked and has left me with nothing to get excited about, but I'll proudly pick this up day one.

    Also it helps that online in the first game was so much fun and I'm onboard as long as you keep making games as good as the first (or better lol).
  14. Vic Boss added a post in a topic Colours is the way forward   

    Of the three recent big games (Unleashed, Colours, Gens) Colours is by far my favourite. It's the only game since SA2 I find so easy to pick up and play. While I agree that the platforming, ratio of 2D/3D, and length could be much improved upon I don't have any big complaints. Sometimes it's fun to turn on and play the Egg Shuttle just because. Now this is something I wish Generations had, because in Gens it's > loading screen > choose level > loading screen > finish level > loading screen > saving for 5 seconds > choose another level. It takes forever to do anything in Generations making it a total bore to play through and needed an Egg Shuttle or some other progression tool to make it easy to go level > level > level. I guess what I'm saying is I felt comfortable playing Colours and while it has it's faults I don't find them glaringly awful, but tolerable and it's a quick and painless experience. Streamlined.

    It just hit a chord with me and I appriciate it.

    Now in terms of future games... there's plenty they can borrow from SC. Ideally the stages in future games will continue to be fantastical and imaginitive. I'm sick of sticking a blue cartoon talking animal in a realistic world and building drama around it or using conventional means of portraying a world. Channel some Dali and less on-location on Earth. The 6 act format is great. Each act is different visually than the last and they had interesting uses for the powerups, plus 3 variations on each Zone's musical theme. Also, the stages being designed around the powerups meant that we were able to explore vertically as well as the usual horizontal. This meant more to discover, more routes to seek, and great replayability.

    But personally I'm all for something entirely new, as long as they don't forget what worked well in past games and Colours has plenty to draw inspiration from, and as long as they don't make the stages boring and linear like in Unleashed/Adventure games.
  15. Vic Boss added a post in a topic Toonami Is Back Bitches [05.26.12]   

    This thread needs to be litered with Daniel Bryan YES! YES! YES! .gif now!!