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  1. Sonic the Hedgehog 4

    You should take a look at this
  2. What kind of forums do you post on?

    I usually post in The Sonic Factory Fourms...
  3. hello there Sonic fan who got 1000g in Unleashed.

  4. Worst Stage in Any Sonic Game

    EVERY Big the Cat's stages in Sonic Adventure.
  5. 10 years since Sonic Adventure

    Sonic Adventure was the game that changeded me from being a casual Sonic Fan to a Sonic Obessed Freak.
  6. Sonic games for sale soon in GameStop's GamerDays

    Maybe I'll get Zero Gravity this time...
  7. Crazy SU speedruns

    And I thought I was good...
  8. New Sonic Unleashed stages released

    This makes me very curious...
  9. New Sonic Unleashed stages released

    Eggmanland Adventure Pack that would be awesome
  10. New Sonic Unleashed stages released

    I just downloaded. I love Daytime Chun-nan Act 5.
  11. Sonic Chronicles 2

    Bioware said that they are already working on the stroy of the next Sonic Chronicles, so they probably will make a sequel.
  12. Do people call you Sonic-obsessed?

    Yah, most people mock me because of it. Its really annoying sometimes... but I'm used to it.
  13. Now that I think about it, he was quite "Sonicy" in the game.
  14. What Was Your Favorite Part About Sonic 06?

    The CG cutscene was pretty awesome