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  1. SuperStingray added a post in a topic Sonic Dreams Collection   

    It seems more of a parody of the Sonic fanbase than the games themselves.  The tumblr page and game script is pretending that it's a leak, so I think the idea is it's pretending that Sega hired a group of deviantArt-types to make Sonic games back in the late 90s and tried to sweep it under the rug after seeing what they were actually making.  Which is frankly fucking hilarious to think about.
  2. SuperStingray added a post in a topic Official Anime/Manga Thread   

    So it's a year old by now, but I just watched No Game No Life and have to gush about it.  I went in with some skepticism, thinking that it would be just yet another gamer-pandering series that just builds jokes and plotlines around video game tropes, but was surprised to find it wasn't so much about video games as much as proper game theory.  If you haven't seen it, basically two NEET siblings, Sora and Shiro, are invited to live in a world where all conflict is resolved through games rather than violence.  Thing is, their combined pool of natural talent and lifetime of practice already puts them ahead of the general population, so they rise to power almost exponentially.  I'd almost criticize them for being Mary Sues if it weren't for that A: they're so entertaining to watch and B: the series hinges on the premise that they simply never lose.  Most of the games either have some weird rule to make it interesting or the opponent is cheating somehow, but the siblings figure out some ABSOLUTELY INSANE gambit to use that rule/cheat in their favor.  And when I say insane, I mean you should keep an eye out for the odd, seemingly trivial decisions that Sora makes because I can guarantee it will become pivotal one or two episodes later.  After a while, you realize what makes the show interesting isn't the uncertainty of whether they'll win so much as HOW they'll find a way to win, whether it's by predicting their opponent's thought process or exploiting outside factors.  The only honest downside is that the rulesets and gambits were sometimes so complex that I had to rewind several times just to keep up with the thought process, but to me that only shows how intelligent the show is.  (Well, there is also a lot of fanservice, but it felt more goofy and all in good fun than cheap and sexy, although there are some pretty uncomfortable moments between Sora and Shiro.  And not to spoil anything, but one character's panties are responsible for a major turning point in one of the games. )  Also, the crazy oversaturated art style is amazing, but may leave you puking rainbows by the end.
    But I'm serious, this is probably the most entertaining anime I've watched all year, perhaps in my all time top 5.  The sense of ascending stakes and magnitude with each successive episode scratches an itch that hasn't been scratched this well since Gurren Lagann, and I can't wait for the second set of episodes.
  3. SuperStingray added a post in a topic Devil's Third (Wii U)   

    I'm more disappointed for their reason behind not releasing Disaster in America.  The voice acting and script was laughable?  Yeah, no shit, it's an arcade rail shooter. If it doesn't have cringey, poorly delivered dialogue, they're doing it wrong.
  4. SuperStingray added a post in a topic Persona: Dancing All Night (Vita) "Teddie x Miku"   

    Wake me when they announce Ryotaro or Funky Student.
  5. SuperStingray added a post in a topic Genei Ibun Roku #FE / Illusory Revelations #FE (SMTxFE / WII U / 2016)   

    Not that I'm not looking forward to this game, but it barely seems like a crossover, it's more like Persona with cameo character designs.  It's a shame SMT IV already happened, because you could easily replace Mikado with Archanea or Tellius and you'd already have an interesting setup for how the worlds are interrelated.
  6. SuperStingray added a post in a topic Metroid Prime: Federation Force...?   

    Eh, it seems like something to tide people over while they continue to figure out what the hell they should do with the series after Other M.  I'll wait until there's more than 20 seconds of gameplay footage of Federation Force before I start drawing conclusions, but Blast Ball was pretty underwhelming.
  7. SuperStingray added a post in a topic Splatoon! You're a Squid, Kid.   

    I like the inkbrush, but it's very difficult to use effectively.  It feels like more of a tactical instrument than a proper "weapon", for quickly filling up non-heavily contested areas and distracting the other team.  It kind of sucks that you can get stuck in enemy ink while turning with it.
  8. SuperStingray added a post in a topic Splatoon! You're a Squid, Kid.   

    I won literally once and got creamed every time after.
  9. SuperStingray added a post in a topic Bloodborne (PS4) "To Byrgenwerth we go!"   

    Woo!  Got Platinum!
  10. SuperStingray added a post in a topic Splatoon! You're a Squid, Kid.   

    I just realized what an amazing pun "Booyah Base" is.
  11. SuperStingray added a post in a topic Bloodborne (PS4) "To Byrgenwerth we go!"   

    Has anyone else had trouble finding people online?  I've been playing a good 80 hours now and not a single bell ring or dungeon search has been successful for me.  I've been invaded once, but that's about it.
  12. SuperStingray added a post in a topic Bloodborne (PS4) "To Byrgenwerth we go!"   

    Here's a great video on the influences of Lovecraft on Bloodborne.  Spoilers ahoy.
  13. SuperStingray added a post in a topic Bloodborne (PS4) "To Byrgenwerth we go!"   

    It depends on how you look at it.  I'd say it's more accessible than Dark Souls but also more difficult.  There's less general complexity, as in things are more clearly explained and streamlined, and there aren't a ton of crazy redundant stats to keep track of.  The combat is also more forgiving but also more demanding; dodging, fleeing and recovering are much easier but the game compensates by giving enemies greater speed and range.  In other words, you're probably going to die at least as much, but it's more likely to feel like your own fault.
  14. SuperStingray added a post in a topic Is Grinding bad game design?   

    I like grinding when it's intermittent and makes progress feel tangible.  I think it's best implemented in Dark Souls (or more recently Bloodborne) because grinding gives you an excuse to go back to early environments in the game and see how much stronger you've grown by fighting early enemies.
  15. SuperStingray added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!   

    How's he anywhere near the Goku boat?  Rayman's had a solid portion of his history with Nintendo.  Rayman 2, Rayman Advance, Rabbids...