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  1. has nothing in his mind

  2. happy birthday!

  3. Just got my Lightning Returns:Final Fantasy XIII copy.What a great time I'm having :)

  4. Sonic Lost World - Music Thread Anyone seen this guy's channel?It has one of the best qualities of the soundtrack for now
  5. Sonic Lost World Reviews

    Actually the review sound and is pretty good.The reviewer actually explains everything,not like IGN:"New means bad.5.8!!"
  6. Sonic Lost World Reviews

    It seems the reviewer can't get used to the new controls ,so that's why he thinks they're bad and so that the game doesn't feel like Generations it's bad.
  7. Sonic Lost World Announced

    Actually it's not that hard to get used to the game.If you know what to do it's pretty easy!Like me I've watched most of the trailers and know about the parkour and other stuff,but this french guy who's uploading the game seems like he didn't even knew about the game before he even bouth it
  8. Sonic Lost World Announced

      Got it!!!!! 
  9. Sonic 4 Episode 2 Reviews

    The game has already released and we have like only 4 or 5 critic reviews and on metacritic they only included the lowest scores <.<
  10. When are we going to get our first review?
  11. I have one question!Will the characters be fully voiced with new stuff to say or rehashed again from previous Sonic games?
  12. Sonic 4 - Episode II - Music Thread

    I kind of enjoy almost every song,but Sylvania Castle Act 1 is just so forgettable,even Act 2 and 3 are hundred times better than it!
  13. Sonic 4: Episode 2 Screens & Media Topic

    Here it is http://www.gamespot....sode-2-6350932/ EDIT .It looks amazing
  14. If there is one I want more characters ,not only 20 and more tracks ,not only 20 and 5 per 4 franchises and that's it!That kind of games needs lot and lots of extras.Look at UFC 3.It has 150 roster.Now I don't want that much from this game ,but surely it needs more than 20!