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  1. \Lennox added a post in a topic Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has passed away   

    Let's not forget the work he did on the Wii, being its lead designer, above all else. DDDDDDD8
    I'm absolutely crushed, you guys. Let us pray for him and his family, and most of all, Nintendo.
    To those of you who own a Nintendo platform right now--play it. Play it hard, play it with power, play it loud, just play it.
  2. \Lennox added a post in a topic Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam   

    That could work, similar to Assist Trophies in Smash, co-op characters in Shadow and guest characters in FF games. With the M&L duo joining the papery plumber, though, it seems to me that party members may take much less of a spotlight for narrative reasons. ><
  3. \Lennox added a post in a topic Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam   

    Jumping back from the Final Fantasy VII topic, where I said something about a game being made just to pander to fans...
    ...about this, THIS is how you pander to fans. Giving them something completely original while at the same time unoriginal like FFXV's four crystals and semi-Active Time combat thrust into a new setting with a realistic context and characters that actually have lives. Something fans know is familiar, but translated into a new medium.
    Judging from the free-roaming gameplay alone, I can say that THIS is also how all Mario games should be played. It looks good enough for me to be the first pure Mario game I will have purchased in SIX YEARS.
  4. \Lennox added a post in a topic Final Fantasy 7 Remake "is this the real life..."   

    Is it just me, or is anyone getting the feeling that they're just pandering to fans by doing this?
    I know that this may be a very, very unpopular opinion, but the truly 'new' games--the XV, Type-0 and KHIII trifecta--seem like games that SQEX actually cares about. I'm worried that this effort will be shoehorned in just for the sake of shutting fans up. How sure are we that Nomura cares as much about this game as he does the end of the Xehanort Saga?
  5. \Lennox added a post in a topic Final Fantasy 7 Remake "is this the real life..."   

    Alright. As much as I'm excited for this (I REALLY AM JDVSOIJUOWHWJEPFISFJSIJFSA), I feel that it's best that SE fans learn their lesson from FFXV and give it time.
    SE, even after A Realm Reborn's relaunch is still going through some tough times with the Duscae update. This proves that they're still feeling their way when developing large-scale titles for consoles. I worry that fans are going to go overboard with the development process, especially since this is overhyped, but I trust that SE knows their boundaries and their limits.
    At this point, I think that it'd be fair to even call Type-0 HD, Agito, FFXV and KHIII experiments that were leading closer and closer to a remake--the FFXV team learning to develop large worlds with a sort of 'lifelike quality' breathed into it, the Type-0 team re-evaluating the Final Fantasy formula beforehand, and the KHIII team themselves learning how to bring classic titles to high-def media.
    One thing's for sure, though.
  6. \Lennox added a post in a topic FF-Type Zero HD (PS4 & Xbox One & PC) "Vita was sent to the farplane..."   

    That's true. It'd probably look great, even with the whole Remote Play aspect.

    Let's just hope it's confirmed, though. D8
  7. \Lennox added a post in a topic FF-Type Zero HD (PS4 & Xbox One & PC) "Vita was sent to the farplane..."   

    You guys don't know how happy I am to hear about this. 
    One of the best Final Fantasy games (if not the best single-player Final Fantasy game after 2007) is being given a remaster, which doubles as a localization! The best part is, it might get new content and an extreme graphical overhaul! It's also coming out on a console that I can actually take a hold of! Well, I actually kind of have enough money for a PS4, but used. I'm kinda bummed out that it's not out on Vita, but I'm fine with it (see below for why).

    Looks like everyone can finally take time to see what Final Fantasy is all about: a war between empires for control over crystals, every battle being a killing match between weapons-users, monsters and magic making this the best FF battle system yet, possibly the best story yet that depicts the horrors of war from the perspectives of individuals on the cusp of adulthood, a sprawling world with people, their needs and transportation to take you through it and of course, immaculate art direction.
    Though I actually own the PSP version on my Vita's Japanese account, I am glad to say that I will get it again just so I can experience it in a new, 1080p, 30 fps or more, shader-created light. The  incredibly hard missions that are worth S-Ranking (a wet dream for multiple speedrunners, the for once, so damn relatable situations where grief is put at odds with strife and societal pressure (i.e. war), and, for my favorite part, a (what I like to call) Renewed Active Time Battle system!
    Thank you, Square Enix. You have wowed the crowd... again. In a good way, of course.

    P.S. Is it just me, or is this port using the FFXIV:ARR graphical engine? Or could it be... Luminous!?
    P.P.S. I think I made a topic on this, sorry.
  8. \Lennox added a post in a topic Xenoblade Chronicles X [Wii U]   

    On Twitter now. Japanese fans have already been identifying connections between (what I like to call) Xenocross and the other Xenogames. I've even made one, though it's already been contested.

    For one, the Zohar (though small appears in the center-top-left part of the trailer in which scientists are looking over a hologram. This happens just as the line "And we've traveled so far to reach this planet" is said by a female voice actress.

    This can only mean that there are more aspects of Xenogears/Xenosaga have outright been reused, such as the Vessel spoken of in the trailer being the Contact (Fei of Xenogears), journeying from a decimated Earth and living in a new world like the ending of Xenosaga and beginning of Xenogears and Growth being used to wipe out the human race like what the Ethos does to surface dwellers (also humans) in Xenogears. The Monado even appears as a hairclip on a girl with short black hair, one on each side of her head.

    However, there's one striking similarity I found in the trailer: the character Elma, and everything surrounding her.

    Elma means God's Will or God's Protection in Urdu, a Middle Eastern language, which may relate to the Complement/Antitype fulfilling the resurrection of Deus and essentially becoming its servant. These actions occur in Xenogears through Elly and Miang's actions, especially when they...

    Here's a picture of her below:

    Here's a picture of Elly's official art:

    The character Miang, who is in fact, the 'evil' counterpart to Elly in Xenogears, has the last name of Hawwa. Hawwa, in the context of Biblical lore and Islamic theology is in fact, the name of Eve, who was reputed to be dark-skinned. This mother figure for not just Cain and Abel (whose names were in fact, used in Xenosaga and Xenogears as major characters) but for the human race would become the basis of Miang, Elly, KOS-MOS and T-ELOS.

    with Elma above.

    One last point--watch the trailer again, and watch the clips from Xenogears from the time given. Most of Elly's scenes take place from that exact timestamp, and from there, we can really hear her VA, Yumi Touma shine. The video is available below:

    Compare the voice acting of Elma and Elly. Now say it with me...

  9. \Lennox added a post in a topic Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers™ Movie [TBA]   

    To be fair, some seasons in Japan blew some of the original Japanese versions out of the water, like Lost Galaxy versus Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.
    Also, Super Sentai already has one to three movies out per series, especially for anniversaries or crossovers with Kamen Rider and Metal Heroes series like the one that just came out last year. Crossover movies between Sentai Series and weirdly enough, X Years After specials (like that of Kyoryuger) have been coming out too.
    Know what I'd like to see? A Super Sentai manga.
  10. \Lennox added a post in a topic Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire [3DS Hoenn Remake, November 2014]   

    Imma take a page from Tarakito and gush about it some more.
    If you compare it to Diamond and Pearl (before Platinum, of course), the original, non-remake Gen III games probably had a better story and regional design, especially when it came to the amount of water routes, diving and beachy areas. Other than the fact that there was snow, DPPt probably didn't introduce anything else. Geographical diversity was everywhere, if not more immersive. Gen V  came close to it, with Gen V's 're-introduction' of diving and the addition of seasons, while Gen VI brought back snowy areas and used 3D modelling to show off grander architectural landmarks, especially in Lumiose and Santalune. Don't forget singe-player Secret Bases.
    There's also the fact that Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza had dominion over domains of nature (i.e. Terra, Aqua, Ven) while Dialga and Palkia were yet another duo that ruled over time and space. Giratina was a welcome addition, though, seeing as no one has ever attempted to make fictional creatures out of antimatter. Other than that, if the Distortion World wasn't such a linear letdown with more twists, turns and areas that play with the 3D camera, Platinum would've topped RSE. Apart from that, though, the lore surrounding DPPt was only touched sparingly, while RSE maximized what it had, especially with the Eon Ticket events and the whole Mew/Mewtwo schtick.
    Also, do you guys remember when Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, Baten Kaitos and Baten Kaitos Origins were released? That little period from 2000 to 2006? I like to call that period of time the Aquatic Era of JRPGs, thanks to how all of them are linked by island settings. Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald were set in Hoenn, a more watery, warm and tropicaltastic region, away from the slightly more temperate regions of Kanto and Johto. As a result, I like to think that a new setting would redefine well, not so much as gameplay as the nature of the game, the creatures discoverable and the environment they can be caught in--a tropical paradise.
    I guess that could be the reason why this generation was so loved here in Manila (capital of the Philippines for you guys who forgot)--familiarity. I still saw people playing RSE (pirated, though, natch) while HGSS was out.

    Then again, all was thrown out the window once BW and BW-2 came out. Especially BW-2.
  11. \Lennox added a post in a topic Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers™ Movie [TBA]   

    Well, if this really pushes through, it'll probably end up like Kamen Rider the First, which was a remake of the first ever Kamen Rider series. Here's a video below:
    Apparently, the sequel Kamen Rider the Next bombed at Japanese box offices, while this one had a small window of success. ><
  12. \Lennox added a post in a topic Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire [3DS Hoenn Remake, November 2014]   



    Well, the thing is, did anyone read a brand new adventure in the trailer? Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking?

    That's right.

    Is anyone thinking... sequels?
  13. \Lennox added a post in a topic [PC / PS3 / PS4 / PSV (ONLY ON REMOTE PLAY)] Final Fantasy XIV (Online): A Realm Reborn   

    I added that thanks to the Remote Play information. I'll adjust it.
    Still though, what Job're you? I'm currently a CNJ, but my main Job is a DRG.
  14. \Lennox added a post in a topic [PC / PS3 / PS4 / PSV (ONLY ON REMOTE PLAY)] Final Fantasy XIV (Online): A Realm Reborn   

    I've been playing the game since June during the closed beta, and even with exams, my parents are still shouldering my gaming habit
    What server are you on? I'm on Leviathan.
  15. \Lennox added a post in a topic 30 Days of Video Games - BONUS: Why Do You Play Games Pg. 142   

    Dawn of the First Day - Your Most Nostalgic Game
    Oh, boy, if there's anything I remember the most, it's playing these particular paired versions at three years old (that's right):

    Yeah, like a lot of people here, I grew up playing Pokémon games. I remember this one night on December of 1999 in Hong Kong when I got a multicart (HAHAHAH) which had these two games on it. I booted one up (Red more than Blue, BTW), and BAM! I was hooked! Although I would start a new game every time I loaded RB up, I would always have fun exploring even just Route 1 and Pallet Town more than anywhere else. Although, I would admit that I didn't know what to do with battles so it was always the objective to 'get away safely' for me! This routine would continue until this electric rat had showed up on my Game Boy Color screen:

    Yeah, it took me until five years of age to understand battles, even though all I did was just spam Tackle so that I could get on with exploring the region of Kanto. This is why I got into the Pokémon franchise--being able to venture a sprawling overworld where you could make your mark with the use of six or more creatures that you've trained! You would then go explore the real world searching for more people who have played what you've played and start talking about what you both would love to do! Exploration like this leads to friendship, simply put, and I'm very glad Pokémon gave me a groundwork through which I could create lifelong relationships.
    Pokémon had taught me that we're meant to be there for each other, in the sense that we care for and help each other grow as we live our lives. Which, incidentally, influenced my beliefs--we're there for other people. Everyone has an equal opportunity to express themselves through their own special way through which they can bridge gaps and make the world a smaller place, in this case, through trading and battling.  As a result, I care very much for everyone to the point where taking a bullet for my friends (who I believe in talking to and sticking to everyday) becomes second nature. I'm very proud to say that Pokémon made me the person I am today!
    Heck, my college essays (yes, all but one of them) have this running nostalgia and idea of friendship through self-expression, unity and camaraderie as their recurrent themes. But one thing's for sure, if I can sum up what I feel like about the Pokémon franchise, I can say it in these eight words: