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Generations statue room codes & where to find them

Bouncy Barrel its 1993 again

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#21 Dwapook



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Posted 05 February 2012 - 07:34 AM

Thanks for this! Making it easier for me to be stubborn about getting these the legit way!

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#22 Pawn

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Posted 15 February 2012 - 09:14 PM

They've gone and posted about 30 of the codes on Sega Blogs now: http://blogs.sega.co...ons/#more-12843

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#23 Hogfather

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Posted 15 February 2012 - 11:07 PM

Updated the list with the Sonic Generations OST code, the Jazwares statue code, and the codes given out on the Sega Blog today.

interestingly... up until today, no code had appeared twice in a different place. The exception came from todays sega blog entires, and any duplicates were for codes that had appeared via Sega Japan promotionals.

#24 -Mark-


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Posted 19 April 2012 - 08:50 PM

Okay, I've got 46/55 statues completely legit. As in, I haven't used any codes that other people have found etc, I've only used codes officially released on the sites, and ones that came bundled with various CDs and figures I've bought. Looking at the complete list, the only ones I need now are;

Egg Launcher
Goal Ring

Anyone know where I can find any of these legit? I know they're posted in the OP, but I'd rather at least have direct links to any of them so I've actually seen the actual code at its source with my own eyes rather than relying on secondhand information.

#25 VEDJ-F

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Posted 28 July 2012 - 09:22 AM

Whoa, this is a bit of a big bump.

Sonic Channel have some info on where to find codes too, I don't know if some are the missing legit ones;


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