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Digimon - Digital Monsters

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#1 Soniman

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Posted 23 July 2012 - 09:03 PM


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Ahh Digimon, or as many kids in the 90s saw it as, the Pokemon copycat. Oh but how wrong they were and how little they knew.

Digimon started out as a digital pet called "Digital Monster", similar in style and concept to the Tamagotchi. It was planned by Wiz and released by Bandai on June 26, 1997. The toy began as the simple concept of a Tamagotchi mainly for boys. The V-Pet is similar to its predecessors, with the exceptions of being much harder and being able to connect to fight other Digimon v-pets. Every owner would start with a Baby Digimon, train it, evolve it, take care of it, and then have battles with other Digimon owners to see who was stronger. The Digimon pet had several evolution capabilities and abilities too, so many owners had many different Digimon. In December, the second generation of Digital Monster was released, followed by a third edition in 1998 (copypasta from wikipedia because I'm lazy)

So yeah, we know the story after that. Eventually this Tomagotchi line digivolved into a very popular anime series. What made this series truly special was the manny mature themes it dealt with, especially in later seasons. For me personally, that's what made it stand out among other typical shoenn anime. Not to mention the characters were usually developed being with their own strengths and weaknesses that they had to discover or overcome. Watching these characters grow and develop to see how they changed towards the end so part of the fun watching the show. Of course, their Digimon partners are what usually guides them through this development, and as characters themselves they are usually more one not, as they serve to help the human partners become stronger people.

The series currently has 6 seasons, 5 of which where dubbed for english viewers, lets start with the first shall we?

Posted Image

Digimon Adventure began it's run in March 7, 1999 and ended on March 26, 2000.

The story was about 7 kids who were attending summer camp until they were wisked away to a completely different world inhabited by creatures known as Digimon. The series starts out on a simple little island inhabited that was being harassed by the the evil Devimon. From there the season sprawls out as the kids dissever more about the the Digital World, and the role they serve within it.

Personally this season switches with Adventure 02 occasoinally as my second favorite season behind Tamers. It was probably the season that had the most development out of all the others, especially in characters like Matt, Mimi, T.K, and Joe as a result all of them are pretty likable. Though my favorite has got to go to Izzy, I fucking love that kid as well has is Digimon partner Tentomon, possibly being my favorite Digimon ever, if only because he's probably the most well spoken and probably the funniest.

If there was one negative thing I could say about this series it's that the villains just seem to....pop up from nowhere, Myotismon being especially guilty of this. Though if anything he's the main villian during my personal favorite arc of when the kids managed to return to the real world.

As for favorite episode....well I don't know if I'm being generic but is has to be the one where Tai and Koromon end up back in Japan, it just was an all around heartwarming episode with some fantastic animation.

Moving on to the next season

Posted Image

Digimon Adventure 02 began it's run it April 2, 2000 and ended on March 25, 2001.

Taking place a few years after the first season, this story is about a new group of Digi Destined who have to work on protecting the Digital World from the Digimon emperor while the original Digi Destined go on with their normal lives, only helping the new guys occasionally.

The series arguably started delving into more darker territory with this season, especially when it comes to the themes of death and redemption. Ken, the Digimon Emperor is the one who definitely steals the spotlight when it comes to development, the more you learn of his backstory the more you see how fucked up this kid's past really is, it's quite sad. As for the other characters they really don't get to much in the way of development. TK and Kairi already had theirs in te previous season, usually serving as the knowledgeable ones who show the new guys the ropes, Yolei and Cody pretty much stay the same unless I'm missing something, and Davis just gets some minor alterations to his character, usually just him learning not to be an egotistical jackass.

Of course I would be insane not to mention the breakout character, BlackWargreymon. Again this is where the theme of redemption comes in as BW goes from a pretty ruthless guy who mows down anyone who gets in his way, to a martyr who sacrifices himself to save the Digimon World, it's reall6 good stuff and makes for a nice character.

Some criticisms I (and most people) have for this series was that Davis served as a poor replacement for Tai, having almost none of his charm and half his wit. The plot lines that went nowhere (Dark Ocean), and the finale that just tore the fan base asunder with some ridiculous conclusions to certain characters. (Matt as an astronaut, seriously). Overall though I can still say it's one of my favorite seasons, as I watched it a great deal when I was a kid while it was on Jetix.

Trucking on to......

Posted Image

Digimon Tamers, which began it's run on April 1, 2001 and ended on March 31, 2002

The series takes place in a different universe than that of the original two seasons, where the concept of Digimon are only that of a simple trading card game, and are only believed to be just fictional. Until one faithful day where a boy name Takato Matsuki creates of Digimon of his own and it comes to life in the form of Guilmon. And it just sprawls out from there. Over the course of the series he encounters fellow Digimon Tamers Rika and Henry, and together they fight wild Digimon that manage to manifest themselves in the real world. In the shadows a secret organization called Hypnos are devising a way to stop the appearances of Digimon in the real world once and for all.

This series is pretty much the height of the mature themes that the series has been striving for, as shit gets really intense the further it goes on. It was all well and good until the iconic death of Leomon, from that point on it got worse and worse for everyone, ESPECIALLY for Leomon's emotionally crushed partner Jeri, she goes through several phases of depression through the help of D-Reaper, who was by far the creepiest villain I ever seen in a Digimon season, especially when it takes control of Jeri

Not to mention there is some excellent development to be had, the main characters who get the most of it is Impmon and Rika. Impmon started outs as a little troublemaker who usually couldn't back up the trash his mouth was spewing, to a genuine hero who uses his strength to save the ones he cares about. And Rika was just a classic case of "defrosting the ice queen", and went from that into a kindhearted individual who learns to treat Digimon as more than just tools for fighting. And I don't think I need to mention Takato, who goes from a soft spoken kid to a hot-blooded warrior who gives his all to save both his world and the Digital world. Oh yeah, there is also Kazu and Kenta who I pretty much adore. They mostly serve as comedy relief and failing at it, which makes them charming for me, that's not to say they don't have their heroic moments.As mentioned Jeri, goes through a lot of shit in the series, and while in the beginning she was a cheerful individual, you start to learn that her life isnt as good she wants other to believe.

And I have to mention the excellent cast of Digital Monsters this time around. Guilmon is a playful goof who is more obsessed with eating then fighting. Terriermon, a sarcastic little guy who loves to make wisecracks at those around him. And Renamon is a badass fighter who doesn't take shit from anyone but her own Tamer. Also there is Lopmon, who gives up her nearly god like powers as a deva to protect her Tamer which was very noble.And the lets not forget Calumon, a playful little guy who wants nothing more than to play and have fun, but little does he know, he has a very important role to play. Really, to me nearly the entire cast is lovable probably my favorite out of the entire series.

All of these factors really make Tamers my favorite season easily.

Now moving on to the less than impressive.

Posted Image

Digimon Frontier began it's run on April 7 2002 and ended on March 30 2003.

Five unrelated kids go board a train when they get a call from an unknown figure and they end up in the Digital World. All five of these individuals obtain Digivices and are forced to traverse a world they know nothing about. It is from here that each of these kids must discover their human and beast spirits in order to digivolve into Digimon themselves that are based are the ancient warriors from a long time ago.

Yeah, this series' "gimmick" is that they whole Digimon/Human partner angle is cut completely in favor of the kids themselves being the ones who fight and digivolve to fight the evil Digimon, and I......really don't like that angle to be quite honest. Part of the charm of Digimon for me was the fact that the Digimon partners help the humans develop as characters, all this does for me is just completely cut out a part of the series I enjoyed and to me, that's just lame.

The only regular Digimon on the show are two annoying characters named Bokomon and Neemon, they really don't do anything but occasionally provide information and giving annoying comedy relief.

As for the characters, eh. None of them really stuck with me in a meaningful way other than J.P, but I can at least say they get a good amount of development. Koichi learns to let others help him and learn to work as a team (I swear to god, her reminds me so much of Sasuke from Naruto), J.P learns not to be a brave and not always take the cowards way out, Tommy learns to grow up and stop whining to get what he wants etc, it's all nice but it's hard for me to get enthusiastic when I don't really care for most of the characters.

Also other problems for me include, the abandonment of mature themes for the most part, and the whole Royal Knights Arc sucking immensely.

Overall, this season is just average to me it has it's moments but as a whole... meh.

I'm going to be moving into unfamiliar territory with the next two seasons, so ill cover those in a new post.

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#2 -Mark-


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Posted 23 July 2012 - 09:19 PM

FUCK YES, DIGIMON TOPIC. :D Digimon is collectively my single favourite anime ever and always will be, and Masaru is my god. Butter-Fly is my favourite song ever followed closely by Brave Heart.

There are actually seven seasons though. (Although Hunters was a bit shit) Posted Image

I'll have a million and one things to say in this topic, but I'm sleepy now. D: So, I'll just leave these here;

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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#3 El Driver

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Posted 23 July 2012 - 09:24 PM

I really liked season 1 and season 2, the other ones didn't grab my attention as much and I lost interest in the series.
What I remember the most is the music in the dub, some people didn't like it but I thought it was awesome. Though the Japanese soundtrack is pretty cool too (though since I had the luxury of living close to the border meant that I could see the spanish dub that had the japanese soundtrack intact)

How I miss the series Posted Image

#4 Cola

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Posted 23 July 2012 - 09:25 PM

I love Digimon! I used to be obsessed with it. Back in my day, there were only 4 seasons!

Anyway, my favorite season is 3 - Digimon Tamers.

#5 Soniman

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Posted 23 July 2012 - 09:26 PM

Oh yeah, ill probably cover the movies when I get done covering the seasons. And hell, maybe the music to.

#6 Vampfox



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Posted 23 July 2012 - 09:40 PM

I love Digimon!^_^

My favorite series was Digimon Tamers. The characters in that series got some of the best character development that I've seen in an anime. I love Impmon's whole storyline. That part at the end where Jeri forgives Impmon is one of my favorite moments.

I rewatch the series a few years ago and I was amazed at how much stuff they kept in the dub. I dread to think what might have happen if 4kids had gotten their hands on Digimon.

The first series Digimon Adventure is pretty good as well.

Digimon Adventure 02 starts out well but has a lame ending that feels like it was made up on the spot.

#7 Emperor Robrainiac

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Posted 23 July 2012 - 09:45 PM

Ah yes, I remember watching half of the first series. I say half, because I was still in my religion then which had some very strict rules when it came to watching TV and when my folks discovered that one villain resembled a demon and another a vampire, then I was banned from watching it. It still bugs me to think back on that, especially since we now find the "rules" as to what we should and shouldn't watch to be a load of superstitious bullcrap.

Years later, I was able to complete the first series on Toon Disney's Jetix and I thought it was a great show, and I was satisfied with finally finishing the series. I started the second series, which I thought was pretty decent here and there. Though I really hated Arukenimon(sp?) and Mummymon due to their similarities to Team Rocket (I really didn't like Team Rocket at the time I was watching it.) but it was a good watch.

After that was series 3, aka Digimon Tamers. Despite my RL friends hating on the third series, I'd go as far as to say it's my favorite. I just loved the story and characters and their development in this one, that's really all I can say. Oh, and also, Impmon and Renamon FTW.

I'm a a bit iffy over the fourth series, honestly. I along with many others didn't like the main characters transforming into Digimon. Can't say it was horrible, just a different direction that I'm used to. I'd say it's my least favorite out of all of them.

The fifth series, Digimon Data Squad/Savers is another one my RL friends hate. I didn't think it was that bad, it was an interesting alternate take on the Digimon series, the Men in Black/secret organization type story was pretty neat.

Never really caught the sixth series actually. I may check it out in the future if It's any good.

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#8 Snatcher2047



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Posted 23 July 2012 - 09:49 PM

Ah, Digimon. One of my biggest guilty pleasures. I can't even tell you how many times my friend and I went to see the movie in theaters. We still quote lines from it to this day. Also a big fan of the original Japanese version, Digimon Adventure. I've seen everything up to about a few episodes into SAVERS (dubbed), but nothing after that... yet.

I have a bit of merchandise, including a season 3 digivice and a bunch of the soundtracks. Also, thrilled to know that the entire Season One is getting a DVD release in the near future. Hope they end up releasing each season in full.

Was always a bit of a Mimi fan. She just cracked me up. I tell ya, it's the cowboy hats.


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#9 CC14 His Gruffness

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Posted 23 July 2012 - 09:52 PM

LOVE me some Digimon. I've been hooked ever since I first discovered it after watching a random episode of Adventure on Fox Family all those years ago and I've never stopped being a Digi-maniac.

In terms of seasons, my favorite is obviously Tamers. It did SO much right, was incredibly well written, and had a lot of my absolute favorite Digimon characters in it. (I freakin' LOVE Impmon. Also, Melissa Fahn's voice in anything is <3.)

My second favorite would probably be Data Squad. The writing was pretty good, the characters were memorable, it was a nice return to traditional partner-based Digimon, and to this day, it's one of the only shows that I've seen where I absolutely HATE the villain's guts. You know a show is succeeding in its narrative when you actually hate the antagonist.

I'd rank Adventure at #3, since it started the show off well, had a great cast, and proved that just because you're a blatant toy commercial, that doesn't mean that you should have a bad story, too.

Fourth on my list is Frontier, which I enjoyed, though, it definitely had its weaknesses. For starters, losing the whole Digimon/Partner relationship made the show lose a bit of the appeal that it had. I wasn't a fan of that. Secondly, the final half is REALLY tedious. Most of the episodes are literally just "The Royal Knights attack, the kids arrive to try and stop them, Takuya and Koji evolve and fight them, and they lose." As a result, most of the kids get completely neglected in the final half and at times, you even wonder why they're there except to tote the rest of the spirits around. This season definitely needed some more balance.

Finally, we have Adventure 02. First, don't get me wrong. I LOVE this season on a nostalgic level and I still enjoy watching it. However, it definitely has the most consistent story flaws of any other season that I've seen. The plot keeps jumping around from arc to arc, certain characters are underdeveloped or underused, and the ending is one of the most cobbled together epilogues I've ever seen. It's like they threw a dart at a board with a bunch of careers on it and assigned them to each character depending on which one that their dart landed on. So, yeah, it was a bit of a mess. However, I will say that I enjoyed Ken's storyline, most of the Digimon, and the epic battle music. MY GOD, THE BATTLE MUSIC. Just listen and embrace the epicness:


I can honestly tell you that there's no better song that I can imagine beating someone up to. Run Around is one of a kind and always has a spot on my track list.

I've never seen Xros Wars or Hunters (I'm waiting for the eventual dub.), so I can't rank them.

Also, on one final note, SOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to to DVD release of Adventure. Hopefully, it does well enough to warrant the release of more seasons. Once I have Tamers on DVD, I can die a happy man. Posted Image

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#10 Meemz



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Posted 23 July 2012 - 10:22 PM

I love digimon so muuuch. I was far more interested in it than Pokemon when I was little. I think it had to do with all the different forms and how the digimon could return to previous forms. And there were just so many of theeem. I especially liked Digimon World 3. There was a lot of grinding for sure, but I liked having my little team of Kotemon, Renamon, and Guilmon. :3

It reminds me when I used to go to latchkey in elementary school. They'd let us into the computer lab sometimes to play on the internet, and I would play the little games they had on the Fox Kids website.

#11 Gabz Girl

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Posted 23 July 2012 - 11:31 PM

Used to be a big fan of Digimon. I remember owning a big plushie of Patamon, my favourite. <3 I also loved Gatomon, she was so cute (for a Champion Digimon!)!

I only ever watched the first two seasons when I lived in the Netherlands. For some reason season three was never dubbed. I do want to watch it eventually though since it seems to have the most acclaim from Digimon fans.

Hmm, I always wondered just how many different Digimon there are..

#12 Johnny Boy

Johnny Boy
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Posted 23 July 2012 - 11:36 PM

"Digimon, Digital Monsters, Digimon are the champions"

Ah I loved watching the first two seasons when I was a wee lad. It was a huge part of my childhood just as much as Sonic was. I thought the third season was okay, but the fourth one was just a huge steaming pile of garbage and I gave up on the franchise at that point. I'll always hold fond memories of the adventure series though.

#13 \Lennox

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Posted 24 July 2012 - 12:00 AM

>Inb4 someone says something about how Pokémon was waaaay better.

Tamers was a great season though compared to all the others. XD Wish that Pokémon's anime was much more like that.

#14 VisionaryofSUPER

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Posted 24 July 2012 - 12:08 AM

I'm a pretty good fan of Digimon I've watched every episode of Adventure 1 and 2, skipped Tamers and stopped after finishing Frontier.

Ok, let me start from the beginning. I began my love for Digimon during the days when it was a hot contender against Pokemon. The first episode instantly had me hooked because it was just awesome. Though it was pretty much a rip off of Pokemon I didn't care. Unlike Pokemon, the show had a concrete storyline and characters whom I could see grow along with me, unlike Pokemon which felt like an eternity of nothingness occuring.

Now I grew up with the dub, and I didn't rightly care about the puns because most of them just flew over my head. Upon rewatching the dub the lines make me cringe plenty of times but I also have a good laugh because of how terrible they are. Also, the dub music is wonderful, JesseOtaku made it cool to hate on the dub music, but the people parroting her have got it mixed up; she didn't think the music was bad, just that it was used in inappropriate times, and I admit that she has a point. The orchestrated tracks are lovely, but the guy who had to put them in episodes sure didn't know what he was doing.

Overall, I love the first series with all my might. I love Tai, Matt, Mimi, Joe, Izzy, TK, Kairi, Sora and their digi-pals.

Digimon Adventure 2, now I really liked this show too... in the beginning. I think JesseOtaku summed it better in her retrospective. It isn't that Adventure 2 was bad; it's that late in the show's time it really began to get confusing. When I was a kid I didn't understand anything that was going on, and I was sure that I hadn't missed a single episode. As for the epilogue. I haven't watched it too much recently so I can't tell if I hate it or just don't care.

I missed the first few arcs of Tamers, so I was pretty much lost when I started the show. XD

When I first started watching Frontier I didn't like the premise just like everyone else. I really didn't like the idea of replacing Digimon with humans, but eventually the show grew on me. I just watched it as spinoff instead of a main show and it worked well enough.

Yeah, I don't have much else to say about that season.

By the way all you digi fans. For those of you who missed my announcement in the Anime and Manga thread. Digimon Adventure is finally coming out on DVD September 9th, all 54 episodes on an 8 disc set.Posted Image
Yeah, there are some downsides to these new discs.
- Sadly, it's going to be dubbed only, and it's going to cost 80 55 bucks.

Personally, I'm going to buy it for the sake of having it. I never watch the Japanese versions anyways so it's not like it's going to impact my purchase.

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#15 Jango

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Posted 24 July 2012 - 12:14 AM

I was a big fan of Digimon back in the early 2000. I watched the whole first season non-stoping, everyday at Fox Kids. I also used to beg my parents to buy me all the Digimon related toys (even those cheap China falsifications). I still have an original Wargreymon figure, maybe I post some pictures of it later. I also had lots of Tazos, sticker albums, a backpack, cups. Even Digimon cookies.
I watched half second season and stoped because I didn't really enjoyed it. After that I've really lost my interest in Digimon, but it's still a well-loved anime by me (one of my favorites actualy, over Pokémon) and since it made part of my childhood.

One nice thing is that all the original japanese soundtrack was used in my country's version. Well, except the opening, which is a translation of the english version -'- And hey, someone here saw the Movie on the theater? Posted Image

But yeah guys, tears =,)


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#16 Black Knight Kuzu

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Posted 24 July 2012 - 01:14 AM

Oh my god, this one of the show that completely dominated my childhood.

But yes, I fucking love Digimon, some seasons are better than others(severely), but I always managed to stay interested in each of them. Savers and Tamers are my favorites, with Adventure coming second. The one thing I loved about Digimon, other than the action of course, are the characters; yeah most of the time they remain flat archetypes(in the case of Adventure 02), but other times they're really fleshed out, I mean the fact that a mon series could have such good characters always escaped me, but I dealt with it.

Savers as a whole wasn't amazingly good(better than Frontier, and arguably 02 tho), it's definitely a lot more Shonen than the previous seasons what with the protagonist being more of a Hot Blooded Determintor than any leader before him, and the artstyle of it. But this stands out as one of my favorite scenes in the franchise:

So much Badass.

#17 Ride The Walrus

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Posted 24 July 2012 - 02:59 AM

Best. Film. Ever.
Seriously, what an amazing film.
I loved this show, was rather excellent. Much better than Pokemon ever was (bar the Poke games). I have some of season one on dvd, but they never really released them properly over here in the UK on dvd.

#18 Katzii



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Posted 24 July 2012 - 04:22 AM

I absolutely love the first series, and really like the second series. I remember being extremely disappointed with Tamers back in the day just because it seemed to switch everything up so much (then found what few episodes of Data Squad I managed to watch "not bad", but not on par with the first two series). What kind of drives me nuts though is that I have all of the first season recorded on video EXCEPT the last two episodes and I don't think I ever watched them. I forgot to set the tape to record for one (where I was out later), and I missed the other because I got locked out of my house! I have them downloaded, but I need to make the time to watch sometime!

I also bought one of the original Digimon virtual pets in France for about £1, but can I find it anywhere? Of course not.

#19 Eternal EX

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Posted 24 July 2012 - 05:13 AM

My favorites were always Adventure 2, 1 and Tamers. Data squad was good but on par with the first 3 seasons. Frontier was a huge WTF to me. The story was blah, the characters were blah and that whole human+digimon soul thing was a crappy gimmick. And besides who could not love this lovable blue monster?

Posted Image

#20 LunarEdge

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Posted 24 July 2012 - 08:50 AM

I knew that the TP would hate on Season Four (Frontier). I personally loved it and favored it greatly over Tamers. Of course, the first season and Zero Two being my top two favorites.

And man.... the first three seasons... best American opening ever

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