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Poem: Ego and Love

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Posted 04 November 2009 - 11:45 PM

Note: When I wrote this, it was about love from a woman's perspective. The reasons for that are complicated, but understand that this is not a religious poem.

"Ego and Love"

There was a time not long ago,
When I in loneliness did spite,
the "me," the "I," the lord "ego".
And from that pain, there's n'er respite.

But just when hope did fade away,
And rayless Hell mine soul did claim,
There came a man who knew the way,
to end my bleak and baneful game.

For in that drear and lonely dark,
His brightest light mine eyes did blind,
And with his voice, like beaut’ous lark,
Mine heart and mind he did then bind.

And hate, at last, made out mine door,
And in its place sat Love so sweet!
And on dear "self," I dwell no more,
For you, that man, hath "self" complete.

For through thine start'ling love for me,
I've learned at last to care for thee.

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