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    • The Sonic Stadium's 15th Anniversary!!! [24 OCT 2015]   10/19/15

      Hi everyone! I'm going to update the site itself later today/tomorrow, but I thought I'd give you all the heads up right here until then. On Saturday 24th October, The Sonic Stadium (i.e. this place) will be fifteen years old. FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. OMGWTFBBQ. That will officially put us into the 'snotty-nosed adolescent teenager website' category. Read full Announcement and comment here: http://board.sonicstadium.org/topic/20125-the-sonic-stadiums-15th-anniversary-24-oct-2015/
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Old skins are unsupported

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If you are using any of the following skins:

  • SonicOLD
  • Oil 'n Rum
  • Two Foxy
  • Sonic X-Mas
  • Nu Sonical

These skins are unsupported and any bug reports involving them will be ignored. There are problems with these skins, and there will be features that don't work. They're only left in place because people want to use them despite these problems.

The only currently supported skins are:

  • IP.Board
  • IP.Board Mobile
  • Sonical
  • Knucklehead

If you are having a problem with the forum, make sure you are using one of these skins.

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