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http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100906191849/metroid/de/images/3/37/1411527-sammy2_super.jpg Am I the only one that really wants this to be a Zero Suit Samus alternate cost... Updated 23 Apr · 8 comments

About Me


Hello! Thanks for taking time out of your life to stalk my profile.                                                       

Check out the profile SSMB! WHOOOOOA!

(Super Smash Bros. Brawl Friendcode: 2280-7880-6594)



You can call me Xenos. Or, Xen, Xenny, Xenipooh, or any other ridiculous nicknames ya' got for me. I won't mind. ...Much.
Anyways! I'm 16 now, but my birthday is in February (The 22nd, same birthdate as our first President!) I've been with our blue blur for 13 years, and I hope to keep that streak going for as long as I live.
More about me...
I'm a pretty much in love with games and gaming. It's been something I've done since I was a little baby. Of course certain series and franchises is what truly sparked my curiosity, and here I am. I'm pretty open to suggestions, and my horizons of gaming are still admittedly narrow, so if you've got a suggestion I'm willing to hear you out! I'm mainly into Platformers, RPG's (Turn Based mostly, but Real Time ones I can do) and the like. I'm willing to try Shooters since it's enjoyable from time to time, and also Racing games. Those two aren't exactly high on my list though. Fighters are a mixed bag. Stuff like Tekken, MvC3, and Persona 4 Arena are the types I can play, while others like say, Street Fighter aren't my cup of tea really.
I'm a Pisces in the Zodiac, and I admittedly feel I fit it to a tee. I'm very imaginative and my mind runs with thoughts and ideas and little details a lot, sometimes I even daydream and it can get in the way of stuff! I'm also pretty sensitive about most topics, and self-conscious about certain aspects about myself. If you have something to tell me, or something you think I should know, don't be scared to say! I'll appreciate you for going ahead and telling me.
Debating is a thing that I'm still sort of a novice in so I don't think I have the highest caliber of debating dynamics, and my vocabulary is pretty simple if I do say so myself, so I don't really like using big words. Don't wanna make myself look like an ass.
SSMB is a place I've enjoyed for only a short time now, but I hope I can still grow and become a more mature member that younger members can look up to. Yes, even you lurkers!
I'm happy to be a member of SSMB. Rock on ya' crazy people!


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    Somewhere in the Universe, trying to stop a Galactic Takeover.
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    Sonic of course! Along with baseball, gaming in general, and I like reading too.

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    Super Smash Bros.
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    United States

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