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  • SEGASonic Cosmo Fighter Galaxy Patrol

     Created: by Dreadknux
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    Amusement Type:

    Sit-in Ride

    Country of Origin:



    SEGA Japan

    Same exact game feature as Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car, you get in and watch the top-down screen and control it. Your Sonic in a red space ship as you chase Dr. Robotnik.

    The game plays like a shooter as you have a joystick that controls you up, down, left, right, and two buttons that you use to fire. There's also a level that says Speed Up that makes the ship tilt as you speed up faster.

    You'll chase Robotnik to save your animal pals, then fight a super evil villian in a giant ship. After you destroy him you'll get a ship upgrade... a different weapon. Cosmic.





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