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  • 'Mega' by Eileen Steinbach

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    Print information


    Eileen Steinbach (SG Posters)


    Moor-Art Gallery

    Release Date:

    3 March 2023 (Limited)

    Number of Prints:


    Print Type:

    • Fine Art Pigment
    • Fedrigoni Sirio Aurum
    • Pearlescent Gold Art Paper (300gsm)


    A3 (12" x 16.5" inches approx)

    'Mega' is a fine art print designed by artist Eileen Steinbach (SG Posters) and produced by Moor-Art Gallery in the UK. It was released on Friday 3 March 2023 at a price of £29.99, in limited quantities of 125 copies.

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    • 'Mega' by Eileen Steinbach

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