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  2. The description says A powerful ally,which means only one of them. Maybe the one that was spared will have to help Sonic and Omega in some other way
  3. Gotta get those synopsis's as well. #20: T&W #2:
  4. Well,Charmy was her age yet he wasn't spared...
  5. Remember when we got that clip of the Prince Ali scene from the new Aladdin the other week, and people were complaining that it was dull?

    I just saw the movie and in my honest opinion, that clip didn’t do it justice.

  6. Morning SSMB!


  7. New preview image for today's episode! Get ready, because Giorno is about to deliver a beat down!
  8. gbaase

    Gbaase's artwork

    A pic I did of Sally in a Sci Fi styled setting https://www.deviantart.com/jaguarcats/art/Sally-in-Command-774239011
  9. I wonder who's the squiddle and/or kiddle
  10. Today
  11. Persona protagonist idea: a single mother who serves as a detective in NYC and has been a long time Persona user, making her accustomed to the Velvet Room.

  12. Since the description mentions Sonic and Omega teaming up, I'm guessing both Shadow and Rouge get zomboticized. This is gonna be awesome. I don't get how robots can handle the virus. Omega seems he'll be okay but what is up with...
  13. Holy shit IDW Sonic #20's cover is terrifying

    1. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      Eh? After I read this, I went into the IDW thread expecting to be faced by some insane nightmare fuel art, but that looks perfectly tame to me.

    2. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Well its unexpected... Tho I really like the direction this Metal virus arc is going now.

  14. Great idea! Been looking for something like this. I'm Lunchbillion on Xbox One and Lunchbillion#4080 on Discord. If any other Xbox players are around, DM me if you want to play sometime!
  15. We got new covers! Cover for issue 20! Cover for Tangle and Whisper #2! That looks like an Octopus or a squid. E: looking closer thats more of an Octopus.
  16. So, I just had the pleasure of being shared the TSR cutscenes, and all I can say is: man, we sure came a long way in the cutscene department from these primitive pieces of crap:

    To these expertly crafted cutscenes:


  17. Apparently Nioh 2 is featuring the Devil May Cry series. What with Living Weapon being seemingly replaced with Devil Triggers XD.

  18. Reaction: A dynasty warriors styled megaman game using characters from through the different franchises within the series 

  19. That trailer does what trailers are supposed to do in respect to the plot , not give anything away. Far too many trailers these days give you half of what happens in what basically is a 2 minute summary of the film they want you to pay money to go and see. So I'll give props here for it not doing that. However...…. I grew up watching the first two movies over and over so for me to see James Cameron back in the saddle is great. The second movie in particular is a masterpiece with Robert Patrick playing the perfectly menacing T-100 to a er….. T. Going off the back of that whoever that was in that truck didn't give me the same vibe , he looked more like a jock bully type character that would fit nicely into an American Pie movie. The lady with the short hair , no idea what to think there , again the trailer didn't give you much TO think about as well as the Michelle Rodriguez look-alike. I have a feeling Linda Hamilton could make or break this film , she still looks like she fits the part and Arnie's role is anyones guess. Overall , i'm intrigued but not excited.
  20. Since this is a TEAM racing game, I thought it'd be neat to find fellow racers to race with online.. I race on the Switch for Team Sonic Racing^^ I'll start.. Kalion:1655-3309-3504 Discord: Kalion#5983
  21. Not gonna I thought the fight would last more than 2 episodes (coming from a guy who never read far in the manga)
  22. In a JoJo-themed Harry Potter AU the strongest character is whoever's stand is named King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

  23. i actually made chocolate pudding as close to four in the morning without realizing in being aware that i was making chocolate pudding at nearly four in the morning 

    1. Ellipsis-Ultima


      So basically:


  24. Posting this again, because I don't think not that much people had noticed this. One of the writers make an joke about Sonic's design on his Instagram.: Did you mean Jeff Fowler?
  25. As long as they don't make profit, Sega should be fine with that project. STCO had a couple crowdfundings for events, zero problem with Sega. They even printed an issue of the comic. I wish the team good luck. They're giving themselves a huge challenge. I saw Kuta's name popping a few times in this thread. As far as I know, he's not involved in this project. Besides, he's been teasing another SatAM project for weeks...
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