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  2. Well my condolences to Europe then. 

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I wish that companies would elaborate on the causes for such circumstances. I fully believe that WF didn't choose to let this happen and it's probably to with Nintendo's eShop acceptance system, but it crops up every soft often and it's a real kick in the teeth to fans. The best outcome for a forced delay in one region for one platform is to delay the game worldwide. It's only a week; rather than leave some fans at an unfair disadvantage, just hold it back a week for everyone. 

      Good thing I really don't like Shantae though.

  3. Tonight on remixes that I recently taken a liking to...

  4. Today
  5. I think probably the best comparison to X era Amy in the west is Miss Piggy, however they tend to beat around the bush less about Miss Piggy's abusive behaviour making her unlikeable a lot of the time and there's generally a lot more jokes played at her expense than Amy (especially in the original Muppet Show where a lot of her karate chops intended for more sympathetic cast members actually backfired onto her). Generally the sympathy level of a character's flawed aspects are proportionate to how much the plot undermines them. This is why say an actual villain can gain audience sympathy if they are a big enough butt monkey like Eggman, and yet a more moderately asshole-ish character can't if they never suffer consequences for it, or even worse ANOTHER CHARACTER does instead. I think this is why a lot of the time in fiction, the female cast ends up the most divisive, since writers are more liable to dither inflicting the same fallibility and misery onto them as the male cast, even if they deserve it more (Peanuts and Spy vs Spy are creator confessed examples). Kind of ironic for a character who has a pratfall as part of her moveset in Advance 1.
  6. Oh great. I wake up to the news that the American Jewish Committee is pissed at Brazil's Education Minister. As if Brazil wasn't enough badly seen internationally. https://twitter.com/AJCGlobal/status/1265796603220299784?s=20

    1. Jango


      I fucking hate my country.

    2. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Education Minister sounds ominous, especially given Bolsa Ne'er-do-well being in control.

  7. 1. Agreed about Pontaff. It's true that it's mostly SEGA who makes the decisions for story and everything, but Pontaff have no idea what they are doing with Sonic too, see: Lost World. Plus I really don't find their jokes funny, see: everything but mostly the Boom games they wrote, that Boom episode, etc. 2. Ben Schwartz is perfect as Sonic but he costs a lot I think. Just ditch Roger for a more appropriate voice that's not famous maybe? 3. I mean, it's gonna be the 30th anniversary game, man, of course there will be nostalgia. I also know that we are basically getting games only for anniversaries, that's what happened in the last decade lol Spin-offs + main games on big anniversaries. The question is... which nostalgia it is, Adventure or Classic or Modern? Or everything? No idea. From what I understood in the reddit AMA from the brand producer... they want to focus on new things as well as nostalgia, so both of them. Old and new together. And this is why I doubt we are getting a full Sonic Adventure remake lol, it's gonna be a brand new game with old elements. Or that's what I think.
  8. Man, PSO2 PC launch is a damn mess, and it's all thanks to Microsoft and their dumb MS Store.

    Many people encountered different kinds of errors, like the login not being able to work because of the Xbox app, the different errors during launcher update, etc. The most egregious one is that, if you restart your computer, the game gets corrupted, it prompts you to reinstall the 70 gigabytes again (not the 11 GBs the Store tells you for system specs), but those 70 gigs that you already installed before aren't actually deleted. Instead they're being put in a hidden folder you can't gain access to without changing the ownership of said folders, and you have to delete those manually yourself.

    This is probably the worst PC launch in the 23 years I've experienced myself.

  9. Although cases like Banana Blitz HD and Final Fantasy IX do exist, PjD Mega39's definitely did not switch engines. Hackers got into it on Day 1 and confirmed it has the exact same file structure as PS4 Future Tone, to the point of including leftovers from the PS4 version. This is also how people managed to disable the toon shader in Mega39's on the first day after release, as well as bring the new songs back into Future Tone the day after that.
  10. Finn shutting up racists. This is more satisfying than sex. At the same time, I can’t believe people are so deluded to think this because they so badly want to be considered “oppressed” (Pic)



  11. My own opinion is that people are focusing far too much on Jackson. Buxer was recently interviewed about it and said that he had very little, or nothing, to do with it when it actually panned out becauae he was busy with other stuff. There clearly are problems with the Sonic 3 OST, as AT Games said so when they were on board to make rhe mini and one of the Sonic 3 composers claimed there was an ongoing lawsuit wheb asked about it by a fan. Stealth has also alluded to it. There are various issues about the lawsuit which people overlook. 1 - It's probably more recent than people think. People point to Sonic 3AK Collection, but ignore Sonic Jam (another port) and Sonic Pocket Adventure (which remade the Knuckles theme). We have no way of knowing exactly why the musuc was changed in the PC release, but it might not have anything to do with a lawsuit. I also thjnk whether the game is emulated or ported/remade is irrelevant, since over the last ten years it just hasnt been re-released at all. it has been ongoing for (at least) almost ten years - since that's when they stopped releasing Sonic 3 in any capacity and when people who either worked, or were working on the game, have alluded to a lawsuit. 2 - It might be any of the game's credited composers who are pressing charges. The reality might be mundane. Maybe they think they should be paid foyalties? Maybe they are suing over something on the original contract? Who knows. It might bot have anything to do with Jackson. Although - in favour of the Jackson argument, this stuff really started to kick off (games not re-releasing, devs referring to it) shortly after his death. So perhaps it is the Estate getting pissy about it.
  12. Yeah I’ll be doing that a few days before the next issue releases. I was really into it at the last issue but I’ve fallen out of the story momentum since the delays.
  13.  Night, buddies!

  14. I think sometime I should start a thread for redrawing crappy-looking Sonic comic art (assuming one doesn't exist already) that seems like it could be a fun community activity

  15. I've searched for both Project DIVA and PSO2 Hedgehog Engine claims and can't find anything except public Wikis with no sources and various forum posts where people say "this game pretty so it must be using the Hedgehog Engine". So again, sources please. Lost World got a patch to unlock the framerate, which actually broke the game and made several levels impossible; collecting butterflies wouldn't trigger flowers to open and something went wrong with the Drill Wisp too IIRC (both were necessary to clear a number of levels). I'm not sure if they ever officially fixed this, but I'm going to hazard a guess and say that they did because I'm not finding much discussion about it. There's an option to disable voice overs, but it's so lazily done that the BGM volume still lowers for a few seconds at the points when characters are still supposed to talk. All of the Circus Tents were removed outright. They weren't exactly a highlight of the Wii U game but rather than remap the motion controls to regular buttons, they just got taken out completely and the numbers of animals you needed to rescue to progress along the map was massively reduced. It reeks of lazy to take them out completely. Lower the requirements to reduce the need to grind to progress, but just to cut out content like that... lazy as shit. Generations is so tackily done that is used the default VB icon on the task bar. It's got very limited graphical options available and you can't configure the games settings at all from within the application itself. Cutscenes frequently run out of sync with the audio regardless of the how well the rest of the game runs. I can't back it up from technical point of view, but from what I've heard the game is just poorly optimised. It also removed the bonus unlockable version of S1 that was included in the console versions. No idea if this was due to laziness or another reason, but it also seemed such a strange omission. SCD was built natively on the PC using the Retro Engine. But SEGA, in all of their infinite wisdom, hired Blit Works to port the 360 version back to PC who then broke the game's resolutions and scaling in the process. It looks constantly blurry as a result. Taxman spoke out on the issue, expressing his regret at being unable to fix it because it was not his version of the game. With regards to SA1HD and SA2HD, it also includes the console versions. SA1 didn't even support widescreen and improperly rendered different resolutions resulting in a blurry image. This is a bit of recurring theme actually, cause it also applied to S4E2 before fan outcry got it patched. Neither game made any effort fix the broken graphical effects of the GCN versions (and the additional ones of the original SADX PC version). Controller support is borked and in-game settings are again non-existent. The PC versions of Sonic games are functional. They work (apart from the time they broke Lost World), but they are as half-arsed as possible. Make sure the game boots up and it's ready to sell. It's sad that they don't do anything to make the games the definitive versions to play. Would it have killed them to rebalance the audio mixing in SA2?
  16. Pretty much. Food delivery service drivers reserve the right to refuse service or cancel an order. (Not sure about stores with delivery services like Pizza Hut tho. But GrubHub, Postmates, etc. all have pretty lenient refusal of service polices last I saw) They’re not under any legal obligation to follow through all the way. They can just make up a reason why they can’t finish it if they want. Worst that’s on the line is a bad rating. Even if they get fired for it, I commend them willing to put themselves on the line simply to middle finger a racist murderer
  17. The delivery driver was seriously like “oh, this guy? We reserve the right to refuse service, then”?
  18. Should also keep in mind that in IDW, the world has been fucked by Eggman. Amy took on the role of planning as a necessity of the setting. Were that not the case, you’d see a lot more of her usual energetic self.
  19. Ah, I meant to post this earlier today. If you could add more Nintendo characters to a Project X Zone game, who'd it be? My picks:

    -Link & Zelda (Pair) rivaled by Ganondorf
    -Duck Hunt (Solo)
    -Pit and Dark Pit (Pair) rivaled by Medusa & Hades
    -Palutena (Solo)
    -Byleth (Solo)
    -Roy & Ike (Pair) rivaled by Black Knight and Narcian
    -Spring Man (Solo) rivaled by Dr. Coyle
    -Samus (Solo) rivaled by Ridley
    -Captain Falcon (Solo) rivaled by Black Shadow
    -Ayumi Tachibana (Solo)
    -Takamaru (Solo)

    -Marina and Pearl (Pair) rivaled by DJ Octavia ft. [REDACTED]

    -Rex and Pyra/Mythra (Pair) rivaled by Malos

    -Officer Howard (Solo)

  20. Does anyone know what time on release day Switch games actually become available?

    It's May 28th now, I want to play Bug Fables.


    1. Polkadi~☆


      Early morning. 7AM-9AM.

      When about, specifically? I'unno. Whenever, in that timeframe.

  21. I played Sonic Mania again today, and having played S3K recently I noticed that while Super Tails loses the Flicky Army of Death in Mania, they boosted his jump hight to match Super Sonics (in S3K he has his normal jump when Super). Also beat the game in just over an hour and  half with no deaths. Would of been under that but the caterkiller boss in MS Act 1 gave me a horrible pattern and only jumped toward the screen for a minute and a half straight.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I think that Tails' had the same Super form in the mobile versions of S1 and S2 as well. His Super Form in 3K was more in line with Hyper Sonic and Hyper Knuckles in that he had a special power, so it makes sense that they removed the Flickies in Mania. 

  22. I don't know anything about music, but I like what I heard. I like how the drops of water make the Tidal Tempest theme, it add atmosphere while at the same time contributing to the melody. It's like a subdued version of something that Study Girl would listen to. I noticed that the song doesn't seem to have a proper ending, that's not necessarily a bad thing. It makes me feel like this was music from an actual game, the end is where the song would loop. If you wanted a more proper ending, I'd suggest something like the ending to Sonic Stream (Caution: loud music) in the Sonic the Hedgehog - Remix album. Maybe you could stop the instruments and focus on just the sounds of the of the water moving and the melody of the water drops for a bit, or maybe just have the sound of everything slowly disappear as you descend deeper and deeper underneath the water. I don't have a Youtube account, but if I did I would give it a like. Good job!
  23. No he's right; the point of the scene is for Silver to question if killing Sonic is the right thing to do to save the world by having Amy establish her unyielding faith in the guy. Out of context, it can certainly be taken the wrong way and given Amy's reputation at the time, most people definitely did take it the wrong way. But the sentiment is still there.
  24. I don't think the context around that quote allows for you to come to this conclusion. While she did state that she did not believe Sonic was capable of bringing about such devastation, she immediately qualifies her infamous stance with the precursor - and I am directly quoting her here - "Even if that was true". There is no other way to take that then to accept it at face value. That is not a mis-spoke or a poor choice of words. That is direct intent to quantify the significance of what she was about to say next. She meant every word of what she said. The stance is given further contextual clarity, as it foreshadows the exact events of the game whereas at the end, Elise is given that same very specific choice, and makes the decision Amy can't. Unless you want to claim full on translation error, I don't think the English language allows you any wiggle room in defending that claim. I'd be interested in a direct hard translation from the Japanese version if anyone is capable of doing that.
  25. That doesn't really stop the females from taking the fall every now and then... It's just 2:1
  26. Anime doesn't really understand "slapstick knows no gender" so any abrasive female getting comeuppance for slights against their friends isn't likely to happen... Even comedically. Unless it's an all girls scenario, Amy has the personality for the character who'd get the most pratfalls for being annoying or not.
  27. Yeah. Forward jump kicks are an OK option too but I'm not sure about the invincibility status, It's more useful for stuffing random enemies. I used to be pretty good at SOR 1 & 2 but most of my metagame knowledge has slipped out of my brain. Oh yeah, you can land on you feet after a grab/hit that launches you by pressing up and jump before you hit the ground.
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