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  6. You forgot he played an "ocarina" for the Mystic Melody. He wants to be like Link but he's already better: Sonic, unlike Link, managed to get the full triforce once, Link rarely does it.
  7. I'm a bit disappointed that Tails seems to not be playable then, but at the same time this new feature seems interesting. It does not save you from being killed by hazards, it only saves you from bottomless pits, making them less annoying. Well, the ideal practice would be to make some lower routes instead of pits, but since the game is a port of an already existing game, this sounds like a decent compromise for a quality of life feature. Especially if lives are removed, being stopped by a bottomless pit makes little sense now... Sonic was originally designed so that you could still continue playing even if you get hit, and this new feature kinda fits that concept. If it influences the rank (meaning that the number of uses has to be 0 if you want to get an S) and it leaves you with no rings after saving you, I think it would be balanced too and it would not remove all the challenge.
  8. From what I understood the "Tails Save" thing sounded to me more like hotspot checkpoints. So you have the normal checkpoints like in the original game but with Tails, if you fall into a pit between checkpoints, he'll put you back at the nearest safe spot before the pit, instead of you going all the way back to the previous checkpoint immediately. You get X number of Tails saves and if you run out THEN you go back to the previous normal checkpoint you passed through, at which point your Tails counter would refill to whatever the default amount is.
  9. Colors Ultimate PS4 is currently #1 best seller on Amazon US:


    1. Cosmos Rogue

      Cosmos Rogue

      Colors no longer being exclusive to generations old hardware is going to be a very good thing for the series' popularity.

    2. VisionaryofSUPER


      Technically the Switch version is the best seller. But it's the best seller on all the consoles.

  10. One thing I'd like to see in the new compilation is an "Ashura mod"!!... I know some people say he's just a "palette glitch" but he is so dear to me and many fans, being the legendary first Sonic fan character!!... I've just watched a very recent video about him and I was very disappointed to learn that the Ashura thing "was reported to be fixed" in Christian Whitehead's mobile version of the game which will appear in SONIC ORIGINS!!... And even if I'm in love with SONIC MANIA (PLUS), the lack of reference to Ashura in the game was one of my biggest deception because he means so much to "historical" fans!!... So, if a little something could be made about Ashura in the new collection, I'd be more than happy...
  11. I seen that one too, but not the original thread that it came from. And I barely know how to navigate 4Chan, so I don't know who or what they're referring to when they say "there were no levels, just an overworld". If the game has been tested several time over a number of months or even years, it stand to reason that game would have changed. SEGA wouldn't show off everything all in one go, because not everything will have existed right from the start and certain aspects would have changed as a result of the testing. I think it sounds like the cyberspace levels could very well exist, but our idea of them at the moment is sketchy at best.
  12. Interestingly, your skepticism about the cyberspace levels is substantiated by this guy from the July leak, who claims there weren't any when he played.
  13. Sure. Play tester is a recognised and common term, usually synonymous with QA tester. But it's distinct from a focus group/test. The latter won't get much time to spend with a game.
  14. Play-Test is apart of video game's QA, and the term is common enough.
  15. I didn't even catch that. Good point. Focus testers are volunteers hired to represent the audience of a product that can share their thoughts and opinions with creators during development. Play testers (I think the correct term is usually "quality assurance tester" or "QA tester") are actual hired employees that work to find bugs and refine the game. They'll provide feedback on the general enjoyability of games and other things related to what they like and dislike, but it's much more technical is actually a proper job where they're play games at length throughout development.
  16. I don't believe this latest one either. Maybe I'm the dumb one, but they seem to be confusing focus testers with play testers.
  17. Personally, I'm not yet prepared to take the leaker(s) totally at their word that the so-called cyberspace areas are entirely like Unleashed/Generations. The idea that we'll be switching between an open world and full boost stages ala Generations/Unleashed sounds a bit rich, considering that those games themselves only had a total of 9 full boost levels, plus a secondary playstyle in smaller stages and a bunch of mini/filler acts. Instead, I'm wondering if the cyberspace areas are a bit more in-line with traditional Special Stages or '06's Mach Speed sections, in that they could be auto-runners. That's nothing to scoff at, because they'd still be fast paced and all about running. The "big leak" dated from January 2021 only mentions the following in relation to them: But it also says this in regards to Sonic's moveset: My first thought, weirdly, was that this meant the Lost World homing attack that locks on to multiple targets at once. No idea why that's where my mind went, since it likely just means the regular homing attack that everyone is familiar with. It sticks out to me that they're calling it the "lock-on attack" though, which isn't something I've not any regular Sonic-fan to say. I'm not certain, but I get the impression that this guy isn't a particularly big Sonic fan. Calling the cyberspace levels "Generations-style" suggests to me that they're simply linear and much faster than the open-world areas of the game. I'm not going to assume that they'll literally be Generations-style boost levels just yet. Just faster and linear, contrasting the main open-world gameplay which will include more platforming, combat and exploration all at a lower speed than the cyberspace areas. And I think it's fairly likely that the cyberspace areas will be auto-runners/on-rails, but that's just a guess. The August 2020 leak only says this: No mention of the cyberspace areas, which is understandable at this demo potentially came much earlier. Although saying that I don't think that any dates have been provided for when these play testers actually did play the game. Only one other leak mentions the cyberspace areas and unlike the rest I'm not convinced that this leak is the real deal. It didn't show up until May 27th of this year, after the teaser trailer was shown off. It says this in relation to the cyberspace areas: The reasons that this leak seems dubious is are the fact that it wasn't posted until after the Sonic Central broadcast showed off the teaser, and it's almost beat-for-beat the same as the January 2021 leak. It doesn't have anything new, and even expresses the exact same opinions. And it generally reads a bit like a troll-leak. Real or not, you can brush it aside in favour of the January one that goes into more detail and is obviously from earlier. I'd hazard a guess that the May 27th leak is a hoax based on the ealirer one. And just to be on the lookout for copycats, here another supposed leak that dated just this morning. Sounds credible although there's no reason to believe that it's legit: (Original thread here) I don't believe this one personally, but I don't disbelieve it either. And whether its true or not, we don't learn anything new about the game. It's basically just "the January and August leaks are right" and "Sonic Adventure 3 was a working title". It's really easy to create "fake leaks" based on either real info or other leaks. Be cautious. That's why I'm doubtful about the May 27th leak. Beyond that there's been a ton of other "leaks" posted to 4Chan in the past few days. Some sound credible and are similar to the August and January leaks again, other are laughably false. Anything that was posted either on or after May 27th should be taken with extra caution, because there's that much more of a chance that they're piggybacking off the current hype.
  18. The concept is the number would go up rather than down - if the "Tails saves you and you have infinite lives" thing is correct, the Tails icon represents how many times you have died, with the goal for serious players to have that number always be on 0. I think several games out there that have ditched the lives system have a "death counter" that goes up instead of down like this. So in the screenshot, the player has died once on that level before the screenshot was taken.
  19. Same as the original. It's just a few posts down in the 4Chan thread.
  20. I haven’t seen this leak before. What’s the source on it?
  21. I wouldn't expect the level design of the boost stages to be particularly complex. They sound like they're basically Special Stages, which are generally simplistic. Plus designing 7 large, complex boost stages in addition to the open world may be too much for them time-wise.
  22. You look at the original video in an hexadecimal editor and see if there are remaining interesting bits in the metadatas. Some editor keep them in the exporter file, for whatever reason. And in this case, it allowed us to get the Rangers name.
  23. 6. This Emerald Must be a Fake - Artificial Shadow isn’t sure but... this emerald MIGHT be a fake. #30dayssonic
  24. Dragon Quest

    1. Ferno


      Dairy Queen

    2. VisionaryofSUPER
    3. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      huh. is it anything like paper mario?

    4. Polkadi~☆


      Dragon Ball

    5. Teoskaven


      Revolver Ocelot

    6. azoo



    7. Crow the BOOLET
    8. AWild No.1 washed up gamer
  25. That is true. Considerably less hyped of its the Colors /Forces style of boost level design design in that case
  26. Just got out of A Quiet Place 2. Pretty strong follow up and I really loved Cillian Murphy’s character, but damn that ending.

    1. T-Min


      I forgot A Quiet Place 2 was even happening.

    2. Winston


      I forgot for a while myself but I've been going to the theater like once a week and saw it finally came out lmao. I remember it was supposed to come out like a week after all the shut downs happened in the U.S. and Krasinski didn't want it released unless people could go see it in theaters. Similar thing happened with that James Bond movie that hasn't come out yet. Don't even know when that's releasing, I think like November. 

    3. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      i can't believe they were in a library the whole time

  27. The differences I noticed in the screenshots while not %100 ideal are WAY more tolerable than that blurry garish nightmare in the video. I think someone just severely messed with it in post to make it look more "next gen" then it actually was
  28. I wouldnt jump there either. The leader didn't seem like much of a Sonic fan. They may not know the nuanced differences between the physics of each game.
  29. Not much of a prediction, but I do hope that they adopt some of the Lost World tool set if the game ends up being open world. If optimized, expanded, and made intuitive, I think the parkour system could be great for exploration and occasional platforming challenges. It'd also be a great means of providing meaningful verticality to the spaces for traversal.
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