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  2. He saw fan art of him on tumblr. That's the face
  3. Nest time on Death Battle: (I think @Ryannumber1gamer might be interested in this one):


    Android 18 vs Captain Marvel!


  4. Yeah, we weren't intent on including character select screens in this. However, we didn't know about the final song. I'll put that in there (and do some edits on CD's soundtrack. I haven't forgotten @Pawn!) As for the second question: we want users to cover the soundtracks they want to; less stress and all. Badges are partly there to increase the data we get on this through incentivizing participation, and partly to force people to listen to music they hadn't heard in awhile or otherwise wouldn't (but mainly they're there just to gift them to people), but earning the first three should account for most people's favorite soundtracks, which are undoubtedly going to be the classics, Adventures, Rushes, modern games, etc.. Point values, while tiered, are also pretty low- a single song can, at most, only score 4 points anyways. With all of that said, you also have to remember that points aren't vacuous; what's essentially going on is that we're holding around 50-something song voting contests simultaneously, thus a song's ranking is ultimately going to depend on how many other people bother to vote on the game and song in question which you can kinda predict based on each game's popularity. Even if you give the shittiest song on Spinball GG's soundtrack all 4 points, for some odd reason, the likelihood that it's going to significantly outrank something like Live and Learn in the final rankings when all is said and done is pretty much zero since it's not a popular soundtrack. Your own personal ballots aren't necessarily competing with each other; they're competing with other members' ballots on the same games. If the former were true, it'd probably be much more conducive to just open up the entire song list to one big ballot you make that includes all of the eligible songs and call it a day, but considering the amount of songs on the list, it'd be ridiculous and probably harder to keep track of. For further assurance, here's the rankings from the last time I ran this contest. It had a much smaller sample size than what I'm expected from SSMB, but it should give you an idea of what the results are gonna look like at the end of the day. If weird oddities do arise from this iteration however, I'll play around with the rules and keep in mind the idea of allowing people to intentionally score certain songs lower with skipped rankings, or perhaps by just changing the way point allocation works altogether, but in general it hasn't been too much issue.
  5. I find it funny that Coldsteel took Shadow's spot for Edgey Evil
  6. Now that one looks a bit better! I just find it kinda funny that they remade this one incredibly close to the original: ...instead of updating the models to the N.Sane Trilogy ones. Coco looks just like a cleaner HD version of the original, same goes to Pura. Compare: Also, Jesus: And these small pupils man... Crash still looks like he wants to rape me '-' And Pura looks like he's seen some shit.
  7. I'm just gonna throw this out there for the sake of discussion. It might all be nothing (and probably is) but eh... I can't shake it out of my head for some reason. We might have to revisit a certain tumblr post from Sonic the Hedgehog. This one in particular In the image associated with that meme, they showed off a certain set of characters, Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, the Chaotix, Big, Shadow, Eggman, a fanart (Coldsteel I believe), and ???. We've already known from preview articles that Sonic receives help (via radio and cutscenes) from Amy, the Chaotix, and Knuckles, and Eggman has conquered 90% of the world. Since then, we've also learned that custom characters, or "fanart", is also a thing in this game. Is this image hinting at Big and Shadow making some kind of appearance in the game as well? And will Eggman be hijacked by an even more powerful villain, hence the ??? (Eggman being hijacked by a more powerful villain someway somehow isn't anything new for the series). Just throwing this out there for conversational purposes. Something at least kinda sorta tangible, y'know?
  8. WELP guess they don't want to wait till E3. Art looks kickass, Friday's gonna be great.
  10. *whistles at all the sweet Tomy merch*

    Wish I had a physical store so I could buy some wholesale.

    1. Forte-Metallix


      That giant Metal Sonic plushie is coming home with me and spending the rest of eternity gathering dust on my display shelf!

    2. Kiah


      I want all of it! More Sonic-y goodness to add to my already overcrowded Sonic collection! :P 



    Estadio means Stadium in portuguese.


    1. Mister X

      Mister X

      >HINT #2


      Where's number one?

  12. Could be. Also there are what looks like dog heads on the posts of the fence in front of Sonic, it's possible there might be other instances of architecture modeled after animals in other parts of the level.
  13. Castle... water... fish... pillars... big ass gothic windows. Guys, what if this is indeed Hidrocity Zone?
  14. BatmanBuzzsaw.thumb.jpg.f88ae9e9737f9e1e106117f3d0de61f8.jpg

    1. Forte-Metallix


      That's physically impossible.

      Batman, or course, does it anyway, because he is Batman, and he does not care what other people think is impossible.

    2. Celestia


      Ah, the Super Batman Spin Attack

    3. QuantumEdge


      Imagine what could have been if DC and Sega further developed the idea.

    4. Speeps


      Someone there got off to this I just know it

    5. Teoskaven


      The Silver Age was such a magical time.

  15. So now only I'm noticing in the second one that plants aside, there's a fish statue near what looks like a bridge. Makes me wonder if this is a castle level with bits of water areas on it? Also the first pic looks more like a new ice level/water level, (maybe both?)
  16. Today
  17. I cast my first votes, but two things! Two tracks are missing from the Sonic Chaos list. I assume the character select screen is intentional, but the other not so much: Electric Egg Act 3 has a unique song. It's the same dramatic tune that plays during the opening movie as well. Some game rips list it as "Final Level". Second thing is a question - in games with smaller soundtracks that I overall don't care much about, can I intentionally list them as lower numbers if at all? Like, Sonic Spinball Game Gear has such a naff soundtrack, it seems weird to give whatever song I consider least boring of those the same amount of points as songs I adore like Sonic 2 8-bit's Bad Ending theme. I wouldn't mind being able to rank the tracks I care about as just 8 9 and 10 on my list to give them a couple of points and consider the game accounted for without giving them a whopping boost in the overall rankings. I assume after all you ideally want each user to cover every game (with badge incentives?) but some soundtracks are just worse than others and it's weird that the best song from Sonic Spinball Game Gear would be considered on par with the best song from Sonic Adventure 2, etc. Sorry if that's a question that kind of upheaves the entire ranking system to propose.
  18. I'm not sure there are actually that many kid-friendly comic books out there right now (though anyone can feel free to correct), and kids can be kind of fixated on the things they like (unlike us adults, ahem). I can see kids losing touch with the book releases, but if the kids have subscriptions via their parents, they're going to start getting books again automatically when the delays are over (assuming, &c.). Kids are also likely to potentially see the books on racks in stores again or hear from friends that a new issue's been released and jump right back in. I know when I was a kid, word of mouth was like that day's version of today's Internet. I'm sure it won't be a perfect turnover, but I hardly expect a perfect drop-off either. And there's always the potential for new readers. Again, assuming the books come back and all that. Edit: Off the top of my head, I think Marvel's "Spidey" is supposed to be kid-friendly. IDW also had the TMNT Amazing Adventures, but I think that's ending due to the related Nickelodeon show ending (and really, go read the Batman crossover if you haven't, or I guess you could wait for the trade paperback). IDW has the Disney comics too. There may be others, but you also have to take tonality into account: what would a Sonic reader also like reading? Probably not a My Little Pony book.
  19. Please don't be Studiopolis/Green Hill demo...
  20. I have a feeling that Crash N.Sane Trilogy will be delayed. Which I'm totally fine with.

    1. OcelotBot
    2. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      For simultaneous release on the switch 




    3. Jango


      Oh, it's gonna be on other platforms, I'm pretty sure, but it will not be delayed because of this (remember when Ubisoft did that with Rayman Legends? Yeaaaah...).

    4. Tracker_TD
    5. Jango
    6. OcelotBot
  21. There's a playable demo at VEGAS' licensing expo
  22. Awww man I missed out on a cute lil Amy badge by not having anything of value to add to the pre-thread, booooo. EDIT: Oh wait I did, noice. Hokay I'll try and do a few of these a day. Apologies for the little "1."'s in front of each spoiler box they're an artifact of applying spoiler boxes to the numbered lists and I'm too lazy to fix them coz it's a fiddle and boring to do like 6 times. Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive): Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System/Game Gear): Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive) Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Master System/Game Gear) Sonic the Hedgehog CD (US) Sonic the Hedgehog CD (JP/EU) Sonic Chaos I'll be writing an accompanying post for this in the discussion thread regarding two matters, since I assume this one is meant to be kept tidy and for voting only.
  23. They wouldn't keep a grudge, but they wouldn't check to see if it was permanently stopped or not, hence why they would probably pick up something else in the meantime (and stick with it even after any hiatus was over) and Sonic would lose out. Kids have a lot more choice these days, which only exacerbates the situation.
  24. What does Big have when he collects all of his upgrades in Adventure 1?



    The deepest lure


    1. Speeps


      Actually he just makes 2000g fish spawn sometimes

    2. JezMM


      I feel a status with this quality of punning is just fishing for Likes

  25. b5b67513191a411ab18fca318609463a.png

    Has anyone noticed how much Rocko's design changed over the duration of the show? I wish he looked more like this through the whole thing. 

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