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  2. Have I ever said team battle online in Quickplay in Smash is fucking balls, and is 90% of my losses since the opposing team is almost always spamming, or has one player spamming while the other player is actively attacking. Why is this a option in quickplay that can cost you GSP? It really isn’t a skill thing here at all since if you have to carry your team, doesn’t matter how experienced you are, you could very easily loose if your teammate isn’t up to snuff.

    1. KHCast


      Also cloud users are fucking horrible to play against, like looking online, apparently everyone has a problem with them, they always seem to have the worst online for some reason 

  3. Today
  4. Alright, let me get my votes in. Truth is, I waited this long to test everyone. I expected Unleashed to be the first one filled but y'all failed me! There's still one slot left smh. Or maybe you left one slot for me... hm... I'm still watching you all. Either way, let me rectify this right now and close that beautiful game up. - Carnival Night Zone Act 1 (Sonic 3) - The Egg Beetle (Sonic Unleashed) - Burning Depths (Sonic and Sega All-Stars Transformed) - Boss Fight 1 in Kid Icarus Uprising (Super Smash Bros.) y'all already know what im about here Remix: Back In Time feat. LadyWildfire (Sonic R) Another reminder: Please submit all votes by Sunday at Midnight (EST).
  5. I mentioned that in the status updates! I was wondering if anyone else caught it!
  6. The ultimate Delete this Meme.....YOSHA!!!


  7. Night, buddies!

  8. They even got the screen fades from the Genesis games:
  9. Twinkle Park > Speed Highway > Red Mountain might be the best run of sonic levels 

    1. Dejimon11


      Where's Ice Cap. 

    2. KHCast


      Yes I finally agree with Wraith on something 

    3. Diogenes


      more like ice crap, am i right

      but seriously ice cap's not too bad but it's an awkward stage trying to do stuff SA really isn't suited to doing plus you've got to do the knuckles fight, chaos 4, and sky chase between it and the other levels and all those things suck

    4. Wraith


      Ice cap is one of two Sonic levels in that game i dont really like

    5. JosepHenry


      Red Mountain specially, the outside part is really fun.

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Damn, SA1 has some absolutely brilliant levels. It also has Chaos 4 x3 and Sky Chase x4, but whatever. At its best, SA1 is brilliant.

    7. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      Speed Highway is so good in both of it's iterations. But yeah that segment is the best part of Adventure.

    8. TheOcelot


      They'd be an even better sequence if they played imediately one after another instead of having to play through station sqaure...and ride a train.

  10. Walking Dead movie, Veronica Mars new season, Trailer for Witcher Movie, a lot of cool shit

  11. Let's see what makes Collectathons work in general and what would make them work for Sonic. Some assets of collectathons in general may not work for Sonic: 1. Collectathons have memorable worlds to explore. This is due to recognizable landmarks placed in each stage. Maybe in this case, the landmarks could also impact momentum, or provide the action setpieces. Collectathons also try to make their worlds each unique from one another, and have a central hub to link them all. This hub is effectively a level in and of itself, too. SpongeBob is a good example, peppered with references to the television series. Collectathons are semi-open and their worlds have side quests and even secrets to find. Sonic might be able to use wide open spaces for hairpin turns to gain momentum and launch characters over wide spaces. A new setting would work well. 2. Collectathons are generally light-hearted. Usually to the extent of... the dreaded early Pontaff games. This is where Sonic can be unique; to avoid Pontaffisms where other franchises consider it completely normal. 3. Movement in the better ones tends to be as joyous as anything. Well, Sonic's attacking with a spinball is simultaneously Mario's stomp and SpongeBob's rising horn smash at once. This provides a way to make combat less frustrating. Games like DK64, Y-L, etc, fail at making it feel joyous. All of the moves of SpongeBob feel good. Even the other characters are well-done with how players can switch. Replicate that, and Mario 64's moves. One of the most universal collectathon moves is a double jump. I think having a story inspired by Link's Awakening would work, introducing a new cast and world.
  12. He also blocks anyone who says otherwise... What an adult 😑🙄😒
  13. So is no one gonna point out how Sonic just basically yeeted two kids (who also seem to be fans of him) up into the air when making his entrance?
  14. Hey, @NegaMetallix, congrats on the 10x battle win! Go Team Chaos!

  15. Considering elite smash is supposedly supposed to be for “the best” and “serious” players why the fuck are items and gimmick stages even options for quickplay? Doesn’t that kinda defeat the whole purpose of judging a players skill by their GSP when there are other potential factors that null that?(at atleast higher ranks anyway)

    1. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Depends on how you define “skill”. IMO, it’s kind of pretentious to restrict skill to something that can only be properly demonstrated without items and on Final Destination or Battlefield layout.

      Taking out the luck based items and gimmicks is one thing, as that’s kinda getting into Mario Party territory of “your skill is meaningless, fool!”, but several items and some of the stage gimmicks actually require a fair amount of skill to navigate and utilize effectively. Not to mention that they can help give some of the lower tiered characters a fighting chance and encourage different approaches to fights, preventing complacency in character choices and strategies. So it’s arguably less boring too.

      And if some of the best of the best want to recognize that and use items/stage gimmicks, more power to them. They should have that as an option in quickplay.

    2. KHCast


      But that’s the problem, what one person defines as skill (using items, stage hazards, spamming, etc) another may not, especially if we go by tournament rules as the generally accepted way to measure skill or progress on improving. Items and what not being present adds that rng luck factor which makes the concept of GSP meaningless, especially on top of other factors like spam, lag, etc. battle arena has item play and other things already covered I feel, so if quick play was meant to be “competitive” they should of at the least made your preference choices actually mean something. Like if I don’t want items, or team battles, then keep that shit out. Seeing my number drop massively because I was dealing with someone summoning constant assist trophies and poke balls just doesn’t seem all that reasonable.:/

  16. Team Chaos! Laws are for the WEAK!

    This is gonna be one really fun Splatfest... And the last!

  17. Knuckles Changeover As one of the last carryovers from the Classic era, Knuckles the Echidna has had quite a chronicle throughout the franchise. It's no secret that his portrayal or characterization across the series has varied from time to time, not unlike that of Amy or occasionally Eggman. Initially a chuckling antagonist, eventually dutiful neutral, then a hotheaded rival, and finally one of Sonic's toughest friends, Knuckles has changed quite a bit. It's just a shame that said change wasn't really documented attentively. Born on Angel Island as the last of his kind, it was his assumed birthright to protect the Master Emerald and its power from those who would abuse its power. The solitary nature of this existence meant he was simultaneously hostile to anyone he perceives as a threat, but receptive to those he did not. This made it easy for Dr. Robotnik to convince him of his Death Egg’s innocence and Sonic’s supposed villainy. So he took the Chaos Emeralds from the hedgehog and delayed him with his traps until Robotnik showed his true colors by stealing the Master Emerald to power the Death Egg as well as sending both his Eggrobos and Mecha Sonic to deter the heroes. Ultimately, Sonic and Knuckles worked together to defeat Eggman, restore Angel Island to the sky, and part ways to return to their contrasting lives. Since then, Knuckles has had numerous encounters with Sonic, some as nemeses and others as allies. Though they ultimately understand that the other has somewhat well-meaning intentions, the differences between them often caused some measure of conflict. Additionally, their lifestyles were also parallel in that Knuckles felt duty bound to watch over Angel Island on his own, while Sonic enjoyed the freedom to both travel & protect the world below as he pleased. Eventually, the two would amend their rival enough to be able to work together and even just hang out from time to time. But the actual period of warming up to each other has generally been skipped through within the main series and thus Knuckles has lost a fair chunk of his direction as a character. It would have been a more satisfying progression if we had actually gotten to see some of the procedure Knuckles underwent to grow into something more than his background. First, it would have made for genuine challenge to see him overcome his habitual distrust of Sonic, perhaps by trying to at least recognize some of what rubs him the wrong way about the hedgehog. Second, the process of learning to trust others within reason could expand to sensitively learning to value the outside world as a place that others call home. Third, Knuckles’ paranoia and aggression could be tempered through an increased ability to balance his personal job with an occasional allowance of simple fun in his life, such as indulging in his treasure hunting hobby. Eventually, this would have more naturally developed him from someone who felt like he had to be obsessively stern to keep his heritage in isolation to someone who can be friendlier or even playful because he’s able to appreciate the world that lives under his watch.
  18. I just seen the new trailer for Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous. And I must say, Dreamworks really outdid themselves with the Velociraptor, as well as the environment itself. But will the rest of the series be good though? That remains to be seen.

    Edit: I did Not know the trailer released last month.

  19. Ben Schwartz on the redesign.: “I can say that I’m very excited,” Schwartz told IGN during our Comic Con live stream.. “I haven’t seen the final thing yet, but I’m very excited. Because of the fans, they’re changing it, and I think it’s going to be great. The way it seems to be going, I think people are going to be really excited. It’s incredible to me that the fans spoke, and the people at Paramount, Jeff Fowler, our producers all listened and said ‘hey, you know, we can do this.’ So something special is coming.” Source
  20. So apparently MIT (the university) has a load of free programming courses archived... Excited to try one!

  21. Three episodes in...

    Dr. Stone is such a breath of fresh air among all the isekai anime out there right now

    1. Marcello


      If you like it a lot already, just wait until you reach the second arc. It's a huge improvement. The series is probably the series I most look forward to reading every week.

    2. TCB


      Dude I'm going to jump right into the manga once I get paid next week. 

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