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  2. Honestly, the only character whose age I sincerely want changed is Amy's, aging her up from 12 to 14-15. Not just because of the whole "Sonic and Amy age gap debacle" which is fucking stupid anyway since it's a mere 3 year difference but I digress but she always came off more as a teen than a pre-teen. Aside from that, I've always accepted the canon ages. Sonic being a mere 15 years old, and Tails being 8, never struck me as odd and I can't really understand why a fair amount of people take issue with any of this. Avatar: TLA has its titular hero be a 12 year old boy, with the oldest member of his group being 15 (who then got supplanted as the oldest by Zuko, who was 16). And need I mention Ash Ketchum, who even outside of the movies had engaged in all sorts of dangerous adventures, is canonically 10...? At the end of the day, Sonic is aimed at kids, and kids gravitate to child and teen characters. And for all we know, Sonic characters probably age differently from humans, not unlike real life animals. Not gonna lie though, I'm starting to want Cream aged up to at least 10-years-old (with Tails, Charmy, and Marine aged up accordingly) since her being 6 seems to be doing her more bad than good 😑 Seriously, if it were any other character being told to stay on the sidelines instead of participate in a mission/fight because "It's too dangerous", fans would go into an uproar. But because Sally/Gemerl do this with Cream, it's A-OK. And don't get me started on the "too young to drive" nonsense.
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  4. I have to say, this is an odd comparison, usually Mario 64 is compared to SA1. I find the Adventures more fun and interesting than 64, although 64 is more focused and has a more consistent experience. That being said, I also think Mario 64 is highly overrated (then again, so is SA2 lol). Janky camera and controls. There's no lag or anything but the way Mario interacts with the environment is not always favorable. Examples are much like the modern Sonic games, standing on a platform and doing that weird full arc movement when just trying to turn around, thus walking off the platform. Others are sliding on hills that look like regular slightly elevated ground (Sunshine also suffers from the hill thing). I'm a strange one who actually finds it to be the worst 3D Mario, even more than Sunshine. However I really like the much improved DS version, especially with the 3DS analog stick. (Luigi all day.) The DS version also adds wall sliding to make it easier to telgraph when I can wall jump. The earlier levels are even more contained and easier to navigate. Because of the control issues I mentioned earlier, most platforming challenges just become infuriating later, especially when booting you out the stage upon failure....or success. The best thing about this game are the castle discoveries and figuring out alternate ways to get certain stars. A pioneer that contributed heavily to 3D platforming, but it certainly is far from perfect. SA2, I came back to recently. Maybe it's been too long since my last play, but moving at high speeds feels like a twitchy nuisance sometimes, especially when trying to do trick ramps. I can mostly do without the other 2 styles, as I prefer Gamma and the emerald radar functionality in SA1. Mech levels definitely fits Eggman more though if we really gotta shoot something. Chao Garden is great for a time sink. The rank system, I have a love-hate relationship with. However, it does amplify the scoring arcade style that Sega is known for, so you are encouraged to do better each playthrough. I also must say SA2 still feels like the most ambitious and complete 3D Sonic. Never felt like there's much missing in terms of content, and what they released is exactly what they wanted to make at the time, even if not all gameplay choices were winners.
  5. SaturnWolf


    Oh it is? I hadn't checked on those prices for a few years, I didn't think it changed that much Well, I guess that's what Dolphin is for
  6. This design did appear at Joypolis apparently: Sourced from this page: https://web.archive.org/web/20200924075002/http://segabits.com/blog/2014/02/28/the-weekly-five-how-sega-redesigned-sonic-the-hedgehog/ It also appeared in the 1998 arcade game, Spikeout: This design in particular was by Yuji Uekawa. In fact this design was the one that made him become responsible for redesigning all the characters for Adventure. According to Satoshi Okano, another artist at Sega, this design was chosen from a contest to decide what will be the new design of Sonic and Uekawa's submission, this design, was what won. If you want to learn more about Okano and what he did to contribute to the Adventure redesign you can check this interview: https://web.archive.org/web/20201217040306/https://www.fanbyte.com/features/sonic-hedgehog-satoshi-okano/ In the interview Okano says, “Among the four who participated in the contest there was classic Sonic’s father, Naoto Ohshima, Yuji Uekawa who drew characters like Ristar the Shining Star and Sonic, and Takumi Miyake who illustrated the 1996 Nights into Dreams storybook. Although I was a 3D field designer for SEGA, I was recommended because of my past work on Saturn Magazine.” The submissions were shown in a Sega Harmony magazine, specifically Volume 154. Archived Source: http://archive.is/ui0O3 Through choice of elimination I figured the designs for each were: 1. Yuji Uekawa 2. Satoshi Okano 3. Naoto Ohshima 4. Takumi Miyake Going back to Spikeout, the design from Ohshima also appears there: Both Spikeout images were sourced here: https://twitter.com/KazuCrash_/status/1033125073010483201 Archived Source: https://archive.vn/Bovff Naoto Ohshima himself seemed to have been unaware that his design appeared in the game: Archived Source: https://archive.vn/XiJ1F Here's a ripped version of the entire graphic: Anyways, on the topic of best Sonic design I would say no contest it's Junio/Eguchi Sonic:
  7. Uhg... 

    I would've been on the whole mobile ports decom thing much had I not been stuck with the data files stuck in an SD card stuck inside of it's tray when I don't have any eject tools and paper clips just bend cause there's probably something stuck in the phone slot 

    1. pppp


      Well there's always the apk downloads on Sonic Retro of the free SEGA Forever versions. If you bought the games on your phone you have nothing to be guilty about.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Ah great, thanks man

  8. I'm fine with the canon ages. Unless "Long time no see" counts as a time skip.
  9. Proud to announce that all the music for Episode 3 of Sonic Legacy is completed and ready for its final steps! This one includes the talents of EkoNeo, Aaron Mesquita, and myself, a remix of Sonic 1's Labyrinth, some high intensity rock 'n roll, and deep drama. I look forward to sharing this with you all! I'll know more about the release soon

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  11. Managed to have my driver's license renewed, this time for 10 years so i won't have to worry about it for a long time.
    They also used the occasion for eyesight tests and turns out i still have 10/10 on both eyes (i think the english equivalent is 20/20, basically perfect score), wich is pretty cool for my age.

    1. pppp


      Well would you look at that.

    2. PaulyBFromDa303
  12. This isn't really a fair comparison? They're two entirely different games with two entirely different goals. I mean, sure, MAYBE you could argue the Emerald Hunting is kinda similar to Mario 64, but only tangentially, really SA2 is sort of like, a proto-3D Sonic Rush where it's more about how fast you can go, how many points you can rack up and how cool you can look doing it. Adventure 2 is a very flashy, style-centric game, whereas Mario 64 is about more slowly and methodically making your way through the world and solving puzzles to get stars
  13. There’s some _______ in this house.

  14. I think one day I'd like to do a video on the XBLA demo for '06 to try and dispel the rumors about it being "better" than retail

    Retail did improve some things from it, believe it or not. Camera is significantly more sluggish in the demo, there's a really weird score overflow glitch and collision is like, a billion times worse

    1. pppp


      The light dash in the demo is much better though, it works exactly like SA2. There's also less slowdown.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It's certainly not better, but it is interesting and has some differences that are better. For one, the air dash has an arc to it in the demo. That's very useful for platforming and resembles every other game before it, unlike the final where you drop straight down (unless you use the white gem).

      On the flipside, you can clip through any wall without fail just by spindashing next to it. The final game is obviously stupidly buggy, but it at least managed to fix that.

  15. You hit the nail on the head. I’m fine with their canonical ages as it is; they make it easier for kids to relate to them and they suit their personalities. That said, if I had to change someone’s age, I’d choose Rouge and Vector. Out of the Mobian cast, they’re pretty much the only characters that are even remotely mature. I’d make them around 25-30.
  16. To be honest, I don’t think it’s fair to pit them against each other because they couldn’t be any more different if they tried. Sure, they’re hoth 3D platformers, but that’s pretty much where their similarities end. They’re both great games in their own right (although I’ll give points to Mario 64 for being one of the most influential games in video game history).
  17. That’s a really good point. A lot of people assume I’m very shy but the thing is: I love talking to people, it’s just that I have a hard time doing so if my interests don’t come into the equation. However, I tend to keep quiet about my interests due to being judged by my peers in the past because they’re “weird” or “childish”. That’s where fandoms come into play. Most people don’t realise how important these spaces are, especially to autistic people, as it provides a place for people to discuss their interests without being judged.
  18. It's funny how well a recreation of A Hat in Times Murder on the Owl Express works in Paper Mario style.


  19. I want to play as Knuckles & Tails (AI) in Sonic 1 decompiled but can't remember how you do it.

    1. TheOcelot


      Yay, I remembered:

      1) Select Sonic & Tails (on a no save file). Let the title screen play-out so that the Green Hill demo starts.

      2) Press start and at the title screen press up, down, left, right, A to go to level select.

      3) Select player option "03". Select a zone press start and you get Knuckles & Tails (AI). Yay!

  20. sorry to inform you, but the party rock anthem is now ten years old today (released in 2011). do with this information what you will.



    1. Johnny Boy

      Johnny Boy

      Every day I’m shuffling 

  21. I see no problem with the characters' ages skewing on the younger side in a series meant to appeal to kids. They're cartoon animals, and this clearly isn't a realistic world. I'm not losing sleep wondering why 15 year old Sonic isn't in high-school or 12 year old Amy owns an apartment. Sure, it's weird that they have defined static ages when you consider how often they mention time passing in-universe (and that Generations birthday). It would've been easier to just say the characters are whatever you think they are based on how they look and act, but it doesn't really matter. The series is meant to be timeless.
  22. What the hay?

    I wake up to Nintendo localizating the Re:Zero game. Pretty neat.

    1. DanJ86


      I saw it on the coming soon tab of the eshop for weeks. Totally planning to get it.

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I'm debating on it to be honest lol

      I still need to finish the anime

  23. Don't wanna get my hopes up too high for this news of a supposed new KotOR game

    I've been in this fandom for a long time and have seen a lot of reboot/remake/sequel rumors come and go, and nothing ever comes of them. Not to mention, I just don't think the magic of the original could be recreated today

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Aren't they already rolling out the whole High Republic thing as the new "Golden Age of the Republic and Jedi" thing? Sure, it does take place much later than Old Republic so it's possible they can coexist, but I feel it risk confusing the ʳᵉpublic with two different "Republic" franchises if a new game releases along side the former.

  24. SaturnWolf


    Got Door to Phantomile on PSN some years back, easily my favorite PS1 game ever, I adore the style and aesthetic Just a shame that physical copies for basically...everything that isn't the Wiimake are ridiculously expensive
  25. Most of everyone know i want a SIlver game for details check out the topic "Why SIlver Matters and Why He Deserves https://board.sonicstadium.org/topic/27037-why-silver-matters-and-why-he-deserves-more/
  26. They are power fantasies for 8-11 year old children. Their canon ages are just fine for this and I never understood why anyone had a problem with them beyond needless griping. Any complaints about their supposed maturity can be explained by the fact that most of them have canonically been raising themselves since they were young. Why have they been raising themselves? Cos parents aren't cool. They've never really come off as super mature to me regardless though honestly. It'd be weird if Sonic and Knuckles were 25 and still acted the way they do about girls. Multiply this weirdness for Shadow/Blaze/Silver and how often their clear emotional immaturity causes problems. Amy's completely idealized perspective on love that lacks any of the nuance that comes with experience. Espio's faux-intellectual philosophy that comes off like he watched one too many movies more than anything else. Charmy and Marine just genuinely acting their age in most regards. Its a 'problem' I see less and less logic behind the more I think about it. I don't think I find a single thing about their current personalities relatable as a 23 year old aside from Vector's empty pockets.
  27. If it was up to me, it'd be a 3d game that went back to basics for Sonic. Look to Sonic 1 to really get a grasp on the fundamentals before building on them and making considerations for it being in 3d. I'd want the focus of the mechanics/controls to be on the momentum/terrain mechanics of the originals, using Sonic 1 as a baseline for what is ABSOLUTELY necessary. So running gradually builds up speed the longer you do it. You'd gain speed on downward slopes and lose it on upward slopes. Rolling would multiply the effects of terrain on your momentum at the cost of control, making you unable to manually increase your speed and requiring you to rely on the terrain to gain momentum. Jumping would cancel your rolling. Your momentum would also carry through your interactions with enemies, items, and level gimmicks like springs. Hitting an enemy or item capsule from high up would bounce you back to the same height and hitting them from high up with a homing attack would carry your horizontal momentum as well, bouncing you up as well as forward. Springs would bounce you at a fixed height but would carry your horizontal momentum (better for chaining momentum based platforming challenges). You'd have a crouch button instead of a spindash button because while I like the Adventure spindash, it does change the way the player fundamentally interacts with rolling (which I think is why there's a pause before it activates in SA2), turning it into something of a precursor to the boost, which you want to be using constantly rather than a tool for interacting with sloped terrain. Giving the player a dedicated crouch button means that rolling can work exactly like it did in the original 2d games with the player being able to start rolling without having to stop to rev up a spindash. I would also include the drop dash and have it work almost exactly the same, except rather than pressing jump twice, which activates the homing attack, you jump and crouch to activate it. Shield abilities would be activated the same way and would likely have a second function via the homing attack, likely affecting your momentum in some way while using it (maybe the electric shield increases your homing attack magnetism so you can attack enemies from farther away or maybe the bubble shield doubles your bounce height from items and enemies, stuff like that). I'd have to design turning to feel natural with the momentum mechanics but I think Adventure 1 kinda nailed that part, having your turning slow you down the more you do it, especially at higher speeds, emphasizing a wider turning radius the faster you go. Not tank physics like the boost games have, just a natural gradient that discourages super sharp turns. Also, there'd need to be a fully player controlled camera designed specifically for this gameplay. I'd have it follow Sonic 1:1, so it would tilt to keep him oriented and center frame at all times to maximize control. Sonic Utopia and lots of fan games since have started doing this to GREAT effect. It makes running through loops and corkscrews in 3d completely doable. You'd need a really robust physics system for this to work but given that we're talking about a 3d game with Sonic's core design philosophy, that's a given anyway. Levels would be 3d takes on the basic philosophy of the likes of Mania and 3 & Knuckles with a big emphasis on exploring to find alternate paths and secrets like the special stage rings scattered throughout the game. Also likely have red rings to unlock cosmetic changes a-la Mario Odyssey for people who might prefer one Look for Sonic over another. Lots of references to the different aesthetics Sonic has had like having different models based on the sprites from Sonic 1, 2 and 3K and the Adventure design and Riders. That sort of thing with a bunch of original looks and costume pieces as well, but I digress. Anyway rather than trying to make additions to Sonic levels to accommodate flying/gliding characters like Tails and Knuckles, I'd do the reverse. Have those characters work like they do in Sonic 3K, having Sonic's basic physics and ruleset with their own abilities and build levels with that in mind. THEN I'd get to work on creating paths in those levels that Sonic could use to access the same areas. Ramps leading up walls Knuckles would have to climb or ramps that launch Sonic (and only Sonic/other speed characters) high enough to reach those areas, Doing things this way would avoid the problem of having levels built for Sonic that Tails and Knuckles can easily break. That's just one way to go about it. I'd want levels that are pretty wide and vertically oriented to fully take advantage of the fact that this would be 3d. Now I talked about having costumes and aesthetic unlocks via the red rings but Honestly I think the "Modern" look works. Now, I say Modern but what I mean is the more specifically Yuji Uekawa inspired looks from the Adventure games, Sonic Shuffle, Heroes, the rush games, and to a slightly lesser extent Shadow (given the grittier, edgier tone of that game ,which is not a good direction to go for obvious reasons). I know there are 2d games with that look like the Advance games but we're talking 3d and specifically I'm trying to avoid the faux Pixar thing the games from Unleashed on started doing. It's not that it looks bad in its own right but it's not the look that comes to mind when I think of Sonic, or Sonic at its peak. The aesthetics from Sonic 1 up to the Rush games, with a few notable exceptions like 06 are what I'd shoot for in terms of acceptability . The big Naoto Oshima and Yuji Uekawa influences taking center stage visually. Now, I'm not a sound or music guy but I think a mix of what Heroes did musically, some of the vocal bits from Cd, and of course Crush 40 for the theme song. Maybe bring back vocal character themes or re-use/remix the established ones like It Doesn't Matter and Believe in Myself. Heroes though for that updated take on Classic style Music for a modern Sonic game, rather than just making new music in the style of the classics like Mania did (though just doing what Mania did musically again is NOT something I'd be opposed to). I'd want a story that connects to the lore established and built on up to Shadow (or Heroes if we retcon Shadow, which I think we should anyway). There's a bit at the end of SA2 where Sonic is wondering whether he IS the ultimate lifeform after all "Created...the ultimate lifeform..." and I'd want to build on stuff like that. Maybe pick up from Eggman's doubt about following in Gerald's footsteps, maybe pick back up from the amnesiac Shadow wondering if he's an android or not which got summarily dropped in Shadow the Hedgehog. Make the chaos emeralds and the ancient civilizations that used them to their own destruction relevant to the plot again. Gimme that Shounen action/adventure vibe the series used to have (the classics had it too, it just went from being OG Dragonball to more like DBZ, whole other topic). Maybe I'd bring back hyper Sonic as something both gameplay AND plot relevant. I'd want Sonic to start feeling like SONIC again. To feel less like a cartoon character like bugs bunny or road runner and more like an anime character like Goku or Lupin III. I'd want to feel hyped about the events of the story again, to feel those excited butterflies as the main theme kicks in for the super/hyper transformation and the final battle. To connect to the characters instead of dreading however they've been butchered THIS time.
  28. Eh, they could skew a bit younger. Particularly Knuckles, who's not only kinda nebulous in age irregardless of his unfamiliarity with the world, but actually was younger than Sonic initially. Yeah, they should be a bit older at this point. Though Amy is a weird case since they explicitly aged her up from being a coy little girl. ...Did you just call her a Christmas cake? He does sound much older, now that you mention it. She's one of the better ages, actually, since she's meant to be everyone's little sister and still at a stage where she's a bit dependent on her mother. Wasn't there a profile or something stating he(and by extension, Luigi and Wario) actually 25? Debacle? Wasn't that out earlier? Eh, they could skew a bit younger. Particularly Knuckles, who's not only kinda nebulous in age irregardless of his unfamiliarity with the world, but actually was younger than Sonic initially. Yeah, they should be a bit older at this point. Though Amy is a weird case since they explicitly aged her up from being a coy little girl. ...Did you just call her a Christmas cake? He does sound much older, now that you mention it. She's one of the better ages, actually, since she's meant to be everyone's little sister and still at a stage where she's a bit dependent on her mother. Wasn't there a profile or something stating he(and by extension, Luigi and Wario) actually 25? Debacle? Wasn't that out earlier?
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