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  2. This is part for the course with game development as far as I'm aware. Unless they want to provide access to a new level, there's no point updating demo builds if the existing ones work fine. Every time they do they have to give it a bug testing pass and such that is not as exhaustive as, but similar to, bug testing the final version of the game, which is just wasted development time if, as said, there is nothing wrong with the existing ones. In short, the fact that the demo versions are old has zero bearing on how far along they are whatsoever.
  3. *cheerful whistle tune* It's the Jason Griffith Show!  Starring... Jason Griffith!  And Amy Palant.  Also starring Dan Green.

  4. This is where I make a snide remark about even doctors only being able to do so much with what they're given. I believe I am also assuming this is the same thing you're assuming that it is.
  5. So glad I'm my own boss so I can call it quits friday when my Switch arrives

  6. "I'm not stupid, and I'm not gonna fall for this bear's stupid tricks, I know Shantae would never do that to me". "Hey now, calm down Rocky, I'm just trying to look out for you tis all!" Monokuma said, faking fear.
  7. "Huh, I can't believe I'm already starting to miss Godot in regards to coffee", Phoenix said. "Hey ummm, Roxas! You may want to be careful. Seems the teddy bear's got a knack for sinking ships around these parts", Kay warned,"And that's assuming he's not gonna try and turn Shantae yandere for you!" "Oh come on Kay! I'd never do that! Totally........."
  8. Roxas yawned, returning with coffee and tea. "I *yawn* went to get us stuff. If we're gonna do strict hours like this, we need something to wake us up...shame they don't have seasalt ice cream here..." Roxas commented. "Well of course! What kind of host and mentor would I be for my students if I didn't ensure their dietary needs are tended for!"
  9. Today

    >tfw LEGO Worlds does toys-to-life better than TT's actual lego toys-to-life game

  11. "Why, I remember doing stuff like that, back in the underground. It seems perhaps great stage minds think alike!" "Mettaton, let's uh, stay focused on the fact that he's trying to kill us, and I pray that you're better than that!", Kay said. "Urrr, well, if it's any consolation, I only tried to kill the small child named Frisk to save humanity from the monsters underground at the time", Mettaton admitted. "But the kid proved he was tougher than I thought. Tough enough to make it past even Asgore and the horrors that came afterward too. Needless to say, I'm not really the killer kind of robot these days. It'd waste far too many potential fans anyway!" "Okaaaaay. Well, I guess I can take solace in the fact you two seem to have made up to the point of being friends", Kay said trying to rationalize what she'd just heard. "So, I guess we can trust you........."Please Mr. Wright! Don't be wrong with your judgement on these guys! Kay thought to herself. "What the!? Where is he!? I just got out of bed with him-" "Too much information, Shantae!" "Although yeah, I could've sworn he was just with us. Where is he?", Phoenix pondered.
  12. Speaking of comics and collecting, finally gave into the "Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe" Omnibus. should be getting it wednesday, can't wait to give it a read, all 700+ pages

  13. Now SONIC and MARIO are good friends forever...

    and NOBODY can separate them.


    MARIO loves SEGA

    1. Kintor


      Business alliances are only ever temporary. Unless the Switch manages to reverse Nintendo's declining fortunes there's not much in wasting Sonic's time by associating with Mario.

      Until, let's not forget the good old days. :P


  14. "If you think my showbiz skills are good now, you should wait and see the dramatic twist I've got waiting for you!" "Mister Monokuma's a master of story telling!" "And look at you genie girl! What's wrong? Abandon your little spiky emo idiot of a boyfriend? You in the market for a new one?!" Monokuma laughed, taunting Shantae.
  15. I really like the city one, it looks very original. I always like that when fanartists bring some own ideas/style to their works! Do you have some others to show?
  16. Just got Steven Universe Season 1 (via an Aussie Blu-Ray which works! :))

  17. Amazon has put up a new Archie graphic novel listing: "Road to Riverdale Vol. 4"

    Who the fuck even asked for this to be a series?!

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      No one.

      But hell, we've got ride dat riverdale hype amirite

  18. NES Mega Man games ranked:


  19. "Oh no! Don't tell me you gave Gummy even more salary cuts back then!", Kay said horrified. "Says the guy who didn't believe in spirit channeling despite even witnessing it, until the incident at Hazukara Temple", Phoenix snarked. "But yeah Edgeworth, I won't deny that many have come to my aid. Heck even you came around for us, hard headed as you were back then during the Steel Samurai incident. And I still can't thank you enough for helping me out when Maya was kidnapped", Phoenix said. "Heh, and I'll admit, it was nice having you on my defense team during the big one back in 2019!" "Well isn't that just dandy?", Shantae said deadpan. My, my. A host with a sense of bending the rules for an interesting show! Y'know Mr. Monokuma, if we ever make nice, I insist on exchanging show bizz notes!",Mettaton spoke up enthusiastically.
  20. I just wish they would just say if the comics cancelled or not
  21. This is what happens when you put Amy as the Sad Clown in the circus. The Photographer's name is Diane Aardvark. As for this episode, it was amusing. The character profile jokes were funny, and it was amusing to see Knuckles trying to balance his jobs while fighting Eggman. Felt bad after he got fired twice. What was also amusing was Knuckles wearing the same shirt as Dave when working at Meh Burger. It was cool to see Knuckles' drawing talents being recognised by Diane Aardvark. (AND they're freaking scribbles!) Also worth pointing out, the DJ in the CC show uses Swifty's model. I was pretty happy to see Barker with the con man role again, although those Stuntbears looked different the last time I saw them. My favorite part was the ending, where Amy goes BOSS towards Barker. She takes a look of the contract, ignoring the growling bears, and calls Barker out on his scheme. That scene showed that Amy is not to be trifled with. It was hilarious and awesome at the same time! Tails, and later Sticks, and Sonic holding her back did not stop her from growling at Barker and the bears and scaring them off. Sticks' face when an enraged Amy is held back pretty much sums up the reaction- The ending with Knuckles sleeping in Tails' house with the lamp is pretty cute. Overall another decent episode!
  22. "Prosecutors don't directly get to see evidence unless it's by request, which is what I've done when it comes to rechecking reports and such. Otherwise, we need to place trust in our detectives to examine and investigate each piece of evidence for us. Unfortunately, Gumshoe was the man doing my checks". Edgeworth explained. "And please Wright, get off that ego, it doesn't suit you. Stop pretending like it was all you when Mia and the others were the ones who saved your butt on numerous occasions". "Oh, now that could be grounds for setting off the bracelets...but I'm having too much fun watching you two lamebrains argue, so I'll be nice and spare your life on this one occasion Edgy. Wouldn't want to start offing the players of the game this earlyyyyy.... ...Plus, that would be going against my rules on number of deaths on one singular day..."
  23. Don't know if this could be another sign or not but Ian Flynn Recently put up three secret video Game Projects he's working on. Side note I wonder if that Script Doctor job on the first one is what I think it is?
  24. "Really on the nose with that forbidden action Edgeworth!", Kay warned. "Eh, to be fair Kay, he's kinda learned it out of humble-ness from losing to yours truly on my second trial, and learning how to actually see BS for what is by the time of my third trial", Phoenix boasted. "Oh! By second trial, do you mean the infamous "OTHER SIDE!?" incident involving Ms. Mia Fey I've heard about?" Kay said, pursuing this new tidbit of info. "Wait! You mean that actually happened??" Shantae spoke up. "What kinda crazy law system has prosecutors leading the case who don't even properly check their evidence !?" "Let alone that of a receipt", Sonic said. "It sounds like a killer time for ratings with the court there!", Mettaton piped up. "Although I must admit, a blunder like that sounds worthy of "Ace Idiot". "Well guys, I guess to be fair, it kinda took a while for me to find out about, even it was before Miles", Phoenix said. "Then again, I did kinda have the excuse of pressure being put on me, it being only my second case as a rookie, going up against a veteran prosecutor, not getting nearly as much time with the evidence and a certain someone nearly having me jailed, *ahem*"Phoenix capped off looking in Edgeworth's direction.
  25. Lol yes.but I watched gamexplain on battery issue
  26. Lol, are you talking about the CNET video? Where yes if you push thing, thing falls over. That's how gravity works. As for the battery, eh. It'll do. It's not completely terrible.
  27. How dare you call fire emblem heroes shovel ware. Me and my animated ax wielding wife of absolute beauty will not stand for this...this..outrage. Still 2 hours and a half is eh. But only time I'd use undocked is at a comic conventions
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