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  2. The weird thing is, "Badniks" has been used since then - in the Rivals games, and even in Lost World. So I guess if there was a Badnik embargo, it's since been lifted. Granted, I don't see "Mobius" coming back in the same way, since it would contradict too many things.
  3. At least one zone in Mania has unused areas for transitions both into act 1 and out of action 2. 

  4. Sounds like it. I hope said revisions don't negatively affect the script. Edit: Nakamura also said there will be new Forces news this coming week.
  5. "Sonic's world" in Colours reads to me like Pontaff wrote "Mobius," and then Sonic Team sent a canon-minded script editor to go through the script replacing anything that contradicted the current incarnation of the series bible - in much the same way as "Look at all those Eggman's robots!" is clearly just a lazy, find-and-replace correction for "Look at all those badniks!"
  6. RE: the last two, sounds like revisions were made made based on input from people in the US (presumably the localization team)? That's my best guess, anyway.
  7. I'm glad Nakamura realizes and acknowledges that people have been worried by the localizations because of their poor quality in the past. https://twitter.com/SonicJPNews/status/898913281586286593 Edit: He also posted this, and I'm not 100% sure what it means: https://twitter.com/SonicJPNews/status/898912390716178432 https://twitter.com/SonicJPNews/status/898912442624770050
  8. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I have been, using a timeline given by the Mobius Encyclopedia. So far in my reading, Eggman has taken over as main antagonist from the now long dead Julian Robotnik, as well as reading about how Jules got into critical condition, needing to be roboticized. Similarly with this reading, I have found a few interesting sound/music sources for some of the issues, including "The Doomsday Project" during Sonic's final battle with Robotnik (his final mental breakdown) laced in with Solaris Phase 2, Super Sonic/Knuckles/Tails from Sonic Mania during Sonic's bid to save time/space in "Retrospective" (which I read in reverse because reasons), and a clip of the Terror Mask laughing from the ending of Splatterhouse during issue 73. For the record I ended up not reading the main story in Sonic Live, nor did I read the Exiles crossover, because both were incredibly stupid.
  9. Well that's just redundant. Earth it is. But until they give the animals an actual name, I'm just gonna call them Mobians, because most people know what you'd mean by that anyways.
  10. Yes. Sonic's world is Earth. The two are different names for the same place. Either way, Eggman calling the planet "Sonic's world" in Colors is a bit of awkward writing. But we have no reason to believe that the games take place on two different planets somehow.
  11. ...So is it Earth or Sonic's World...? They can't seem to make up their minds.
  12. It's Earth; It's a weird, surreal, cartoony Earth... but it's Earth.
  13. This is a spreadsheet which has tried to catalogue all of Infinite's powers



    1. OcelotBot


      God help us all.

    2. A wreaKING heavy engine

      A wreaKING heavy engine

      You forgot his power to be the sharpest of blades.

    3. Bobnik


      Hand-to-hand combat is apparently a power. Neat.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      All this and he doesn't have the power to be in a good game.

    5. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      @Bobnik It is when you see some of the crazy kung fu shit he pulls in the trailer.

    6. Ruby Havoc

      Ruby Havoc

      how is "moody purple smoke" a power

    7. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      @Ruby Havoc

      Can you make moody purple smoke appear out of your body?

    8. Bobnik


      "Crazy kung fu shit" ain't a power tho. It's crazy kung fu shit.

  14. I use Mobian because I don't care to think of a different name for them. Animals doesn't work, because including said anthro characters, there are also the small 'Flicky' type animals and actual based on reality animals. Actually, anthro as a shorthand for anthropomorphic by definition is the application of human characteristics to non-human entities, ie Sonic and friends. Anthro is probably the most accurate thing we can call them. Hm. But I'mma still call them Mobians because I'm too used to it at this point. Maybe Anthro is derogatory. I hate Sonic continuity.
  15. Reaction: the hardboiled heavies appear in the next sega all-star game with their theme.

  16. The thing about the ''how do you know it's bad'' mentality, is that it's a two way road. And by that I mean how do YOU know it's going to be good if you didn't play it? And people are judging it based on previews. You know, those things developers release as a ''this is an example of how the game will be like''.
  17. Because we don't all live in North Korea and we're allowed to have differing opinions without being arrested?
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  19. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    When did you feel the comics got better
  20. Watched the episode and it was alright. The ending was a bit rushed and Mombot was a lot more strict in this episode
  21. Of all the Mario nostalgia cash grab movements, NSMB 2 has to be the most miserable offender. I can't think of a single reason for that game to exist, outside of more money. I find it insulting to the original NSMB also, since I think that one is honestly up there with SMB3 and SMW. 

    1. RedFox99


      I really don't see the need to use the title New anymore 

    2. JezMM


      I feel it would've been a lot better recieved had it got the budget it deserved for new visuals and all that.  Also I feel the title "New Super Mario Bros. Gold" was much, much better for it.  Finally, I also think it would have been a better recieved game if NSMB Wii hadn't happened, and/or 3D Land showed off how good Mario on 3DS can be before, and NSMBU showed off how good NSMB could be when given proper love and care just a few weeks after.

      Regardless, I enjoyed NSMB2 a lot and put in enough hours to get 9,999,999 coins on it.  My only criticisms for the game are that the secrets were obnoxiously hidden (alternate exits etc), and the final DLC level pack was just spitefully hard and had no place in an official Mario game (also the fact that you couldn't freely play the DLC levels in regular mode to practice them or have fun playing them casually).

    3. ShroomZed


      Well of course it would have been better received if NSMB Wii never happened since it's pretty much a watered down copy of it. 

      And with NSMBU I haven't played it in a while but I don't remember being too impressed with it honestly. It's NSMB Wii with a SMW style map, big whoop. It took 20 years to go back to something that probably should have been a staple since SMW for all 2D games. 

  22. I just call the animal characters Mobians for ease of access. Sonic Team needs to get a name for them pretty badly, same with the planet the franchise takes place on. Until then, Mobians and Mobius are the names I'm using because Sonic Team is slacking in the lore department.
  23. Why don't you take Sonic seriously?

    I'd rather have an adventurous story. Like Adventure 1, Unleashed, or even Black Knight . I like Adventure 2's story, but the darker tone felt a bit too out of place though. A 12 year old girl getting shot by the military and a mad scientist getting shot to death by a firing squad? Um.. are you sure we're talking about a Sonic the hedgehog story. Anyway, an adventurous story with a balanced tone is the way to go, in my opinion. But I think problem is the writers they hire. They should definitely hire Ian Flynn. He knows how to write drama and comedy without going too far with either.
  24. Mania Glitch Thread

    Thanks for clarification. Must be all this waiting time what makes me hysterical. I myself didn't catch a single bug/glitch playing the PS4 version. Maybe I shouldn't read these reports very often since I find them disturbing while waiting the PC Mania.
  25. I dislike the term because Mobius does not exist in the games universe. It is a product of the cartoons and comics, and it occasionally made its way into the Ameican instruction manuals, but other than that the concept of "Mobius" is completely foreign to the video games. However, even in continuities that do have a planet Mobius, the word being used to only describe animals makes no sense. In the cartoons and comics, wouldn't humans from Mobius be just as "Mobian" as an animal from Mobius? If AoStH Sonic and AoStH Robotnik were both born and raised on the planet Mobius, I'd consider them both "Mobians," just like I'd consider both Sega Sonic and Eggman "Earthlings."
  26. Ok guys hear me out: Taxman Advance

    1. OcelotBot
    2. Bobnik


      Yeah, I'd like to play as Taxman the Australian

      on Gameboy Advance

    3. A wreaKING heavy engine
    4. RedFox99


      Anyway do you think the guys could remake the Sonic Advance and Rush games on PC?

    5. Blacklightning


      After what they did for Mania, relegating Taxman and co back to porting duty seems like a terrible waste of their talent.

    6. RedFox99


      I meant like fully remaking the games.

    7. Blacklightning


      Doesn't really change my point. Either way, it's less about creating original experiences and more about restoring old relics, and arguably less than half of them are worth even replaying today anyway.

    8. RedFox99
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