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  2. They are power fantasies for 8-11 year old children. Their canon ages are just fine for this and I never understood why anyone had a problem with them beyond needless griping. Any complaints about their supposed maturity can be explained by the fact that most of them have canonically been raising themselves since they were young. Why have they been raising themselves? Cos parents aren't cool. They've never really come off as super mature to me regardless though honestly. It'd be weird if Sonic and Knuckles were 25 and still acted the way they do about girls. Multiply this weirdness for Shadow/Blaze/Silver and how often their clear emotional immaturity causes problems. Amy's completely idealized perspective on love that lacks any experience. Charmy and Marine just genuinely acting their age in most regards. Its a 'problem' I see less and less logic behind the more I think about it.
  3. If it was up to me, it'd be a 3d game that went back to basics for Sonic. Look to Sonic 1 to really get a grasp on the fundamentals before building on them and making considerations for it being in 3d. I'd want the focus of the mechanics/controls to be on the momentum/terrain mechanics of the originals, using Sonic 1 as a baseline for what is ABSOLUTELY necessary. So running gradually builds up speed the longer you do it. You'd gain speed on downward slopes and lose it on upward slopes. Rolling would multiply the effects of terrain on your momentum at the cost of control, making you unable to manually increase your speed and requiring you to rely on the terrain to gain momentum. Jumping would cancel your rolling. Your momentum would also carry through your interactions with enemies, items, and level gimmicks like springs. Hitting an enemy or item capsule from high up would bounce you back to the same height and hitting them from high up with a homing attack would carry your horizontal momentum as well, bouncing you up as well as forward. Springs would bounce you at a fixed height but would carry your horizontal momentum (better for chaining momentum based platforming challenges). You'd have a crouch button instead of a spindash button because while I like the Adventure spindash, it does change the way the player fundamentally interacts with rolling (which I think is why there's a pause before it activates in SA2), turning it into something of a precursor to the boost, which you want to be using constantly rather than a tool for interacting with sloped terrain. Giving the player a dedicated crouch button means that rolling can work exactly like it did in the original 2d games with the player being able to start rolling without having to stop to rev up a spindash. I would also include the drop dash and have it work almost exactly the same, except rather than pressing jump twice, which activates the homing attack, you jump and crouch to activate it. Shield abilities would be activated the same way and would likely have a second function via the homing attack, likely affecting your momentum in some way while using it (maybe the electric shield increases your homing attack magnetism so you can attack enemies from farther away or maybe the bubble shield doubles your bounce height from items and enemies, stuff like that). I'd have to design turning to feel natural with the momentum mechanics but I think Adventure 1 kinda nailed that part, having your turning slow you down the more you do it, especially at higher speeds, emphasizing a wider turning radius the faster you go. Not tank physics like the boost games have, just a natural gradient that discourages super sharp turns. Also, there'd need to be a fully player controlled camera designed specifically for this gameplay. I'd have it follow Sonic 1:1, so it would tilt to keep him oriented and center frame at all times to maximize control. Sonic Utopia and lots of fan games since have started doing this to GREAT effect. It makes running through loops and corkscrews in 3d completely doable. You'd need a really robust physics system for this to work but given that we're talking about a 3d game with Sonic's core design philosophy, that's a given anyway. Levels would be 3d takes on the basic philosophy of the likes of Mania and 3 & Knuckles with a big emphasis on exploring to find alternate paths and secrets like the special stage rings scattered throughout the game. Also likely have red rings to unlock cosmetic changes a-la Mario Odyssey for people who might prefer one Look for Sonic over another. Lots of references to the different aesthetics Sonic has had like having different models based on the sprites from Sonic 1, 2 and 3K and the Adventure design and Riders. That sort of thing with a bunch of original looks and costume pieces as well, but I digress. Anyway rather than trying to make additions to Sonic levels to accommodate flying/gliding characters like Tails and Knuckles, I'd do the reverse. Have those characters work like they do in Sonic 3K, having Sonic's basic physics and ruleset with their own abilities and build levels with that in mind. THEN I'd get to work on creating paths in those levels that Sonic could use to access the same areas. Ramps leading up walls Knuckles would have to climb or ramps that launch Sonic (and only Sonic/other speed characters) high enough to reach those areas, Doing things this way would avoid the problem of having levels built for Sonic that Tails and Knuckles can easily break. That's just one way to go about it. I'd want levels that are pretty wide and vertically oriented to fully take advantage of the fact that this would be 3d. Now I talked about having costumes and aesthetic unlocks via the red rings but Honestly I think the "Modern" look works. Now, I say Modern but what I mean is the more specifically Yuji Uekawa inspired looks from the Adventure games, Sonic Shuffle, Heroes, the rush games, and to a slightly lesser extent Shadow (given the grittier, edgier tone of that game ,which is not a good direction to go for obvious reasons). I know there are 2d games with that look like the Advance games but we're talking 3d and specifically I'm trying to avoid the faux Pixar thing the games from Unleashed on started doing. It's not that it looks bad in its own right but it's not the look that comes to mind when I think of Sonic, or Sonic at its peak. The aesthetics from Sonic 1 up to the Rush games, with a few notable exceptions like 06 are what I'd shoot for in terms of acceptability . The big Naoto Oshima and Yuji Uekawa influences taking center stage visually. Now, I'm not a sound or music guy but I think a mix of what Heroes did musically, some of the vocal bits from Cd, and of course Crush 40 for the theme song. Maybe bring back vocal character themes or re-use/remix the established ones like It Doesn't Matter and Believe in Myself. Heroes though for that updated take on Classic style Music for a modern Sonic game, rather than just making new music in the style of the classics like Mania did (though just doing what Mania did musically again is NOT something I'd be opposed to). I'd want a story that connects to the lore established and built on up to Shadow (or Heroes if we retcon Shadow, which I think we should anyway). There's a bit at the end of SA2 where Sonic is wondering whether he IS the ultimate lifeform after all "Created...the ultimate lifeform..." and I'd want to build on stuff like that. Maybe pick up from Eggman's doubt about following in Gerald's footsteps, maybe pick back up from the amnesiac Shadow wondering if he's an android or not which got summarily dropped in Shadow the Hedgehog. Make the chaos emeralds and the ancient civilizations that used them to their own destruction relevant to the plot again. Gimme that Shounen action/adventure vibe the series used to have (the classics had it too, it just went from being OG Dragonball to more like DBZ, whole other topic). Maybe I'd bring back hyper Sonic as something both gameplay AND plot relevant. I'd want Sonic to start feeling like SONIC again. To feel less like a cartoon character like bugs bunny or road runner and more like an anime character like Goku or Lupin III. I'd want to feel hyped about the events of the story again, to feel those excited butterflies as the main theme kicks in for the super/hyper transformation and the final battle. To connect to the characters instead of dreading however they've been butchered THIS time.
  4. Eh, they could skew a bit younger. Particularly Knuckles, who's not only kinda nebulous in age irregardless of his unfamiliarity with the world, but actually was younger than Sonic initially. Yeah, they should be a bit older at this point. Though Amy is a weird case since they explicitly aged her up from being a coy little girl. ...Did you just call her a Christmas cake? He does sound much older, now that you mention it. She's one of the better ages, actually, since she's meant to be everyone's little sister and still at a stage where she's a bit dependent on her mother. Wasn't there a profile or something stating he(and by extension, Luigi and Wario) actually 25? Debacle? Wasn't that out earlier? Eh, they could skew a bit younger. Particularly Knuckles, who's not only kinda nebulous in age irregardless of his unfamiliarity with the world, but actually was younger than Sonic initially. Yeah, they should be a bit older at this point. Though Amy is a weird case since they explicitly aged her up from being a coy little girl. ...Did you just call her a Christmas cake? He does sound much older, now that you mention it. She's one of the better ages, actually, since she's meant to be everyone's little sister and still at a stage where she's a bit dependent on her mother. Wasn't there a profile or something stating he(and by extension, Luigi and Wario) actually 25? Debacle? Wasn't that out earlier?
  5. Today
  6. Building off what @Angyu just said we need to think about what audience they are appealing to. Take Sonic Boom for example the character were taller and built like NFL players. Were we expecting that... NO but Sega made it work and tried to appeal to us by making them look older and more mature and made all the characters more sarcastic than usual. In Sonic Underground, Sonic and his sibling were the same age and born on the same day they were appealing to teens Sat-am was appealing to teens and children. The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog was when Sega realized that the first series was a little too dark for younger children so they changed it up. Sonic X, even after Chris left years later and aged when he went back to Sonic's world he turned back into a kid. So it's really hard to say what age they should be, but what age we want them to be you all got spot on
  7. when the mods wake up and look at the new topics section

    The 'Here we go again' meme is perfect for every frustrating situation

  8. I feel like the young ages were just to appeal to kids. Most characters did that back then, in cartoons, video games, whatever, with Mario being a notable outcast. Heck, some teen pop bands would understate their ages to attract younger listeners (one example being the Irish girl group B*Witch'd). When my brother was turning 8 years old, he thought it was great that he got to be the same age as Tails. xD Despite Tails being like 3 or 4 in the cartoons. (Oh and don't get started on the whole Charmy debacle.) That and the older characters being teens, not only to give kids something to look forward to, but, in a way, it does fit their personalities. The teen years are often seen as rambunctious, rebellious, a time for personal growth and going through life drama. Making a character 30... you picture them carrying a briefcase, wearing a business suit, paying taxes. Lol not exactly fun. There was no point in trying to appeal to adults, because adults wouldn't have been into something like this. So I think most of the ages are fine. ...or would be, if kids still like Sonic. Maybe some do. When I went to see the movie in theaters, I did see a family with kids on my way out, going to the next showing of it. But they were with their parents, and their mom complimented my Sonic jacket lol. So who knows if the adults were more into it. When I went in to see it, all I saw in the audience were young adults, maybe older teens. No kids at all. Aging up the characters a tiny bit may help reflect the new "nostalgic" Sonic audience. I do think 6 is a bit too little for Cream or Charmy to be. As well as maybe making Sonic 18.
  9. The battle of the games has begun! Sonic Adventure 2 Vs Super Mario 64! Arguably the greatest 3d platformers in video game history going head to head in discussion. So let me lay down some info for both sides then you guys decide on which is better (or if you already have your opinion you can just say it) Sonic Adventure 2: Pros: 9.4/10 from Ign (this game got nothing below an 80), The best 3d Sonic game, different gameplay styles, it maintain's through the test of time. The animation was priceless at the time, Chao Garden (hell who doesn't like the Chao Garden), Hero Mode and Dark Mode, Multiplayer is really fun, the best plot, chasing the truck instead of it chasing you (pretty much all the glitches) Cons: The constant switch between running and railing,holding down the shoot button, the bad treasure hunting levels( seriously Knuckles AI was bad). the choose feature from Adventure 1 was removed( so you were basically stuck playing with who they wanted you to), Shadow only got 4 stages (I wanted more so sue me). Tails using a robot wasn't really fun (to me), Racing levels (please no more these), Music ( they could have done better), Despite having the best plot it was poorly written The ranking system is annoying getting an A is the harder thing ever Super Mario 64: Pros: 9.8 from Ign, Best Mario game, fine graphics at the time, beautiful soundtrack, fun levels (15 worlds!), Awesome bosses, milestone for 3d games to come, secret stars (nice addition), great for speedruns, the backwards long jump was fun.(pretty much all the glitches), 120 stars and you get to go to the top of the castle (or you can glitch yourself there whatever works). Cons: Doing the same levels over and over again gets tiresome, getting thrown back when dying is very tiresome, the hats take to long to be unlocked therfore taking some of the fun they have as powerup's. To be honest looking at it now the gameplay is a lil stiff and clunky, Controling the wing cap is annoying, the camera is annoying(clunky), No Luigi at all (don't give me that castle fountain rumor junk). No rideable Yoshi, Getting all 120 stars is a real pain and guess what when you complete the game you get 100 one-ups but for what you already completed the game. Both of these games were amazing and have stood the test of time but there can only be one winner. So who is gonna be Sonic Adventure 2 or Super Mario 64
  10. This has always been a weird point of contention for me. I don't think you can put any number on the ages of Sonic characters and have it feel right or make much sense. It's one of those things better left unsaid. Giving the characters actual ages doesn't really add anything to the series and ends up raising more questions than it answers. So ideally I'd just think of Cream and Charmy as ambiguously being kids, Tails as fair bit younger than Sonic and Vector probably as the oldest of the bunch. That's pretty much it. Any further information on that front seems irrelevant.
  11. Some of them get very defensive and fanboyish over any criticisms at all, so I understand that.
  12. They mentioned that it hasn't been verified yet, so it's possible whoever this person is is waiting for Paramount's approval or something like that.
  13. My idea is Some zones I want for a new classic sonic game called Sonic Realms heres the zones I came up with- Violet Valley Zone Act 1/2 Metropolis Mayhem Zone Act 1/2 Hanglide Havoc Zone Act 1/2 Wooden Zone Act 1/2 Chemical Castle Act 1/2 Egg Fortress Act 1/2/3 Final Zone also has level select <<<^^^>>< Sonic Realms- a new classic sonic game I came up with, so Dr robotnik steals the chaos emeralds again, and he finds a new gem called The Realm Stone on violet valley zone(a new zone I also came up with)and plans to use it to take over all the worlds that the gem offers, so Sonic and company has to stop robotnik from using the gem to take over the world. Extra Zones after you collect all 7 emeralds or beat the game. 5 new harder zones for all you super players out there. Secret Hill Zone Act 1/2 Illusion Forest Zone Act 1/2 Haunted Hallway Zone Act 1/2 Toxic Paradise Zone Act 1/2 Final Fortress Zone Act 1/2/3/4 14 Zones in total. also special stages are sonic 3 glowball stages. You can pick from Sonic,Tails,Knuckles,and Amy Rose. Sonic and friends use their sprites from Sonic 3 and Amy gets her sprite from CD. Sound test-Debug mode-20150114 All Levels-25151200 All Emeralds-4126 as usual. Boss Rush level in level select-Egg Rush Zone 5 save files in game. (another lost level in level select), Time Takeup Zone Act 1/2-You have to collect time boxes in order to not waste time on clock, and there’s a glue obstacle to watch out for in Act 2 to really make the player angry.
  14. I think people have the wrong idea about Blaze. She's Sonic's counterpart sure but they aren't literally the same person. She has her own separate personality and quirks like Sonic is cocky and self sure but Blaze is closed off and reserved. Sonic hates water Blaze hates hights. There's similarities between them but they aren't the exact same person.
  15. I feel like a 3d collectathon would suit Knuckles' gameplay in 3d. Climb and glide your way toi find stuff that's in plain sight in preset locations, rather than rng-based like the emerald radar nonsense. Basically, something that plays like a mix of Spyro the Dragon and Knuckles' Adventure gameplay.
  16. I do wonder what led Fox to sell their entire movie and most of their TV division.

    It can't just be due to Fant4stic, maybe Murdoch lost interest or something?

    1. Misty Milo

      Misty Milo

      "Lost interest" is part of it IIRC, Murdoch wanted to focus more on his news/print/broadcasting half of his media empire (NewsCorp) over the entertainment half (21st Century Fox). Worth noting that they were both one conglomerate (News Corporation) before they were split into two businesses.

  17. heh. looks like someone has made a new account, I wonder when the next "wedding" is announced here..

  18. There are alot of these so i'm just gonna go with my top 3 1 Tingle: The dude looks stupid,sounds stupid and has game on Ds that's stupid need i go on.( He also pretty stupid in The Legend of Zelda manga) 2 (Video Game)Tails: When they make Sonic games they don't even consider the comics so i understand why Tails has no confidence in the games anymore. 3 Slippy Toad: The kid's voice is just so annoying and he is constantly on the intercom saying something about being scared.
  19. I hated Pinto beans. I hated Nintendo fans believe it or not die-hard Nintendo fans weren't the nicest (I'm pretty sure they were just teasing me) I hated anything to do with Resident Evil why because as i got older all my friends had a copy and i didn't. My mother knew video games and acting was my life so i told i just had to have it. She gave it to me. When i played it i understood why she didn't get it for me sooner so i did what any stupid idiot would do i threw it away. I hated Sonic Unleashed.(This was when i knew little about it) I saw the first cutscene and was enraged at what they did to my favorite hedgehog. Of course no one in High School really cared about the next Sonic game but I did. I wanted to know what was behind this shitty deviant art monster. When i finished the game of course i grew more respect for it. Even though the puzzles were a bit boring. I learned to like it over time (unlike Sonic Underground).
  20. Oh. Aren't the Zeti technically a relic of nature or something? I mean, he was apparently summoning magic clouds or some shit, so why not add telekinesis to the repertoire?
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    @Crow the BOOLET Crow's replaced Tokoyami in the Netflix adaptation of My Hero Academia.

  23. I think this more than anything highlights just how much Steam has transformed the indie space, for better and worse. Back in the time of Braid or so, it was big fucking news for a game with a single screen's worth of credits to receive widespread acclaim, and bigger still when they could get it into a space as prohibitive as the console market. Nowadays virtually everyone can put a game out on a platform that can pay them for it, but there's so many of them that they end up cannibalizing each other in the process. To be totally honest, I'm not completely sure if it would bother me on a personal level? If I ever get into making games properly, it'll be more for the fun of it and to share the experience with others - if I get paid for it, that's still secondary to fun for me. Lee and Clementine (The Walking Dead: Season 1/2) Well, this puts me in a difficult spot. I usually gloss over the writing of games in this list, partly because I'm bad at analyzing it and partly because I feel good writing is best experienced with as little context as possible going into it. But The Walking Dead is pretty much ALL writing - it's pretty much a point and click adventure by any other name, which won't come as much surprise from the guys responsible for Grim Fandango. The point is, there isn't much I can say without spoiling that context - just that it is, at least for the most part, well written. So I'll do what I can, but this is probably going to be a pretty short writeup because of that. First things first - yeah, zombie games are overdone, and the 2011s and the 2012s especially were fucking full of them. But the Walking Dead is poignant in a way that most other games period, nevermind zombie games, really struggle to be, and it might very well be the first videogame that's ever actually made me cry, for how good it is at establishing development and appreciation of its characters. It's also a game that, in that same thought, is good at establishing uncertainty through its narrative and the illusion of choice, which can throw a wrench into even the best made plans and catch you off guard no matter what your preconceptions are. And sometimes, your choices aren't even illusions - it can mean the difference between some characters living and dying, and the game coyly doesn't allude much to what choices can affect the outcome bar that it's better when characters can trust you, but it certainly doesn't have an issue with judging you for them. The end of every episode is concluded with a percentage of people who picked one choice over another, and on which side of the spectrum yours fell. I'm not saying it isn't kind of a dick move to rake people over the coals for choices they may not have known the consequences of, but I almost kinda wish more games did it? It's an intriguing, if brief, look into the psychology of the player base, and game design is best informed by knowing or anticipating the way your players think and designing around it. Okay that's about all I got I think. Season 1 is brilliant. Seasons 2 less so. Haven't played Season 3, and I don't care to after Telltale suddenly shut down and stiffed its workers on severance. And honestly, for any acclaim this game can garner for its writing it's still only about as complex as a Flash title, and honestly about as optimized - you can get almost the same experience just watching a longplay on Youtube.
  24. Apparently with his mind based on that hand position.
  25. Welcome Maakroth! Do you have a favorite old school game?
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