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  2. "So it's a video game?" Jessica said. "That's a... novel concept." "Maybe Jess should have a go," Robinson suggested, landing on the computer's controls. "After all, she's good at games!" "But I've never touched a tower defence game in my life!" "What's a... vi-dee-oh gayme?" Star asked, nibbling her wand.
  3. He probably knows that Archie and Sega are talking, but I wouldn't necessarily bet on anything more than that. Heck, that might be all that Archie and Sega know, at least concerning outcome.
  4. Found a video that shows where all the red star rings are in the Modern Sonic stage.
  5. I'm keeping my expectations really, and I do mean REALLY low for Sonic Forces. Except for Modern Sonic's gameplay, nothing has really stood out to me or made me go "Wow, that looks amazing! Gonna buy this day one!" The story seems confused, the constant chattering from sidekicks in level is annoying, Classic Sonic has no improvements from Generations, CC is just there and overall this game feels so...lifeless to me. It doesn't have anything that truly stands out and makes it special. Except for CC I guess but I'm not so keen on their shtick anyway. Also I'll LOL if this game sells for $60 and you can beat it in like 4 hours. They better not be THAT dumb!
  6. Not sure if you're being ironic, but I don't think acknowledging negative reception is what marketing people normally do. What did Apple say about the iPhone 4's "antennagate"? “Just avoid holding it that way.”
  7. I don't think Utopia has amazing controls, compared to other Sonic games. The problem is speed in a 3D environment. You can only make a racing game wth that premise. And that's what modern Sonic is, essentially. A racing game with a hedgehog instead of a car, asking the player to press a certain button in a certain moment, not allowing the player to enjoy the beautiful environments Sonic Team makes. Not fun to me. Personally, I think it's difficult to make a good 3D Sonic game. Mario had it easier, as speed was never one of the character's key points. I'd stick Sonic to 2.5D games like DKC Returns. That's a setting in which great Sonic games could be developed.
  8. Ok lemme see my Amazon orders

    *Crash N.Sane Trilogy expected to arrive on July 4th, expected to be shipped on June 30th*





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      Ok I'm about ready to cancel and get in it in store I need my N.Sane-ity on LAUNCH

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      >preordering games on Amazon

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      You get 20% off pre-ordered games on Amazong, why wouldn't you?

  9. False equivelance. In ASR, the loops are wide and interactions with other racers continue in the exact same way that they do when not on a loop. In 3D Sonic games... Sonic just goes round the loop and you usually watch from a cool angle. Having to push forward to do so wouldn't change this fact in any way. And in fact, the ASR example illustrates my main point here - in those games, stuff happens on the loop, you don't just watch, so it makes sense for them to be programmed properly. If they gave you stuff to do with the loops in the main games, I agree wholeheartedly that they should be programmed properly. But if they're just going to continue to use them for spectacle, then it's pointless to put that amount of programming energy into them. By your definition, making a Sonic game where you literally just hold down the A button and Sonic does the whole level, jumping, dodging and everything, would be "not playing itself" as long as he stops doing that when you let go of A. The issue is far more nuanced, if you want a Sonic game where everything that happens is as exciting to look at it is in games like Sonic Adventure 2 and Unleashed, some automation is always going to be required if you want every player to be able to enjoy those aspects without there being safety cushions and barriers and button prompts plastered all over the level. Of course if that's NOT the kind of Sonic game you want, that's an entire different discussion that the issue of loop automation only scratches the surface of (and you probably want to check out fangames like Sonic Utopia).
  10. But its not meaningful input is what i'm saying, sure it requires action from the player but when its something so simple with little to no thought really needed in the first place it makes you wonder why they're there to begin with. And I never said anything about giving enemies health or making it more of a hassle to take them down, i'm just giving you my stance on why homing attack chains aren't very engaging mechanics, nothing more and nothing less.
  11. No no, that's EXACTLY how it works in the marketing world. When a product gets a large amount of negative reception, you acknowledge it and promise improvements to keep consumer trust, all whilst still defending your product. You don't tell them that they are wrong.
  12. I was gonna put out there that maybe modern sonic is from a different dimension but nevermind. I guess classic sonic was... Hijacked by canon...
  13. Would anyone like to read my fanfic? Before you ask I tried to make it approriate and it has Perci as a main character.

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      If you guys have any criticisms please be gentle. 

  14. "I'm no tech genius, but all I know is that in this world... we have to control the anti-virus itself." Sayaka says to Jessica. "How so?" "In this world, viruses are little robots patrolling the system mainframe. But out anti-virus here... are turrets to shoot them down." Sayaka explains. "Basically, digital tower defense."
  15. "You sure I couldn't just use magic to cure it?" Star asked, a strange coloured pill popping out from her wand. "Star, it's not the kind of virus you use medicine on," Jessica explained. "Where would you even put that thing in the computer?" "...the mouth?" Jessica sighed. "Just tell us the antivirus is better than McAfee, Sayaka."
  16. I could accept Ice Cap reimagined with a different but similar music, but of course I'd miss the music, as much as I'd miss Green Hill theme in Green Hill. It's just part of the level. And yes, the fact that it was the first snow level in classic Sonic games and the snowboard intro was probably 60% of the stage success. By the way, if they reimagine Ice Cap, I hope they make a more interactive snowboard section
  17. My question is: was it that hard adding, for instance, dkc2 and 3, super mario all stars, megaman x2 and 3? Like 20MB more maybe? Dkc2 is universally praised as the better off the trilogy, come on. Well, this product is just not for me
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  19. it's not. when a game plays itself, literally nothing you do has any effect on what's happening. when input is required from the player to proceed in the level, even as little as spamming the A button, then it's not playing itself that's playing itself they should be required, is what i'm saying do you think the sega all star racing games would have been better if the loops were automatic? if you answer is no, then i don't see why you think main sonic games wouldn't be better if the loops weren't automatic
  20. Dang I'm pretty salty about Japan getting Panel De Pon, I mean I don't care about that version specifically but I'd have really liked Tetris Attack on this thing since I just like the "Puzzle League" series (as it's known nowadays) generally.
  21. It just seems to be arbitrary semantics though on what is and isn't "playing itself" though. When Sonic grabs onto a lipzline and it flings him around in a circle while Chemical Plant blows up around him towards the end of the stage in Sonic Generations, realistically that would take a great amount of action and energy on his part to keep a hold of that zipline as it does so - but the game requires no input from the player to do so. It's just for spectacle. Loops are the same deal, they don't consider them necessary for interaction to be required. (Unless they do something more interesting with them such as have items to collect that can be missed, places to jump off, momentum to gain etc). If they're just going to be continued to use for spectacle, the only thing you gain from painstakingly programming them to not run on automatic is the "ability" to stop halfway up and fall down if you really want to. Fun stuff, totally worth the effort.
  22. The NES Classic was replicating much, much less complex hardware than the SNES and that silly custom chip they had Sony make them; as known by anyone who played one of the games on this list that ended up on the GBA. The NES Mini had more games and about half of them weren't very good; included more because people know about them rather than any value they contributed to the system or how worthwhile they are today. This one is a very good grabbag of games from the console's entire lifespan and the only thing close to a stinker this time is Street Fighter II. It could have been much worse even if there are games "missing" (and I don't think Chrono Trigger would have been a realistic expectation anyway), since think about the amount of completely worthless games for the SNES that quickly ended up on Virtual Console and were probably considered for this just because they were popular at the time. Stuff like Final Fight or the even-worse versions of Street Fighter II.
  23. that keeps it fast paced though. at least they require some input from the player. it was easy to destroy enemies in the genesis games too it shouldn't be such a hassle to destroy enemies; games like heroes, shadow and sonic 2006 tried to make destroying enemies more challenging by adding health bars and sections where you couldn't proceed unless you destroyed everything, which was terrible as that ruined the flow.
  24. Yeah but they might as well be though, there are very few sections in modern sonic games where the enemies actually challenge you in a homing attack chain which is why they feel so dull in comparison to other parts of a level since it just boils down to mashing the homing attack button a couple of times before you reach the other side.
  25. the bolded are't automated sections though. automated sections are when the game plays itself; as in, you can literally put the controller the down and still proceed in the level
  26. I'd hope they could harness the power and design freedom of the Switch to greater effect than just doing the same thing a Gamecube and a couple Game Boy Advances could do.
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