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    w.i.p from my art class

    i can't draw humans, so i'm SUPER proud of what i'm working on

  3. I wonder if the future MCU Spider-Man movies will incorporate Felicia Hardy/Black Cat. As far as i recall, she never had a live-action chance to shine.

  4. Well darn. So apparently, the new track Sonic Forces - Never Enough (Park Avenue) ft. The Sonic Stadium got 9th place for the week on Newgrounds (400 listens and 25 downloads in just three days). Unforunately, the Weekly Top Tracks only goes up to 8, and it will not be featured on the front page. But it was SO CLOSE!!!! I'm proud of it. I'm proud of you guys. @Kellan @NikoS @Jovahexeon Ghost Trick @The drunkard from space! @-Justin- @qt.steeph Can't thank you guys enough. It was fun to do, and you'll be happy to know that everything is going over very well with the audience (except they say I added too many effects to my own voice. I kinda agree XD)

    While I have you six tagged here, I suggest you share this track on your social media since you're a part of it. Probably should've said something earlier, I probably would've been on the front page XD. But seriously, I'm honored to have received so much help from the SSMB community, and I'm proud to be here. Thank you all again!

  5. "But, even though you will cease to be, you shall live forever in my memories."


    ...Jiren? You okay, buddy?

  6. Today
  7. Watchmojo’s recent video haha. Sonic is...implied to be wearing a MAGA hat in the thumbnail? Lol


    1. Bobnik


      Jeez, this video is just parroting what others are saying without any reason that wasn't stated several million times already.

      Also "oh no, Unleashed's plot is not simple cuz lolWerehog amirite? Where's my simple "Sonic defeat Eggman" plot?"" while pretty much all games starting with Unleashed (excluding Forces) are just that. Ugh.

      then again, why would I expect anything better than garbage from that channel lol

    2. Teoskaven


      Reminder to NOT support WatchMojo in any form of capacity. Don't even click on its videos because they would get a minimal income from your viewing.
      And they don't deserve it at all.

  8. I forgot about this 

    "Today is my. Day"

  9. Sonic Racing (Possible Title) - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Oh you were. Well in that case I'm even more convinced he's in. So yeah I was totally right to feel that way. Fuck me.
  10. No argument there. Just saying that Silver's a sensible choice when it comes to Japan. I was saying the opposite of that though.
  11. Sonic Mania Plus: Official Reveal (Coming Summer 2018)

    As someone who's not really a Classic fan, from the outside looking in, despite not really caring about or liking Mighty and Ray, I find their inclusion to be something that I could see being easier to implement and making more sense than the Classic version of Amy. If it's following the old aesthetic, than she really doesn't have much to latch onto there. That said, if they're moving forward with this Mania sub-series thing than it could be one of the many opportunities they have down the line to expand it and make it grow into something that reached beyond what the Classics had a chance to achieve before the Modern Era hit. As in, it's working with what it's got now and as time goes on it'll allow itself to grow and get better by actually finding ways to reinvent what Classic Amy is all about. You know, yet another thing that the Modern games will continue to refuse to do.
  12. Seems that Mighty is more like Sonic than just being a mere palette swap...
  13. Sonic Racing (Possible Title) - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Silver wasn't doing so hot over here in the States when he first appeared either. He's more popular now but, you know, 10 years and the act of being a hedgehog kind of made that an inevitability. At least when it comes to a certain number of fans. I still say they're both a shoe-in though. Maybe I'm jaded because growing up, I wanted to see more of the Chaotix (and Omega) but after Shadow's game they never appeared, even in multiplayer spin-offs, but Silver and Blaze did. I didn't really care about either of them in comparison at the time because I had never played Rush and Silver was... from 06 so unlocking them in Zero Gravity, the Secret Rings party mode, and the Black Knight 2-Player mode and not seeing Espio and Charmy playable in any of those Olympics titles just made me think that Silver and Blaze were obviously more popular and thus more obvious to expect an inclusion. I've said this before but my desire to see who I wanted just made me take it out on the more popular ones who I didn't know as much or care as much about. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Shadow were fine in my eyes because I already liked and grew up with them. I like to think I'm better about that now but I still do truly believe Blaze stands more of a chance than the Chaotix do. The fact that she wasn't in Forces stuns me. Especially after Generations. It's one of the reasons why Forces baffles me so much. They have these prequel comics that are all set to explain some stuff and then the actual game acts like it's on the same scope as those other games that totally would just throw Blaze in without an explanation.
  14. Is Sonic Boom finally dead?

    Dude, what did I do to you? I simply don't like Sonic Boom. I don't like its "witty comedy", nor the way it perceives the franchise. You can't fault someone for having a difference in opinion than you.
  15. If it's a Kart Racer why would they only throw in a a few of the expected characters i.e Sonic, Tails , Amy etc.....? That isn't going to happen. Why? Well first of all can you imagine the vocal backlash from fans at such a lacklustre cast of characters? ,plus the critics would only compare this cast to the massive amount of characters available in Mario Kart. They know this and besides this isn't 1994 and it's not a sequel to Sonic Drift Secondly, look at SART and the amount of racers on that game. Why would they revert to just a base few? It makes no sense. SEGA I believe now realise that these chracters new AND old are near and dear to the fans. I mean just look at what happened at SXSW we got Mighty and Ray in a game for the first time in over 20 Years!! Whatever this racer turns out to be I'm betting it's gonna be stuffed chock full of characters and secret chracters from the Sonic universe and lots of other fan service.
  16. Welp, that's Kirby Star Allies beaten.

  17. Sonic Mania Plus: Official Reveal (Coming Summer 2018)

    Their homes aren't confirmed in the Games. Although, the Japanese Manual for Knuckles Chaotix tells us that Mighty loves to travel and one of the dreams on his bucket list is visiting every place in the world...
  18. Spyro Remastered Trilogy (We don't have a name right now) - Rumor.

    Bring Sparx’s gem detecting ability from Spyro 2 into the first game because in some later levels like Lofty Castle, finding the last few gems can be a goddamn nuisance and could take ages.
  19. I have beaten Soul Melter difficulty in The Ultimate Choice subgame.

    while the challenge was definitely there...the fact you can bring up to three helpers including your own does makes this True Arena variant easier than the last few.

    ...but God lord the final boss doesn't pull that many punches either:


    Void Termina is whole different beast compared to Star Dream Soul OS, especially when you fight it's fourth phase as Void Soul. Actually the parts when you fight the body is far easier than when you're fighting it inside of it I feel...well not the second phase where you fight the thing for the first time in the boss. The part when Void Soul spam lasers like crazy at you is wild; thank God I sponged it all as Stone otherwise I would have been done for.

    as far more goes, it just builds to certain things that even RtDL introduced, like the ancients and the main antogonist going insane after his people were banished by them. Void Termina also has nods to both the Master Crown in a couple of it's attacks(which said ancients were said to have created, along with the Lor Starcutter) and Dark Matter (the form it takes in it's fourth phase looks eeriely similar to them and the white wings with red crystalized tips that looks strikingly similar to 0^2's colorization)


    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      How'd you unlock difficulties past 5.0?

  20. Sonic Racing (Possible Title) - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Then that's all the more reason why Silver would be in the base roster.
  21. Uh, the game was very skewed to Japanese audience tastes, in which case Silver far outdoes Blaze in popularity.
  22. it's always really hard for me to explain why i like certain things, especially so for things like music and story. some times i can (at least a little bit), but it seems like most of the time it boils down to "it sounds good" or "idk man i just like it" or "it makes sense to me" and that makes me feel really dumb

    1. Josh


      You don't always have to explain yourself. Something can be more than the sum of it's parts for you.

  23. Should Infinite return to the Sonic series?

    Infinite's character was flawed in its design and writing, but it still has possibility - I for one would like to see Infinite return under the right circumstances. As for the flaws... His character design is overall ok, but that missing eye is just trying too hard to scream edge. It is completely unnecessary, and makes his ability to see through that mask awkward - hell, half of his vision is gone (and why does the no eye side glow but not the real eye?). His backstory and motivation are straight out of Dragon Ball (omg I muss beee duh stwongess) and are a bit lame. But I really like how he is so powerful but is still Eggman's flunky. Hell Eggman tossed him aside to be the final boss. The powers of the Phantom Ruby are pretty cool but would be better if they were more understandable (so you are under the Ruby's power if you get hit by a cube... but you can be placed under its powers in other ways). I also like how the Ruby comes with its own weaknesses (something all characters need, but are too frequently built as not having). I would not even mind if Infinite becomes yet another traitor to Eggman, but only if Eggman beats him back into place.
  24. Sonic Mania Plus: Official Reveal (Coming Summer 2018)

    I don't know what the team behind Sonic Mania was thinking by leaving Amy out its on the levels of leaving Knuckles out of the game.
  25. I've heard my fair share of strange animation rumors before.

    But none was as strange as the rumor that the PaRappa anime from the 90s was receiving a dub and airing on CN UK in 2015.

    But then again, if this Sly Cooper show ends up doing well, I could see PlayStation deciding to go the quick route of dubbing the PaRappa and Ape Escape animes for airing.

  26. Another look at the Amy argument, this time focusing on the demographics instead of gameplay: I think it's important to mention that Amy is a relatively blank slate for gameplay in a game. While Advance 1 and Adventure 1 gave her a very unique moveset, in Advance 2 and Heroes she was a mostly just reskin of Sonic. She never appeared as a playable character in a standard Classic game though, and that's the important thing. While we know she has a hammer and needed rescuing in CD, that's the extent of it. The team could do anything they wanted with Amy, with absolutely no prerequisite that they stick closely to the way she appeared in Adventure 1 or any of the games that followed. I believe that one of the enduring messages around the time of Mania's announcement in 2016 and indeed more as well with Mighty and Ray is that one of the few limitations in place is that the game can only use Classic material. I'm still stoked to see these two characters return, but the response to them has definitely made me think that it's a bit of a mistake to do include them over Amy. As main draw of the Plus expansion, they're definitely very niche. Amy on the other hand was the subject of a lot of discussion when the game was first announced, has an existing fanbase and is a female character. As much as I don't like gender politics and feel that they often miss the mark when it comes to real issues, I can't say that Sonic games wouldn't benefit from a better inclusion of female characters. Mania does technically have Heavy Magician and Heavy Rider, but they're both non-playable villains and not obviously female. Whatever interesting gameplay mechanics the team can come up with for Mighty and Ray could also have been considered for Amy as well. They definitely wanted to focus on bringing back the forgotten characters, and I can't argue with that; Mania is all about reworking old ideas into something new. Amy could have been a part of it though. This entire announcement was pretty botched. They should have given us some glimpse of Mighty and Ray's gameplay, to give us something to latch on to. Encore mode too, because the details there were so vague. And on a related note, SEGA should have been more clear about the pricing of the DLC. I've seen far too many outlets report that it's a free update, and almost none that it's going to be paid. I can't wait for Mania Plus, but ouch. They did kinda drop the ball when it came to introducing it.
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