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  2. Speaking of the rumor I saw someone claiming it's a Modern based cartoon from the Mania Adventures crew? Anyone know how true that is?
  3. Mountaindewandsprite

    Female Sonic character tier list(battle strength and skill wise)

    No disrespect, but what feats does Amy have that even puts her in the same rank as Blaze let alone above it?
  4. Can't we just agree that the "Holy Trinity Male Hedgehogs" are all overpowered? I mean SEGA has been trying to make them the Saiyans of the Sonic series.
  5. Night, buddies!

    1. Bloxxerboy


      Have a good night!

  6. Alexios31

    Reflection about past cartoons and new series speculation

    I really hope a new cartoon is coming this year.
  7. I'd really like to know more about the development of KH3 and cut content

  8. DgVKZxuXkAA85l3.jpg

    That one time that Ridley actually swears. Course he was calling out the chozos so he earned that one.

  9. StaticMania

    Reflection about past cartoons and new series speculation

    AOSTH is the best one. Mania Adventures is the best one. Sonic OVA is less than them. Sonic Boom is less than that. Sonic X is less than that. Sonic the Hedgehog is less than that. Sonic Underground is less than that. Despite being a small test animation, Man of the Year is also pretty enjoyable for what it is. A short cartoon where Eggman wins, what more could you ask for?
  10. Today
  11. I wish we had the spoiler insert on the status chat thing. 

  12. So the swatting over Mignogna's allegations was actually false, but after Sean Schemmel posted about it on twitter someone tried to swat him for REAL. Vic supporters are top minds

    1. Wraith


      why would they ruin the fact that they were in the clear

    2. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      They're too smart to make good decisions

  13. The future of the next Sonic cartoon kinda depends on what trend is popular at the time. If you look at all the cartoons, it seems, like they all tried to copy the formula of other successful shows at the time. AoStH for example tired to copy the slapstick humor of The Looney Tunes and Animaniacs and also the surreal art style of Ren and Stimpy. Also, the story structure felt more like those shows, been more episodic. Satam was more of a story-driven action show, which it seems where also popular at the same time as whacky slapstick cartoons. The art style and tone felt closer to shows like Batman the animated series and Gargoyles. Sonic Underground... I really do not know what they wanted to achieve with this show. I heard rumors that this show wasn't planned to be a Sonic show, but instead something original, where Sonic was shoehorned in in the last minute. That would explain why Underground felt so sidelined in terms of Sonic content. Sonic X is problaby the show that comes the clostes in representin a spicific era of the Hedgehog in its show. In X's case the Adventure era. But still, this anime also had some influences form other animes at the time. Because Chris was more of the star of the then Sonic, I had a bit of a Digimon and Pokémon feeling by watching this show. Sonic Boom seems to took inspirations by modern western cartoons, that are more simple slice of life comedies like My little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The next big Sonic show could be anything at this point. It really depends in what people are into in the future. It could be anything.
  14. my experience playing the old resident evils so far has mostly been "bumble around poking at everything hoping i find something useful" but i just finished my first run of RE2 (GC) and i somehow managed to stumble into every major objective in the lab basically immediately. i feel like i only ended up exploring half of it and i know i missed some optional stuff, which feels weird after scouring every corner of the rest of the game and of RE1. i did at least manage to make the vaccine...due to a split second decision to not immediately explore what turned out to be the room with the final boss. i feel like i mr magoo-ed my way through the whole end of the game.

    at least i'll have a chance to see most of what i missed on the second playthrough i guess

  15. has there ever been a movie series based on a book series that's actually been better than the book series it's based on? because, thinking about it now, i can't think of any, at least that i've seen myself

    1. Blueknight V2.0

      Blueknight V2.0

      Well there's been Jurassic Park, How To Train Your Dragon and Shrek. All of which were based on books. And their all great.

    2. Celestia


      Harry Potter improved on some things without having too many weird/bad changes (and the ones that are there aren't a huge deal).

    3. Penny


      eh, i'd say the harry potter movies, while still pretty good movies, aren't nearly as good as the books

  16. "Ask not what others can do for you, but what you can do for others." - Sonic

    1. SupahBerry


      -- three months before his public assassination

    2. Zaysho


      "Don't make the sun laugh at you"

    3. KHCast


      “Sonic & the Political Race”

  17. Never again did I think the “X drops by Squidward’s house” meme would be relevant again, much less as a Smash-related meme.

    1. Blueknight V2.0

      Blueknight V2.0

      Here's another one. I've got to work on one of these right away. It's hilarious how many combinations this could generate.


  18. So, someone made some art of how Jim could probably most likely look like as Eggman. I think he might look like something similar to like this. What do you think?
  19. Actually, I think it will. If Paramount wants Sonic to be a franchise, it wouldn't surprise me if they wanted to make a cartoon to coincide with the movie on Nickelodeon.
  20. Well, there’s this.: What if that rumored cartoon is based on the movie? However, I doubt it based on that. Probably will be something Classic Sonic related. Anyway, back to the topic.
  21. How did they make Smash Ultimate feel so GOOD to play I don't understand.

  22. Another day, another bundle of excuses. Well, don't fret. Something tells me that the closer we get to the Sonic movie's release date, the more 'progress' we'll see from Penders. That or maybe he'll release more stuff about his own failed Sonic movie pitch. Either way, I doubt we're gonna be seeing anything of genuine substance before this year ends.
  23. I'm confused. They said "mini-non movie related" thing, but everyone's acting like we're getting something movie related. Also is anyone else getting the feeling that we're getting another Sonic cartoon? Either that, or more Mania Adventures episodes.
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