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  2. Quick Question.

    Which one stands out more/makes a stronger impression to you:


    or this


  3. Advanced Gameplay Idea Challenge

    Sonic wasn't perfect and for sure it could have been improved (for example, HA on A and Insta Shield on B instead of both on A; better stomp move, maybe working like the bubble shield instead of that thing we got), but his basic melee attack in Sonic Advance 2 was very useful, it was basically a speedrun tool and one of the most useful moves in the game. The melee attack is a small boost at fixed speed that sets you to a stop when it's finished. If you end into a spring or a dash panel, or any other gimmick, before the move ends, you would cancel the stopping part and benefit of the initial small boost. This way you can rush many sections without the need to slowly build momentum or stop and charge a spindash. Actually, once you learn how to use it, you will miss it when playing other characters/games... I suppose Advance 1 Amy can replicate a similar effect with down+A and B, but it's much slower (you must crouch first) and requires more space and timing. Anyway, while I already have some movesets ready for some characters, the no roll thing forces me to change those movesets a bit, or to do the hipster and do Infinite instead Infinite (6 moves, 1 button only). *Directional input: Basic movements, just like any other character, with the exception that he always floats (like Super Sonic) and he is unaffected by slippery terrain (unless it's a level gimmick such as the water slides in Labyrinth). He's floaty! Low gravity and horizontal acceleration while in air just like if he's on land. *A: Jump, he jumps uncurled, but when he jumps he's surrounded by those phantom ruby cubes that work like the orbiting green shells in Mario Kart; they last 1 hit and then disappear, when they disappear you are vulnerable, but you can restore them by landing and jumping again (you have 5 ruby blocks around Infinite and they spin slowly around him). *Down in air: Increased gravity. You make Infinite fall at regular gravity instead of the default floaty one; once you release the button it returns floaty, so you can manouver him in complex stage sections by switching the gravity mode at will. *A + Down in air: Creates a temporary illusory platform that lasts 5 seconds, then disappears. When he creates it, he also does a small double jump and caps the horizontal momentum to a maximum speed that allows the player to eventually land on the platform, regardless of the previous speed; though, it's not mandatory to land on the platform, and keep in mind that the gravity is affected when you push the down direction (the platform is not solid, it means that you can jump through it from below). *A in air: Infinite floats at constant altitude for a second (kills the vertical momentum, not the horizontal one) and in the process, he also launches the ruby blocks away damaging (or destroying) anything they hit; this move doesn't work if you have no ruby blocks remaining, and it also happens automatically when you are hit and you have already 1 ruby block. You can't do any other move until you land again, this includes altering the gravity, you can't (so you can't spam the move, you are stuck with the floaty gravity); also, still for the sake of balancing, the distance the ruby blocks travel to is limited, then they vanish (there is a stamina value, it automatically slowly recharges itself, and you consume it each time you perform this move... if you do it too often, it won't cover a big distance and will become considerably less useful). *A + Down on land (the temporary platform counts as land): Instead of charging a spindash, Infinite creates an illusory cannon and launches himself with it. While the cannon exists, you can change the aim and press the A button again to charge it: the longer you hold A, the faster you are launched away when you release it. The cannon disappears after a while or if the terrain below disappears as well. When launched, you are curled in a ball (with some phantom ruby effects around you but they are only visual), and you do damage to anything you hit just like you would do by jumping as Sonic (bouncing back if you hit a boss). When Infinite runs, he is vulnerable, because offcourse no roll, but he has the tools to hit enemies at long range, eventually slow down and build speed again with the cannon move, and put himself to safe spots by creating the temporary platform.
  4. >When even Maximilian dood is posting KH3 shit and is positive 

  5. Today
  6. Vinny just streamed the real polybius holy shit

    1. Polkadi


      You mean streamed one of the many fan-made versions...

    2. Ferno
  7. When you really think about it, Eggman isn't potentially just the evils of Order vs Sonic's freedom, he's actually also about the evil side of freedom vs Sonic's good side of freedom. Whereas Sonic ultimately values freedom but doesn't use it as a means to justify harming or oppressing others, Eggman is an example of someone who uses his freedom to crush anyone who stands in his way, only caring about his own narcissistic desires regardless of how much damage he causes and with no care for the consequences of his actions.

  8. I finally got my practice speed run of Sonic 1 done. I can do it in 16:43 as Tails. 

  9. So umm...shit. Those KH3 cutscenes were leaked by gamespot...we aren’t supposed to see them. Umm so I just spoiled myself unintentionally. We should probably spoiler tag those vids now guys.

    1. KHCast


      Fucking hell. It’s official sources leaking this, and apparently the YouTubers are getting shit by the community...

    2. LongcrierCat


      Oh geez, really? That's kind of highly irresponsible on Square's part.

    3. Ferno



      we're gonna need some duct tape for that tiny busted pipe

      sure hope no one saw that secret footage

    4. Polkadi



      Now, I have seen nothing and have never played KH, but,

      how much did they accidentally leak?!

    5. Strickerx5


      I feel like a lot of this falls directly on Square. This news is just coming up now and the videos have been out for like, what, 2 whole days now?

    6. Bobnik


      To be fair tho, from what I've seen, I don't feel like I was spoiled a lot.


      Young Xehanort was in trailers already and we knew he was in this world. Gigas being controlled by heartless is just logical.


      The two worlds thing is the only thing that I would consider a pretty big spoiler. But even then, in a grand scheme of things it doesn't mean much right now


      Overall, yeah, it sucks that Gamespot fucked up, but I don't think there was that much to spoil to not allow to show publically (except for that one tidbit).

    7. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      No reason it should be considered a spoiler since it's nothing we didn't already know. If they were going to show off a playable demo to people it doesn't make sense to keep the cutscenes under wraps since people are going to see it and film it. Whatever they showed should be fair game.

  10. Advanced Gameplay Idea Challenge

    Clove Gallop: Jump again after landing on the ground. Clove’s gallop not only makes her fly higher into the air, but may also deal damage. Scythe Attack: B Button. The scythe attack goes forward and cuts through her enemy. Blade Toss Attack: Hold B and release to make her throw her scythe at targets. This attack moves in an arc. Horizontal Slash: B in air, and any direction. Clove spins while holding her scythe in any given direction. Useful for bouncing off enemies. Vertical Cutter: A+B in air. Clove wildly slashes her scythe around, slicing through Knuckles walls. Grapple Attack: Press B in air and Clove will reach for any hanging posts and ledges to hang onto them with her scythe. Press up to pull yourself upwards. Ray (revamp from SM+) The big difference is that he loses his spin capabilities, with them replaced by new abilities. Glider: Works exactly like in Mania, but... Spinner Dodgem: Press B in gliding to do a barrel roll and spin away from enemies. If this glide has gained enough momentum, it is also damaging and not just invulnerable. Spin 3 times to obtain speed boosts, but if you do it 10 times, Ray will start to helplessly fall down. Membrane Attack: Press B to attack enemies with Ray’s big tail. This can also be used to push blocks away. Unless he has the Water Shield, he cannot break blocks this way. Grabbing Maneuver: Press Down and B to lift an object up with your tail and flick it away. Useful for puzzles, and he can break blocks by using this power.
  11. This is pretty cool!

  12. Average Guys (59% complete)

    Breakdown is finished! Now I'm gonna be stuck here for a day or so. This is the calmer bridge to the second half. I do hope I can come up with something clever. I do feel pretty inspired lately, I'm sure it'll be a snap.

  13. (tweet)


  14. *me playing a fighting game*

    "Alright! I've mastered the tutorial and have memoried every move!"

    *gets into an actual battle*


    "i have no idea how to play"

    1. Silencer226


      I know where you're coming from. The biggest mistake I made though was worrying so much about being good and getting better that I forgot to actually have fun.

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      *has an amane nishiki flowchart*

      Would you like a 5B BnB combo or just 5D spam? >:)

    3. Ferno





      *continues getting smacked around*

    4. Blacklightning


      Fighting games only seem interested in teaching combos rather the meta of engaging or defending where it's important, and somehow they wonder how they come off as exclusive and elitist as a result.

    5. Ferno


      i swear i rarely if ever block or use sheilds in fighting games

      though tbh i rarely use sheilds in other games like Zelda and such in general

      and i wonder why i always have a hard time 

    6. Polkadi


      most of this game's tutorial mode is blocking and combos to block and cancel attacks

  15. I actually wouldn't mind more birds. I know the Babylon Rogues weren't everyone's favorite characters, but birds are my favorite animal group and I would love to see more -- especially an owl!
  16. That video is literally the definition of evil smug bastard
  17. I absolutely love OutRun's soundtrack and could listen to it forever it feels like some days. I wonder if it's available on itunes...

    1. MightyRay


      I checked on my I tunes thing since SEGA at one stage was plonking a lot of their game music on I tunes and if it was on the Aussie store it'll definitely be on the US one. Sadly all I found were two EP's based on the game music made by different folks.

      So I guess they haven't got around to getting Outrun at least in Australia on the I tunes site.

  18. Night, buddies!

    1. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Have good night ^_^

    2. MightyRay


      G'night Failin! Sleep well!

  19. What's your idea of a spinoff sonic game?

    I'm strangely both simple and difficult to please all at the same. For example, Sonic R is my idea Sonic spin off and no other Sonic racing game has done it for me. If I were to be pressed to really define something though I would probably go with an on foot racer like Sonic R but instead of circuits have it set up like OutRun to capture the whimsy, wonder, and discovery of Sonic's adventures. Add in a story mode with multiple ending based on route and character and I would be in spin off bliss.
  20. I think Xbox One should have a removable HDD just like PS4, it's more convenient you know. 

    1. Silencer226


      I think all consoles should have the option to replace your storage device, especially when some game installations are getting to be around 60GB or more.

  21. Regarding dark themes in Sonic

    What alternate universe have you been in? Perhaps one where Sonic BOOM is like Mad Max?
  22. MDS's art & graphic creations - Now offering custom Firefox themes!

    Hot damn! I love your monster OC's they look really cool! Also there is no shame in using coloured pencils, you can do some awesome blending work with them and can create some nice effects too!
  23. Well back to playing Pokemon Crystal. Urge to do so after this recent let's play I'm watching.

    Can't get Steelix, Kingdra, Scizor  or HOUNDOOM on my Crystal team since I don't have anyone around here who can help me, I decided on this for my team:


    Recommendations on last slot? Should go for former?

    1. MightyRay


      I'd go with Heracross. Mainly cause it's one of my fave gen 2 pokes and bug types. 

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      You can get Houndoom. Its just stupidly post game. Yes fuck trade evolutions, especially if they have an item.

      I'd say Heracross. You can get it early on if you play your cards right and it has monstrous Attack. Its only downsides is that it doesn't have any good Fighting STAB this gen and Megahorn is late game move but its a colossus once you start raising one.

    3. TCB


      I know I can get Houndoom...but that's the point I want ut5 before the Elite Four not after it *cries*

    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      You could try to find a local gamer group. Or get another copy of some other version and a cable and have fun with it yourself. Boost your stats so that your Crystal team makes whatever other team you got a jobber team lol

    5. TCB


      I'm laaaaazy lmao

    6. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I mean you might not get Arcanine anyways because evolution stones are rare as fuck in this gen. You can still try to get Houndoom up to speed. It shouldn't be too hard with a strong team backing it up until it can hold its own.

      Oh if you wanted my opinion on Donphan, its a strong physical tank but I think its a big one trick pony ingame. Its really strong no doubt but it only has 1 strong coverage move and that's about it. And if anything hits hard on the special side its more or less game over. Heracross is surprisingly bulky, even on the special side.

    7. TCB


      Oh damnit the Fire Stone is a pain in the ass to get this gen you're right...so do I want to carry a Growlithe past the E4, trek all the way north to Cerulean JUST for that, or wait to catch Houndour outside of Celadon...

    8. Harkofthewaa


      This will sound unconventional, but swap Feraligatr with Typhlosion and get a different water type. That way you don't have to wait till the end of the game just to get your hands on a decent fire type. Also, three of your Pokemon are weak to rock. Not a real issue in standard play since Rock isn't really used that often, but I thought I'd mention that.

    9. TCB


      I'm already at Goldenrod. I ain't restarting my save.

  24. Captain Stryker, Ahklut, Abyss, Pearly, Opal/PB, Echo/Bottlenose, and Mr. Bristles the Yeti Crab. <strike>All</strike>Mostly such nicely incorporated and colorful designs for such unique creatures.
  25. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Gonna do this in one spurt I meant before she became a professional singer. From introduction up to whenever she stopped getting such prominent appearances. She was actually in the milestone with the Xorda for a panel or two and debuted in the Knuckles comic in the Mighty backup story. I suggest eventually buffing back up on that for a little context. Technically, there was a story that took place either during or before the Tails Miniseries where he meant an identical, but younger female fox also named Fiona on an island. Long story short, it was a trap made by Robotnik. There is indeed some relevance to the real Fiona going forward. I'm honestly kinda curious to see if SEGA/Mr.Flynn could've made them work with the more mainstream things. And yes, I'm pretty sure she was meant to have a Terminator vibe to her. I was specifically talking about the New252 versions, where Rotor had a bigger picture mindset that would occasionally cause him some annoyance with the way Sally chose to do things.
  26. Thankfully IDW is here to pick up where Archie and Boom were cut off. Even Rough and Tumble aren’t your typical skunks. I really hope the exploration of little-known animals continues in IDW. And i’ve noticed a much larger variety of animals as the basis for Badniks rather than with Mobians in the games. It also reminds me of Beast Wars, with Predacons being often invertebrates against largely mammalian Maximals. It’s more likely that we’ll get a coconut crab, a flea, a crinoid, a whipscorpion, a cuttlefish, or a velvet ant as Badniks rather than Mobians, which open more of an opportunity to celebrate animals as they are without anthropomorphic qualities.
  27. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Sally does unfortunately though share the trait of being perceived in an above reproach way pre-reboot though. It's one of the reasons I liked her a lot more after the reboot when she felt more like a member of the team in almost a familial way instead of being this pedestal raised bastion of false pretenses that she came across at her worst to me. But as I only really started following the comics loosely before the reboot though I could just be misinterpreting some of her presentation before that point.
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