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  3. Out of all of life's mysteries, the greatest of them all is why the hell do we live in a world where Norm of the North has five movies

    1. SupahBerry


      The Alpha and Omega films needed to transfer it's soul into a new body once's its power started to wane.



      Fittingly, the animation studio behind NotN also produced A&O 2.

    2. tailsBOOM!


      Wait it had 5?!?

  4. kinda glad Disney+ wasn't a thing years ago tbh. I could see lesser-known (at the time) heroes like Dr. Strange, Ant-Man or Black Panther just getting series on there vs having the big movies that they got to have, etc.

  5. Moon Knight and She-hulk. Hmm if and when they do the next avengers movie they have alot of characters to be apart of the team.

  6. They definitely changed the weapons' rotation as a whole. I've been getting a lot of missiles in 4th and 5th, where before I would normally get potions and TNT which didn't helped much. That's pretty nice (eventhough the missiles still act drunk). Also, I got a super boost at the beggining of Hyperspace Speedway and needless to say I went to the moon. I actually went TOO fast and flew over the second portal because the first of those two ramps (the ones with the lasers) sent me too high. It was amazing xD IDK about you, but this change is feeling pretty good already, at least to me. And I've only played 5 races so far. When I loose now, it at least feels like the player had more skill instead of more luck pick-ups. The super boost feels overpowered, but since it can be TOOOOOO fast you have to get a handle of it. Edit: another great couple of races, holy shit it feels great without that clock madness. It's as close are pure racing as we can get right now. The shields are been giving more often too.
  7. Americans get three months off school?

    excUUUUUUUUUSE me?

    We get nothing like that here.

    1. SupahBerry


      Eh, I heard more school districts are beginning to start up at around this month, so that's being eased up on. But yeah, lucky U.S.

    2. Ferno


      it was magical af

    3. Speederino


      As a kid it’s magical. As an adult it’s three months where the kids won’t get off your damn lawn >:U

  8. I hope they consider this experiment successful. It looks as though they’ll be judging it based on community feedback this time. Although admittedly I thought the Super Engine was a bit broken at first, clearly I’m not used to using it (i rarely play battle mode). Its refreshing to have this instead of 3 warp balls and several time stops on my ass during a race when I’m leading (and also not). Orbs especially just aren’t fast enough to touch the blue flamers that are waaaay ahead anyway, so a lengthy boost mechanic to get you back in the game actually works much better.
  9. Heh, I even got one while in 3rd place. Bit of a game changer.
  10. So i played for around an hr online and so far the clock and warp rate has gone down significantly, in fact I think I only was hit by the clock maybe twice the whole time. The super engine came up more than i liked though tbh.
  11. Muppets? High School Musical? Phineas and Ferb movie? Lizzie McGuire???  

    Phew, they don't mess around when they're bringing in all the forces of the Disney universe together. It's like having a ceremony for a Disney Theme Park that's all virtual.

    1. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Eh? What's this about?

    2. SupahBerry


      D23 Expo's Disney+ panel has been held. Announcement bombs everywhere!!

    3. SonicXtremeMania


      Don't forget the Proud Family gets new episodes on Disney+ too.

    4. Adamabba


      Jeesus they are really tryna get people to buy this

    5. Ferno


      they should be like nintendo during year one of the switch and be sure to space these out. hope they don't blow their whole load in that first year or two followed by a year or so of cooldown time while making more content, etc

    6. Strickerx5


      Ferno I'm going to be real with ya, when I read "be like nintendo" regarding any form of digital service I wince a little.

  12. Giving players behind a super engine instead of clocks and warp balls? I'll fucking take it, amen. That's actually a good trade. I think warp balls and clocks should be ONLY sorted when the player is in 8th place, but I see players getting them in 4th, 5th. I got one when I was in SECOND PLACE. I was like "-Well, m'kay". Anyways, glad they're finally taking an action. Also, nice that they took the higher road and didn't took the mistakenly given Champion decal away from the players ^^ Just played a race and no warp balls or clocks in sight. Left everybody in the dust. ALSO THIS. LET'S TALK ABOUT THIS.
  13. Anyone seen the KH3 Re:Written project?

  14. So Ms Marvel and She Hulk are getting Disney + shows and will pop up in the films. Ugh, I'll have to get it won't I?

    *See's Obi Wan news* Hell yeah I'll get it!!!!

    1. Ferno


      I just want it so I can finally watch Brave and Monsters University without having to buy/ rent them on Google Play and finally be able to say I've seen all the Pixar films to date.

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      @Ferno I'd highly recommend Monsters University myself. Have quite a soft spot for that film.

  15. The Mandalorian looks fucking fire, guys.

    1. tailsBOOM!


      Good fire or dumpster fire?  Because as a Boba Fett fan I'm hoping for the first 

    2. Failinhearts


      As in good fire. Like damn, this is hype.

  16. Oh. I never really paid much attention to the dates to be honest. They should really get rid of the countdown on the GP Nitro screen in that case if it has no relevance to the GP’s actual end date as that’s then false, because the reality is that it doesn’t have anything to do with the Pit Stop. For the Last GP the timer thing ran all the way down to zero and then Nitro then stopped filling. After that for the proceeding 4 or 5 days they then kept all the GP exclusive items in the Pit Stop. It does make me wonder actually if this has been done deliberately to confuse people, there is the Nitro Bar Filler Purchase for your Wumpa coins via MTX still coming right?
  17. Why did J.Jonah Jameson reveal who Spiderman really is? Cuz Mysterio said his name in a video said Spiderman was using Stark tech to kill him. Why did Mysterio frame Spider Man? As a way to get back at Peter for stopping his plans to use what now... say it with me... STARK technology. Why did Mysterio care to use this tech. Cuz he was written to have worked for who... again say it with me.. Tony Stark. Both Homecoming and Far From Home's stuff and story is filled with connections with the MCU that if you try to take it out all you get is Peter going to High school and going on a plane to Europe and returning with nothing happening.
  18. I’ve gotten thinking about the silent storytelling of the series back in those days, and well, the nature/magic/technology/urbanity contrast is indeed everywhere. And it does have a meaning, a subtle meaning that crept throughout the series with few exceptions, notably in 2013. Sonic 1: Bright-happy levels were frequent back then and made up at least half the stages. Perhaps due to being the first entry in the series, South Island is made out to be fairly cheery, and it’s not only in nature (Green Hill, Bridge, Jungle), the urban construction sites of Spring Yard and Star Light are also bright and full of possibilities and hope for the future, and are still under attack from Eggman. This is a showcase of technology sitting alongside nature without harming it. Marble and Labyrinth are examples of nature managing to overtake (gaudy) remnants of civilizations long lost, with their remains providing a place for nature to thrive yet still hiding their inhospitable dangers. Scrap Brain and Sky Base are the sterling pairs of Eggman, who shows his narcissism for the first time by keeping them polished and shiny. Sonic 2: Here’s where themes are more refined, with corrupting technology piercing into more areas, like Oil Ocean and Gimmick Mountain. Both South and Westside island have both wonderful and miserable areas, most of those miserable areas under Eggman’s reign. The launch of the Death Egg in the 16-bit version and the murder of Tails in the 8-bit version show how farfetched this bumbler’s ambitions are. Eggman is a crouching moron, hidden badass. When he puts his often feeble mind to it, terrible things can happen. Regardless, stages like Sky Chase display the determination of Sonic. Tails’s determination to save Sonic comes into play at the end, alongside the discovery of Super Sonic and the seventh emerald. Sonic CD: The Bad Futures and Good Futures Show two different sides to technology, be it used for evil or good. Even Eggman’s own creations can be used for good. Several of the stages seem less... cheery than South Island. Sonic 3: Unlike the prior two, several areas on Angel Island are dangerous even without Eggman’s power, such as Lava Reef. Yet these worlds are somehow both wondrous and horrible. Eggman is shown to actively ruin and decimate nature and urban areas before our very eyes. These themes would continue into future games, where we see his grandfather managed to go insane and create the Biolizard, the misplaced efforts of science create Iblis, etc.
  19. It was always set to end 25/8. The extra days are to give a bit more chance to get everything out the pitstop that's GP exclusive.
  20. falconwintersoldierlogo.png




    they changed that logo up real quick tho

    1. Zaysho


      ...tbh I like the first one more.

    2. Ryannumber1gamer



      I agree. I like how the original stands out the two characters by themselves instead of making it just look like they're gonna tie into a Cap story. If they're gonna be handling their own show, I'd rather a logo that shows them both off as themselves, instead as "Cap's best buds".

  21. https://blog.activision.com/crash-bandicoot/2019-08/Super-Engines-Warp-Orbs-and-a-brand-new-GP-Decal Well, they have confirmed the Super Engine is a legit deal - for just this weekend as a trial anyway. Alongside this there are additional changes to the distribution of clocks and orbs for balance testing purposes. Apparently reddit testers have also confirmed that the Super Engine nerfs your reserve boosts as well, and will not help or enhance Sacred/Blue fire experts either... thank Christ. Oddly the GP is also now ending on Sunday... despite my timer saying 4 days left. Huh. I better get cracking with that last unlockable I guess, less time than I originally thought to coast it. I like that in the blog they also admitted the error of the back n time decal going out by mistake in advance alongside the Champion Kart distribution to the winners - however it is interesting that they didn’t disclose that they also gave out the Champion Kart to EVERYONE by mistake as well haha!

    Obi-Wan series for Disney+ confirmed

  23. That's not Rockin' enough. It's one of those misguided attempts at goodness that is actually really evil all along.
  24. Thing from the old Western canon. Turned Kintobor into Robotnik.
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