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  3. >Angry Birds >a good movie Yeah, you'll forgive me for taking your opinions with a pinch of salt from here on out.
  4. U2 and U3 interest me the most outside of U11 and U6. The former appears to have titan-like beings on their side (along with a Darkstalkers OC) which could make for some epic scenes, while Universe 3's entire line-up just looks plain awesome. I hope we get to see plenty of them in action. I'm surprised that the Yardrat is from U2... The universes aren't supposed to all share species, so I wonder what they are doing there. I guess it's possible they were moved for some reason. After all, U7 can't be the only ones off on spectacular adventures, right? Meanwhile U9 looks to have resorted to raiding hell for allies. They even resemble standard enemies from a video game and will probably get tossed aside just as easily. It's just as well that the fennec foe is from U4. Going by the intro, they might be a formiddable fighter.
  5. I don't hate classic sonic in forces, nor did I in Generations, it's just way more plain than original classic sonic. Gens/Forces classic fun lasts for a while, but gets boring quickly due to its more automated and unimaginative gameplay mechanics. Original classics are still fun because the physics let you fool with the game in so many ways.
  6. If you read everything I wrote I addressed that and many more. To be clear this was to also address what you've wrote since the last page so while that may not be what you're trying to say from that quote doesn't take away what was written earlier. "not gonna give it special treatment because it's sonic" "the show is no longer popular with the american audience" to name a few.
  7. Actually there wasn't even that much explosions either. I think most of the budget got blown on all those Cybertron shots. He just had to be obsessed with the idea of a giant planet destroying the Earth just so he can break the computers again. He actually admitted that's his goal with each film. Basically to break the computers so it'll encourage IMAX to constantly make them stronger. That's okay I guess but he really shouldn't sacrifice quality just to make a few computers crash.
  8. not my argument smh my argument is that the show isn't likely to get a third season due to poor ratings. shows that get poor ratings don't normally continue, regardless of why the ratings are poor how many views the show gets on sites like youtube have nothing to do with how it'll do on tv
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  10. That's not a very logical way of looking at it. If we're tackling the argument that the show "isn't popular due to poor ratings" the reasoning behind it is very important especially with presented contradictions to that statement. Take YouTube videos for example, where anyone can search up the show anytime even if they're just clips, before Sega (politely) asked fans to take down SB videos you would see quite a number of them in the Mills because it was easy and accessible. Actually you still do (Thank you SpongicX) Even more than Sonic forces recently, evidently only the first debut trailer beat it by merely 200k and that videos been around since July of last year. Sonic Boom has an audience but a very neglected one, looking back before boomerang it was shoved in an uncomfortable time slot with minimal promotion which in business is very important to have, if you can't reach your audience and give them reasonable access to said product how can you expect it to thrive? Sega gave a big push then stopped, CN barely made that push if not at all. The show was doing pretty well on CN until they messed with the scheduling and stopped pushing the promotions, we had hiatus with no warning or notification, schedule changes that fluctuated. Once back to it's normal schedule it was not the same it took quite a while to adjust from all that jumping around but once some time passed numbers started to raise again. One thing people need to remember is the causal fan viewership wont dig deep outside from regular social media and TV adverts. Sonic Booms goal was to reach a larger audiences outside of our fandom. No average Joe will know to follow TSSZ or Sonic stadium to learn these changes. At most would follow Sonic's social media along with their friends/families. Can't stress enough there's a much bigger world out there and it's silly to think "if they love the show they would just look up all this information" because a lot of the time you have to go through hoops to obtain that very information, without regular social media and TV or any other promotions you're left in the dark. Which leads to our current issue. Boomerang In america has a 38% of american viewership, where CN has 85% which is a notable difference in audience. Most if not all my fellow fans mentioned they don't have boomerang and have to watch the show via other means which means Boom lacks accessibility. Now if you're going off official viewership numbers and not considering everything than I can see where that would make sense but it's a known fact not everyone has boomerang and has to view the show through other means, which you don't have the numbers too. I feel Sega would benefit greatly if the show was moved to an online streaming service like Netflix or something more personalized and accessible to everyone and It's no secret the show has been well received. Last notes The very last episode of season one I remember the Paris Terror Attack hit that Saturday morning and was not just Sonic Boom but most shows near that time slot were affected with low rating due to everyone tuning to news stations. Now stating those shows are not as popular because of something like that would sound absurd. This isn't "excuses because it's sonic" It's a "reasonable assessment" based on problems of promotion, accessibility and world events. From this prospective it feels like this is coming from a place of " I don't want this show to continue so these points aren't valid" hence using "because it's sonic" looks like an excuse in itself. Going by just Boomerang numbers yes that wouldn't make sense however they're a corporation and they must be aware of such things and I highly doubt they believe boomerang is the only place people are watching Sonic Boom. Like mentioned it's an issue All and all it feels like the negative reception of Rise of lyric is what really caused lack of faith in the Sonic boom brand and they probably underestimated the shows power. If anything it's the fans that will prove that power and this choice nomination is proof of that, wasn't for the nomination and fan support the Sonic twitter probably wouldn't have made a post promoting it to begin with and that's a pretty interesting thought.
  11. Here's some of the character centric ideas I have. (I have plenty more, but we'll be here all day XD.) A Blaze the Cat Series - Seriously there is so much potential to her and her world, but we haven't really seen much of it, so how about a little series of games starring the beloved cat and her world, maybe it could be a handheld only series running alongside the main Sonic series on consoles, using the same Rush engine that was used on Generations 3DS, (Which had a lot of potential IMO.), as she and Marine go through various levels set in the Sol Dimension to stop Dr Eggman Nega and his army, (Personally, I would want Captain Whiskers to be the main antagonist of these games as you fight him and his robot pirate crew, but let's be real here.) though as the console and handheld markets are slowly becoming one thanks to the Switch, something like this could be a bit difficult. (Maybe give the boost to Blaze and call it a fire dash or something and have Sonic develop the Lost World style? I don't know?), but either way, just seeing more of Blaze and the Sol Dimension in general would make me happy. Team Chaotix detective game - Okay let's be honest here, I'm sure everyone kind of wants this, but seriously it's such a neat idea, imagine playing as the Chaotix and using their various abilities to solve various mysteries and cases, hell one of the cases could even be resolved around finding Mighty and Ray (Who have been missing if Generations has to indicate.), seriously this shit writes itself. Tails' Adventure franchise - I really liked the idea behind the Tails' Adventure game, where you play as Tails as you go around exploring in this huge metroidvania world using the various gadgets you find to explore the large world and to defeat the battle Kukku empire, seriously this is a neat idea and I kind of wished Sega explored it more, as it had a lot of potential to become a true franchise with it's own identify and cast of characters, but alas.
  12. Do you guys ever feel upset how a character or characters you like aren't used often but you try to remind that it's really not soemthing worth getting upset over?

    1. Red


      This is me with Looker from Pokemon. I absolutely love him, and I was elated when he had such an important role in Sun and Moon. I will be extremely upset and saddened if his role isn't expanded on in Ultra Sun/Moon or he's removed altogether. Looker is the reason I keep playing Pokemon, I like the character and the stories he's in.

  13. It does? I guess I need to read it again. Kinda sad that Tao Pai Pai won't be in the game...
  14. This is the cover of "Sonic O Fant√°stico". It's the Sonic Christmas Blast equivalent here in Brazil.
  15. I didn't mention Krillin at all. He is 100% in the game. I only said they meant characters like Hercule, Cell Jrs or Saibamen. Maybe they can make Hercule work, but not the other 2.
  16. In what world is Krillin a troll character? And what does the kind of character they are have to do with anything? Even a goofy character like Mr. Satan can be a good fighter in a game with the right moveset.
  17. They want the game to be competitive, so I can see them not focusing on troll characters.
  18. That's just stupid. No one should have a chance against Frieza and yet they're still in the game.
  19. Is the Instant Transmision that strong though? It can be used when going from planet to planet, but another universe is kinda much. Especially since you need a Cube to travel through universes.
  20. Main reason is to have the physical scanned for documentation for Retro's Wiki and The VGMDB, I know thats an otherwise "Best of" album and not much of a good hunt to track down the songs in it.
  21. Even if you don't like these games, I don't really get your point of view. Everything in the world - including video games - is achieved by experimenting and polishing existing experiences, learning from mistakes etc. This is the case with 3D games as well, the digital world improves fast. For instance: if we follow your way of thinking, we could say that mobile phones from the 2000s are bad because you can't use WLAN with them, they had monochrome display and couldn't do more than phoning. Today, we can do whatever we want with smartphones, so we can say original mobile phones are bad. I don't think this is how things work. Every part of advancement is necessary, whether it is good or bad.
  22. Hmm, looking at some of the styles of Japanese dress, maybe "Smug Pup" (as I've discovered is a common fan name for the fennec fox) is a guy, I was just taken aback by the super long dress sleeves and such. It's possible he's from 6 or 7 but teleported to 2, or perhaps 2 is where the Yardrat actually come from. All they need is an energy signature and bam, even travel between universes would be possible. I'm sure there have been enough Yardrat eccentrics to have universe hopped.
  23. Even taking into account the division of labor, there's still the fact that the quality of a product is not inherently equivalent to the amount of time and effort put into it, but rather the quality of the time and effort. This is the same problem with Sonic 06 albeit to much smaller degree: Short of a miracle, you're not likely to see a huge increase in quality if the threshold for said quality (as it was in the time of SA1's development) is already at a set point, no matter how much time and energy you put into it. In other words, you're not likely to paint the Mona Lisa if the only thing you know how to draw is stick figures.
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