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  2. Sonic Forces - OST Thread

    To be fair, Tee Lopes' compositions for Mania are owned by SEGA and they can do with them as they wish. ...Unless Fumie Kumatani got credited in the booklet as the original composer of Rhythm and Balance or Supporting Me, skipping over Tee Lopes would be weird in that case.
  3. Black, are you ok?


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  5. Android 21 could still be revealed as a playable character. As of yet at least there's no GT character. The "full" roster is: 1. SSJ Goku 2. SSB Goku 3. Super Vegeta 4. SSB Vegeta 5. SSJ2 Young Gohan 6. Adult Gohan (w/ Ultimate) 7. Fat Buu 8. Kid Buu 9. Perfect Cell 10. Freeza (w/Golden Form) 11. SSJ Trunks (Future) 12. Piccolo 13. Krillin 14. Yamcha 15. Tien 16. Android 16 17. Android 18(w/ Android 17) 18. Captain Ginyu (w/ Ginyu Force) 19. Nappa(w/ Saibamen) 20. SSJ3 Gotenks 21. Beerus 22. Hit 23. Rosé Goku Black(w/ Zamasu)
  6. About to watch The Last Jedi :D

  7. Reviewed Sonic the Hedgehog #178! House of no fucks to give


    1. RedFox99


      Huh... So House of Cards was originally going to be 4 issues. Do you think it would've helped the story that much?

  8. Awesome trailer, I love that song from Buu's saga <3 (althought it's the first time I hear it in japanese). I think that's about it for characters? Wish they could at least add Kid Goku from GT with SS4 as the transformation. BTW, is there ANY character from GT?
  9. This is gonna be a long month...

  10. My Hero Academia: One's Justice (PS4, Switch)

    Looks alright, it plays exactly how I'd expected. The arena looks small, the gameplay very spammy and the fight in the wall has already been made in Naruto Storm ages ago. They're gonna have to try harder.
  11. Let it sink in we got Monsters Inc potentially leaked for KH3 before we finally saw the BH6 world...my patience is running thin on that square.:|

    1. Shiguy


      I wonder if someone on the Dev team is like, "Well fuck, we already had plans for BH6 world showcase. Guess we gotta show both them off now..."

      I'd be totally down for that.

    2. KHCast


      Oh fuck yes

      If they can’t get hype from Monsters now, they can from that world 

  12. I've watched at least 30 movies in the theaters this year (yep, I really like the popcorn), and I can't place The Last Jedi even in my top 20... Mother!, Split, Get Out, Logan, Silence, Dunkirk, even Spiderman are far better.

    1. Polkadi


      ...They were all in this year..?!

      My god, time is slow.

    2. Jango


      Yep. Stephen King's It is pretty good too. Kingsman 2 is entertaining. Guardians Vol. 2 was disappointing to me. Thor is funny.... That's about it. Murder in the Orient Express is good too, watched it last week.

    3. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      murder in the hercule poirot's moustache is a great film fight me

    4. NikoS


      What’s the deal with The Last Jedi?, is it too similar to the originals again? Or is the story the “a lot happens, but nothing really happens” type?

    5. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      @NikoS neither honestly. It's brand new, it just does some EXTREMELY questionable storytelling. And some plot points decisions are odd to say the least. It's going to be an extremely divisive film.

  13. The only reason Infinite exists is because Nakamura's still upset that his son Mephiles is dead and never coming back.

    Nice to see that his attempts to bring him back are blowing up in his face, though.

  14. Letting out a small giggle, Sally nodded as she shivered. "A time of celebration, love, and giving! Though, with some friends and I so far from home, I'm not sure how I could... Y'know..." She thought back to her Christmas back home, on Mobius. Snows, gifts, carols filling the streets of her kingdom, as her subjects were joyful and merry! And when her Freedom Fighters were out about the world, she saw how the world celebrated this special time... And now, she would find how the heroes of the multiverse would celebrate these holidays, so maybe it wasn't all bad! Sally looked down at her mutant gingerbread man, with it's head bitten off. All she had on hand was that... So, the young princess decides to give it to Pup! "It's not much, and I'm sure I could give something better, but... It's the thought that counts, right?" Looking up to the freezing robot George, Sally takes off her blue vest, her black top underneath now visible. Then she wraps the vest around George, continuing, "And I'm sure that'll keep your bolts and servos warm for the little while. Again, it's not much..."
  15. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/franchise/star_wars_saga/

    Well shit, the audience score for Last Jedi is the lowest out of all the main Star Wars films.

    Only Clone Wars 2008 has a lower score.

    1. Polkadi


      If you thought Sonic Forces was divisive, ooohhh man, guess again.

    2. QuantumEdge


      I'm scared dwibs, I really am...

    3. Depression Kong

      Depression Kong

      Maybe Alvin would have stood a chance if he waited two more years.

    4. dwibs93


      @Depression Kong The irony now because of the Fox/Disney deal...

    5. Cobalt_Bolt


      Whelp this should be interesting once I see it in January.

  16. Jump Festa trailer is here. You can't top this trailer.
  17. That trailer was so beautiful I feel like I'm about to cry.



    1. Jango


      Holy shit yes that music!


    this is canon

    1. KHCast


      This is the only way this will be okay with me in KH3

    2. Partridge in a Dee Tree
    3. KHCast



      We need to see heartless bobby now. Or Xehanort possessed Peggy 

  20. Guys, I don’t think the Monsters Inc. “leak” is fake....I’m cross referencing the small details like the fire trail left from using that spell the ground sparks and flames...I’ve zoomed in and everything. it’s detailed almost precisely as what we’ve seen from past KH3 trailers. That's a small detail I can’t imagine a fake getting down to a exact 1:1. I’m at least 60% convinced this is the real shit guys. 

    1. KHCast


      I’m convinced that we may very well get a world reveal here at jump festa

    2. Sonikko


      I think it's real, it looks authentic to me, just a bit unpolished, which would make sense given we have no release window yet.

    3. KHCast


      Also if this is real I CALLED Vanitas and the unversed returning 

    4. Shiguy


      Alot of people have seemingly point out that character portraits don't match with the character models for Sora Donald & Goofy despite the fact the kanji beside Donald & Goofy represents "Temporary" likely being placeholders before they actually update the HUD to represent their world look.

      Based on the two screenshots one could assume that the assets from what little we can see won't be the same ones seen in offical footage. (Like the Double Arrow guns in the D23 2013 footage that shot fire instead of arrows) that mysterious Snail Monster or Unversed probably won't have the exact same placement as the did in the first screenshot.

      And just echo what alot of OTHER people been saying (reguarding story speculation) Vanitas and the Unversed playing a role here makes waaaaaaaaay too much sense when you think about it.

    5. Sonikko


      I believe the early HUD thing. I mean, if someone went all the way to create fake 3D renders and models that detailed, why didn't they also make a couple of portraits? It takes so little effort in comparison to all the rest.

      Considering it's all so accurate to the rest of the trailers we've seen.

    6. KHCast


      Kinda sucks this won’t probably be a huge surprise now. But eh, at the same time, KH has had enough wtf reaction moments as is lol. 

  21. since my channel's 4 years old this month, have some grade-A 240p garbage from my early youtube days


    1. jingleblurs98


      oh god i used to do my reviews like this


  22. Sonic Forces - OST Thread

    Jun has one track he SHOULD have been credited for. "Cutscene-The Fake" is All Hail Shadow so Jun's work but the book only says "taken from Sonic the Hedgehog". Hell, they don't even credit Tee Lopes for the snippet of the Mania theme used in "Cutscene - Good to see a Sonic".
  23. Maybe we shouldn't rush to conclusions here. Maybe Penders just doesn't know the difference between a walrus and a rhino?
  24. "...Dude, that was grim." Mouseboy replied as soon as he had finished hearing Pixel's story. "Grim is actually an understatement." Pixels muttered as he took the cup of cocoa he bought from the penguin. Pixels had been telling Mouseboy about the last adventure he had been on... As a superhero, Pixels knew that one day he would have to deal with the dark side of the world, and villains who did deeds more personal and violent than simply taking over the world. Pixels didn't expect to be thrown into a mission like this so early, and the more he thought about it, the more he began to question his role as a superhero. "Well, I wouldn't dwell on it so much dude." Mouseboy said as he sipped his drink, "It a part of the job... a learning experience, you know? We became superheroes because we want to prevent stuff like that from happening. Not all villains are as hammy or funny as Robrainiac." "Well... I know that." Pixels replied, "It's just that... It was always easier to imagine it than experiencing it. And after all that chaos, seeing that villain die was way more satisfying than it should of been." "Whooaaa, back up there, bro." Mouseboy held his hand up, "That's the kind of thinking that could send you down a road I like to call "heel-turn road."" "Yeah, I know... It's kind of a scary feeling, man. Seeing so much chaos and pain really puts me in a mood. I guess that's what happens when a rookie signs up with a bunch of professionals." Pixels and Mouseboy found a bench and sat on it, continuing their conversation and drinking their warm drinks. "You know... I really envy a lot of the people here." "Huh? How come?" "It's... the experiences they have, you know?" Pixels began, as he began to stare off into space, "You have the Setinel Sonic and Sayaka, pretty much long time interdimensional heroes, Nightwing and Batman, the classic posterboys for superheroes, particularly the ones of the night, You have all the people from the world the simulation is based off of... Did you know that each one of them is a master of their talent? Heh, yeah, I was impressed when I first learned that. Heck, pretty much everyone's a pro at what they do around here... me?" Pixels pulled out a sandwich and dropped it on his lap. "I'm the guy with the super sandwiches and lame one-liners. That's it. That's my talent." Mouseboy shrugged "Well you're a master at one thing... Pixels! The ultimate worrywart!" "...And you're about to be the ultimate chocolate head in a few seconds here." Pixels shot a glare at Mouseboy, as he held his hot cocoa above his mouse companion's head. "I'm just saying dude, you worry way too much about yourself and what other people think of you. Look, these guys started off somewhere, just like you and me. They're not skilled just to show off and make you look bad. Trust me on this... They're just like you and me, even if they come from different worlds, act kinda funky and look different... otherwise, they're just like you and me!" Pixels remained silent, thinking of what Mouseboy was saying. "Point taken, mouse... point taken." The fox let out a sigh as he began to drink his cocoa. "Do you think we'll be great heroes one day, Mouse?" "We're gonna be some of the greates, Pix. Who knows? One day we'll be saving not only cities, but maybe even the universe! Who knows?" Pixels couldn't help but smile. "Yeah... who knows?" Pixels got to his feet, his cup still in his hands, "You know... I think I should call it a night." "Oh come on Pix! The night is still young!" Mouseboy blocked his long time pal from walking away. "You know... you really need to socialize a bit more, man. Come on, let's go find some people to talk to huh?" "Wh-wha-?!" Before Pixels could hav a say, he felt the Mouse superhero dragging him away, unsure of where he was taking him.
  25. Oh lord, I'm seeing a crap ton of The Last Jedi already. 

    Has it always been with Star Wars movies? First 2 days of showings had people mostly saying "it's pretty great", and now it's "it's fucking garbage and if you like the movie then you also like lootboxes in EAfront 2". 



    Btw I'm going to see it for myself today, so yeah...

    1. Dejimon11


      People really love to over exaggerate things. I'm letting you no right now it's nowhere near terrible or anything like people have been making it out to be. There are a lot of issues with the film but there is a lot of good. 

    2. StrickerXmas


      I've kind of just stayed out of anything Star Wars discussion related so far. I'm not seeing the movie till finals are done and I'm back in Chicago. Though even then, I've already seen some mixed opinions on it.

      It's interesting to say the least. I'm not nearly as into this series as others seem to be(Force Awakens was the first time I watched one of them in full and I only watched the originals afterwards) so I am pretty damn curious to see what all the fuss is about for myself.

    3. Gabz Girl

      Gabz Girl

      Same here...watching it this evening with my bf. Oh God I hope I don’t hate it, I’m so worried. 

    4. Solister


      It seems it having some divided opinions. But sincerely, I don't think those peoples which say the movie is bad, had watched all other movies. I watched the whole saga (I - VII + RO), and I'm going to watch TLJ this afternoon. I hope I like it, all those comments are scaring me (But I don't think a simple movie will make me hate the whole series).

      I'm trying to avoid every Spoiler, and I didn't say any trailer (Just one, being sincerely). My brother which saw it yesterday, said it was pretty good (But he didn't saw the whole series). Btw, I'm almost with a shotgun in hand to make him don't tell me any spoilers.

  26. Honestly Sonic Unleashed is a horrible game

    oh no, an opinion boo hiss JK, you can have your opinion. your opinion is one i don't personally agree with, but it's yours and you are 100% entitled to it. i agree that the framerate and medals are absolute trash, though.
  27. Everything from Jump Festa for Hero Academia was pure hype. Enjoying all the other Jump news coming out currently from the event, too!

    1. DiamondX


      Did you watch the entire stream or just the MHA part?

    2. Izuku Deku Midoriya

      Izuku Deku Midoriya

      Just the MHA part. I've been on Twitter, Facebook, and AnimeNewsNetwork for all the other news (DB 20th movie, Yu Yu 20th BD box set, no JoJo Part 5 anime, etc)

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