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  2. Sonic Mania SPOILERS Thread

    What a game would Mania 2 (or whatever the name) be if Mania Team takes all feedback into account. Ok, maybe Mania is not better than S3&K, but after this first attempt, and taking into account how much attention they've given to details, the next game can easily be the best classic hands down. I mean, Mania Team already had the knowledge from the past, but had never introduced stuff of their own. Now they have, and they're learning what's been welcome and what not. Next game can only be better. They'll surely try more new stuff and probably make new mistakes, but progression looks promising on this team.
  3. Yeah, I like the HBH, but replacing the last villains with them? Hell no, they are fan favorites, even Zavok is the most popular of the zeti. Plus Forces story talks about the world being conquered, so every character should be involved in this situation.
  4. The people talking will be untranslated Japanese probably, but I bet the game will be in English. I think getting a new zone is the best possible scenario, since it has to look closer to either GHZ or Park Avenue and therefore determine just what the fuck we should expect this game's levels will look like.
  5. Forces story: what would you like to see.

    The fact that they complain about every non classic non Taxman game pretty much means they whine... a lot. Mania is not the only good game around.
  6. You ever just think about how Tails' house in Sonic Battle is shaped like his head

    1. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      That would require thinking about Sonic Battle

  7. Sonic Mania SPOILERS Thread

    Just tried it. Both on a bonus stage failed and on one cleared perfectly it did not add to my ring count.
  8. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    “Space, The Final Frontier, the uncharted territory, the big inky blackness filled with glowy burning balls of gas that has planets around it. “These are the voyages of the StarShip Billy. Our mission? To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly outdo our competitors at that scumbag company, Interstellar studios! I mean seriously! Where do they get off on ripping our ideas?! I know for a fact that we had a spinning teacup ride in my theme park, and when we visit, what do I see?! TEA. CUPS. Not only that, but they also had a roller coaster made entirely out of loops, a funhouse that drops you 100 feet into a ball pit, and a ride through cyberspace!!! What the heck?! Interstellar studios? More like interSTEALER studios! Ooooh, as soon as I get my amusement park up and working again, I’m gonna-“ “Pup! Take it easy! We can only record so much!” The figure talking let out a sigh. He straightened himself up and cleared his throat as he looked back at the camera. “Oh… Yeah. I suppose you’re right. Ahem. Anyways, I should introduce myself. The name is Space Puppy! But you can call me Pup! I’m the captain of the StarShip Billie manager of the planet-wide theme park/resort, Happy Kingdom World ! And this is my first mate Robo George. You can call him George. “H-hey. How you doing?” George said, waving at the video camera before him. “Anyways, you know how we met. I woke up one day to find Happy Kingdom World abandoned, and I was left alone… Luckly, I was able to keep my sanity, thanks to the help of some friends!” Pup moved aside and gestured to a cardboard box, a rock, an empty plant pot and a mop. George, looking at the the camera, shook his head before Pup turned his attention back. “It wasn’t until I met my first, George! He was abandoned by his creators when I first met him, and after fixing up our ship we now explore the planets, hoping to get some inspiration to bring visitors back to our theme park!” “Speaking of inspiration…” George said, pulling up a monitor “It says here that a dimensional tear is close by… Pup, think this the path to the to the world of the Skylanders Academy. “Ah! The Skylanders academy!” Pup grinned turning back to the camera, “The academy of heroes, world hopping, danger, adventure, action, suspense, hope, despair, and… eh, maybe some romance, I dunno.” The dog-like spaceman stood triumphantly, “That, my friends, sounds like the perfect inspiration for a theme park! Could you imagine? The Skylanders academy experience! It’ll have… uh… um… er…” Pup sighed, “Well, actually, I don’t know what to expect, other than world hopping… But heck, if it doesn’t sound promising! Once we get the park rights then Happy world will be back on top of the entertainment and theme park industries! EAT IT INTERSTEALER STUDIOS! YOU’RE ALL GOING DOWN!” In his excitement, Pup jumped on the dashboard of the ship, pressing a big red button labeled ‘DANGER!’ “WARNING. SELF DESTRUCT SEQUINCE INITIATED. PLEASE EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY. THE SHIP WILL SELF DESTRUCT IN FIVE. FOUR. THREE…” “Now hold on there, pup. I know you’re excited, but let’s be reasonable here. How do we know this place will be exciting for a land in a theme park? We are going in blind.” George said as he pressed a big green button labled ‘In case of accidental self destruct sequence’ “SELF DESTRUCT SEQUENCE CANCELLED. THANK YOU FOR BUYING AND SUPPORTING KASPLODI INDUSTRIES .” “It’s a world… where you go to other worlds!” Pup exclaimed, “What isn’t there to be excited about?! Imagine! School kids traveling the multiverse to stop a deadly threat! Animals that can run really fast! Talking Skeletons! WALKING TEDDY BEARS! BUFF MEN WITH GOLDEN HAIR SCREAMING AT EACHOTHER! BLUE. HAIR.” “…Blue hair?” “Yeah! Naturally Blue hair’s awesome!” BEEP BEEP BEEP! Robo George and Space Puppy turned their attention towards the windshield of the cockpit, seeing a large gashlike-like formation before them. Pup grinned as he hopped out of his seat. “AHA! WE’VE MADE IT!” The space canine declared, “FULL SPEED AHEAD! ROCKSTON! BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES! BOXY, HOIST THE SAILS! POTTERSON, SCRUB THE POOP DECK! WE’RE ABOUT TO LEAVE OUR DIMENSION!” “Um. We’re in a spaceship, pup. You see what I have to deal with here?” George sighed sitting his elbow onto the dashboard and resting his cubic head on his hand. “So… Yeah, we’ll keep you posted. Who knows what kinds of freaks and weirdos we might be running into in this new dee-mention” “WARNING. SELF DESTRUCT SEQUENCE INITIATED. PLEASE EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY. THE SHIP WILL SELF DESTRU-” “Ah grandma flumper!” George swore as he pressed the green button again “SELF DESTRUCT SEQUENCE CANCELLED. THANK YOU FOR BUYING AND SUPPORTING KASPLODI INDUSTRIES .” ROBO GEORGE AND SPACE PUPPY: GALACTIC EXPLORERS/FREELANCE JANITORS/THEME PARK MANAGERS ROBO GEORGE: AKA George ELEMENT: TECH BATTLE CLASS: QUICKSHOT CATEGORY: SUPERCHARGER RANDOM TIDBIT: SCARED OF MICE George was a garbage disposal robot, created to scavage parts and clean up planets for his creators, the reptilian "Dracobrans." However, unlike other disposal robots, George was a highly curious, highly intelligent and highly clumsy robot. Due to his free will, we was left on the recently discovered planet "Ub" by his creators and fellow disposal bots. There, he met Space Puppy, the last inhabitant of planet Ub. After helping repair a ship, Pup told George about his desire to travel the world and try to rebuild his theme park. Excited at the prospect of exploring worlds instead of cleaning them up, George happily agrees to join Pup on his travels. SPACE PUPPY: AKA PUP ELEMENT: TECH, LIGHT BATTLE CLASS: SWASHBUCKLER CATEGORY: SUPERCHARGER RANDOM TIDBIT: LOVES NACHO CHEESE Not much is known about the origins of Space Puppy. Either he's lost his memory, or would rather look to the future. All he will say was that one day, he woke up form Cyrosleep, only to find that he was the last person on his planet, which was one giant theme park known as "Happy Kingdom World," beloved by many across the galaxies. Space Puppy insists that he was able to keep his sanity, thanks his "crew" (And by crew, I mean random junk he found in the janitor's closet,) and spending most of his time on Ub trying to clean up and repair a small part of the area he was in and repairing a ship he found. Upon meeting George, the two formed a friendship, and agreed to leave the planet and travel the stars in search for inspiration for their new and improved theme park. After learning about the Skylanders Academy, Pup began to imagine the potential inspiration he could get from interacting with the students and travelling the multiverse. Despite his exciteable and somewhat nutty personality, Space Pup is not the kind of person to laugh at tragedy or despair... In fact, living his entire life with optimism and positivity, anyone trying to spread negativity and pain is not something he will stand for.
  9. Does anyone here know the official status of the Sonic/Mega Man: Worlds Unite Volume 3 TPB? I know that Archie no longer has the Sonic comic license...
  10. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    Epilogue - A Dose Of Nega-tivity! Meanwhile, in the Sol Dimension... "Entry Log NX-007: Thanks to the generous donation courtesy of Dr. Wily and that other buffoon, I have managed to replicate the original roboticiser found within the so-called Egg O' War. And with the help of my new assistant, I've begun to learn a little more about these otherworldly robotics. I should be able to initiate the test phase soon..." "Entry Log NX-009: ...And of course, she's taken out within minutes. Why did I even bother giving them that blasted emerald?! And now I've had to 'deactivate' Whisker to prevent those Skylanders from getting inside knowledge! *sigh* ...Although, I suppose I did get a decent 'participation award' out of this. Hehehe..." "Entry Log NX-011: It appears that the ships AI requires a body to continue its work. Judging from its voice, I can only assume that it has grown accustom to this world's pirate theme. I suppose it's a good thing that I no longer require these leftover parts from 'Blaze Woman' and 'Pirate Man'. Seriously, who came up with these stupid names?" "Entry Log NX-013: Hehehehe! It works! By the Ifrit, it actually works! Oh, I couldn't care less if those troublesome morons in LOSE failed again! By the time I have this baby fully running, nothing will stand in my way! All I need now are some... volunteers, preferably from Sonic's world. And I know just who to send..." "Oh, Marine? Would you kindly go pick something up for me?" "Oh, and if you happen to see Blaze anywhere, tell her... oh wait, YOU CAN'T! Hehehe!"
  11. Sonic Mania SPOILERS Thread

    Yeah, I like Blue Spheres and unlocking extras by completing them is a great idea, but it does kinda bum me out that you can't get stuff like power ups since that was the best thing about 2 out of 3 of Sonic 3&K's bonus stages. Are the Rings you collect added to your in-level count, at least? (It's possible they are and I just never noticed in any of the footage I've seen, lol.)
  12. This is apparently streaming at 6:50AM in my time (based on the YouTube counter). I will most definitely be catching it after the fact lol I'm assuming this will be streamed only in Japanese, so we'll have to wait for translations anyway, but I am curious what they'll show off if they're dedicating a stream to it. Don't want to set my expectations too high, but I'm hoping for maybe a slight look beyond Park Avenue and Green Hill, or at least some story tidbits. For all I know it might just be the E3 demo with Nakamura commenting on the development and things we've heard about in previous interviews, though.
  13. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    "Hm? Blaze......" "AHA! I thought you'd be back here eventually! We managed to fend off Wiles and Eggy! How'd things go back in your Sol Dimension!?"
  14. Sonic Mania SPOILERS Thread

    I don't know his channel, is there a link to the archive? Would love to see one of the devs play their own game. And yeah the story is the weakest part by far. I'm a little bummed that Blue Spheres wasn't relegated to a bonus mode with more traditional bonus stages in place, but oh well. I think if we ever get a Mania 2, and given the reception I'd have to believe that's likely, the team would probably improve on that aspect. Both have been brought up a lot as being some of the weaker parts of the game.
  15. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    Hina simply turned over to Makoto, Celes, Sayaka and the others. "Let Yuta go with them! What's the worst that could happen?!" "How about dying to ugly scientists who have horrible taste in food?!" Hina shouted.
  16. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    "Sure, sure!" Never did get why she felt the need to call me by my other name, but okay! "Uh Mei Ling...or Lin Lin if you prefer, is feeling tired, so I think it's best I just stick around in this form for now anyway!", she said accepting the invite.
  17. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    "Hey now! What's with all the sad looks?" Inkwelle said, "Fret not. If you're ever in need of assistance (Ahem, and by that I mean when us supports are needed) I'll be more than happy to help! Just look me up in the neighborhood." "Inkwelle's carer as an academy student may be over, but don't think I'll be abandoning you all!" "But uh... a part of me will kind of miss the excitement of traveling other worlds with you guys." "Well whatever you're doing, We wish you all the best, Inkwelle." Pixels said, "If you ever want to come back, we'll be more than happy to accept you!" "That is... if our team roster isn't maxed out..." "Oh! Speaking of rosters..." Inkwelle said, flipping through his notes, "Since I'm leaving, I think You actually have room for two more people on your team." "Two more people you say? Hmmmm... I wonder if I should perform some kind of ritual to summon a couple of eldritch horrors to help us out?" "No Ella. No creepy things in our team. I've had enough of that." But two openings on our team, huh? I wonder who's gonna fill them? I wonder when? Personally, I wouldn't mind having them join now... But I can't say I'm expecting that. I mean, it's not like they're gonna fall out of the sky in some rocket, right?"
  18. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    "Hello? I said I... Hello...? Sigh..." the voice says again, probably too quiet for their good. Shaking her head, Blaze thinks to herself, "I'll just make myself comfortable..."
  19. Night, buddies! If that wasn't a productive RP session, I don't know what is!

    1. Dee Dude
    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      Hooray for stopping the evil Dr. Wahwee!

    3. Mightyray


      G'night dude! You, Ryan and the others did a good job overall.

  20. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    "Oh Lei Lei! Its so nice to see you!" "Now that we're finally off mission we can finally catch up. Wanna go to the Coffee Shop later? I think there's too much excitement in this room."
  21. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    "Godspeed, my good Jiminy!" Neptune salutes. "See you in the Sunday Funnies!" "I wish you the best in your future endeavours. I'm sure Kyoko will do well in filling your shoes." "..." "A-And me too, I guess!"
  22. I'm excited, but I feel like it's also probably not going to be as much new information as anyone hoped for. Maybe I'm just bitter remembering how many times that fucking Rise of Lyric "lighting? what's that?" footage was passed around without anything new
  23. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    Deep inside her thoughts, she replied, 'That doesn't even matter anymore, Robuttnik! Your plan failed, you lose again, you-- OW!' Mecha Sally's eyes flicker, then she plainly replies aloud, "THAT IS CORRECT, DOCTOR."
  24. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    "Aww, and just when we got new friends," Star frowned. "Take care!" Lumina said, winking. "Have fun," Amber said, before dozing off. "Why were you even here?!" Shade said, before promptly being shut up.
  25. [Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Protect The Multiverse!

    "Keep in mind, Amitie and Dib are the real Kyubey's best friends. Figures he'd latch onto this one." Sonic smiles, seeing Kyubey so excited.
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