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Welcome to the SSMB Rules, these rules and guidelines will help the forum run nice and smooth and all that shizzle, so make sure you read and follow them, yeah? Note that these rules also apply everywhere on the board, so that includes status updates.

  • One account per member. If you make multiple accounts you won't be respected for it. You will also be banned by the staff. If you are making another account to evade a ban your chances of ever being allowed back will rapidly diminish like a weed in the face of Roundup®.
  • Post quality is important for your reputation and the reading pleasure of other members. Type in understandable, decent English. Be sure to check your grammar and punctuation so people don't think you're an idiot. If you can't think of anything to post that's at least a sentence then we'd rather you didn't post at all. Making a post that's just one word is really lame and we'll strike you if you do it.
  • This is a socially progressive space and inappropriate material will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to: adult material, conspiracy theories, political propaganda, regressive/offensive attitudes towards minorities and protected social groups, and discrimination of any kind.
  • Spamming will put you on the staff shit list and will ensure a swift trip to banville. The staff care about SSMB, you know, so if you spam it with image macros, videos and other idiotic messages you will end up striked very quickly. Then banned if you don't quit it. This also includes acting like a moderator yourself and posting in bad topics about the fact that it will end up being locked
  • Trolling is done by terrible people. If you see trolling make sure you report it to staff. If you troll someone yourself by deliberately trying to make them angry or upset, you're not welcome here. There are other places online if you want to tease others like a preschooler. The staff have a zero tolerance policy towards trolling. You will be banned for it.
  • Make meaningful topics. Before you make a topic, search the forum to see if someone already beat you to it. Put some effort into your topic so other people are more likely to want to respond in it. Forum game threads, request threads and list threads are prone to spam so don't go making any of those bloody things. Also, please don't make advertising topics; if you want to get attention for something, put it in your signature.
  • Feel free to be friendly and understanding towards other members. Because it's awesome. It's great when people aren't ignorant (like refusing to acknowledge when you've lost an argument), stirring drama or flaming other members. It's also great when people use the report button for bad posts and topics instead of publicly being hostile to someone else. If you see rules being broken then report it, don't address it yourself; it makes the forum look like a horrible place to hang out and it makes you look like a douchebag as well. 
  • No adult material. If you post porn or highly offensive content you will be out of here quicker than rabbits can go at it.
  • No Third Party Advertising or Affiliate/Commerce Links to Products Allowed. Only affiliate/commerce and other revenue-based activity conducted officially by The Sonic Stadium may feature on this website. It helps keep the site running, for your enjoyment. The site is not a place for you to generate income from our community. Additionally, representatives of products or services must be publicly transparent with their position, and not use the forum as a means to outright sell their products to our users.
  • Banned means Banned. Trying to evade bans or getting others to post on your behalf will never be welcomed by the staff. Be an adult, if you've behaved crappily enough to get banned then take it on the chin and stay away. 
  • Don't make everyone's eyes bleed. Follow signature limits. Signature limitation rules are there for everyone, to make SSMB a nicer place to read and a better place to browse. Your signature and avatar should not exceed 400kb combined. Your signature should not stretch the page. Your signature should not be higher than 600 pixels. People want to scroll through forum posts, not your huge sig.
  • Be nice to the staff. Staff give up their free time to run the forums, so if you treat them like crap it will not end well for you. Use your head.


How the staff work!

SSMB staff are required to hand out strikes or warnings if any members break the above rules. If you are given two strikes you will be suspended temporarily. If you are striked three times you will be banned from the forums. Staff are here to help make sure SSMB is as pleasant a place to use as it can be, but your cooperation is required. If you are unhappy with a staff members' decision then please report your issue to an administrator. Moderators are given the authority and trust to decide when a member should be striked or when a topic should be locked at their own discretion, if you wish to dispute a decision you must do so politely. As this website is privately owned the staff reserve the right to ban you without notice if you demonstrate yourself to be especially hostile or idiotic.

  • Have a good time. It's why we're here!
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