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  2. Got home and currently playing. Quick first impressions. Its no transformed. Its pretty though. But god do the controls suck big time compared to transformed. I am trying to drive and drift like i did in both all stars and transformed and its worse somehow?
  3. Gotta say I'm a bit worried about what the remaining Smash characters will be. To be frank, I didn't really care about any of Smash 4's DLC newcomers, since I wasn't involved with any of their series at the time. Joker is the first new DLC character to actually get me excited.

    1. KHCast


      There’s so much hype being built up, I’m definitely positive whoever the choices end up being, some group will be extremely disappointed/underwhelmed 

  4. I'm just gonna copy-paste from my Twitter here. TSR is by no means a bad game, but I've found myself really underwhelmed, even when I knew what I was getting myself into. The Story Mode is a slog, with the paltry track and mission variety really hurting it. The Grand Prixs were constant and tedious. And my online experience so far, as my stream showed, is perhaps the worst I've ever seen - I was lucky to get into a few games after seven attempts, including one that crashed the game, but it was still largely populated by AIs. And this is on Day One, when it should be most active! There's also like, a 5 minute wait between races on PC which makes it a whole lot more boring than it should be. The PC version is also pretty weird right now. Animations appear to move at 30fps, even with the game running at 60 - so like, Sonic dancing in his car for instance looks like it's running at half the FPS of the rest of the game. There's also a weird lighting bug in Sand Road. You know what I think the best part was? The story itself! I genuinely enjoyed the writing, and after a short adjusting period I found the new voices worked alright. Still not a fan of Zavok but I've warmed up to Papenbrook as Silver and Lindbeck as Blaze is perfect. The writing is genuinely funny, and this is the kind of thing I like to see. The jokes land far more than they have done in any of the Pontac/Graff games, and to me it's proof that lightheartedness isn't the issue people perceive with Sonic writing. At any rate, I'll keep trying with the online now I suppose - but on the whole this is probably something you wait to get on sale. I know nobody expected something as good as Transformed, me included, but it's just not what it could've been, even then.
  5. With the Xbox controller on Steam, the default option is watch story (A button). How is it on Switch? Did they just fuck up the PS4 version?
  6. Among the files for TSR on PC, there's this icon which is used for the .exe file and well It looks like something that someone made for a digital art project at school. So simple and so early
  7. Todays stream:


  8. Just got TSR, downloading the update now.

  9. I take back what I said about the story skip option previously. Now while I do maintain that the game makes the option perfectly clear (hiding it away in the corner of the screen is fine), the fact that the normal button press is "skip story" is incredibly dumb. I personally think it should be a toggle. Press Y/Square/X (NS/PS4/XB1) to toggle the story on/off. Then just select the mission as normal.
  10. After playing more of the game, I really like what it goes for, you can get insane speed with the team mechanics, but it's also really clunky and not polished. Mayor D is right about handling mods, that really matters here. But even still, I often go so fast that I career into walls and sometimes even get flung backwards and the game doesn't know what to do. I've also clipped out the map several times. The game's story is also absolutely dire. If anything, this game needed another half a year if it released last wonter it would have been utterly broken.
  11. I don't think you'll be able to find them very easily. The background images are typically much smaller than the level maps themselves, so it would take a conscious effort for someone to edit the background to fill all the empty discs. Even in the GHZ picture you posted you can see that a very lazy job was done filling in the blank space with colours of the sky and water.
  12. I swear the use of the X button for story skip is downright idiotic. It's actually getting frustrating with how many times I've accidentally skipped story.
  13. You think we’ll get 2 DLC character reveals for Smash at E3?

    1. Dee Dude
    2. SupahBerry


      That'd be real nice, as long as there's not too much focus on them.


      I want this year's E3 to make up for those who thought last year's was focused too much on Ultimate. Even if it was all justified to give it that much spotlight.


      The only other big hits it made were Mario Party, FE 3Hs and Fortnite.

  14. These are the remaining 4 DLC characters:


    Yay or nay?

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Yay, yay, all the yay. Ideal list for me for sure.

    2. KHCast


      I’d be totally fine with that. Seems fairly reasonable and well rounded 

    3. tailsBOOM!
    4. Perkilator


      It's great! Just take out Doom Guy cause I don't give two peas in a pod

    5. SupahBerry


      I regretfully say Nay. This looks too easy and good to be true.

    6. KHCast


      Doom guy would be fine for me as the western rep, as he is pretty out there as a choice and comes from a Uber violent game so that’d definitely be out of left field. Him or the Dragonborn could be swapped out for the Bethesda rep and I’d be equally happy with either tbh. I think either have a reasonable shot

      Honestly the only one here I’m super iffy on is Crash, and that’s mainly cause I strongly believe either Capcom, or Bandai will receive another rep. 3 western companies just doesn’t seem that likely to me, even if the characters themselves would be cool.

    7. DanJ86


      2 yay. 2 nay.

      Though even if they did add a character I don't like, I wouldn't make it a big deal. I'd still see how they play and if I haven't played a game from their series, I might be tempted to check it out.

    8. Polkadi~♪


      Nice wishful thinking choices. I'd just take Crash out and replace with with Erdrick, because I am genuinely curious about this potential Dragon Quest rep.

  15. To be honest I’m somewhat indifferent now. And I feel quite bittersweet about the whole thing. I went from defending their inclusion (before knowing the actual roster) to hating them when playing the game, to enjoying only certain track returns (only 2 of the 3 Casino levels). Overall though that’s 2 out of 9 old tracks I enjoy replaying out of choice. Between the slight design revisions (and ocean views butchering), the gorgeous visual overhaul and that the Team Racing changes up how you approach these levels... they are all what I like to call Sumo Generation 1 racetrack design. We are now on their third title and the 12 new original tracks just simply more interesting and fun than ASR’s are to me. That’s not because I think ASR’s tracks are bad, but it’s because they stick out. The new tracks are designed first hand with the team mechanic in mind. They work much better in this way and click more with me when racing as a team. I felt similarly with the 2 (or 3?) returning stages in Transformed when that released. They had no reason to be in the game and nothing was really done to them to fit the Transformed mechanic either. Its weird, because whilst I think TSR is more successful at implementing the older tracks than Transformed did, I think it only really gets away with this because of the console generation leap by default and having to play them as a team instead of as a ‘race to win’ single player. Underneath that I’m upset that those 9 tracks could have been 9 more original levels crafted from the Sonic Universe. Although the All Stars Series has a fantastic variety of games to pull from, part of the appeal of TSR to me was it being ONLY Sonic influenced. What they created was GREAT... buuuut they only scratched the surface of what the sonic series has to offer. I’m surprised apart from the unlockable Colour schemes for cars that nothing from Mania showed up. I would have killed to drive around a studiopolis inspired level instead of all three Casino Park tracks. Why not Titanic Monach instead of the Egg Fleet stages? Even Chemical Plant would have been a nice inclusion, and that gets as much love as green hill in the modern games. What about a 3 part Speedway through Zones on the Floating/Angel Island (ala: Wuhu island course in Mario Kart 7). It just feels like there are a lot of missed opportunities. Or maybe my expectations are too high for a budget title? I dunno. But regardless the game is still a solid 8/10 for me and sits right in the middle between ASR and Transformed. I also enjoyed your review @Mayor D, I’m glad you highlighted an issue a few of us discussed previously with the accidental story mode skipping. You’re right that it’s equally an understandable yet bizarre design decision for story progress in story mode. I also think it’s easy to misread the menu selections and buttons associated because they are really close to each other. Without any real spacing it’s just unclear. It’s a minor issue, but nothing a patch couldn’t sort I’m sure.
  16. check out this drawing I did

    It's a commission!!

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  18. The Sims 4 is free at Origin until May 28!
  19. Thought as much. That's a shame as I think that SART had it perfect with the way stars were awarded.
  20. tbh i kinda wish orbot and cubot were racers in tsr

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Orbot is fine. But Cubot is just annoying. I think I prefer Zavok, honestly. As much as he's boring and I don't care for him, at least i don't actively wish he was axed from the series.

    2. SupahBerry


      I'd be more inclined to agree if the "multiple small people in one big car" wasn't already taken by the Chao.  

  21. Your reaction: Sora is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.

    1. Teoskaven


      Highly unlikely, Disney will get just another celebrity in case, KH is built entirely on star power for the main characters.

    2. Polkadi~♪


      Sora expresses his surprise in the most eloquent way possible.


  22. Pretty much, stars are gotten through individual challenges on any difficulty.
  23. Are the difficulties nothing more than extra challenge this time rather than getting more stars?
  24. Playstation Productions Announcement & Sly Cooper Being affected. https://constant-thinker.com/2019/05/20/playstation-productions-announced-could-this-involve-sly-cooper/
  25. For those who say the controls are clunky. Any chance your using a power type with no mods? Just that I found power types a nightmare to control in this game without them.
  26. Reaction: Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews (Old Spice guys) narrate your life, alternating each day.

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