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  2. Poor Mega Man 11 still isn't at a million sales.

  3. I just thought I'd say too, my PC is quite sluggish now, but the game runs like a dream for me.
  4. I’ve been playing speed characters primarily and haven’t had much of a problem. Took a race or two to get used to but nothing awful.
  5. With Team Sonic Racing's setup, I just thought of something: Do you think they intended to have Vector be playable in Rivals 2 at one point?
  6. Handling is taking more getting used to than I expected, but it's not bad. I'm also playing Knuckles a lot, and his handling is poor by default. And I'm liking the weapons so far. They're essential to the experience of this game, and are a constant part of it. Very different to ASRT where the focus was on raw driving skill and sometimes turning off items made the game better. It's different though, and I can understand my liking them.
  7. I like the game, but maybe its just me but the handling and driving feels way more clunky and annoying than transformed. I also fnd the weapons are really annoying.
  8. Time to play...

  9. I dig this trailer something fierce. 

    1. SupahBerry


      I see the movie staff is taking the redesign response to heart. Already a solid improvement from before.

  10. Finally got back with the game. Will start the Story in a minute or so. How long is the campaign on average?
  11. Ah, so this is the bump. Cool. That'd be rather deep cut. Potentially more than awesome, but a deep cut. These are great points as well.
  12. Playing on Switch. The entire UI broke after the first race... Text is missing, textures don't appear at all. Welp
  13. Good lord the matchmaking in TSR succccks

  14. Today
  15. Whyd I buy TSR...I didn't even care that much about the game...maybe I just wanted to actually own a passable current Gen Sonic game that wasnt Mania.....

    1. TheOcelot


      Same for me as well.

      A 3D Sonic game which doesn't suck does make a nice change.

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      all around me are familiar eggmans

  16. I’ve gotta say, online is really infuriating me. Not because of the players, or losses or what have you - but because of the matchmaking. It automatically forces a game to start after 90 seconds, no matter who or how many is in the lobby. On top of that, there is no fucking semblance of team balancing. I ended up the second player in a lobby alone on a team, and two others joined - BOTH of them being paired into the first player’s team. What this meant was I was placed solo against three actual players and got stuck with two CPU as teammates, On top of that, the CPU in online mode just sucks, and usually handicaps your team.
  17. Team Sonic Racing includes a mini physical manual and a leaflet advertising Mania (but not Forces lol). This made my day. Sure it's a really small thing, but I love this.
  18. Okay, I would love if Sky Road's music was a remix of "Tornado to Spagonia", but the original piece is amazing on its own.

  19. Now that's a pretty cool trailer. TSR "Supermarket Sweep" style 😁 Having a Iizuka cameo was fine, but the close up of him wasn't necessary-looked weird. Anyway, got my copy (PS4).
  20. Man I would love to know what Sumo was thinking when they made X the skip story button.

    1. Jango



    2. TheOcelot


      that the story would be shit

  21. Got my copyyyyyy


  22. About to be able to finally play TSR in a few minutes!   SO EXCITED!!

  23. Poor Iizuka got fired and has to work in a supermarket now

    1. TheOcelot


      "Sonic Supermarket Sweep Racing coming to Dreamcast 2


  24. Live Action Trailer for the Game. Better than the movie? Lol.: Also, Arby’s posted this.:
  25. So wait. Is Team Sonic Racing still not available digitally? The fuck?

    1. Bobnik


      It is available on Steam, not sure about other platforms.

  26. Not to mention, actually doing their plots justice. Oh, and maybe not stiffing us on the FF content to boot. :U
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