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  2. Good in theory but it doesn't land for me in this particular instance. Clunky wording and Sonic's expression isn't selling his attitude.
  3. Yeah, it could get better but shadow not being able to speak removes most of the interest of a shadow fight. Unless it gets amazing dont expect much else. Even sonic himself comments on it
  4. Morning SSMB.

    Nothing fancy this morning from me, though my story blog updates @ 8am PST.

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  6. Guys, when is the next Sonic livestream? We need to ask about possible extra characters in this game. I know I don't want to harass Aaron and co. But we were already screwed with few characters in TSR. I need to play as my favorite minor characters again.
  7. What colour is my underwear?


    1. Perkilator


      I think some of it was gold in BfBB...

  8. How odd, since when was 3D World a thing? No forget new renders.
  9. The Japanese website also has more details on the game modes: - You can choose between a casual and ranked online matchmaking mode and customize your profile with flags, character icons and ranks depending on your wins. You can also play a series of events (probably as custom lobbies) - The Story Mode has Sonic, Mario and Toad being sent back in time by a device created by Eggman and Bowser (explaining Nega in the cutscene) while Tails and Luigi try to find them - You can unlock extras such as achievements, flags and trivia similar to earlier titles, and there's a tab on the website translating to "playground" (maybe the minigames) This is easily shaping up to be the best entry since London 2012, if the Dream events and more interesting sports are actually playable online this time (compared to Sochi's laughable three online events) I can see myself spending quite some time on it. The Dream Shooting in particular is giving me some Splatoon vibes, there's more screenshots here: https://www.olympicvideogames.com/marioandsonic/jp/event_dream.html (Also, poor Charmy has been been filling the referee role since the start even when Cream wasn't there yet the little guy doesn't even get a new costume)
  10. Round-up of things I took from the Overview trailer: - Dream events are back: they include Racing on skateboard in Metropolis from Forces, it's a harmless callback so I'll take it, Dream Karate in the Mushroom Kingdom from Odyssey (you can see the ships), and Dream Shooting in Tokyo. All of them look very fun. - Retro events obviously have only 8 characters, Mario, Sonic, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman. So the basics. Some of the events are exclusive in this version, like Judo and Swimming platform for example, others are 2D versions like 100m and hurdles. - Story mode: Eggman Nega appears and tricks the heroes? Into time travelling to Tokyo 1964 for the retro Olympics. There is a Tokyo hubworld/map both in 3D and 2D art. Bosses like Zavok will likely appear here. - Story includes apparently other dream events like something with the Egg Pawns, Dream Climbing, a minigame with Mario and Sonic on the Tornado shooting, and more. - New events obviously like Skateboarding, Surfing, climbing, and Karate but we knew that for quite some time. - Cream and Toad are in the story too. - Other characters will probably appear as bosses and NPCs at this point. No sign of playable guests. This is the sad part 😕 I'm still holding out hope there are a couple added via DLC or free updates. But yeah, this is a big letdown, especially because I wanted to see a lot of my favorites, we were promised a "tremendous cast", even for a short role.
  11. That's enough pages...I'd think. Especially since it's action on all 3. But...
  12. You got that from the first three pages?
  13. 8-20/21-19: Part 3 & Part 4 of the Sonic Mania LP have been added to the LP playlist.
  14. As much as Trump's "video games cause violence" bullshit is a deplorable idiotic scapegoat it could be him shooting himself in the foot we need to siphon captial-G "Gamers" out of the Republican party

  15. That fight is as uninteresting as I thought it would be. Eh, he can't even reallyy... I guess this is my whole issue. Like now its the other end right? You can't call shadow out because shadow can literally default on " This literally wouldn't have happened if eggman was dead " because he would be right. No one learns anything, this entire exchange is pointless. And we know they can't learn anything because you know sega wants their characters in stasis. Why even focus on this as a problem, oh my god this is so stupid
  16. Man Rafa Knight just caught the horny on main virus after she stopped working with Sega/Archie

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      I'm trying to figure out what your statement means.

    2. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      Rafa Knight (3D artist for SEGA/Many Archie covers) "caught the horny-on-main virus" (creates/is commissioned to create/posts lewder and otherwise more sexually-charged if not pornographic content) much moreso after no longer being associated with SEGA/Archie.

    3. Polkadi~☆


      well, what’s stopping her

    4. Red


      I'm pretty sure she was making NSFW material while during her Sega/Archie run.

    5. Jango


      Those Newgrounds Shantaes tho'

  17. I also think that the game is good, but I stll prefer the other two in the trilogy. Advance 3's level design is too repetitive, the same part is repeated multiple times with little to no difference, and spreaded through 3 acts instead of two. Also, there are many parts where if you fall, instead of ending into a lower route, you end into a return route where you have to go back to where you failed and repeat until you pass (or repeat again if you fall again). Finally, there are hub worlds... personal preference, but I don't like having to navigate a tricky hub world in order to select a level, unless the hub itself is interesting enough such as Delfino Plaza in Mario Sunshine, but this is definitely not the case in Advance 3. Ignoring some issues I have with some specific bosses and levels (such as the one in Chaos Angel placed entirely on a moving platform with misleading hints which lead to being crushed unfairly), and the occasional glitches that happen more often than they do in the previous games, plus some physics/gameplay changes that IMO are a downgrade compared to Advance 2. It's definitely a good game, it's fun to try out all the character combinations and all the tag team moves, though I think it's overall more flawed than the former Advance games. Regardless I would still play it over all of the modern mainline games starting from Adventure 1 onward.
  18. This is looking to be one of the best ones yet. I hope it does well so they can get the winter Olympic licence back, as my bias dictates that winter sports are better than regular ones, though I have to admit to liking the look of those Dream events. And the skateboarding (which I hope has better controls than Go Vacation).
  19. How do you guys feel about Sonic making fun of a zombified Shadow? I don't like it too much
  20. A few scenes will be done twice but the majority will have had unfinished placeholders when they decided to redesign.
  21. Sonic Team doesnt have a habit of rushing things. SOJ had a habit of rushing Sonic Team. Key difference.
  22. Just discovered this.: Source: https://aawesomepenguin.tumblr.com/post/187157538409/so-as-some-of-you-may-have-known-ive-been
  23. been playing persona 4 golden as of late. i rarely play RPGs, but i got invested in the story when i was watching my sister play once and eventually decided to play the game myself. i like it so far. this could be the first RPG i actually finish.
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