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  2. That was just for the daily challenge, though I have attempted others in the past. Interesting to know that I won't need to beat the CNK tracks to unlock stuff, as I find most of those hell.
  3. All right, no more leaked bits and pieces. This is the real deal-- full gameplay of the A-Day prologue.
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  5. Wow! Nice! BTW, I’m mixed on what I had see so far on the movie. However, I’m still looking forward watching it. It might be an fun movie to watch.
  6. Well, Paramount Switzerland apparently just posted the German version of the trailer online. Weird that they released this now despite the redesign announcement. Yea, and of course it get a lot of dislikes like the original version.
  7. Its kinda the fatal flaw with making the character the " thing " character, there are different variants on thing. Different takes catalysis or in the case of intelligence different types of intelligence. I don't mind characters sharing some traits as long as they don't become the same character , its cool. its how that character is used as those traits manifest in their mannerisms is what makes the difference.
  8. That's always the fatal flaw of the "smart" character...
  9. Most of which was spent developing a new lighting engine. And I’ve heard there was also quite the development hell thanks to factors like Rise of Lyric.
  10. I don't think she's dull at all. Infact her being less obsessed with sonic is interesting and active gives her a personality. Personally I would prefer if they droped it , I think it would be cool. lessening that and focusing on who she is by herself isn't dull or pointless, its what gives characters longevity. I don't agree. Of all things take Scooby do. If Tails is velma dinkly , Amy is Daphnie Blake. Daph is actually pretty smart, she becomes a reporter and can generally pin down what's going on and why its going on, she can get reads on people. This is a different type of intelligence than velma who's more like technical in her intelligence. Tails can like build a ship real good, but he's like 8 doesn't know much and doesn't know how to interact with most people. While amy isn't as technically smart as tails, her being able to read people really well and even in things like boom being an archeologyst fits. One person being the only smart person in all ways is kinda silly and dumb and shouldn't really be something that's done.

    The most important trailer of the day 

  12. Having a long gap between main titles doesn't guarantee that the game will automatically be better. (as we have already seen) I personally think that the huge gaps are causing Sonic Team to be "Out of practice" when it comes to making the mainline games. It would be one thing if they were actually doing something during all that time but in general the more far off and lenient the deadlines are the more people are going to procrastinate. I definitely want to have "bigger" games again but Forces had a four year gap from the last major Sonic Team game but it only took me all of one day to finish it.
  13. What do you mean Sony didn’t own Insomniac years ago?

  14. Lemme correct you there: don't trust ANYTHING you see on 4chan. Even if they might be true. That way, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  15. I guess its a good thing I wasn't talking about people who are already fans huh
  16. Anyone who dares to imply humans don’t see dogs and cats as anything more than mere pets, they can get stuffed. They clearly don’t know love, affection and empathy.

  17. Calm down there, Ronaldo. But if anything, I hope they use something like that as an excuse to actually something with his character again and/or bring back the other Zeti for a change.
  18. Just saw the leak. It is unbelievably fake. Don’t trust everything you see on 4chan, because anyone can say anything on there without any proof. Only a very very small percentage is legit, while everything else that takes up 99% of all leaks are bullshit. Not to mention how a lot of this doesn’t even make sense with SEGA’s actions, as for instance, they are perfectly fine with paying rights to Dreams Come True to use the soundtracks of Sonic 1 and 2 in games.
  19. A printing factory hidden in a cherry blossom forest during winter, ha. Those guys are genius.

    1. Ferno


      i keep forgetting that stage exists

    2. Polkadi~☆


      how is there a cherry blossom in winter, anyways

      that’s not how cherry blossoms work

    3. Jango



    4. Jango


      @Polkadi~☆ because aesthetics Polkadarling.

    5. Polkadi~☆


      don’t call me thaaat >///<

      It’s certainly a wonderful stage aesthetically, and I cannot deny that. However, I personally like Stardust Speedway and Mirage Saloon more. The best part of Mania is how everyone’s favourites are different~!

    6. Jango


      I actually didn't liked Press Garden the first time I've played, I admit. I might actually hated it! The music didn't caught me and the level design was all over the place. I don't know exactly why I felt that way before, because on my second playthrough of Mania, I ended up loving it! The music especially. Everything clicked somehow, go figure. I'm actually between Press Garden and Studiopolis as my favorite Mania zones.

      Oh, to have a game full of brand new zones... as much as I love Stardust Speedway, Chemical Plant, Flying Battery and heck, even Oil Ocean re-designs and ideas. I mean, at the end of the way, the game is just so fucking great to play and (pleasant to listen) that I don't even care which level I'm playing, simple as that. Games should be fun before anything else in my book. Heck, even Green Hill for the 20th time was good in Mania because of the level design, new gimmicks and twists.

    7. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      Act 1 is better than Act 2.

      There I said it.

    8. JosepHenry


      Good can we have  a fully original game next

    9. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      What @JosepHenry said

      Mania's great and all but only 4 new zones was saaaad.

    10. FReaK


      act 2's music is my alarm tone ever since they released the track..

  20. LTTP but wow at that 4chan "leak." I checked out once it said Sega trying to get the music rights to the trilogy back (they've had no problems about Nakamura/DCT owning the rights to the S1/S2 soundtrack for the past near-thirty years; and S3 is a legal landmine that might never be solved anytime soon); so I didn't even see the comments about Sega getting Insomniac/Rare to develop games or having a Sonic exclusive per system until I read the reactions. Somebody was either seriously trying way too hard or was actively trolling.
  21. Beat Yo-Kai Watch Blasters!

  22. Damn, this video hits all the right nails. Great view.
  23. Anyone else think "what took them so long?" After the Sony Purchasing Insomniac news came to light?

    1. Strickerx5


      I was more “Well fuck, that completely tanks my chance of getting Spider-Man on PC”

    2. Polkadi~☆


      @Strickerx5 it’s a ps4 exclusive, why were you getting your hopes up

    3. Strickerx5


      Sunset Overdrive was an Xbox exclusive tho

    4. Polkadi~☆


      yeah, but it got to come to PC as a “microsoft exclusive”

    5. Strickerx5


      It's on Steam though.

    6. Polkadi~☆


      so are other microsoft games, and?

    7. Strickerx5


      It was very much positioned in a way that made it look like Insomniac had made the call, not Microsoft. Even then, not every Microsoft game on PC has the Steam attachment. It was a special case that, I had hoped, would carry over with Spider-Man seeing as Insomniac was still a third party; even with as small of a chance it had. No one thought Sunset would ever make the jump either back then.

      But hey, guess it's stuck in 30fps hell for the time being. Seriously, I really do hope Microsoft do well over the next few years and force a change in the other two.

    8. Polkadi~☆


      Alright, fair enough. Only some Microsoft games make it to Steam, it’s a very on-off thing.

      I guess it was with Spider-Man that Sony Entertainment were given the opportunity to make a Marvel game, not Insomniac. But when told of the opportunity by Sony Entertainment, Insomniac offered to be the one to make something of it. Therefore, the distribution rights aren’t up to Insomniac, as they don’t actually own the game (in a sense). Whereas for Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac offered to make the game exclusively for Xbox One, so they initiated and therefore own the game.

    9. Ryannumber1gamer


      does that mean sunset overdrive can come to ps4

    10. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      "You mean they weren't owned by Sony already?"

  24. I've officially begun a playthrough of Batman the Telltale Series. Want to see what all the buzz is about.

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