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  2. Blunt answer: No Slightly more nuanced answer: I'll let a few examples from his last game (with some added commentary) speak for themselves. ( i hope you liek vidyas and screenshots, guyz and galz ) ^ First level shown. "Maybe it's a tutorial st-" nope marks the halfway point of the game. And no the "3D" levels don't improve from here on out. The game's ACTUAL first level is this, if you play it from a top-down perspective: - yo dawg i heard you like to go fast so we put a fast in your fast so you can go fast in the fast Great example of asset (re)use. "There is no input" lol "(10:24) Many games feature complex and intricate gameplay. However with Sonic, it's more sloppy but easy. Above everything else, we wanted this game to be a non-stop action experience. Often with games, there are many moments where one must take time to aim before shooting. But in this game, you simply press and hold the button to attack. So you can really enjoy ultimately just dashing like a maniac through the stages. ... (11:24) Normally there is a button for switching between characters. However in this game, Sonic comes forward when the boost button is pressed, and the Avatar comes forward with the attack button. As a result, the player doesn't need to think about switching characters. Instead of sticking to Sonic's traditional style of gameplay, we decided to design the game to be as simple and enjoyable as possible; focusing more on the excitement of dashing through the stages, without having to think about, you know, complex game controls." LOL Last but not least: The punchline of Forces, its four-year production cycle, and Kishimoto's gameography as a whole. A Sonic Team Sonic game to me has as much worth as no Sonic game at all by this point, but I think that's especially true with Kishimoto in the director/lead designer's chair. If Sega isn't bothered to get someone other than Sonic Team to make Sonic games outright, than the least they could do is send Kishimoto and his shared group of designers off to other projects and get some new directors/designers who are actually competent at their job.
  3. People in real life eventually do paperwork but not people in game life. Amy isn't just seen reading a book she is often counting or reading books and box's even leaving Sonic's side to do just that. Those aren't my rules I don't consider Amy to be the real resistance leader I call that a excuse so she will have less time to think or spend with Sonic giving people the illusion of maturity this feels more like a job for a original character. I would like to see Amy madly in love with Sonic to the point where you can see it in her actions and words so far this comic and Team Sonic Racing have removed her crush on Sonic about 90% from where it use to be.
  4. i like ike

    1. NegaMetallix
    2. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      He’s honestly a really good character, has a cool design and one of the best FE characters in Smash.

    3. NegaMetallix


      Ike's one of my favourite fighters to play as in Smash Ultimate, certainly my fav FE character in the game.

      If I was into strategy games more, I'd probably look at getting his FE games, but... eh, the genre's not really a go-to for me.

  5. There is one particular corner on Sky Road which I can fly off quite easily and twice while doing that I have respawned in the same spot mid-air and began falling again instead of respawning on the track. I decided to try and see if there was anything in particular about that corner that was troublesome and found a few times that if my back wheel clips the edge of the track my car gets stuck on it instead of falling off and I can’t get back onto the track either, I’m stuck there. On a different track, part of the track ahead of me didn’t load properly until I hit that section and then suddenly it loaded when I was on it. This is in addition to the earlier menu problem when the backgrounds and text didn’t load and it just had the button icons. I had hoped the delay of the game would have eliminated these problems.
  6. Eeeeeh, naw, keep em in the IDW comics. Sticks is definitely sticking around? Cool! Also, Dodon Pa? Huh, okay then.
  7. I keep saying I'll get Nintendo Switch Online with the next biggest game (that remotely holds an interest to me) that uses in in great doses. But then it's either something about the game's online infrastructure that is crappy, my relunctance to actively go online and play and the general service just not up to snuff to warrant a subscription at the moment.

    ...I say this with full acknowledgement that CTR is out next month though. 

    1. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      I caved and bought a 3 month membership but I might not continue with it. 

      Not really worth the hasle. Smash online isnt really that fun as I thought

  8. So if you're having problems with the Eggpawn Assault missions... This trick works on every single Eggpawn Assault stage. Completely removes all the difficulty from the stage.
  9. He can keep working there. Just as long as he does better and/or let's the bigger vision be someone else's sometimes.
  10. Ooooooh, good point! Not entirely sure how that's gonna work, but eh.
  11. Them not being able to find Tails and Blaze just not being there. If you meant after Metal Sonic, it'd be because Tails is the tech guy not a leader. Blaze leaving is just convenient.
  12. That kinda seems like it'd be sudden/random. Plus, given Mr. Flynn actually liked Zavok, I suspect he'd doubly wanna save him and the other Zeti for their own big debut as villains. Develop into...? While I do kinda wonder with the former, it's because the latter went home already and has her own shit to attend to. That too, but I guess they mean here specifically. That too, I suppose. Essentially. That's sorta how I felt about whatever she was doing in Forces. Still, as I said, it's essentially something for her to do when she's not involved in an issue and someone's gotta do it.
  13. Today
  14. *sigh* Fucking hell Priest, WTH kind of take is this?

    God, it gets worse as you scroll down.

    1. KHCast


      Take a god damn shot every time he pulls the cliche responses. “I’m not defending him or anything buuuut”, “everything’s so political now”, “I can’t even say hello to women without them getting angry at me”

      And apparently he’s homophobic too? Like shit as if trying to bat for Biden wasn’t bad rep enough 

    2. DanJ86


      I don't get it. I saw the entirety of that interview and it was clear that the interviewer was trying to set him up.

  15. I sure love when twitter has some hashtag under "trends for you" and it turns out to literally just be for porn

  16. I agree with you completely, especially the last sentence. I think it would be pretty boring to have the same director for three mainline games in a row, especially since the last two games he directed weren't critically successful at all. They need someone else already.
  17. Short answer - no. Longer answer - his portfolio speaks for itself. The only game out of the whole list that's considered "good" was Colors, and even then I feel like it's a fluke, since the reception at that time was a blind "it's daytime stages only, so it's good!!!". While yes, one person can't be responsible for all the shortcomings, game design and direction are 2 of the very important aspects of game development that subsequently divide into several smaller aspects, like level design, script, art design(probably), etc. If he is the director and/or game designer for the next mainline Sonic game, I'm already writing it off as "not good" and probably won't even bother with it.
  18. Way to go SEGA you dumb****s. You made a racing game that should run fine on PC become an unplayable mess because of your DRM bull****. The executable is almost 400MB ><

  19. I've had a glass screen protector on my Switch for so long that I often forget that it has a plastic screen.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood


      Glass screen protector since Switch launch day. It's crazy to me that a portable gaming device with a touch screen is entirely plastic.

    2. Ferno


      Got one pretty early for mine too due to reports of the switch dock scratching the plastic screens. I don't think I'll ever take it off.

  20. Backing to our normal routine, this is a track I've listening a lot in the past months, not much sure if is your kind of style:

    Solister's Tune of the Day #53 - Radion6 - Backstage - 2019


    #01 - Paul van Dyk - For an Angel (Angel in Heaven Radio Edit) - 1994
    #02 - Sasha - Xpander (WipeOut 3 Edit) - 1999
    #03 - Jaytech - Razer - 2018
    #04 - Fluke - Groovy Feeling (Make Mine a 99) - 1993
    #05 - Julien-K - Spiral (Paul Oakenfold Remix) - 2009
    #06 (ASOT 2018 Top 5 - 1/5) - Splinta - Shock Therapy (Boby Neon Remix) - 2018
    #07 (ASOT 2018 Top 5 - 2/5) - Ben Gold & Audrey Gallagher - There Will Be Angels - 2018
    #08 (ASOT 2018 Top 5 - 3/5) - Armin van Buuren - Blah Blah Blah - 2018
    #09 (ASOT 2018 Top 5 - 4/5) - Above & Beyond - Red Rocks - 2018
    #10 (ASOT 2018 Top 5 - 5/5) - Paul van Dyk ft. Plumb - Music Rescues Me - 2018 - Solister's Tune of the Year 2018!
    #11 - Above & Beyond - Distorted Truth - 2019
    #12 - Atlas - Compass Error (Tarrentella vs Redanka Remake) - 2002
    #13 - The Chemical Brothers - Loops of Fury - 1996
    #14 - Aurora Feat. Naimee Coleman - Ordinary World (Radio Edit) - 2000
    #15 - Kraftwerk - Das Model - 1978
    #16 - Kraftwerk - Computerwelt - 1981 (3D-Catalogue Version)
    #17 - The Beatles - Ticket to Ride - 1965
    #18 - Paul van Dyk & Alex M.O.R.P.H. - SHINE Ibiza Anthem 2019 - 2019
    #19 - Jazz Jackrabbit - Easter Bunny - 1998 - Easter 2019 Special
    #20 - Ferry Corsten & Nevve - Freefall - 2019
    #21 - Julien-K - Nights of Future Past - 2012
    #22 - Silent Code - Spell Bound - 2012
    #23 - Armin van Buuren - Blue Fear - 1997
    #24 - Orkidea - Forward Forever (Indecent Noise Remix) - 2019
    #25 - Christopher Lawrence - Rush Hour - 2000 (Edit from 2004)
    #26 - Omnia & Ira - The Fusion - 2012
    #27 - Julien-K - Strange Invisible - 2015
    #28 - NWYR - Artificial Intelligence - 2019
    #29 - Phanatic - Free Fall - 2019
    #30 - Tiësto - Flight 643 (Radio Edit) - 2001
    #31 - Fatum, Genix, Jaytech & Judah - All In - 2019
    #32 - John Williams - Imperial March - 1980 - Star Wars Day Special
    #33 - Fluke - Spacey (Catch 22 Dub) - 1993
    #34 - Paul Oakenfold - Stonehenge - 2019
    #35 - Super8 & Tab - Helsinki Scorchin' (Super8 & Tab 2019 Remix) - 2019
    #36 - Above & Beyond - Anjunabeach - 2009
    #37 - Julien-K -  I'll Try Not to Destroy You - 2012
    #38 - Hemstock & Jennings - Arctic - 2002
    #39 - Paul van Dyk feat. Hemstock & Jennings - Nothing But You - 2003
    #40 - Underworld - Pearl's Girl - 1996
    #41 - Markus Schulz - We Are The Light - 2018
    #42 - Julien-K - Cruel Daze of Summer - 2012
    #43 - Fluke - Bubble - 1994
    #43 - Kate Higgins - My Universe - 2006
    #44 - Jaytech - Batumi - 2019
    #45 - 银临 & 徐梦圆 - 乐游记 (Yin Li & Xu Mengyuan - Journey to the West) - 2018
    #46 - Deavid Soul - Miller Ball Breakers - 2000
    #47 - OceanLab - Lonely Girl - 2008
    #48 - Fluke - Atom Bomb (Atomix 1 Edit)  - 1996
    #49 - T.J. Davis - Super Sonic Racing - 1997 - Team Sonic Racing Release Special
    #50 - Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend - 2007
    #51 - Jaytech - Tigerlily - 2019
    #52 - Joris Voorn - Ryo - 2019
    #53 - Radion6 - Backstage - 2019

  21. I thought that Tails' awful "who's your daddy" line had been cut from TSR, but it just popped up for the first time since I've been playing.

    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      True dat! Tails enjoys awful lines.

    2. Tarnish


      The line that sparked a million fan fictions.

    3. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Headcanon: What if Tails saying these corny lines is just an attempt to sound cool and hip like his brother figure Sonic?

  22. You mean,Tails being an out of character wimp and Blaze absence being justified in a comic,not in the game?
  23. Almost at the end of Lollipop Chainsaw and yeah, the fun hasn't stopped for a moment. I can see why this was Suda51's most succesfull game, even if his involvement was less than in previous GM titles.

  24. As lead game designer, I do think he probably has a hand in the overly linear level design. I think they should put him on another series that can take advantage of his strengths as he does not seem to fit Sonic. Although, all the blame cannot fall on just one person and there's probably more at play explaining the quality of the games.
  25. JezMM


    Chamomile #110
  26. Nothing personal against this guy, but I have to say that every single game that he's been the Director or Lead Game Designer of has been...mediocre. https://segaretro.org/Morio_Kishimoto This is his Sonic Production history: Sonic and the Secret Rings (2007) — Lead Game Designer Sonic and the Black Knight (2009) — Lead Game Designer Sonic Colors (Wii Version) (2010) — Director & Lead Game Designer Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 (2012) — Special Thanks Sonic Lost World (Wii U Version) (2013) — Director Sonic Forces (2017) — Director & Lead Game Designer You could argue that the only good Sonic game he has worked on is Sonic Colors, and I probably would agree. I think I see a pattern in his games, where the levels are very linear and under-designed, especially with the Story Book games and Sonic Forces. It's not a coincidence that he didn't work on Sonic Unleashed or Generations, usually these two games are considered the best in terms of the boost gameplay. If I had to make a guess, he is most likely working on the next main line Sonic game, and over the years he hasn't shown any kind of improvement in his game design or direction, in my opinion. Of course, it's unfair to blame him for all of these games' faults, but that's the only common denominator I can find.
  27. Paaaaaaaaaaaaaarty


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