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  2. Is that a giant clam?

  3. I can finally start posting my Countdown Miku drawings!


    12 days left!!

  4. I think it's weird if somebody wants to play a Sonic game but doesn't like Sonic, but wanting to play as other characters besides him is definitely fine, I don't get the issue, it's perfectly normal, it does get tiring when there is only one character like Mario or Link who also don't have much personality, so that's even more limiting than our lovable douche Sonic.
  5. Recently? She's always kinda been like that though? Even outside the Sonic games. She WAS the 4th hero character.
  6. Amy and Sonic bouncing off each other romantically would make for a more interesting show dating in their own type of way with Sonic calling adventuring a date as Amy would prefer just spending time with Sonic when eating pizza or watch a movie. Personally I want Amy to have the personality that she had in Heroes and the first Riders game where she was girly with a crush on Sonic and had her own way of doing things unlike Amy in Boom, Forces, Team Sonic Racing and IDW Sonic where she is the same as everybody else minus her girly, teen crush nature. In short haters of Amy's personality when she has a crush on Sonic got exaggerated to no end for so long that Sega partially removed Amy from being girly or romantic.
  7. I still remember the day when Invader Zim and Fairly Odd Parents premiered at the same time. I remember liking FOP as it was funny enough, but to me IZ was just on another level, everything felt so cinematic in its execution and its humor was so fresh at the time before the internet took said humor a few years later and ran it into the ground.

    Sorry just watching the first ep again for the first time in forever and getting nostalgic


  8. Today
  9. 1. "Amy shouldn't be a main character" 2. ??? 3. "There should only be 4 characters at all, ever." 4. Profit? This actually makes no sense, mostly because the classic series had more than 4 characters.
  10. You're missing my point. Buddy was a breath of fresh air because he wasn't Sonic. I and many others are tired of only having Sonic to play as.
  11. So here's an interesting question: What's the legality of them being able to [re]make(?) the recent Broly movie?
  12. I honestly can't get behind this.It's one step away from saying the series should only have four characters and the others shouldn't exist at all.
  13. It's pretty fun to think about with Knuckles because romance is so far out of his wheelhouse. He can barely handle having friends to begin with. It's why I like his dynamic with Rouge a lot. They handle their mutual attraction like a couple of first graders would and just give eachother shit.
  14. It's honesty hard to even have an opinion on something like this.
  15. I might not have played much of it (2 hours since Friday) as my days are a bit hurried, but I'm freakin' loving Ion Fury.

    You DEFINITELY should give a look.

  16. Some Sonic 1 8 bit facts: -The special stages in the Game Gear version are different than those in the Master System version. -If you find all the hidden life monitors in each level (there's just one in each, including boss levels), a bonus additional life monitor will appear at the start of the final boss level. There's a life and a continue hidden in each special stage too but if I remember well they don't count for this trick (I'm not completely sure though). -If you jump with the right timing after defeating the final boss, you can enter the teleporter before eggman... nothing changes though. -The version of the game pre-installed on the console (Master System) does not have the credits screen with Sonic singing at the microphone, it ends at the score screen with South Island and the Green Hill musics instead. I'm not sure if it's due to pal-ntsc differences or it's like this in every region. -In the boss act of Labyrinth (Master System), it's almost impossible (but still possible with some frame-perfect timing and some luck) to exit the area where the life monitor is hidden, because of the spikes and the fact that you have no rings. They fixed that in the Game Gear version, though they made it almost impossible to exit the water in the Jungle boss act after collecting the life monitor, where it was perfectly possible in the Master System version. They fixed an issue and introduced a new equivalent issue in a different act. Other games: -The drop dash is not a completely new concept in the series. In Sonic Lost World, you can roll into a ball and run through the level in that form, because there are no rolling physics and rolling is used as a reskin of the boost. If you jump in this state and stop/slow down Sonic mid-air, he will stay curled up in a ball just like during any other jump, but he will keep the rolling boost state, so once he will land, he will be propelled into the facing direction. This feels extremely similar to how the Drop Dash works, though the activation requires a more specific situation. Another game with a similar gimmick is Generations 3DS. When you play as classic Sonic, you can gain speed by performing a roll, then a jump and a roll roll again (hold down + direction during the landing). This will give you some small speed boost, and if you chain it several times in a row, you can go very fast on a flat terrain. I'm not sure why this happens, it doesn't seem to be intentional, it's likely an exploitable physics issue, but it feels similar to a weaker (but combinable) drop dash. Probably the speed boost comes from the jump rather than from the roll: you can gain speed in air; though I think that rolling after landing is necessary to keep the speed, else it would slow you down to the running speed cap and the trick would be impossible.
  17. I wonder Mario and Peach were actually getting married in the sequel soon? I want Nintendo let Mario and Peach to get married soon after end of the first Super Mario Odyssey where Peach ditches Mario and Bowser to not marry either them. Son of a bitch. I like to see Mario and Peach will have a actual wedding at end of the sequel this time NOT A FUCKING TWIST ENDING UNLIKE FIRST ONE.
  18. 8-18-19: Part 2 of the Sonic Mania LP has been added to the playlist above. Also hello, 1000+ views on the thread. Thanks, teehee.
  19. Go into data management in the game's menu. There are some extra save slots there
  20. It looks so fake... I mean, Sega did some unexpected questionable decisions in the past, but a massive collection with all those games all bundled together seems unrealistic, especially since Mania Plus seems to be included in it, and the game is still marketable alone. Also it seems like Colors is missing from the collection... I doubt they would put in all those games but skip Colors... 06 may understand but Colors...
  21. Amy is probably my least favorite character among the recurring ones, and I may be the minority but I think the series would benefit if Amy became a side character with less presence in the series opposed to a main character such as she seems to be now. I agree with people who said that Sonic is not about romance, and "sonamy" would be unfitting in the series because Sonic is the main character, and the main character being involved in romance would mean that the romance would be always in the spotlight. Recently Amy is getting the main character treatment like Tails, Knuckles and Shadow, but I think she's kinda shoehorned as a main character, she doesn't add very much especially since her personality has been toned down a lot, and the things she does (organize stuff, hack computers) is something that Tails would be way more fitting doing instead. I'm all for a return of the treatment Amy recived in the classic era, where she was considered a side character and mostly appeared in spin-offs at best, while Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman were the core cast. As for the romance, I'm not a fan of it, but if the series has to have romance, I'd rather take Silver and Blaze's relationship as canon than Sonic and Amy's. I hope nobody will be offended by this because last time I criticized Amy on these boards, a user attacked me and accused me to have some weird complex against female characters, something that's absolutely not true, I just find Amy uninteresting and I don't like her much, I have no problems with the other female characters in the series.
  22. A number of games these days have this really silly limitation of tying one save file to a profile. I don't know why so many developers do it, but it's standard practice. You just need to create another profile on you Switch and start a new file on there.
  23. Prioritise whichever genre of game you like best, perhaps? Or try to figure out which game excites you the most. I'd imagine that Link's Awakening and perhaps Luigi's Mansion 3 might be relatively shorter titles than the others, too.
  24. they can call it the iPhone "Ten R" all they want in commercials, but I'll always read it as iPhone "EX R"

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      iPhone XS

      iPhone Excess 

    2. Polkadi~☆


      iPhone EX R sounds fucking rad as hell

  25. Yeah, they probably are already dating, since Amy has changed, ironically her fans like obsessed Amy, but don't realize she has more chances to be dating Sonic if she is... A normal person.
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