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  2. -Sonic 1 8 bit I grew up with this game and I love it. I think it's a good platformer all things considered. It has some flaws and the collisions aren't perfect, but it's still a wonderful experience to play. It's short and has tons of replay value. -Sonic 3 alone The best main Classic Sonic game in my opinion, not much else to say. I don't like the Blue Sphere special stages too much though. -Sonic 3 & Knuckles Technically an expanded version of Sonic 3, though I prefer Sonic 3 alone for a couple of reasons: the confusion between chaos/super emeralds and the doubled amount of Blue Sphere stages required to complete the game; the lenght... it's too long for a Sonic game, it's stressful to complete in one go (usually I complete a Sonic game in about 1 hour and half, this requires more). -Tails' Sky Patrol Not a traditional Sonic game, though I love this fun little game. There are some unfair parts, but once you learn the levels and do a couple of runs, it becomes addicting. It's shorter than a regular Sonic game (4 zones only), and this increases its replay value. -Sonic 1 Not a favorite of mine at first, but after playing it several times, I started to appreciate it for its simplicity. A nice Sonic game, fun to play occasionally. -Sonic & Knuckles I don't know why, even if the gameplay is the same as Sonic 3, I still prefer Sonic 3 by far. It's because of the locations and the level design, and some other things. -Sonic 2 8 bit I consider it to be worse than Sonic 1 8 bit, but still enjoyable. The reason why I placed it here is because I enjoy to play it for the challenge, in fact it's probably the hardest classic Sonic game. -Sonic Mania Not a big fan of this game... the gameplay is fine but as a "modern" game (I mean, it came out recently without the hardware limitations the original classics had), I expected much more. Even trying to enjoy it as it is, without expectations, I still have some problems with most of the bosses, that I consider annoying and often unfair. The level design also becomes boring pretty fast (with a couple of exceptions, such as Green Hill and the first act of Studiopolis), and the whole setting of the game (teleports, illusions) is way too random for my tastes. -Sonic CD The level design... it's just... a mess. I played this game and I even got the good ending, both by destroying the Metal Sonic holograms and by collecting all the time stones. Still, the level design has no flow and it's too much annoying. I like the time travel gimmick and all the depth the game has because of it. The Super Peel-Out is an unnecessary move IMO. -Sonic 2 Initially one of my favorites (probably because as a kid I played it with savestates), I replayed it some years ago in an attempt to replay all the classics, and I found myself very frustrated by this game. Annoying level design, cheap traps/hazards, and the worst thing is when you want to complete it 100%. Getting the special stages is very annoying, some checkpoints are hidden in later levels (and this goes against the main function of the checkpoints) and the special stages are very unfair, and completely based on memorization and trial and error (it obviously requires you to replay the game countless times in order to learn). Just no. ........not to mention Tails in the special stages when you play as Sonic & Tails. -Other 8 bit platformers Some of them are even good, though I'm not much attached to them, because I didn't play them as a kid, and they look a bit generic to me. I prefer by far Sonic 1 and 2 8 bit regardless of gameplay solidity and level design... they are just more memorable to me. -Sonic 3D Blast I have never been a fan of this one... I found it to be repetitive and the gameplay was meh. -Knuckles Chaotix I don't know what to say about this one... all the levels feel the same, and the level design is meaningless because you are going to skip it all with the rubberband thing. It's a bad designed game IMO. -Sonic Blast (8 bit) This game is pure frustration and annoyance; it's boring and doesn't play good enough. The level design is a joke, especially that water zone. -Sonic Spinball and the other spin-offs I think they are all uninteresting, and Sonic Spinball is bad IMO. I have never played Sonic R but it doesn't look much interesting from what I have seen.
  3. I don't care how he influenced the Adventure era, I don't like his current vision for Sonic.
  4. Now that you mention it, the 30 Years Later issue is vaguely reminiscent of the introductions in Arkham City.
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  6. Usually, the cup that it want you to do for the daily challenges ties into the track that some of the other challenges also use, so by doing just one cup, you can possibly get up to five challenges done just by doing the cup. Run through the quick challenges, and its an easy 1000 a day.
  7. I’m hoping we get more characters in the game, cuz they stated they kept the same roster but gave them new Olympic gear to add more appeal It clearly has added more appeal to them but that still doesn’t change the fact we’ve had the same roster since Vancouver!
  8. 8-22-19: Part 2 of the Donkey Kong Country LP has been added to the LP playlist.
  9. Oh God, Tom Holland unfollowed Sony on Instagram xD Someone's salty

    1. Strickerx5


      Guy knows who truly made it all work.

    2. Wraith


      He never followed them to begin with. Don't spread misinformation 

  10. Yup, I was actually about to say the same. I was looking forward to some of the newer challenges like ‘relay race’ until I realised it’s just another ‘drive X character around the Y track Z amount of times’. I guess the only flipside with Nitro is that the really decent unlockables aren’t at the end of the Gold Tier Road and are all in the bronze and silver tier. During the Last GP I was interested in the final Motorsport Tawna Skin just for completions sake, but I could hardly care any less about the Fake Baby T Skin this time. I therefore did do an experiment this time - doing the bare minimum. If you can complete a few of the Theme and Pro challenges to boost yourself, then just make sure your Nitro percentage add on is at 50%; just play at least one or two online races every day (if you can win one then bonus). This will allow you to coast the Nitro Bar without having to grind to rubbish challenges. Within 2 races you’ll have accumulated at least 6-7 of the basic/daily/weekly challenges, if not more sometimes, in one go. Disclaimer: It will take the entire GP period to complete this (I’m nearly there with 5 days to go), so only do this if you don’t want to grind, aren’t bothered about obtaining the rewards straight away AND have a spare 15 minutes to play CTR every day. I guess really the only other thing is the top 5% reward scheme to Egg the hardcore on... but then who cares about this when Beenox accidentally gave me the Champion Kart last GP when I didnt qualify... and now I have the Back N Time Winners Decal in advance by mistake alongside everyone else. If errors like this keep happening there really is no point to pursue those goals.
  11. I'm almost 30!


    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Happy birthday...

      Saddy birthday?

    2. Jango


      You are old!

    3. Red


      I've been 30 for a while. It's all downhill from there.

    4. Badnik Zero

      Badnik Zero

      But do you feel 30? 🥳

  12. I just find it weird how every rumour says "Guys, big news coming VERY soon!". There is not a rumour that says " it's coming in late October/November". So I'm skeptical.
  13. Who says Nega is playable? I don't want him playable. Rouge, Omega, Jet, Zavok will likely be bosses. The thing with missing Espio and possibly Sticks, is they don't fit as bosses, so their absence could lead to DLC? That's the hope, Espio was a referee in early games, so it's weird he's not here. Same with Rosalina and Diddy, they don't look like boss material and they are missing, they are waaay to important to not show up. I just think this is a major step backwards compared to Rio. At least all the characters were represented in some way. Even with a limited role. Mii characters are also definitely not included in the game, which means no costumes, so if true, this is definitely the M&S with the least amount of playable characters since the days of Bejiing. Sad true story... Edit: http://www.tssznews.com/2019/07/10/segas-official-tokyo-2020-olympics-game-receives-demo-free-dlc/ I just found out Sega is doing free updates for the official Olympic game, adding new events, could they do free DLC for M&S too? That would be a way to promote the game until the real Olympics start next year. What do you think?
  14. His in-game art? Sure. In-game Sonic is pretty great.
  15. Didn't expect the Dragon Quest 11 demo to bore me so much. 2 hours or so in and I just don't care about anything. I'm usually down for some turn based stuff but man the early game isn't kind.

    I don't really like anyone or anything from the story either, though it's harder to sell me on a messiah angle. Your name might as well be Jesus Christ. Throw in a beard and stache, change the hair brown and we got animoo sword Jesus. The Moses baby stuff really sealed that imagery.

    In 2 hours no one is interesting or engaging, very vanilla hero stuff, and your tool kit is too small to start. And apparently it's 10 hours this demo...jeez. I mean props for content but damn.

    Moves do get flashier later but mostly early on it's not gripping me. Which it needs to more as this is old school, so interactivity is low. I also laughed at running sections....like yeah I play JRPGs for running away from things in action game like scenarios....woo.

    I'm hard pressed to even want to continue it. 

  16. In theatres for Weathering With You! This should be fun!

  17. Well I gave it a try for the spirits...don't get the appeal so far after like near 2 hours.
  18. Drew an picture of Sonic and Bumblebee interacting since both of their movies are made and distributed by the same studio.
  19. It's an evolution of the Sonic 1 sketches...there aren't as many. But it matches the title screen.
  20. This is such a cool design. I've seen it before but it's one I forget about often. Ugh...it makes me dream about the ONE 3D game I want that would fully embrace that design. Just once, nail sonic the way he was originally and put him in an awesome expansive 3D game that has the right feel. I swear I'd never complain about anything in this franchise again. Pinky swear.
  21. September slings up a wall with a Surveillance Suit Spider-Man theme! For those not in the know, the Surveillance Suit was a costume used by Spidey during the finale of the first run of Spider-Man/Deadpool as a means to finally put an end to the psychotic Spidey/Deadpool dual clone, Itsy Bitsy. As Peter came to the conclusion that the only way to stop her rampage was to betray his moral compass by killing her, his new Surveillance Suit featured a few more...Octavius-esque touches. I always thought the suit looked pretty sick and with me working my way through Spidey PS4 along with the Marvel's Spider-Man TV series FINALLY coming back from its last cliffhanger next month for a Superior Spider-Man arc, I thought it'd be an appropriate September choice. (I also decided to use this before crap hit the fan between Disney and Sony, so consider it conveniently morbid timing.)
  22. Having a game-play system that allows you to do more...as well as having the focus being on the world (kinda), that helps.
  23. Today, I just found out that Trunks is also Phoenix Wright and Tomura Shigaraki

  24. I wonder if Sonic twitter was actually using this as feedback when they asked this...


  25. I'd be curious to try Monster Rancher out if the Switch Version comes out over here. I've been interested in the series for quite some time.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Monster Rancher? That's a name I haven't heard in years...

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