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  2. So been playing this for around 16 hours now and... Got a few more thoughts. TSR is a good game. In fact it's potentially a great one... but... the main issue with it is this. Sega. The idea of having a team based mechanic actually works, as absurd as it sounds it really is great when it just clicks. But the main gripe I'm starting to have... is that I keep comparing it to ASRT and that game just comes out on top every time. Characters, tracks (transformed nature) but mainly the overall presentation. Like in ASRT every menu feels alive. Even little things like when you complete a GP you get a small podium sequence. In TSR it's all near still imagery. Some have asked about single player content... thing is... this game is bloody hard at times. If you're going for 100% completion. It takes a very long time to get every star in every stage. Then to unlock all the mods, decals and horns will also take ages... mainly thanks to the loot box nature of that system. So you potentially have a very long and challenging game here that is fun... But is is lacking in virtually every comparison to ASRT. And... I keep having to remind myself that this shouldn't be an issue and is an unfair comparison. Because ASRT at launch was £39.99. TSR is £20-£30 depending where you shop. It's almost half the price and that's without factoring in most new games now cost £45 depending where you go. It's a much cheaper game compared to ASRT and even ASR. Now if it were the same price that ASRT was, I think there would be a much stronger argument for the same number of characters, the same final quality of the menus. To have a game at the same level or better in every area. Basically. ASRT was going for the full higher end blockbuster type Triple A show that was a lot of fun. TSR is going for a budget experience which is equally as fun... But I want TSR to be that higher end type experience that ASRT was, but it's not. It's budget.
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  4. Ok, so I have a question: I noticed through videos there are some other options for online races, some different type of races outside of the standard team race, can you guys tell me what those types are? And if they are playable in local mode? (like invincibility race, vampire race, but I don't know the others…) plus I'm aware that the missions are only for Adventure mode and you can't play them in single player mode, like the ring challenge etc. and you can't play those as Team Eggman.
  5. Sorry, but I have to disagree. Sure, it’s on the screen, but it’s not ‘clear’ if you get my meaning. Considering two of us skipped over story elements already without realising to me just highlights that perhaps the button actions simply needs to be swapped around on this menu. It’s kinda difficult to explain but it’s not entirely obvious you’ll be continuing the plot even if Dodonpa pops up with a line when pressing square, although this was when I went back through the parts i missed. Also on branching paths you are treated to the same cutscene with a different background which is good... I guess?
  6. One of the first things I noticed watching footage of the game is that there's an option to progress through Adventure mode either with or without the story. Maybe the buttons could have been the other way around or there could have been an alternative method employed, but I think it's sufficiently clear and obvious the way it is.
  7. It should say at the bottom, but I just can’t understand the decision behind it (although I’m sad the same thing happened to you, I’m glad I’m not a fool for not being the only one realising sooner). Can’t tell if serious or not. Haha. In honestly weather you are playing on PS4 or Switch it will say right at the bottom in small text but it is not a great indicator. There isn’t like a sub menu to proceed to skip the story for example once you activate a mission which might have been better. No, It’s just weird that ‘X’ on PS4 or ‘A’ on Switch is the button they chose for skipping cutscenes to play a mission. Where as ‘Square’ on PS4 or ‘x’ on Switch is the button to press to view things to progress before a mission. It feels like they got it backwards when you consider the normalcy of input commands players are used to in this day and age.
  8. There's a pretty obvious reason for the button thing. X = No
  9. Oh my god, really? ...REALLY? I wondered why I wasn’t getting any cutscenes since the beginning after racing nearly to the end of section 2. I didn’t even notice any button option for the story. I’m gonna have to go back through and figure out which button activates the story sections on Switch 😕
  10. Many Mike Gallagher stories had "editor" notes saying "Want to see more of [insert whatever the story was about here]? Write Sonic-Grams!" Most of the time they went unfulfilled. I remember seeing a LOT of fans wanting more Sonic Spinball stories, and we never got even one. Also helped me appreciate that the editor boxes were at the insistence of the individual writers, not the actual editor.
  11. Hey, are you doing okay?

    Don't know if you'll see it, but here's a cute kitten that you can see on your profile page (If no notifications happens after then) since you said you like them!  Hopefully you come on again soon!


    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      We miss you Kiah

  12. Isn't that the case with all multiplayer games like this? No way any AI partner is going to hold a candle to a team of humans working together. That's the price you pay for striking out on your own in a co-op racer. Best case scenario, you could implement some kind of matchmaking to where solo players only face other solo's, but that would also cut the player base down in any given lobby - so I could see why that wouldn't be as appealing to develop.
  13. Yeah and that Sonic is also terrible and doesn't feel even remotely like Sonic.
  14. So, I realized that Neal McDonough who played a government major named Bennington was in a video game movie before. It was called Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. The movie was released in 2009, and of course it was bad and forgotten. It was an box office bomb. He played M. Bison in this.
  15. This week's episode was Frenemies and it was a villain's episode through and through. This was quite a lot of fun. I'll admit that this season was a tad bit coasty at times for me, probably since it's common knowledge that this really is the last one and as such much of it felt like leisurely checking off a list or doing something vaguely off in the last two. But this one stood out partly because of a trifecta of being something completely different, part of the main plot, and more directly because of the chemistry that these three had. It manages to really think about who these characters were on their own and it'd influence how they'd carry themselves here, whether it be Chrysalis being pent up with eagerness to launch a coordinated attack, Tirek realizing he can't climb the mountain and waiting to use what the others learn, and even Cozy confessing to being frustrated when she get someone to act as her talent dictates. I must say that I've been pretty iffy about Tirek being treated more comedically in his return. Especially given that compared to the vain Chrysalis or Cozy Glow's 30s talk, he was supposed to be more sinister and to the point. However, they managed to reach something of a balance here in that he's more trying to deal with the others antics and concerned about straightforward efficiency, but his goofy moments kinda air on the barely expressive side. Though he's apparently much lighter than he looks, as his little lawn chair and the rope shows. On another note, it's kinda funny to see just how broken he and especially Chrysalis are. Maybe its because of the ninja theory and some villain decay, but one can forget that they had a legitimate claim on conquering Equestria. The latter alone got super close to reaching the barrier on her first try; you think back to the Mean Six and realize she could've put up a fight at the end if she really felt it. Theoretically, she might be able to gradually fuel herself to the point of returning Tirek to full power with plenty interest for herself, depending on how much he takes. Though thinking about it, why didn't Tirek drain Rusty Buckets and maybe that bullsnake thing on the way? I like how Chrysalis was the one to put a halt to their growing friendship. When I saw the synopsis for this episode, I couldn't help but think it would feel rather flat and maybe a bit dumb. But it makes sense that she would have developed a pathological hatred for it that would cause her to reject it. And it's not like Cozy or Tirek feel the same way--they clearly like the feeling, but simply concur on how antithetical it'd feel. Heresr hoping we get more out of Grogar himself next time. I will say that he looked better here than in his introduction, but he still looks like a blue fish thing from the front. Never noticed his horns being the focus of his magic usage. I also noticed one flub of logic at the end
  16. God, this is such manipulate behavior and I'm so glad that everyone is taking Heidi's side and not falling for his shit. What a shameless asshole.
  17. "Contestant Hit of the 11th Universe"

    Hit. 11th Unuverse.

    Who makes the script?!

  18. My Zelduh list:


    Never played Triforce Heroes, don't remember Four Swords Adventures. Also pretend the GBA LttP is actually Four Swords Anniversary.

  19. Aaaaand Sonic has to explain his sarcasm....dammit TSR you were for a moment making kinda like modern Sonic for a while........

  20. Just "discovered" Tier Maker (I mean I've seen it before) and uh oh I'm gonna be addicted now aren't I?

  21. Eh. As long as the story and special effects are good, I don't care if its in live-action.
  22. I know all that already guys. I just really didn't want to re-explain for the 30th time my opinion on SatAM/Archie Sonic so I typed as little as I could about my response to hearing him say that... Speaking of which, I read Issue 32 and while it did turn out that Rotor was unconscious, that doesn't in anyway alleviate the weirdness of the cliff-hanger in the last issue where all they showed was him falling in the water and Robotnik going "HE'S DEAD! HE'LL NEVER BOTHER ME AGAIN!" The Rotor story got even weirder with its conclusion. It's not even a conclusion. Rotor's brainwashed family comes out and attacks them and they end up floating away on a large chunk of ice. Rotor tosses a tracker on the ice so that he can find them again. It looks like a small walkie-talkie thing so it doesn't look like it can stick to anything, as such, I don't know how it's not supposed to just accidently slip off the ice or get kicked in the water. Then Rotor leaves and says he's gonna work on a way to actually cure Robotnik's hypnosis...and then it ends with a box saying "It's over but if you want us to continue it then send letters to Sonic Grams!" So basically it's like "We're not concluding this story unless you ask us to" which means if no one asks them to, apparently they're just going to leave Rotor's family adrift in the ocean, hypnotized forever. The idea of that being the case is hilarious. I guess I should add a disclaimer here to avoid confusion again. Ahem. EDIT: Also, I just noticed that Sonic and Tails have five fingers but Sally, Antione, Rotor, and Bunnie all only have four.
  23. Speaking of Jiren

    I'm gonna go back into DBS...but read the manga instead. I heard the final arc is worse than how the anime did it but my question 

    Is Jiren as boring and bland as people say he is in the manga

    1. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      As someone who read the manga first and is just now watching the anime, I kind of feel like they're both relatively the same in terms of quality, even if the way the story is being told is different.

      Although, Super is moving at a snail's pace and the characters I wanted to see last longer actually do last longer in the manga version.

      As for Jiren, he's the same as far as I can tell. 

  24. Does that really matter? The first thing anybody said about this film was "BAAAAW Live Action" and a sequel to this film does nothing to change that narrative, even if it is more faithful to game established norms. The first thing anyone would say to a follow up would still be "Its still Live Action tho" and the peg would be right back at square one, with the lingering stigma of the first film dragging it down further.
  25. So I got into a few online games.... there are some issues... Basically, there is a set minimum time to start a game and you cannot speed through it, even the results screen, so you're waiting a while for races to both start and finish before you return to the lobby and start again. You can end up in a race against two human players on the same team... if this happens... Yeah you're completely screwed. But... for the fun thing... and spoiler because it's a big spoiler if it's not been revealed yet. Also there is this system called 'commend', when you finish the race the game identifies players who performed the best in a number of stats, like players taken out, fastest speed, number of items passed. You can if you like 'commend' a player for how they did... But I have absolutely no idea what this does, even if you get the most commendations (like I did) I didn't see or notice anything like a reward.
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