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  3. My sides. "Write." You've been whining about how Shadow was handled in World's Unite (and Archie as a whole) for at least half a year across multiple threads, and that's just from the ones I remember seeing in topics that I usually don't bother looking at since I couldn't give less of a shit about IDW until someone reports something in a thread talking about it. I don't think anyone actually believes that you consider it "just a thing," so much as a "heinous character derailing act that signifies how much the head writer of the comic hates the character I wish I could bang in real life." "Sense." Maybe if the Wonder Twins had been in the comic for nearly a decade before Batman was and it was far more their comic than it ever was Batman's. And "crossover." "It's" I know for a fact this was explained to you in such simple terms that it might as well have been phonetic, and you still just ignored it. This goes along with the "make shit up to support my tortured reading of the material" thing that you're constantly called out on.
  4. Just finished the game for the first time. Did a full 100% run of the PS4 version, and it's one of the best collect-a-thons in recent years IMO. I liked how they carried the spirit of other collect-a-thons, but modernised just enough so it wasn't downright frustrating at points. As a comparison piece, the last collect-a-thon I finished was Banjo 1 a few months back, and while it was fun, it was really beginning to wear thin by the end, especially by the time of Rusty Bucket and Click Clock. A Hat in Time avoids it by not having too many collectables, and IMO at least - being the perfect length for me. Took me about 10 to 15 hours to 100% and because of that, the game never really got boring to me. I also loved how many games it seemed to take inspiration from. I'm a big fan of Mario Sunshine in particular, and got a lot of great vibes of that game from AHiT. The artstyle was great, the characters and personalities were all fun (even if I wish Mustache Girl would've taken a bit more of an arc villain role, and appeared in Subcon Forest and Dead Bird Studios to cause mischief), and the adventure was short and sweet, remaining fresh without overstaying it's welcome. Also, can I just say, I love how Hat Kid controls. The momentum based platforming, and swapping between the dive jump and normal jumps to control exactly where I land reminded me greatly of Mario Odyssey, another collect-a-thon I really enjoy. Honestly, I'm just a bit sad I won't get to experience the DLC chapters on PS4. I'll likely pick the Switch version up at some point, to experience it at some point, or at least the additional chapters. I cannot see myself running through Deathwish.
  5. I don't really have any response? Like I agree with everything you are saying and its what is supporting my " He might not car for shadow and shadow's weird to write , so he writes him out of stories " , that's my luke warm take. It isn't as bad as bollers or penders... though emperor shadow was pretty bad, however I don't think not being as bad some of the most embarrassing shit to exist in the franchise isn't a high bar nor does it absolve him of criticism. Eh not really. There's no explanation that makes " oh hey you know during this moments video game occasion crossover thing , you know who didn't show up, shadow or blaze You know who's gonna show up, a bunch of characters from a cartoon that so old adults in the fanbase could have not watched it" make sense besides "In that instance those characters stories were more valuable to him" which when you calm down and look at it is a very luke warm boring take. Again this isn't some " Ian flynn is going to destroy our babies or some shit" he had a preference, shadow fans got assed out. Eh. So this is gonna get addressed later, but he may say things have been sacrificed to flow better. But generally Ian Flynn has an issue with sacrificing things and letting go of storylines and characters he's interested in. I would make the argument the the story going on, now is the result of this. Because it isn't particularly that interesting and he's going on with it. Its a habit , its something that's often called out when criticizing flynn. If he wants me to not believe this he's going to have to start writing that's flow better, I'm going need to see the results of that, because he never really has. He writes really good dialog but his stories have always had pacing issues. You realize that doesn't really negate anything i'm saying? He wanted to tell a story about the freedom fighters, he chose a character he might have not cared for or had any serious plans for to die and his team and that's...it really. There wasn't a lot of room... he made a choice, he picked the character he often picks to write out of stories. If he would go back and change it... that's cool. But what happened, happened. You are naive if you think flynn tells all in those podcasts. That man has a job and likes having a job and potential more jobs. And those answers while enlightening in some regards, filtered as fuck I'm making pretty reasonable assumptions based off of his previous writing of the character in question. So here's the deal , one he cold simultaneously not be into that character and want to write a decent story about that character. Its not uncommon , ontop of that, that instance doesn't... you know take away ... all the other instances of basically him trying to write shadow out of stories whether its just getting beaten up or just... not existing. Or in the reboots case, being cornered off. But here's the big two, if he genuinely feels that way. Write the character better, write better versions of the character. Because Ian flynn not getting shadow is genuinely one of the most common criticisms I see about flynn. Its literally a meme at this point and this recent book didn't help. And I disagree with that.I think he gets the character well, and in the instance the reboot where he could isolate him off and tell a story about that... it was good. However its a pretty common sentiment , while yes he can seem emotional and enthusiastic in a podcast. It largely means nothing if the rest of his body of work doesn't really reflect that enthusiasm and it seems like he's trying to write him out of narratives. You got to write stories to get people to buy into what you are selling, and he never has with shadow...except once. Even in IDW last year, late in the year what little cool moment shadow undermined , and then he just vanished. And then the next time you see him... this. Like if someone arrives at the conclusion that the person writing might not be fond of the character... I wouldn't blame em. Because while in this instance if the reddit post that started this whole conversation was true, that doesn't explain every other instance of ian with shadow flubbing it up or writing him out of narratives. The meme with ian's writing doesn't exist with any other character except shadow. And there's a reason for that, " The writer might not care for this character and cares more about the story and chooses to focus on that" isn't really a gigantic conspiracy theory.. and is a fairly common thing that happens. But sure cool man.
  6. Beat A Hat in Time 100% and got the platinum trophy!

  7. Let's fucking go Samsora!!!!

  8. Today
  9. Yeah, and I'm saying you're being ridiculous to suggest that this is the case for Shadow and at all related to why he killed off Team Dark in that crossover. He gave a reasoning, in far more detail then you're giving credit for by the way, and you're choosing to ignore it and dismiss it in favor of something that makes more sense to you. It's baseless and it's silly. World's Unite had a lot of things done for the sake of compensation. Your assertion that he absolutely got to focus on just who he wanted to write doesn't even have basis in truth because I know for a fact that he's had to make a ton of compromises based on just what would flow better or stand alone as an advertisement for the book. The Freedom Fighters weren't in the first crossover because of that. He put the Freedom Fighters in World's Unite because there were people wondering and asking why they weren't in the first crossover and he tried his best to appease that crowd with World's Unite. But, of course, hindsight is 20-20. Too many characters were in that story and he straight up said that if he could do it again he'd remove the Freedom Fighters and the Maverick hunters to try and balance things out. I never said he decided it at random. Clearly some thought was put into what was done. I know that because I've actually done due diligence and listened to the man actually talk about this more than once. His thought process there was definitely a little more than what you're putting in quotations but even if it wasn't, you're choosing not to believe it based on nothing. He may not be obligated to talk about his thought process but that hasn't stopped him. He does it routinely and it's really not hard to find. You're making shit up and you have no idea what you're talking about. I'm getting kind of heated right now because, again, I just recently listened to him talking about Eclipse and Shadow Fall and the whole deal with Shadow in one of the older podcasts. The amount of enthusiasm and the heavy emphasis he put into how much hard work went into taking the concepts from Shadow's game and creating Eclipse is something that falls into direct contrast with your hand-waving of it here. This is dumb and I kind of find it intensely insulting and gross. Dislike the stories and the direction he took all you want but what you're doing here is basically claiming to know what the guy's intention was without properly looking into the available avenues that actually give you an actual, better understanding of what that may be. I'm not going to accept or have any respect for your dreaming up evidence to support this nonsensical argument you're trying to make. This IS conspiracy theory nonsense.
  10. Oh. Honestly--and this is partly me talking if I was in his shoes--, I think that was him being [overly?]pragmatic while using Shadow. As you know, Shadow's tenure in Archie is one of the bigger examples of the comic not really knowing how to properly use a character either to due to lack of concrete material from SEGA and/or due to too many variables to readjust to accommodate them. (See Sub bullet points for recap) After Mr. Flynn basically hit a fastforward button to admittedly half-BS his way through getting Shadow where he needs to be within 40 issues, there was a new level of nebulousness that had the benefit of what had happened in-between those loose game adaptations to use and give Shadow his own stories on par with Sonic & Knuckles. First he was only alluded to(?) around 98 because the Adventure 1 adaptation already fucked with the writer's resources & apparently their memories and they most likely didn't wanna go through that again. Also, they literally couldn't reasonably adapt the game considering the already messed up stories of the time were being wrapped up, Knuckles was green, and Tails was an Ixis clone. 124 or 125 had him thrown in by the Bem in time for the Xorda seemingly killing off Sonic for a yearlong timeskip. This was clearly because Heroes brought him back from the dead and Mr. Bollers, despite his efforts to bring in more from the games, clearly had little clue on what he was supposed to do with him beyond--and stop me if this sounds familiar--just being an antihero. The 140-159 era, under Mr. Penders, still had him doing confusing antihero stuff from I what I recall. This included fighting Metal Sonic, having their unconscious bodies kidnapped by Mecha, and riding an underground trolley to fight Sonic him under ground for some reason. There was also him becoming protective of Hope, trying to murder Locke for some reason, help Sonic fight an army of Neo Metal Sonics, and have Knuckles recognize his connection to the Chaos Force, which was [mostly] better. Did I forget anything? The 160-200 era, with Mr. Flynn's long awaited debut, saw him involved in the cleanup. This includes showing up to Sonic's birthday to thank and help him fend off the attackers, turn on Eggman to get answers about his past, get closure with NICOLE's help, and join up with GUN. I think you or SkulkBane brought up how he tended to occasionally show up in the main book to help show how powerful the villain of the week is one time? ...Well, I think it's this is damned if you do, damned if you don't situation tbh. To crib your speaking patterns for a second, it's possible this was a matter of people potentially going "Hey, why didn't they call Shadow to wipe this guy out in one hit?" and him going "Shadow tried, but ADAM-Tommy/Knuxerjak/SuperScourge is too much of craftyboi/diety/Superform for that to work." It's unfortunate, but I can't say it really affected that much from memory. Shadow and to an extent Blaze are the two most broken and [near] infallible of the recurring cast; it can be difficult to write stories that involve characters like Bean the Dynamite and/or need to last a fair amount of time with them. This, alongside their popularity and (the last bullet), gave motivation to reasonably limit their involvement in bigger events and "crossover" stories. And finally, given this is Shadow we're talking about, he had a whole supporting cast and other backstory elements that were being built up in the games that provides material for stories about him. So it honestly made sense to have those stories take place in their own little corners unless a crucial part of a bigger event. Which brings us to World's Unite. It had it's moments(ex.Gemerl), but it primarily turned out to be a mistake on multiple accounts. A lot of editorial pushing(it happening when it did, Xander Payne needing to be toned down), licensing mandates(what characters he used), fan appeal(Freedom Fighters & Light Robot Masters, Wily seeing Zero), and maybe even outsourcing(those other artists and writers) made that sequel crossover a clear mess of epic proportions. As impressive as it was, it really says something that the second and third parts of it had a entire customary page dedicated to showing off every single character involved--which was something like 50 of em. So when the editor also said "Hey, the stakes aren't high enough--you need to kill off a major character or two," he just rolled his eyes and probably went, "okay, who would a decent person that I can use for that blatant shock value while not getting too in the way? Hm...I guess Mayor Dorado(?), Team Dark, the President, Commander Tower, and his daughter/niece are in a city, so maybe they can be there when Sigma's devices merge the worlds. Will that work? Okay, now to plot out this epic final fight with Super Sonic, Super Adaptor Megaman, and Super X Armor..."
  11. Eat shit, Disney.

    1. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Dare I ask what they did this time?

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      Your Vest Friend

      Time to hit the Twitter machine.

      Ha, they're using Spider-Man for their Avengers park expansion despite not being in the MCU now.

    3. Polkadi~☆


      I didn’t even know Disney did anything.

      They’re just so bad now, that I can tell them to “eat shit”, and it’ll actually be relevant to something.

  12. I don’t know why, but I’m only allowed to upload 0.01MB of images on this site. Anyone else have this?

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      Yeah same here.

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      Are your attachments full? You may need to clear them out. Alternatively, you may want to consider an external hosting service like imgur or Tumblr.

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  13. ...Get what?(Oh shit, he got sniped, didn't he? ) What was particularly weird preboot 160-247? I swear I read that as essentially "me with devil horns iterally stabbing Shadow [while] talking to ian flynn." Damn, my eyes play me sometime.
  14. I'm aware and we can have a whole ass conversation about penders and bollers. But that doesn't explain worlds unite, it also doesn't explain weird narrative descions made with shadow pre and post reboot. But there's one thing I want to say in particular that I don't think some of ya'll get So lets talk about this, I think you are imagining me. talking about ian flynn with devil horns literally stabbing shadow to death. Its not that elaborate and its the charitable read. I have read comics for a while, sometimes the person writing doesn't care for the character you like no matter how popular he is and doesn't care to write them and gets ways to write them out of the story if they have to make choices on what to focus on narratively. Simply put, due to the dumpster fire that was archie at that moment and the things his editor was saying to him, he had to make a choice and he choice to get rid of some characters people were asking about so he could focus on the characters he wanted to right. Despite my disdain of the decision, it is not inherently good or bad it is just a thing. What you suggest is he just decided at random, and I don't believe that. Not in the since that ian flynn is a secret vendetta against shadow as you say it, more so I think Ian flynn is intelligent and a good writer. " Well I chose the character people would believe least to die" doesn't make sense, and Ian flynn is not obligated and probably not in his benefit to tell us all of the thought process that went through that. This to be very blunt is if you over saw a DC Marvel Crossoever event and decided to kill if batman so he couldn't meet wolverine, but the wonder twins were there. No he saw the narrative potential in these two dudes who represent generation changes in their respective brand interacting in some way, heck its on the poster. He was just put in a bad decision and made a choice that allowed him to tell what he thought was the parts of the story important to him . And this isn't the first time he's done this with shadow. Shadow's a popular guy, but he's almost never in Ian flynn's large narrative plans. So flynn would devise ways to just get shadow out of the way, so he could focus on the stuff he wanted to focus on which never really involved shadow. To the degree in which in the reboot they gave shadow his own very specific bad guy so they could just shadow and team dark away from the main narrative for a reason more intricate than they are " protecting the president " So again while everyone in this thread has no issue believing Sonic Team made a big oopsie, I can also believe a scenario where flynn had a zombie story. Couldn't figure out how to get a zombie shadow with out doing this, and just did it so he could get his zombie shadow and didn't care so he could write his story. Because there is histor you can point to of flynn writing shadow specifically trying to get him out of the way. I don't think that acknowledging that is some conspiracy theory, its just a thing that happens with media. Sometimes the person making the thing doesn't like the character you like too much and are less charitable to them. Its just a thing.
  15. You know what, I honestly forgot he was focusing/lumping on World's Unite specifically. 😅
  16. I'd like to add on to this by saying that the part about Ian choosing Team Dark to kill off in the crossover event is in no way indicative of any potential bias or hatred for the characters. Saying "he could have picked someone else" isn't a rebuttal to anything. If you're going by the logic that he might have potential hatred for Shadow because he chose Team Dark to kill off then, if he killed someone else off, the argument would just shift to "Well he must hate the OTHER characters he killed off instead" and leave it at a no-win situation. It's far more fair to just go by the explanation he actually fucking gave rather than allow the idea of some sort of stealth vendetta against Shadow to permeate. I may be jumping to defend this man but that's because I've literally heard him talk about the things being brought up here, with an extreme amount of enthusiasm and humbleness within his own tone of voice. I listen to the guy's podcast and I know enough about the way he carries himself and the way he approaches the book to know that any suggestion that he was playing evil mastermind with Team Dark's fate is ridiculous. I'll still criticize the book when it does something I feel doesn't line up right but Ian's just writing what he thinks will work to the best of his ability. He definitely wants to do what he can to please everyone despite also knowing that you won't realistically be able to. I feel he deserves at least that amount of respect.
  17. You're welcome. I admittedly took your request a bit literally and just typed out what was on the paper; I was basically jumping between three or four separate story lines after all. It can be reinterpreted later. EDIT: Let's try this again STH 303-304 Sonic and Tais go to Red Outback Zone(presumably) and fight Maw, ending with Sonic getting infected and seemingly dying as a result. STH 303-307 Backup: Rotor, Nicole, and later Tails confront Breezie and later Phage, presumably due to discovering their connections to Eggman and try to find out what he's planning with the Metal Virus. Upon doing so, Rotor sends out a broadcast about what they learned. STH 305 With Sonic presumed dead, Tails tries to remaind "ConEIDNT"(Confident?) as he helps the Shijin Warriors fight and contain Zombots in Yurashia, after which Sonic calls to let him know he's okay. SU 107-110 Blaze and Bunnie continue to go after Null Mind after he returns, eventually finding his Core and forcing him to escape to CM(Captain Metal?). Meanwhile, Sonic somehow ends up in the clutches of a rebuilt Captain Metal(for some reason) and ends up having to fight him alongside Blaze(?), which involves him and/or his infection somehow "protecting" or something. Also, Bunnie gets trapped/whisked in something before eventually being freed by Blaze and this causes her to see the Past, presumably her/Null's backstory. STH 306-7 Sonic and Tails help the Desert Raiders fight Zombots, which ends with Sonic & Tails retreating while Nephtys presumably contains the Zombots. STH 308 Sonic and Eggman either team up or encounter each other fighting Zombots. Meanwhile, the Egg Bosses start leaving(?) and Zavok shows up, presumably near the end. STH 308 Backup: Sally and Antoine end up crosses paths with Cassia and Clove, presumably after either going to do something with Wolf Pack or perhaps in an attempt to gain their assistance with the Zombots. SU 111-112 Antoine goes on a search for some special swords: Part 1 features a "blowout" with Cassia & Clove, while Part 2 has Cortez get involved by taking the lead, which presumably motivates Antoine to leave N(?) and head to Avalon. SU 111-112 Backup: Sonic and Eggman do something presumably related to the Metal Virus.
  18. This week's episode is Summer Sun Setback. I somewhat enjoyed it, although it did raise a few tangential issues. Within context, I liked how it was a mishmash of three different episode/plot types: Twilight trying to accomplish a Royal Task(with Discord around), the other Mane Six dealing with mundane/specialized stuff, and the villains preparing their big move in the background. These three things worked in tandem with each other without necessarily breaking up. Somewhat liked having Braeburn and those other two ponies representing both each task in addition to each race, which seems to hint at Cozy's approach for the finale. Characters like Discord, Chrysalis, and at one point Tirek helped add some funny moments on the side; special shoutout to Cozy breaking the lock on the Bewitching Bell Tome with a book that has a key on the cover. And the episode ended on a sweet gesture on Celestia and Luna's behalf, which I'm a tad surprised has never been considered before. Oh and the Shining Armor episode actually came in handy, as it was an influence in the villains' subplot. In terms of the grander scheme, though, I thought it was a little ...weird; like, what number episode is this? We still have yet to see Grogar really do much within an episode beyond the premiere and even though we've gotten quite a bit of backstory & methods through those three episodes(the third being Frenemies), it's starting to concern me. On a lesser note, the exposition at the beginning of the episode seemed a bit much for some reason. And although I think Braeburn and those other two were a smart framework, I have to wonder if there wasn't any other pre-established characters they could've used. Also, I would question where Starlight was during this, since she's the only major-main character not to be in this, but then that might've caused Chrysalis to breach cover. ...Is now a bad time to admit I actually don't have the channel this comes on anymore?
  19. big man on community college campus

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      Hey, that’s me!

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      it's gonna be me tomorrow 😬

    3. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      hey its ben shapiro

  20. I went to see FFH with my friends and gf twice because we were told by the media that Marvel would only be allowed to keep Spidey in the MCU and make another movie if FFH reaches 1 billion. I know our extra couple of tickets didn't added much, but the movie did got there and I was happy... That was the plan! But now they pull this crap and we won't get the movie neverthless 😧 So this is what is like to loose... Felt so desperately that I was right, yet I failed all the same.
  21. I am a tall and lanky person, and yet I always seem to picture myself in my imagination as a smol boi.

    I wonder why I’m so conscious about my height 🤔

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      I'm a smol boi who sees myself as a smol boi

      i like being a smol boi

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    3. Failinhearts
  22. Still barely understand a word, but great job.
  23. Immediate issue: Whatever you uploaded isn’t showing up, at least on my end. No links, embeds, nothing. I don’t know if it’s a forum glitch or you just forgot to include it, but I’m guessing that you’d like to fix it sooner rather than later. That aside, yeah I could see the potential of something like your game. There’s certainly a lot of trivia buffs in this fandom, or at least people who refuse to let go of, say, that one time Sonic ran a schoolhouse. Maybe you could even implement specific categories as options to let people configure the game’s questions to different audiences— “Classic,” “Modern,” “Weird,” etc. for example.
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