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  2. Nintendo Twitter: Posts picture of Mario eating watermelon without gloves or shoes


    Me: That's a cool pic of Mario

    Nintendo Fans: WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

  3. oh so this morning i learned that there's an actual online retailer that's selling an aheago-themed nintendo switch decal set (it's described as "funny anime girls" but the picture tells you everything you need to know). thanks amazon for letting me know.

  4. Of course he does. That's why he "thanked" the people who looked after him by making them the first target for the Faceship.
  5. Today
  6. It feels like there should be different categories of sonic based on how different some of the eras and many interpretations of the same character exist. But in practice this is hard to actually do in any logical way. One of the glaring inconsistencies in your OP is adventure sonic and modern sonic. You used a game like unleashed and claimed that was "adventure", when unleashed has much, much more in common with generations which is modern by your definition. And as is commonly understood, the unleashed and generations models are identical. So clearly you are wrong here. Sonic 06 Sonic is also visually different than SA1 and SA2, and those games if you take into account their dreamcast appearances can be thought of as different from each other. The heroes and shadow models are also different from 06 and SA1. This also applies to the classic era. There are quite a lot of interpretations of classic era sonic, from the American versions to the Japanese versions. There may be even more differences among them than the modern varieties. Heck even sonic 3 sonic is different than sonic 1 and sonic 2. This is ultimately why SEGA decided to just stick with classic and modern because the defintions get nonsensical when you start trying to reduce it further. I dont even like the separation of sonic really, but if we're going to do this we may as well not have any categories whatsoever. Just pick your favorite individula instance of the character and stick with that. My all time favorite is probably between sonic 3 sonic and the in game model for SA1 sonic. I like the darker blue hue as opposed to the early classic versions. I could do either brown or green eyes honestly, either way is fine. I also like the proportions of the character. Sonic got much too tall later in the series and he's supposed to be a short hedgehog that curls into a ball. I also love the sonic CD version for the expressiveness of the character. I think when many people reference that as a ideal for sonic, they are really talking about that as well as the slick animations of his acrobatics. When you watch it it just feels like Sonic boiled down to the bare bones of his essence. What he should be doing and wants to be doing. I think this same animation and expressiveness could also work with a subtly different art style as well. And for in game models I tend to lean SA1 as the best most logical proportions for the character (in 3D anyway).
  7. I probably would have preferred a proper She-Hulk movie instead of a Disney+ series, but hey, I'll take anything. Would be hilarious if they bring back the plot point of the Leader from TIH2008 in this series with the same actor and everything.

    Moon Knight is also a nice bonus.

  8. someone on twitter is really trying to do the "lets suddenly start calling each other friends even though we JUST started talking so i can get free art out of you, btw I'll shout you out and everything" thing in my DMs right now. lol i barely have anytime to draw what I want for myself anymore and this dude is really trying this

  9. Sonic will probably ask him if he remembers anything from his time as doctor tinker and starline will step in.
  10. @Ellipsis-Ultima Oh. Alrighty then.
  11. Here are the soundtrack names of Sonic Lost World levels: Windy Hill Act 2 Careening Cavern Desert Ruins Act 2 Honeycomb Highway Act 3 Sugar Lane Tropical Coast Act 2 Juice Archipelego Act 3 Seabottom Segue Frozen Factory Act 2 Snowball Waltz Act 3 Double Down Silent Forests Act 2 Midnight Owl(Plus Owl Lights) Act 4 Island Relics Sky Road Act 2 Dragon Dance Act 4 Thundercloud Acropolis Lava Mountain Act 4 Dr. Eggman Showdown
  12. Solcit is in the link @DabigRG Also that Eggman is literally the Sonic Colors/All Stars Racing Transformed render but with different hand positions.
  13. Why were there Boom Boos in Thundercloud Acropolis?
  14. And you would prefer? And I do still take Naka’s word seriously.
  15. And the solicit says...? Did they trace a render of Eggman or something?
  16. It doesn't seem to hurt most long running series. Everything wrong with Sonic comes down to poor managment
  17. You say that, and yet doing otherwise hasn't worked out well has it?
  18. Revisiting? When one thinks of a brand's identity, there are a certain number of general ideas that come to mind and can be cited if one looks close enough. Ideas that go beyond just having "Green Hill Zone," for example. Granted, that's essentially what the Dreamcast era did, but still.
  19. Well, it’s only pre-alpha. Those old effects and music are probably just placeholders.
  20. It wouldn't have been good for the series to keep revisiting the same themes over and over.
  21. Honestly, if we accept what Naka wanted then that means Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic are one character who live in a world with both anthros and humans with Genesis games happening in a set of islands while the Adventure games happened in human territories. Point is, if Sonic's current handlers don't seem to take Naka's word seriously then can you expect us to?
  22. Why did they use Beauty and the Beast music for this?

  23. How about not using him at all? A Sonic film is sort of supposed to appeal to children. We don't want to frighten the crap out of them. Also, we could just have Metal Sonic and call it a day.
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