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  2. Beat the main story of PMD: Blue Rescue Team.

    Also, can I say that Sky Tower is a bitch to get through and FUCK AERODACTYL AND ITS AGILITY. I died twice due to Monster Houses (swarms of enemies gang up on you) due to Aerodactyl's Agility, Venomoth's Silver Wind, and Flygon's Sand Tomb. Luckily, the boss (Rayquaza) didn't give me much trouble, due to how my team was set up.

  3. It's weird how conflicted I am whenever I hear something like this suggested. Me, as one of the guys whose been endlessly railing on Sonic Team and has lost pretty much all faith in their ability to put out something well above average, doesn't feel as though replacing an entire team of people and the head of Sonic Team will go over as smoothly as some imagine it will. It's a comforting enough fairy tale (if you ignore how many people might lose their jobs) but I'm not sure any of us are well versed in what's even going on over there to feel this confident about what needs to be done. Based on the info we actually do sometimes get about what goes on over there, it largely seems like it's a revolving door anyway. It doesn't feel like "Sonic Team" as it were is an actual "team" of people in the normal sense of the word. It's probably just a few veterans and whoever they decided they wanted to work on whatever current game is coming out. You hear how the team was fired and changed after 06 for the people who made Unleashed and you skip to now where all of those people are supposedly all gone and the credits of Sonic Forces says that one of the guys designing the levels only worked on Lost World before it. If SEGA mandated an entirely new overhaul of that team and personally saw to it that they'd remain consistent, I could see things getting better but... would they? Can they? Do they care? It's odd because almost all of the other shit SEGA is doing is getting some wickedly positive reception. It's not even that everything associated with Sonic has been considered ALL bad either. It just seems like whenever it's time to make a new 3D title for the main series, they toss all the promise it could have down the stairs. Even then, replacing Sonic Team could have repercussions that affect some of the stuff I and other people do actually like. What about Sonic Mania? That came into existence because Iizuka and Sonic Team sought after people who could create it right? Would that game exist if not for them? What about those cartoons they release on their Youtube channel? Would we still get those? What about the IDW comics? Is that going to be affected by the entirety of Sonic Team just disappearing? I don't know. I have no clue how this works. There's probably people here who can give me some more insight as to what would most likely be able to happen but on the whole it's just a scrambled jumble of confusing business practices and connections that I can't wade through with my limited knowledge on them from behind the scenes. Again, I mostly find myself in the position of just wanting a documentary or the people at the top to just let loose with the honest truth. I want to know what they're thinking. I want to know what their doing. I want what we can't have; a display of sheer, raw honesty. Not that PR speak where they sit down and talk of "passion" and "value" and "Legacy Sonic" (Remember that shit? Remember Legacy Sonic?) and what not... If I were to get something like that, I'd at least feel a bit more confident in speaking about what I believe they should do and not just about what I think I want them to do.
  4. I don't think the team is not talented. I believe that the problem is that they are trying to listen too much to the fans with Forces. People liked Classic Sonic in Generations and believed he would be liked here as well. People asked for a darker story and we got that. They knew people like to make OCs and decided to add the feature in the game. They should believe in themselves more and be able to decide on their own what to add and what not to. Also, may I ask what do you dislike at Lost World? I didn't play the game myself but it looks like a pretty good game to me.
  5. I could have sworn we had this topic not that long ago lol

  6. To be fair, Forces had old guard guys like Nakamura wanting them to "Dumb down" the Boost formula for new fans , and Iizuka and Kishimoto probably forced in some changes that hurt the game overall, such as Classic Sonic being shoved in Kishimoto himself has a certain ever since Sonic Colors with Level Design being too linear and 2D sections in 3D levels and hes the director of Forces
  7. Today
  8. No. I think they should replace Takashi Iizuka and Sonic Team and replace them with a new untalented team.
  9. Well see the problem with that is that's a temporary fix at best. Sonic Forces was almost entirely new people and that's one of the most divisive Sonic titles in quite some time. The problem lies more with Sega's management than anything.
  10. year: 2039. horses: still in the back


  11. the teaser trailer for the Kinsgman prequel is here. That..didn’t take nearly as long as the wait for the first teaser for Golden Circle. 

    1. Menace2Society


      Hopefully it’s better than The Golden Circle was.

  12. Let’s face it, Takashi Iizuka just isn’t a good head of Sonic Team. He seems to have lost the magic/talent he had when he worked on the older Megadrive/Sonic Adventure games. Takashi actually looked at games like Lost World and Sonic Forces and thought to himself ‘yeah... those games are good enough to release on store shelves!’ Sonic Mania was great but Sonic Team had nothing to do with that. i mean Takashi/Sonic Team shat out Sonic Lost World and Sonic Forces... Sonic Team just don’t have the talent to make good 3D games anymore! It looks like they lost all the decent members that left Sonic Team after Sonic Generations released. Maybe Sega should fire Takashi Iizuka and Sonic Team and replace them with all new talented/passionate staff with exciting fresh new ideas to move 3D Sonic forward. Either that or just give up 3D Sonic completely if the current Sonic Team can only produce 3D garbage. Just let Christian Whitehead make Sonic Mania sequels.
  13. I've been saying for a while that I want a good-condition GBA SP with the updated backlight. I've always held off because the price tends to be anywhere between the $100-$150 mark, give or take (for the color I want, anyways). But you know...it ain't gonna get any cheaper. I'm tempted to just bite the bullet and snag one before the prices skyrocket even more.

    1. Speederino


      I know there's a chance I might get super lucky and find an eBay listing from someone who doesn't know how much it's worth; or maybe even find one at a yard sale or some shit but what the fuck even are those odds?

    2. Ferno


      that feel. the struggle is always real a decade or so down the road whenever you decide to finally grab a popular console or game thats considered old and/or valuable now. 

      I'm just now getting to that stage in my adult life where I have just enough disposable income to even begin tracking down game stuff from years ago that I was too broke to buy during my childhood/ teen years

  14. I honestly don't get people's deal with Kamiya. Guy blocks people on Twitter that annoy him and somehow that makes him toxic lol

    1. Dejimon11


      He's gone on record saying that he goes out of his way to look at his followers and block who they're following. It happened to my friend once even tho he has never followed or interacted with him. 

    2. Menace2Society


      He can be pretty aggressive at times, and often blocks people for rather petty reasons like replying to him in English.

      Wouldn’t call him toxic, though. Just a bit of an ass, lol.

  15. Imagine being so desperate for views and ad revenue that you make 8 different videos complaining about Pokemon Sword and Shield


    Oh wait

    1. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      "You WILL refrain from making easy clickbait Youtube videos."

      Image result for watto money gif

    2. Ferno


      *when they use the thumbnail for additional clickbait text*

      they gettin advanced now

  16. I accidentally keep doing the “that was rough” post game taunt after a win, when I just wanna do “great match!” So now I feel like a dick.

  17. Night, buddies!

  18. I am so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't care for SatAM. I remember the dayswhen people talked like it was the best Sonic cartoon ever and for a time I bought into that hype. But after several rewatches I started seeing more and more flaws and honestly on both it and Underground I'll never forgive Ben Hurst for turning Sonic into a blithering idiot.
  19. Ah, July. When virtually everyone I know except me has fun on vacation while I stay home and work my tail off like always. Yayyyy.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I know that feeling.

      And I could had gone to the beach with friends but no! ;A;

    2. Menace2Society


      I just end up doing nothing. 😕

      It’s as boring as it sounds.

  20. (Far From Home spoilers)



    The ending is building up to a live-action adaptation of One More Day.


    1. SupahBerry



      They'd probably sooner do like what they did with "Hail Hydra" in Endgame and mock it to hell and back


      Also, this sounds more likely something the Spiderverse would do


  21. Megamind is one of Dreamworks' best movies. 

    "WARMING UP?! The sun needs to warm up?!" 

    1. KHCast


      Is it the Frozen of Dreamworks?

    2. Polkadi~☆


      “What does the ‘T’ stand for?”


      “‘Tighten’? What’s that supposed to mean?”

      “It was the only name I could trademark.”

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      “And this one is for Space Step-Mom! You LIED to her!”

    4. SupahBerry


      Could give it another look.


      When I first saw the trailers, the biggest thought is how Megamind looked "lazily" similar to the villian from Monsters Vs Aliens.


      But the similarities end there, I soon came to realize. Even their films are like night and day.

    5. Menace2Society


      Damn, I haven’t seen that film in years. Should see it again at some point.

    6. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      Megamind is fantastic. Definitely Top 3 for me as far as Dreamworks goes. Not sure where in the Top 3 but it's definitely in that range.

      That PRESENTATION scene will always be the light that shines through the darkness for me. 

    7. Ryannumber1gamer


      The failure Megamind suffered in the box office is a travesty tbh. 

    8. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      It released the same year as the first Despicable Me and they were only a few months apart, with Despicable Me coming out first and having a similar sounding premise despite being a wholly inferior movie. 

      I mean it's such a shame. It didn't bomb or anything but Megamind certainly deserved better than what it got. 

    9. Menace2Society


      I’m just grateful a TV Show isn’t on Dreamwork’s radar, lol.

  22. I made a Mario Maker 2 level! Just wanted to test out the 3D World stuff, hehe


  23. I always thought that the Sonic OVA characterization of Tails was the most spot-on for how I envisioned him. He is good with tech, but it doesn't solely define the character. He is right there with Sonic when they head to Robotropolis/Eggmanland and explore the city. He jokes/mimics/looks up to Sonic as that little brother figure, and sometimes even annoys Sonic with his antics, but he can hold his own when he needs to and helps out in the fight. Sometimes Sonic helps Tails when he is in danger, sometimes it is Tails coming in to help Sonic. But his knack for technology/hacking is shown when the situation arises. It drives the plot forward in a meaningful way rather than become the deus ex machina as is often the case in the current storylines, or sometimes it serves zero purpose and makes Tails as a whole feel shoe-horned in as a character. It's been shown between Unleashed, Colors, Lost World and Forces that Tails will cower in fear or remove himself from the action when faced with an adversary. Talk about a downgrade for a character that has his roots following Sonic wanting to be brave and the hero just like him and even has proven to take down Robotnik/Eggman on his own a few times. Now he isn't even seen as someone worth bothering with because he simply hangs out on the sidelines, hiding usually, with his piece of random tech. What a sad and unfortunate downgrade for this character. But, yeah, at least Sonic Mania was a breath of fresh air.
  24. On a related note I've been meaning to watch Zombie Island again, think I'll catch it over the weekend.
  25. Personally, I'm just happy that they understood Dick Grayson never had a interest in Barbara Gordon whatsoever and instead he always had a fling with Harley Quinn. Because that's always been a thing and wasn't needlessly added for no reason whatsoever. ------------------------------ So, on another note - and I want to contextualise this by fully admitting - I'm biased as all hell here. The original Zombie Island is legitimately one of the few films I can remember watching a lot as a child, along with Tim Burton's Batman, Raimi's Spider-Man, Cyber Chase, and among others, but I used to watch Zombie Island non-stop as a kid. That's why I rewatched it tonight for the first time in what must be at least five years at this point, because the last time I saw it was during a SSMB animation stream years ago. But if you would indulge me, I would like to explain why I feel like Zombie Island was such a unique film. I think the important thing to understand with the original Zombie Island is that not only was it a series definer, but it was a gamble as well. Scooby Doo, by the point this film released was dead for six years, and his popularity had long since worn out. After so many years of running the same plotline and formula over and over again, and trying publicity stunts to revitalise the series, it was dead. That was until Zombie Island was pitched. The interesting history of Zombie Island is it started life as a SWAT Kats episode concept, which is why there's so many cat elements in the movie, as well as having a lot more violence than your standard Scooby story, but when the plans fell threw, the story was remade into the pre-existing Zombie Island. Instead of changing the SWAT Kats aspects, they seemed to run with it fully, allowing it to make way to a new story for the movie. There's so many aspects that tie into what makes this movie into such a unique one. The atmosphere this time around is legitimately dark, and tense, with a sense of unease. The animation is much slicker, having been handed out to a Japanese studio this time around, the shading, lighting, and all-around art style underwent a massive twist, having much more detail and consideration placed into it, and this causes two huge advantages in two areas - it allows the atmosphere to be set incredibly well, and it allows for the expressions to get really detailed, like seeing the eye-colour of Shaggy and Scooby on several closeups, including when they're absolutely terrified. The story has tons of twists and actually feels like a properly mystery for once, why are the zombies arising? What is up with this island? Why does Moonscar's ship pieces appear as parts of the house, etc. I love how it hides hints to the actual happenings of the mystery behind cliched Scooby jokes. The best example - a zombie handing Shaggy a rope to save Scooby from quicksand. On first watch, it's a good gag, it's a classic Scooby gag, the monsters doing something friendly, which causes Shaggy and Scooby to run off terrified when they realise who did it for them. But here, it's a critical clue towards the true nature of the zombies. It's the same for things like the villains' hatred of Scooby - on the first glance, it appears to be a general dislike against dogs, on second watch, it's a massive hint towards the fact that Lena and Semone are apart of the cat-cult that's been draining the life-force of people for centuries. Even the villains have so much more effort put into them this time. It's not a simple situation of scaring the kids off for some greedy purpose, it is filled completely with grey mortality and drawing the lines between good and bad. Morgan Moonscar is a villain, he killed tons of innocent people for no reason as he looted and pillaged as much as he pleased, but he and his crew also spent 200 years as undead, restless zombies who dedicate themselves to trying to warn others, as if to earn redemption for their past crimes. Lena and Semone appear to be sympathetic because they were once innocent and peaceful people, until they were forced to watch the murder of their own townspeople at the hands of Morgan Moonscar, which drove them into a fury of revenge until they became cursed to do the exact same thing that Moonscar did before - hunting down innocent people and killing them for their own selfish purposes. The villains this time around feel not only threatening, but hard to completely call total evil as well. It's hard to call the villains completely evil, it's hard to call the victims completely innocent, it's a very interesting change of pace. There's also just the general story stuff, I just love how much it subverts, plays around with and twists so many Scooby cliches, and previous series. The gang are older, and have gotten bored of the same formula of a bad guy in a mask, reflecting the staleness that had been gathering around the franchise for the better part of a decade or two by that stage, the gang was split up for years, reflecting the long hiatus, and now in this movie, they're in a movie that's far darker than the usual Scooby affair, with actual danger, death, and consequences for what they do. It isn't just a simple mystery to solve, we see death on screen, and pretty brutal death at that, given we see the zombies, and cat creatures literally melt into dust. The movie starts out with Velma and Daphne nearly getting thrown off a cliff edge, and Fred receiving a brutal swipe to his back from a monster, and hell - as I said earlier - we literally see Shaggy and Scooby hunted down by one of the cat creatures later in the film for little purpose than trying to kill the both of them. The movie seriously gets dark at points, especially in the climax where we get lovely images of the gang nearly being melted alive due to their voodoo dolls being thrown next to a torch - or Scooby and Shaggy literally getting the life drained out of them barely being saved in time. But all that said, I think the best aspect is how well it balances all the tones out. Call it a bit random, but I think I would most compare it to the Samurai Jack revival more than anything else. Obviously Zombie Island didn't get to that level of adult tones, with suicide, blood, and what have you, but both weren't afraid to allow the characters to grow up and tackle more tense subjects. It doesn't use the chance of darker material to just go full-blown with it, but rather uses it to it's full advantage to keep what made the original series so beloved, but evolve it into something smarter. Zombie Island keeps a lot of the gags from the original series, you've got Scooby's running gag of not realising he is in fact a dog, you've got the food gags, the chase scenes, etc, but there's all a dry wit to it this time around. It always feels like there's a winking nudge that points out some of the ridiculous aspects of the series. You've got the monster in the beginning of the movie not playing along with the usual door-chase that's present in Scooby material, you've got a lot of jokes pointing out how corny Fred is, you've got some more sarcastic humour, a ton of good visual humour, as well as just some really funny slapstick at points as well. That's the key thing I really like about this film, it holds what worked well with the original series, evolves the series into something a bit more serious, and darker, breaks up the formula, all while keeping the spirit of the show in-tact. There's a reason the original Zombie Island basically resurrected Scooby Doo into the still-going media giant that he is to date. It's also a big reason why this film is almost definitely going to suck if the trailer is any indication. It feels like the complete opposite of what the original stood for. The original film stood for a breaking of the formula, an evolution of everything that came before it, keeping the spirit alive while deciding to take the darker themes up a notch and to aim for an all-around audience. The original Zombie Island represents a massive risk that revamped everything to revitalise the series for a new generation, this sequel so far seems to represent just taking everything Zombie Island did and revert it back to your standard boring Scooby affair. The darker animation and atmosphere is gone, the tense setting is gone, the relatable villains seem to be gone, and the sense of actual danger seems to be gone. One film had the gang being chased through a dangerous swamp, running for their lives against an actual dangerous threat, while this one has Fred turning the mystery machine into a monster truck and driving up a massive ramp over a house. I think that says it all really.
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