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  2. Akkala was pretty much the last region of Hyrule in BotW that I came across in my 1st playthrough, so tbh that area always has this "last frontier" feeling for me. Kinda wondering what everyone else's last region/tower was

  3. All's well that ends well, right?

    1. SonicXtremeMania


      Tails: Sonic?!

      Sonic: Screw you, guys! I'm not cleaning up this shit city after motherfucker bigass monster destroy Station Square. Tell Eggman clean this shit up NOT ME! SO FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!

      *Eggman returns and sees Sonic zooms away from Tails and Knuckles*

      Eggman: Well fuck this city, now excuse me I'm off to Prison Island to discovering Project Shadow and release him over fifty years ago later! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

      Tails & Knuckles: ….Fuck.....

      *Amy cames to them.*

      Amy: Does me if Sonic will come back to me? We have a date plan at Twinkle Park again after that Eggman robot captured me like last time.

      Tails: Um...I don't think Sonic won't come back to us for very long time.

      Knuckles: Yeah, Sonic hates  us now after the city got destroyed by Perfect Chaos.

      Amy: Don't be fool, guys. Where the hell is MY Sonic?!

      Tails: Um...I think he is aheading to Prison Island to go after Eggman.

      Amy: Huh?! Sonic, my love! Wait for me!

      *Amy zooms to chasing after Sonic to Prison Island*

      Tails: God, what a stalker girl tries to marry Sonic all these months, years...Does she will ever gave up her stalker business and stay focus on her own adventures instead, Knuckles?

      Knuckles: I don't think so, Tails. She's always trying to fucking Sonic too because she wanted him to be her boyfriend, so fuck her. She is a bitch character in Sonic series and SEGA could've ever change her character.

      Tails: Just wait until fifthteen years later, dude.

  4. So Rosenberg is going to do a new Annihilation book?

    Okay, this could be good or bad. If he's left to his own devices and channels that X-men Annual he wrote we might have a great story to look forward to.

  5. So there's this Sky Deck image on SA's disc. I couldn't recognize that area at first.

    I think these are the same area.


    Final area doesn't have those automatic energy cannons or even those yellow textures on the floor or along the bottom of the wall for some reason.

    Also Tails is playable in Act 2 on the left image. Come to think of it he does has a SET file for that act...



  6. You guys remember Banjo-Kazooie getting a Titaku figure before announced for Smash? Well R&C is getting a figure now! And conveniently after Sony acquired Insomniac Games.


  7. Today
  8. Okay everyone, I finally got a permanent Discord link set up for the channel. If anyone's interested in joining, the link is right here.


  9. With that said, I do think it'll be a good idea to have Modern gain some more ground in being different again.
  10. No, Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic should be treated as completely different characters mainly because the fans of the two are so different in what they want that it's for the best for a Hard Divide to happen
  11. Considering one of the notable aspects of the movie's production is the fact that SonicTeam wasn't too hot on what they were doing to Sonic's design, I'd say Mr. Producer didn't have much of a hand to say the least.
    1. Strickerx5


      Tbf, not many other of Microsoft’s games could’ve been ported on to the Switch due to the power scale.

    2. SupahBerry



      Is power scale a big problem with porting Rare Replay???

  12. Well, I would have said it was better than Rise of Lyric and the movie, but apparently he was indeed involved with both of those projects... But how much?
  13. Today's Sonic stream


  14. Wait, Sonic Team is disbanded? That's actually kind of depressing.... Sure there are probably other companies that can do better in some ways but I really wanted Sonic Team themselves to do better. With other companies I feel they are just going to ignore the past and make Sonic into their own image. As many grievances I may have with IIzuka's more recent contributions it was good to know that there was someone at Sonic Team who had actually been there during the good days, and I really have to commend him for sticking it out for so long. Many of the problems with Forces were likely not even his fault as it turns out his team basically consisted of Story Book games level designers (Which explains why the levels were so short and heavily splined). I guess this means we won't be getting a proper sendoff....
  15. When will we get a Knuckles comic book that spends it's entire run building up Rouge and Knuckles getting married only for someone to tell her relationship would make Knuckles an ineffective crime fighter.
  16. Why must video editing take up so much time? =3=

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Whatcha working on?

      And also, welcome to video making.

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Oh just a little something.

      I won't post it here though because I doubt anyone would be interested in it and its not what I want to be known for exactly since its a separate project from everything else.

  17. Assuming it has been 3 years between Windows 7 and 8 (2009-2012) as well for 8 and 10 (2012-2015). It's been 4 years we don't have a new OS. Do you believe something is going to be unveiled soon?

  18. (tweet)


    1. SupahBerry



      Well that didn't take long

  19. (tweet)

    I'd be SUPER down with this.

    1. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      Id be so happy if this was real

    2. SupahBerry


      I would accept if so much as appeared as an Assist Trophy. I find it a shame they can't afford DLC ATs in general.

  20. I still can't be in school without being in the vicinity of stupid girls who laugh awkwardly and annoyingly every 15 seconds.

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Sheesh, feeling a bit judgy today aren't we.

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      And all the guys be like


      Yes I wanted an excuse to post Kamen Rider Blade memes


  21. Wait, was the mii thing confirmed? Can't you still make miis on the switch? I can't see why they'd be removed.
  22. Archie Sonic Issue #45 - Guerrilla Thriller Guess who’s back? That’s right. It’s Curtis the Caveman from Phil of the Future. Aren’t you excited? Really well drawn cover though, I must say. Good job as usual Spaz. I couldn’t actually remember this character’s name. I recalled it was something primitive and silly and it turns out I was right. They called him Mobie. I suppose because he was an ancient Mobian encased in ice. The one who saved the very easily knocked out Sonic the Hedgehog from being torn apart by a metal dog. Anyway, the comic gives a recap of that scenario, as they should. I forgot he was an artist. We begin with that really awkward, never seems to flow correctly, tradition of a character saying Sonic’s full name with the special title font in one separate word bubble before continuing their statement in the next bubble. I hate this trend and I'm glad the IDW comics don't ever do it. Also, you read that correctly. Robotnik has yet to set up a command center in the jungle despite knowing many of his enemies are there. The reason is because he hates the jungle… ... I mean… you know doc, color me an idiot but I’d consider that to be even MORE of a reason to set up a command center there. Like, you encase all your shit in metal right? You’re the deforestation side of this subtle environmental message right? But no, Robotnik says he doesn’t wanna go cause it’s hot, and there’s wild animals, and all the plants. Snively points out that he won’t HAVE to go (no shit) because the Eco-Destroyer will do all the work. I assume that’s some sort of robot. Again… I’m not sure why Robotnik couldn’t figure this out himself. I guess for comedy. We immediately cut back to Knothole where the spying Uncle Chuck has told the Freedom Fighters everything. Sally’s plan is to separate into two teams… well, not her of course. She needs to stay back again because she’s got the incredibly important task of figuring out how to take out the Eco-Destroyer. You know, that machine that was only just named and none of them have seen yet. She needs to figure out how to destroy that. Quick somebody give the princess a nice comfy seat and a glass of warm milk while she racks her brain over this… fuck… This next sequence of events is really strange. Sonic races ahead of Rotor, since I guess they’ve decided to go together, but the next page shows Rotor looking at some berries and Sonic coming up from behind him? I guess Sonic raced around the whole forest and then caught up with Rotor. That’s not really the strange bit though. Rotor talks about how he stopped their important mission to randomly study these rare berries. They’re Narcolyptus Berries and they cause sleepiness. Now, at this point, my brain is telling me that this is a really sloppy set-up for some sort of plot point… and it turned out to be a rather immediate turn around because in the next panel, Sonic is telling Rotor that he wished he’d said that before he ate some. I mean... sure. So Sonic goes to sleep and the INSTANT he does, the two of them get ambushed by Gorillas in combat outfits. At this point I’m hoping these berries are never brought up again literally just because of how funny it would be if we wasted several panels on Rotor, out of nowhere, stopping to examine some rare berries and Sonic eating them just so they could explain why the two of them got so easily captured. It’d be hilarious. Well, either way, we cut to the Jungle camp of the Gorillas where, apparently, they aren’t being believed when they’re trying to tell the locals about Robotnik’s plan. The gorillas are forcing Rotor to cook a stew for them while explaining that they’re going to force Rotor to stay and invent weapons for them as well as be their personal cook. I suppose Sonic’s just a bonus capture for them. These guys aren’t very nice it looks like. Still, this doesn’t seem to be enough for Sonic to just want to beat them up and take Rotor away. Oh yeah. Sonic is awake now. What a stunning plot development those fucking berries were. Anyway, Sonic says that if the gorillas want weapons he’ll go get them some in exchange for their freedom. The gorillas IMMEDIATELY agree to this and let Sonic go, claiming that they’ll do something bad to Rotor if he tries something funny. They don’t say what they’ll do to Rotor. Just that he’ll “suffer the consequences”. Sonic’s brilliant plan is to race over to the gorilla’s own stockpile of weapons, shoot past the guard there, chuck a bunch of their own weapons into a wheelbarrow and race back. He even says “Am I clever or what?” and I’m just kind of like… no. Now, if these gorillas clearly weren’t supposed to be incredibly fucking stupid I’d bring up how relying on them not recognizing their own stockpile of weapons might not be “clever” so much as a strange “gamble”. However, I don’t have to because Sonic was so fast he accidentally chucked the supply officer into the wheelbarrow too. The next scene, the two of them are in chains. Sonic’s apologizing to Rotor for not noticing that he chucked a whole, live gorilla into the wheelbarrow of weapons… A gorilla guard tells the two of them to shut the hell up and Sonic snaps back at them, wondering why they’re such assholes now despite hearing that they were supposed to be gentle and timid. The gorilla guard explains that Robotnik being… around made them this way. Robotnik has never invaded their forest or anything but… I guess paranoia caused them all to turn into assholes and stockpile on weapons and shit. That’d be an interesting angle to take but it’s something I feel I mostly fabricated myself here. There’s very little in terms of an actual explanation for this since the book is making it clear that Robotnik has not journeyed into the jungle. I’d actually like to explore the idea of a culture changing itself due to being scared of changing as a result of what Robotnik has done to the surrounding civilizations. It’d be a great way to explore the subject matter of how areas not directly affected by something like this could still be impacted. No time for that though. Snively immediately rides in on his gnarly looking Eco-Destroyer! We finally see what it looks like. I’d want to see Snively do donuts in that thing. We then cut to the next page where Snively is now standing in front of Sonic. I guess instead of running Sonic and Rotor over with that machine he figured it’d be smarter to stop the machine, get out of it, march over to Sonic with some Swat-Bots, and gloat about having captured him. Sonic says that the gorillas captured him and that Snively couldn’t even catch his breath. Good line. Snively gets mad and marches back to the machine to contact Robotnik, saying he’s gonna enjoy it when he orders Sonic roboticized. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I suppose I understand why he wants to capture Sonic and roboticize him instead of just run him the fuck over with this machine but on the other hand, its kind of hard to ignore just how deliberate an opportunity to just take him out this feels like. Not to mention, they already roboticized him before and it didn’t go so well. Unless he wants a repeat of last time, or he’s got some sort of contingency plan, I’m not sure roboticizing Sonic is the best course of action anymore. I guess what I’m trying to say is that robotization would feel like a justifiable threat in place of just using the Eco-Destroyer to run over Sonic if I didn’t already know that this process isn’t permanent in the comics. There was a lot of mileage to get out of keeping robotization permanent but I do suppose it makes it hard to fulfill the fantasy of actually turning Sonic into a robot when you have such a strict stipulation attached. Now that they’ve already done the Mecha Sonic vs. Mecha Knuckles thing, where do you take that threat next? How do you up the ante? These aren’t questions the book is interested in answering and that’s fine. It thinks it’s going to end soon. As we speak, Mobie, Bunnie, and Tails are watching from behind some cover. They then ambush the Swat-Bots and beat them up. Tails calls one a tattle-tale when it tries to cry out for help while the fox bashes it’s robo-brains in. How very merciless. Mobie and Sonic have a nice little reunion when Rotor interrupts and says they’ve got to take care of the Eco-Destroyer. It’s still turned off because Snively is in the middle of contacting Robotnik. In a VERY weird bit of exposition, Rotor says that they need to shut the machine down and that he knows the Gorillas will be glad to help them. Bunnie points out, however, that all the gorillas have mysteriously fallen asleep. Sonic asks how that happened and then Rotor explains he did it by putting those plot-device berries into the stew earlier. Like, Rotor, you’re the one who brought up that the gorillas would want to fight with them and then when Bunnie and Sonic say that they can’t because they’re asleep, you admit to being the one that made them go asleep? Why did you bring that up then? I’d understand if Sonic saw them sleeping and asked why but you kind of just brought them up as a viable option to help out knowing full well they wouldn’t be able to. Was that you trying to be funny? Well, either way, they all come up with a plan and… it’s pretty simple. Sonic says he can destroy it from the inside no problem. Bunnie says that if Snively turns it on, Sonic will get destroyed. Sonic says than he’ll just have Tails distract Snively first. So they go do that. Snively has just gotten off the communication monitor with Robotnik, whose on his way to the jungle by plane. He tells him that he wants to board the Eco-Destroyer and observe the jungle’s destruction in action. Tails flies in front of the window and makes faces at Snively. Snively tries to zap him. He misses all his shots. Then Tails leaves. Tails then flies down to Sonic who is holding a wrench, claiming to have loosened a few thousand screws on the inside of the machine while Tails was making faces at Snively. When Robotnik goes inside and Snively turns the machine on, it collapses. Just like that. The surprise Snively wanted to show Robotnik was the captured Sonic the Hedgehog but I guess Snively didn’t put it together that if Tails was outside making faces at him, it was possible that the fox arrived to help Sonic out of his bonds. Shrug. So, as expected, the gorillas thank Sonic for saving their lives. Sonic says that they’re all in this together and then asks them to say goodbye to Mobie for them since he ate half of the Mobius stew and is sleeping in the pot. So the day has been saved, thanks to Sonic, Tails, Rotor, and Bunnie coming here by happenstance and thinking on their feet, with no established plan, to stop the Eco-Destroyer. BOY! I SURE AM GLAD SALLY ACORN, OUR GLORIOUS AND USEFUL LEADER, STAYED BEHIND TO THINK OF A PLAN TO DESTROY THE ECO-DESTROYER! SHE SURE CAME IN HANDY AND PROVED HER WORTH! Seriously though. This story wasn’t bad or anything. It was fairly typical. I will say a lot of the elements within it ended up being a lot more pointless and underutilized than they clearly wanted. Those berries, as a plot device, felt like something that was trying to be relevant but by the end of the story served almost no purpose at all. I don’t know why Rotor randomly stopped to hold a magnifying glass up to these berries. I don’t know why a simple ambush on Sonic and Rotor couldn’t be done to get them captured. I don’t know why it was necessary to put the gorillas to sleep if the plan that Sonic and Tails went with didn’t require their help at all anyway. Their incorporation into the story was sloppy and as a plot device they were unnecessary. However, one of the things that you’ll no doubt notice that I’ve been doing issue to issue is pointing out just how useless Sally has been. I think it just hit peak ridiculousness here though. In this issue, literally ALL Sally does is tell the other Freedom Fighters to go into the jungle in two groups. She doesn’t give them anything specific to do either. Meanwhile, her reasoning for not going with them is that she needs to stay behind and think of a plan to destroy the Eco-Destroyer, a machine she literally just heard about and has never seen nor does she know the functionality of. How the fuck was she going to think of a plan to stop it without any actual information on it? Well, turns out it doesn’t matter because that was the last we saw of Sally in this story. She doesn’t show up again. Sonic and Tails come up with a plan between the two of them and it works. The only way this could have been better is if they DID cut back to Sally and showed her asleep in bed or something. I’ve never felt more like this book was trying to validate that feeling within me that this Freedom Fighter system is a little less necessary than they want me to believe. Or rather, at the very least, it’s doing a good job of making me wonder what Sally’s point is now. She’s not been doing much leading lately and the shit they need to do has been getting done despite that. This isn’t even mentioning the fact that this is another issue where Antoine is a no-show. I don’t know if they know what to do with him at this point either, which is a shame because I actually like Antoine a bit. I’m sure this all changes as we go on… maybe. I never really felt Sally was all that necessary in the issues I’ve read from 160 onward either but… maybe the book tries a bit harder from here on in? Hopefully it’s not JUST unhealthy relationship drama from this point on. Mobie also wasn’t necessary to this story either. Despite his big hulking bod being heavily featured on the cover he didn’t DO anything except toss one Swat-Bot into another Swat-Bot at one point and release Sonic from his shackles. He doesn’t even show up until the final act of this plot line and after he does those two things he stops doing anything until he gets featured in the ending joke. So there you go. It was a very typical story with elements within it that present themselves as more important than they actually are. It wasn’t a badly told story by any stretch though. Archie Sonic Issue #45 - Knuckles Quest 3: A Land of Dark, A Knight of Virtue! We rejoin Knuckles on his journey to save Sally’s dad for her, because Sally’s too busy catching up on beauty sleep, where it looks as though Knuckles is a slave to a bunny lady. He’s delivering her fruit and everything! Knuckles recounts how he ended up here. He and Tails received a dumb riddle from the Ancient Walkers. Knuckles fought children story illusions created by the charlatan, Merlin. Then he returned home to briefly fight Irish Knuckles in Issue 44. Then he went back to his island to break his vow to do this by himself by enlisting the help of the Chaotix. Then he left on his own anyway and got ambushed by the sorcerer and enchantress from the riddle. With one look she controlled his will and now he’s the first in what he assumes will be an army of brainwashed banana peelers. Knuckles runs through the riddle in his head and proves just how infinitely smarter he is here than he ever was in the games by dissecting it. He deduces that the enchantress isn’t that strong. He thinks over the part of the riddle where it mentions facing the sorcerer, enchantress, and a paladin and realizes he doesn’t SEE a paladin and decides that the part about needing to be patient is just him needing to wait. So he does that. He cleans and mops the floors. Helps the cat put on his cloak. Gives them food. He’s their slave for days before the wall is burst through and Sir Connery, the mighty crusader, enters with the intent to slay these vile heathens. Ah-ha. So it was Sir Connery. Called it. Granted, he was the only paladin character I knew the existence of so it might not be that impressive. Anyway, Sir Connery raises his Sword of Justice and shines a light on them. This causes the enchantress to become distracted enough that if frees Knuckles from his mental bind. Instead of uppercutting the enchantress like he said he would, he dives fists first into the black cat sorcerer. There’s this weird scene where he steals this cats items and then pretends to make them disappear like magic only to have it revealed to us that he actually hid his stuff behind a trunk just so he could distract the sorcerer for an extra punch to the face. It’s weird. I did kind of find it funny that Knuckles talked about initiating echidna magic and made up a bunch of nonsense magic words. “Shahela Zumbee… to the Land of Gumbee!” he says. Anyone remember Gumby? I do. Old stop-motion was so relaxing and unsettling that it was kind of mesmerizing to me as a kid. Sir Connery explains that he left the Royal Guard of King Acorn so that he could go on a journey to purge black magic from all the realms. How many realms? ALL of the realms. Knuckles asks if he got the sword from King Acorn. Sir Connery says that he got the sword from the Ancient Walkers. Knuckles says “Hey! Since I’m their number one boy, why don’t you join me?” Strange thing for Knuckles to say but alright. Sir Connery refuses because he’s got black magic to purge! He then drags the enchantress and the sorcerer away. Not before sending Knuckles to continue his extremely long goose chase to find this thing that hasn’t yet confirmed itself to be the solution they need by telling him to locate the Evil Mathias Poe and Damocles the Elder and tells him to NOT go to the cavern filled with chaos but to the OTHER caverns on the floating island filled with chaos. Knuckles himself proclaims this sounds like another goose chase, which I agree, but is happy he doesn’t have to look far this time. I’m still not sure why people are speaking in riddles or why the location can’t just be given. Maybe it just wants to tick me off specifically. Well, I’m in this for the long haul. You can’t get me to stop reading now, no matter how hard you try. I survived Sonic Live you fucks.

  24. Okay, I honestly didn't remember seeing him in the few videos and promos I saw.
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