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  1. So uh, when are we getting a trailer for the Sonic Hacking Contest?

  2. Well, it's been fun, Mori. Goodbye to you and Blazblue forever. Thanks for all the fun times. And thank you, Ragna. Best fighting game MC of all time.


  3. I dunno about you, but I certainly think Frontiers will be one of the Sonic games, ever.

  4. Frontiers has definitely gone from a game I wasn't even sure if I would ever get to:
    "I will likely get it. But at what price?"

  5. I watched Hereditary and all I can say is that the reviewers were definitely paid off for this one.

  6. I'm just happy to see Sonic rolling again

    1. Ferno


      he's WHAT

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Down the hill even 

    3. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      Don't let Sega hear you say stuff like that. Classic Sonic will pop up again.

    4. Wittymations


      Is it at the speed of sound? Where he goes to places?

  7. Watching fans on the board shift their opinions to sonic frontiers to positive has the same energy as the ace attorney jurist tipping the fiery scales to not guilty lol.

    1. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Heh, pretty much. Lovely sight.

    2. Wittymations


      I've never played an Ace Attorney game. What's it like?

  8. For a number of reasons Frontiers seems like a miracle honestly. Like, you're telling me the game is actually sounding better and better as time goes on rather than vice versa? That the first reveal just being an early build wasn't just cope? That it actually does end up having momentum based rolling in it after all?

    1. Adamabba


      The story finally being headed by Ian Flynn? Sales performance looking auspicious in Japan? Some smart game design choices?

  9. Much as I am looking forward to Frontiers and enjoying the positive energy.....I do have one fear.

    That despite how good everything looks now, if this game somehow turns out to be an uber disaster, the fallout could be immense. And we might never get things this collectively positive ever again.

    1. SonicWind


      Yeah, hoping that doesn't happen, too. People seem to genuinely be looking forward to this game. I'd hate for them to have their hopes crushed.

    2. Jake_LeOFFICIAL


      You should also be worried about the day the game breaks street date as well in that case, because the footage will be everywhere and if the game looks bad...

      Well, you'll definitely hear about it.

    3. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      Well, in that case, give it 5-10 years for another shift so that it becomes a footnote after they do damage control.

      It’ll be the second coming of Sonic 06. Or third if we’re counting the start of Boom sub-franchise.

    4. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      It'll take time to heal, but if history tells us anything its that this series hype will rebound.


      All you need is one or two games with solid potential and boom, were right back on the hype train for game 3. 


      I mean, Forces was a kick in the balls, and yet here we are.

    5. Bobnik


      I feel like at this point the chance of it being bad are very minimal, unless it's downright broken or something, which hasn't really been a problem with Sonic games since 06.

  10. Frontiers’ pre release reception rn be like


  11. I don’t blame anyone being cautious about Frontiers, but this is quite an optimistic U-Turn.

    1. Sapphirine Wind

      Sapphirine Wind

      I can't recall any time the fandom's been this optimistic about a Sonic game. Hell, it seems that people outside of the fandom are optimistic about it. This is so different.


    2. Cosmos Rogue

      Cosmos Rogue

      There seem to be a lot of positive impressions of the game on Twitter right now, and a lot of people willing to trust those impressions.

    3. MetKey


      I personally just don't wanna be neither optimistic nor pessimistic. Like, I want this game to be good and I'm glad it's getting such attention and positive reactions, what I've seen so far is really interesting and makes me wanna try it out myself, but I also don't wanna be punched hard in the face when the first reviews come in and it turns out to be either bad or mediocre.

  12. I really am looking forward to Frontiers so far. It reminds me a lot about Sonic Adventure's hubworlds, but more free, and I like that.

  13. While I'm optimistic, I am still very much on the fence with Frontiers. That being said, I won't lie, it's been shifting in the positive direction with each passing day at this point.

    There's a fuck ton to be skeptical about (especially knowing ST) that still has me hesitant to get excited (and honestly a few things I already know are probably going to be a bust). Though, with each video that crosses my eye from the game I keep finding myself saying "... that does look good tho..." lmao.

    Idk, I went into this game cycle thinking there wasn't much that would leave me questioning where exactly this game was about to land. Like, I thought that they couldn't possibly be moving the needle that much. I guess leave it to this cursed franchise to prove me wrong on that.

    1. azoo


      In a similar boat. I have my own big reservations about the game, but I don't outright hate anything about it, and am willing to get over a few of the things I'm anal about if it means I can have some fun with something.

      And yeah, the game looks kinda fun. Nothing world-changing, but maybe the most interested I've been in playing something from 3D Sonic since Generations. If the game's got BS or sucks later into the game then I guess we'll burn that bridge when we get there lol.

    2. Soniman


      Honestly while I am liking most of what I’ve seen I can’t say I’m fully optimistic until the game is in my hands and the actual reviews are good when it’s out 

    3. Cosmos Rogue

      Cosmos Rogue

      I'm on the fence too. I see a lot that I want to like, but then I always seem to see some janky element or automated sequence that comes along and spoils my otherwise positive impression.

  14. Frontiers is coming out in 2 months. Are you ready?


    I'll be heading to my bunker!


  15. Sonic's dance animation in Frontiers is hard to watch after seeing that Prime trailer less than a week ago.

    1. Strickerx5


      I'm just happy they actually seem to be doing shit with the model this time around. It's such a nice change from Forces.

    2. Sapphirine Wind

      Sapphirine Wind

      I feel like they haven't done anything quite like it in a while, so I welcome it. I like that they spiced it up with a Koco, too!

      But I do wish they had not done close ups till maybe the end, because it was somewhat hard for me to follow.

  16. I still do not want to play Sonic Frontiers

    1. Diogenes
    2. Soniman


      Not surprised it’s two biggest detractors here don’t want to play it tbh I’d be surprised if you said otherwise lmao

    3. Wittymations


      I may or may not play Sonic Frontiers.

    4. Kuzu


      I'm gonna save this status for future events.

    5. Jake_LeOFFICIAL


      I'm willing to give it a try, but I'm not 100% sold. I think it'll be okay at best

  17. I'm intrigued to see how the game plays & controls in the Open-zone areas. Mildly curious about the story & fishing with Big. Aside from the music the cyberspace stages look like the same old linear slippery boost gameplay, meh.

  18. #FrontiersSweep is no longer even slightly ironic I'm afraid

  19. I wonder if these remixed/reused level layouts for the cyberspace stages initially grew out of the extended playtesting phase. Reused layouts were used early on and then it just kind of stuck and became an easy design strategy letting them focus on improving the open zone.

    1. Iko


      Whatever, I'm not even against that honestly, as long as it's not pure Ctrl+C Ctrl+V. Something like the very first section of the Sky Sanctuary Windmill Isle level or that City Escape level, I'm fine with that type of stuff.

      A little change in proportions and different gameplay can change the way you approach the geometry of the level, making it feel like new even if technically it's not.

      Still not a fan of boost gameplay in general, but I can live with that.

      The problem is that there's a lot of Ctrl+C Ctrl+V too in the game, it seems (especially from Generations).

  20. Fuck....I wanna play Frontiers now. They keep doing this to me...

    Just let me leave Sonic...

    1. Zaysho
    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I'm over 30, married and have a stable job and am still a Sonic fan. It doesn't end.

    3. TheOcelot
    4. SweeCrue


      It really do be like that.

    5. Rabbitearsblog


      Once you're in this franchise, you can never leave...

    6. MightyGems


      Well, it is possible to leave. But it seems like it would take a lot of willpower.

      I am not trying to say you should leave, of course. Still, maybe you are here forever as others said.

    7. Wittymations


      I'm in the "I hate Sonic pretty much these days, but I still stick around the fanbase because I have no idea" camp. I been like that since, like, Lost World. Maybe sooner around Generations or Colors.

      That said, Frontiers holds some interest. For now.

  21. I'm actually kinda hyped for Frontiers now and that's dangerous 

    1. Kuzu


      Oh man, it must doing something good if its impressing you.

    2. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Just relax...and enjoy the ride on the hype train.

    3. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Trying to keep level-headed but... I dunno. Something seems different 

    4. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      The ambition, playstyle, and power are all there. 

      This is easily the most unanimously pleasant things have been since the days of Colors and Generations.

      And, so much seems to feel so well woth each other. Perhaps that's what feels different?

    5. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Beyond Mania making it look easy, for the first time since after Lost World I can look at a Sonic title and not instantly fill with dread and apathy

    6. jungle_penguins


      What changed because I have not been keeping up for the past 2 months.

    7. Ryannumber1gamer


      I'm just having a nice little buzz of excitement. Not enough to be sitting hunting for every single snippet of footage we get, but just enough to be interested and wanna play day 1. 

      It's just nice not arguing about this game being good or awful based off what little we've seen, having a nice little piece of info every so often to digest and talk about, and then just kinda leaving it and focusing on other games. I usually follow Sonic game stuff very heavily, but this go around, I just don't wanna sit and try to follow whatever shaky-cam footage of demos we can get and just wanna either experience it myself, or see it in the best possible way whenever we get actual trailer footage or gameplay. 

      Not expecting it to be some masterpiece, but I think it'll be good and I'm excited to play for myself and make my own opinion of it.

  22. i was thinking low 70s aggregate score at best for Frontiers when it was revealed and by now it's raised to 75 at worst not bad Sonic Team

    1. Strickerx5


      I still think it's going to average out at 68 because I'm an old and tired Sonic fan but the idea that I could see it going into the 80s at this point is... very nice. The public view of it is so positive atm it's crazy.

  23. The game isn't even out yet and someone has already remixed one of the cyberspace stages:


  24. Yet again, all the interesting stuff Frontiers has to offer is being found through players' own gameplay videos, rather than what Sonic Team has intentionally shown us.

    1. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Oh? Has something new cropped up?

    2. Kuzu


      Thats not a bad thing.

    3. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Kuzu has a point. Company footage might've been debated with them supposedly hiding things. Ironically,  as a result, we know what we're getting to be much more genuine and not bull shots. 

    4. Shade Vortex

      Shade Vortex

      @Jovahexeon Jax JoranvexeonI mean, seeing actually extensive gameplay of Cyberspace stages, seeing the Chaos Emerald cutscene, seeing more footage of the Squid boss, and seeing the Time Trial challenge, as well as seeing Drop Dash in action, and the Blue Boost in action. This is all way more interesting than anything SEGA officially showed us.

    5. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Oh trust me. We're in absolute agreement that SEGA could've done way better with the marketing, especially that godforsaken first impression. 

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