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    The KKM

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    At a guess, the Hardcover also includes all the variant covers, and sketches and so on, accounting for the extra 12 pages. Also yeah hi c'est moi
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    man, they're getting some really weirdo artists in on the idw classic sonic book
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    Indigo Rush

    Sonic 30th predictions

    Sonic Colors actually makes a load of sense for a remaster. It was a very critically acclaimed game when it released (people talked about how much it broke the 'Sonic Cycle' and whatnot) and holds up rather well, but also desperately needs that graphical boost in the 2020's. It's ten years old, and is not available on anything other than the Wii and DS. I've heard people asking for Unleashed to get ported, but I don't think folks really have considered how much it was thrashed and trashed on release, so no clue why you'd think SEGA would mess with that. Additionally, I was able to download it on my fiancee's Xbox One for $20 and play through it (until I couldn't stand it anymore) so it's not like it's unavailable to consumers on relevant hardware. Colors needs some serious polish in a few areas, but it's art direction is gorgeous, the good faith it restored in the franchise is undeniable and it can only benefit from being brought back into focus, especially after Forces unceremoniously wet the bed and became the latest "bad Sonic game" of the generation. The modern branch of the series needs a pick me up.
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    I can't think of any better expression of love for the medium that he could make.
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    The epilectic effect is in every possible indication a glitch. Everyone's latched to one gameplay video that shows it, and ignores the multiple other gameplay videos that show the same attack without the strobing effect happening. Be careful to not just willingly fall for anything negative said about the game in order to indulge in "haha fun to complain about this game". The game's got enough actual issues on its own.
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    Sonic X - Issue #26: La Layenda del Gran Gordo! (The Legend of the Great Big Guy!) Here he comes to save the day! It’s the grand entrance you’ve all been waiting for! The luchador of lard himself, El Gran Gordo has finally come to wrestle for our sins, cure all disease, and end world hunger! It’s like I’m dreaming! Yes! Hell yes! The hero of legend came through in the end. Though he did not win the battle with the villainous heel of a hedgehog, he kept his dignity, his identity, and his love and respect of the people. Why, I believe he may have even caused the heart of the Blue Grinch to grow three sizes that day. We shall see what becomes of this new development when Bokkun Whiplash here takes the stage next time. I can’t wait. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #150: Hero To Zero In No Time At All So apparently this is the worst issue of all time or whatever so I better get a mountain of likes for suffering through it. Pay me, you ingrates. No, but seriously, we’ve hit another milestone issue. Why, it feels like yesterday that I covered the epic that was 125. This cover leaves a lot to be desired though. I get why it’s like this. A big close up of Sonic’s well-drawn face kind of gets the point across but it’s such a basic idea with a basic look. It almost feels like an excuse to be lazy. At least it’s easy on the eyes though. The title reminds me of Hercules, which is a good thing for me since I adore the movie but I can’t help but be cynical about it since I have a sneaking suspicion we’re about to go into something that’s about to wreck Sonic’s reputation in a way that’ll most likely be disgusting and vile to the point of exhaustion. I guess I’d better stop stalling then. Via 150. HOLEEEE~! WOW! You know, I thought that there might have been some exaggeration as far as how bad this issue was going to be going into it. Considering all the crap I’ve read from this book up to this point, I had a hard time believing it. I still think some of the earlier issues, especially some of the Knuckles comics, rival this in terms of badness on a purely technical level but I’m not going to mince words. This was utter gutter trash of the highest order. Like, it can't get any worse than implying (and then later confirming) something THAT disgusting and awful. It’s not often I desire any and all who worked on something to be ashamed of themselves but I kind of do, honestly. There’s no looking at this from six ways to Sunday and not leaving with a gross burp threatening to exit your mouth from holding back your sick. The first story was terrible and elicited disgust in a way that I don’t want to get into again. There’s only so much I can talk about uncomfortable misogyny before I get the cold shivers. Meanwhile, the second story was legendary in it’s badness. It was hilarious in contrast to the first one, sure, but I couldn’t even fully enjoy the sheer audacity of it’s desire to try and pass itself off as a thrilling conclusion to this thing that’s been set-up for over a hundred issues and counting. THAT was all that Chosen One bullshit was leading up to. A side-story at the BACK of the fucking book that only lasted two issues that pulled sheer nonsense out of it’s ass (in an almost literal sense) and capped itself off as though it wanted to ignore it even happening. I don’t even know if Tails made it so that he even remembers what he did. I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t. Why would he want to? How embarrassing! Wow. Issue 150 huh? Yeah, this one is going on the list. Holy shit, guys. I mean, Jesus Christ. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #151: Chaos Emeralds Are Forever I kind of like the title of the issue. It’s a play on the whole “Diamonds are forever” thing. It’s cute. I also, actually, really, really like this cover. The water has always been really nice to look at and the distorted effect is neat. I don’t recall the issue itself having anything to literally do with him being stuck in water so I’ll take it as a metaphor for Sonic just being in trouble. This issue wasn’t as bad as the one before, obviously, but as a direct continuation of the previous one it has no choice but to be deemed awful to. I’m afraid that’s just how it has to be. I will say that I was entertained by the fight Sonic had with the evil versions of the Freedom Fighters as well as the one he had against his evil self. I’ll also acknowledge that the Sally and Nicole story was well-written and did a good job carrying across what it wanted to in a small amount of pages. It’s just unfortunate that the miniscule amount good to okay stuff is surrounded by so much trash.
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    Let's get back to the old habit, shall we? Night, buddies!
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    10/10 level design and engaging gameplay. Creative use of all of Sonic's unique abilities to create an interesting platformer with high speed gameplay. Can't wait for this in HD I don't dislike Colours. But it's got some pretty naff levels never worth playing.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    The magic of Sonic Adventure is right in the name, ADVENTURE. Treating the game more then a game, but a full on experience. We get to see the characters in their daily lives, explore a town, discover a mystery. Our Heroes get a little character development. Lot of fun little side activities to flesh out the experience. So in a way, it's the complete opposite of Sonic Mania, that was more about streamlining the experience, keeping it simple and to focused on clean gameplay mechanics. To me, Sonic Adventure is Legend of Zelda, Sonic Mania is Tetris. A more messy Zelda... And a more complex Tetris. But, y'know. General attitude. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, Mania is the better game, but anything beyond it's gameplay is boring and empty to me. No adventure or any kind of experience beyond "You're videogame man in videogame land. Oh look, it's that level that was a level in that other videogame" Just the intro sequences say it all, one has a giant mysterious monster destroying a city with our heroes in exciting set pieces, the other has everyone bouncing around in an empty abstract void with "Sonic Levels" portals. So yeah, what kind of game do you want. A clean well designed, well executed game, but with little flair, world building or adventure to it. Or a grand emotional adventure, but with a everything and the kitchen sink attitude and severe rough edges. Mania versus Adventure. Gameplay versus experience. Well, in a perfect world we'd have both. In a more likely world, we'll have neither.
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    I stood up to a bully in RL for the first time. Yet...I feel horrible about it.
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    I don't really think it's fair to say it was rushed. From what I've seen, the game itself is finished and completed, the problem is the game was built on a very, very faulty structure from the offset. Problems like the one-button gameplay, the boring and tedious level design, the limited mobility of the characters, the wasteful nature of suits, those are not issues of time and budget, they're conceptual problems that shouldn't have been there to begin with and yet make up the very core nature of the game. The levels are built around these faulty costumes, and their incredibly simplistic designs. The first level alone requires several detours with costumes in order to reach the top of a series of ledges for example. The game didn't need a simple delay and polish, it would've needed a literal overhaul from the very bottom because the game's issues are constructed right into the heart of the game itself, and everything, everything was designed around those problems. Square-Enix have their share of issues, no one's denying it. But I'm not going to pin the blame for the game's design issues on them. They gave the budget, and time to Naka. They told him this was his one shot to make this platformer he wanted to make, and Naka and his team were the ones to blow it. They were the ones who came up with the game's design, they were the ones who came up with the games' concepts, and the gameplay. They were the ones who thought these problems somehow equalled out to a good experience for a player. Put simply, Balan's problems aren't issues with budgetary or time constraints, they're problems baked right into the design of the game by the very people designing the game, and as harsh as it is to say, unless Square for some utterly bafflingly idiotic reason ordered Naka to do this, which is doubtful since Naka is well-known for simplistic game design and controller layouts, it's on the team who designed the game to be like this. The people who thought from the start this was a good baseline for building a game upon and let it be the building block that the rest of the game's design comes from. I hate to say it, but they were given a shot to make this work, and they missed the mark by a landslide.
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    Spin Attaxx

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    So apparently, when Ian Flynn pitched the Classic Sonic comic and asked if he should make the comment silent with no speechbubbles or not, Sega was like "No no, make them talk, we don't want anyone to think Classic Sonic can't speak", which cracks me up.
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    Sonic " not showing emotions " was more SEGA telling the writing/artistic team to dial it back on panels showing him crying. They didn't say that Sonic couldn't cry, but that they had to revise the panels with him bawling his eyes out over the loss of his family in one of the M: XYL stories. The one with King Shadow. Over time, the writing team found ways around those limitations to show that Sonic could still experience a range of emotions. Like when they showed him never and/or rarely smiling in certain panels of the Mecha Sally Arc. Most noticeably in Remember the Fallen (the issue after Antoine was blown to smithereens). SEGA has representatives check everything from the scripts to the artwork to make sure it's up to standards. They tell people working on licensed works like the mobile games and comics who they can and can't use based on what characters they're trying to sell their fans on. It may not make sense to allow their licensees to use characters that they have no plans to create merchandise for, or use in their games, or may be planning to use in a game in a way that the comics may clash with or may have legal issues because of poorly written contracts from their days of running fast and free with the franchise. Could they change their minds? Sure. Businesses change their minds all of the time, but I wouldn't expect them to change their minds about certain things in the franchise since they are attempting to build up their brand in a particular way.
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    I doubt even the ghost of Jack Kirby could get through to Penders at this point. The man could try to explain the difference in creating as well as co-creating many iconic characters and stories where they could still stand on their own outside of being tied to the greater universe as opposed to creating characters solely for a licensed property that you can't really use anyway. The man'll only acknowledge the facts he wants to acknowledge when he wants to acknowledge them.
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    Many people thought that Sonic should be solely a marble controlled by the momentum of the game and giving him his own way of building up speed quickly even on flat ground was a betrayal of that. Thankfully, they're proven wrong by the fact that Sonic 2 is easily more fun than Sonic 1.
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    Another problem is how quickly posts get forgotten. One of the nice things about classic forums is that fans often try to archive things to preserve not only the discussions, but also the memories. Meanwhile, if you post on a place like Instagram or Reddit, you only have 1 day to make your post count before it effectively disappears forever. People end up recycling the same conversations over and over again, and ironically, modern social media has made things feel even more impersonal by making everyone compete for attention. People used to become forum celebrities just for having a consistent track record of being kind and helpful towards others, but when that track record disappears so quickly, it becomes primarily about attention-grabbing memes and similar posts that don't really reveal that much about a person's character.
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    I agree with everything in this thread. Smaller communities based around a common interest still happen today, but now they happen on Discord/Telegram/similar... and that's not very good IMO. They usually are hidden underground communities that you have no way of knowing they exist unless someone invites you, and due to them being that "private", they're usually filled with racist humor and discriminatory behaviors, and stuff like that. Those practices are slowly influencing the new generations of people and the society feels more and more toxic with each new day. Another thing that I dislike of the modern communities is that they usually implement some popularity systems that give more visibility to popular posts and make the more obscure posts almost disappear. People stopped posting their actual opinions, people now post what other people want to hear, so they get likes and become popular. Those services have the power to decide what type of posts can get more visibility and what can't, and if you continuously make posts that are considered controversal (that does not necessarily mean violating the rules, it may also just be expressing an unpopular opinion), you can even face a "Shadowban", that consists in the website/app obscuring your posts without you noticing (you are convinced that people read your posts but they don't, or only like an 1% of people can see your posts while the majority don't even see them). All this is in my opinion disgusting, and I didn't even talk about the AI/bots posting fake reviews on online stores and such. Yeah nowadays internet sucks hard, but it became a necessity so you can't really avoid using it.
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    My main problem with the internet is how centralised it is nowadays; almost everything is on like 5 apps, which makes it really hard to find like-minded people. On smaller sites (like this one! ) there's a sense of community because 1) not many people use it and 2) the site is usually based around a common interest; it feels more like a group of friends than a website. Unfortunately most of them no longer exist or haven't been active in years and if they are still active, the users tend to be...unpleasant to put it nicely. Social media has destroyed the internet and I feel like leaving it entirely (or at least the ones I don't use as much) but I'd be missing out on a lot if I did.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    Gonna be real with yall, I don't want any remasters or a collection as the main meal. I'm so tired of talking about these same games, man. lol
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    You're making sense, but I don't think any Sonic fan is obligated to give a fuck about SEGA's finances/rep, especially these days where they seem to do fine in both departments whether Sonic is in the picture or not. It's really NOT a big deal when an underwhelming Sonic game comes out anymore. Forces wasn't a big deal. TSR wasn't a big deal. Unleashed wouldn't be a big deal. They string fans along with references to the "untouchables" across all of their media all the time. They can afford to polish out some kinks on Unleashed and do a reissue. Capcom does it with their bad games often enough for everyone to understand it's not some big risk. The cost for the whole thing shouldn't be understated, but it's still low enough that niche fans can make up the difference.
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    Dimps: "what if...Green Hill.....but at like, golden hour? Still one of my favorite stages to look at in the series
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I legitimately think Post-Reboot Archie is the better incarnation in every conceivable way. It's a world that looks and feels more like Sonic and the way they portray Sonic as a Freedom Fighter feels way more in keeping with his character. Like he's not fighting because it's his home, in fact the conflict with the Freedom Fighters and Eggman on the past feels very contained to just the peninsula on Westside Island, which makes it feel more like Sonic is just helping out some friends because Eggman is giving them a hard time. Characteristics are also way more fun. I love the fact the Rotor is way more proactive and mission focused to the point of being just a little bit callus but not so much he's unlikable. I'm glad Ian toned down Sally's whole being perfect at everything thing from Pre-Reboot and made her more unsure of herself. I love Pre-Reboot Sally don't get me wrong but Post-Reboot Sally feels more human. Bunnie and Antoine are largelythe same but they were already pretty good. I do wish we'd gotten a chance to delve more into and original story rather than a really long Unleashed Adaptation but even them I do think it was a brilliant idea to use the game that's all about globe trotting as the introduction to the new world and it's concepts original and taken from the games. It's just the perfect blend of SatAM and the Games and everyday I hope IDW announces they're going to revive it.
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    After many weeks of bashing my head at these levels over and over again, I've finally done it. I've beaten Crash 4 fully - 106%. All platinum relics, all perfect relics, all flashbacks, all gems. Everything but the purple relics, which aren't required for completion. Proof: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/11511-crash-bandicoot-4-its-about-time/ryannumber3gamer So with that, I think you can consider this an addition to my previous impression posts on Crash 4, as well as a continuation of my points on the game's completion requirements that I made before. Having done these now has provided more of a first-hand perspective. So I'll start with the simplest point - Crash 4 is a janky, frustrating game. Yes, really. It's one of those games that if you were to play it start to finish, it's a great time, a blast to play, with well-designed levels and mechanics. When you can use the new modern mode to make mistakes less punishing, and to up the skill ceiling significantly. And on the point of the skill ceiling, I think it's fair to say that I've got a whole new opinion on Crash's movement in general. I used to dislike the alterations to the physics. It wasn't anything like previous games. The double and slide jumps acted completely differently. But I think they'd actually really great when you get used to them. It's super fun using the slide's minor fall delay to combo into double jumps and reach some insane heights/pass large gaps. Slide spins are great for gaining speed, and when you get used to it, being able to hit crates while standing still so you only hit one specific crate can be used in interesting ways. But where Crash 4 absolutely falls apart like cheap toilet paper is when the game even remotely asks you to start optimising yourself, when it starts asking you for perfection, because simply put - it is not built for it. There are so many times in this game where you will die, and lose runs for things that are completely on the game, things that are not in your control, solely because TfB screwed the pooch on it. First things first - there's just inconsistency. The game has this massive reliance on cycles, where everything is on a cycle, and you need to rely on these cycles for good runs. This gets to the point of the game asking you to straight up predict cycles seconds before you enter that area in order to get the perfect set-up to blitz through them. Ropes in levels like N Sanity Peak, and Jetboard Jetty, the fishermen in Snow Way Out, machinery in Cortex's levels, this game is dominated by them, through and through. And while it might not effect much in perfect runs, it will make platinum relics an absolute nightmare to play through. Second up - crate jumps. These are one of the worst things in the game by a long shot, solely because so many situations straight up become do or die scenarios. You see, the short version is Crash's double jump is actually fantastic in this game, seriously. It's perfect for slowing you down enough to let you specifically choose where you'll fall. The amount of precision control this jump provides you is just fantastic, and one of the best moveset additions. Unfortunately, Toys for Bob also screwed it up. Because there's a hidden mechanic in the game, one that might as well be RNG. The game will randomly disable your double jumps if it thinks you're trying to bounce off a crate. Yes, instead of just letting you hold down the jump button as you fall towards a crate, instead the game tries to lock you into it at random points. The end of this is that while you're trying to do a double jump in order to control your landing and land on precision crates, the game instead decides "you're trying to bounce off this crate, so you can only hold X" - which means what will happen is you'll only do a single jump, the game ignores your double jump input, you'll overshoot the mark, and then dead. It genuinely can't be overstated how genuinely awful this one in particular is. It legitimately just disables your inputs because the game makes dumb assumptions upon what you're attempting to do, leading to so many failed attempts as a result. Thirdly - alternative characters. I officially hate each and every one of them. Yet again, it's a result of the game asking you to optimise these characters for scenarios where it feels like they weren't designed for, and thus revealing the cracks in them. Tawna feels like an incredibly gimped version of Crash. She runs slower, her attack is far more inconsistent, to the point that it's a regular occurrence that an attack manages to kill an enemy, but they ALSO manage to kill you at the same time, her kick is garbage for trying to hit time crates with any kind of precision, and Tawna easily has the worst level design out of the characters for the amount of hidden boxes in her stages. Because of her hookshot, they love hiding crates into the backgrounds of stages, and because they're deep into the background, it's incredibly difficult to actually see them, even when you're specifically scanning around for them. Then you have her hookshot...and well just keep that in mind for later. Cortex is awful. Straight up. No other words for it. Awful. Cortex is a puzzle platformer character being asked that you speed-run through levels with him. Something you'd think would be built for him due to his dash, but trying to aim Cortex towards various places is difficult enough as is, there's platforms in levels like Shipping Error where attempting to dash to moving platforms is inconsistent, and only works about 70% of the time, and to boot - his gameplay is also reliant on cycles. There's tons of stages where you have to wait for enemies to get into certain positions, and they have to be just right, or else you're going to die. And when you're attempting to speed run through levels, that is just not good enough. You can lose upwards of 10 to 15 seconds alone from these time-wasters. And his ray gun...we'll get there And then you have Dingodile, who I had to admit - is probably the best out of the three, if only because the game recognises there isn't a super ton of stuff you can do to optimise him through levels (barring...ugh...Rock Blocked, which is...we'll get there). He's just a slow character but his hover and level design makes it that it isn't ultimately that bad for him. That said, he still has his share of finicky, gimmicky bullshit, including random crates not being sucked up, or taking longer to suck up TNT crates, and so on, and on the note of his air cannon and firing things out of it... Yeah, we're there. The biggest issue all three of these characters have is one they all share, and it's one that's very, very simple. The aiming mechanic in this game is absolute. dog. shit. It makes Nina's gameplay from Twinsanity look like polished gold in comparsion. This is going to be one of the biggest points of absolute frustration in the game for you. In both perfect, and time relics. The auto-aiming in this game is absolutely horrendous, and completely random. There is so many times where Tawna will miss hookshot targets right in front of her. Literal stacks of crates in front of her where she'll still veer off to the very left or very right of the boxes. In fact, I once had a fun target misfire where in Rush Hour, there's a double stack of boxes to the right of a platform at the start of her section of the level, where the first stack has normal boxes, and the inner stack has a TNT. Correct way of doing it is use the hookshot to specifically hit crates in stack one, then use a jump box in stack 1 to jump up and get another box, drop down and then hit the TNT in stack 2 to blow them all up...and somehow Tawna's hookshot completely misses the first stack altogether and hits the TNT right behind said stack in stack 2. There's other times where Tawna's hookshot legitimately can't even hit lock on targets. I had instances in both Potion Commotion and Rush Hour where Tawna is supposed to do a wall jump, then hookshot to a lock on target in the far distance, except even with the hookshot target active and flashing blue, Tawna would still aim for the wall to her right instead of directly ahead, which can actually kill you in certain stages. Cortex though, again - he's the worst. His gun is absolute shit, solely because he has no auto-locking system whatsoever, and on top of that - collision is so terrible in Crash 4 that Cortex can legitimately get his shots stuck on empty pieces of the stage. There's times in 2D sections where you'll be aiming left and right and still Cortex won't be able to hit anything because his shots are instead hitting empty stage collision which counts as a "wall". And while it's one thing in perfect runs where you can take your time (not much though because there's still tons of do or die shots where if you miss once, you can't go back), it breaks time trials. You cannot take your time in time trials, you need to be constantly moving, constantly dashing. The trials, especially in levels like Double Trouble and Shipping Error are literally designed around you being able to move, turn quickly into a small doorway towards the north direction of the screen, shoot, and move along. But the window of being able to do so is so small, and so finicky due to this that it's genuinely jaw-dropping how they let it pass QA testing. It's bad enough trying to aim Cortex's dashes, but his gun is just straight up broken. It's bafflingly, even Twinsanity, all the way back in 2004 knew well-enough to have some kind of auto-lock and aiming reticule for a character who primarily uses a blaster. There's also random mechanics that just love breaking randomly - in particular - Wall-running has a habit of just letting you fall to your death at random points through no fault of your own, or not even activating even though you clearly hit the wall. It will become especially frustrating in levels like Nitro Processing, Off-Balance, and Food Run where you have to rely on this mechanic to get through safely. It comes off like Toys for Bob being absolutely terrified of trying to add anything that might not be 100% related to how the original trilogy handled HUD elements, and they went for the sake of visual consistency, instead of ease of use, which hurts the character far more as a result. Dingodile, again - is probably the one who somewhat gets the least of the trouble from it, but he's still pretty awful as a result. A lot of Dingodile's boxes in various levels requires him picking up a TNT crate, aiming quickly, and launching it towards various crate stacks. And it's as inconsistent as Tawna's hookshot. Even more so of a problem however because with Tawna, time trials rarely require hookshotting crates, while Dingodile's on the other hand features a lot of firing TNT quickly towards either targets, or far off boxes, and missing once and screw the entire run up for you. Then you just have the game's regular game glitches, ones that completely, and unfairly - ruin your runs. As a small rundown of the kind of things I experienced - I had times where I'd lose masks, or just straight up die by hitting random crates - yes - regular crates, ruining a run altogether. I've had the glitch I mentioned back in October where during sections, Crash and Coco would straight up just randomly lose all momentum as if they'd just randomly hit into an invisible wall in mid-air (something I can now put down to the janky collision present in the game). I've had stacks of boxes where I did the single standstill spin to hit the regular box, only for the game to randomly blow up the TNT/Nitro above/below it, I've had characters get stuck on random pieces of geometry, I've had characters randomly lose momentum jumping off ropes, leaving them either falling to their death, or missing critical jumps required for time trials, etc. All that to come to the same conclusion - the fact that this game has the balls to ask you to be playing at your absolute peak, as Caddicarus said in his review - playing to complete perfection in both time, and perfect relics, is a total joke, when the game can't even have the same decency to be a well-polished experience. There's so many times where your defeats doesn't feel like your fault, but down to the game being buggy, or inconsistent with what works and doesn't work. And that's still not the height of the issues either. Hitboxes are wonky at best, especially when you're rushing. Barring the already infamous animal-riding hitboxes, which I won't go into detail because they were patched and fixed, and they've already been talked about to death - Crash, Coco, Tawna, and Cortex are all horrendous inconsistent with their hitboxes. Tawna will miss boxes frequently because of how terrible her kick is, Cortex will miss frequently because of getting stuck on random pieces of the stage, and both Crash and Coco can easily miss boxes while attempting to spin through them, especially on chase levels like Dino Dash. Then we go to the flashback tapes, which are just a crowning example of Toys for Bob's bad decision making with this game - the biggest problem with it easily - they don't know when to just say enough is enough. They come up with great and fun ideas, only to ruin them by making both too many levels, and making them far too hard. The flashback tapes are fairly alright until the end (barring Countdown Crate Intro, which is a ridiculously tough Crash stage), but Coco's final levels are a joke. First up is Resilience Evaluation - the penultimate Coco stage, and one that took me an hour to finish. Not complete, finish. Why? Because of one thing - the fire crates. Going back to the cycles present in the game, there's one exception to the rule, in that it's cycles are completely randomised - fire crates. Now normally, this isn't a big deal, because you can wait for them to finish a cycle. But not here. In this level, the fire crates are placed atop of nitro crates, and the aim of the game is to slide under the nitro when they bounce up (one cycle), but you also need to do so when the fire isn't active on the crates, or else you'll get burnt. The problem? RNG means fire crates changes their cycles on death, meaning there's times where you can get cycles that are literally impossible. As in you are dead either way. There's one area where you need to slide under a nitro stack with fire boxes, slide into a timer box, which will activate the blocks under Crash to let him stand on them, but also block off the area above. The way through is fire crate will go on fire on the right side (where Crash lands after sliding) as the crates bounce. You slide under, hit the crate, and stay crouched, which will let the fire crate go off without killing Crash. Fire crate switches to the left crate just as the box blocking the exit vanishes, letting you then crouch jump safely up. However, with the RNG cycles, it can instead make it that the fire crate always stays ignited when the timer crate blocking the exit vanishes, meaning you either get killed by the flames, or you wait and fall through the ground due to the timer running out. That is plain awful design that relies solely on luck, and the rest of the level is no better. Coco's final level, the Gauntlet features much of the same, a lot of Nitro to avoid, a lot of RNG fire crates with random cycles, a maze like area to go through, and while it's not as bad as Resilience Evaluation, it's still pretty horrendous (and took me 40 minutes to beat). Point is, much like how Eggmanland is a bad level for being a 50 minute slog in a Sonic game of all things, a Crash Bandicoot game should never take upwards of an hour to beat. There's just so many infuriatingly frustrating aspects of bad design throughout the game, and I could go on forever about it, things that just make 106% completion completely unfair, and unfun. Toys for Bob didn't remotely stop to consider if it was fun for their players, if it fit this series, if this was a good idea. It took me 135 hours to 106% this game altogether. More time than a full run through Persona 5. Likely more than Sonic Unleashed, and more time than the N Sane Trilogy combined - playing the same finicky 38 levels over and over and over again. This is an absolute joke on TfB's part. Ridiculous completion requirements along with unfair, unfun, glitchy bullshit. That's what it ultimately comes down to. Crash 4 is a great game to beat, but it's a complete mess to complete, and Toys for Bob screwed the pooch hard on it, especially when they decided to remove user-friendly power-ups like the Crash Dash and replace it with vastly inferior and inconsistent moves like the Triple Spin. Still, if anyone else is N Sane (heheheh) enough to even attempt it, here's my tips. Be confident in yourself. I'm not an expert Crash player by any means, and when I started out, I was shit. It took me hours to pull off the easiest levels. But just stick with it and learn the speed mechanics of the game. You'll get it down, and start crushing these levels. If you've managed to beat even simply the Gold relics in N Sane Trilogy, then you can handle platinum here. Don't be discouraged - This game is unlike the previous games because Rude Awakening is a straight up beginners trap for new players attempting to get to grips with speed-running the game. It's time is incredibly tight, it's got a lot of cycles to deal with, and it's one of the hardest time trials in the game. But if you can pull it off, you can pull everything else off. Learn the Slide Spin - I can't empathise this enough as it's the point that makes the difference with these time trials - unlike the triple spin, which is an inconsistent mess, the slide spin is easy to do, faster than the triple spin, and far more consistent as well. It takes a bit of practice to get to grips with, but due to being an unintended speed mechanic, it's easily usable for getting an edge on the platinum times. Here's a great tutorial for it: Mute the voices - Caddicarus recommended this one and I can't agree more - the voices will make these levels far more of a pain if you have to hear them over and over and over again. Do the hardest levels first - I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but you don't want to finish up the majority of the game only to discover that you got stuck on the hardest levels. If you can knock out Toxic Tunnels, Cortex Castle, and Nitro Processing, you can handle anything this game has to throw at you. Start off practicing on levels like Rude Awakening, N Sanity Peak, and A Real Grind, move up to Bears Repeating and Building Bridges, and by then, you should be experienced enough to tackle the worst the game's got, so jump right to Cortex's world. When you beat the hardest levels first, it makes the rest of the game much more comparatively easier, and also lets you relax more as a result. Watch 100% level tutorials - I used Maka's Guides, but anything will do. You do not want to get to the end of levels like Toxic Tunnels just to discover you missed a box. At minimum, you want to have a box tally guide so you know how many boxes are present at each checkpoint. Do the perfect relics first - I can't say this one enough - you already have to get 80% of fruit and all boxes for the perfect relic, so getting a perfect relic first also cuts out a significant amount of gem backtracking later down the line. Make sure you know where the Hidden Gems are - Always search up where the hidden gem is before starting a perfect relic run. Barring some exceptions like Off Balance, where the hidden gem requires significant detours and has more risks to go after it in the same run, most gems are usually easy to get, and saves another level repeat. I personally used Gamerpillar's videos, as they're straight to the point without a bunch of fluff. Take breaks - Incredibly important - you're going to get pissed off a lot when going for completion because of the game's own faults, sometimes it's best to just call it a night and pick it back up tomorrow. There was several levels where I had trouble getting something, took a break, and got it within a few tries the next day. And finally, for fun. Hardest Perfect/Time Relics: Toxic Tunnels - An absolutely awful stage. A gem path that's four times as long as other gem paths, plus even more deadly, tons of machinery all on cycles that actually glitch out and reset if you take damage while on, or near them - which can easily ruin your run, frustrating enemies start to finish, tricky jumps caused by the rotating spiked platforms, just a nightmare all around and the worst this game has to offer. Cortex Castle - Yeah, I don't really care what others say, this level is terrible. I do agree that a large chunk of it is down to memorisation and such, but there's also just aspects of both inconsistency and random chance to it. There's times I'd get stuck in collision while doing jumps, times where mask powers wigged out and sent me to my death, times when enemies would break out of cycles and ruin runs for me (the shield enemies in particular). The level has just a ton of jank. Nitro Processing - The level isn't too bad when going for the perfect relic, barring one particularly awful bit where you have to wall run while avoiding spiked insta-kill wheels. The time-trial on the other hand is horrible. There's a ton of things heavily reliant on cycles throughout the level, including electric enemies who can literally block your path for seconds on end if you're a milisecond too late to get to them before they attack. The wall-run will slow you down significantly, and the time to get there is ridiculously tight. Crash-Landed - Following the update that fixed the hitboxes for animals and vehicles, Bears Repeating and Building Bridges isn't that difficult anymore, honestly. Still tricky, but the level before the riding part is short enough that you don't have too much to redo if you mess up. Crash Landed on the other hand is still as awful as ever. Not only because the stage is ridiculously long as it is, but it has TWO riding sections with just as easily missable boxes, inconsistent mechanics because you have to attempt to get through enemies and hazards while slipping on strange ooze, crates placed in out of the way places that are still easy to miss with the fixed hitbox, AND a gem path on top of it all. Redoing this entire level if you miss ONE box towards the end is the worst feeling in the world, frankly. Rush Hour - the infamous level. A six to ten minute level where Dingodile and Tawna have to share a level together. A level with a massive amount of boxes throughout, and incredibly difficult platforming sections. Better yet, some of those boxes are both deviously hidden, especially with Tawna due to aforementioned problems with them hiding boxes in the far distance that are difficult to see when you're trying to concentrate on platforming, but the biggest middle finger of the lot is the end of the level - a section where you, as Tawna - have to platform over an extreme inconsistent cycle of fast moving vehicles, hitting boxes along the way in midair with a kick that's far worse than Crash/Coco's spin. This is the reason why it took me so long to beat this level. Because you'd get up to this shit section, get dealt bad luck, and then have a full ten minute level to replay all over again start to finish with all boxes. Rock-Blocked - A timeline level where you start off with Dingodile and finish with Crash/Coco. Not only is this level ridiculously tight with it's time limit, forcing you to optimise Dingodile to the letter, and even damage boost through hazards for a shot at the time, but the final part with Crash and Coco is absolutely awful, because you're being chased by a dinosaur in a auto-scrolling section where it's easy to miss crates. You need to be at your peak speed, or else you'll be killed, all because the dinosaur jumps at the very end of the section right before the end of the level, and he can hit you with his head. And with that, that's all I've got to say for the minute. My rambling thoughts after weeks of playing this game to get completion. I still have to say above it all, I still like Crash 4, but going to completion has just exposed so many problems with the game. So much so that it expands past the gameplay and even into the characters and story. It's been a weird progression of playing the PS4 version at launch and liking it, but being disheartened, replaying it when the PS5 version came and really getting into it, and now just being ridiculously burnt out and critical because of the game's failings when going for completion, and I think it's totally fair to feel that way. At the end of the day, Crash 4's failings are the failings of Toys for Bob, and the ridiculous amount of bullshit that they ask of you. They really, really don't seem to understand that there's too much of a good thing, and when they have the nerve to ask so much of you, and ask for perfection at that, while also making a lot of incredibly bad mistakes in the development of the game as a whole, it doesn't reflect very well on them at all. With Vicarious Visions now gone too, and it being likely that if we're to see more Crash games, it'll come from either Toys for Bob or Beenox, I sincerely hope they get their shit together next game and realise that this just isn't the way. This is not why people liked completing Crash games. There was a reason Naughty Dog got rid of bullshit like completing levels with all boxes and no deaths as early as the second game, and it's because no one liked it. People like Crash for being a rewarding, and a tricky platformer, and yet Crash 4 is developed as if someone saw all the "Crash is the new Dark Souls of platfomring" memes, and said "oh well I'll show you!". Crash 4 is just such a mixed bag of a game, to be frank, and I wish it wasn't. I really hope for a better effort next time.
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    I'm in complete agreement with @Ryannumber1gamer on this. A delay might have improved the Switch version and they could have polished a few things, but as they say... you can't polish a turd. The problems with this game are rooted in design and concept. What could they realistically improve with a delay (or patches)? I think it's safe to say that there'll be no further significant updates and Square will sweep it under the rug.
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    I mean...that I would play as him, for starters. An agile, rhythmic character is a bit of a far cry from a vulnerable child even before you bring in the NiGHTS comparisons. Instead, he's more like a mascot that barely has a presence in the game world which feels like a mistake. I suspect that he was added late in development because none of the kids made for an intriguing character to center the game's marketing around. It's fair to want to solve that problem, but it makes the game feel a little bit disingenuous. Also as an aside, bringing Sonic into it is dumb. Yall really gotta let that shit go. Seriously. The one time a major platform game that doesn't immediately demolish Sonic comes around and it's because it's made by former ST devs instead of current ones. I'm not gonna any further for Sonic's sake, lmao. What a joke.
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    SSMB Banner: "Mr. Yuji Naka is all right." I mean, not today probably.
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    Idk guys, if I turn my brain off and just go in for some mindless fun and spectacle, I can enjoy Forces for what it is. I can't remotely say the same for Balan's demo. Forces, and even Lost World doesn't actively make me fall asleep, or feel frustrated by the simplest of movements.
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    I honestly don’t know how they could’ve executed this well, tbh. Part of me wants to say “sonic” because his earlier outings used a simple button layout, but that was 2D games, and his moveset was expanded come Adventure. Not to mention that Sonic works somewhat better because you’re moving at high speeds, it’s important to have things readily available in a reactionary game. The slow speed mixed with the simplicity doesn’t fit for a platformer, it just makes your character feel overwhelmingly awful. You can’t make bare basic jumps onto ledges, forcing dumb workarounds for the simpliest of jumps in other games, you can’t do simple things like jump and hit at the same time, etc. It’s boring, meandering bullshit for the sake of it. If the game can’t have the common decency to show respect for your time and instead waste it with the costumes allowing you to do literal basic functions one at a time, then it comes off very badly. Its like if Sonic could barely jump, barely run and couldn’t spin dash, and had to find a ring that lets him do just ONE of those actions at a time. It’d be absolutely awful. I genuinely don’t know how you could make “locking away basic actions” fun. The very notion instinctively both restricts your own movement and capability as a player, while also making everything frustratingly roundabout in its problem solving.
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    I apologise for phrasing that so concretely, naturally there's no confirmation that the Metacritic thing is being done by anyone involved in the production of the game, when I said it was flagrantly Square that was just me stating a personal assumption. But it's just SO suspect that not a single one of them is an established account with reviews for other games too. There is a chance that they're just hyper-defensive fans, but the fact that they're all so Engrish-laden too MASSIVELY stinks of fakery to me. Oh, and finally, all the account names are vaguely-name-resembling gibberish, not a single one of them tells the tale of belonging to a real person with a username influnced by personality or interests.
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    been a long time coming but we're finally doing this! im so excited haha
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    It should kind of go without saying that if they were to bring back all of these old concepts, it wouldn't be under the same context as the original. Mainly because the old Freedom Fighter concept does not work in the concept of the Sonic series is nowadays. What the series is nowadays is a hell of a lot different from what it was when SATAM came out; it's completely unrealistic to expect things to go back to being exactly the same in that case. If, hypothetically speaking, they were going to bring those concepts back they WILL be changed, it is not a matter of if. They have literally done this before, and it's just a standard practice in media for the most part to recontextualize elements so that they fit within the confines of the setting.
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    "Avion" means "plane" in French. Also, it's a last-minute rename as it was still "The Floating Island" in the app menu I translated a couple weeks ago. Besides, I got new material to translate. 14 pages of "Shattered tomorrows". 3 finished pages (with "top quality" Photoshop work, you'll see) and the rest is in script format.
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    whenever people on twitter talk about how annoying the recent unleashed praise is I just think "well I was around for when it got crapped on endlessly and it was lonely being a fan of the game back then so this constant praise can go on forever for all i care"
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    New covers https://io9.gizmodo.com/celebrate-sonics-30th-birthday-in-style-with-idws-new-a-1846504743 Congragulations to @The KKM for getting the chance to draw in a Sonic comic book.
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    How would you reboot/reimagine Sonic?

    Ideally, I wouldn’t. I’d just cherry-pick all the good content as I always have and just do a better job at the next few games for storytelling department. if I had to though, I’d mostly just spend time filling in the blanks on things. The series as a whole would remain strictly SegaSonic, but taking elements from other canons (prototype content, OVA, SatAM, and AoSTH in particular) and just kind of filtering many of their ideas through a SegaSonic lens and fitting it where appropriate is my call. Here’s a list of stuff I would play with: - Sonic’s origins are on Christmas Island. He’s in a band with some street punks. Sonic doesn’t know what to do with his life as he’s stuck in the monotony until he meets some old man and becomes the Marty to his Doc Brown. Suddenly he realizes that Doc Brown is actually an Elon Musk, and starts to fight him in an effort to protect his friends. Eggman flees and the city is saved, but now Sonic has a sense of purpose: no longer settling for the street punk lifestyle, Sonic throws out the jacket and begins a new life never looking back as an adventuring hero! And so he follows Eggman off to South Island in a plane passed down in his family, The Tornado. In the distance, one of his old band’s fan girls continues to hunt him down, still smitten with the man on stage.. - Sonic’s home is on South Island, just off the coast of Green Hill, where he finds himself a landing strip to an abandoned airport, complete with crashed Boeing model lodged in the side like the OVA. Sonic decides to make this his burrow, and keeps stuff here much like the live action movie I guess. As a nomad he doesn't visit here very often, but it’s his hideaway when he wants to get away from the world. - Chaos Energy is a thing. The gods made the planet, the planet was filled with it and they left the tools there on the planet (the emeralds). Energy in the ground causes places to warp into circular structures (loops and etc) and excess energy seeps out of the ground everywhere as Rings. You wouldn’t have to know any of this, but it explains a lot for fun. - Tails is the youngest of a group of “freedom fighters” on Westside Island who are fighting Eggman’s troops from turning their beloved Woodtropolis into Robotropolis, led by Sally Acorn, daughter of the city’s mayor. Although not alone in his team, Tails is very much the runt who is babied and not allowed room to say anything or grow.. until he meets the cool and determined Sonic, who believes in what he has to say. After Sonic teams up with the FFs to take down Eggman’s forces in a retelling of Sonic 2, Tails develops a brotherly love for his new buddy, and after saving Sonic’s life by piloting his plane in the nick of time, he and Sonic become inseparable as he joins him on his never ending world adventure. - Knuckles was born from an egg chosen by the Master Emerald to be its guardian, via prophecy when the Chaos cataclysm happened. The egg was hatched one day from time and elemental forces. The nature of Knuckles was.. irrepressible!! He probably learned how to survive from the ME sending him brain signals, and learned to speak and wear shoes from random fumbling around on the coast of the Mystic Ruins. Poor sod never learned to read, though he can transcribe ancient tomes pretty well. Way to show off reading dead languages, Knux. - On the subject of prophecies, the Hidden Palace prophecy becomes much more relevant and is utilized beyond fanon theory. Lupe (head of an Amazonianesque tribe living in Aquatic Ruin) speaks of it, which Sonic remembers as he sees it in the Hidden Palace on Angel Island. The knowledge of this becomes apparent as we learn it actually is what inspired Shadow’s creation. - Oh yeah, Shadow? He dies. But not really, It’s a fake out. But he retains his memories, but fights with his inner demons over if he’s truly a good person like Maria told him to be or not (especially compounded by the public’s perception of him as a menace). He stays at Rouge’s club she runs in Central City and sleeps on her couch in the penthouse above. The Chaotix work there part time to make up for money lost on paying rent for the detective agency shack. - Speaking of the Chaotix, the 1995 game happens. But Sonic’s there and Mighty isn’t (he’s off with Ray somewhere). Tails got kidnapped. Long story short, it was an adventure. Also Knuckles and Vector are friends (and Sonic loathes when they’re together because Vector used to be his bestie and now he hangs with an idiot). Espio is the true detective of the group, Vector is the charisma, and Charmy is in my spin the techie. We’re gonna take a bit of Tails’ Jimmy Neutron ness and give it to this kid, let Tails stay a bright minded mechanic. - Rouge used to be in a Bonnie-and-Clyde like duo with legendary hunter Fang the Sniper. After realizing how petty he was about his stealing (being willing to risk peoples lives for it) she turned on him and fleed before he counted her head in his bounty. Much later down the line, she joins GUN in attempt to make it up to herself for her past, but she can’t stop craving some tasty colorful rocks and flirting with danger AND people while on the job so she’s caught between a moral rock and a hard place. Meanwhile Fang replaced her with Bean and Bark, total bozos. - Blaze is the princess of Soleanna, an island far from any outside civilization. Long ago, an evil genie named Iblis Djinn, used the coveted Sol Gems to transform into the demon god Solaris, and a warrior cat lady (Blaze’s ancestor) used a magic staff called the Jeweled Scepter to seal him away. But as she did, his power struck her, cursing her with the mysterious Flames of Disaster. For her deeds she was crowned ruler of the country, but she and her descendants carry the burden of the Flames, afraid of losing their control, and so for that reason they have sheltered themselves away, in fear of what damage they would cause without thorough observation. But Blaze is an especially impatient and stir-crazy individual with a lot of pent up anxieties over her responsibilities to guard, so you probably know how this unfolds. - Eggman is a 100% hated figure in the islands for all animalpeople, but is a slightly more controversial figure in the mainland where the humans reside. He’s as mentioned before much like Elon; ridiculously wealthy and piggybacking off of the successes of his grandfather as a scientific genius. His immense wealth is what brings him his infinite resources for building his machines, and is a plague to everyone that unfortunately cannot be ignored due to how much of a threat he is. He’s like Porky, kinda, if you think about it. - Eggman has a henchman in Orbot, which serves as not only like he did in Unleashed but a little like Snively too, being second in command and lead intelligence database for the Eggman Empire, being in control as AI for all his autopilot machines. He USED to have three prior henchmen, but two of them (Scratch and Grounder) were exiled for being too dumb and now walk the earth like the world’s worst C3P0 and R2D2, and the third.. uh, well.. let’s say Metal is MIA. - Eggman Nega is Eggman from the future, having gone off his rocker from fighting Sonic and failing over and over for an unknown amount of decades in the future. He poses as a different person everywhere he goes in space-time just to fuck with people, and his only goal is mass destruction, completely having given up on his world domination ambitions. ——- As for other stuff, I’d just say ape the games a bit and ignore some junk like the Black Arms or whatever. Idk.
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    Sonic Channel

    Some sweet art of Cheese, Cream, & Gemerl.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    I'm confused why everyone assumes on default that Sonic Team themselves would be working on the remaster and it would be their main project. Pretty sure remasters and remakes are delegated to smaller teams, with main Sonic Team just supporting from a distance. I mean, I don't know if that's true or not, but that would be my first assumption. Tough if it's true and they spend 4 years working non stop on only a Sonic Colors remastered.... Then I expect some insane HUGE improvements. Cause then they would have spent the longest solo development time any Sonic game ever had for a mere remaster, of a game that wasn't that big to begin with. That would only make sense if we're getting a Spyro Reignited kind of full blown 3 games in one package. Unless current Sonic Team is in a really pathetic state. Oh, and Covid throwing a wrench in the gears probably. Sigh, Not looking forward to all the Reviews for Sonic Colors Remaster. I'm so going to bash my face in irritation everytime Sonic Colors is referred to as a 3d game. Sonic Colors is as much a 3d platformer as Grand theft auto 5 is a bowling simulator.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic 30th predictions

    Starved for years and turning your nose up at scraps. Yeah dude I'm with you. I'll take this as a bonus (Unleashed would have been much better though), but it'll suck hard if this is all we get.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic 30th predictions

    The Adventure era, spanning from anywhere from 1998 to 2006 (arguably even 2008 or 2009) depending on who you ask, is markedly different to what the series is now. Gameplay was different, the stories were different, the use of characters was different... The series back then was just a totally different beast to what the series is now. There's going to be nostalgia involved for sure, there always is. But the other part of it is genuinely preferring what the series was back then. Sonic as it is right now is incredibly stale, bland and uninteresting to a large number of fans. And it's not even like it's bland in favour of being high quality. It's just so... bleh. What they loved about the series in the past seems to have been totally cast aside. Forces tried to rekindle some of the Adventure era spirit but failed miserably to understand what the appeal even was. If you don't like the Adventure era, then that's fine. What exactly don't you "get" though?
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    No more ghz no more clonic no more genesis nostalgia please let me out it’s been 10 years of this
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    It's done... 106% GOTTEN IN CRASH 4 https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/11511-crash-bandicoot-4-its-about-time/ryannumber3gamer I genuinely can't believe I pulled this off. I haven't been this proud of myself since platinuming Sonic Unleashed
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    Finally got around to reading #38 - massive improvement. In fact, my favourite issue in ages.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Tjjjjja, I'm pretty sure that doesn't work that way. Every issue has to be approved by Sega, crossovers won't be different.
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    I imagine using the stage design itself to tell a story, even if you don't necessarily need dialogue to convey it. For example, Sonic 3 & Knuckles taking you through the different areas of Angel Island until you slowly find the areas Eggman's taken over and built militarised bases around, and towards the end, the ancient murals depicting Super Sonic and Eggman's fight, implying that the echidnas had foretold the events of the game would happen. Zero dialogue, but a lot of information you can infer from the visual design and level progression alone.
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    What I consider the most reasonable argument against the Freedom Fighters coming over to IDW is the fact that they can't function as Sonic's primary supporting cast like they were in SatAM and Archie. I say that's the most reasonable argument to me because there's really no refuting it: the Freedom Fighters, with Sonic in the lead and the rest as back up focused on tactical missions to stop the Eggman Empire, should not be the direction IDW goes in. IDW is a more SegaSonic-centric book than Archie ever was. It takes the setup of the games and tells new stories that are, theoretically anyway, more in line with what you might find there. Sonic is the protagonist, we focus on him running around doing the hero thing, and he runs into his various friends while on said adventures. That's how SegaSonic works, and therefore that's how IDWSonic works. ArchieSonic and SatAMSonic did not work that way and expecting the new book to go back to that isn't reasonable, or honestly preferable given IDWSonic's premise. So those saying that the Freedom Fighters, as they were in SatAM and Archie, wouldn't work in IDW makes sense. But. Being Sonic's primary supporting cast, even the Freedom Fighters team in concept, is not required for these characters to work. Sally can rally against injustice and act strategically without being around Sonic all the time or leading a team focused on beating Eggman. Bunnie can be a high energy, down to earth brawler with a lot of empathy and tech appendages without being in Sonic's periphery and needing Sally around to tell her what she needs to smash. Antoine can be a bit of a stuffed shirt who has a tendency to prattle on and need a bit of convincing to jump into the thick of things without always doting on Sally or Bunnie or being the nag in Sonic's life. Rotor can be a specialist in equipment for himself and others who wants to show what he's capable of without being the guy Sonic prefers to chill with and always inventing new weapons to use against the Eggman Empire. And Nicole can be Sally's trusted aide who's slowly learning to act beyond her programming without having to provide a strike force with the technical specs needed for continuous militaristic operations. The characters they were in SatAM and Archie were big enough to function beyond the role assigned to them in those narrative concepts. Each has their own unique personality that allows for a breadth of potential story and character opportunities in any canon they could be dropped into. A degree of adaptation is needed, sure, but there's more than enough there to make them creatively viable. It's not like we're talking about one shot characters or those only involved in one, specific story arc. They can be retooled to fit the new environment they're surrounded by while remaining largely recognizable with how they've been portrayed in the past. If you just don't like the Freedom Fighters, fine. No one can force you to like something you don't. But plenty of people will also feel the opposite and there isn't a reason they shouldn't show up from a purely character standpoint. I can kinda understand the "we already have a ton of characters" angle, but if you think the book is going to stop introducing new, heroic characters I've got bad news because that's not going to happen. Belle was literally introduced five issues ago. New characters are going to show up to keep things fresh and the cast will continue to increase. In the games this can be frustrating because it's hard to give all these characters adequate screen time that'll please their fans. But in the comics? It's much easier to shuffle your characters give every reader a chance to see their favorites at one point or another. Whether that's new characters or legacy ones. But as has been said already, those currently writing the book would add the characters if they could, it all comes down to Sega saying yes or no. But for the question of whether they "should" be in the book; I think they should. I'd like to see new versions of them interacting in a more SegaSonic grounded book.
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    This is the cutest and funniest thing I've ready today. We need more babysitter Rouge. https://sewbro.tumblr.com/post/640243700733198336/a-rouge-the-bat-fan-zine-i-did-a-month-back
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    I know all these things have a certain amount to do with when you grew up and what you were familiar with, but I really do think peak Internet for me was fandom messageboards and Flash gaming. On comparatively small messageboards like this, then, as outlined above, it's like a community; and there's more room to have something resembling a discussion, to really feel like you're exchanging ideas with people on your level. Whereas social media is just so isolated and isolating; it's not structured for discussion, it's structured for individuals screaming into the void. You might say that messageboards are villages, and social media is the city. (If I'm honest, I don't really like the way the status updates are used as a chatroom, either.) Flash gaming, meanwhile - well, I'm sure I've expressed this view here before, but the amount of creativity you could experience from amateur developers across the world just for light-bite games you could finish in a few minutes or hours at most was incredible, and what was an offer was just so much fun. Escape games in particular were my jam. I'm impressed that they now exist in, if you like, live-action, as things you can engage in with groups of actual people, but that's... sort of the opposite of everything which ever made them interesting to me, so. Some of this still exists in indie gaming, of course, but it's not quite the same, and not just because it's no longer free. Corporatisation, centralisation, anonymisation, alienation. These social malaises affect every generation in different ways, and this debate has been going on for centuries.
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    I'd make a joke like "what a way to make sure republicans hold on to their checks", but a lot of his online support comes from kind of weird reactionary types who hate the new comics for """"""""""SJW politics"""""""""", and frankly I'm surprised he hasn't tried catering to them more.
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