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    I... might just need a moment. Sonic Mania continues to be my favourite thing ever. I can survive the delay no worries, just make this thing perfect.
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    I also have to admit it feels really good to finally have a Sonic game that looks both aesthetically and technically more accomplished than Unleashed did.
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    Good fucking God... Now I remember why I stopped posting here. Let's summarise, shall we? Forces has some good points. Forces has some not so good points. Everybody wants Forces to be a good game. Everybody wants Mania to be a good game, too. We haven't seen much of Forces yet. What we have seen so far it looks similar Generations. Forces has another aspect that we don't yet know about. That's it. Bloody hell...
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    There was a time once, long ago, when Sonic games were allowed to have grass and dirt and geometric shapes without being compared to Mario.
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    lol, no one should ever try to defend the boost gamplay as profitable. Sega has gone on record on this issue multiple times. Building boost stages by their very design is exceedingly inefficient. They lead to criminally short games and force the devs to pad the content by including "other" play-styles. Its been like this in every 3D game that uses the boost. Gens, Unleashed, Colors, Forces - they all have additional baggage piled on because the developmental burden of building a full on Modern Sonic experience is too great. Its Unsustainable. Seriously now, love the boost or hate it, If you want to make the argument that it is the sole future of the franchise then you clearly haven't been paying attention to the devs or every 3D Sonic game that has used the formula since its inception. You clearly missed the train on WHY Sonic Team went out of their way to try something different with the "designed-to-be-asset-friendly" Lost World. I love me some boost gameplay, but if you are seriously standing on a soapbox and declaring it "this or no Sonic at all", then you need to step back and pull your head out of your own opinions tailpipe.
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    Well people say sonic is going in the wrong direction. That's why they put so many dash pads down... so he goes in the right direction
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    I hope that in one level Eggman intercepts Sonic's communications and talks to Sonic like the PRs in Sonic Colors.
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    I'm so bored of this rhetoric in which boost-haters just pretend that there isn't regular platforming and multiple routes in the games too among all the reaction-test stuff. I know none of it is the platforming you want but boost gameplay isn't just a giant quick-time event or else there wouldn't be such a speedrunning scene for it. There IS scope for improvisation and freestyling even if it isn't comparable to what the physics-based 2D classics offer.
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    Wisps are introduced as incidental NPCs whose planet has been kidnapped by Eggman, who want to go home, and basically allow Sonic to use their energy as a means of achieving freedom and return to their home planet. And then they say good-bye at the end of Colors. Why are they still here? Okay, I can take an asspull that some just stopped by Lost Hex and always lived there as for why they're in Lost World. But these little bastards only came down to Earth's surface to bid Sonic and Tails farewell. So why in the hell are they in Forces? Go. AWAY.
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    I abstained from the crappy off-screen footage during the stream, glad I waited. Like... okay as said, I am aware of all the foibles with boost gameplay, I get it and I empathise with those who wanted something more fleshed out. BUT I DON'T CARE OH MY GOD This is EXACTLY what I wanted. I love it, I completely love it. The scenery is gorgeous, the gameplay, while obviously this is just a basic first stage level design, looks totally on point to Generations. Limiting the boost to Wisps again is honestly not a bad idea, having it set to rings just let you use it all the time. The cinematicness of the background scenery, the richness of the foreground scenery, the combination of Unleashed realism and Colours surrealism, the music... It's just beautiful, and I had an epiphany of WHY I love the boost gameplay so much. Yes, in a dream world we could have all this WITH flexible, dynamic gameplay that games like Mania offer, but even as is, I just LOVE the interactive thrillride roller coaster, because I enjoy it in the same way I enjoy a narrative game, or a beautiful animated film. I can play it over and over just for the overall experience - and as a bonus the boost gameplay is still more involving than those two examples and reward you for doing more than just blindly holding up and pushing A when prompted. Lots of franchises offer regular and physics-based platforming in surreal envioronments but nothing quite offers this particular aesthetic experience like Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations do for me. I'm so happy to be getting more, and at even higher production values than those. This FIRST level is more dramatic than even Eggmanland was - I can't wait to see what else is in store. I like the idea of the extended cast providing story and flavour through radio contact too - it adds a bit more character depth to the experience without bogging you down in cut-scenes. I just hope it's well-written and they are wise enough to allow you disable it at least when replaying the stage or after dying.
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    Sonic Forces literally exists Sonic Forces literally exists Sonic Mania has a story, according to the devs... oh, and Sonic Forces literally exists Sonic Forces literally exists I'll take "salty for no reason" for 1200, Alex @Chris Knopps is probably referring to the direction of "quality and effort" and having a better focus. Sonic Team isn't going to stop their Modern line of Sonic games with Forces, Classic will have its own subseries along with Modern, there's literally no reason to act like it's the end of the world.
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    The third character is just gonna be Sonic from the near future. He has a new gameplay style that blends both classic and modern gameplay, so that there's a lot of slopey platforming / spinning as well as drifting, quick stepping and maybe boosting as well. At the end of the game, we find that Sonic decides to take some of his future self's advice to never forget the past even when moving forward. The series then never does this multiple Sonics thing again, and the gameplay from here on out is just the third Sonic's style. ...I can dream, can't I.
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    He's BACK. For better or for worse. Some of the crew behind the Sonic franchise will be making an appearance at the SXSW event, just as they did last year. This time they've promised reveals on both of the upcoming Sonic games. GUESTS Mike Pollock Roger Craig Smith Takashi Iizuka DATES AND TIMES March 16th(tomorrow!) 5:00PM – 6:00PM CST 10:00PM - 11:00PM GMT (feel free to tell me if I fucked up the time conversion) A live stream will be held over at the Sonic Twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/tssznews at the same time. SSMB's gonna have it's own stream over at MOTOBUG when the time comes, so you can watch it with the community.
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    I find it weird when Eggman fans have such a blatant disregard for what kind of a person he is canonically speaking and always has been since the first game. Like nothing wrong with enjoying your headcanons or interpretations of the character from other media like SatAM etc but... man I'm glad the canon doctor isn't such a dickwipe evil that's impossible to empathise with. I wouldn't mind a bit of dabbling back into SA1/SA2 Eggman territory but nothing more than that.
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    Seeing as how Pubescent Sonic's gameplay is basically unchanged from Generations, I have to wonder if they'll do a better job of Prepubescent Sonic's gameplay. The physics were quite off before, and there was a lot of automation. And whatever the third style is, I wonder how it's going to be different. Fingers crossed for Menopausal Eggman.
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    Someone's made a 'complete' trailer for the game. It's really nifty! Sonic going through the dash rings being timed to the music is great in particular.
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    "excuse me but do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Doctor Eggman"
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    How to write a good female villian: 1. Write a good villian 2. Have them be female It's not that complicated an issue lol.
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    Put on your tinfoil hats, guys, cuz here comes a biggun: Sonic Generations was a game where Sonic meets his past self through crazy time-space shenanigans. Take note: time-space shenanigans. And about the plot, according to Shun Nakamura, How can Sonic miss Eggman taking over the entire world? Death Egg Sentinels and following badniks are all grey-white, black, red, and maybe yellow color scheme?? Eggman could've gone for a more Sonic 06 "Egg Gunner" scheme (given it's by Nakamura, probably), but would Eggman as we know him do that? And now finally... these pieces of land. Now, compare. Guys. I'm not saying this is what's gonna happen (because knowing Sonic Team it's probably just coincidence because they'd never write something this good), but dear lord.. until we given obviously proven otherwise by Sonic Team having a much more ridiculous / simple plot to offer, I don't think we're in Kansas Earth Mobius Planet Freedom uhh sonic's world anymore.
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    Hey remember when some of us thought this was going to be a grim-dark Sonic '06 esque game? lmfao at myself.
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    I really love the little pockets of water in the underground section~ It really makes the level feel even more vibrant than it already is. Also I wonder if this is supposed to be a little nod to the Master System/Game Gear version of Sonic 1?
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    I feel like the long cape is irrelevant because it doesn't add to Eggman's overall shape theme of circles and triangles and it muddies up what is a really stark and clear silhouette. As for the shoulder pads, while they do adhere to the triangle shapes, they also go over his mustache making it less pronounced. The mustache was already a triangle element that helped add that bit of distinction to his silhouette, so making that less clear kinda misses the point of it being there in the first place. Lastly, while the claw has some triangular parts to it's design, I don't think it really adds anything by being there and it goes against the design mentality of Sonic characters of streamlined simplicity. Even in the modern designs although they added a lot of little extra things they don't interfere with the silhouettes, still being very clear and made out of mostly large shapes and not tiny little details. In cartooning in general, characters should be immediately recognizable and communicate what a character's about. Now this is entirely subjective but I find that having his silhouette largely as a circle helps communicate to the audience as to why he's called Eggman more clearly. Having the long cape creating a square shape doesn't make this as clear. With colour it makes a bit more sense as you can see his body shape, but like I said cartooning is about simplicity and having a character communicate what they're about immediately, and having a good silhouette is really important for that As for why it's like the Boom designs, it's because it falls into the same design mentality of just sticking a bunch of tiny things onto a character that's very streamlined, thus ruining the point of making them streamlined in the first place and just having it look even more so like a bunch of little things crammed onto a character for no good reason. Now while there's nothing inherently wrong with designing characters like that, I feel like it really goes against character design principles, especially in cartooning which I've gone over above. Now this is all subjective and I'm not trying to change your mind or anything. If you like this kind of design that's totally fine, I just feel like it really goes against the fundamentals of character design.
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    I think it's just an attempt to unify the various aesthetics 3D Sonic has had over the years to basically say "yes these two styles both exist in the same world". Which frankly thank god on because if this means they've ditched that stupid two worlds explaination for why some games use one style and others use the other then everything's coming up milhouse.
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    I mean to be fair at least they're big doofy cartoony looking egg robots and not, ya know..
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    Not sure if this will actually amount to anything, but potential mini-scoop - I was at the MCM Birmingham Comic Con yesterday and saw a panel with voice actor Vic Mignogna (current voice of E-123 Omega). Towards the end he rattled off a list of all the projects he's currently working on and, to my surprise, he mentioned Sonic. As far as I'm aware the only Sonic title in the works which has voice acting is Sonic Forces, so... Omega confirmed for Sonic Forces in some shape or form... maybe? Would make sense seeing as he hates Eggman and the whole game looks to be about bringing down his empire. Failing that, it's probably safe to assume that Omega will appear in something in the near future. Unless Vic does any other Sonic characters I'm not aware of.
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    This is what happens when you've overslept. Real talk tho, I'd love for Blaze to be a part of the Resistance, but she would be a NPC like the others.
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    The gameplay looks exactly like we got from the rest for the boost games at their tamest. That is to say, a narrow path with boosters and the occasional homing attack. And so I'm really not entralled yet. The boost games aren't bad at all, but I was certainly hoping for something more. But visually the game is really gorgeous. 60fps is a winner, obviously. And I'm thrilled that they've taken such a level theme and made it look Sonicy instead of hyper realistic. I'm currently uploading uncompressed screenshots and videos for download.
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    http://www.gameinformer.com/games/sonic_mania/b/playstation4/archive/2017/03/10/classic-sonic-with-a-new-spin.aspx Ladies and Gentlemen; THE HARD-BOILED HEAVIES. This is Heavy Gunner, the boss of Studiopolis Act 1.
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    Anyone else wishing for some sort of hub areas like Unleashed has? For me, aside from the actual story, content like this is really a big plus. Maybe there could be a chao garden type of mini game included in a hub area. Chances are those won't probably happen , but I would greatly enjoy wandering in a place like Adabat's hub.
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    Sonic has 7 Chaos Emeralds, Zelda has 7 pieces of the Triforce almost. It's a clear ripoff.
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    People want a game that trades some of the speed for a more satisfying physics system and a greater use of true-blue 3D versus 2.5D. If we were gonna have boost gameplay back, nerfing the speed almost kinda misses the point (although I personally admit I'm warming back up to what I've seen in the HQ footage). People are also feeling Wisps have worn out their welcome because they either lock basic character abilities and interesting level design behind limited power-ups (Cyan Laser is kinda redundant with the Light Speed Dash, and instead of using Green Hover to slowly float along... why not allow Sonic to be able to achieve some vertical heights or cross large gaps using his own speed and environment), or they're just kinda useless (No one likes Blue Cube.... No one.) On top of this, Yacker said good-bye at the end of Colors and they all presumably went home, so why are they still here? Classic Sonic is basically just the most palatable extension of the problem people have had with the 3D games for awhile- he divides the focus up for little reason other than extending playtime. It would be one thing if his physics were a nice spiritual approximation of the stuff we're seeing in Mania, or if he'd have a thematic or narrative purpose for returning, but they're not, and he arguably doesn't. So really, what's the point of him getting top billing and not, say, Tails or Knuckles? On top of that, his very existence since Generations has solidified a problem with Sega basically honoring the franchise's split identity as something objective in a really terrible comrpomise. It's one thing to have modern 3D games like the boost games alongside more classic games like Mania where you're theoretically satisfying "both sides" of the aisle by making disparate games that also don't serve to undermine the validity of the other or play directly to fanbase nonsense. They're just different styles of the same character. But Sega is literally saying Classic Sonic is a distinct entity separate from Modern Sonic with his own distinct gameplay style, as if Modern Sonic isn't allowed to roll around or Classic Sonic isn't allowed to boost.............. Isn't that really weird? No other franchise does this.
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    Directing a game under horrific time constraints to rush a game out for a console launch and producing a game that has been in development for half a decade with all the time it needs are very very different things. Let's not be silly.
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    Kinda disappointed to be honest. Look, Gens is fun and so forth, but what they decided to show today was Sonic running down a snaking corridor with boost pads, boosting through enemies without any form of trade-offs or danger (again), tired HA chains, and big filler jumps to look pretty. I can understand while some people are kinda "huh?" right now, as it looks like what we were shown 10 years ago with not much changed that I can see. I loved Unleashed, Colors, and Gens, but there was a big part of me hoping for a clean break away, or at least something shown to show that complaints about the boost-style gameplay was carefully evaluated and tweaked upon. I didn't see any of that today. I'm willing to hold my breath and not judge the book by its 20 second cover, but what I saw today coupled with 3 supposed gameplay styles and wisps, I can already see it just being a continuation down the same rabbit hole we've gone down for a decade now. Again, it's not that I think it looks BAD, it's just I was hoping to be shown something that shows they're really striving for gold this time, instead of just pumping out the same biz because it worked 6 years ago with an average of 8/10 score. The "Sonic Mania" treatment is a little bit more complicated when you apply it to your modern line-up. With all this updraft in Sonic attitude lately, I wasn't expecting to see a Sonic Unleashed DLC to kick things off. I really do hope to be floored later on with more footage, but these are my thoughts on what was shown anyway. Looks pretty as fuck though, and while "eeeh?" on the theme song, it's not bad either.
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    I still think the comparisons of the tone of this trailer to 2006/Shadow are completely nuts but oh well. At the very most this is comparable to 2006's intro once Sonic shows up, INCLUDING an appreciation for the moment where Sonic comically taps a robot off with his foot, lightening the mood. Like, I know people are scrabbling for examples of darkness in the classic games but nobody really says Sonic Adventure 1 was too dark and that game - canonically - had a echidnas beating up defenseless chao, an implied masscare of an entire tribe, and an entire city being levelled for the finale (though no-one was hurt because family game etc). I am very much getting vibes of that lattermost situation from this trailer. I think without further evidence it is VERY overdramatic to assume the franchise is going back to gun shootin', mouth swearin', princess kissin' territory here just because Eggman made a city go on fire.
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    The moment it's fully accepted that unity is unreasonable and we begin to speak in favor of building walls between different parts of the franchise, as if they have no business meddling (besides when made obvious that they are), is when you know a series is truly fucked. Not trying to argue if that's what they're doing or not (it is), but that's absolutely not a good way to handle a series. And as successful as Generations was or Mania will be, I hope that when we're past this game we can be done with this mindset for good. Let Mania not be a "classic" Sonic game, but rather just a 2D Sonic (and a damn amazing one at that). And let whatever game from here on out not be a "modern" Sonic game, but just a 3D Sonic game. Sure, they can have their gameplay style differences, I don't even care as much at this point. I'm just beyond exhausted with the divide, and people defending it. But I digress. Ech.
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    Bingo card at the ready, lads.
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    Oh, shit. Good catch. Fixed it now.
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    All I'm gonna say is this: Want these Sonics. Not the happy-go Sonics from Generations and Lost World. I mean, for what we've seen so far, it looks like at least Classic is gonna be again "cute and cuddle" instead of: This cocky badass (yet cute). Classic Sonic in Gens was cool, yeah, but he's just so random... Even during the final boss, when both Eggmen reveal themselves, he just... I don't know man, I kinda think Sonic Team will pull this again... How much do I have to pay to have Sonic CD/OVA personality in this (and Unleashed personality back)? D:
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    SONIC CD ART FROM @eguchi_1203 's TWITTER Really really epic shit never seen before. Check it out dudes. Was always wondering if we were going to see more of CD's concept art and here some of it is. Damn. Definitely some welcome stuff for those who sought to replicate CD's design in art and just for CD design enthusiasts in general.
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    It's a bigger thread than Mania's. Basically we all know Mania is going to be GOTY and have simply run out of ways to gush about it, so discussion has died down. There's only so many ways to say you love something. But nobody gets bored of circular arguments about the boost and Modern Sonic, no siree!
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    Dude I LOVE the look of Sonic Forces, it's exactly what I wanted, but even I think you're putting too much faith into 40 seconds of footage here just because the graphics have AAA production values.
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    Iizuka said as much during the Sonic Cafe Q&A a few months back that there is a brand-new character in Forces. Whether they're the playable one is less certain, but it's a possibility. Sonic Mania already did that, and it did so in a unanimously positive fashion.