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    I...don't actually know what the new reaction implies. 😐
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    I don't mind eating a crazy concoction occasionally. This is a big, fat nope! Source.
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONIC!!! [50] Sonic & Knux - Death Egg [TOP TEN SELECTION 3/10] https://soundcloud.com/paulybfromda303/sonic-knux-death-egg OPD: March 5, 2008 || Length: 5:02 || Style: Techno https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/128513 No doubt this is one of my highest rated pieces of all time. Lots of echo and reverb used in this one to add a spacey feel. As a 50th song celebration I worked really hard on this one, learning volume control and bend switches. I wanted a unique sound to this one, something totally different from anything else. The bridge was fun to do because I wanted a sequence of chords that would accompany the original very well. I think I did well with it. A lot of the fans did too.
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    It took me way too long to figure out what was wrong with this picture
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    Back from Incredibles 2, fantastic film. Aaand got a little something on the way home.
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    I hope they put the same kind of effort into the home release of Incredibles 2
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    Control The Skies (95% complete) IT'S FINISHED!!!!! I tackled this one like the fandom tackled the Sonic Pumas. I was so excited and motivated with this one that I just couldn't stop. I did three weeks worth of work in one and a half. I better REALLY take this time to go over every little detail and make sure I don't miss ANYTHING. I definitely made this one for a boss battle. I tried to make it as intense as possible. I was also able to confirm that Webber is indeed paying attention. Twitter can be tough communication sometimes but it works. This is one worry off my back. Now i just hope it pays off
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    I drew Sonic for his birthday today
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    Ok, this is amazing, Now you can help to find Mighty in your local neighbourhood
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    Ratcicle King

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