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    Ugh. What a rotten situation all around. I am STRONGLY in support of ending those creepy mass-produced "children's channels", but there's got to be a better way of doing that. You do know some parents buy games for their kids, right?
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    Heya! Looking back on how I was back then, it is a little cringy to see others fall into the same trap I did. If I learned anything this year is that if I was true to me the whole time, I would have been happier. I am happier now and my goal is to work over at galaxy's edge. But I wanna make it at disneyland for a year first which i';m almost there. the experiance has taught me to love who i am. anyway, happy holidays everyone from sonikku ^^*
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    Just need other real life and fictional things to keep happening and this'll be done in no time.
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    Jesus Christ, Youtube just keeps getting lamer. And the same goes for most mainstream platforms on the internet. Thinking back to the old days of the internet makes me feel like an old cowboy fondly remembering the wild west.
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    Small update. Ken has revealed that he just now came up with a solution on how to deal with where Sally is in TLSC. And the solution is...she's off-screen. A brilliant and unique idea that no one else would have ever come up with. Definitely not an obvious solution that everyone already knew was going to be the case.
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    One of the best things Kakarot has done so far with is Chi-Chi
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    Just beat Lost World in Sonic's story in SA1. I don't know why I left it so long to replay this game. There are more fun gimmicks and interesting aspects to the level design in this single stage than there are in the entirety of the newer games. You've got the rotating fire tunnel, the entirety of the snake room, the mirrors used to light up the dark room, the tiles that let you walk on walls and the general presence of platforming and 3D movement woven naturally into the layout. It's even got a few high-speed tunnels and a chase sequence that both feels fast and doesn't out-stay its welcome. I'm not going to pretend that it's perfect, because it's not; like the rest of SA1 there are too many death pits, the camera is your biggest enemy and it bugs out way too easily (never let Sonic stand still on the snake...). But this game is good. It wonderfully captures what Sonic should play like. I'm looking forward to seeing what I think of the other characters after all this time too.
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    You know what's truly, stupefyingly astounding about this? It's only been two months. Game Freak knew they were doing this. If they had fucking said, from the fucking start, "We have a great expansion planned that unfortunately will not be ready by launch that will have all this stuff and include most of the missing content, for free!;" most of the ire directed at them and the increasingly desperate sounding bullshit that they dumped out over the last three months before release to justify the design decision would have automatically been null. Not all, of course, and there's still a chance that this will be as half assed as the rest of their output (nevermind drawing even more ire to the yearly release schedule) but they absolutely would not have been under the same microscope as the fall wore on. That's how awful they are at this. I think only Polyphony Digital are worse. Even as it is they managed to screw this up, because now it's spreading like that "now you have to pay $30 to get Pokémon cut from SwSh" instead of what the paid portion actually entails.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    So coming off Bumblekast #104, Rough & Tumble will return eventually and we will learn what happened to the latter's tail and maybe their basic history at some point, but they are less likely to get something like a miniseries due to not being conceived as more than in-between baddies and being less accepted compared to the others. SEGA is less keen about certain types of animals being made into characters, namely insects and larger beasts like elephants; when reminded that they approved Jewel, they simply replied that they did. Jewel is therefore a special case. One of the Diamond Cutters was originally an insect, but got rejected. Assumed there'd be some pushback on the Variable Wispon and Warp Topaz(which he avoided going into), but was surprised with how cool they were to them in to the point of adding ideas for the former. Would like to do something more with the Wisps at some point and acknowledged how odd it is that something as pivotal as the Mother Wisp is reserved for the DS version. Doesn't pitch overall story ideas until the previous is in their final approvals, so what comes next isn't necessarily set in stone all the time. Apparently went into Maw's powers in the previous episodes.
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    Highs and lows of Sonic in the 2010s

    I wish I could be as upset about the whole dimension stuff, and don't get me wrong, it's fucking stupid. But I'm so disengaged with this series that I find it difficult to get upset about it. Especially since I know its only used as an excuse to justify for Classic Sonic merch in the future,.
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    "Cool" these days is saying random thing and not taking matters seriously. Jokes, however unfunny, are paramount. You see it a lot in super hero films where any time something serious is supposed to happen, one of the characters makes an unnatural quip to show the audience that they're not taking themselves too seriously. This isn't supposed to be a "back in my day" kind of post; I'm just trying to say how things change. Having an attitude used to be cool, being dark and brooding is still cool in another way. The problem with being a cool character like Sonic is that trends change. What most popular though is being loud, quotable and memeable. Gotta be loud and constantly pointing out the obvious. The Sonic movie is going right for that kind of humour. Fuck, even the first line of dialogue we every heard from this film was "gotta go fast". Treading the line between cool and annoying is hard. But yeah I do agree that this Sonic is incredibly annoying. "Hey look at this I took nine million steps today", "Whoop whoop!", the whole of the "world's largest rubber band ball" and baseball scenes. It's all subjective, but everything about this films take on humour and cool is a big miss to me.
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    Sonic 2's ending theme is such a beautiful piece of music, possibly one of the best in the franchise. It was a perfectly serviceable melody for a love song, sure, but it's use in Sonic 2 was sublime. It makes you feel hope, desperation, happiness...all kinds of emotion. Man, I'd love to have Masato Nakamura come back to the franchise, even for just one or two new pieces.
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    They must have spent a very long time creating all those new Pokémon models for this game.
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    Of course. Pokémon are never truly exclusive to one version or another; it's just a matter of which you can obtain natively. This is just the same case as Applin evolving into Flapple or Appletun. This is the kicker. The Wild Area is large in literal terms of space. But as far as content is concerned, it's incredibly barebones. It's doesn't offer up any interesting or fun gameplay that does anything to shake-up or add to the formula. The first time I went through the Wild Area, it definitely felt great to be surrounded by something that seemed so open and full of challenging battles. But in practice, it wasn't anything like that. It's only got 3 connecting cities of interest, one of which being the starting town area that you'll never return to, and the other two are specific story locations. There's nothing to actually do in the Wild Area. There's lots of Wild Pokémon and random items strewn on the ground. That's literally it. It's a glorified route. There's nothing to explore, no new gameplay, no secrets... not even any of the incredibly boring and linear story actually takes place there. The two new DLC areas sound nice on paper, just as the Wild Area did. I need to see how they actually pan out though, because if they're as linear and light on content as the base game then I'm not sold. I want to know what there actually is to the new dojo, the legendaries and the Dens.
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    out of @Indigo Rush's photos for his classic sonic movie trailer this one always makes me laugh the hardest
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    The amount of times Ian has had to answer this question on his podcast has kind of reached the point of being silly. It's like the disease imposed by the over exaggeration of the mandates spreads faster than the cure of a clear mind and solid information. He always likes to explain it by saying that whatever rules are in play aren't these restrictive laws that are set in stone on tablets reading "THOU SHALT NOT MAKE SONIC CRY!" or whatever. Most of it is common-sense stuff that any company putting their property out there would probably want adhered to. Sonic can shed tears, he just can't be huddled up in a corner hugging his knees and bawling because that's not the way his character would express his sadness. Other stuff are things that exist only because SEGA feels like having it be a certain way one day and a different way later. Cream used to be off-limits. Now she's not. Omega used to be off-limits. Now he's not. Infinite's off-limits right now. Maybe he won't be down the line. Who knows? The IDW comics haven't been that resistrive at all when it comes to the vast majority of what he's allowed to do here. Even Ian was surprised when his pitch of the Metal Virus came back with no notes. Which makes it stranger when weird stuff they do take issue with crops up from time to time. It's good to have rules because when your property is out of your hands you can sometimes get stuff like the original look of Sonic in the movie.
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    Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    General opinion time? Sure, I can restate my position. Yeah, this comic is and continues to be the best written and most exciting Sonic anything that's happened to me in well over a decade with the runners up being the O.K KO Episode and those Sonic shorts on Youtube. There's a heavy catharsis to actually seeing the characters utilized at all but getting to see them written consistently is a heavy treat. Year one was a good introduction arc for them all and Year two has been an exceedingly heart-pounding and gloriously bleak situation for our heroes. It's of the calibour of something I never thought I'd see in Sonic again and a rare case of me getting what I asked for and not regretting it at all. The themes of the arc are doing exactly what they're supposed to be doing; eliciting conversation and an interesting back and forth between those who may agree with some ideologies and those who may not. It's shaved off quite a good amount of time at work, just thinking about it. At the moment I'm on the side that doesn't see this as Sonic's fault due to how unforeseeable the entrance of Dr. Starline actually was. It really is kind of a freak happenstance that this dude who just happened to be super smart and also an Eggman fan just showed up and got his memories back. Metal Sonic being released accelerated the process but that's all it did. Eggman was coming back anyway, which makes it easy to understand why it's a negligible point. The way the characters are handling the situation has led to some of the most badass and effective moments associated with their characters. The Chaotix issue remains one of my favorites due to Vector's pragmatism and Charmy's heroism being put to the test with Charmy being sacrificed for the heavy optimism he held as a bright eyed child. To then see that paid forward when Vector and Espio couldn't let their buddy go and have that lead to the most awesome exit and salute from my favorite croc-man was gratifying. Especially since it actually WASN'T their fault things went haywire there. I don't think Espio fully realizes that. It's such strong character focus with such strong conviction from all three of them. Charmy may have been the first important character to become a victim but it wasn't without merit and I hold such strong appreciation for it. Even some of the small arcs that have been going on with the characters who've stuck around have been good. Cream going from the one person who was determined to keep smiling so that everyone can remain happy to a dead-eyed child who can barely manage to say hello to one of her friends is the icing on my favorite cake. Do I think it's too much. No. Hell no. Absolutely not. Precisely because it is a Sonic the Hedgehog comic, we all know it's going to get better. Faced with that reality, pushing for as far as you can go before the inevitable turn around is what I want to see. Maybe not ALL the time but for this, absolutely. I'm happy that Ian's happy that SEGA keeps approving all the stuff he wants to do these characters. I'm also in disagreement with the most commonly brought up complaint about the arc being too long. At the time of that complaint reaching its height, it had only been going on for about 8 issues but the silliness of it becomes a little more unstandable when you realize that 8 issues equals 8 months in real time. Back in the Archie days, it was relatively easier to let go because not only was the release schedule more consistent but we could reliably look forward to a comic every 2 weeks thanks to Sonic Universe. I got into the comic consistently at around 196 so the time before Sonic Universe is very hard to even imagine. As a story, in and of itself, it's been the appropriate length to me. One of the criticisms I do have and one that I've always had with regards to Ian's writing, however, is the way arcs tend to end. It isn't a surefire thing that the ending will be disappointing but I've noticed a formula where, more often than not, they tend to be. Most of the reasons for why just boil down to being rushed. He'll have really great setups and a really great middle but the ending, while usually having nothing wrong with it story-wise, will generally feel a bit half-baked or sudden. I've complained about this plenty when it came to Sonic Universe. The third issue would always end with a big one page spread of the big bad we're supposed to fight in the fourth issue and then the fourth issue will begin with said big bad being beaten really quickly following a super quick way to tie up all the arc's loose ends. Already something similar has happened with these comics twice now. I was not fond of the final four issues of year one. There were some good moments in the fight with Master Overlord but ultimately it was a collage of stuff happening that only really had significant focus on about 4 or 5 characters there despite the entire cast being around. It felt easy and it felt a little like Metal was suddenly a huge idiot. I got way more out of his and Sonic's fight in Issue 7. Tangle and Whisper was a good overall story but of course the ending was disjointed. So much of the issue's beginning was taken up by a pointless fight with some Eggman robots and the confrontation with the real villain of the issue didn't really amount to too much in terms of a fight. Fights are rarely ever good in these comics. They're at their absolute best when they're given time to breathe, which is why I love Issue 7 so much. Sticking one in at the tail end of a book does tend to not go over too well. Those are my main sticking points with the book. I could go into how he sometimes goes a little too far with song and meme references but it's been so dialed back here that I only really have one example that I even remember and that example was one of the rare times when I liked it so... That's it. I love the book and thank God for its existence because I honestly don't know how cynical I'd be if I had to wait another 4 years for the next main line game to come out without it. Edit: I just remembered Master Overlord saying the "Black mark on the floor" line. That was cringy. Which Ian has not seen. Neither have I, actually.
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    I agree on omega, I wouldn't call their bond familial. Not to say it can't, just they haven't interacted enough and their interactions don't really give off the same vibe as sonic or tails or the chaotix. Like two guys who have been through similar stuff and respect each other for that. Would love to see shadow omega buddy cop brother adventures. With rouge I disagree. I think the idea to call shadow self absorbed is kinda missing his point. Its the opposite. He's super selfless to the point of frequent martyrdom and completely absorbed with justice. I think rouge see's that and how far he has come and likes it. Its trait he shares with knuckles another character rouge likes romantically. ( and blaze which is why rouge and blaze is a good ship) . And I think shadow likes rouge because she's competent and doesn't judge him, just accepts him for who he is and what he's trying to be . Even other sonic characters including sonic himself will often assume shadow is up to something. She just...believes in him. Good friend. Well until recent changes in characterization. I do agree that they are both prone to hide their true feelings. We could go on all day about potential romance stuff or even just friend stuff. But I also get the feeling just as shadow respects rouge. Rouge respects shadow... alot. Like admiration a lot,she just...wont tell him. With DOOM that's an interesting take on the monster thing. I usually go with " he was just trying to find a family and some identity "and there's a bit of that in there. But you go with the idea of him thinking that indulging in just being some monster was tempting. Considering he was born into a world that for one reason or another just didn't trust him. I can totally see that , Shadow at the point seeing being the thing they make him out to be being tempting. I like that take I don't really have anything to say about your take on mephilies. Its just meta and specific. I always viewed mephilies as a sort of " The devil inside you " sort of thing in combination with the devils bargin. In regards to shadow. I don't think infinite represents anything. Shadow beat him up because he was guarding and eggman base and infinite was upset over it. Its not significant, mimic in the comic got whipped working for eggman and he didn't decide to put a jewel in his chest and become a living weapon for a dictator. So many other characters in the history of all sonic media including shadow have gotten beaten up a bit helping eggman and they didn't go through the entire whiny mess infinite went through. He represents nothing besides his own bad character arc which in itself is a bunch of jumbled puzzle pieces hastily put together with glue and spit. I think your take on maria is actually why shadow the hedgehog exists, particularly its ending which kind of disregards that. Doom didn't make shadow shadow Gerald didn't make shadow shadow Maria didn't even make shadow shadow Shadow makes Shadow shadow. ( BTW I legit think this is actually a functional sentence ). So I don't think she's all these particular emotions. That's shadow. She's just an occasional reminder to do the right thing. She's more of an occasional moral guide. That's all she needs to be IMO I appreciate your takes. Its nice to see folks genuinely interested in sonic. In this day an age, sega is making it harder to be
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    probably the best thing we'll all see this week
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    His aesthetic is cool, and he bounces off Vector and Charmy really well. As a solo character, he still works. I think his teamup with Shadow in Shadow's game and Silver in Rivals 2 were both really cool and showed parts of him we don't usually see.
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    My ONLY pet peeve about Byleth being in smash bros is that Sakurai kept saying that Rex and Springman couldn't make it in the game because of timing and the game was in development before their games came out but here's a character that was from a game that came out like 5-6 months ago.
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    I wanted to come in here and type a sarcastic comment about how its okay to complain because Smash Ultimate Racing only has 15 characters or something but nah. This game's roster includes every character thats ever been in Smash and started out with the expectation of very few new additions. Cut to 2020 and its still adding in new characters, with the promise of even more on the way. I couldn't imagine being truly upset about this, even if they add someone I don't care about.
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    This is how Shield is introduced in the Adventures Manga https://s2.mangadex.org/data/7df22e3334c6277646a502fe115a03b5/x9.png
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    I mean I'd say we've had this happen several times already to different degrees. In fact probably more modern Sonic games try to re-attact old fans than those that don't. Sonic Heroes - Went for a lighthearted Classic-esque tone with the teams presented as different difficulty modes. Sonic 2006 - Tried to take popular game design sensibilities at the time and apply them wily-nilly to Sonic (terribly). Sonic Unleashed - The inclusion of 2D sections was a novel concept that many folks outside of the fanbase saw as a welcome return to Sonic's roots, and the Werehog was specifically designed to capitalise on the popular cinematic brawler genre that God of War popularised. Sonic 4 - A game that absolutely looked like the classics and was designed for mobile first, where most adults "out of gaming" were playing their games. It, bizarrely kind of worked, Sonic 4 wasn't a complete flop in terms of reviews and sales from casual players outside of the fanbase. Sonic Colours - Including this just so it doesn't seem like I forgot it, but this one DIDN'T really seem to be made to reintroduce people to Sonic, even though it accidentally did and was recieved better than 4. It was made at the same time as 4, and came off as if 4 was for the nostalgics and Colours for those who were already on board with Sonic, particularly kids. In the end it turns out if a game is good enough quality as a general experience, everyone can enjoy it, who'd have thought!! Sonic Generations - Duh Sonic Mania - Duh x2, but of particular note is again they seem to reel people in with nostalgic zones upfront rather than the new content. They could have easily made Studiopolis the first or second stage if they really wanted to, but they deemed it more important to really get people's nostalgia going with the big two everyone knows from Sonic 1/2. Sonic Forces - Basically Generations + Mania what with the use of Classic Sonic and Green Hill/Chemical Plant, but just with a helping of second-hand embarassment due to how transparent, repetitive and desperate it all feels at this point. One could argue that it was partially for budgetary reasons, being able to re-use assets from Generations, but... there were 7 other stages that weren't "the big two" if that's all there was to it. All of this said, it's hard to know how I would re-introduce people to Sonic if I was making the next game and that was one of my goals. But I'd definitely want to lean on the accidental success of Sonic Colours... just... make a really good game that fans and newcomers alike can enjoy and let word of mouth do the rest.
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    Surprise, surprise, it's Ray the Flying Squirrel. So, if any of you remember @MightyRay (honestly, why wouldn't you?) then you know her birthday is in January. I've also seen her on twitter talking about possible leaving the Sonic fandom and I wanted to leave her with a good fandom memory and gave this pic as much as I could to celebrate her and her birthday. For this pic in particular I decided to go with a clear blue sky as well to hope for the future of Australia where the fires are still raging out of control. @MightyRay has some links up on her twitter to some charities for those who can donate. I hope she has/had a great birthday and that the future of Australia isn't as bleak as it looks. Happy Birthday @MightyRay!
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    No idea if this opinion is popular, unpopular, or something most people just don't feel strongly about either way, but... I think Dummy Ring Bombs are a really dumb attack; at least in the context they've been used. The presumed reason they look like item capsules and rings is to fool people, but because you're throwing them at AI-controlled enemies that don't collect rings, there's no point to that. Instead, they can confuse you in circumstances when you've thrown the bomb and been hit very close in time and space, sending you grabbing at fake rings.
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    Reworking my novel manuscript. Again. I'm so tired of this story. I'm tired of the constant rejection. I'm tired of my writing not being good enough no matter how hard I try. I'm just...tired. But I continue to press on. I want this so dang much.
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    Phone interview coming up in about 15 minutes. Wish me luck.
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    I don't think a reward for experiencing all the content in a game is really necessary since games are supposed to be fun and the content itself is it's own reward. Ideally it'd be something cute but not substantial like SA2's multiplayer skins.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I just think it was a missed opportunity to see Tails get trolled.
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    Chamomile #141
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    Made a really long post over on tumblr and by the time i was finished thought it would make for some discussion, even if Shadow threads risk opening a can of worms so I'll ask everyone in advance to try and keep it civil. Anyway, please open the spoilers for the post and feel free to share your thoughts not just on my opinions and thoughts, but also on how you see Shadow reflected in those around him and how his reactions to that speak about him.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I was just super surprised by this issue, and people like to say that that "mandates" kill darker stories so I took a piss out of that. Well this is like the darkest and emotional this series has ever been in not a stupid way like the GUN raid or Shadow using guns so yeah. Like legitmately this comic made me sad. I honestly need a Team Dark driving an ice cream truck next, I don't need this Walking Dead stuff for like... 10 years now. Ian used all dread possible, this is amazing. lol Also issue 25 will kill me.
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    In addition to what @Wraith said it's also a question of how the humor is integrated into the script. Before Colors the humorous moments in Sonic games generally arose naturally from characters and/or the situations they found themselves in and were secondary to the story being told. Sonic, being who he is, may drop a quip now and then but it came and went as just one part of a larger scene, whereas Colors everything grinds to a halt so Sonic can do a minute-long pizza delivery man sketch with only the most tenuous of connections to anything that's going on. In comparison the "low budget flights" line (which is probably the most Pontaffian bit in the series prior to Colors) plays better, both because the scene has a point beyond merely being a vessel for delivering that one line and because the line itself is directly relevant to what's going on in that scene. It also helps that Sonic's irreverence is less overbearing since he's allowed to express a much greater range and intensity of emotions as the stakes are raised. Just compare his reaction to finding out Prison Island is about to blow up to his reaction to hearing that Eggman's Interstellar Amusement Park is about to do the same.
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    TLJ was an extremely well constructed film, with solidly written and realistic female characters, a story that challenged the characters and forced them to learn hard lessons, a beautiful rhyme of the TCW Mortis arc that expertly paved the way for the end of TRoS. It had several great messages (articulated succinctly by Yoda and Rose) and iconic sequences, and the best use of fan service in the new trilogy. It was both thoughtful and thought provoking, pacifistic to the end, and despite its pace being slower than TFA and TRoS, it was still highly watchable, with excellent cinematography and iconic scenes throughout. It also has the best lightsaber duel, involving no physical contact at all, establishing forever Luke's bonafides as a true Jedi Master. Rian Johnson deserves to be involved in the future of the franchise, alongside Favreau, Filoni, Chow and others. He is fantastic.
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    You can make a good argument over the merits of being adequate versus being mediocre; the 2D games that were released concurrently with the 3D titles were all but ignored despite being fine enough games themselves. They're fine titles, but don't really do anything more than their Genesis predecessors. But given just how clunky the 3D games had become, I can understand people drawing the conclusions that the series simply doesn't work in 3D; it's been almost three decades and there has yet to be a game that truly captures the same essence as the Genesis titles. Even with the good reception of Colors and Generations, neither game really managed to make any type of cultural impact. Its not unreasonable to say 3D Sonic doesn't work...well because, they have yet to get it TO work. Even their best attempts have had issues. Kinda gives the whole thing a "one step forward, two steps back" feeling. The 2D are much more consistent and "safer", but I can see how most of them can be seen as just as unambitious as we often accuse Colors or Generations as being. That being said; there's a REASON why the Adventure titles still have such a presence despite being two decades old. The ideas presented in them were pretty ambitious at the time, and while you can say that it was TOO ambitious for it's own good, no game released in the last ten years has tried to be as ambitious as it. The only game that came close was Unleashed. Colors and Generations are technically better in terms of functionality, but they aren't talked about much because...there's not much to talk about. They were good and fine games, but that's about it. So truthfully, it comes down to what you value in a Sonic game; a game that has tons of ideas but has issues executing them, or a game that's just simple to play and understand.
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    Click on this, don't look at the title and see what it is, give it a minute to see if you recognize it. I found this on complete accident and had a pretty good laugh when I realized what it was: EDIT: How about now?
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    everytime i start going down a rabbit hole of art tutorials i'm like "i don't know anything, I can't draw anymore actually- done forgot. draw.exe has crashed until further notice"
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    Just gonna echo what I said on Twitter: While it can be seen as an anti-climax, I think leaving Byleth till last probably made some sense. They'll have wanted to get the big hitters, the huge surprises, out of the way earlier to get people to buy the Pass sooner - by now most people who were gonna buy the Pass have it, so they already got their money and it's not like they can take it back - whereas a pick like Byleth earlier on might've made people uneasy about buying that pass given the reputation Fire Emblem's garnered with a lot of Smash fans. Anyway, I'm not mad about it. Byleth looks fun, the stage in particular looks crazy-good, and I love the Mii outfits we're getting. Main thing for me is that Arle still hasn't shown up as a Mii outfit, and with six more fighters on the plate... I've got my fingers crossed.
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    The best songs ever are all in video games, don't @me.
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    Cool concept for a project! You have my interest. I feel I'm so hopelessly in love with the original game (my first Sonic game, my rose-tinted glasses are practically opaque) that I'm gonna be way too nitpicky about how I see it get recreated but I'm looking forward to checking out your vision on it regardless. I certainly too was thinking "when's the person who wants to remake Sonic 2 gonna come along" after the incredible efforts on Chaos and Triple Trouble lol. Best of luck with the project, I'll be sure to give feedback when something playable is ready!
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    . Well that and said overzealous fans starting riots about stuff that's probably supposed to a certain level of confidential.
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    Being completely frank, the Zombot arc should have been saved for way later. I still feel like it's far too early in the IDW Comic's lifecycle for us to really give much of a damn about people being Metal Zombified.
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    For the 20s, I will start building my skillset. I hope by the end of the decade to have worked in a large animated production, and to have a start as not just an animator, but as a comic book artist too. While the 10s were for my development from a child into an adult, the 20s will be for my start in the world.
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    We officially have baby renders of the big mascot trinity in videogames. What a wild year this was.
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    2020s is just gonna be part 2 of this era because people dont know how to act
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    Big Panda

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Can you be more specific?
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    Merry Christmas everyone! Here's a silly comic for the occasion
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    Yeah, one of the most arguments against the movie is how hurried it is. Being a 2 part movie could solve this problem, though it would have been completely unnecessary if this new trilogy have at least been well planned. The same I say for the prequels, as Episode I is ok/mediocre while II is terrible and adds nearly nothing to the history and Episode III as IX is a complete hurry trying to fit in a 2 hour movie. But for a saga which never had this before, it definitely sounds strange. We can even say Rogue One is the part II of Episode III (Or, more likely, Episode IV is the 2nd part of RO), but here we are nearly talking about 2 completely different things. Plus, I don't think I would (and many others) be ok on going to the theater twice to see a single story, much less pay twice for that damn mouse (Mickey/Disney). What actually many really wanted is that Star Wars finally came to a definitive end. As much as I love Star Wars and knew a new movie have been crap, I wouldn't feel good knowing I'm missing something.
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