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    The interview was an absolute success! They were really impressed with my portfolio. As reward... gonna see Captain Marvel again!
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    You want to know why Sonic and Shadow don't just kill Eggman? This is why. I'm not even going to fucking entertain this topic's existence. I'm thinking this series is genuinely not for you, so please stop talking about this crap here.
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    Scored an interview for the University I applied for! Things are looking bright!
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    You crack me up, little buddy!
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    Sonic Heroes is fun. Eat it.

    Sonic Heroes is fun. Eat it.
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    "The Sonic movie topic is dead and we haven't had official news in forever" Some lone hero at a marketing firm:
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    New Topic: What kind of shoes are best for Sonic? Page 1: Well, I think the SOAP shoes were pretty cool, and... Page 3: Why the FUCK does Iizuka insist on shoving the Wisps into every FUCKING game now? Y'know Knuckles, Blaze, and Shadow have fans too, and I'm SICK of that HACK ignoring us. Before Pontaff ruined this franchise they used to be in every game! And it doesn't help that the Classic fanboys that Sega's been pandering to are so purist that they won't accept ANY character created after 1994. And...
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    Maybe the adventures of some talking animals fighting an egg man and his ladybug robots just isn't meant to be treated like a serious real-world conflict.
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    Look who liked my tweet:

    Look who liked my tweet:

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