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    Article about "Iceman" Etika is up. For those who didn't know, he used to be one of ours, and in many ways, always will be.
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    Huh, Black Knight IS only a decade old. Okay, I change my vote. Sonic and the Black Knight is my favorite Sonic story of the last decade. It attempted something thematically and committed to it. It had beautiful presentation due to the moving artwork cutscenes, and I'm going to count that as a point for the story because storytelling methods deserve just as much attention and praise as the writing itself. Seeing familiar characters reappear in new and strange ways was fun, and the game successfully matched tone with its environments and aesthetics. The fake-out ending worked better than it had any right to, and while the true ending doesn't have the same pathos as Secret Rings, it still managed to mean a lot to some people here who played it. Not perfect by any means, but then again, what Sonic plot is?
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    This is pretty interesting! Here's the source: https://spiralcris.tumblr.com/post/185402121507/what-if-sonic-racing-games-were-like-that-classic
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    social anxiety is spending 30 minutes writing a silly joke post then another 5 hesitating to submit it before ultimately deciding not to
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    there's a godzilla vs kong movie coming next year but if you know your kaiju history it's obvious who's going to win and why
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    A-a-a, Black Knight is 10 years + 4 months old. I excluded it on purpose, as I knew some people really like it, (for reason nicely summarized above). I wanted to focus on time after major shift in Sonic's writing. Since 2010. Since Graff and Pontac. Since 4/Generation/Mania nostalgia wave took over. Since Sonic's new voice actor. You have to admit 2009 and 2011 are drastically different times for Sonic. (With that said I agree with everything in post above. Black Knight isn't story I ever wanted, but it's a good story. With personality, theme, twist, stakes, ideas, atmosphere....let's just say VISION not avenger. It feel like story someone actually had idea for story he wanted to tell.) ...Next game I wanna praise. Sonic Colors DS. Yes, I'm praising Chaos-damn cameos of Sonic cast. They were cute. If they really have to sit in a corner and show up for fanservice sake, this is one of better ways. I like that Omega was actually going after Eggman's robots. Or Shadow leave main fight with Eggman to Sonic but contributing in his own way (gathering data on Mother Wisp), kinda like Proto Man in Mega Man games. I like that Knuckles got tricked by Rouge to meet her, last ship-tease we had for them in eons. I like that Cubot isn't getting dinner and Cream felt bad for him since 'even evil robots must eat to grow big ans strong'. This is exactly the stupid junk I want to see.
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    (pic/art) god i haven't drawn these two fuckers in forever
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    Oh fuck no

    Oh fuck no
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    Famous videogame characters fight through Heaven and Hell to sort an argument between God and Satan.
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    Anime Team Rocket's life story in one picture:
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