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    *when you see members you've known for years becoming mods* late in saying this but congrats to the new mods!
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    @Strickerx5 @Pawn @Blacklightning Congrats on the... (Does this mean I can finally get off sewer patrol?)
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    "They call me Knuckles for a reason: because it's my name." God bless Sonic Boom.
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    Blue Blood

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    CUSTOMER: What kind of car is this, sir? SHADOW (as a used car salesman): This is the ALTIMA!
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    All you had to do was follow the damn train Sonic
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    Myyy, myyy, this here Anakin guy. May be Vader someday later, now he's just a small fry. He left his home, and kissed his Mommy goodbye, sayin' "soon I'm gonna be a Jedi!" "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi!"
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    Not really liking how arrogant Sony has become this gen https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/325701/Sony_CEO_says_limited_crossplatform_play_provides_the_best_user_experience.php
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    Together weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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