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    Nigel Dobbyn 1963 - 2019 Nigel Dobbyn, formerly an artist on Sonic the Comic, as well as being an artist for 2000AD series such as Medivac 318, has passed away. He was 56. On Sonic the Comic, he was perhaps best associated with the Knuckles the Echidna stories. As ShayMay puts it best, "Nigel's beautiful, mysterious watercolours were perfect for the Floating Island adventures." I met Nigel a couple of times, but meeting him at Sonic the Comic Con will always stick in my mind. He was such a warm, friendly, genuine person, with a wealth of knowledge to share. He had such a genuine love of what he did, and for the people who loved his work. I'm absolutely heartbroken that he's left us, and at only 56.
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    Is this really the place to complain about bits of designs, really ? Have some tact, people ! On topic, that's a huge loss. Nigel's paintings are brilliant and a huge inspiration, I got back to using watercolors thanks to him. Also, he was a very kind person. I never had the chance to meet him in person, but we chatted a few times and it was a pleasure. RIP.
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    Leaked on the PSN Store just a little bit ago, a new Mega Man collection! Has all six games (Zero 1-4, ZX and ZX Advent), new features like a casual mode, mid stage save assists, a gallery and music player, along with some filters and such. https://youtu.be/cXnCZvvOHJw I've never gotten the chance to play these, so I'm really excited! The trailer only says PS4 but I'm pretty sure that's just because it's a trailer from the PSN Store. EDIT: in my rush to post this I forgot to mention the new Z-Chaser mode! Looks like a speedrun race to see who can beat the stage the fastest.
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    The fact that Mighty and Ray have legitimate toys you can buy in 2019 is a mindblow for me
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    MCU Spidey was bad so this is good news. More Spiderverse and less M-MR. STARK I LOVE YOU.
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    Night, buddies! University orientation day, wish me luck!
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    Though we aren’t doing SAGE, our team got a new update on our game! So cooooooool~
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    I wonder if Sonic twitter was actually using this as feedback when they asked this...
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    Real talk, so long as Sony doesn't fuck up Spider-verse anytime soon (lets be honest they'll drive that into the ground one day) I'll be good for Spidey content.
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    "Red Dead 2 is one of the most realistic and immersive experiences of all time!" Kojima: "You can piss in my game"
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