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    Forces' issues are very much ingrained into its core design philosophy, as well as areas such as how Hedgehog Engine 2 streams levels (i.e. it doesn't) and and the control system being based on LWs. They might as well just make a new game.
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    Mania wasn't in need of much "fixing" in the first place.
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    New Sonic Heroes Development info.

    I like that one of their ideas of a team would have essentially been "Sonic who is yellow, Sonic who is red, Sonic who is still blue but is made of metal"
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    The boys have their arcade run animations as their full-speed run animations. Pretty cool!
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    Weird Star Fox spinoff? Well, it was a nice run Retro Studios. I'm sure you'll like being bought by Microsoft and run into the ground.
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    When are the Sonic Labyrinth fanboys going to get what they deserve? I propose a 57th timeline so we can finally get more games about Eggman stealing Sonic's shoes.
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    Well I got asked out on a date.
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    Talk about getting the band back together.
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    ...how many of these topics are you gonna fucking make Seriously. Stop.
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    Yesterday Maekawa-san revealed new information on Sonic Heroes' development. Plans to include old characters besides Chaotix were on the table as well as include Metal Sonic, Chaos and Gamma. Looks like Metal Sonic wasn't the villain in this early stage. No mention of Shadow being apart of a team, however, but he does go on to talk about whether he's "dead" or not. This would've been crowded but could've been interesting due to Team Hooligan and potential interesting interactions and mechanics.
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    I'm not opposed to a playable Amy (I'm arguably among many others that if I was responsible for adding new characters, I would had picked her first as an extra playable character for the Mania Plus DLC over Mighty and Ray) but the point of Mania was to get back to the classic gameplay and avoid hamming up the gameplay with the design choices from the post-Genesis/modern games. So demands for Amy playable with her gameplay from the Advance games in this particular project are completely lost on me. Especially since her gameplay in those titles were built on a significantly different set of mechanics from the rest of the cast that --for the most part-- didn't feel like they were designed for a Sonic platformer at all. And I'm gonna be blunt, trashing the whole project (and other people's enthusiasm about it) solely because your favorite character isn't playable in it honestly comes off as rather entitled and shitty.
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    Perfectly balanced.

    Perfectly balanced.
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    Sonic Mania Plus: Amy Rose reveal trailer (but not really):
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    Dee Dude

    Looks like I’m hired!

    Looks like I’m hired!
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    holy shit the marketing team behind deadpool 2 deserves a freaking raise
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    I wonder if design drafts were made for the characters that never made it. Would have loved to see Modern Fang.
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    The more I read this topic, the less well-intended it seems. Whatever beef or drama you have with this person, and if they're engaging in particularly abusive behavior, and not just saying something stupid to be edgy or contrarian (or maybe they don't see the same intention you do), then maybe you should, I dunno, report it to Deviant Art and let them investigate it. You've clearly already made up your mind on what you want to do about this person, but SSMB is not the platform for it nor are we allowing you to bring this off-site drama here, so I'm locking this circle.
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    Badniks in 3D

    I think badniks are more of a psychological issue than anything else. Ultimately, everything in a platform game should serve the platforming - enemies are nothing more than hazards that can be disposed of (as oppose to being fixed and invincible, like a set of spikes). If one can imagine designing hazards for 3D games, there's no reason some of them can't have their design be modified by having them be destructable or target Sonic directly etc. I can't really see any reason why the badnik design of the 2D games can't be carried over into 3D as long as you adapt them with full consideration to the two challenges 3D brings to the table: 1. You can just walk around hazards 2. It's harder to telegraph hazards before they become a threat They're a simple enemy, but a fairly okay example of this is the Crabmeat from Generations - problem 1 is solved by their projectiles being swapped out for homing missiles. Problem 2 is solved through some good usage of animation - they do a noticable excited flip when they spot Sonic and become "active". While, being the first stage, they're mostly boost fodder, in a boostless game they would give ample communication to the player that they're going to attack before you reach them. I think a key factor in 3D is that you need to design enemies who can adapt to Sonic's position rather than being placed in a set position - assuming the game isn't narrow hallways anyway. For example the forward-going shark-ish missle badniks from Hydrocity would need to spawn in to always be ahead of Sonic's current position when you enter their "area", so dodging/attacking them is the same experience no matter which angle you enter that area from. Meanwhile... I've been playing fanfic game designer in my head and some enemies would work great in 3D anyway. I was thinking of the new enemies from Titanic Monarch who encapsulate you in their targeting system unless you get out of range fast enough - these enemies would work great in a more fiddley 3D space where you're having to navigate back and forth while climbing up a tower for example, unable to outrun their range super easily. As long as you made it so the targeting system visibly comes around you FROM a certain direction, the player would have enough knowledge to figure out where the enemy is and destroy them without it being so unfair they're sent on a wild goose chase trying to track down a particular point in 3D etc. I do think it's okay to make some enemies fodder for homing attack/boost though. Not everything needs to be a threat, sometimes it's fine to just let the player enjoy the feeling of bopping open robots - especially if it serves to setup more challenging variations of the same concept later (the typical example so far in the series has been homing attack chains containing electrified/spiky enemies, but I'd like to see the "choose your target carefully/wait for the right height to avoid a hazard" homing attack chain gameplay from Unleashed's extra acts be a mainstay - that game already pretty much pushed the concept to it's limit, but it's a fun concept that I'd like to enjoy some new variations of in a game with a more reliable control system). This post is kind of just a mishmash of thoughts, I don't have a connected conclusion here lol.
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    There's an important distinction to be made here that I don't think anyone's made yet. Yes, Mania was already a good game in the first place, that goes without saying - but what's more relevant here is that what flaws the Plus expansion did fix are largely oversights. A game like Forces is built around its flaws. It's easy to say, for example, that the physics and inertia that perpetuates the whole game could be changed to something more consistent and fun to use, but given that the level design is built around what it is currently there's a very good chance you'd have to update every level in the game to fit it. And once you do that, you have to consider what else that breaks. Will Avatar grapples still look and act too janky by comparison, and will the arcs you leave from it need to be recalculated? Will the arcs from springs need to be recalculated, or the entire mechanics of springs overhauled completely? Will all those boost pads still be necessary to make it through even the most basic of architecture, and will boost pad mechanics need to be reworked too? This practice of building flawed mechanics to compensate for other flawed mechanics creates a cascading effect once you try pulling them apart and fixing them, an effect most people have oversimplified as "basically building a completely new fucking game". It isn't exactly a wrong assessment of Forces, but it glosses over the factors that contribute up to that point. There's one thing about the tl;dr version that rings absolutely true, though - this is not the kind of thing you can fix with a simple patch or post-release update. The problems are ingrained that deep.
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    Was that an SA1 reference? I would like to think so!
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    Let's not forget our favorite game:
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    Happy to report that my latest jazz concert tonight was a booming success.
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    Yuji Naka may have "wanted" Sonic to be a certain way some 20 years ago, but the fact is, he left the series in 2006. His thoughts on Sonic have probably shifted since then and even if they did they're essentially meaningless since he's not in charge of the series anymore. The intention to "soften Sonic up" was imo deliberate and probably in motion before Naka left considering how far in advance these things have to be in the works. Sonic has been through a lot of changes because, believe it or not, Naka isn't his only father. A lot of people work on a given series and they're all gonna have their own take. Even with a franchise that's largely an exception to a lot of this stuff like Mario is due to the same person working on the franchise all it's life and being unwavering in his design principles for better, or for worse. A specific IP is allowed to be dynamic in the variety of tones it explores. It's...normal, really, and the sign of a good, flexible IP. Compared the moodier Rayman 2 with the preppy, goofy Rayman Origins, or Ratchet in the PS2 days to the shift to a lighter tone in the later ones. It comes with the fact that the people making these series are evolving and ever changing, along with the world outside of it. Sonic CD's promotional art and overall vibe were a lot more moody and serious than Sonic Mania, which is a lot more on the light hearted and fun side. You can even see this in each game's animated intro. Sonic CD is driven by urgency, stunts and stakes while Sonic Mania is a lot sillier, not afraid to show Sonic fumble around a bit, pal around with his friends and...smile. It's official art and animations are often simple and cutesy and even the sprites in game are a lot more expressive than they usually are. Were either of these games bad or not Sonic games for what they were trying to do? Not really. They're just two different expressions. Now extend that across the entire series and now you know why I don't care much about the tone thing anymore, as long as it's done well and leans into the series's strengths. Sonic's character design isn't suited to realistic violence and clashes with realistic graphics, but he's a very strong personality and it's enjoyable watching him overcome what seems impossible. You have to actually have it in you to make it seem impossible though. Some of the character's coolest moments are action scenes where he's in high stakes situations, and an actual story, characters and stakes worth caring about would only heighten those situations when they finally come to pass. This is basic storytelling 101. He's a mobile and expressive character so he's not suited to sitting around and telling jokes. Take advantage of this character design and do more slapstick. The funniest Sonic thing is Night of the Werehog and NOBODY talks in that shit. There are a lot of characters so if you're going to do comedy you might as well use their personalities and different quirks as a strength and have them bounce off of eachother. The same two characters standing around and talking is not going to work no matter how good of a writer you are. This is the most roundabout of roundabout ways for me to say the tone doesn't matter that much and you guys are too focused on it again. There are fundamental problems with how Sonic approaches things that need to be called out first, and after that, the "tone" discussion is a matter of fucking preference. Even if we go with the "get with the times" idea there's still darker animated movies and action shonen aimed at children, so it's not clear cut either way. It's also possible for a series to dip into both ends of the pool as I just described.
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    “This is why I have to deal with a lot of the crap that I do, because people commenting on things in a negative light. Translation: “Stop talking about bad things in a way that makes them sound bad.”
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    Badniks in 3D

    I think the most important thing to keep in mind about enemies in Sonic games is that combat isn't the main focus of Sonic's gameplay; movement is. So instead of approaching enemy design with a focus on attacks (both the enemy's attacks and how Sonic attacks it), focus more on how it moves, how it takes up space, and how Sonic is meant to move in reaction to it. For a simple example, consider the caterkiller: It's a fairly simple enemy; vulnerable head, damaging body segments, it crawls around slowly and not much else. But consider how it's used, especially in that screenshot; while it's possible to jump over a caterkiller in most situations, it's a fairly long enemy, and if your jump comes up short you'll land on its spiky backside and take damage. In a tight space like the above shot, jumping is almost guaranteed to fail. But, its head is vulnerable, at ground level, and most likely pointed in your direction, making it a perfect target for a rolling attack. So even without complex attack patterns or finicky setups, caterkillers could be dangerous but solvable obstacles. Now bringing things into 3D, the original caterkiller setup doesn't quite work. Low ceilings aren't really viable level design in 3D, and the extra dimension lets you easily swerve around them. So I suggest rotating them 90 degrees, so they move perpendicular to Sonic's direction. Now their long bodies make it difficult to run around them, encouraging players to jump instead. Instead of the head being vulnerable, it could be one or more body segments; put spikes on the top, glowing weak points on the sides, and let the players choose between jumping over it or trying to roll/slide through it. An alternate version could hop instead of crawl, encouraging the player to run through the arch it makes rather than jumping it. Similar thinking could turn other simple patterns into viable obstacles. It's also worth considering consequences of being "hit" other than damage. Taking damage in a Sonic game feels really bad, not just because it brings you closer to death, but also because it breaks your momentum and flow and brings you more or less to a stop. This is one of the reason enemies are so harmless; when the only consequence is that painful, they have to limit how often it happens to prevent the game from feeling frustrating. There are plenty of ways that enemies could inconvenience the player instead of simply doing damage; small enemies or slime could stick to him and weigh him down for a bit, he could be frozen and left to slide around until he breaks out, fan enemies could blow him off course, enemies could lasso him and hold him back until he breaks their grip, just to name a few. A wider range of consequences makes for more varied gameplay and for enemies that can be threatening without being frustrating.
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    Knock it off with the fanboyism and the condescending tone as we have tolerance for neither here at the SSMB. Obnoxiousness aside, not at the rate you're going in all honesty will this ever happen. Staff is real sick and tired of talking to you about the way you talk down to your fellow members at times and it's bound to get you banned from here unless you seriously shape up and learn to talk to people with an actual sense of respect even when you disagree with them. No one should be considered to be "delusional" for having an opinion that you disagree with or even find to be seemingly impossible to have. Especially since we all have opinions that can and actually do vary. Not only should this be acknowledged, but contesting said opinions should be done so respectfully and not in dismissive and insulting manner. Not only is it counterproductive to constructive discussion but it puts you in line for disciplinary action if this happens again. Do not do this.
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    When it's time to chase Moneybags in Spyro 3
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'd say so, yes. There's no consistent setting since Sonic's traveling around, but other than that there's a worldwide problem to deal with, not to mention Eggman isn't (directly) responsible so there's a mystery going on in the background. It's simple stuff so far but it's there. I don't think Miyamoto "hates good stories." He's uninterested in doing it with Mario but there's plenty of series he's just as involved with that have more going on (to various extents). Anyway, I don't see any reason to believe anything like that is going on here. Regardless of how anyone feels about Lost World or Forces they were clearly attempts to tell more of a story than simpler stuff like Colours and Generations. Maybe they have different standards for products not handled in-house, but to be blunt I doubt they even care that much. I get why people are underwhelmed but I found these first issues a breath of fresh air. By the end of Archie, I was...admittedly kinda burnt out after the Unleashed arc. I'm confident that Ian is planning big stuff--I certainly hope so--but I'm more than okay with this for now. I only really got upset about Archie being cancelled when I saw they seemed to have very similar plans for issues post-Genesis of a Hero. The way I see it, the only difference is that it would have had the benefit of being in the #290s rather than #1, so they would've gone RIGHT into one-offs like a story with Honey and then Sonic reminiscing with Mighty and Ray without it being weird. And from the sounds of it, it also would've had a bit of an ongoing plot with Sonic traveling around alone on some kind of mission, according to the solicit for 292. ...that reminds me, I wonder if Flynn will someday finish Lost Hedgehog Tales, and then of course follow it up with Even More Lost Hedgehog Tales.
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    See. You can tell this isn't written by the people who normally write the games because Tails is allowed to do stuff like fight. And save Sonic. And this is actually allowed to be really good. So many things.
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    I really shouldn't have laughed at this.
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    So... I'm not usually one for insane theories, but I've come up with a slightly insane theory. Spoilered it because it contains new screens from the PS Blog and one of those got spoilered earlier, I guess. That and there's a fair amount of images. That and... what if I'm right? (lol)
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    When you start to wonder if your series has too many reps in Smash:
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    Dealing with ban-dodgers like
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    Your daily dose of 4 week old kitten pictures (they're amost 5 weeks) Beware there's three pictures.
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    Ray's idle animation is a reference to this early Sonic art.
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    We have some more new screenshots from the JP PlayStation blog: Encore mode: Presumably once you break the capsule Mighty & Ray are trapped in, you then choose which character you want to be your partner: Beautiful new background for Mirage Saloon: The google translation (probably not very accurate) does state: Mania mode:
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    (tweet) Um... Wow.

    (tweet) Um... Wow.
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    Those dudes are basically dead twice over at this point. The chances of any Archie characters making the jump to IDW Sonic are pretty slim to start with, and I wouldn't expect any characters who were already written out of existence to be in the running for that in the first place. Everything's gotta end eventually, and old Archie Sonic lasted longer than anyone could've reasonably expected anyway. Sometimes all that's left is to accept that it's over and move on.
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    The last of my grades just came in and it’s official... I’m apart of the graduating class of 2018 with a Bachelors of Science (specifically computer science). So I’m finally done with school for now!... wait, what happens now
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    Twitter user BlackKite has translated the details from the Sonic Mania Plus preview in the new Weekly Famitsu, and there's quite a bit more to it than the trailer lets on. Spoilered the next two because some may consider it spoilery due to not being in the Western trailer. tl;dr - JP ver has a Japanese Sonic cover art inspired reversible cover, and a soundtrack CD Colour me intrigued regarding the new gimmicks and in Encore. I also really need a high-res version of those JP covers. To Amazon JP, to wait for pre-orders!
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    Also, some confirmation from Aaron Webber
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Read the first four issues. Can't say I'm all that impressed with it. Ian's knack for characterization and dialogue is as good as it's ever been, and it's certainly a treat to read, since I can't fucking stand the writing in the games anymore. Everyone's interactions are just so perfect and play off of each other in a very natural and fun way. I actually really liked Knuckles in #3, he's a bit of a hotheaded doofus, but he's never treated as the butt of a joke and he bounces off of Sonic's personality so well. It feels like Ian just transplanted the very best of his own work on Archie. It feels so right and I'm glad Ian has a second shot at this series. The artists have been the real stars for these opening issues. Yardley's signature Sonic layouts and fun expressions, coupled with the inking assists from Jim Amash (I nearly cried seeing them back at it) and Bob Smith and Matt Herms's wonderful color work, were a perfect opener to hit the ground running with this series and saved #1 from an otherwise dull script. I loved seeing Sonic and Tails tear through the Egg Hammers. Thomas's art in #2 is brimming with kinetic energy and he illustrates Sonic and Amy's battle beautifully. Hernandez's work in #3 is a bit of a weak link in this collection, her line art feels a little too thick around the characters and the action's a little bland (then again, the issue's story is), but she more than makes up for it with her expressions and character designs, playing up the humor of the issue nicely. Stanley's art in #4 might actually be my favorite in the bunch, though. She strikes such a great balance switching between looser cartoony expression and more detailed artwork and this might be some of the best pages she's produced so far. Stanley's art really sells the banter between Sonic, Blaze, and Tangle and captures the bouncy and acrobatic action of the series. IDW Sonic's first arc, "Fallout!" (the title of the first trade), reads like "Mega Drive," but with modern characters and stretches out the good and bad that came with that; while the characters are charming and the artwork is great, the narrative is pretty boring and repetitive. Sonic runs from town to town, teams up with a different ally, fights Eggman's forces, takes off (though at least he doesn't get a bug up his ass about getting help like he did in "Mega Drive: The Next Level"). Now, for what it's worth, this is fine as a beginning, and I can appreciate the variety of characters getting rotated and their fair time in the spotlight, getting the treatment they deserve after years of nothing in the games, but there's not really a whole lot else to it. I expect a bit more from Ian's plotting having followed his work for the last ten years. I find the current setup dull, and I don't think taking off from a game's narrative I disliked is doing it any favors. The silver lining was the quick release schedule, and it definitely feels like this arc was designed to be read this way and hopefully that signifies when the book starts its monthly schedule, there will be more of an actual plot to hold my interest. I have faith Ian and crew will make something enjoyable, eventually, even if it's not my personal preference. I don't think IDW will ever replace the Archie book in my heart, though. So, yeah, it's good enough, but I don't outright care for it right now. $4/issue seems a bit steep for a book that should have had its footing established, and while I'm glad to see the Archie crew back in action, it's underwhelming for a "new beginning" even for a solid and established creative team. Maybe if you really like game Sonic it's more your speed. I don't, at least not anymore, and I think I'm just burned out on Sonic after everything in the last year, so it's not really for me and I'll probably bow out of this topic after this (beyond what I'm required to do). I'll still keep up with the book for a while just to see what's up with it, but, yeah, that's it, I'm done.
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    As I suspected, unfortunately according to Aaron Angel Island will not be a complete zone. Only part will be playable.
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    Seeing Mighty and Ray in animated form made me so fucking happy. I was already excited for their inclusion, but they look like they'll be a lot of fun.

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