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    This is all I wanted; a simple teaser. Looks intriguing. My thoughts in brief: I appreciate how realistic the forest looks. Hopefully that means a break from the cartoonier, flatter stylings of Forces, TSR and Lost World? I much prefer Sonic environments to have realistic details, like Colours. It's cross generation and on every platform too, so that's nice. The digital boost and possible time showing down mechanics are interesting. I'm not convinced that it's actually the boost though. He doesn't seem to "take off" like he does in the Generations and Forces teasers. The emphasis is definitely on the digital effect and maybe on time slowing down, but that could just be am effect for the trailer. The style going here has me all kinds of intrigued. It's digital, but the environment is all natural. And the weird text/logo at the end is again digital on what looks like a ruin/ancient background. It's cool. All in all, there's not much to say. I like what we saw, but we didn't see much. Very little to add until SEGA unveil this game, I guess.
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    I know they're going to fuck it up, but I like plenty of fucked up Sonic games. I don't like any of the boring ones.
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    Just gonna barge in here with my one little observation that I bet a ton of you have already made for yourselves... Sonic doesn't seem to boost in the trailer. When he creates that digital blue effect, the "spin cycle" if the leak is to be believed, he actually seems to warp away ala time travelling in CD. And that's what the leak suggests; Sonic gets this digital effect and warps to cyberspace. Just thought it was cool. I assume most other people have notice this already and screenshots have probably been posted a dozen times too. He's still completely gone in the second part of the trailer where the draws part of the "zap" logo: That's all. Leak still seems totally legit to me. And this game has definitely caught my attention. It all sounds so exciting on paper and I trust SEGA and Sonic Team to fuck it up 110%.
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    By making a teaser completely bereft of actual information, fans are free to project whatever they want onto it. A brilliant strategy, right up until they have to reveal what the game actually is and everybody realizes it's nothing like what they imagined.
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    Mystery Sonic 2022 Game - Teaser Trailer

    Whether you like open world or not, consider that this teaser was dead in the water before we found out about these tidbits. This thread exploded and discussion is blowing up in other places too. Why keep something like an open ended 3D Sonic game a secret? I had already assumed it was another boost game and written it off! Now I'm actually curious!
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    Good grief man its just the voice actor, not the writers or developers who did the real damage to this franchise. Roger staying or going isn't gonna magically change the franchise significantly on its own one way or the other
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    Roger is BACK!!!

    Probably because a lot of people like him in the role, and he got unceremoniously kicked out of it randomly, while most of the other cast members got to stay? Like, say what you will on his Sonic. I get being disappointed because you dislike Roger's Sonic and you wanted someone else, that's fine. But many, many people were saddened to see him not only leave the role, but get thrown out of it. He was heartbroken over it, other VAs felt the need to come in and talk about how shit the VA industry is and how disposable they are, especially when in so many other industries, iconic roles like that aren't so easily recast, and again - while it was in the air for a bit, we later found out that only Roger, specifically - was getting removed for some reason. This isn't a "the more things change the more they stay the same" thing. Literally if that was the case, Sonic would have a new VA, just like when Ryan and Jason were removed from the role. Something specifically happened here that caused SEGA to revaluate and change their minds, let it be fan outcry, the reaction from the VA community, or something else that we don't know about. Something happened to change SEGA's minds and keep him on, something that hasn't happened before with other Sonic VAs. Acting like it's something that no one wanted, or it isn't good, even for the VA community is pretty silly.
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    Roger is BACK!!!

    Very happy to see this. Given that so many of the cast were remaining, and the hints that this wasn't Roger "moving on", so much as him getting ousted, as implied by other VAs like Tara Strong, this is fantastic news to hear. VAs get replaced way too easily in this industry, so it's good to see something sparked change here. Roger's also one of my favourite Sonic VAs, too. So it's good to see him staying IMO.
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    Hey people, I've definitely deciphered the glyph! here's the solution: *trollface*
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    As someone who's never seen Sonic before, that teaser was great. Judging from the way it looks, I'm guessing he's a critter that probably runs fast and likes making crop circles because he's an alien of some sort.
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    Couple thoughts on the actual content of the leak, assuming it's legitimate (it probably is). I wouldn't worry too much about their complaints or the finer details of what was described. This isn't a playtest of a fully-realized project or even a beta, this is a focus test from over a year ago. A lot of work has certainly been done, but keep in mind that not only is this game slated to be released next year, this content is likely at least a year old. That's plenty of time to correct broader issues with the game, and that's the point of focus testing to begin with. Even the best videogames probably had critical feedback at this stage. So, things like button mashing, annoying "Koroks" or other details like the stage taking place in an undetailed forest aren't things I'm worried about. It's like playing a demo of Sonic Generations and expressing concern that you're only going to play on Green Hill Zone; this is just a snapshot of the full project. Even games as uninspired as Forces have several worlds or environments to visit, so I highly doubt Sonic Rangers (or whatever the finished title will be) would suffer much here. On paper, this sounds interesting. If Sonic Team were just shoving another boost game out of the gate, I wouldn't even bother investing myself into it. It would either be as good as Generations or as bad as Forces, and I don't have enough spoons to care about an experience that I know is coming. This however? I'm curious. An open world Sonic game made by Sonic Team sounds like an absolute disaster, and while I'm extremely wary of it, I'm also kind of excited to see if they could pull it off. I'm not expecting something like a fully realized Sonic Utopia or Green Hill Paradise, but at the very least this could be the shake-up the series needs. I just... kind of worry that this is just jumping on the back of the latest trend that Breath of the Wild started.
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    This has been living in my mind rent free since thursday but nobody has given me an excuse to bring it up yet so I'll just say it. They really decided they were going to take heavy inspiration from an open ended Nintendo game and chose Breath of the Wild and not Mario Odyssey. Like...what the fuck? Seriously. Huh? Did they see Mario roll and have an allergic reaction?
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    Mystery Sonic 2022 Game - Teaser Trailer

    The staff between those two games are so different that that blurb is basically just saying "by sonic team" lol
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    Lol, I can't believe we got more exciting information out of a half-year old leak no one believed than the reveal teaser that came out Well, I can believe it, but it is funny.
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    I love how we're all pretty much on-board with this leak being legit. Honestly, I like the sound of what I'm reading there too. And it sounds legit all things considered. I've always loved the idea of Sonic in an open world, but I've never seen anyone outline an open world Sonic concept that actually sounds good, and that's always put me off the idea. If Sonic Team are gonna be mad men and actually give it a shot, I'm interested. I'm cautious and it's probably gonna be shit because Forces was a lazy Generations/Colours clone and they couldn't even do that right but... yeah, I'm interested.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic 30th predictions

    I mean... If he doesn't like Smith, he doesn't like Smith. He's just joking. As much as some of us might be pleased with today's news, he's disappointed. That's like... Totally fine? And I legit hate the argument "just switch the language to something you don't speak and don't understand". You might find the voice more tolerable, but it leads to a disconnect between yourself and whatever it is that you're listening. Plus Sonic's voice is but one of many in the series.
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    Note that Smith specifies that he's voicing Sonic in the games. It's still likely that a new VA, probably Canadian to align with local laws, will be voicing Sonic in Prime.
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    Waiting for game news be like

    Waiting for game news be like
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Don't think anyone would be demanding more depth if Sega didnt present questions and intrigue but then provided zero answers. What's the Lost Hex? Never explained. What are the Zeti? Never elaborated on. Why are they so aggressively xenophobic to anyone that's not them? Never looked into. Why and how do they control machinery on a world that seemingly had none until Eggman invaded? *shrug* They wanna be the Koopalings or similar to a rag tag bunch of villians but the thing with the Koopalings is that Nintendo didn't bother to present them as anything more complex than Bowser's not-kids henchmen so literally all the justification you need for them to exist is right there. They wanna destroy Mario because that's what Big Boss Bowser wants, simple and easy to understand. The D6 are just this weird anomaly who even 8 years after SLW still have not been given adequate justification for why they exist in the world and why they do what they do, shits baffling because other Sonic characters at LEAST have that going for them
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    Fans desperately trying to read discernible English into an intentionally unintelligible alien glyph meant to appear as a mystery.
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    I have too many questions with what we were given.. What is the art direction for this game? Will everything be extremely samey in visuals, or will the map have different biomes and tropes throughout? Will the environments be imaginative and filled with crazy stuff like loops etc still, or will it be a standard open world map? What about the human girl ghost character, or whatever she is? Is it Lah, or some expy of her? Is it a return to Sonic having a human girl companion in the SatSR/BK anime style, or will she remain cartoony like the standard Sonic Unleashed and onward humans? And who are the “Rangers”? Are they the Wisps we see a glimpse of in the Rise of Wisps trailer, or are they new characters altogether? Are they a group Sonic joins? Are Tails, Knuckles, Amy etc involved with this? Is this even in a world Sonics been to before? Korok like rock creatures implies something possibly alien.. And does any of this have to do with Eggman? Is he even in this game? The boss mentioned seems to be completely unrelated to Sonic standard, and combat might imply non-robot enemies. Speaking of, what are we talking for combat? The return of homing attack shenanigans like in LW, or something like Boom was, or something new altogether? How the fuck does a skill tree work in Sonic? And what kinda gameplay style even is this? Do we boost? Do we spin? Do we both? Do we neither? This is the most fascinating and baffling thing to happen to Sonic in a long time. I’m not complaining btw, I’m more than happy for a shakeup. But also holy shit, dude, who knows how long we’ll be in the dark on this. Could be for just a few weeks, could be til next March like it was with Forces. There’s so much to wonder..
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    Amazing how we got way more info about the game that's all but confirmed from leaks and careful analysis in the same day that the teaser trailer that revealed basically nothing came out. It truly is remarkable.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    So at the risk of being told that "I'm the problem with the fanbase". I just hope that the next 3D Sonic game doesn't try to shoehorn Classic Sonic in it again or come off has heavily nostalgia baiting everybody again. For years it seems like that's all the series has been doing since I wanna say Sonic 4 and at that point if celebrating it's past rather than move forward. I also want a Mania 2 with original levels please and thank you.
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    I don't wanna over hype anyone but... It's easier for me to post that than all the employee tweets but... Entire SOE com team's personal accounts. Most the SOA personal accounts. Yakuza studio. Two point hospital studios. Puyo puyo account. Headlight. Zen Monkey Studios (twitter) Sega Shop community manager. Yuji Naka. A good chunk of SOJs community team/faces. Most of the Sonic movie guys. This doesn't happen unless something VERY significant is planned. The last time I recall a similar event happening was the 25th announcement. The other time was the reveal of Boom.
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    It's a never ending pattern. A cycle if you will
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    Everything is the last straw for Sonic fans until it isn't.
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    Sonic Forces is so mediocre its offensive. It's offensive to me as a long time fan, but otherwise it's just kind of... well, I can't speak too ill of when when looking at it objective. It's boring, it's too easy, it's not at all engaging, it's sloppy, it's not got great visuals, it's not got a great soundtrack, but for most people I'd say it's probably fine. I hate it on a personal level and I find it boring to play. But I can't rightly say that it's as awful as I find it to be. Know what I mean? Based on the leaks, Rangers sounds interesting. There's every potential for it to be a mess and for it be boring even if it's not that bad. But it's caught my attention. Forces only had my attention for the premise that it was set in a world that Eggman had conquered, which ended up being a massive disappointment and was on shaky grounds from the reveal of Classic Sonic anyway (even more so when the Avatar was revealed). This game interests me. That's not a bad way to start.
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    I want to clarify something though. "Colours" referred to the Wisps and their respective "Colour Powers". "Generations" referred to the multiple "generations of Sonic (games)". "Forces" referred to the the war and army motif, which in turn included Sonic, another Sonic and the Avatar, as well as the cheerleaders other members of the resistance that definitely weren't a total waste of space. The title "Rangers" refers to, most likely in my opinion, a group of characters that are collectively all rangers. We saw this previously with Heroes, Riders, Runners, Rivals, Forces and maybe some others that I'm missing out on. The fact that "Rangers" is a plural isn't the most important part. Rather, it's what the word actually means. It could be another case like Forces, but like with that game just hearing the name isn't enough. And as much as Forces did a garbage job of it, it did include 3 playable characters going through their own stories. So you know... we just can't tell at this juncture. I'd really, really love to see a return to multiple playable characters. If Rangers ends up being the huge shift in gameplay that the leaks suggest, then I personally wont be too disappointed if it ends up being Sonic-only yet again. I know this is the same song and dance that we went through with Unleashed as the first boost game, but if they want to simply focus on one playable character for now, that's fine by me. Rangers sounds like it's going to change pretty much everything, so I could wait a little longer to see other characters get a time to shine. The only thing is, SEGA never did bother trying to fit a range of characters into the boost style. We got Sonic, Sonic in 2D without the boost and Sonic with wisp powers (basically boostless Colours). Episode Shadow was them testing the waters though, and I appreciated the change even if it was only cosmetic. Bearing in mind that Episode Shadow happened, that Mania was so popular with its inclusion of the classic trio (plus Might and Ray eventually), and the fact that Colours Ultimate looks like it might include Tails, I can see Sonic Team being more open to the idea of multiple characters again. What make me less certain though is the supposed big change in gameplay style here. I can't "predict" multiple playable characters will happen. But I'd be all over that if it did happen, and the title could be implying it. Totally off-topic little tangent cause I didn't realise that this was the predictions thread:
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    Because they already tried that with Sonic 4 and they remember the backlash from that
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    Really hope they change the name of that move, by the way. Not sure how I feel about a Sonic move being named after a setting on my laundry machine.
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    Wait, what? This is like, the first time a 4chan post was actually legit? Not only he got the name right, which is pretty unusual for these leaks, but also the mechanic about start glowing, running in circles and exploding everything inside. This is exactly what Sonic does in the trailer, it even has the cyber space effects like he said, this shit is legit, no way he guessed all that on accident. Open world, eh? Well, finally something NEW. Just better be good. EDIT: Man, what if the open world has places from Sonic's world, kinda like LEGO Sonic Dimensions? THAT WOULD BE SWEET.
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    This trailer is pretty frustrating tbh. More cryptic than even Forces' trailer, and not even showing much whatsoever. They've been keeping us in suspense for this long, the very least they could've done was give us more information than Sonic running in realistic forest with weird light trails. The fact the game is dropping on Switch is kind of concerning for me too. Forces' port was a good enough port, don't get me wrong, but I'm kind of worried that the game is gonna be throttled in order to be runable on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, unless they're intending to make a next-gen and past-gen version, like Unleashed HD/Wii.
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    Hey, SEGA? Fuck off.
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    I've probably bought enough merchandise to fund the development of at least one of their recent, budget titles. 🙃
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    This goddamn franchise has some of the best people, seriously. No wonder why it's still relevant 30th years after, especially for a videogame franchise. "Unstoppable" was a smart choice of word. No matter how much we fight, there's always something cool to look at coming from the community.
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    I don't think anybody mentioned this, but seeing Iizuka smiling like he was genuinely happy, in that announcement trailer, made me... kind of emotional? The guy's been there for so long and is genuinely trying, still putting his face on the line. I respect that a lot. Can't wait to see what's next :).
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    AWild No.1 washed up gamer

    New pixel art:

    New pixel art:
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    Each time I watch the Rangers teaser, I'm so pleased to see how realistically detailed the forest is. I don't want Sonic to be in totally realistic environments ala '06, but I like them to veer towards realism and have realistic details. The Adventures, Colours and Unleashed are all of this ilk. Lost World, Forces and TSR are all too flat and cartoony in their visual design.
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    The "Tails Assist" rumor comes from a tester claiming that it's the new replacement for the lives mechanic on 4chan. It sounds like a legitimate explanation for what we're seeing. Completely redundant given how forgiving Sonic Colors already is but I could see the team that brought us forces coming to the conclusion that an addition like that would be helpful.
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    "Rangers" also seems to imply that there's more characters than just Sonic... but considering we had "even heroes need help" and "Resistance" in the past and excluding the avatar, it was still Sonic only, I wouldn't get my hopes up for playable friends.
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    Mystery Sonic 2022 Game - Teaser Trailer

    We knew it would be Smash, though. They could afford to be "mysterious" when they had already firmly established what a Smash Bros was like. Sonic doesn't have anywhere near that degree of consistency.
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    Honestly I was into it, then it just kinda ends... it's almost intriguing but it's so vague we don't even have like a one little thing to chew on. I expected a teaser, this is like a teaser for a teaser...
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    I don't care whether or not it's the fault of Colours that the newer games have been disappointing. The fact is that I don't think that the newer games have been particularly good and Colours ranks amongst them. I'm open to a Colours remaster or whatever, but I'm not particularly interested in seeing games of its ilk come back into the spotlight. Colours was well received mostly for what it wasn't and because of the fact that it was a breath of fresh air, rather than because it was especially good. Now that Colours has kind of set the status quo for the series in the past decade, a Colours remaster is hardly what we need at this time. Again, I'm fine with it existing as something on the side. But its not going to represent the change in direction and improvement in quality that people are hungry for. It's literally just more of the same. If anyone is salty about Colours Ultimate because they aren't a big fan of the game or because they're just tired of the series as it currently is, can't say that I blame them.
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    Which is why that video isn't about Sonic, that video is about us. That's very cool. We were, at some point, part of this. Most of us still are.
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    Very unlikely but just popping in to say that I hope we get a glimpse at what eveningstar is up to tomorrow as well.
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    Considering footage from a fan animation got in, I'd be wary of taking any of these little background clips as "hints" or "leaks".
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    Sonic & The Guilty Pleasure

    to call shadow the hedgehog a guilty pleasure is a sign of weakness. I think of it more as a spiritual awakening. the moment i hit start and that gunshot played bestowed upon me a sensation that was more joyous than anything I've ever felt.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    This isn't a new introduction of Shadow; he's been around for two decades at this point, and his character reached its emotional peak almost 15 years ago. This new interpretation doesn't follow up on that, there's not even a narrative reason for this change in character. It's just something that happened because Sega said it has to happen. The reason people bring up Archie is because many felt like the way Flynn wrote him there was a natural follow up to what 06 established for the character; somebody who is somewhat closed off and emotionally distant from people and pragmatic to a fault, but has their best interests at heart and has no problems expressing his gratitude or respect to people. All of those are traits people would generally associate with a fully realized Shadow. How he's being interpreted now isn't just different from what Flynn has written before, it's straight not consistent how the character ended his story arc. He ended his story arc by putting his past behind him and moving forward, and choosing to continue protecting the world his friend loved while forming new connections with people in the present. So now, for no narrative reason as I mentioned, we're just supposed to accept that Shadow now only cares about fighting the strongest guys around and is dismissive of everyone he deems "weak", because he has to constantly prove himself to be "The Ultimate Lifeform". There's no transition, it's just something that happened because Sega said so. I can understand the logic of wanting to take Shadow's character in a new direction that would give him more longevity in the series, while still being a rival to Sonic, since that was his most popular depiction being Sonic Adventure 2. But they could have did that, while still respecting the fundamental core of who the character is. I don't think people are being unreasonable in being upset at such a blatant change in motivation. Even if writers could make the concept work, the fact remains is that its still fundamentally different from what the character has been established as prior. Think logically dude.
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