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    Tails is an absolute waste in this game. It's insane how wasted he is really. Tails has been consistently mishandled since Colours, with the writers of each game retrospectively not having any fucking clue what way to take the character, how to make him likeable, how to have him be more than just Sonic's sidekick/genius. Colours has him cracking random jokes with Sonic that get annoying quickly, but he isn't that bad, Generations has him completely lost after three stages in which case he only exists to do exposition about the story. Lost World completely mishandles and flanderizes him into an unlikeable, jealous, whiner who does nothing but pick completely stupid fights over the course of the game when he knows full well that his friends are about to die, and they all need to work together to stop the Zeti. This destroyed him in my eyes, and that's not good when he was my favourite in the series before this point. Boom is a different series so I won't mention it here. Forces was the perfect chance to develop Tails and finally bring back a characterisation that was improved and developed from his original one. It was practically gift-wrapped to them. His best friend and brother dies, and Eggman is now on a war-path across the planet. This is the perfect time for Tails to join with Knuckles and found the resistance, possibly as a way to keep Sonic's legacy afloat. Show Tails fighting enemies on his own, show him dealing with the supposed loss of his best friend and brother, just develop him in a decent, likeable way for goodness sake. But nope, Tails is turned into a Sonic obsessed sidekick who can't do anything on his own, can't fight Egg Pawns while Charmy can, can't fight Chaos 0 despite fighting multiple stronger forms of him before, and on top of that, only exists in the story to shoehorn in Classic Sonic, have Tails do nothing for six months, have Tails do nothing in the story other than exposition and trying (empathsis on try) to have a snarky rivalry with Eggman which basically boil down to extremely weak "im a better scientist than you". What the fuck are they doing with Tails?
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    Well, he kind of acknowledged that in his post: Also, I would reiterate that Sonic Team is a professional development company, making a product for our consumption. "They're trying their best" doesn't fly for me as far as professionals producing a product for people to spend their hard-earned money on are concerned. It's not like they're doing this to be nice to us. This is their job. People are paying them for their products. I mean, people shouldn't be crazy about it or anything, certainly, but it's perfectly fine, and I would say good, to criticize them..
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    I see where people are coming from with the "let the fans do it" suggestion, but it's not a cure-all. Particularly not for Modern Sonic. Whitehead and Stealth spent like, 10 or 15 years analysing Sonic, building engines, and reverse engineering the original games to produce their own content. And that content was solid, eventually getting to a point it exceeded the original engines (Remasters and Mania). There was build-up towards them ultimately being hired, hence why Mania is so good. That, and they're just incredibly good at what they do. As far as I'm aware, there's nothing like that for the 3D space, due to the inherent challenges of amateur 3D game development. That's not to say 2D is easy, but I haven't seen a single 3D Sonic fangame that a ) has gone anywhere b ) has been consistently good. Sonic Utopia is the one everyone jumps to - but if anyone thinks Lange would hand out his work to SEGA, when they'd likely use it for a Modern Sonic title (as he's the '3D Sonic'), they simply don't know Lange. He's basically Nicochi, except folks take him seriously. The only other one I've seen mentioned regularly is Sonic World, a putrid excuse of a fangame with a brazen focus on quantity over quality, and with a project manager who's got all the tact and maturity of a toddler. I couldn't see ozcrash last 5 seconds in a professional landscape. There simply isn't a 3D analogue to the Retro Engine's progress and development as it stands, let alone one with a project leader that'd be open to SEGA using it. And fair play, some folks don't want to give their work to SEGA (Lange) and that's absolutely A-OK, but until there's someone who does a la Whitehead, the "get fans to do a new 3D Sonic" thing is gonna be a pipedream for like, 15 more years. Bear in mind how long the Retro Engine had been in development when CD 2011 released as is - and after that it still took 6 years to get Tax and co's take on a new 2D Sonic (and one that even then, still reimagined previous content). And to be fair - I doubt it'd take that long nowadays, particularly with Mania's sucess and apparent changes in SEGA's structure, but still. I'm aware there's a group of fans making a Sonic Adventure Remake, but I honestly can't see that going far given how insanely huge an undertaking it is. Fangame devs need to be more realistic if they're going to have pitchable stuff - Tax only remade Palmtree Panic and a Special Stage for his CD pitch IIRC, then continued once SEGA picked it up. Setting out to remake an entire game, for instance, is only going to lead to burn-out eventually, especially with a large team. I recall Azoo saying he wanted to prepare an actual pitch document for his idea for a 3D Sonic title, and frankly if he got a gameplay engine and some kind of reasonable demo on board with that idea, he'd be the most set for success out of any fangame dev I've ever seen.
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    Blue Blood

    The State of Sonic Team

    Fans invest time and money in Sonic. Sonic Team and SEGA regularly deliver sub-par games and fail to make steps to improve. Fans trust SEGA to make products that they want to support, therefore SEGA betrays trust by not caring. "Betrayal" is not over-dramatic. SEGA CEO Haruki Satomi said as much in 2015 that they betrayed the trust of their fans. SEGA took a four-year break from making mainline Sonic games themselves after Lost World in 2013. In that time... 1) They still released Rise of Lyric, which was a total disaster. 2) Their American branch started going wild on social media, which conveyed a sense of confidence that seems ill-deserved in hindsight. 3) They started working with a group of fans to release Sonic Mania, which put all of their own work in the past 15 years to shame. 4) They said that they were going to focus on quality to win back fans trust. This came from the then-new CEO at SEGA, the parent company to Sonic Team. You can expect that it would apply to everything they wanted to put out, particularly from their flagship series. When Forces rolled around after so long, not only did it show that they had learned little in their extended break, it also showed that everything they said had been little more than lip service. Forces hit an especially dull note because the lack of effort is so blatant. It's almost objectively worse than Generations and Colours, and tries to piggyback off of the success of those games. It specifically does a lot of things that nobody wanted, like being a majorly 2D game masquerading as 3D and relying yet again on nostalgia. Many things that were issues going back to games like Sonic 4 and Colours (seven years old at this point) or even even prior games have still yet to be addressed. It shows a huge disconnect between SEGA/Sonic Team and fans of the series. The only thing that Forces did "right" was the inclusion of the avatar, which I still think was poorly implemented and just tried to cheaply bank on customisation that's so popular in games right now. So no, SEGA and Sonic Team have most definitely "betrayed trust". They don't deliver what they promise, and they refuse to do better.
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    Looks angrily at Sega and Sonic Team
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    So, the results from my intervew for a park job at Disney came back. I got the job!
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    It's fine to have a preference, but I think it's a bit dismissive to think that 2D sprites can't just be a legitimate stylistic choice beyond nostalgia-pandering. Look at Wario Land: Shake It, a game from 2009: This game had beautiful 2D assets, and still looked totally "modern." Rather than opting for the prerendered 3D look of the NSMB games, Shake It used handdrawn characters and backgrounds for everything, and I think it gave the game way more of a unique identiy than 3D models ever could have. I'm not knocking 3D out of hand, but I do think that it's a mistake to say that 2D graphics should never be used just because we can do 3D now.
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    Aw yeah, this is happenin'! It's another sing-a-long for the Sonic Stadium, but to something rather more recent. This is the SONIC FORCES SSMB SING-A-LONG event, where we'll be singing to three vocal themes from the new Sonic Forces! How does the sing-a-long work? Simple: Get the instrumentals supplied, sing over them, and send your vocals here. Then your vocals are added to the finished result. Easy, right?! These three songs below are what you can sing along to. You don't have to sing them all, but you can if you want. INTRODUCING: INFINITE (SHORT VER.) THE LIGHT OF HOPE FIST BUMP SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED! Was open 18th Nov to 30th Nov With the instrumentals and lyrics supplied at the bottom, you can go on and make your contribution, but there are rules to go with this event. Please follow them, or you will not be included in the finished result. RULES: Please send your vocal track separate from the base track. If your contribution contains the base track, you'll have to do it again. Do not add any silly or forum rule-breaking comments in your track, let's please try not to vandalise the music. Every contribution will be checked for them. Silly voices might fly, if they aren't too obtrusive. Otherwise, you'll have to do it again. Recommended you use a service like clyp.it, Mediafire or Google Drive to send your contribution, then send the link here. Can't risk having your vocals removed before I get my hands on it, can we? These are the best ways to do it. Otherwise, use your preferred service at your own risk. Don't take the instrumentals for yourself. Just don't. Please. Standard SSMB rules also apply. FAQs And thanks to help from the Motobug crew, the final result will be streamed on Motobug for all to see and enjoy, which will also be it's premiere before dropping here. I suggest coming by to see! It will be streamed a week after the due date, on Saturday, 2nd of December 4PM EST / 9PM GMT! Credits: THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!
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    This isn't actually a good thing. Disney doesn't just own X Men, but: Alien Die hard Planet of the apes Predator Kingsman Lot's of one off shit like The Grand Budapest Hotel, Hidden Figures, Gone Girl, The Shape of Water and The Martian. TV series like The Simpsons and King of the Hill. I don't like the idea of one company having that much control, personally. This is bigger than fan wank imo.
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    Nope. The spritework is really charming and beautiful and it'd be a waste of a lot of talent to just ditch it for something that looks way more generic imo. The amount of detail in Mania is insane sometimes. Don't see why you'd want to let this go
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    Sonic Adventure. The most important part of transferring Sonic into a 3D space is control, with level design in a close second. Sonic Adventure does both of these things better than any of the games after. Sonic has a nice gradually increasing speed that's still controllable and affected by the level design and the level design itself is a lot more vertical and has more variety in style, structures and gimmicks than the other games, which too often lean on hallway type design that might as well be 2D if it's not outright 2D. This includes Heroes. There's a sense of freedom to how I can approach a lot of the levels in the game that just doesn't exist int he others. That's not getting into the hub world system, which is controversial but I think is a fine enough extension on the idea of centralizing the action to one location and connecting the levels like the classic games used to do. The story, which expands on some previously established bits of Sonic lore and introduces new characters that are charming and make sense while also giving the series mainstays their due. There's some questionable bits and flaws. The other styles have different level objectives which is off putting for a lot of people, but I can at least follow why they designed the game like that. If you have to choose between nerfing Knuckles so he can't just fly over everything or just giving him something else to do that suits hits kit but doesn't stray too far from high speed platforming, I can see why you'd choose the latter, for example. Some are a bit too different like fishing but thankfully Sonic has over twice as many stages as any other character in the game, so we know where the overwhelming majority of focus went. So yeah, if you ask me, I think they need to really take a look at Sonic Adventure and polish it to a fine sheen.
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    Sanic T-Shirt DLC

    Well, here's the list of customizable DLC that would've been better than this: Colour Changer for Clothing Options (As in getting to choose the colours of your character's items) Additional Hair-Styles Character Facial Customization (Example: Changing the body size of the character, eye placement, eyebrow placement, makeup and face paint options - Dragon Ball Xenoverse does a lot of this for example) Additional Eye styles (A lot of notable Sonic ones missing, including the iconic one massive eye option Sonic himself has) Additional species- Echidna, Fox, Bat Additional avatar creator slots Allowing multiple pieces of equipment from one category (For example, being able to wear a jacket and a backpack together) Proper clothing packs expanding on new items - For example, there isn't many hoodies or even formal clothing options in the game. Character Costumes - We have incomplete costumes for Boom Sonic, Amy, Eggman, Sonic etc. Why not complete them? LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE THAT ISN'T A STUPID AND DATED MEME.
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    A rapidly fading stock of goodwill from his earlier, better games, a fanbase that's more loyal than the series deserves, and a fair amount of inherent appeal in the characters and gameplay concept.
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    Because I just saw the 3D footage video and thought this humerous video was worth sharing. I really miss the days of Sonic in 3D where you actually had full control in a 3D space and it requires you to actually do things to progress. He literally had time to make a sandwich and eat it. ...Nah.
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    Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    If the villain takes over the world and the player doesn't care, does it even matter? Forces shows us a world virtually unchanged by Eggman's takeover (or by the heroes taking it back) and the man himself is so sidelined compared to Infinite that it's easy to forget that he's actually involved. The game failed on every level to actually sell me the idea that Eggman had taken over and effectively won, so while that shows competence on paper, I don't think it actually does any good for the character or the series. Colors may have shown him as a bit of a buffoon and his plan ultimately unraveled by pure chance, but I honestly think it does a better job of selling him as a villain. While you don't actually fight him until the very end, he's essentially omnipresent through his PA announcements; goofy though they are they never let you forget that Eggman is responsible for what's going on. Rather than working through some other villain and competing for attention with them his plan is distinctly and classically "Eggman"; he captures small, innocent creatures and does some mad science to make use of them. Compared to the lack of changes in Forces the game actually tries to show the effects of Eggman's plan through Tails' brief brainwashing, the construction on Planet Wisp, and the nega-Wisp processing in Asteroid Coaster. And when Eggman does jump in his robot and challenge you to a fight it actually does feel like the culmination of the game's story and not something just tacked on at the end.
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    I honestly don't want any of this. And I don't see the point of linking a new game to the shambling corpse of Forces.
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    *Twitter link* Annnnnnd Sonic fan art completed!
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    Am I the only one who really wants the full context of this line?
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    My biggest problem with Forces' story is how it handles- or rather, doesn't handle- an iconic character who hasn't made a proper appearance since Sonic Battle: (Not counting his rehash in Generations) Chaos. The water god of destruction. The first major antagonist of Modern Sonic. When this guy was announced in the e3 trailer, I flipped my lid. Yeah, seeing Metal Sonic was cool and all, but Chaos had been all but forgotten after the Dreamcast Era. His only notable role since was a reimagining of his Perfect fight in Generations. But now here he was- in glorious HD, ready to rekindle his feud with Sonic for reasons unknown. As the months passed, I wondered what Forces would do with him- Was he genuinely evil again, or just under Eggman's control? Would Tikal show up? And what would his boss fight be like? Maybe Infinite would have him constantly escalate through all his forms as the battle went on- Maybe we'd finally see Chaos 3 and 5! And then the game launched, and... NOTHING. Chaos shows up for two cutscenes, and then Classic Sonic boops him on the noggin, one-shotting him. IN A CUTSCENE. All that buildup and hype over a beloved character returning, and it ends up being a glorified cameo. Chaos contributed nothing to this story. Heck, it wasn't even the real Chaos- just an illusion conjured up by Infinite just like the other three villains. So this begs the question: Where was the real Chaos? He's supposed to show up during times of great crisis, and I think Eggman conquering the world fits that criteria! Even just having him join the resistance in a cutscene would've been better than what we got! Even as someone who mildly enjoyed Forces overall, I will admit that there was a lot of wasted potential. Why bring back iconic faces if two of them don't even get boss fights?! I recently got around to playing Sonic's campaign in Lego Dimensions, and I praise Traveller's Tales for giving Chaos the treatment he deserved. I just hope this mutant Chao gets his due respect next time.
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    I really don't like anything about this game's story/tone/etc., but my biggest gripe, easily, has to do with how the scenario of Eggman finally taking over the world was handled. I've mentioned this a few times in other threads, so I'm probably just being redundant at this point. But still, I think they really wasted an opportunity here. Eggman is my favorite Sanic character. He's got a fun design and an evil, yet charming and over the top personality. Look at this dude. I think that Sonic Team kind of sucked most of the life out of all of the characters in their attempt to make a "dark" and "serious" Sonic plot. Occasionally there's some personality there, and Sonic himself is actually pretty decently-written sometimes, but overall everyone just seems kind of generic. Including good ol' Robotonic. He does his usual gloating and scheming but most of the time he's just kind of... bland. And a think a major reason for that is that everything to do with him in this game -- from the enemies to the levels -- is boring as shit. Eggman is obviously a narcissistic bastard. He puts his face on a Death Star, he builds massive armies of robots that look like him, he builds statues of himself, he puts his fucking logo on everything -- the guy is completely in love with himself. And that's a big part of why he's such a fun, likable character. In Unleashed, Eggman finally achieves his dream of building his robotic dystopia of Eggmanland, and with its cyberpunk-ish theme park aesthetic it represents Eggman pretty well, I think. It's an automated, polluted, trap-filled hell on earth... but it has amusement rides and Eggman's face plastered all over. Malicious but fun. So Unleashed was pretty much the closest thing to "Eggman wins" in the games until Forces, where Eggman has succeeded in building an entire global Eggman Empire. But it's just dull. The Badniks themselves are boring -- gone are the Egg Pawns and Egg Robos, make way for whatever the fuck the new enemies are called, who are really lacking in the personality department. All of his bases are generic factories. The Death Egg is back... but it's literally just the same as Generations. No new twist to show that, hey, Eggman's actually achieved total victory this time. Etc. etc. There's really nothing that says "Eggman has won". Could've had something unique like a giant Eggman-shaped monument to take down in the end. Or Egg Pawns patrolling the streets to make sure people are loyal to Lord Eggman, or telescreens blaring propaganda (like that silly Eggman Empire promo video, or maybe something like the PA announcements in Colors?). Or... nah, fuck it, have generic dystopia world instead. The games (thankfully) aren't SatAM. Eggman ruling the world is not the status quo, and Forces is the one time where he's actually done it. But nothing about it is memorable or unique. Nothing leaves an impression in the same way that, for instance, an amusement park in space with six planets chained to it does, or a circus/factory city from hell does, or the way a giant fleet of sea life-themed airships does. It doesn't even feel like he's actually won. Anyway, that's that. There's probably more I could add (both about Eggman and the rest of the story), but I'm tired and this post is already embarrassingly long-winded as it is.
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    I think if the series as a whole committed to no or very limited dialogue it might work, though it would probably feel a bit odd after so many years of him (and everyone else) talking. But if everybody except Sonic talks, then it's no longer a trait of the game or the series, it's a character trait, and it's not one that fits Sonic's character. He's not the strong silent type, he's not reserved, he's a cocky little shit. In a game where the characters can talk, he's about the last person you'd expect to be silent. Rather than being a reasonable way of presenting the character, it'd feel like a dodge; rather than learning how to write him well, they'd just be writing less of him to try to slip it under the radar.
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    Ratcicle King

    Character deterioration

    Knuckles' character can't be more deteriorated from his Adventure-Colors era character, honestly. In there he got worse and worse until literally his only characteristic was ''that guy who tries to look cool but he's clumsy and stupid and fails at everything''. As pointed out before, he was the one who busted the ME a second time, when he had like, 10 different option on how to approach this situation. In SA1, when he was fooled by Eggman, he didn't ''do it in some clever ways.'', he randomly found Sonic and the moment he realized who it was, tried to punch him in the face. In Forces, he's the hotblooded captain of the resistance, but he's not stupid. People seem to forget that EVERYONE agreed with Operation Big Wave, Knuckles didn't force(heh) anyone to go through with it, and it was made to see the best course of action, enemy forces are out, take capital city back. They weren't overwhelmed by the army, they weren't crushed because Knuckles was fooled by Eggman, they lost because no one could account for Infinite's presence there, and they had no idea what the Ruby's power was. Now, let's go a bit further down in the Forces plot, to Null Space. Infinite was out of the picture, probably saving power for the final battle, they try another attack to Metropolis. What happens? They win. They do the exact thing Knuckles planned back in Capital City and they win. Knuckles wasn't an idiot, Infinite threw a wrench in his plans, and NO ONE was able to predict it, the moment Infinite was out, Knuckles' original plan worked. So no, Knuckles wasn't an idiot for Operation big wave, he was hot blooded, yes, but he saw an oportunity and he took it. The entire failure at Capital City was to hammer home how much of a game changer Infinite's presence is, not how dumb Knuckles is. As Vector said, one flip of the Phantom Ruby Switch and their entire plan goes down. And what do they do afterwards? Does Knuckles try to attack the city again in a fit of rage? Is he dumb enough to attempt a stupid counter attack? Nope, he and the others figure out a way to stop the Phantom Ruby once and for all, taking Eggman's game changer out of the way for their next attacks. The point of Operation Big Wave wasn't that ''Knuckles is an idiot'', it's that Infinite's illusions are too damn unpredictable and they need to deal with him before doing any major progress in this war.
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    Yeah, we're not doing this. You can cut out these hot takes any time now.
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    How come whenever something doesn't work out perfectly people think the answer is going full stop to the other side of the spectrum? For Christ's sake, no we shouldn't "forget about story", we should just get competent story-writers who can take a lot of caution and care. Gameplay is obviously first though
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    The State of Sonic Team

    "Laying off of them" isn't going to fix Sonic's reputation. Laying in to them isn't doing anything either though. So.. maybe we just shouldn't buy their games. Which is the most rational thing to do when a product ceases to please you. Of course, if a majority of people who might buy the product think this, that will surely lead to the end. Sonic Team isn't some kid who got all Cs on a report card, they're a development company, and if they can't make games of a certain level of quality then they're going to get crap for it until they do. However long that may take.
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    THANK YOU ALL!!!!!
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    Quite the opposite, they were catering to an audience so generic and vast (and yes, that includes old school fans, Adventure fans and everyone else really) that ultimately nobody ended up caring for their product.
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    Technically that was RoL too. Well at least to some extant. They also just threw in Shadow and Metal Sonic to hype up the fans. This is actually pretty sad if you ask me. Shadow and the rest of Sonic's friends are really nothing more than that. Most of the time their are just hype material, because fans really care deeply much for them. But Sega has no clue what to do with them.
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    I'd rather much welcome refitting old, small time faces from the cartoons and games like they did with the reboot than generating another OC cast again. If anything, with Flynn at the wheel again, I kinda hope some of his own creations return, like Eclipse and the Egg Bosses instead, but realistically I doubt that's ever happening, but I feel it can for the FFs. There's too much of a niche fanbase to not let them sneak a chance once in a while. They've been in Sonic comics just as long as Sonic himself, so I think it deserving they get some reappearance.
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    What do you have to back up this claim? We know that Forces sold $17K in Japan, but since Japan's not really into Sonic its actually something of an improvement over Gen's $7K sales. And supposedly Forces was outselling Super Mario Odyssey in the UK at some point. Granted I don't think Forces was a smash hit or anything but I think it'll do decent if nothing else. And when I think low critical reception I usually think of Rise of Lyric's red-zone critical bomb as opposed to Forces lukewarm (at least comparatively) reception, so it would do good explain what qualifies as low critical reception. Can you attribute the less than ideal results to the 4 years though, or to development hell? Yes, the game took 4 years, but evidence points to most of that time period being spent on the engine with the game being rushed out to accompany it in what was likely an executive mandate from Sega. Its frankly hard to tell if Forces's problems are mostly on Sonic Team or Sega, but given that the source of problems has generally been somewhere on Sega's end almost every time a game under its wing has had development hell (Sonic 06, Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric, Nights Journey Into Dreams Remake, Sonic Xtreme, etc. Really for the most part the only exceptions to this were when they were working on games with companies that were outright malicious and/or vulturous as opposed to Sega's usual style of just being run in a very stupid manner, for example Gearbox.), I'm going to guess it had more to do with Sega than Sonic Team. And Sonic Mania shows that people can accept outsourced Sonic games so long as they are competently made. Part of Rise of Lyric's problems was that Big Red Button were clearly trying to make some kind of spiritual successor to Ratchet and Clank after making a bunch of concepts that violated several mandates, showing a lack of understanding of how Sonic operates and unwillingness to learn (you can contrast this with the Sonic Boom television show, where the writers started off not being Sonic fans but became Sonic fans and wrote a pretty good TV show in part because of their willingness to learn about and embrace Sonic). The common denominator between Forces and Rise of Lyric is the publisher, as Sega was heavily involved with both titles and fucked both up with rushing and inconsistent employment. Mania on the other hand was distant from Sega with little help from the publisher, and while I wouldn't call it perfect, it really shows in the final product and even in the development cycle. Dimps for that matter used to be a big name in outsourced Sonic games until Sonic 4, and people were plenty happy with the Advance series and later Rush. Its just a matter of making sure that the developers don't go off on a detrimental tangent, are willing to learn the ins and outs of Sonic, and are savvy enough to stay away from Sega beyond what's required for publication. Its not so much staff and money that makes a reboot a bad idea as it is timing. People would go ballistic if Sonic got a reboot and not in a good way, especially since Forces is not that bad of a game. The first step to a successful reboot is an audience that is willing to discard old continuity and approach the new canon with a blank slate. The Sonic fandom is nowhere near that stage as there's too much attachment to what the reboot would make old continuity. Really it seems the general gaming community would not take kindly to the Golden Classic [Quadri-/Tri-]logy, Mania, or Generations suddenly being tossed to the side like they're nothing, which a reboot could very easily come off as doing regardless of intent. Usually this only comes with time. Not usually 4 years, I'm talking more 7-10 years at a minimum without any new Sonic games whatsoever before a reboot becomes a viable option. (The exception is usually when a franchise starts out low quality but is quickly improved in future iterations with the bad parts retconned out of sight, but that doesn't apply to a long-running franchise like Sonic.) I don't really expect the fans to know what to do at this point because most fans know little about AAA video game development and lack deep insider access to the inner workings of Sonic Team and Sega. As for Sonic Team, who knows? It could be what cobanermani proposed, where Forces was just to show off Sonic Team's fancy new engine and the next Sonic game from Sonic Team is supposed to be the big one. It could be a confused "WTF are we doing anymore" kind of game. It could be something that Sonic Team is convinced people who weren't impressed with Forces would enjoy. It'll probably build off the professional reviews in some way which is actually not bad this time around. But I don't know, and frankly I have no expectations that I should know. All I know is that I like the current direction of Sonic even if Forces isn't ideal and I know my dream of a properly implemented Parkour-based game is never going to happen officially. What do you think giving Sonic Team to a new team would accomplish? (Especially if the problem is more on Sega than Sonic Team.) How big should this team be? What should be their background. Its not a simple rolling the dice, 50/50, sort of thing to gut a whole team and find replacements. Its expensive, its time-consuming, you're going to have people mad at you for firing them, and there's an extremely high risk completely backfire and not work out (which in turn might spike the turnover rate if they try it again-- a high turnover rate is really bad and makes people not want to work for you as well as lowering morale overall). There's a reason companies usually only gut and replace employees when things are really, really bad, because most companies don't want to throw away underutilized talent or potentially breed ill will between it and its employees unless there's no better options.
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    Unleashed Day isn't good, it's just the least bad boost game. It's still incredibly shallow, heavily automated, and too costly to make levels for such that they need to pad games with something else to get them to a reasonable length. And it's pretty naive to think it's the "only" way to do 3D Sonic just because, of the tiny fraction of possibilities Sonic Team has explored, this one is the least disliked.
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    The State of Sonic Team

    I'm starting to think that the problem with Sonic Team isn't really the talent but the management. If these people were able to move on from sonic and work on other SEGA IPs like Yakuza and Valkyria Chronicles and they turned out to be good then how come SEGA's flagship franchise is still really hit and miss?
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    The State of Sonic Team

    I don't blame any of those guys for leaving Sonic Team for greener pastures, honestly. There is just something intrinsically and historically negligent with the studio management in regards to how they respond to consumer feedback, how they have handled the Sonic IP, and especially their diehard approaches they take to designing Sonic games (in both concepts and execution). I think Forces turning out as it did sets a new low bar of expectations--even after being given four years to work on the game and plan out where to go next after Lost World turned out to be a misstep, the final product is aggressively lackluster and it feels like a game completely made by a developer on autopilot. I'm far more interested in seeing another studio's effort with the IP instead of more presentable Sonic Team jobs, and both Mania and Forces cement that feeling for me more than anything else.
  37. 14 points
    I don't give Forces' story much credit, but I am pleased with how Silver turned out. After his laughable debut and a succeeding decade of obscurity, Forces has him actually contributing to the plot by aiding the Resistance, providing information, putting up a tremendous fight during endgame, and unintentionally working the Butterfly Effect to his favor by making one little change that alone will alter his future for the better:
  38. 14 points
    If I had to pick one, it'd probably be SA. It's got mostly sensible controls, able to handle both low and high speeds reasonably well (compared to any non-Adventure 3D Sonic anyway), and it's still got some fragmented pieces of the Genesis games' slope mechanics. I still think trying to figure out the best existing 3D Sonic formula and improving on it from there is unnecessarily limiting, though. Sonic Team should absolutely try to learn from their previous games, but when they're all so flawed, locking onto one and saying "how can we make this game better?" risks repeating a lot of the same mistakes.
  39. 14 points

    Sanic T-Shirt DLC

    Regarding the shirt itself, I actually love the idea of there being a cheap looking bootleg Sonic shirt. If you're going to have a bunch of goofy dressup options, stuff like that fits right in. My only complaint is that I kinda wish they came up with their own Sanic instead of using the well-known meme, but it still doesn't really bother me. As far as memes in general...it's a hard thing to do successfully because so many memes have such a short shelf life. Some memes can run out their lifetime in the time it takes a game to go from development to being on the shelves, and if not by then, they're bound to have gone stale if the player comes back to the game a year or something later. It's probably possible to pull off, but the risks are high and the benefits are low, so there's not much value in pursuing it. As far as memes and games go the better option is to make your game memorable and quotable enough that people will make memes from your game (though even then your focus should be on writing things to serve the game as a whole, and not writing things to try to make them into memes).
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    Hi. im Nick! And today i want to show you my attempt at recreating one of the Sonic Forces stages, City Heights. The stage took me 10 weeks to make (from May 1rst to July 8th 2017). The point of making this stage in particular was, not only to test my skills in recreating something by only available footage at the time, but also test the limits of Hedgehog Engine and to improve on original idea a bit by adding extra pathways and extend level length. In order to speed up the process, ive decided to make the stage BEFORE Eggman attacked it. Approximate stage lenghts ~ 5km (3 mile) Objects in the stage ~ 7000 Polygon (triangle) count ~ 6 millions (11 millions) Showcase footage: Progress Showcase: My friend @TwilightZoney tried to put this stage into the game. but we run into issues, the stage was overly detailed for the hedgehog engine to handle Comparison to the gameplay footage after modelling was done: Not everything went smoothly, even by watching the footage 100 and 100 times i wasnt able to keep it in scale with the original. Assets links: Since we werent able to make it before the game release, due to lack of time and having issues with Sonic Generations limits. ive decided to release stage assets for everyone to use. Below you'll find links to all the source files i have for this stage, for those who enjoy doing levels or just want to mess around with it, i hope you'll find it usefull. the files are also "Generations-ready", including splines, collisions, setted up materials, 2nd uv channel for every mesh, etc. (requires DarioFF's SonicGLVL editor and Hedgehog Converter tools) DarioFF tools Link Why so many links? I simply wasnt sure if FBX exporter wont screw up the meshes (even when i checked those multiple times). since we found fbx is pretty unstable (main reason it can screw up UVs). You DONT have to download everything. 3ds max source files are just in case you run into issues with fbx. 1) Assets (separate) [3dsmax 2015] 2) Assets (separate) [FBX] 3) Assets (single file) [3dsmax15 and FBX] 4) Lower poly version of the stage [3dsmax15] 5) Lower poly version of the stage [FBX] 6) Custom Sonic Forces EGG fighter model [texture were made by TwilightZoney] 7) Main terrain geometry [3dsmax15] 8) Main terrain geometry [FBX] 9) Object physics [FBX] {street cone, floating block platforms etc } 10) City heights high poly ver [3dsmax15] 11) City heights high poly ver [FBX] 12) Skybox [FBX] 13) Source textures 14) Lower resolution textures Have fun making better stages
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    Nope, because good games don't happen in a vacuum. You have to be doing something right to make good games, whether it be good planning/direction, good management, and/or good concepts. If any game from here on out is good, it'll be because of some combination of those things rather than luck (though knowing Sonic Team I suspect good concepts will be chief among them). It might be safe to say that any good Sonic game from here on out probably had little input from Sega beyond funding. But even then, you can't do much more than speculate until leaks and such start coming out about how the development of the game went down. Remember, it was very easy to assume that the Colors crew did the level design for Forces based on it having a lot of Colors's flaws such as blockiness, but then it turned out it was done by complete newbies. It was also easy to assume that Sega was the only company causing problems with Rise of Lyric, when it later came out that it was a good deal more complicated than that and Big Red Button made mistakes with it too (such as not researching and embracing Sonic and instead aiming for some kind of Ratchet and Clank spiritual successor).
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    I'm really liking the look of this. Those parts that look like they have low-framerate reminds me of stop-motion and I actually think it works really well here. I'm also loving the Ben-Day dots similar to old comics. Also, apparently Alex Hirsch of Gravity Falls wrote the story with Lord and Miller.
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    https://mobile.twitter.com/MegaMan/status/937762291415576576 It's over. The drought is finally over.
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    Is Sonic Boom finally dead?

    @JovahexeonXMAS Tron Bonne Enough is enough. These lame attempts at tone policing and one-upping people over their opinions and how they state them has gotten tiring, and is the source of the derail in this thread. There is absolutely no reason this argument should have dragged on as long as it did, over something as minor as someone saying they wouldn't mind if the show ends. It's ridiculous and was further off-topic than someone explaining a specific thing they didn't like about the show (and the accusations of hypocrisy when they called you out for being off-topic--your response being to further derail things--are especially uncalled for). You can absolutely disagree with someone's post without this, and you can take that from someone who's realized that about his own past behavior. Instances like this: are not at all dissimilar to what you've been spoken to before by staff. And you've displayed this behavior in other threads, including the Forces review threads (immediately calling people's criticisms of Famitsu's score "vilifying" the writers). For these reasons, it's strike time. You need to chill. If you have any questions, you're welcome to contact the staff or take it up with an administrator. This isn't going any farther. @dbzfan7 It's best to either just drop this or report it if a user is dogging you unnecessarily in the future. This has dragged on for too long and this thread needs to get back on topic (and, for the record, specific criticisms about the show seem fine to me).
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    I'm not going into too much detail here as everyone on the forum pretty much has spoken about it but Eggman and the world taken over in his image was neglected extremely here. Eggman is strangely very dull and so is his world.
  46. 13 points

    Sonic Channel

    Now published http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/enjoy/image/calendar_1712_silver.pdf
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    I don’t know how or why you thought this was okay to say to someone but it’s not by any means. Express your thoughts and disagreements in a respectful manner and definitely without insults. Do not accuse anyone of trolling either. If you see an actual problem with a member’s post that is actually against the rules and not simply something that you don’t like or agree with just report it and let a Staff Member take care of it. We are getting a bit off track so I’m going to ask everyone to get back on topic please.
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    I think Mania feels different from the classics because it took all the good stuff from them and condensed them into a single game. I believe it's better designed than any classic game, even though I would still rank S3K higher than it due to personal preference. Sonic 2 is actually one of my least liked Sonic games so I can't say I agree on that part; I consider its design to be overly punishing (not dissimilar to the Advance games' design) and there are way too many not-fun parts of that game for me even when I am going fast. This is coming from someone who thinks Sonic 1 is more brilliant than most people give it credit for and I actually don't mind Marble or Labyrinth Zones at all.
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    Sonic's future as an RPG series

    I wouldn't say that a Sonic RPG can't be done well, but I think it'd be really hard to figure out the right way to do it. It's hard to think of more conflicting styles than Sonic's fast paced platforming and the typically slow-paced, mechanically controlled, and heavily story focused RPG genre. Okay no. No no no no a thousand times no. Sonic may not be about solid gameplay now, but that's because Sonic Team is fucking garbage at their job, not because it never had genuinely good games. I'd rank games like 3&K and Mania up there with the best 2D platformers ever made, because they're genuinely great games, not because they have a bunch of characters or just because they're "cool" or "epic". How are you even going to say almost nobody actually cares about the gameplay when there's so much discussion and debate over it? How can someone even call themself a fan of a game series if they don't care about its gameplay?
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    I'd actually argue it started in Unleashed. You're literally introduced to Tails unable to defend himself, and started the whole "Tails is too weak/scared to fight".