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    A definitive version of Sonic Mania called Sonic Mania Plus was revealed at SXSWGaming today. Packaged Physical Version Includes Mighty the Armdillio and Ray the Flying Squirrel as playable characters New Encore Mode Will come as DLC for people who already have the downloaded versions of Sonic Mania
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    You guys can start calling Mighty and Ray reskins once details of their playstyle are revealed. Until then I'd wait, 'cause this is a good chance for them to introduce new character styles in the classic formula that hopefully gel well with the games' simple nature. I think Mighty and Ray are good choices to try this out.
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    GUYS, I figured it all out, the mysterious logo is actually:
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    Not really. She wasn't "reduced" to anything; there was no obligation that she appear in the game in any form. It's a bit unfortunate that she's only represented by a quick cameo, but it's the nature of every work that not every character can have a major role. And assuming active hatred from that is, as said, a pretty huge leap.
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    The first screenshot reveal for Sonic Mania Plus showcases the new 4-Player Competition mode, looks great!
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    Says the guy who's making a comic starring a 2nd-rate Knuckles rip-off.
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    As if we need anything else.
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    It has to be his coal black limo, with the secretary updating him on every item they pick up or person they pass. "Mr President, we have access to a speed powerup." "Mr President, we have passed Tails" "Mr President, we are now in 5th place. Mr President, this is a national crisis."
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    Yep. I'm calling you entitled too. This is new content that totally additional to the base game. I don't know why you're assuming that Mighty and Ray are going to be reskins. Mighty, the only one who's appeared in 2D Sonic game, played differently to how Sonic plays in Mania. Ray meanwhile appeared in was can best be described as the 1993 equivalent of Sonic Dash. Expecting him to be a reskin based on that doesn't make a lot of sense. Then there's encore mode which, although vague right now, adds a new way to play each act and has visual changes. Two new characters who will very likely play differently to any of the existing three, a new gameplay mode "and more". Mania already has a low price point, and this DLC is going to add a significant amount of new content to the game. Expecting it for free is unreasonable. If missing cutscene/transitions are added in, then I'll definitely agree that those should be part of a free update. And arguably the 4-player expansion as well. But everything else that consists of the bulk of this game? Nope. There's nothing wrong with DLC. It's not like they're trying to sell us Super Sonic.
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    Neither Mighty or Ray is interesting alone. But in terms of bringing back old content and making something new and special, these two are a gold mine. I never expected this to happen, and I'm so stoked for it.
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    Genuinely excited for all the fake leaks, speculation, and other nonsense. Also inb4 delayed to 2019
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    ....I may be two years late, but I felt like doing a drawing tribute to Komodin. It would've looked better in color, but I didn't have them at that time. I was inspired by the Sonic chili dog avatar (and maybe the ending of Unleashed) for this.
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    Thought of a way to solve the boss fight problem without his powers: maybe they can bring him back and make a big deal out of him implying that he'll be a returning boss fight in a pre-release trailer then have him only appear in a single cut-scene where he gets defeated in a single attack while simultaneously shitting all over a major protagonist's character development from previous games.
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    I am hoping Sonic Mania Plus fixes this by adding this missing animation to Chemical Plant.
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    Mighty and Ray are finally playable after all these years. I say this is a win. They're effectively blank slates for new abilities. Curious to see how they go about it. Perspective matters here... one would see this as a waste of a character slot. I see this as an opportunity to recreate two fan favorites. Years from now, I don't think anyone's going to mind them being back. Anyway yeah I'm on board 300 new hours for Mania on Steam woop wooooop
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    To be fair to Ken here, he does know a thing or two about announcing release dates that are unlikely to be met.
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    I understand the disappointment about a lack of Amy. She's always been the next obvious choice for another playable character in a Classic game for obvious reasons. I'm so happy to see Mighty and Ray though. To me, they're more interesting than Amy because of their curveball nature. Reviving these two forgotten characters and giving them their first, real appearance outside of two of the oldest and most niche games in series is so exciting. I sincerely doubt that the team is going to make them reskins. I can't get over the fact that this is happening. Physical Mania with an art book and tons of new content that tugs at my heartstrings. Bravo
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    rest in rip:

    rest in rip:
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    Ken believes that Rough is "a 2nd rate Geoffrey rip-off", despite the fact that the only similarity between the two characters is that they're both skunks. Remember that this is also the man who called people trolls for asking him if Geoffrey was inspired by the skunk character from SatAM.
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    Another teaser left right to the very last second - it appears that we're finally getting another Sonic Racing Game. They've confirmed that it is not a sequel to any of their titles so that means it's not apart of the All-Stars line and probably a Sonic-only racer. That said, the car in the teaser does look Sonic's Speedstar from the All-Star titles. We also got a darkened out logo that empathizes the R, similar to how Sonic R did it. With that, I think it's fair to say that this is going to be a new racing title like it was leaked a few weeks back.
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    Since TinyPic wants to be useless I'll just post the DA link here. My celebration pic for Mighty and Ray's announcement! Thank you again Team Mania! I had the sketch done mid last year and only now coloured it in! Good thing I saved it huh?
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    Darn right! The boys are being reunited! DA BOYZ DEM DUDES
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    Well, at least he gave it a fitting title. If I saw that face every time I got on my phone, I'd want to put it elsewhere.
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    Concepts/Things In Mania You Dislike

    Hmmm. "You just don't know this series if you dislike this one game" sure is a level of fanboyism I didn't expect to see today.
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    He's such a numpty, seriously. I've said it to him numerous times, it's a LICENCED comic. If Sega doesn't want the old comics reprinted then regardless of money that could be made, or IDW's potential interest in doing it, or how much business sense it makes to the guy with the very biased opinion since he would gain from it, IT CAN'T BE DONE. Sega makes millions from the games, what the comics make is a drop in the bucket, they wouldn't care about the potential lost revenue from reprints, especially if it was from a comic/reprint that would be advertising and distributing a branch of the franchise that they see as no longer cannon or full of terms, characters and information that is no longer wanted/correct or marketable for their vision moving forward. Even if IDW was interested in a take from reprints and believed they could market it or make bank from it, they can't do it if Sega doesn't give them the green light. As they are playing with someone else's toys, something he has never understood at all. Ugh so badly want to tweet...but won't. I'll be good.
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    My new baby Nephew has been born, happy to have Owen in the family.
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    Right, okay. I'm not letting this slide. http://www.tssznews.com/2016/05/18/reasonable-assesment-sonic-3-knuckles-story-the-monomyth/ If you limit the scope of storytelling to dialogue and written text, then I suppose Sonic 3D Blast has more of a plot, but I simply don't agree. There's so much happening in a game like Sonic 3 that it can be analyzed as a full story, and I hope you take the time to read the article I sent you so you could understand this. I'm so sick of people saying that classic Sonic doesn't have a good plot (or even a plot at all!) because it doesn't resemble the presentation of an Adventure game or something; likewise I'm sick of people claiming that said Adventure games have a good, deep and serious plot simply because it has cutscenes. Anyway, I'mma leave it at that.
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    The Future of The Boost Formula

    It's about balance, dude. The spindash has actual downsides that mean it's not always the best choice for going fast. Because you need to come to a stop and charge it, you need to decide when that extra burst of speed is going to save time in the long run or if you're better off just continuing to run. Because it puts you into a rolling state you need to decide if it's worth putting yourself more at the mercy of the terrain or staying on your feet so you can manually accelerate (or take the risk of spindashing and find an opportunity to hop to your feet). You need to think ahead regarding loops and wall/ceiling runs because you can't spindash if you aren't on the ground. Because the spindash isn't always available or ideal, nor is it how you reach the fastest speeds, other game mechanics like the slope physics and various level gimmicks have time to shine. Meanwhile, if you want to go fast in a boost game, just press boost. That's it. That's always the right answer. It's essentially instant, continuous top speed at the press of a button, usable in almost any situation, for only the cost of some fuel that the game almost constantly throws at you. By being so "streamlined" and effective, it becomes a much shallower, and thus much worse, game mechanic.
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    The #1 Variant cover by Kieran Gates has been revealed.
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    I wasn't aware skunk was a copyrighted species by Ken Penders.
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    Sonic Channel

    Well that's uh one odd pose. Maybe the position of the arm has something to do with it?
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    Can't wait to see Mighty and Ray's 3D models in the special stages.
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    What’s sad is that even the bland parts of Penders’ work on Archie would have been remembered on much better terms if his ego didn’t get the better of him. Whether people would still find them good is debatable. Hell, he himself would have had a much better light with fans today were it not for that. I doubt he’d have a better name than Ian does, but he certainly wouldn’t have any vitriol to his name at the very least. Would arguably (and I emphasize the word “arguably”) land him a shot back on IDW when I look at all that’s happened in the past...decade?! Holy fuck this has been going on longer than I remember!
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    Ken's given a bit of an update on the Fulop case, along with an, uh, interesting take on the situation: Or, you know, Archie's fighting instead of settling because the case thus far has given them reason to believe that they can win. Their logic really doesn't need to run much deeper than that. Also, considering Sega's contract with Archie is over, what action could Sega even take against Archie if they settled? A stern talking-to? Or are you suggesting that Sega is blackmailing Archie under threat of lawsuit if they don't win this? Because, uh, that's kind of potentially illegal. I wouldn't say it's impossible, sure, but the thought that Sega would blackmail Archie over something so minor is...pretty ridiculous. (Especially considering that even a win which somehow forces Fulop to give up any copyright claims over his work wouldn't even do anything to people like Ken who also hold their own claims over pre-reboot stuff.) Could you maybe try and come up with a more plausible idea before tweeting your conspiracy theories, Ken? But, of course, being Ken, he has to double-down... Ken, you're the one who's showing a lack of business sense here. Even if IDW has the Archie reprint rights (which we have no evidence of, and you're just assuming, which was Vipère's entire point in the first place), the first thing they'd do is reprint the post-reboot continuity. You know, the thing that's more recent, more relevant, more financially viable, and has far less legal blockades in the way of getting reprinted. There is no reason IDW would go for reprinting the pre-reboot over the post-reboot. If they were to go after the pre-reboot at all, it'd only be after they've exhausted the easy money of the post-reboot. Taking the hard path first is completely nonsensical. And for future record, I'm leaving a copy of the current court docket below the spoiler here, since older entries get cleared out of the free public archive every so often:
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    I just learned I'm in a 10 man ladder match tonight. Time to really show off
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    Say isn't this a sneak peek of the first issue?
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    I hope it's remembered as a big mistake, as I'd rather not see a game like Forces ever again. I'm sure the rawest feelings will dull with time, as they always do, but this shouldn't be a game that fades into the crowd as "just another disappointing Sonic game". This is a particularly and notably bad game and failing to remember it as such sets a lower standard of quality for the series.
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    ... there are a variety of words I could use right now to convey my feelings about this turn of events and how I personally regard Penders as a person for this. Vulgar things. Things that would result in me being banned and this thread being locked once and for all. So I'm not going to use any of those words, fitting as they are for this situation and for Penders himself. I will say though that I know this much- a fan who defends someone for years upon years even when doing so makes them unpopular, even when the virtual entirety of the fandom is beginning to pillory that someone for their actions and still manages to stick by, doesn't abandon them without a very good reason, and it does not reflect well at all on Penders that at no point in this discussion does he demonstrate any kind of guilt, or shame, nor any attempt to clear the air or reconcile or make any kind of worthwhile defense of his actions. Instead, everything is Agnew's fault in some manner or the next, and Ken is simply a victim of circumstance and misunderstanding. Indeed, this story all sounds rather familiar- there are some rather eerie shades of the Ben Hurst incident and Ken's own response to that too. The claim that Hurst was misinformed and misremembering things. The claims that he was in no way responsible for what happened. The insults directed Hurst's way. Yes, this is all very familiar ground. This same repulsive, disgusting, manipulative behavior, the abject refusal to accept responsibility or culpability, the shifting of the blame.... years and years later, and he is repeating all the same steps he did way back when. Truly, skunks do not change their stripes. I feel just awful for Agnew now. No fan should have to receive this kind of treatment from someone they admired, and no 'professional' should stoop to this kind of behavior. Then again, Penders isn't a professional in any meaningful sense of the word... but a little basic humanity being beyond him is still astounding.
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    Yeah, I get you, Tenko. I was keeping an eye on that ridiculous Twitter thread, and I don't know how you held out. No one could blame you for hopping out of it all after all that. Much respect for keeping it together for as long as you did. And, hey, at least you finally got Ken to respond to the whole Paul Agnew TLSC thing in the end. Even though, well... ...his response was to call Paul delusional. I don't know why I'm surprised, but it should be pretty obvious why I'm disgusted. Ugh. You know, even if Ken choosing the same title that Paul had been publicly using for years (which Ken was handed multiple opportunities to hear about) really was just a big coincidence, what you don't do is insult him and dismiss his feelings as not worthy of giving a second thought to like Ken did, especially when Paul was given some pretty strong reasons to believe it was copied. It really wouldn't have taken much to just say he understands why Paul feels that way, even if he still insisted it was a coincidence. How hard is it to just show normal empathy? Paul, I'm really sorry. Just like Tenko said, no one deserves to be treated like this.
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    My God... https://www.resetera.com/threads/sega-confirms-a-new-sonic-racing-game-is-in-development.30080/page-6#post-5690467
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    I feel like some of the disappointment with Mighty and Ray is a little unfair. Yeah they're a little uninteresting but like..... They literally have not been in a game for over 20 years, they haven't had a chance to even BE characters much at all (outside of comics where, hey, they're pretty good!). I'm more then willing to give them a chance, especially when it comes to how they'll be implemented in the gameplay, can't wait to see more of them
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    You know, for such a vocal advocate of creator's rights, you'd think he would be rather leery about posting a fellow creator's works for free- that is not just his story, its also Steve Butler's artwork. But then, this isn't really anything new for him. I should also point out that making Elsewhere free only really works so long as the main app doesn't happen- the moment he releases SEGA's work in any connection with a for profit work it becomes part of the profit-making scheme. If he really wants to test that though, far be it from me to stop him. Otherwise, not a lot to say- six years after he announced this asinine project, and now he shows us the icon for an app... an app that isn't even the MAIN app, but a dumping ground for all the superfluous shit that he could have shared on a website, the bits that weren't shown on his twitter already. What kills me is that a bunch of people probably will download this thing if he releases it, and he'll point to it as proof that there's hype for LSC... when the odds are that the overwhelming BULK of it will just people who want to stare at the freak show. Not that it'll cross his mind.
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    The vice principal of my school came in to scold a student in my class for wearing head phones. And he said, AND I QUOTE: "Take those off. Turn off your Xbox, get off Fortnite, do your work." As he left, the class is stunned. And a voice asks from the silence, "Did he just try to relate to us?" never never NEVER talk about things you don't know like you do know.
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    There was a Facebook Q&A today (link won't work unless you're part of the group). Some highlights. - More books have been discussed, no concrete plans. - At least some of the following will be within the first year, not clear which: Rouge, Big, Cream, Vanilla, Mighty, Ray, Shadow, Silver, Honey, Sticks - No games are to be considered canon, not even Forces. Certain elements may be inspired by or have happened similarly to the games, but no game is to be considered to have happened verbatim. - More Archie Sonic alumni yet to be revealed, more new talent obviously to come as well - apparently lots of people are interested in being involved in Sonic. - Regular cover versions of issues will be available for purchase on the IDW website, variant covers will not be as available. - No crossovers are currently being discussed. - No Free Comic Book Day Sonic comic, IDW selects two comics to highlight every year and it was decided not to use Sonic since the comic will have only just debuted. Maybe in the future. - The Chaotix are in issue 5. - The new art for the trade does replace the Tyson Hesse artwork which was a placeholder. - The comic will be focused on Modern Sonic, in a question about using elements from Sonic Mania. - Each issue will at this time be full length, no backups for now.
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    Mayor D

    The Return of Cosmo

    And if this happened in a game everybody would go "What the fuck is that thing?"
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    Like I said on Twitter, you REALLY are a saint for keeping such a cool head during that whole discussion. I made it my New Years Resolution to not engage with any of Penders' fanbase, you know the 4-5 people who speak for the entire "Archie-Sonic fandom", and it has really been therapeutic for me. Last year I spent a few times trying to convey facts when they just fought back with half-truths and grudges. I would get so upset and angry with it I would be sweating and typing furiously on my phone. And it would just drag on for days with them. I still see so much misinformation from that side but I can't do it anymore, it's not healthy to engage with them. Now I realize I just need to wait it out. They really aren't worth it but I do hope they will see Ken's true colors eventually. Look forward to this; a new Sonic comic is starting despite Penders' best efforts. I'm excited for it, a lot of people are. I'm not going to let that minority of people and their toxicity prevent me from enjoying the hell out of this comic. Ask @Adamis to keep you in check, he does it with me! Lol
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    20-part Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car adaptation.

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