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    I feel so sorry for anyone genuinely excited for this, because they're gonna get scrutinized so hard lol. Such a welcoming community.
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    Shut up Donnie. Just kidding Donnie, you're cool. You can do it!
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    Announcement Day: "It's set in a world where Eggman won!" 3 months ago: "It's you Vs Eggman!" Last Week: "It's you and your OC Vs Eggman!" Today: "It's you and your OC Vs Eggman... And Chaos! And Zavok! And Metal Sonic! And Shadow! And Evil the Rat!" Should I just place a bet on Batman randomly turning up because hey why not?
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    To you. You even responded to someone that didn't feel that way. Again, to you. And why should this game "need to stop" when this is trying to appeal to potentially millions of people, including many Sonic fans that aren't even in this online community? I get that you guys don't like the game, that's fine. But what are you even expecting at this point? You guys have been miserable about this game since the beginning. About everything. Before we even knew its name. It's clear you don't like it and that the news machine hasn't changed that. This has just become a repetitive cycle now.
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    At this time this Sonic 25th Anniversary Questionnaire Event is over as far as the questionnaire is concerned. A huge THANK YOU to everyone that participated! And there will be more where that comes from when I make my final and closing post. In addition to making the announcement of the event's end, I also want to bring your attention to the badge for fully participating in this event. Or should I say badgeS? Remember question number 5 of this questionnaire: Are you more of a Classic or Modern Sonic fan? Curiosity aside, I actually asked this question for an additional reason. Depending on your answer, I wanted to give you a badge to coincide with your answer as I made both a Classic Sonic and a Modern Sonic Badge: The Classic Sonic badge includes the title ring with a Sonic 1 sprite. The "25" is made with the gold bordering the blue like some of the titles of the early Classic Sonic games The Modern Sonic badge includes the title ring with a Sonic 4 sprite. The "25" is made with the blue bordering the gold like the titles of the Modern Sonic games (and yes, I'm aware some of the Classic Sonic games had this too ). I changed the badge design SIX times before I settled with these. I hope you like them! Let's say that my first experience with Photoshop was definitely an interesting one... Now because I'm silly and actually didn't tally who preferred whom as far as Sonic is concerned that means I need to go back and read all the answers again to find out who gets which badge. That also means that will not be awarding badges shortly after this post like I had intended to and for that I apologize. As for those that didn't give a distinct answer between the two Sonics, I am going to have to flip a coin as I have to give you something badge-wise! . Expect me to get this done in the next day or two. So until then if you like feel free to give final thoughts, opinions, observations, feedback or whatever you like as we are about to wrap this thing up for good. I'll be back soon with the final post with my final thoughts, observations and stats and the like so stay tuned!
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    YO. Can someone tell me the last time Sonic was nominated for anything at an E3 conference? Bonus points: By IGN. TWICE. This game is making an impression.
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    Also, according to that article, all these villain characters, including Infinite, are Eggman's henchmen. That means Eggman is still being set up as the main villian. Phew! But of course, I CAN'T WAIT FOR INFINITE TO USURP EGGMAN AND BE THE ACTUAL REAL VILLAIN BECAUSE IT'S NOT LIKE THAT PLOTLINE HAS EVER EVER EVER BEEN DONE BEFORE EVEN ONE TIME IN THE HISTORY OF SONIC.
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    God I don't even know why but I'm still weirdly on board with this. After a decade of mish-mash styles and stories there's just something really comforting about seeing enemies old and new, Metal Sonic, Chaos, Shadow and Zavok, standing side by side like that and giving me the faintest hope that yes, Sonic Team once in a while can appreciate that there is a rich lore of characters and adventures to throwback to. Like... not necessarily all at once like this but, I'll take it, whatever. My fear now? They don't treat this with respect for the lore. These guys are back "because". There's no mention of Tikal or the Master Emerald, it's just "look it's Chaos!" Same goes for Zavok and his survival of Lost World's events. I am utterly keeping my hopes low regarding that sorta thing. But man, HD Chaos 0 really does look so very nice. At the same time, I am disappointed that Eggers isn't the big bad too. Mecha Sonic has never appeared outside of its original game to keep relevant, Mephiles no longer exists (I know Crisis City was in Generations but atm that's apparently non-canon), and Rouge was never evil.
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    Okay we are going to open this topic back up again in hopes that the temporary locking has allowed members to cool down and for things to get back on track. That said, here's yet another reminder that conversation here and all topics on the SSMB is to be constructive and respectful at all times. If you see inappropriate behavior do not engage in it but rather report it as that further derails the thread and makes you subject to disciplinary action among other things that aren't good like another and possibly permanent lock if things continue to get out of hand. Let's get back to talking Sonic Mania! Especially since we have new and very good things to talk about . That trailer brought the biggest smile to my face and and tears to this 33 year old's eyes simultaneously as that was beautiful beyond beautiful...
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    We get a sneak peak at an animated cutscene and a new zone which appears to be.. Coming August 15th.
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    2017. The year of dabbing DK Rabbids, Shaq Fu reborn, Sonic fancharacters, sequel to game of the generation (Knack), and now the bobcat scratching back. What a time to be alive.
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    You fools. You absolute fools. This is all our fault.
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    Brainwashing Shadow just annoys me. Like, we spent five years on a redemption arc for him where he very clearly expressed free will and a desire to do good. It's just putting him in an antagonistic role just because and, like, it's not really relevant to his character anymore? Hell, why not brainwash Tails at this point, like you almost did in Colors? But fuck me; what do I know? At least we have a secondary villain that's probably the real cause of everything (bet you Eggman is brainwashed too. No way he's this competent). That's interesting.
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    Here's a carefully laid out bullshot of a character's quiver clipping through their sword hilt and wrist from one of the most critically-acclaimed games of all time: If only Nintendo could have tried.
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    Having Sonic's friends not doing much but shouting exposition during the levels is surely gonna warm people up to them lol.
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    The trailer was fucking amazing. It's been a long time since I've had this feeling. I'll be pre-ordering the PS4 version tomorrow and it'll be the first game I've ever pre-ordered. Hey, someone had to do it.
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    I'd rather Sonic go out and play with his friends instead of himself.
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    Because your argument was about the cyclical nature of the complaints, not about how they were being expressed: So, when new information drops on a game and I have a negative reaction to it, I shouldn't post then if I've had a negative reaction before. Got it. The Forces megathread's biggest issue by far was that a lot of it was simply off-topic and cluttered, dealing less with Forces and moreso with people's general feelings about the franchise as a whole. Also, you do a disservice to handwave any of the interesting speculation, idea exchanging, the informative videos by Sonikko, the interest in things like Modern Sonic's gameplay and the music that had been posted in the thread, and most people's general conclusions that the game will probably ultimately amount to "ok," to imply there was little of value or that no one gave the game a chance whatsoever. Hell, you do me a disservice; I know very well that I posted several times saying that E3 could turn things around, and I know I made reaction posts detailing the things I've liked about all facets of the game that have been displayed up until this point. So don't try to spin this narrative that the Forces thread was literally nothing but negativity just because you barely visited it due to your own preconceived notions. So two people is enough of a sample size for you to conclude what the overall opinion of everyone is, even though you admitted you haven't seen any positivity in the Forces megathread, not even the conversation about the fucking vocal themes which almost everyone had a positive reaction towards. This goes back to my point that you come across as having an issue against negative reactions versus an equitable discussion environment, and on that note: This next bit is not just towards you, but to everybody: We play this silly little schoolyard game every single time a new game drops and doesn't get the most glowing impressions. People who like the game get in their feelings and act like the world is against them just because their opinion may be in the minority. Negative opinions are inherently taken as personal attacks or calls for more optimistic people to censor themselves when that may not even be the case at all. For years, people have been allowed to get away with characterizing either specific members or the forum as a whole as being unreasonably intolerant to positive opinions of contentious new releases, sometimes ironically engaging in personal attacks themselves. This shit stops today. I personally will be monitoring the thread for the foreseeable future and actively handing out strikes or suspensions to any people who engage in this kind of victimization and shit-stirring. I will also make sure to hand out strikes or suspensions to any people who are negative about the game if they also break the rules. We did that yesterday in one of the Forces threads and we'll happily do it again. This is your first and only warning. If you want a more positive environment, you are free to: A.) Put members on your ignore list who you find intolerable. B.) Make a thread asking earnestly the things people like about the game. C.) Report actual rule breaking behavior. D.) Engage in conversation with members who have posted positive opinions and create those discussion tangents within the bigger topics. You are not obligated to respond to anyone and everyone. These behaviors would do wonders in better fostering an environment of just basic tolerance. You know what doesn't; constantly complaining that people are not happy, or saying people are "beating a dead horse" for reacting genuinely to new news, or insisting that people with positive opinions are "not being allowed to like the game." Get ahold of yourselves.
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    https://www.famitsu.com/news/201706/14135044.html Famitsu had the oppurtunity to talk about Mania and Forces with Nakamura and Iizuka. Aaaron Webber also teased an english interview ( Well about the Famitsu Interview, here is what I was able to pick out (bullet points) The Custom character was a feature the fanbase wanted for a long time. The game's three playstyles are overall Sonicy throughout, unlike Nakamura previous game he references, which was 06 The Avatar character does not go "beyond Sonic" in power and abilities, strenghs and weaknesses for each The fun of the Avatar comes from finding the right combination for different stages, and the rhythm paced gameplay like Modern Sonic, but offers a different flavour If you care about such questions like "Why is Shadow on the evil side", the story will be enjoyable The reception is great, based on YouTube views get more and more views each time. The Japanese seem to respond favourly to the serious story and the Avatar The overall development of the new Hedgehog Engine and developing on Switch was one of the biggest challenges Sonic Mania feels like Sonic CD to them (without time travel), and is overall the "sister game" to Forces.
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    E3 is officially here which means companies will be dropping new game reveals and extended previews, including Sega. We're at minimum expecting a glut of information regarding Sonic Forces and a subsequent increase in posting activity and flared emotions. To better prepare for this, we've closed the main Forces and Mania megathreads (and relevant threads of similar purpose). Staff believes megathreads have been a partial sticking point to the way SSMB has worked for awhile. Since they concentrate a lot of disparate discussion under one topic, it not only obscures updates but inconveniences members on discussing the things they're actually interested in, and the ballooning threads make it easier for massive derails to develop. Problematic posts and behaviors also become harder for us to isolate quickly, as when issues span pages specific posts and spats can lose general relevancy over time or just be forgotten/not reported altogether. So, to try and steer things towards more focused discussions and quicker moderation, the "new thread for new news" rule takes precedence. We expect most of the stuff revealed at E3 to get its own thread. Here's what the rule says counts as being thread worthy: "Articles and screenshots that reveal new information, trailers, cut scenes, trade show appearances, promotional tie-ins, interviews, concepts, etc." What of updates after the fact? How do you determine whether something deserves a new thread or should serve as a bump? The rule of thumb will be to reference the thread's subject matter and the date of last posting. Stick to this rule of thumb, examples, and common sense. I and other staff will also be more proactive in monitoring threads and splitting things up when deemed appropriate. Hopefully these measures will allow members to better focus on the parts of the upcoming games they actually care about, to contribute more constructively with far less fighting and spamming, and for us to be quicker on the ball when something does happen. If this works out, we might expand this to the rest of the forum in general. But for now, let's just see how this goes. As I said beforehand, you have a whole entire thread for anything concerning the new games: use it!
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    I absolutely LOVE Park Avenue Custom, and I've had it on repeat for the last few days. It's so catchy, both of the vocals are excellent and set the tone perfectly, and the Sonic R-esque female singing made me lose my shit like you won't believe. This is the best vocal track to come out of the series in ages, and I'm not just referring to the absence of a vocal track in the past few games - I mean this is probably the catchiest motherfucker since the Adventure days. I dig. I'm honestly shocked that few people are impressed by the song, at best it's had a pretty lukewarm reception. I think it's fantastic.
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    Hey, everyone! Glad you are digging the new Chemical Plant. We understand that it was already in Generations so our goal was to make it as different as possible to provide a brand new experience while also introducing a new generation of players to the original horror that is the Mega Mack. What better way to remix a fairly horizontal level than to make it entirely vertical, ay? Here's the E3 low-down thus far. Uuuuhhh... E3 owns. Ohshima-san came by and gave us his blessing. We've had lines around the booth with everyone super excited to play the game. We currently have 4 publications (including IGN and GameInformer) awarding us Best in Show Nominations (Overall, Platformer, Switch Game). Sonic and Crash Bandicoot got into. a dance-off. I've been taking non-stop photos of the booth that you can check out on muh Twitter. Stealth has also been takin' photos on his Twitter. This has been the coolest week of our lives. Thank you to all the Stadium people who have come by to kick it with us. It means the world. Svend/Dreadknux and I have been hugging pretty much the entire time at the Mania booth. So if you're at the show, just look out for the two grown men in tender embrace.
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    I'm personally hoping that Infinite attempts to usurp Eggman only to fail because Eggman one-ups him. It would be a fantastic character moment for the good doctor and a wonderful set-up for the final boss.
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    Seriously. The sad thing is that it's not even "differing opinions' anymore. It's just beating a dead horse, at this point.
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    Here's a thought. Perhaps it's not that Shadow has turned baddy again so much as... this is Shadow pulled from SA2, when he was still fueled by vengeance. Perhaps this is Chaos as pulled from SA1, before his rage was calmed.
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    This is so fucking masturbatory. Every character piles in to shout comments at you, two returning bosses, Chemical Plant maybe coming back too. What the fuck even is Sonic anymore? Is he even allowed to be anything? Because all this game seems to be so far is "remember what Sonic used to be?" And we only had one main series game since the last time they did that! Even when I think I can't possibly be more disappointed in Sonic Team, they find a way. There is always more and it is always worse. At least there's Mania...
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    Well, I played it earlier. Modern Sonic is fun. A bit too close to Colors gameplay for my liking, but not bad. It doesn't seem like you can drift anymore. 2D parts are alright. Easier to platform with the double jump. Also noticed I ran out of boost very often, since you don't get energy from rings anymore. Classic Sonic I can't say much on since it was a boss fight, but I liked Drop Dashing around. The bosses were pretty fun. Just super easy. Custom Hero was surprisingly fun too. Being unable to double jump threw me off though. I think I was a wolf or something. The electric Wispon is cool, but from the gameplay I saw I think Burst is better (I only got to play as the OC once and I picked the electric one). It is fun zapping along rings and through enemies though. The platforming felt less stiff than I expected. It was pretty floaty. The chase scene with the crab thing had major slowdown issues though. So, yeah. I'm very excited to play it when it releases.
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    That is quite possibly the coolest Sonic thing I've ever seen.
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    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/151136534 Skip to 18:45:00 to see gameplay of Modern Sonic in Park Avenue, Classic Sonic's boss fight, and the Custom Hero in Green Hill. (Thanks @BlueParadox for the YT links) (Thanks to @Tracker_TD for saving the screenshots) Also, Silver says something... interesting If you were disappointed to see Chemical Plant in Mania... oh boy. This had better not be what I think it is.
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    You see this, guys? This is, without a doubt, the greatest videogame screenshot of all time. You thought Zelda: Breath of the Wild was going to be the (only) game of the generation? Not on this plumber's watch.
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