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    Fun is not something one considers when being followed on Twitter. But this... does put a smile on my face.
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    I've gone about this issue about as light-handed as I reasonably could. I've already said this is about significant numbers of people, not just a couple of randos, and that a creator's got the right to defend their work against these sorts of accusations. I'm not really sure how much more assurance you need that I'm not arguing for "someone said a thing, shut it all down!" I'm pretty sure when your photoshops and memes involve the current president of the United States that's sufficient grounds to say there's a political angle to them, even if it may not be a particularly biting one. And I don't really buy the humor argument; too often shitty ideas float by unchallenged under the cover of "humor" or "irony" or "it's just a joke". It's often a cheap way to cover up intent from people who still think the internet is something separate from "real life". And the kind of jokes we choose to tell tell at least as much about our beliefs as anything else we say.
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    The real shock is that Rouge still uses flip-phones in 2019.
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    oh fuck it's been right in front of us this whole time
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    Man that was fu-*People complaining about characterization* I fucking knew somebody was going to make the complaint, but I really wanted to be wrong.
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    Great episode. Too bad there's only two, because I'm loving watching the characters interact with each other. Shadow just completely ignoring Rouge and Omega was great as was him stealing the Chao's popcorn and causing it to cry. Hopefully, we get some more shorts for the next game, but with the whole cast.
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    Knuckles cracks me up. Tyson's done a brilliant job in designing his personality, just as he did in the Mania Adventures shorts. Have some gifs: A decent episode. It's a shame there's only two for TSR. Hopefully they'll do more of these animations for future projects.
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    So the second part has been given a proper release date. Looks like the time didn't align for anything closer to launch after all. Also that is definitely an expression Shadow only reserves for his Sonic rivalry.
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    Leaked merch featuring Sonics revised movie design
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