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    Wedding Advice(or just congrats!)

    This is getting ridiculous now. All three accounts are going on mod queue and the topic will be locked until staff have decided this isn't a fucking troll. We're finding you're all logged in from the same device and the timing of activity like you have to take turns on a computer don't really help the case at all. We already fell for some lines about not believing you once, Levi, but I am not inclined to continue giving you the benefit of the doubt until I'm confident you're here in good faith. Oh, and would you look at that. Another account just registered. Yeah no, we're definitely not doing this.
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    The first line in the first leak was... "I'm a playtester for Sega of America". QA/Playtesting isn't done at SOA. That right there is the end of it.
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    The one mandate I don't agree with is that they can't call Sonic's home planet Mobius, I think they should bring the planet name back for the sake of world building and making it feel like the world the live in has an identity.
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    Clock: *turns from December 31st 11:59pm to January 1st 12:00am" Sonic Youtubers:
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    You can spare us the moral posturing over something that's been in the games for 23 years just because you want to use it as a point to screech about "corruption" over gender identity.
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    Posted this on twitter but I have a crazy idea on how to introduce Sticks in the IDW continuity Make be a character that was around the whole time but was living a normal life. In SA1 she lived in station square and then when perfect chaos appeared she became scared, then she saw the moon getting blown up, then the arc about to crash, she tries to move out and then she sees the egg fleet when she tries to move out, then the black arms invasion and then the planet split apart. Each experience made her think that the world was out to get her and she pretty much lost her mind and that’s why she constantly babbles stuff that would feel out of left field in this crazy universe
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    I'm pretty sure the rainbow-colored racetrack is from SA2 originally. Given that, I doubt it was an "innuendo" for anything.
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    Look, guys, Tyson's great-- he really is-- but he's still one man. He can't do everything. All we can do is hope that the people who are working on the show have at least nearly as much love and respect for Sonic as he does.
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    Well, my Mom managed to pull a few strings, as a doctor herself, so me and the family will get to see Nana one last time before she passes tonight. I'm not sure, if I want to do this, but I know I have to.
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    Sonic Channel

    Nobody seems to have posted the translations of the short story, so here you go.
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    His second quote about classic sonic is more interesting. “for what it’s worth I probably wouldn’t have chosen to do a classic show anyway. Sega is never going to return to classic wholesale, and the split isn’t doing this franchise any favors. The goal should be to just make Modern stuff good enough that people don’t need to reminisce anymore, imo.” This is absolutely the truth.
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    ...Are we really having transphobia here on a freaking Sonic the Hedgehog forum? Please. Gender identity is not "corruption". Neither is being gay. Anyway, I hate the Shadow mandates because I feel like they're forcing him to be a caricature of the character he used to be. Shadow wasn't even that edgy or angry in SA2... He actually quipped from time to time and had a respect for Sonic.
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    Chao have been genderless since Sonic Adventure, but alright..
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    Well, I'm back from saying goodbye to Nana. I don't know if she waa concious, but I'm glad I did.
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    The best part about the "Absolutely" react is that I can never tell if it's being used in a "Ugh I can't believe this even has to be said" context or "Yeah sure dude whatever you say" context
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    Someone linked me to a Sonic Drift video the other day. One of the first details in the rumor was that sega signed an NDA that let playtesters talk about the game as long as they don't share photos or video. If any NDA worked this way then I'm pretty sure NDAs would be entirely redundant. Anyway, you've kind of answered your own question with the OP. There's a content drought and youtubers who are centralized entirely on a lot of rapid fire, reactionary content are going to have to try to keep the carny show running with nothing to run it on. Sonic Rift is the latest in a long series of rumors that have plagued Sonic tube for about 5 years now, and just about every time it comes down to drying to squeeze blood out of a stone. 10 minutes of mumbled padding, sensationalizing and baseless speculation and for what? Just to hold your attention for a couple of minutes before you move onto something else? Youtube is already basically the fast food of entertainment and this is as cheap as it gets. In terms of activity, Sonic is a series of peaks and valleys. Sudden bursts of activity followed by some lengthy silence. It's not something you can run this type of channel on sustainably so they cling to the deluge of fan content. drama and rumors instead. Widening their net of coverage can help a lot with this too but just from what I've heard some of these guys say they don't seem to have much of a frame of reference outside of Sonic anyway. Assuming they have to cling to Sonic, what can they do? . Video essays and retrospectives can be equally obnoxious and vapid, but at least they're usually a bit more well thought out by default. Covering older media instead of headlines means you have no real need to be current and timely either and can post whenever you want as long as you have something worth saying. If you don't want to do that, fangames could always use more attention. Draw some fanart. Do an animation. Audio dramas. Hell, the comics come out monthly and they're barely a blip on these people's radar. Anything is better than this. This low-effort content doesn't feel necessary in any way. There's some risk associated on spending more time per video but I feel like Sonic fans are a more consistent audience than most as long as you capture their attention.
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    hi i worked on this, i *wrote* this
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    I just read Issue 36. It's the best issue of the arc for me. I think everyone within came out looking nice and spiffy. Yeah. I was a bit so-so on the start of the arc but having the complete picture makes this all feel rather well done. It was a nice, fun little adventure and it's just another monthly reminder of why I love being a Sonic fan. The only draw back, once again, is the month long wait for the next one.
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    They are power fantasies for 8-11 year old children. Their canon ages are just fine for this and I never understood why anyone had a problem with them beyond needless griping. Any complaints about their supposed maturity can be explained by the fact that most of them have canonically been raising themselves since they were young. Why have they been raising themselves? Cos parents aren't cool. They've never really come off as super mature to me regardless though honestly. It'd be weird if Sonic and Knuckles were 25 and still acted the way they do about girls. Multiply this weirdness for Shadow/Blaze/Silver and how often their clear emotional immaturity causes problems. Amy's completely idealized perspective on love that lacks any of the nuance that comes with experience. Espio's faux-intellectual philosophy that comes off like he watched one too many movies more than anything else. Charmy and Marine just genuinely acting their age in most regards. Its a 'problem' I see less and less logic behind the more I think about it. I don't think I find a single thing about their current personalities relatable as a 23 year old aside from Vector's empty pockets.
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    when the mods wake up and look at the new topics section
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    Are you aware of which game Iizuka has actually directed? You attribute Shadow to Naka here when Iizuka directed it, along with SA1, SA2 and heroes. He serves as a producer on modern Sonic which is a key role but not the same thing as director. The current director (Kishimoto) definitely has his own style, just as Naka, Hashimoto and even Iizuka did before. All this drama over Iizuka genuinely feels like its only happening because hes the only name people know regardless of his influence on the brand.
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    I feel like that one's a bit overstated, personally. I've always interpreted it as "Sonic has to win in the end". In Archie especially he had setback after setback, but he ultimately comes out with a decisive victory to the conflict. I think the issue is sometimes those conclusions have a tendency to be rushed, suffer from the story trying to do too many things at once or needlessly dragging out certain conflicts without adding anything meaningful to them to the point that aspects of those conclusions almost feel unearned or out of place (looking at you, Chip). Even in IDW we have stuff like the Metal Virus which got to the point Sonic could barely do anything, and the games are pretty much set up with Sonic having some kind of challenge even though the writing quality in the games are a huge toss-up.
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    My last living grandparent, my Nana is dying. And unfortunately, we can't go in and see her due to COVID. That's put an ugly spot on today. I just feel so numb right now.
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    No words can truly express how disgusting this entire situation has become. All the shit they spouted over the years. "Trust the process, protect the police, 'rioters', ect. ect. ect." Fuck right off.
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    Its what makes Silver distinct from Sonic & Shadow; while Shadow may have his own insecurities and vulnerabilities, he generally manages to work past them to get the job done and Sonic's entire personality is basically being as self-assured as possible with almost no hangups. Silver, by contrast, just isn't the same as them. He lacks Sonic's confidence, and Shadow's perseverance and I think that's why his character took some getting used to. We were so used to the other two hedgehogs being self-confident tough guys, that having Silver be so vulnerable felt jarring and different. He was "lame" he wasn't "cool". And that "lame" and "uncool" characterization has kind defined him; most fan works just portray him as a whiny loser who gets abused. Its ironically that embracing those same traits that endeared people to him after a while. Its just his awkward and earnest attitude that helps him standout. Its also what kind of helped him; while they've been mishandling Shadow, they've just kind of embraced Silver's dorky nature and people seem alright with it.
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    From the very start, Balan looked extremely reminiscent of *that* era of Sonic Team games to me - Sonic Heroes, Billy Hatcher, NiGHTS JoD, warts and all. Charming and well intentioned but just not good enough. Being proven wrong would've been a great thing, what a shame.
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    So, a lot, if not all of Trump's last minute pardons might be very, very defective. And potential to undo or ex-convict easily. Gooooood.
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    This has always been a weird point of contention for me. I don't think you can put any number on the ages of Sonic characters and have it feel right or make much sense. It's one of those things better left unsaid. Giving the characters actual ages doesn't really add anything to the series and ends up raising more questions than it answers. So ideally I'd just think of Cream and Charmy as ambiguously being kids, Tails as fair bit younger than Sonic and Vector probably as the oldest of the bunch. That's pretty much it. Any further information on that front seems irrelevant.
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    Yay! Today it's my birthday! *proceeds to stay half of the day doing tests*
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    Sonic Channel

    "Yeah I don't need these but I'll still use them to beat the shit out of you, you blue bitch." When am I gonna see this Knuckles in the games again
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    Sonic Channel

    Yep its gonna be Sonic & Game character for this year: Here's a story: http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/topics/special/coverstory/20210118_002454/
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic Concept Art

    Shadow's concept designs have been discussed to death over the years, but I still think that Sonic Team made the right design in the end with the design that they went with. The whole plot point about Shadow being mistaken for Sonic is a bit contrived, I'll admit. But it's not the biggest stretch in the world and it doesn't challenge my suspension of disbelief, especially when you consider just how few anthros were present in the games back then. Bonus points for Shadow being another hedgehog capable of running absurdly fast. Had they gone with a design that made Shadow look more like Sonic, it would have been more difficult to see Shadow as his own entity. He'd always have been an anti-Sonic. I'm not going to pretend that Shadow was ever a particularly deep and nuanced character at even the best of times, but he's been able to stand on his own two feet in part because of his design being so distinct from Sonic's. Not to mention that we already have Metal Sonic to fulfill the anti-Sonic role. People are never going to stop making all the "lol so edgy" jokes. And on paper, it's easy to write him off an an evil Sonic; he looks like Super Sonic but he's black and red and wears rocket shoes. But ultimately Shadow's final design is pretty perfect. It conveys a lot whilst remaining simple and uncluttered. The guy looks sleek. His concept art provides an interesting insight into how one of the best characters in the series started off.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    So, I haven't even started on the IDW series. Despite the years, I am still very, very salty over how the Archie situation ended. I feel like starting it, now, would make me unfairly critical to IDW. That being said, I wound up seeing scans over some of Eggman's lines and it does make me excited because his portayal is very similar to how I viewed the guy. This, in particular. He's more than capable of just ending Sonic at a moment's notice and he's aware of that, but his ego means he has to do it in a very specific way. He's crazy, not incapable. He gets into his own way. Some point, I want to read this. Just taking a very long time.
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    Indigo Rush

    SSMB's BGM today:

    SSMB's BGM today:
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    I posted a more accurate summary on Retro and forgot to post it here : - He claims that since neither SEGA nor EA/Bioware fought for the rights of Shade, he can use her. - One of his arguments is that SEGA never have gone against Archie for losing the rights to the comic material/assets, so obviously they wouldn't go after him about Shade. He uses the case of DeCarlo as the basis of this argument. - He claims he has no plans to use her other than a couple of sentences in Julie-Su's bio and a 2 or 3 panel sequence in a story. - His reasons : "protecting The Lara-Su Chronicles" - "Because it took so long to fight Archie, it created complications in my case against SEGA & EA, resulting in essentially a dismissal. But because the dismissal was without prejudice, that meant the lawsuit against SEGA & EA could be refiled if SONIC CHRONICLES or any elements from it became an arguable issue." - "From my perspective, my lawyers have always cautioned that if THE LARA-SU CHRONICLES were to become a success, there was a chance SEGA might want a piece of the action. What precludes that from happening is the passage of time as a result of my taking so long to get it done. For SEGA to file anything against me raises the question and my defense via the fact they never sued Archie for the loss of a valuable asset such as the ARCHIE Sonic series. By not taking action against Archie, or against me over the years as a result of my selling Lara-Su merchandise, SEGA has placed themselves in the same position as Dan DeCarlo with Archie. When they had the chance to fight back, they choose not. Thus Dan lost his case against Archie because he never fought Archie over the Josie opyrights." - "My actions regarding Shade and also the Archie SONIC & KNUCKLES stories are more in line to protect not only my interests, but that of the other creators and to keep the work from falling into public domain."
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    Time to break up the monotony of this timeline here . . . with something random that showed up in my recommendations XD
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    Joe knows how to get things done:
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    This isn't a Shadow focused story arc. His attitude problem is a subplot in the wider mystery. It's more of a classic sonic arc where everyone's contributions-including his- help make things right which is why I don't even get why he's being called a failure in the first place.
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    Sonic Channel

    Seems we might be getting multiple characters within all the wallpaper artworks this year.
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    Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

    AMERICA: 2020

    Trump's twitter account is FINALLY no more.
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    If I ever get married, I'll make sure to get the priest and my fiancee to sign up for SSMB and we'll do it through status updates.
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    It's scary how Crash 4 is on par, if not more torturous to complete, than Super Mario Sunshine.
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    Sonic losing isn’t anywhere near the same thing as Sonic dying. I don’t know where in the world you got that idea out of what Rogue said over that mandate. And “Sonic can’t lose” risks making Sonic boring. I don’t want to know if Sonic is going to turn out okay, I want to know how he will succeed in the end or how badly he fails and how that will impact him going forward to set things right. That’s no where close to saying “I want Sonic to die.”
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    I'm still not even sure how Eggman has 99.9% of the planet. Did they just forget that the Robians were freed like....an issue ago? Or the fact that there's far more territories than only Knothole, that has a ton of Freedom Fighter members? Like yeah, I'd say Eggman owns a wide majority of the planet, but 99.9%??
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    For one thing, this fanbase is fractured as hell. There's constant mindless bickering that makes it seem as though they are inconsistent with their desires on what they want from Sega. Meanwhile Sega continues to fumble with the series in the craziest ways imaginable and keep splitting the fanbase. The overall fanbase tends to be louder than most (some great and some absolutely horrid ways) that easily attracts the attention of outsiders. But this is why it's hard sometimes to say "Sonic fanbase" as a whole cause then you gotta ask "which one?". It's like Sega makes as many Sonic fanbases as they make timelines.
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    The main cast of heroes hasn't had a new addition to it since Silver hit the scene in 2006. As far as villains, we have very few and the last we can comfortably say have been permanent additions are the Deadly Six which came about in 2014 and since then haven't been used in their full capacity in a game outside of Lost World unless you count Sonic Runners. This seems like a very odd time to wonder or worry about who to keep and who to remove as we're still trapped in a time where they're not being utilized at all outside of the IDW book. Speaking as someone who likes Jet, what would removing him actually do at this point? The most that would happen is that you'd have one less option to choose from a playable roster in a spin-off game. It's basically the same thing as demanding less content for no reason. 10 plus years of only Sonic in my 3D games hasn't had me looking back and wondering who else to remove. Conversely, the roster is an appropriate size and doesn't need anymore added to it as far as the heroes are concerned. As such, I'd only really focus on adding to Sonic's rogues gallery. Let's see if we can give him some Batman villains to spice a few things up from time to time but that's about all I feel would be necessary.
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