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    Radiant Hero Ike

    Commission I did

    Commission I did
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    It's actually been years since I last coloured anything in the adventure style. That was originally with Photoshop, too. Now that I use Clip Studio, I'll have to alter the method slightly. Completion Rate: 57%
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    Drew this for Miku Monday
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    A little early but one last pic of my Rosy for the year to welcome in the new year. I know I could have waited to post it but I just prefer posting as soon as I'm done so here we are. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys and will be as excited to see the new year as her. I know I am 😊
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    Notice Eggman is in his 'Man of the Year' PJ's in the new episode.
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    Sonic Legacy - Our Legacy (Sonic Legacy Theme) EkoNeo & Pauly B (78% complete) Lyrics - Half of the second verse is written. One it's finished, that will be the whole song written. It's pretty challenging coming up with sentences pertaining to the same subject, while also keeping it relative to how timed the first verse is. But it's finally happening. I hope the lyrics aren't too cheesy for the audience though. I am trying, but it can be hard sometimes. Instrumentals - There's a chord change near the end of this song. I've been having to adjust and try to keep it interesting, since it is the last part of the song I feel like this is where the climax should be. So I'm really gonna have to rock out on those drums. I want to add just a little more to the background, so I went with more Sky Synth, with kind of a spacey feel to it. Just a new sequence I'm trying. We'll see what happens
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    In terms of animation, Into the Spider-Verse deserves the oscar. That animation has pushed the envelope further than anything else. But its the Oscars so means Disney/Pixar win.
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    Kaze no Klonoa

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    I may have said I couldn't really draw today in someone else's status, but something about this Sonic head made me feel like I should finish it up regardless. Maybe someone here can tell me what works for this head as I just can't figure it out right now. All I can see are the flaws so I could use the help of someone who isn't me to help me see it.
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    SEGA of America and Team Mania continue to deliver.
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