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    a little comic thing i did with the custom characters that appear this magazine XD
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    GUYS, I figured it all out, the mysterious logo is actually:
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    Childhood satanists get together in one final attempt to summon Cthulhu (circa 1947)
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    The interview was an absolute success! They were really impressed with my portfolio. As reward... gonna see Captain Marvel again!
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    i drew some cursed images hehehe
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    Woo! My ARMS fan art is finally finished! Safe to say that I am VERY excited for this game.
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    Sonic Mania Plus: Amy Rose reveal trailer (but not really):
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    Just gonna drop this right here

    Just gonna drop this right here
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    I drew a sketch of a fantasy character I have, and it looks so good! I can finally see how much I’ve improved, that I’m confident enough to share it!
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    I don't usually draw real life portraits. I thought I'd give this one a try. Um...it's supposed to be Stan Lee.
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    Here's some Snicks

    Here's some Snicks
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    So this is what happened right?

    So this is what happened right?
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    ^Huh, I thought that pose looked familiar!
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    A little more info about IDW Sonic.
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    world's tiniest cat oh god there are so many sprites this is going to take forever
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    Oh wow. (On another note, I took and passed my driver's test today as well.)
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    Here's the result of my 15 hour art exam
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    *when you see members you've known for years becoming mods* late in saying this but congrats to the new mods!
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    I...don't actually know what the new reaction implies. 😐
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    When it's time to chase Moneybags in Spyro 3
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    When you're on another forum that isn't SSMB and isn't even powered by IPB, and you can't figure out why you can't give a "Chuckles" reaction to a funny post.
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    My latest monstrosity.
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    Sonic Forces - 2017
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    Celebrating the anniversary of the greatest Sonic character of all's first starring role
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    I will.... possibly... buy Sonic Forces if this becomes an actual mod.
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    A part of me wants Forces to have a special SEGA intro where the thing normally plays but gets interrupted by red glitching and the Phantom Ruby sound effect.
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    Made quickly in time for the N Sane Trilogy: you_did_it__by_e_122_psi-dbdweil.png Some congrats are in order from oniichan.
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    Really proud of how this one came out. I should open an art topic some day. Some day...
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    Scored an interview for the University I applied for! Things are looking bright!
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    The last of my grades just came in and it’s official... I’m apart of the graduating class of 2018 with a Bachelors of Science (specifically computer science). So I’m finally done with school for now!... wait, what happens now
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    This weekend has been stressful and exhausting, but I feel a sense of closure in many ways, and a call to action to make my grandfather proud. I'll be back home by Sunday night, then my new job starts. This has been a tumultuous time for me, but thanks guys for listening to me vent this week. I'll be back to being critical about blue hedgehogs again soon, I promise.
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    Decided to go a little crazy. Consider this my 4 year anniversary picture. Every Sentinel ever made!
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    As of yesterday I am officially a college graduate!
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    Guys could you help me out? I tried to change my email password to ''Infinite'' but it keeps telling me that password is too weak.
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    A Sonic stage which has you running up the inside of a skyscraper, constant right turns, vaulting over office furniture, defeating office employee themed robots. When you finally reach the top Eggman appears in a helicopter and begins shooting you. You then run down the side of the building dodging Eggmans bullets and glass as the windows get shot up.
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    sonic forces is fuken bad where are my likes
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    The gang's all here!

    The gang's all here!
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    Checked our apartment and the windows are fine, we still have water and power, so we'll bring our stuff back in today. Can't wait to just sit at my desk again and get back to doodling like always.
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    I LIIIIIIIVE!!!!! Sorry for the absence, I was in the hospital for nearly two months and just got home today, though still in a bit of rough shape, but I'm getting help, so no worries.
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    I'm still alive! And I had a great birthday the other day. Here's to hoping we can find a stable place to live soon. Anyway, Infinite the Edgelord is basically my new favorite character. I just drew an awesome pic of him last night~
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    Here's a early peak on a Pauline pic I'm working on for Cutie Saturday. Hopefully work will let out a little earlier than norm like they said they would. That will give me more time to finish this.
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    Shall we play a game? My final poster Season 3 of SSMB Heroes Academy has arrived featuring characters from every member! Join the adventure today and take on the greatest threats with the greatest heroes!
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    So hey, this is a cool thing I commished a cool artist to do.
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    The new Luigi's Mansion looks great
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    So this is a thing...

    So this is a thing...
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