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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Thinks about tails the last few years Yes
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    One thing I did appreciate (and appreciate even more today) about Shadow's levels was how big they were. As well as how many of them were in the game. I don't think they used that space to the best of their ability but they tried at least. I also still believe that the way Shadow the Hedgehog handled the extended cast was the best way to do it concerning a game where you're only playing as one character. Just having your one controlled character head around the world and thrust himself into situations that are being occupied by a random Sonic character on their own personal mission did a whole lot to make it feel like everyone was in a mad scramble to do something important. It also helped it feel way more chaotic, which is something I prefer to just seeing all the characters huddled together in the same room, looking at a big TV screen. I have a tiny bit more hope that something like that might still be possible for the current Sonic Team to pull off again but only slightly.
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    tfw when the statuses become a bunch of I Hate Everything knockoffs
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    Huh, Black Knight IS only a decade old. Okay, I change my vote. Sonic and the Black Knight is my favorite Sonic story of the last decade. It attempted something thematically and committed to it. It had beautiful presentation due to the moving artwork cutscenes, and I'm going to count that as a point for the story because storytelling methods deserve just as much attention and praise as the writing itself. Seeing familiar characters reappear in new and strange ways was fun, and the game successfully matched tone with its environments and aesthetics. The fake-out ending worked better than it had any right to, and while the true ending doesn't have the same pathos as Secret Rings, it still managed to mean a lot to some people here who played it. Not perfect by any means, but then again, what Sonic plot is?
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    Oh, right. My avatar reminded me that I doodled this picture of Pac-Man a little while ago. Really wish I could get rid of the sketch marks, cuz I really liked how this turned out otherwise.
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    Started Banjo Kazooie!

    Started Banjo Kazooie!
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    Well, Pokemon sure grew up with its audience
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    Whoever thought that the poison mushroom chasing you throughout the level was a good idea should think about what they've done.
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    Me reading the statuses right now:
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    It's really bothering my how an important piece of Kung-Jin's past is relegated to brief pre-fight banter in MK11.
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