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    I still can't say that I care much about the Direct itself at the end of it all but this... This is what E3 is all about.
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    “Gotta Catch approximately 19% of ‘em!” -Pokemon’s new slogan
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    Watching the Animal Crossing Treehouse footage, Hisashi Nogami clearly still has a love for Splatoon :D His avatar resembles his squidsona(?) from the Squid Research Labs, and he's carrying a squid in his inventory. Oh, I love it! Never change, Nogami!
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    This is has been the most cynical I have been this E3. Thank God for Square and Nintendo for making me remember that I do like video games.
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    I just spent the last 40 minutes learning about Pappy Van Poodle. Time well spent.
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    (Tweet chain) Contains vivid and graphic descriptions, so be careful if you choose to read this, but wow, this really is a insightful read on why what Activision/IW was saying about Modern Warframe recently is problematic and concerning. Companies really don’t get it and understand this shit
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    Spyro is literally nowhere near as big to warrant it, and the idea they couldn't lessen it down further is fucking ridiculous. Case in point, Doom 2016 is 80GB on PS4, and that was ported to Switch with no issues.
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    (tweet) Truth hurts

    (tweet) Truth hurts
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    My gosh, does that look great! The original Looney Tunes shorts are my favorite cartoons of all time and to see this kind of style come back makes me happy!
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