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    Bits of the Far From Home score released. mmmm. Musical consistency. Thank you, Marvel Phase 3.
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    I just realized today’s the 10th anniversary of Wii Sports Resort.
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    Been playing a little DK64 recently. I think this one could really benefit from a remake
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    Word to the Wise: We are about to enter the 2020s. We really, really shouldn't be getting games where actual gameplay looks maginally weaker than the cutscenes/artwork. Y'all know when you played games back in the 80s-90s and wonder what they would look like if they looked just like the cover art and/or FMVs? After having that mostly fulfilled by now, we really should be long past this. Not to put this game's ingame artstyle down by itself, but this intro stays much more true to the original's doesn't help it at all.
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    Wait, I recall reading on this very forum that Sonic Team took 2 years to develop the Hedgehog Engine 2, which was used in the game, while the game itself only started in mid 2016.
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    Etika Appreciation Thread

    Here’s his profile if anyone wanted to leave some thoughts. I’m really heartbroken by his death. He was a fun person to interact with on here and it’s a shame he wasn’t able to get the help he needed on time.
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    Etika Appreciation Thread

    Indeed. He put his all into everything he did, and you could see the energy and enthusiasm he put into his community in every new video. He'll be greatly missed by his friends and many fans. RIP Iceman.
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    Article about "Iceman" Etika is up. For those who didn't know, he used to be one of ours, and in many ways, always will be.
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    This isn't wrong exactly, but even early in the series we were getting GHZ lookalikes like Emerald Hill and Palmtree Panic. They're not as blatant as straight up reusing GHZ, but they're very clearly riffing on the original. It's something that needs to be balanced. Sonic Team's gone too far lately, overusing and cheaply exploiting GHZ as a recognizable location, but it isn't a bad thing for a series to build up consistent aesthetics and recurring locations. Sometimes people seem to be in a rush to throw out anything that's been brought back to the series and that's just overcompensating for Sonic Team's mistakes.
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    It... really wasn't though. Someone, somewhere in Sonic Team full well understood that kind of potential. Stages like Metropolis Capital City (aka Operation Big Wave) and Sonic's Boss Battle against Infinite are absolute showcases of how they should have implemented the phantom ruby though much of the game. Warping the landscape into impossible hellish nightmares that change the dynamic of how you approach each area. Those were set pieces where you could see and feel his power. Presented in a manner where you could believe the gem could thwart the entire resistance army. It spectacle in form and function and allows for the impossible angles and wacky level design while still being grounded and believable. They could build levels within levels. They had free range to make wild transitions without sacrificing the consistency of the locations. They struck pure gold... but only played with it in 1 or 2 levels. MADNESS. Even when they have a good idea, they somehow decide to under utilize it.
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