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    social anxiety is spending 30 minutes writing a silly joke post then another 5 hesitating to submit it before ultimately deciding not to
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    there's a godzilla vs kong movie coming next year but if you know your kaiju history it's obvious who's going to win and why
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    (pic/art) god i haven't drawn these two fuckers in forever
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    Things have been busy, but I've been getting to them whenever I can! MAYA FEY: @Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice
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    Wow, it's official, DC killed off Vertigo and are replacing the line with age imprints like DC Kids, and Black Label. https://www.newsarama.com/45716-dc-elminating-all-imprints-including-vertigo-zoom-ink-shifting-organizational-approach-to-age-labels.html?fbclid=IwAR2Pxro7lgusU-slOJWO53ZE5d6M-zXJrMfJzbCr8_bIYfMpQzEjRGh21IY
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    What the actual legitimate fuck is wrong with some people? You expect a kid who’s too young to watch John Wick to know fully well who the man is?
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    https://www.activision.com/cdn/crash/CTR_NF_COMIC.pdf Love how they made a comic for CTR Nitro Fueled.
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    after seeing TS4 i am very adamant (i always was tho) that Toy Story is the greatest film franchise of all time, and i will take no disagreements, thank you, class dismissed
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    I'm applying for a writing job, and they want me to give them a two page research paper by tomorrow. I sent the application weeks ago and thought it a lost cause, so I'm actually happy to have a homework assignment omg.
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