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    What? Sonic had a period of really, really bad games? PEOPLE MENTION IT SO RARELY THAT I HAD FORGOTTEN
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    you really need to get a hobby or something dood.
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    You tell me, considering you're posting from the same IP as the OP. Come on, entertain us.
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    Sonic Rivals 2 ~Ripped Artworks~

    All resources ripped by me - Mefiresu Some examples of artworks in archive: Characters: Costumes: Cards: Full archive here: DOWNLOAD. Have a nice day!
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    April Fool's topics are dumb and today is not an excuse for making dumb topics.
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    ...holy crap, people on the internet were nice to each other back then. Arguments were kept civil without raging like all hell broke loose! Disagreements were met with amicable responses, even from those who disagree themselves!? WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED.
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    Yesterday we had the Freeze microwave, today we make fire out of water. Is it too much to ask for a shrink ray before the end of the week?
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    Saying this could possibly get me into hot water and might not even be worth saying, but I really gotta get it off my chest. Sometimes, I question why I sign on here, and it's mostly because of the users. I'm not gonna throw anyone under the bus by naming names, but goddamn, some of you are so rude, condescending, and overall unlikeable. It's pretty bad when I'm saying this, believe me, because I rarely dislike people. You can't change who people are, and I understand that. I'm just simply voicing my opinion and stating that I think a lot of people here need an attitude change. I'm by no means trying to offend anyone either. Really. EDIT: And I'm not really speaking from personal experience (though I'm sure things like this have occued to me before, which I just brushed off), but rather how I see other users treat each other. I usually just keep my mouth shut, but I have taken note on a lot of things here.
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    For those wondering, us lot one the news staff did get told about this yesterday, only we're not sure how to cover it, current theory is to set up some kind of donation for the life boat crew who tried to save his life... but again it's not as easy as that since it's still so soon to the funeral and nobody wants it to look like we're trying to intrude on the families grief or anything like that. And it's shit like this that makes me wonder if we should actually do anything about it. What the fuck is wrong with you two.
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