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    As of today, September 23 Japan Time, Nintendo is 130 years old!
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    @Silvereyes The new x men is good, if you are talking about hickmans run. Read it. Yeah he's supposed to immune to disease, people are speculating though it might make him sentient or he might like sonic said when he first got infected eventually become so angry , just gain sentience and rebel. This just in man so angry that he literally can't die. I don't think it showed she was the real leader of anything. She never really gives objectives to anyone, and neither of them would listen anyway. If anything it showed they are kinda barely a team because shadow is in fact not listening to anyone, and sega is dictating him to be that character. I wish they were more a team but , i'm not in charge so its whatever. And there's now a built in narrative back door to keep him from listening to her in any regard. So we will see where that goes I guess. At this point they exist as a team because technically they were a team once. But not even that according to sega, that's right I forgot. Sega said they weren't even a team, shadow just finds them useful. I forgot the new lore. You are right, internet people didn't like that.They haven't stopped talking about, even the community manger and Ian Flynn didn't like it. I don't think anyone has an issue with it being by the numbers. I think if anyone has issues its more so that they expected more stuff to be happening. I think a lot of people are really wondering about that shadow thing back during the whole invasion of angel island thing. And some impatient folks just wanted shadow fighting whisper or some shit book one. But I'm seriously in doubt anything happens with that at this point.
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    When you're playing a level in Endless mode in Mario Maker and see that the level title isn't punctuated you might as well skip it immediately because there's a 90% chance that it's trash
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    Weird Official Sonic Art

    I'm pretty sure 80% of them were older stories. The most obvious majority were stories written by Michael Gallagher and penciled by [whoever tended to do his wackier stories], some of which featured the return of the Universalamander, an island of lost Badniks, Pseudo Sonic turning giant to fight the Forty Fantom Freedom Fighters, and a weird Groundhog Day Loop story with Sonic. Now of course, there were a select few stories that seemed and most likely were new, but sorta bridged the gap in terms of who worked on them. The only one that comes to mind is the Espio in the Golden Hive Story, which was written by Mr. Flynn, pencilled by [someone I don't recall that had a different style with relatively thick outlines], and yet was lettered(?) by Mr. Penders. And coming full circle, that Knuckles panel is from a story featuring Renfield T Rodent for the first time since the LSD issue(?) that was originally written by Romy Chacon and was clearly penciled by J. Axer. And as you may or may not have heard, J. Axer had a decent number of conceptual designs/redesigns that were also in storage, most notably a redesign for Nic that helped change Mr. Flynn's mind about killing her offscreen and ended up in the Complete Sonic Encyclopedia. Of course, I'm sure there were indeed a few previously skipped ideas like King Shadow mixed in there. Wasn't there something called Dear Aly, for example?
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    I totally forgot about Indivisible for the longest time and now it's almost out. I don't buy actually buy a lot of indie games but Im pretty interested in this one
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    i wanna hear somebody use a sample from the beat of the first 10 seconds of Tidal Tempest present and rap over it
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    Moved to a new bedroom!

    Moved to a new bedroom!
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    Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart (22% complete) Been slowing down a little bit, my special guests are willing and can make the time for it, but I have to time this just right. It's gonna be a big project. I'm already finished with the backdrop to the first verse, and I've got most of the additional lyrics written out. I'm only missing one or two lines. I've already synthesized the intro guitar sequence from the start and added a little more to fill it out, but it sounds so good in other parts of the song, so I've got it playing throughout most of the loops. This upcoming part should be a little simpler now that I basically have the foundation for the entire rest of the song down. Easy Street!
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