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    Good thing I still had this on my Photobucket.
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    I could have just easily said the same thing but with Sonic in it, but, guess what? I know when not to act like an immature fanboy and I honestly respect other peoples characters. Take your trolling to another forum. Anyways, I see that the Big Egg has some new artwork. Even if it is similar to the past other stock poses but with a different hand posture. But still, new artwork! But still. SEGA's lazy.
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    So, in your opinion, even if one enjoys the Mario franchise (Which is quite a bit of people, might I add), they would be getting a better deal by buying the iPhone version of the game, despite it lacking said Mario characters/items/levels? Just because you dislike Mario doesn't mean everyone else does too. People who dislike Banjo aren't getting a "worse deal" by buying the 360 version of Sonic & SEGA Racing, they're simply given the option to play as a character whom they might not want to play as, likewise those who dislike Mario who find themselves purchasing "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games".
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    ANNOUNCEMENT: The Reputation System

    This was such a poor excuse for Dread to gain more points. Booo! My car battery has also died, which I'm sure will also have something to do with Dread. T
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    Your favorite game ever

    One of my favorite games off all time is Starfox Adventures. Everything in this game is damn near perfection, down to the single layers of graphics, which is one of the aspects of the game that is acclaimed. This game has a high replay value IMO, and it is just so fun and addicting to play, despite the gameplay being Zelda-based. My favorite aspect of the game is the music because it connected to the areas where you could play at, especially Thorntail Hollow.
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    I am quite curious as to who is going through this thread with a fine-tooth comb and downrating anyone (-5? ) who even dares disagree with Kintor. It really is quite hilarious how petty people are being about this. Oh, well I'll be sure to look for it when I can't fucking see anything because the camera doesn't scroll fast enough. You can think whatever the hell you want. When I brought it up, I was referring directly as to how each game challenges the player. Galaxy and Ratchet and Clank throw difficulty at the players in later levels that are almost entirely skill based. In later levels, Sonic Unleashed relies almost exclusively on cheap hits/deaths and QTEs to raise difficulty. Whether or not the two games are of the same style of platformer really doesn't matter for the statement I made that he was relating to. Based on your phrasing and how irrelevant the statement was to the topic at hand, it seems very much like the only reason you brought it up was as a dig or something. No he isn't. He's talking about how the difficulty curve should be done in Unleashed like in those two games. He wasn't saying that those games are better because the style of gameplay is better. I'd imagine they would come up with some kind of warning system that would allow you to dodge enemies that you otherwise wouldn't be able to see coming. Not like Sonic Team, who just let you run right into the enemy and then call it "challenge." And? It was a crap way to handle things back then as well.
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    Silent Protagonists

    I don't mind silent protagonist at all. IMO, action speak louder than words and at times, silence is golden. Though I guess it depends on the story whether it is simplistic like Mario where you have to save the princess all the time from Bowser, does a story like this really needs to be filled with dialogue? It is necessary or not. The some of the problems with speakable protagonist are notably having bad script/writing/dialogue and sometimes bad VAs, and with silent and mute heroes you hardly get that stuff (though there are grunts/other sounds and small words spoken from some). Also, I play games for gameplay than for story and VAs or anything else for that matter so I'd rather play a silent hero with great gameplay than a loud mouth who can't STFU for one moment with crappy gameplay.
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    Anyone else gotten tired of seeing Metal Sonic figure skate to Swan Lake? No? Me neither.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT: The Reputation System

    For those of you who have been here long enough since the forum upgrade, you'll have noticed that we have a Reputation System set up. We, the SSMB mods and admins, have noticed an increasing number of cases where this system is being abused, to the point where members of malicious intent constantly give negative reputation points to a victim after a dispute or debate. We call this act 'neg-spamming', and we don't like it. At all. We expect our members to be mature and adult enough to treat the Reputation System with respect. If you find a post that is outrageous, off-topic, flamebait/flaming or otherwise breaking the rules, by all means add a negative point. Conversely, we encourage you to give positive reputation points to members that post exceptionally well in a given topic. What we don't expect to see is immature butthurt idiots come to a disagreement in a debate, do a post history search on the opposing member and then neg-spam them in retaliation. The administrators can pull up a member's reputation history and determine exactly who has been giving reputation to who, for what posts in what topics, at the exact time and date. If we have reason to believe you are responsible for neg-spamming, we will not hesitate to take action. We have banned several members recently by abusing this system, so don't think you can get away with it. If you feel you are the victim of a neg-spamming, please contact one of the SSMB Administrators (either myself, Chris, bmn or Roarz -- moderators haven't the power to check Reputation history as far as I'm aware) and detail your last actions over the last few days. If we determine that you're a member in good standing, or otherwise have an extraordinary case, we will investigate and take appropriate action on the offending member, and your lost points will be given back to you. However, don't contact an admin just because your total number of Reputation Points is in the minus numbers! We can't cure the fact that people just might not like what you say. We will only investigate if the matter is an extraordinary case of Reputation Points drop. And don't even think of getting around this crackdown by spacing time between your neg points, or getting others to neg-rep alongside you. We know every trick in the book, and if you try to cover up your neg-spamming, you and those involved will be banned on the spot, no questions asked. With that said regardless, enjoy the Rep System! If you have any questions please reply to this topic, and we'll try and answer your concerns.
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    Badnik Mechanic

    Sonic in Modnation Racers

    The beta alone is light years ahead of any kart racing game currently out or that has ever been released. Seriously, the Mario Kart tribes better get their defences ready, because Mod Nation Racers is going to utterly blow that and any other kart title away.
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    They're completely different kind of platformers. Just cause they share the same genre doesn't mean they're essentially the same. That's like comparing Earthbound to Fallout 3 since both of them are RPG's. Where did I say mission pack sequels are bad? You're pushing words in my mouth now. Ratchet 1 might have been skillfully crafted, yes, but Ratchet 2 and 3 essentially just build upon what used to be done so same can't be said. Whether they are better games is just a completely different story, I preffer the original to the newer ones. So first you say it isn't comparing apples to oranges when it's clearly two completely different type of games, then you go on a talk about how two are critically acclaimed and "exceptional" gameplay with the third one being a franchise gone wrong. If that isn't comparing apples to oranges then I don't know what it is. And I don't refuse to believe that Sonic goes through a decline. Sonic 06 is shit, Shadow is sub-par and Heroes is average at it's best. Unleashed on 360 on the other hand however is what I like to see a step into the right direction. The point is when you're comparing Sonic Unleashed to games like Super Mario Galaxy and Ratchet, what you're essentially saying is how the games should be done right. But when you bring games up like those as an example, you're practically talking about a completely different style of gameplay. Sonic isn't supposed to be Ratchet, he isn't supposed to be Mario either. How do you draw a parallel between those games? How would the devs do Ratchet and Mario if they'd be played in "Sonic style"? And I find it amusing that you come off as if it was a scientifically proven fact.
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    All three are platformers, I don't see why I can't compare games in the same genre. Sonic doesn't have it's own 'Sonic' genre which prevents it from being compared to good games. Omg how dare a sequel use the same engine and not be made totally from scratch and entirely different to it's preceder! Fun fact: Sonic 2 and S3K all used the Sonic 1 engine and are essentially mission pack sequels, therefore terrible games in their own right! Also, comparing Sonic to Mario and Ratchet and Clank is not comparing apples to oranges, two are quality series that manage to have exceptional gameplay and are critically acclaimed, the other is a franchise gone wrong which the fans refuse to believe therefore 'all gaming websites are bias against Sonic >=(' I find it amusing that the quote you just gave describes Unleashed perfectly.
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    Blazey Firekitty

    Is Sonic dated?

    He'd push blocks...To the extreme!XD Heh, you seem to have a point there...Sonic seemed to suffer somewhat from the mentalities that Westerners will not buy something that is cute...which seems rather silly considering the heaps of cash that Mario has made for Nintendo. I get the general impression that Sega of Japan Sonic was strong because his steadfast determination to stick to his optimistic ideals, while the Sonic that Sega of America Sonic(The scowling, somewhat off-model figure shown to us on the boxes), was all about being rebellious at all times...regardless of whether or not he actually had something to rebel against("Hey, you, yeah, you looking at the box! Don't make me hurt you!"). Likewise, Sega of Japan's Sonic seems more about looking at the world in wide-eyed wonder, while SOA Sonic seems likes he thinks the very ground he walks on is unworthy of his greatness. I figure the rest of the Western Sonic material(The cartoons and comics) was a bit more balanced, showing Sonic to have a heart despite still having him speak in an exaggerated "super cool" manner. Still, I can certainly relate to your feelings...Sega of America's ad campaign was lacking in charm, and, for lack of a better word, heart. For all the mixed feelings it caused in the fandom, I felt that Sonic Unleashed helped bring Sonic back to his more Mario-esque roots, presenting a colorful wonderland for Sonic to inhabit, and trying to get back to his somewhat antagonistic, yet somewhat playful rivalry with Eggman. Hopefully it's a good sign of things to come.
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    Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

    No offense to Nick, but people have to realize this is a kart racing game. If Sonic wasn't in a car, he would still have to be controled as if he were a car, otherwise it would be unfair to all the other racers using cars. Even if they did something like in Sonic R where they mapped accelerate to up on the directional pad/stick, you can still tell Sonic's a car with a Sonic body skin. Honestly if you want to race as Sonic on foot, go play Sonic Adventure 2.
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    I'm supposed to compare Sonic Unleashed to the likes of Galaxy and Ratchet & Clank? Those games are completely different, and your claim of "skillfully crafted" work comes off as a fancy naming for how you preffer the oranges over apples, especially when Ratchet 2 and 3 are essentially mission pack sequels. That's quite an elitist statement. And fun fact: I preffer Sonic Unleashed on 360 over Super Mario Galaxy as it's an overhyped mess relying on it's charm more than actual gameplay design. Basically what Sonic has pretty much had in every game since Sonic Adventure 2.
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    I've already said that Sonic 1 is hard, not that there is anything wrong with that. However, the first level is fairly easy; it's the later zones that will kill you. That last pit in the first level is easily avoided, just hop on the platform that traverses this section of the level, you can't miss it. The physics work just fine; you can perform tightly timed jumps to narrow platforms without any trouble with this game, provided you have the skill. I think that you are just bad at the game; however, that is no excuse to claim that the developers didn’t do a thorough job. For a machine with half the power of the Megadrive, Sega made a game as fast and enjoyable as anything seen on the newer Sega System. Again, I do not see why you feel the need to attack Sonic Unleashed, it is a great game. Sonic Team went to the trouble of creating an entirely new graphics engine; this had the affect of eliminating the camera glitches first seen with Sonic Adventure. Not to mention each of the incredibly detailed levels; inspired by a real world location but with a surreal twist in the vein of the old Sonic games Even the smaller things like the CGI cutscenes go a long way to making this game what it is, Sonic Unleashed is filled with all sorts of little details and tributes to the fans – Eggman has a Dreamcast! Tornado, you may dislike this game, fair enough. Yet, there is no way to honestly claim that Sonic Unleashed is anything less then a well made game. Trying to belittle the game like this, just because you’ve died a few time, is simply mean spirited.
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    Is Sonic dated?

    Quite to the contrary, Sonic has done almost as well as 007 in keeping with the times. The biggest irony of course is that so many fans seem to prefer that Sonic be dated, as if the 90s were his only glory years. Besides, Sonic has successfully integrated into culture, and something would have to work towards not changing in order to become dated after doing so.
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    Is Sonic dated?

    Indeed, Sonic's 90s characterization is horrifically outdated, but I wouldn't go as far as to say that about the whole of his current character. Sonic's merely updated into a more contemporary version of the young, cocky hero. He still has the capacity to be an asshole, but it takes a backseat to his devil-may-care attitude and upstanding morals. It's a popular archetype nowadays, especially with the proliferation of shonen which has a strong appeal to the franchise's target audience. Frankly, it's not hard to imagine Sonic having another shift in personality as the archetype continues to exist and change with the times.
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    Rusty Spy

    Is Sonic dated?

    I really don't think Sonic is stuck in the 90s. He's really deviated away from that ETR333ME!!!1!1! image from the days of old and is now more like the cocky bastard type character, if Black Knight is anything to go by. If anything, I think Sonic should continue deviating away from his old 90s image. It'll only lead to him looking like a complete fool. He should try staying with in a more basic, universal type of 'cool' and try not to be over the top like he used to be. Like Dante!
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    Flyboy Fox

    Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

    Tails is a boy :< Needs more Shotacat.
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    You do realize the entire selling point of that game was that Mario was in it...? If Mario's not in it, most people will think of it as another attempt for Sonic to have a halfway decent spinoff title.
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    I think you need to show Sonic 1 a little more respect. Personally, I love this version of the original Sonic game and not just because it was the first Sonic game I have ever played. So what this game had spike traps? Just about all Sonic games do, if you know how to jump you can save yourself from an easily avoidable fate. Spike traps are no reason to mock what is a great platformers Make no mistake, this game was hard but that does not make it any less of a Sonic game. Like any good old-school game I was challenged but I did not want to quit, the difficulty is what kept me interested in this game. The challenge of Sonic 1 is what still keeps me coming back year after year, ever as I’ve become a more experienced gamer. The Master System games were different but still very good games; their deviation from the Megadrive versions is no reason to ignore these high quality games. If anything, I do not see why every Sonic game has to be exactly the same. Innovation is the life-blood of this industry. Sega continues to innovate out of necessity, new ideas are what sells games, nobody wants to by the same game twice – anyone who says otherwise is lying. For what it’s worth, Sonic Unleashed did expand upon the existing Sonic formula, with new mechanics like the quickstep and boosts. These changes worked well and helped define Sonic Unleashed, a game generally renowned for its daytime levels. I still defend the Werehog as one of the best alternative concepts Sonic Team has ever produced, it is a simple and enjoyable brawler that works well in its own way. Sonic Unleashed is easy to like, provided you’re not unfairly comparing it to S3&K.
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    No, when you are talking about a Sonic game it is best to think of other Sonic games. What SNK has done with Meal Slug is of little concern, run and gun gameplay holds no similarity to a platformer like Sonic. As I have said before difficulty is subjective, what you may think of one game won’t be similar to the experiences of another gamer. This was true for just the one game, comparing two vastly different games in this way is an exercise in futility. If you want to understand Sonic, look at what Sonic games Sega has made. Anything less is just going to confuse matters. To this end, I think that Sonic Unleashed is a good game. I certainly hold it in very high esteem, easily the equal of Sonic Adventure and a close rival to the original games. If anything I think that Sonic Unleashed is easier then the old games. As an example, Sonic 1 for the Master System is one of the hardest Sonic games ever made; each level is requires much practice and the boss battles must be fought without a single ring. Just being able to save the game is a huge advantage for anyone who plays Sonic Unleashed. Regardless, all Sonic games rely heavily on trail and error gameplay, this is why we have extra lives in this game. If you die, try again, its how all platformers are meant to be played. I think that Sonic Unleashed’s gameplay works well, so long as you know how to play a platformer.
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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with trial and error gameplay. To my understanding, all games rely on this type of learning. In this respect, the Megadrive Sonic games are no different. Every single boss battle is ultimately beaten through trial and error: if you die you try again, mindful of the boss’ attack pattern and what worked well in similar encounters. I guarantee that that you would have experienced trail and error gameplay while playing Sonic 3, experience and exploration is the only way to find the special stages. Lambasting Sonic Team for using trial and error gameplay is simply wrong, this style of gaming helped define Sonic during the Megadrive era. Trail and error is the key to beating any game, particularly platformers. This is basically another way of say that practice will help you beat Sonic Unleashed, don’t blame the developers, learn from your own mistakes. Play each level until you know which routes is the fastest and most enjoyable. Figure out when to strike when facing a difficult enemy, the same applies to boss battles. No challenge is insurmountable; the game is made to be beaten. Every trap and trick has an obvious counter, so simple that even a child can figure it out eventually; keep playing until you discover the ‘tools’ Sonic Team has left for you. Sonic Unleashed isn’t that hard, no gamer should have any trouble playing this game, least of all you.
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    Indigo Rush

    Shadow's Endings

    That was purely epic.
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    Nintendo trademarks 'Zii'

    Or it might be to stop the jewish Wii knock off: ... The Oii Veii ... I'll get my coat.
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    This is true, it's not like it's happening left, right and centre. And yeah, we kept the system because we thought it would add some jazz. But that shouldn't overshadow the fact that some people do get very upset at seeing dramatic drops in rep - we have some shy people here that don't post often because they potentially feel intimidated by the number of people here as it is, the last thing they need to see is some silly sod neg-spamming them when they actually do post. :3
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    There Will Be Brawl

    I think it was just having fun with turning the famous runner into someone who can't even walk, rather than deeply analyzing meta-commentary.
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    I don't really follow the Metal Gear series, but Snake's inclusion in brawl puzzled me. Weren't there only like, 2 or so Metal Gear games that came out on Nintendo systems? Compared to Sonic, that doesn't sound like much of a history with Nintendo. Kojima must of sucked Sakurai's wiener or something.
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    There will be no bans or strikes handed out in relation to the reputation system.
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    Urghh, I 100% agree with Tornado, Unleashed was complete and utter garbage from start to finish. The gameplay was horrible, both day and night. While it might be fun for about 3 seconds to travel at infinite miles per hour you quickly realise the boost is a hindrance rather than a skill, the level design doesn't accomodate for the fact that the boost quite litterally throws you forward as fast as it can which often lands you in a bottomless pit or straight into something that will kill you anyway. Through most of my time playing this game I would have killed for STH06's gameplay, that's how bad this game is. But even the 2D sections are horrible, often requiring you to find a way across a bottomless pit that is littered with objects trying to push you into the bottomless pit, it's just not fun, every part of this game feels like a chore. Like Tornado said before, you can't criticise this game if you haven't played other platformers such as the 3D Mario's or Ratchet and Clank, because after playing those games and seeing how skillfully crafted they are you'll realise Unleashed is (once again) a bunch of random ideas thrown together in an attempt to make something under 10 year olds will eat up with no concern for quality in the slightest. It may look good but it's just lipstick on a fucking ugly pig. EDIT: Ahaha, -4 rep for one post, too bad lowering my rep won't make the game any better.
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    Liking a game != Good game. Sonic 2 8-Bit is almost my favorite game in the entire series. It is for the most part total garbage. In the first level, there is a speed section that propels you so fast that you go beyond the camera. There is a 50/50 chance that after you do so you will land in a spike pit right before the end post, and because of how the engine was designed there is no reliable way to actually miss it. Easily avoidable? So putting together a shoddy game is innovating?
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    Indigo Rush

    Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

    Avatars? Awesomesauce! Also, any chances of Garfield being playable? :P
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    You've played Unleashed for a while, so you don't see it anymore. You have the levels memerized to the button press. Looking like a Pixar movie is problem because Pixar movies don't look like Sonic. Look at the side of the screen you're going towards, not the center. Shouldn't you reach higher areas by going there instead of suceeding at a random button promt? Seems that way to me.
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    There's a lot of ground between learning from mistakes (Which is what you're talking about) and rote trial and error (What Sonic Unleashed has). In a good game, hazards are presented in such a way that a competent player will have some means to identify and avoid them prior to unfavorably encountering them. In Sonic Unleashed, there are numerous instances throughout the game of hazards that are hard to identify from far enough away to actually avoid, aren't visible until until they've already been hit or have become unavoidable, behave in a fashion that contradicts they're apparent properties, kill or damage as a result of errors in the game's programming, or simply don't appear to be hazards. You might expect me to make some comparision to the classic games now, but that would be too easy. No I'm comparing Sonic Unleashed to Metal Slug. Metal Slug is a much harder game than Sonic Unleashed, but it is a much more enjoyable game because the challenges are more fair. All the enemies in Metal Slug don't fire until after they're on screen, are drawn to obviously be hostile, and the majority of things that are able to kill you are either flashing or made clear by some other means. Metal Slug is an arcade game, arcade games make more revenue if they are able to keep people playing but also keep them dropping quarters. It is designed to kill you often, and yet presents a much more fair challenge, it is more fair because the player is very seldom killed by a hazard that they didn't know about prior to it killing them.
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    Quite frankly, you've said all you needed to say with this statement: Because, just...wow. Really? Really? Your understanding is very inaccurate. With the exception of the final bosses and a couple of the Sonic 3 puzzle bosses, every boss in the classic games was "dodge and counterattack." Those were also boss battles, a type of gameplay long since established by 1991 to require something along the lines of an initial learning curve to beat. Not regular gameplay. You mean the optional special stages that were in no way required to advance through the game? You mean the optional special stages that never, ever killed you if you screwed up trying to get to them? Games Radar recently did a review of Sonic 2. The cheapest and most unfair of the first three games. They gave it a 6/10 specifically because of the trial and error gameplay that wasn't present in either the Mario games of the time or the other Sonic games of the time. Try again. No. Here are some platformers that only an idiot would say aren't far better than Sonic Unleashed: Ratchet and Clank: Jump between platforms. Shoot guns. Includes in-game tutorials for complex actions as they are required so you never die because of something you don't know how to do. Super Mario 64 (or Sunshine or Galaxy): Jump between platforms. Jump on bad guys. Includes in-game tutorials for complex actions as they are required so you never die because of something you don't know how to do. Klonoa 2: Jump between platforms. Solve complex puzzles. Never die a single time because you don't know how to do something, even the game completely forgoes tutorials of any kind, because of the very clear difficulty curve. Sonic Unleashed: Run along at 7 million miles per hour into an enemy that you could not possibly have been able to dodge unless you were lucky enough to already have avoided it entirely. Perhaps die from it. So when I die in Sonic Unleashed for reasons completely detached from any mistakes I may or may not have made, what am I suppose to learn from? So what you are saying here is play each level until I am able to memorize the cheap level design and avoid it from memory rather than skill. Thanks for proving my point. Enemy.hazard is off screen. I run into enemy/hazard because the camera didn't physically allow me to see it. Other than a rewind button a la Forza, Sonic Team could have provided nothing to make this preventable without actually fixing the level. And, once again, I beat Sonic Unleashed long ago; so I'd ask you to stop talking down to me as a backwoods yokel. Seriously, stop saying shit like that. Its arrogant all by itself, but it does nothing more than prove you are flat-out ignoring everything I've been saying.
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    No, it wont sell less; the millions of people who own an iPhone wont give two shits about whether or not some fat, geriatric plumber makes it on to their console; most of them don't even care about Nintendo, and the ones who do probably own a Wii and will get both versions. Additionally, the iPhone iteration is cheaper, so it will appeal not only to Sonic fans, but also to those who are a little skint on cash. That's true. In fact, I'm pretty sure that there's no reason why SEGA hasn't ported the Sonic-only versions to the PS3 and Xbox 360; they'll have the market pretty much all to themselves!
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    Indigo Rush

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4

    Dan Green would play as Bosch.
  39. -3 points
    No Mario characters, items or arenas? Why is it that iPhone gamers always get the better deal nowadays? It's almost like SEGA's deliberately giving us DS owners less for more money; the lack of Mario on the iPhone makes me jealous that Apple's customers are treated better than we are...
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