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    Blue Blood

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4

    You hear that, Shadzter? You screwed up big time. Pack your bags! Sling yer 'ook! We don't like the helpful kind around around here. Flamerstreak, the interview at GS has been one of some anticipation here. Nobody had yet mentioned it being put online, so when Shadzter saw it he did so. What the hell is wrong with that? For God's sake grow up. "IT WAS POSTED YESTERDAY SO IT WASNT THE NEW YEAR OMG THE CAKE IS A LIE!". There was absolutely no reason to go be a twat about it. Moving on... we almost at FOUR months.
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    Agent York

    The 2009 reflection topic

    2009 was one of the most life-changing, depressing, fantastic, wonderful, terrible years I personally ever had. Overall though I wouldn't change it, I grew up a lot. I started the year in a fantastic way. Carrying over from the last week of 2008, I was utterly depressed and lost and was so out of touch with who I was. I was having terrible mood swings daily of feeling just fine then small things would set me to depressive episodes and I didn't know why until some major conflict solving. This last the first couple of months of 2009 until I finally figured it out, pushed myself, accepted stuff and finally just accepted myself as I am. After that in March I overcame my school shyness and just started acting like myself. However, I barely graduated High School thanks to some earlier mistakes and me pushing to get more credits in a semester than I normally would with taking afterschool classes and such but I did it. I got a lot more social and starting to just be myself and not care what others think as long as I try. This not only helped me a chive and communicate a lot more, lots more people started being social with me and it seems I had natural leading skills thanks to leading projects online and several girls fell for me. I still didn't know myself completely but then on the earlier half of the year my life was about to take a major change-around when I met Jayde, Jayde is the single person who taught me the true meaning of what people mean that it only takes one person to make a difference. We had so many ups and downs throughout the year and so much happened so quickly. I won't go over it all, but I was on a trip with my family for three months of that on the road and even in Hawaii. Jayde broke my heart when I first asked her out then later she asked me out then broke up with me a day later and had more conflict because she was running from her feelings and getting a bit scared how they were growing for me so quickly but then we really got to know each other and not 7 months later we are absolutely in love as it is right now, we understand each other and more so little things really do matter in all of this. There is so much I could say here, but I know it all in my heart and memories and besides Jayde and I have a big day today. I have dated in the past but Jayde herself makes me realize how insignificant my past love life had been. More than that I haven't been so interested in someone else's well-being and happiness and feelings ever in my own life and had such a level of trust with someone, no matter what it is I know I can tell her and she feels the same back. So much more I could say, but overall I liked 2009. Sure I got more depressed than I had ever been, sure I almost was driven crazy by my family on the road with them for 3 months, sure I had my heartbroken twice, and lots of other problems all the way. However, or every terrible thing something wonderful happened. And more so I discovered myself this year more than I've ever known myself, and well, now I'm an adult. I have a good feeling about 2010.
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    Your Sonic Pet Peeves?

    Robotnik was a huge Beatles fan in his early days of super villainy and thought calling himself "Dr. Walrus" and "Dr. Eleanor Rigby" was too obvious. Its canon fact.
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    Sega DogTagz

    Your Sonic Pet Peeves?

    You got a bone to pick with me *shakes fist in general direction* Big ranks pretty high on my list of peeves. The only fun I've gotten out of that guy was chucking those Key Stones from SA1 over the horizon. Every other instance results in me staring at the screen asking why Big continues to exist. He serves no purpose aside from getting me agitated.
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    Don't get too exicted, great TSS newsman. I think they're just trying to set up dissapointed to those who read the final review, which may be the exact opposite of this preview. They go positive with this preview, but knowing how they are towards Sonic, I bet that they're doing this as a way to "bring" shock later to many people when they read the final review, which will be a bad one with a low score. Just thought I'd share this prediction.
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    Your Sonic Pet Peeves?

    This brings me to two pet peeves of mine: 1. People thinking Robotnik sounds more menacing and threatening than Eggman. to me, Robotnik sounds just as lame as Eggman. People want to say Eggman sounds like a Megaman Robot Master reject? Robotnik sounds like some silly Russian slang. 2. people thinking Robotnik/Eggman use to always be this evil menacing threatening soulless villain he was in SatAM and was changed in Sonic Adventure. He was always a goofy comical cartoony villain in the games. Hell, I noticed this when I was a kid on how Robotnik looked less "mean" in the games. Besides, why do we need Robotnik to be some soulless dictator who permanently roboticized animals and rules the world with an iron fist anyway? Those kind of villains are a dime a dozen.
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    Your Sonic Pet Peeves?

    How a lot of people get so whiny about Sonic couples. God, it gets pretty annoying. People calling Robotnik "Eggman". OK, I know you can call him either, but still, it just bugs me. Maybe it roots to the fact that Robotnik calls HIMSELF Eggman. I mean, why would you call yourself a cruel nickname someone made for you?
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    Indigo Rush

    Your Sonic Pet Peeves?

    When people call it Sonic Adventure Battle 2. When people say Sonic stopped being good after the Genesis. Sonic X Shadow pairings. Sonic X Tails pairings. Sonic X Knuckles pairings. Sonic X Eggman... *shudder* When people think Tails is a girl. When one person believes without a shadow of a doubt that Sonic is canonically a homosexual. The Eggman vs Robotnik debate. He was always Eggman. It's his moniker. Jeez. People who want to kill off characters. Any character. People who obsess over Shadow. A majority of the fancharacters out there. There are few exceptions. People who religiously claim any Sonic game was better than any other game out there when all they ever play is Sonic in teh first place. A majority of fanfiction. Especially those that depict Eggman as a humdrum villain with no personality. That &@#$ Sonic SatAM fanmovie crap. People who think SatAM is making a comeback. People who use fanfiction and other mediums like Super Mario Bros. Z as the basis of their knowledge of the Sonic universe. Sonic: Nazo Unleashed. Thanks for the stupidity. People who claim Nazo is an official character. People who claim that their character is official. People who think Crush40 is good, when in reality they only like them because they made Sonic music. When Akon did a cover of Sweet^3. My ears lost their virginity faster than Sonic lost his to Elise. People who don't respect other's opinions on here. AND A CHAO EATING A PEA DUURRRR. HURRRR. I also hate that smiley. :D > Hmph. When people say Sonic's all about speed. Thankfully that's not happening as much nowadays, although I'm getting tired of seeing the word "physics" everywhere. At this point I don't care. It's not Hyper Shadow, you insipid little twits. People who... well, do this: WHY IS SONIC IN A CAR :angry: :angry: :angry: Sonic Unleashed Wii's higher score. That really disturbs me. YouTube comments. UGH. Oh... and... PEOPLE WHO HATE BIG THE CAT.
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    Your Sonic Pet Peeves?

    That reminds me of another one, namely, "People assuming that the story from the Japanese manuals is inherently correct". The Japanese story was created under essentially the same circumstances as the American story, "Appeal to your region". Neither one is more correct, the newer games are based on a combination of both versions. Funny realization related to the above: As you may know, Amy was called "Sally" in the US Sonic CD manual, presumably based off of Sally Acorn from SatAM/Archie. You're probably thinking that Amy is obviously the correct name, BUT in Japan, there was a short lived comic with a character named Amy. It seems entirely possible that her being called Amy in Japan was the result of the same sort of thing.
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