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    Badnik Mechanic

    Sonic Adventure PSN/XBLA Port

    The chances of Shadow being in this game are about the same as the hair on my chest being digitally photographed to give Eggman a wig, regardless as to how many fanboys want him in, it's not going to happen. You can find that game in just about any second hand shop, it's really not that much of a master secret.
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    Shaddix Leto Croft

    Sonic Adventure PSN/XBLA Port

    My friend called Amazon.co.uk says I can get it off there, so yeah I don't really need to ask how to get it (nor should anyone else XD)
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    Sonic Adventure PSN/XBLA Port

    I lol'd. Terrible, terrible "box art". I like it how the shadows have shadows of their own. Hey... any chance you can tell me how you got it? I have the Saturn version and it sucks.
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    Sonic Adventure PSN/XBLA Port

    Guys, guys! My father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate works at SEGA and I asked her reaallly nicely (I did some really horrible things, she has a really creepy pseudo-shota yaoi fetish :c) and she supplied me with some super secret prototype boxarts in return! Woo woo! As you can see here, a digitally remastered retail release that utilizes the Hedgehog Engine is currently in the works for the PS3 (most probably 3DTV compatable), as well as a surprise Mega Drive/Genesis release which appears to to have the entire cast represented in Akira Watanabe's classic art style wonderfully recreated in next-generation 16-bit graphics! It also appears to be accompanied by classic 2D gameplay - neat! This is a truly monumental anniversary release pack, and I am certainly looking forward to it. lolololololol Anywho, nice to see an official confirmation on these titles that we've known about for quite some time now. I do find it a bit odd that the article states that "Each game is based on the original Dreamcast incarnation" when they have a blatantly obvious Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut screenshot lying right next to it though. Oh well, I'll be sure to grab this shiny new re-release when it comes out! I'm hoping for some online Chao capabilities alongside a plethora of Avatar goodies myself.
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    This is a bit of news we have been sitting on for awhile. But now that we have received the invite, we can now officially confirm to you all that Sonic Stadium will be going to E3! What does this mean for you guys? Well, we’ll be bringing you hands on previews, photos, and videos directly from the show floor! In addition to that, we’ve also scored interviews with several SEGA developers, including Sonic Team. So be sure to tune in during E3 to catch all the latest, including the kind in depth analysis of the upcoming Sonic games that only a Sonic website on the show floor can provide! Of course, that’s not all, as SEGABITS will be hosting content for the rest of the SEGA related parts of the show, including hands on previews and videos of games like Phantasy Star Portable 2, Vanquish, and The Conduit 2! Also be sure to check the website for impressions on 3DS, Move, and Natal, as well as any other console surprises from the big three! We would like to send out a huge thanks to SEGA of America’s community team for inviting us to this event. Without them, a fan site like us would lack the credentials to go to E3 in any other capacity. Because of this, TSS can exclusively provide the kind of coverage that Sonic fans crave for games that have not yet been released. We would also like to thank AAUK for getting us a slot with Sonic Team. It’s awesome when a big company like SEGA reaches out to it’s fans, and it shows just how much SEGA values it’s fanbase. Though, one thing I do need to stress regarding this event: I will be the only member of TSS attending, as SEGA had no slots left for invites. I have never been to an E3 before, so some minor problems may arise regarding the coverage. For example, I have no idea whether or not SEGA will actually allow me to take off screen footage. I will do my best to serve you guys well, though! View the full article
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    Pelly <3's U

    An atheist remark

    I completely disagree. Why can't atheists be united under something? I do talk to my other atheist friends much in the same way that I believe people who share a common religious belief would. When you share beliefs with people you usually automatically have some kind of bond, and it does draw people together whether knowingly or not. I think right now you're perpetrating the double standard against atheists. I have had to put up with religious people putting Jesus tracts in my candy bag on halloween almost every year I went trick or treating, I see religious billboards and signs around my town, and crosses and commandments are displayed proudly. One sign on a bus that was not attacking religion but promoting an atheist viewpoint shouldn't be seen as any different (and I think a fair few things religious people have put out are much more condescending, hello saying I'll burn in hell).
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    Rusty Spy

    Super Mario Galaxy 2

    The "Real Mario" thing was mostly a joke, and I'm calling him blind because he's acting like Mario Galaxy isn't already the best looking game on the Wii.
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    By crazy pills you must mean "not read the post properly" or "read it selectively" - not unlike a certain site I know! I seem to recall saying that it wasn't a Storybook series game mainly due to the fact it wasn't based on a storybook. How that is me going "the storybook series is dead" I've no idea.
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    Guitar Hero 6: Warriors Of Rock

    I'm not really that hip with either Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but I have to say that what GH6 lacks in innovation and expansive gaming it makes up for it in style, design and setlist (when compared to what little Rock Band 3 has shown so far). Atleast for once when the cow is milked, it's milked with style. That guitar looks kind of neat too. It's nice to see that this seems to be more of a comic styled old-school rock adventure akin to the classics.
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    Inspired by the sad news in now-locked that such a game is very, very unlikely to be forthcoming, we're burdened with various threads-left-hanging from its sequal hook of a cliffhanger ending. Threads which are now apparently never going to get a canon explanation. It is up to us, then, to sadly use our withered imaginations and try to reconcile Chronicles' end into the rest of the series, and answer questions like: Where/when in the continuity did the game actually take place? How do they get out of Eggman's timeshift trap at the end? What was Argus' deal? What's the fate of Ix and the Nocturnus and the rest of the Twilight-Cage-ians? Where does Shade end up? How do they get Angel Island back from being embedded in Metropolis? What's the status of SonAmy at the end? How will Cream deal with her God Mode ability to cure all injuries and diseases? (lol) etc... A naturally seculative topic given that I doubt we're ever going to get real answers, so this is generally a topic to ask "How are you going to fold te abruptly-ended Chronicles into your personal conception of the series?" My rambling take is as follows: Where/when in the continuity did the game actually take place? I'm inclined to use my standard mechanism of continuity-placing and sequence the games in order of publication (barring irreconcilable ones like Sonic Battle and the impending Needlemouse). Which puts Chronicles just before Unleashed. There's been a great deal of whining about how Chronicles can't be placed anywhere not only because of its end, but also because of its START, with Sonic having been "gone for two years". On the one hand, the game never actually says that (the text says "gone for some time" or something; it's only the Bioware website that states two years), but on the other hand, even if it did, there's no big problem. The games before Chronicles (iirc) were Secret Rings, Sonic Rush Adventure, then '06, then Shadow. In those, ONLY in Rush Adventure does Sonic run around with anyone else (Tails); since '06 didn't happen, none of Knuckles or Amy or Rouge have seen Sonic since the ending of Shadow's game (or since the ending of Sonic Battle, I guess, since that has to come after Shadow). This gives him ample opportunity to have gone off on his loner bender before Chronicles. How do they get out of Eggman's timeshift trap at the end? How do they get Angel Island back from being embedded in Metropolis? I'll answer these two at the same time, as my answers to both are the same. The ending to Chronicles essentially requires us to think up our own "Snake Plissken in Escape From New York Metropolis" storyline, so I'm attempting to make mine as bland and fast as possible so it can smoothly slot back into the official continuity. Basicly: the time in the Twilight Cage has only been a couple of months, and Eggman hasn't conquered the world, he's just rebuilt Metropolis (why everyone except me assumes he has conquered the world I don't understand. It isn't even implied by the end sequence). After being shot down, the heroes crash ON the grounded Angel Island. It's swarming with badniks, of course, given that it's been in Eggman's hands for months, but the heroes bust through them into the Hidden Palace, slam the Master Emerald back on the plinth, and fly away to safety. Just like that, status quo ante bellum: everything's back to how it as before The Dark Brotherhood started. Well, except for... Where does Shade end up? I maintained on the old thread that Knuckles actually hates Shade, so she'll get booted off Angel Island with the rest of the characters and end up in the same place as Mighty and Nack. She's still out there in the continuity somewhere... just don't expect to ever see her again. What's the fate of Ix and the Nocturnus and the rest of the Twilight-Cage-ians? Likewise. In the style of Eggman Nega, they're out there waiting and stewing beyond the dimensional veil, but that's about all we can say of them. I actually wouldn't mind seeing the Nocturnus do what they do in the comics (or what the Dark Legion does in the comics): occasionally pop up as mercenary soldiers for one of the baddies (circa "Dark Egg Legion"). Beat them by poking the "OFF" button on their warp belts to send the back to whence they came. What was Argus' deal? In the old topic I and I stick to it. It's particularly neat and Occum's-Razor-y when there's no sequal impending. Essentially, it was Solaris' eating of time, and the subsequent Flame-Of-Hope-paradoxes, that created the warped universe of the Twilight Cage and threw various civilizations into it at random. They just like to delude themselves that they're special, and that they were imprisoned because they were awesome. Anyone else? Or are you just gonna take the easy way out and say it's non-canon?
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    The Pokémanz Thread

    Oho, now you've got me curious. What about her did you find so annoying? I honestly don't remember a whole lot about Anime!Misty apart from the vaguest details, but I find it hard to believe that anyone could be more of a waste of space than the soulless husks that Ash is dragging around with him now. It doesn't matter anyway, though. If Misty came back to the anime, she'd probably end up just as bland as Dawn and May. Being a classic character who had a personality once didn't do much for Brock, after all. Dammit Professor-J's right why do I even care about this aaargh
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    Blue Blood

    SEGA @ E3 2010?

    > SEGA release JSR on PSN/XBLA > It sells better than MW2 > SEGA makes lots of money > SEGA releases new console > SEGA releases new JSR on new console > World peace attained Or more realistically... > SEGA release JSR on PSN/XBLA > ??? > Profit! Yeah, JSR had better be somewhere in that future line-up. EDIT: I said "world peach attained".
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    GAME: a Christmas NiGHTS fangame

    Holy crap, man, this game is absolutely amazing. I really encourage you to finish it; you've got some real talent.
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    SEGA @ E3 2010?

    Two down. More to come? o:
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    My reaction was 'Holy crap! Sonic is in Brawl, and in a GOOD game!' I was kinda excited when I got it, however, extremely disappointed that Sonic didn't really interact with the other Brawlers/Nintendo chars in Subspace Emissary which could have lead to probably good/funny moments. Still he was fun to play as though I prefer the swordsmen, Link, Marth MK, etc.
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    Doctor MK

    Super Mario Galaxy 2

    My plan for tomorrow: - Finish college at lunchtime thanks to afternoon off - Go straight to the shops - Decide which is the best available deal (HMV's t-shirt/GAME's tin/other) - Purchase said deal - Go home - Insert disc into Wii and play game Sorted.
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    GAME: a Christmas NiGHTS fangame

    This is the first time I've ever played a NiGHTS fan game, and I've gotta say, it's pretty damn awesome. As far as the feel of the goes, it feels like a NiGHTS game, you could however, try adding in more textures and make it more colorful and vibrant. I'm also glad that you centered the on NiGHTS the camera on the demo felt... awkward. And how about NiGHTS: Final Reverie as a name for example? Good job on your game, I hope you get to finish it!
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    Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Okay, so I just learned that there are only 5 purple coin challenges and that the timer actually stops when you grab the last one(thank god). Consider my little statement retracted.
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    GAME: a Christmas NiGHTS fangame

    If you're stuck for textures then you could always use some of the Sonic Adventure 1 or 2 textures. Alot of them are quite ambiguos and wouldn't look out of place in a NiGHTS fangame. You can find them all at the Spriters Resource, as well as textures from many other games. These or these would fit in with a NiGHTS game perfectly, for example.
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    Rally the Cheetah

    GAME: a Christmas NiGHTS fangame

    Well I just finished playing it and I have to say you have some great things going here . There are a few things I think could be improved though. 1. Perhaps it's just my computer but when I start the game Nights automatically wants to fly to the left of the screen. I suppose this wouldn't be too much of a problem only I want to go the other way. I can move right by holding the right arrow key but the instant I let go Nights goes left. So I feel there should be a sort a zero pose where Nights just floats upright if you're not holding any direction. Also if such a thing is added have some fun and put in some idle animations. Maybe if you hold still for too long Nights will get bored and play the invisible flute or just float in a reclined position. 2. I feel you could use more variation in your background models and some of the textures. I realize more textures and objects equal larger file size but the background looks a tad barren for a dream world. Have some fun, throw in some strange flowers, plants, or structures to add some variation. I especially would like to see some more color on the rocky ceiling. Dark colors are visually heavy and give the sensation of falling or coming down. Because the ceiling is all the same dark brown shade with no grassy patches in it it feels visually heavy and constricting. Try sprucing it up a bit, maybe put some green patches here and there on it or maybe even some colorful crystals coming out from the rock. 3. Don't be afraid to experiment. Right now this looks almost exactly like Claris's first dream world. This is your fan game, don't be afraid to personalize it a bit. It's great that you are staying true to the style and look but try and throw in some twists here and there. Create new worlds for Nights to explore, or new enemies to defeat. Show us something that we haven't seen yet, surprise us . Anyhow hope this is of some help. I look forward to seeing more of this game and am even more excited to play the finished version.
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    Theres a problem with that situation you have there...If you have all the money in the world, how can you spend it if the other people don't use it? It would cause another type of currency, rendering all of your money useless. Now, to be truthful, If I had most of the money in the world, I would invest in creating a planet to host anthropomorphic animals and a time machine, Then, I will look for a Batgirl and marry her by going forward in time. Thats it, thats all, no ships, no slander, no magical twinkle dust. Heck, not even bullshit. Just what I said above is all I want.
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    Famitsu Preview

    You know, placing it on the same page as a One Piece game isn't a good idea. The OP game has a lot more colour than those Sonic Colours shots.
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    Detective Shadzter

    Sony @ E3 2010

    Woah ANOTHER video? So now we've had 2 PlayStation viral videos within the space of a few days with E3 just on the way, something fishy is going on. I reckon if they're real they're more to do with Sony's 3D gaming rather than a new console though a PS4 would be a big E3 shocker, it's not entirely impossible considering they've still been supporting PS2 well after the PS3's launch with PS2 now in it's 10th year which I expect them to discontinue at E3 as they said it was going to live a 10 year life cycle. EDIT: Sony confirms the videos are fake - http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/sony-confirms-ps4-videos-are-fake
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I'm not really liking that cover. Tails' mouth looks like it's about to swallow the entire universe. Also, sexual inneundo from Bunnie? Really?? HOW YOU GONNA HAVE SEX BUNNIE YOUR VAGINA IS MADE OF COLD HARD STEEL
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    Sonic Adventure PSN/XBLA Port

    UGH, ENOUGH with these DX ports, give me Adventure 2 (Battle)!
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    Oh wow this just simple amazing i've never played (or seen) a NiGHTS fangame until I downloaded your fangame, fantastic work I really hope you finish this game it's awesome =D how long did it take you to make it ?
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    It's kinda hard to be original these days is it not? With every other idea practically already out there XD I know there is a few games out there that have done the "original" but still...
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Actually this is one Yardley cover I can at least tolerate. Would that be the "Sonic Universe" I'm sorry. They weren't gonna bonk, they were just gonna.....lye next to each other? Glad to see a few more game adaptations get thrown our way, but I hope the kukku battle bird aramda turn out looking original...if I recall correctly in some previous issues wasn't it hinted at that Jet, the babylon rogues and Bean (so pretty much any bird) were all deserters from the armada? I'm just hoping they turn out to be good and not look like/act like Bean ~ cuz there's only one guy I wanna see be that awesome and crazy! *shine*shine*shine*
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    Sonic 4 is Sonic's Last Chance says Wired

    The thing is. This game won't be bad. The critical reception has already been exceptional. They liked Sonic Rush; the poster-boy of how 2D Sonic can be bad. The critics wil love this game, because its 2D. It won't be a bad game. The question is, will it be AMAZING.? The question is, will it give the fans the nostalgia and glory they felt back in the days of the Mega Drive? To many, no. Some are looking through not rose-coloured glasses, but shit coloured glasses. They've seen so much of it [in their opinion] that every time they see a Sonic game, beit good or bad, they instantly say "CRAP" It seems that those few are so blinded by love/hatred for Sonic the Hedgehog that they WANT the new games to be bad so that they can hold thier dear Mega Drive games up high on their pedestal. I for one, want Sonic 4 to be better than S3K. Whether or not this will be true, is yet to be seen. But I hope, mainly because Sonic deserves it, but partially because I want those ludicrously hateful fans be proven wrong. MY irrlevant rant.
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    Super Mario Galaxy 2

    That's rich. You really HD doesn't mean super realistic, right? SMG2 would've looked better on a 360, no argument.
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    Very good attention "Never..played..as Shadow in a 2D Sonic game". Where is real 2D game with Shadow? ____________________________________________________ If you live is important do not read this spoiler, but i think like this.. Im soo sorry.. Kill me then.. But that was useless... I'm sorry truth hurts. Oops sorry but i can not stop me I must click add reply... DAM! Sorry world, but take this!
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    Oops! Sorry I taked too seriously again. But starting at next-gen Sonic makes fans like me. "Overwhelming" crazy Shadow fans. That game.. "Sonic next-gen" just shows Shadow better light than Sonic and because I am more next-gen Sonic-fan I'm do not understand what makes Sonic so "cool" compared to Shadow. I just don't get it.. I'm attempted to understand, but NO. Does Sonic-fans ever overwhelming love for a character?? Why Shadow fans are always evil guys? C'mon think a little... LOL, soo crazy! Ok I take easy now.
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    If I had all the money in the world?

    I would rebuild Hadrian's wall, but a few miles north of Nottingham. Everything north of this wall would then be turned into Europe's largest nuclear weapons testing ground, designed to test the effect of high yield weapons on large population densities. I'd probably just waste the rest.
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    Nice! Now this game is coming to XBLA and history should be repaired! What ever theres no my most ultimate character... I try this game. Sonic is 3th best (Shadow, Tails, Sonic). Hmp! This should be fix lot of thinks.. I tell a secret: I know that game was buggy, but i think it is best Sonic Adventure Game.. No 2th best..
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