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    That's about as sweeping as you can get. Stealth's E02 engine can replicate or create any 2D experience that need be. Taxman's engine got to be so diverse, it went from being called the "Retro-Sonic Development Kit" to the "Retro-Software Development Kit." Programming Sonic is a good place to start and it can, and has, lead to other things. Also, people who learn from the codebase level can pick up on the other intricacies of creating a Sonic game in other departments or work with people who specialize in a different field. Probably the faked 360-degree physics and how they're not actual 360-degree physics. You know, why Sonic even became popular in the first place? The 360-degree physics engine? You get stuck on walls because Sonic 4 isn't programmed to handle every curve or slope at any given speed. It has to be a certain speed because http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCGiEIncR7w. Did you ever stop to think as to why there's a speed booster before a quarter-circle-embankment, loops or a steep slope? It's because you have to hit these at near top-speed or you risk getting stuck. It won't happen every time, but you are susceptible to it. Getting caught in curves and standing on walls is totally unacceptable for a Sonic game made by SEGA themselves. Fangamers used pre-defined shit back before Clwe, Damizean, Cinossu, ParadoxX, etc championed 360-degree movement for Click software back in 2004. It's 2010. We've got all sorts of people nowadays creating perfect replicates from scratch by themselves. It's not some big secret or suddenly gone because the original Sonic Team isn't around. It's readily available information and skills for those willing to apply themselves hard enough (and I mean very hard). Dimps using pre-defined curves is bush league. This is the worst thing I've read in a while and I moderate comments on the front page on a daily basis. Sorry, that's really harsh, but I just bruised my face with my palm reading this sentence. The engine didn't remain constant because it was "convenient." It was constant because it was a damn good engine. There's a benefit to retaining a damn good engine... it's the foundation for a damn good game. Granted, you have to take care of your level design, art, music, etc to surround it, but you start with your gameplay engine first and foremost when you start production. Games aren't broken on presentation... they're broken on gameplay. "Never been constant?" Three (four, if you want to get technical) times in a row seems pretty constant to me. People don't spend their free time to replicate the Genesis physics because it's "convenient" to do so. They do it because, uh... it's a damn good engine. I... um... errr. What. What. Is this a thing that I read? Let's look at the positives here, though. I'm super happy that level types (green, casino, water, factory, etc) are being well represented graphically and that catchy, not butt-rock tunes permeate the experience. There's also the return of badniks, multi-tiered level design and just various other classic things that I could list off that are in this game. The game is not, by any means, the "worst fucking thing in the world" and is certainly is a functional game. However, it's not great. It's "aight." I just think there's too much of an emphasis on presentation of a classic package than actually providing a classic package. I personally believe that none of these threads would exist if they would have nailed the physics-based, momentum-driven gameplay of the originals from the beginning. Ruby sez in the Retro thread: They delayed the game and they did look at the physics. Admirable. At the time of the delay, I couldn't remember a time when SEGA delayed a Sonic game because it had been so long since the last one. I felt really good about this delay and thought it would bring positivity to a title that is just as divisive as the last. Sadly, an overhaul just wasn't in the cards. It would take more time and more resources. Time and resources that they did not have. Which begs the question, "why wasn't it done correctly in the first place?" Like I said before, doing it correctly is not a secret. He continued: That's true. You see people butcher accurate, open-source Sonic engines (especially Damizean's - holy shit) all the time with poor design and/or graphics. It doesn't guarantee a blockbuster. However, the "best physics in the world" make your "fun and enjoyable" experience even better. It goes from "good" to "awesome." Sonic didn't become a franchise on being just "good" or "aight." It became one for being "awesome." Plus, ahem, this is from the Sonic 4 website's "news" section: When I think "unrivaled classic Sonic feel," I think fantastic physics, which this game now is confirmed to lack. When I think "polish," this image absolutely does not come to my mind: That's not polish. That's not "high quality." That's not "the best they can do." They are a company of professionals. That's lazy. I just want this game to stop being average. You don't wait 16 years for "average."
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    People are going to see the bit about the (lack of) physics changes, act as if Sega is spitting in our faces and raping our childhood just for the sake of being as evil as possible, and whine and whine and whine, oblivious (or simply apathetic) to what is being changed and the (largely valid) reasons that the physics won't be. Not that I'm excusing the problems with the game. But some people take this shit way too seriously.
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    "Sonic Colours is for everyone"

    Oh really, SEGA of America? Sonic Colors is for everyone? Is Sonic Colors for the multicolored robot demographic? Because of what I saw it is promoting biased hate crimes against them by blue furry hedgehogs.
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    Ok... just post this image in your next post... And you'll catch him in a week!
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    I respect your viewpoint, Slingerland, because I know that you have personally played it. I, and many other people have not. Because of this fact, we can only gauge the general quality of the game off of videos and such. Which, to state the obvious, isn't all that great of a way to go about it. The main thing that annoys me is the pessimistic little shits that cry out at every little thing and make the fanbase as a whole look idiotic. I get transferred embarrassment from these fools, really I do. It's not even just with Sonic 4. It's with everything. People need to stop being so childish.
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    Act as pretentious and rude as you possibly can, and if you happen to be the most vicious monster of a social-climber in this rat-hole, people will like you. Otherwise, you're pretty much screwed, and the carrion of this forum will dig into you like the latest gazelle carcass in the Savannah. edit: Note: Oh, look, someone was silly enough to take me seriously. And they negged me for it too. Who could have seen that coming? Well, I've slowly marched my way up to +22 with semi-worthy posts over a couple of months, why not ruin it with one post. C'MON, MOFOS. HIT MEH!
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    I played an updated S4 build today guys. It's honestly not that bad. Worst I managed to do was stand on the top of some curvature (and the way I was standing, it was sort of 'believable.'). I've not played the 'buggy physics' build (today was first time I had a hands on with S4 full stop) but it was nowhere near the shit I've seen in banners and those videos. And they sped up the running animation too, without actually speeding Sonic up. Like I'm justifying the 'in-depth investigations' that people have about this physics ballbags anyway. Jesus Christ, it's a little bit sad. The game's feeling right, bros. I honestly wouldn't hit that panic button just yet. [saying no more - embargos are fun]
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    Quite a leap of logic considering Muslim ≠ Islamic Extremist Then you can call me when all billion of the world's Muslims suddenly end up in Afghanistan shooting at American troops. There is a difference between not liking something that essentially amounts to intentionally-bigoted hate speech and not liking something because it isn't politically incorrect. There is also a difference between opposing an action done by a group which is done out of free speech and opposing the group's ability to do the action.
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    Your childhood is not being abused. Its not like they took S3K and fucked it up. All they are doing is taking a number, and making a game. Thats all it is; 4 is a NUMBER!!!! It doesn't mean anything more than the fact that it takes place after 3. It not ruining anyones childhood. The games from your childhood still exist unadulterated in various forms. If anything, they are ruining the present. Yes its underwhelming, as a so-called sequel, but it doesn't make the classics look bad (it makes them look better) Yes this is the Sonic the Hedgehog 4, and you were allowed to have high expectation, but given the state of the franchise and SEGA, it would only be logical to keep expectations at a moderate level. No matter how much SEGA suddenly started caring, they can't climb back up the mountain they fallen so far down, in a single game. It will taken some time (maybe thats why its episodic) OK pointless rant over. However my point still stans. SEGA aren't ruining your childhood, they are ruining your present.
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    Official Anime/Manga Thread

    Except with HotD the director is actually such an enormous idiot that he thinks the show is literally about fanservice. This is Gainax, fanservice has to be in there somewhere, it's their thing, but it wouldn't be too much.
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    I doubt the game will do that bad in ratings. I'm guessing the worst will be 7's, but it'll mostly be 8's, because to most reviewers it's the return to the classics. Jaouad: How is this being abused as a cash-in? The team is working hard on making a good game for fans. Just because it isn't exactly like them, doesn't mean it sucks. If it was just a cash-in, they would of released the first build. Of course it's main objective is earning money, but to call it a cash-in is silly, imo.
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    Maybe 'contemporary' wasn't the best word to use then, but my point still stands - Sonic Team could have used a completely modified engine for Sonic 2, 3 and Knuckles from Sonic 1 (and, it could even be argued, a completely different one perhaps - like the totally different one in Sonic 4) and it wouldn't have made a blind bit of difference. The comparison with Mega Man isn't really appropriate. The classic Mega Man games not only used the exact same engine, each entry followed the exact same level structure, graphical presentation, audio direction and even screen design in some parts. Unless you were a fan or really paying attention, you wouldn't be able to tell Mega Man 9 from 10, let alone Mega Man 10 from 2. Sonic, on the other hand, has always had changes to its graphical presentation, musical direction, level design, and - most importantly to your argument - use of engine. Your argument assumes that Sonic 4 should look, act, feel and play like Sonic 3&K/Sonic 2/Sonic 1, when in fact none of those games play exactly like each other at all. And the fact that the engine has remained constant is merely a convenience - there's no benefit to maintaining the exact same engine, because it's use has never been constant. Meaning the use of a constant engine in and of itself is useless. Do you see what I'm getting at? It's an argument that purists are using because Sonic Team aren't coding the game they way they want it to, regardless of the fact that it plays exactly as it should - like a 'Sonic 4'. Maybe I was a bit too basic in that paragraph - I know some guys like you hard-code your own replication Sonic engines. But that research has to come from somewhere. That fan-made physics guide had to have come from somewhere. Investigating ROMs and understanding the code is what the Retro side of the fanbase does. But hobbyist coders are hobbyists, not coders. The distinction is that, more than the science of creating and developing their own engines and worlds, many are simply enthralled with the idea of replicating a 2D Sonic game, or crafting a Sonic-inspired 3D game. Maybe I'm wrong, and sure there are some exceptions to that rule, but if I've made a sweeping generalisation feel free to correct me. Most importantly though, I must have seen a hundred (unfinished) fangames that have tried (with varying success) to exactly replicate the classic Sonic engine from the ground up. You know what? Some of them are spot on, they're great engines. But inexplicably, they still don't feel like Sonic games. They feel like very, very good imitations. Because as I said, it's not just the engine - and in terms of gameplay and the average classic fan (they don't all live on Retro, believe it or not) the lack of an engine isn't even an issue. It's the whole package, and the end result that I (and I imagine many others) care about, not what Sonic Team or Dimps actually did to get there. Sure, I acknowledge there is a very vocal portion of the fanbase that cares about the way the game is coded, but I don't believe that portion represents the majority of (even classic) fans (many of whom don't really go on Sonic fansites in the first place - just ask a shitload of my friends for example). To say it's MD engine or bust just seems a bit overdramatic to me. As much as I love Retro and want to have the babies of many people there... Understanding the codebase and understanding its application in the series' history are two different things.
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    I have a question about reputation.

    D'aww ... That is what you got us for, so yush! Being polite and respectful is a very good thing related to reputation points. There are numerous of ways to achieve profit profit profit $$+++ positive reputation points. The following are the ones I have personally noticed: Make efforted posts, show that you are involved and interested in the topic's discussion. Other than being polite and respectful, be helpful to members who somehow ask for help in a topic. Try to include humour every now and then. Giving fellow members a good-hearted laugh gives a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Whatever else has been mentioned by other members within this topic. If a member likes a topic or post, it is only natural that they may feel like clicking that little plus-shaped reputation button next to your words. The key, as I see it, is to provide behaviour and content which you feel other members would enjoy reading - perhaps find ways to make your posts unique from others' posts? ;3 As mentioned, reputation points do not mean all that much, reputation points are not always necessarily a sign saying "your posts suck", but that others are disagreeing with your opinion, someone having a bad day, or as Pelly mentioned in her own situation, a misclick or two? X3 Edit: The topic has been merged with the older topic. No need for two open topics about the same subject, yanno. =3
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    What defines "contemporary?" What does that even mean in this context? Mega Man 9 and 10 say, "hi." Yes, I'm a hobbyist, but I don't simply pull apart ROMs. You know that, Svend. I'm all about creating a new experience while maintaining the one thing that was never broken. Most ROM hackers/fangamers are all about that. This news (and the way it was first posted) further motivates me to prove that sentiment with something that you can physically experience. What you meant to say was, "I'm not a coder" (in reference to yourself). There are people who do understand it from a codebase level. The largest Sonic forum on the Internet is dedicated to it. And yeah, we're always cool, best bud. I'm always appreciative on how we on staff remain cool despite opinions. I don't get to read that very often. Thanks.
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    Be more respectful of others opinions for starters? Not calling well respected mods jerks? Toning down some of your stronger opinions slightly? As I said before, clearly your kind of young and new to this whole discussion thing. The idea of it isn't to shout over everyone with the biggest text wall about how much you hate something. People also really dislike it when someone steers wildly off topic. Your opinion is valid, but not everyone has to subscribe to it. For example you hate Disney, and some of your reasons I admit are reasonable and understandable, however you will learn in life that nobody is perfect and any company / person / object ect. has it's pros and cons and low and high points. But that doesn't make anyone a "fool", "idiot" or other insulting terms if they DO like that sort of thing. It's true people can turn the other cheek but in turn you too need to learn when to let something go. A debate is only worth having if theres anything left to mention in your defense, if the other person doesn't want to consider your side or you've said your main point. Then it's time to bow out of the discussion. That said sometimes it's good to consider others opinions too. But I already said that in your other topic It's up to you to take heed of the suggestions people already have given you. There was plenty of tips given in the other topic too.
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    Because it's the only way I can tell if people laugh at my jokes. *looks at recent rep* They aren't.
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    I have a question about reputation.

    The best way to get a good reputation is to stay cool and not care about those silly numbers. For every justified rep point, there's a half dozen that are nonsense; the number's practically meaningless. And most of the people here are pretty cool, so just be chill and things'll be fine, no matter what the numbers say.
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    So one of the few people who actually played the game said that it seemed alright. Interesting.
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    *Shrug* I'm just going by the best possible source I know. Myself. And I've had no issues with the physics or whatever. The way everyone makes it sound like, I was expecting broken, 'Sonic-06-on-a-2D-plane' physics. Instead I got a game that felt a bit like Sonic 1, with a tad too many speed boosters and a homing attack. Hardly the massive stab to my heart that I was led to believe it was. Everyone's romanced by this idea that it has to play -exactly- like Sonic 3&K or bust. But it doesn't - and that's not necessarily a bad thing, objectively. EDIT: To wit, if we're talking about physicality and 'feel' of engines; Sonic 2 played, and looked extremely different to Sonic 1. Sonic 3&K played, and looked, nothing like Sonic 2 and Sonic 1 before it. Sonic Advance played and looked like none of the above. But they all played - and looked - damn fine.
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    http://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?s=&showtopic=20386&view=findpost&p=502798 I love this guy. He does his job so well *salutes*
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    I have a question about reputation.

    My reputation is in the negatives, and it seems like it keeps going down one point per day, I don't know why though. I only made one negative thread about Sonic 4, and then went off at a few comments I had received (only because I had a lot of negative things happen to me before I received those comments) and unfortunately it's taken a toll on my rep. I really regret it since I usually act extremely mature, but with the unfortunate happenings at the time, I did some things that I regret, well it seems like I'm talking in circles now, I just want a good rep on this site. I mean, I've even apologized to the people I may have offended... I was just hoping if someone could help me out. I went to the help topic and didn't find anything there...
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    Official Anime/Manga Thread

    matrix boobs...
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    Or they'll just be retarded and only give Phoenix passing mentions as "that guy". Would it have killed the AAI writers to say his name at least once in the script? They way the characters talked about him was so fucking awkward!
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    Gumshoe! Gumshoe!! YOU MOTHERFUCKERS
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    How can Sonic 4 be viewed as anything but a cash-in? Remember that the entire game is pandering to nostalgia, and it's designed with players in mind who haven't touched a Sonic game in years. Zones such as Green Hill, Casino Night, and Labyrinth are easily recognizable among veteran fans, and everybody remembers the Sonic 1 wrecking ball boss or Sonic 2's giant Robotnik robot final boss. That's the whole reason this game consists of nothing but recycled material.
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    Official Anime/Manga Thread

    Well, Highschool of the Dead was good in the beginning, but I'm starting to get bored of it... So I moved on to Shiki. Personally I think Shiki is a lot better than HOTD, and it's actually a little creepy, though animated horror barely phases anyone. Lol, yeah real suttle especially when you see Panty blowing bubblegum in the shape of a .
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    General Sonic Plothole Discussion

    Magic... wait, they move independently? I thought they always moved together? I'm so confused. Quick, somebody disect a hedgehog! DISCLAIMER: this post does not endorse the disection of hedgehogs. The writer seeks to reassure readers that cruelty towards hedgehogs is "totally not my thing", although he later explains that "spiders are bastards, so go nuts on them". The above comment, in reference to hedgehog disection, was made for comedic purposes and will not affect your statutory rights. May contain traces of nuts.
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    Valk Gameplay. Starts at 2:15. Werewolfan and Clawan.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Lol if only xD Next step: a job at Archie. *insert ridiculous, vilainny laugh here* Impossible task...error...error...
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    Saint Nathan

    Metroid: Other M

    well obviously not. those are her casual/timed escape boots.
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    The Matrix

    The Matrix was a pretty neat movie, albeit bogged down with really annoying religious parallels and metaphors that don't mean anything. I wish they made a sequel, but I guess it wouldn't really go anywhere, since all we would see is Neo and the others unplugging people from the Matrix one by one, right?
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    Wait...are they burning all things "Korean" or something "Koran"? Yeah, that wasn't funny. But this little drawing from good 'ol Jolly Jack is: Ironic, ain't it? EDIT: Whoa, stretchy.
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    "Sonic Colours is for everyone"

    I guess that would explain the "E" ESRB rating in the bottom left corner of the cover.
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    "Sonic Colours is for everyone"

    I understand multicolored robots are a minority in this country, but c'mon dude, you're missing context. These multicolored robots are not representative of the whole; They're villains that just happen to be multicolored robots. Why can't we have multicolored robot villains in games anymore? Are you only here to promote an unrealistic view of multicolored robots? If so, I'd say you're just as discriminatory as you're accusing Sega of being. You had better be grateful they're even getting a part in the game anyways. Remember, we can't even have demonic lava demons represented anymore because those xenophobic, right-wing nut jobs are going to be fucking bitching about it forever.
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    I have a question about reputation.

    I really appreciate it that someone is giving me an answer. I will just have to watch what I say from now on.
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    I have a question about reputation.

    Find someone else who has crap reputation, and play tennis with them.
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    Rusty Spy

    Sonic Colors joystiq Preview

    Difference is, underneath the frosting and sprinkles that was the speed, the classics all had a thick doughy base of platforming that made up a delicious cake. These days, it's like they took a small ball of cake, and dunked it into a pool of frosting until very little cake remained. The frosting (or whatever filling you like in your cake) is what makes the cake delicious, but it is the cake batter that makes it a cake and not just a bucket of said frosting. Frosting is good, but there's only the brief satisfaction that is had from eating a spoonful of the stuff, while an entire carefully crafted cake has a lot more appeal, with the moist cake balancing out the frosting, as well as the fact that a cake can be made in many different ways, unlike a bowl of frosting, providing variety in your cakes.
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    So this is basically what you're all trying to say: "Its not bad, but its underwhelming as 'Sonic 4'" Am I right in saying this? Also, I'm kinda sick of people saying that the game is a peice of shit. It clearly is not. Its not as good as Sonic 3K, but that doesn't mean its a peice of shit. Its like some people are looking at it as if there are only two outcomes. As good/better than Genesis/Mega Drive, or Garbage. It seems there is little room for an alternative. Especially at retro.
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    This year I've been doing lots of retro catching up, thanks to Mahzes who has furnished me with a Nintendo DS Lite (so that's the GameBoy Advance back catalogue, too) and most recently, a PlayStation2 (which, unlike the one that barely survived university with me, actually works). And I've absolutely loved it! In fact, it got to a point where I was taken aback at the gorgeous HD visuals of the PlayStation3, since I'd been playing so much sprite-based Sonic Advance and Sonic Battle, not to mention the GameBoy Advance copy of James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing. Okay, so that might not be retro-retro as many of you would define it (although hey, c'mon, 2004 was over six years ago) but I've loved finding great games for absolute bargain prices and falling in love with them while everybody else talks about the latest CoDding or whatever. Of course, this is all set to change, with three new PlayStation3 games and three new Nintendo DS games heading my way before Christmas (not to mention a couple of Blu-Ray boxsets), but for now I'm loving the catch-up and will always look upon this past year very, very fondly.
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    Metroid: Other M

    This reminds me, if a Metroid 5 is ever made, and it involves being attacked by/running from the Federation, I really want it to have a scan or whatever way to include a log by a GF soldier talking about the Federation's experiments that has, or something close to, this: "The science team must have vapor for brains."
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    This is quite possibly the stupidest thing ever. I really hope this is just a film school because I don't see anyone visiting this class for anything else. I'm not a fan of zombies so this wouldn't be for me. The internet really ruined them for me, same with pirates, ninjas, and Strong Bad! Wait... YEAH! (I love SB)
  42. 1 point
    Alright, Summary time! That's all she wrote. I look forward to future developments in this new plotline.
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    Saint Nathan

    Metroid: Other M

    "Lets use Metroids as weapons!" "OH SHIT METROID PRIME OH SHIT THESE THINGS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTROL." "Lets copy Samus' beams and use them to fuel our own warriors!" "OH SHIT SHE CAN USE THE SAME BEAM ON THEM?!" "Lets fuck up the Chozo homeworld and send them into hiding!" "OH FUCK SAMUS ARAN" "Lets fuck with PHAZON!" "OH SHIT WHEN DID THE FEDERATION GET HERE?!" "Lets recolonize Zebes!" "FUUUCCCKKKKK" I'm pretty sure they should stop messing with things. In general. Just don't press that button guys.
  44. 1 point
    "Hey guys! Our religion is so much better, we're grouping extremists and regular people into the same group and trying to offend both!" I want to find this place, bring a hundred bibles, and just torch them in the middle of their burning. While completely nude. With a pentagram on my chest. And just run around slapping people and say "THIS IS WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE" to everyone.
  45. 1 point

    Sonic/Star Fox comparisons.

    They can both "use the boost to get through" also!
  46. 1 point
    So, just for the record, we've had Dave work on this and Shannon? It's GG-Sonic-Guys! Anyways, Knuckles still doesn't have a head. Eventually I'll give it back. Maybe.
  47. 1 point

    Christian Weston Chandler

    I have been following this guy for as far back as that PaRappa contest in 2007. A few years later and he still hasn't learned anything. I have been trolled a fair amount of times for stupid things I've said and done, but at least I learned from it all in the end. This guy just never learns no matter how hard he's trolled. It's not even his autism, it's the fact that he is too stubborn to learn from his mistakes. If you read any of the conversations he has had with white knights, you would know how big his ego is. He believes that he is completely without fault and the world is just out to impede his "Love Quest" or whatever it is. I could forgive his other quirks, but he seems to have no remorse for other people. He certainly had no remorse for Megan when she told him multiple times to stop touching her, just to press on until it culminated into him posting crudely-drawn pornography of her on Encyclopedia Dramatica. He intends Sonichu to be this huge multimedia franchise for kids, yet he incorporates pornographic images into his comics. He has no respect for authority when he is the one stalking women at public places and violating the law. He has been kicked out of almost every place in his town. He has started shouting matches with children who are only a fraction of his age over card games. He has posted suggestive images of himself to anonymous women over the Internet which, quite frankly, hurt my freaking eyes. He posts death threats to various people he disagrees with because he doesn't know how else to negotiate with people. He uses religion to justify his actions, as if his Love Quest was ordained by God himself and his "sweetheart" must be white because of this. He tried to pose as Liquid over the phone to win over Kacey when Chris very well knew Kacey was Liquid's girlfriend. Not even can tolerate Chris. And now this crazy fuck has destroyed his PS3 after all the taxpayer money that went into it. That's right, he's a welfare leech too. But on the bright side, he makes a decent meme factory.
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    rawr? Trust me, I am not the nicest person. well okay I donate a couple hundred dollars to charity for chistmas. and I adopt puppies from the pound so I can take then to a no kill shelter. and well i'm a loving caring person who only tries to do good in his life and helps people as much as humanly possible. but I make jokes about dead people! yeah! take that scociety.
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    I think we should open a casino on the forums and you can gamble rep. Like bet our rep on horse racing or the dogs! Or who will win the arm wrestle contest between T and Svend! Is there no way to display who rated what on a post?
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    The only point I need to add to that is that no-one appreciates a whiner. Whine less please. You will find yourself with a positive number attached to your user account if you simply don't obsess over the damn thing. And if you do care about your rep, don't broadcast that fact, it never helps it stay green. :3 (inb4 downvotes)
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