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    Mimi's Art: Sonic CD Pic :3

    This was originally for the Sonic 4 Concept Art Challenge thing a few months ago, but now I'm thinking about making a series of badniks made out of food. I would like to get some critique on this little guy beforehand though. I don't know if anyone here is into baking foods and making stuff out of it, but if you think you know something that could help that would be nice.
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    Iizuka Sez: 2D Games are no good! ...I was legally obligated to say that.
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    ... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. THAT FACE. I CAN'T BREATHE. Also, the hilarious irony that the 'too serious' problem was one that he started is just way too funny. If anything, Unleashed a step away from the seriousness. Really, Iizuka's credibility is already dead in the water, what he's been saying lately is just making him look like a complete joke. Really, it's not the heavier plots that are the problem, it's how they're handled that's the issue.
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    This is a good movie. A really, really good movie. Has it seriously been 10 years? God almighty.
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    And now we've delved into just pointing fingers at each other like fucking children? Excellent. As if either side has the right to blame the other. As far as I'm concerned, this 'unsavory environment' comes from both sides having arrogant little shits that need to quit taking things so goddamn seriously on them. This 'us against them' bullshit needs to stop. People need to grow the fuck up and get to the point where they can discuss things, have a disagreement, and not start flailing their arms and screaming like a three year old having a temper tantrum when it happens. I've seen both sides' arguments. A million times. I'm still not terribly swayed on either side, interestingly enough. You wanna know why? Because I haven't touched the game for myself. Not to mention most of the people screaming at each other from either side have, for a fact, not played it either. It's also hard to really sympathize with either side when I see dumbass comments such as 'If you like this then you have unbelievably low standards' or 'If you don't like this then you have too high of standards'. A fucking load of shit is what that is. I decide for myself whether Sonic 4 is a bad game or not when I get my hands on it. By then I'll have my own opinions on things that people may or may not disagree with. If people agree with me, cool! If people don't agree with me, cool! People just don't need to be so unbelievably immature about it. That, or have some pompous and condescending attitude that just generally pisses me off.
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    Dr. SEGA Monkey

    Electricpig's Preview

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Since when is increasing difficulty a bad thing? So basically, all zones in this game are going to have the same difficulty. I....I just don't know what to say. Man, this game....this game....is soooooo wrong....
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    Marine the Raccoon.

    Horrible character, aaaaaaand that's pretty much all she is. I mean, at least I can write essays about how much I hate Amy and Shadow. But I can't with Marine, because there's nothing else about her I can say!
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    Pixar's Up is Blammed

    I don't know guys, I think I chuckled a little during the miscarriage scene.
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    Blue Blood

    Electricpig's Preview

    The 360 controller is perhaps the most coomfortable and easy to use controller ever. But that d-pad... I'm sure it'll work a nightmare on Sonic 4.
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    Pixar's Up is Blammed

    You know the Disney Channel is in a sad state when people are thinking the Up video is official. Not that they have been anything relevant since 1997.
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    Whenever they actually try to do something different they are immediately shot down, called a bunch of complete idiots/childhood killers/what have you and everyone wraps their wet lips around everything about the classic games. And now that they are acknowledging "you know what, you are right, we'll stop with the overly dramatic and dark storylines and go back to the simpler stories" people go apeshit and clamor that they can still be done right and the writers aren't trying anymore etc etc etc.
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    I was interviewing him at the time. Sonic Colors Wii uses the Hedgehog Engine, he told me so (among other details I was asking him about- I even argued that they couldn't get the Hedgehog Engine working on the Wii with Unleashed, but he assured me they were able to do it this time). I KNEW the voice was familiar, because it's my own voice asking him questions. (Obviously I know my own voice, I was putting it in a kind of comical way. Also, he said the Wii version of Unleashed used the Zero Gravity engine, which I think he said was Sonic Rush's engine.)
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    Pixar's Up is Blammed

    Oh man, I feel like the worst person for laughing at the most upsetting parts of that movie. It's just.. the delivery was spot on.
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    Physics need massive changes to make Sonic behave properly on slopes, both when walking/running and rolling. The way that he stops moving in mid air is the part that effects level design the most. Seriously, if Walk-on-Walls the Hedgehog is still what the game ends up as, I'll be hugely disappointed because that's not a problem that should ever exist whether they're trying to emulate the classics or not. Minor changes may include acceleration and letting Sonic bounce off of enemies back the the height he fell from. Somehow I doubt that last one will happen...
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    Because he would, inevitably, go back in time and eventually do so. The Omega we see hasn't done it yet, but according to the future, he will. To be fair, the cutscene's not really clear; Mephy speaks of it in the past tense (which would be accurate in either case; if he's considered to be "from" the future, it's in his past either way), Omega getting angry could be at being reminded of what he did or at the implication that he would do something like that to his teammate, and Omega himself doesn't make it clear whether its in his past or his future. But since one way works and the other doesn't, I go with the one that works. vvv Yep.
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    Cubot, meanwhile, seems the perfect assistant to leave in charge of - ...well, maybe not.
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    I certainly wouldn't go that far. Just because the fanbase (a part of the fanbase; certainly not all of it) is upset, doesn't determine how successful the game will be. There's still plenty of others outside the fanbase excited for the game. People that aren't as critical about everything and whatnot. Not to mention I think that a good amount of the pessimistic people could end up buying the game anyway. Thinking that Sonic 4 should be shut down because of this fanbase drama is like thinking Valve should have shut down Left 4 Dead 2 after all that fuss and petitioning the fans did (L4D2 did expectionally FYI).
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    Rusty Spy

    Pokèmon Black & White Discussion

    OH GOD YES! And a Bug/Steel legendary?! Uber Scizor confirmed holy shit!!!
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    Just put this together for fun:
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    Because the internet loves comparisons:
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    He's got some serious balls to make that claim. Let's hope this game actually backs him up. I'll bet it'll be better than Sonic 1 and 2, but it'll be something if it beats S3&K.
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    Thats quite a ballsy statement Mr. Iizuka. I don't know whether to be in awe or laugh.
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    The things in which you say are true. Hey wait, his feet are the same shape as his shoes? Huh, I would have expected toes or something like that. Unless...the Kirby ate them.
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    Wait he thinks Sonic Heroes is shit and he's on the development team of Sonic 4!?!? Talk about being a hypocrite! All I can say is the future doesn't look bright for Sonic if there are idiots like this guy in charge. Sonic Heroes has been my shinning star in an otherwise sky of shit as far as most 3D Sonic games have gone - Sonic 4 looks terrible so I dunno why this guy can be so smug.
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    Canada unveils new speed bump

    ...and people start hitting real little girls, D;? -Blur
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    ...I don't see how my standards are that way. I'm just saying that, compared to Sonic Genesis, Episode 1 at least isn't broken. That doesn't mean I'm saying E1's physics are great. The physics were actually my biggest concern with the E3/PartnerNet leaked build, and I was hoping to see them improved. Still, nothing to cry over. The news disappointed me, yes, but I'll get over it.
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    My reaction to the Episode 1-hate bitchstorm at the Sega Forums:
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    One time I decided to play Sonic games all night. The next day I kept hearing ring noises in my head. Lots and lots of ring noises...
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    Ruby Havoc

    MAD Cartoon Network

    Meh. It was alright. I liked Regular Show better.
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    Favorite animal?

    Favorite animals you say? I can't pick just one, but my top three would be bears, bison, and lions. Some other animals I really like are orcas, gorillas, and coyotes, but not as much as the first three. X3
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    Badnik Zero

    General Sonic Plothole Discussion

    2nd panel: That's where the Kirby lives.
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    What game are you currently playing?

    Banjo-Kazooie! Eleven years later, I still have memorized the location of every single jiggy and note and empty honeycomb. ALL OF THEM.
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    I think It would be hilarious if Tails went: "I wonder if the fans are happy now?" Sonic: "We have fans?"
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    Amazon.de listing "Special Edition"

    Good thing I haven't pre-ordered yet then. But I wonder exactly what it is that they'll add to the game...
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    MINECART RETURNS! (Japanese Site Update)

    Strangely, I was already imagining it in that voice when I started reading. This level is starting to look very nice, and now I'm curious to see if they've done anything to the other levels too. The minecart keeps reminding me of Donkey Kong Country though (then again anything with a minecart would).
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    Mimi's Art: Sonic CD Pic :3

    Thanks Phos, I just changed it. Now the topic's title makes more sense.
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    LittleBigPlanet 2

    I'm interested in how this will pan out but I'm going to remain sceptical, there were certain parts of LBP that really annoyed me and I'd like to know that they've been fixed before picking this one up =\
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    Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

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    My favorite informational source was Sonic HQ.
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    Yeah, minimalist plots are pretty much the way to go. I honestly don't give a fuck about stories or character development for Sonic. If I wanted those things, I think I'd turn to something else that emphasizes their importance.
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    i never quoted you, doesn't mean i was responding to you. lets forget any ways I am wondering about some thing if you don't mind, are the graphics of sonic colors as good as the ones here? : I mean one of the web sites said that played the game said the graphics are not as good as the footage. can you confirm it since you played it? I don't care much about the graphics as much as the game play, just want to see a confirmation are the graphics as good as seen in the footage ( ) ?
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    Yes, but that's the fanbase we're talking about. A dark Sonic story could be fantastic if actually handled well. The fanbase has a bias against 'dark/serious' plots because every attempt after SA2 ended up being shit. ShadowTH's story (which Iizuka wrote) sucked, Sonic 06 was a complete trainwreck from the start, and the 3D games still have that stupid "monster of the week" habit that the series really needs to get rid of, it's ridiculous. For the sake of examples outside of Sonic... Digimon Tamers. It's more or less the NGE or Serial Experiments Lain for kids (and written by the latter), dark as hell, a massive contrast compared to previous seasons, and, well, brilliantly written. It's still held as a favourite by many Digimon fans even today. Savers also got very damn dark at times, mostly because of Hitlermon Kurata. Also, the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series is also well-written, but also can be quite dark, and the Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky games are so filled with Nightmare Fuel that I have no idea how they got it past the censors. From what I know, Pokemon fans really do not dislike those plots at all. Oh, and the Pokemon Special manga, which features an Arbok getting sliced in half, people dying on-panel, and other stuff, and yet the creator of the games considers it the most faithful adaption. It also helps that it is an absolutely brilliant work. For something inside the Sonic series? The Storybook Games. Somewhat plot heavy, but if there's anything that everyone seems to like about Black Knight, it's the presentation, which includes the plot and writing. Hell, they even toyed with the idea of Sonic being a Villain Protagonist, which he really wasn't, but that's besides the point. Really, the point is, produce a well-written plot, no matter how deep or dark it is, people will like it. The problem is actually getting the broken fanbase to actually give it a chance. Bit of a crap comparison, really. While SA2 was somewhat good, he was directly responsible for ShadowTH's plot being shit. I'm not blaming him for Sonic 06, but I seriously doubt any meaningful contribution from him would've actually improved the game. I hate Iizuka less because it's the "in" thing to do and more because he's a complete idiot and a terrible game designer and writer. I honestly think SA2 was more of a fluke for him than anything, much like M. Night Shamalyan.
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    Too serious? He was joking, right? Now I hate him with all my heart.
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    Placing faith in Metal Sonic seems like a much better idea to me than some tiny robots that play to geometry. What's the worst that could happen-- Oh.... Right. Ha. But on a serious note, I think at this point in time with Eggman's characterization in the games being what it is, little helpers on the more comedic side are simply more fitting. It's hard to imagine such a cohort being more sinister than Eggman. If nothing else, it'll only serve to further highlight his incompetence and beg for yet another Heroes-styled coup. It just wouldn't feel right.
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    Sonic/Star Fox comparisons.

    No... no! Don't bring Star Fox down to Sonic's level, please. It suffers enough as it is!
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    Hey, Dark Quivit: Thanks for being another one of a long line of people to use that irritating "hissy fit" strawman. Allright, I shouldn't be rude, but this sort of thing grates after a while. The origin of this unsavory environment seems to be the detractors of the detractors. I've lost count of the number of times I've been accused of being unpleasable, nostalgia blinded, just hating it because I didn't get my way, and had my sentiments assigned the status of "hissy fit". All the first degree detractors have been doing is has been related to problems with Sonic 4, the second degree detractors are lumping people on this forum into their posts. This assertion is baseless. The player's inputs to play Sonic 4 don't match Sonic 1-3 in the slightest, and the reasons they do them are completely different as well*. The homing attack chains alone lead to repeated pressing of the same button. Sonic has drastically more airborne friction in Sonic 4 (actually due to lazy coding and not friction) which means jumps are handled differently. When a jump in a classic game required a bit of precision, this would often come in the form of short taps in either direction to fine tune Sonic's arc. This is pretty high on the list of things I think of when I think of Sonic. And guess what, it doesn't exist is Sonic 4. *I'm sure approximately 2584645649 people won't understand this, but there's no jargon for this. I might be the only person in the world who thinks about this sort of thing. I guess I should give some examples. Virtual On moves at such a fast pace and uses few buttons, which has the interesting effect of making it appear to an observer that can see the controller but not the screen that a player is button mashing when they are actually creating and executing tactics at a great speed. I believe I will call this an input profile, different games ask for inputs at different speeds and use different concentrations of different types of inputs (moving, jumping, shooting, dashing, the like). Most vertical shooters see the player tapping a single button repeatedly (there is very seldom any reason to not shoot in shooters like these) while moving to avoid bullets.
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    Electricpig's Preview

    I've had it with this fucking game
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