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    Rusty Spy

    Reviews Thread

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    Barry the Nomad

    Reviews Thread

    Posted this over at SEGAbits but I'll post it here too: While I have read two mediocre to negative reviews for Free Riders, I really have to question if "steep learning curve", "not casual friendly" and "exhausting" are bad things (the major reasons for the poor scores). I'd actually prefer a Kinect game that I'd have to master rather than a racer like Joy Ride that basically hands you first place (check out the first timers smoking the competition in Joy Ride preview videos). Marking a game down for being "exhausting" is something I think quite a bit of Kinect games will have to get used to. How are readers to know if the writer is in fact a 5'7" 250 lb dude who hates working out? Some people hate working out, and in turn I think we'll be seeing game scores suffer as such, which really is a shame and says a lot about society nowadays. Real world example: I use an elliptical three days a week for thirty minutes and it is quite easy and rather enjoyable. Meanwhile a few weeks back I worked out next to a woman who was clearly out of shape. After 10 minutes she got off, sweaty and out of breath and said "How can anybody do that! It's exhausting! Ooof!" Also, it seems that if you set up your Kinect incorrectly, you'll receive poor input, thus poor controls. For all we know, the Joystiq reviewer was out of shape, the G4 reivewer had theirs improperly set up and the IGN reviewer was both in shape AND had it set up correctly. Point is, I think Kinect reviews will depend on a lot more variables than standard controller games. I demand a full body shot of the reviewer and their play environment before trusting a score!
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    Hey Aquaslash! And there we go, fixed my name. Sent a new clip to XD375. Let me write up who the voices are in order when they first are heard: Amy, Sonic, Cream, Vector, Omochao, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge Admittingly that is one of the Knuckles clips that doesn't sound a whole lot like Dan, but I ASSURE you it is. : P
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    Launch Trailer

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    Oh thank god your argument is actually both baseless and generally completely wrong. We almost all looked like fanboys. To serve as a foil to Sonic. Rouge and Omega, and he also warmed up to Emerl in Battle. What does this even mean. They are keeping him. What? One, isn't this what you've been arguing AGAINST? Two, lone wolves are ALONE. Not with companions, that pretty much fucks the purpose of being a lone wolf. Shadow has always been with others in the games. Okay that middle one has never even happened and you pretty much made that up. Two, how does "Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog" sound to you? Personally I don't think he's needed nor do I want him in Sonic Colors. However, I can easily see all but that middle line being spoken by Sonic, so yeah it kinda does. uh, what. what? You do know that danger is generally present in every Sonic game? So all of the characters speak when there is danger. Also the opening of ShTH had his musing to himself before any danger even was apparent. Okay, I laughed. ... Do you even know what emotions are? Those lines you made up aren't sad at all. Also, most of SA2 he didn't talk about sad things, most of Heroes he wasn't even that angsty, ShTH he was mostly "NNERGHH MY PAST WHAT IS EEETTT" and hardly ever sad past one or two endings, and in '06 he was mostly stoic. He's never been a sad character. I think this is the only time I have ever heard you say something with a slight amount of truth. Shadow doesn't play around, but he's not focused on the mission until he's given one, and even then he's about as focused as Sonic or Tails or any other character in the series. You should more than likely actually stop and look at what your saying because I don't think you even read what you type, you're so very far off.
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    I like that Rouge no longer sounds like a chain-smoking stripper.
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    So, is anyone else bugged by the fact that Knuckles has a higher voice than Sonic now?
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    HunterTSF beat me to my own video. XD Anyhow, yeah, Amy's more annoying than ever but that was probably intended, Cream is the same old, Sonic's alright, Vector's ridiculous but that's supposed to be a good thing, Tails is amazing, Knuckles sounds a lot better (better than ever!) despite maybe being Dan Green, Shadow's amazing, best Rouge yet although I'm not a fan of her in general. I'm happy with the new cast, but Sonic will take getting used to. I'd rather Sega have just gone back to Drummond but it's better than Griffith.
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    Wow.. talk about a night of technical difficulties. I'm about to tear my hair out. Hey guys, I'm the one with the game. Some of you may remember me as FantasyTheAlmiqui, so voices are pretty much my thing, haha. Please give me a minute to look through the posts and answer questions. Yeah, ask whatever you want. I played through the Heroes story so far and heard plenty of the new voices.
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    Detective Shadzter

    Launch Trailer

    None TSSZ watermarked version FTW!
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    Sorry for the double post, but I thought posting in this topic would be appropriate since this new video is from Inside Xbox. @ 2:34 they show Free Riders, except it's NOT Free Riders, but SONIC RIDERS instead, the 1st one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnYBlKuP_9c They're promoting an Xbox 360 Kinect title with a trailer from the first game that was on Xbox, PS2 and GC Way to fail MS.
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    Fingers crossed it does, because if so, someone on the East Coast is currently in line at GameStop waiting for Kinect, wallet already in hand and capture equipment waiting at home ready to snag the cutscenes, the credits, and anything else of note. If you are that guy, and you're reading this...godspeed, fellow Stadiumite.
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    ...right into the arms of a doctor, without a scratch, how insanely lucky was I? Non?" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-11673774 We don't get enough stories like this. I mean. This kid is INSANELY lucky. Not only did he fall out of the 6th Story window unharmed. He was caught by a doctor. So if he WAS injured, he landed in the arms of the perfect guy to help. Bloody hell...
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    Enhanced the Audio on this 1 too. Well I been listening to the voices all day and this is my new opinion on them. Sonic: Sounds lively and ready for action, more lively than his Colors Voice? Tails: Perfect in every way. Knuckles: Knowing that is NOT Dan Green is a plus and he has a lot of potential. Amy: Fits her old classic design, so...I guess its not as bad as I thought. Cream: As good as it can get nowadays I guess? Vector: "Find the computer room" ?? sounds too similar to his 4kids voice, could use improvement? need to hear more. Shadow: His accent sounds off, but his voice is great! very close to SA2 David. Rouge: Like Tails...She nailed it perfectly. Jet: Still annoying but has more character than before, its growing on me surprisingly! (still ugly tho) Wave: pretty nifty, I like it. (could be Tails same VA which is indeed weird to think about) Storm: Durr, predictable dumb jock voice. ---------------- BIG the Cat: Will Hadouken everyone!!!
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    Richard Horvitz as Jet. Calling it now.
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    Sonic Free Riders Music Thread

    Lyrics WIP "I'm falling free, in the wind, in the wind. Free to be me, in the wind, in the wiiiiiiiiiind. What would it feel like to be speeding light, And move the night and day. Watch as it passes by, you're mad to try, But they just can't keep up! Into the free, Into the me, Into the ever knowing. Felt so refrained, Felt so constrained, But now I'm breaking out and, I'm falling free, in the wind, in the wind. Free to be me, in the wind, in the wiiiiiiiiiind. I'm Freeeeee!" Full version... NOW!!! Please
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    Wikipedia says Travis Willingham is the official voice actor of Knuckles. SO IT MUST BE TRUE!
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    This is one role where I miss ol' Griffy. Prepare to shudder at the Nermal-Jet! [/opinion=fact]
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    I'm really hoping Sega changes their minds about deep-voiced Sonic, because the voice Roger uses in this is Perfect. ;A;
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    Thanks Inferno! I can try to get a clip of Knux, but the game doesn't let you view the cutscenes b y themselves. You have to beat the mission attached to it. :/ Soooo... Haha, gimme a sec, I'll be back. Lemme try to find a good scene where they all talk.
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    Odd that the credits didn't roll, perhaps you have to beat all the stories for whatever reason. We obviously don't want to force her into doing that, considering Kinect actually requires full body movement.
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    Quite ironically I was also the one to originally leak that Jason was leaving his role back when everyone was wonderin' what the big news was in July. XP [/selfpromotion] I've asked my friend to try and record some dialogue with her phone for me.
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    Give this man a forum badge for being the first to fully reveal a character voice! .... I'm serious. ):I
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    My friend has the game. KNUCKLES IS STILL DAN GREEN, but he sounds a lot better with the new voice direction. In her OPINION, she says Roger sounds really annoying, like a grown-up and even more annoyingly sarcastic Jason. Tails is really good, Jet is really annoying, Shadow sounds like David Humphrey with a stronger accent, Amy sounds annoying and Cream sounds like Heroes. I haven't heard any of this yet myself, but I tend to agree with her when it comes to Jason, so I'm a little worried now. \:
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    New Sonic Cast

    By the way, no freaking allowed. That would simply be silly, and we cannot have it.
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    I miss the trick system... I keep thinking I can gain boost by pressing "B" after a spring to do tricks and finish it off with "R" but no more tricks makes me sad.... they could have at least kept the grinding tricks... Other than that I enjoy the game and I hope there is some sort of multi-player. I could care less for graphics as long as the game is good... I'm not picky like that.
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    Saint Nathan

    Coolest moments in 3D Sonic levels

    Instead of saying "all of unleashed day" like everyone else, I'll just throw in the best boss battle in the entirety of the 3D games. There is nothing NOT awesome about both this fight, and the preluding cutscene. NOTHING.
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    Who wants Shadow in this game?

    Looks like we've just been.... ...Over-shadowed.
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    Doctor MK

    Which upcoming games are you getting ?

    Games that I shall be getting between now and the end of the year: - Sonic Colours (Wii) - Sonic Colours (DS) - Super Scribblenauts (DS) - Super Mario All-Stars: 25th Anniversary Collection (Wii) - Doctor Who: Return To Earth (Wii) *** - Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth (DS) *** *** providing they are half-decent and not a complete load of old twaddle 2011 will consist of the 3DS and its many awesome launch games, plus Zelda: Skyward Sword, Okamiden, Pokemon White and anything else that might tickle my fancy as the year goes on.
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    A Retrospective on Sonic Colors

    Lol, had to be done.
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    Jason the Jackass

    Tails is fat

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    Tails is fat

    You heard it here first, folks. No fun discussion. Back to bitching at each other about Sonic 4 for all of you!
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    Stan S. Stanman

    The Introduction Topic

    Howdy, all y'all.
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    Tails is fat

    PINGASES, because the guys obviously don't have any... 'cept Eggman.
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    Agent York

    Tails is fat

    :V Now I can't get visual images of an alien and a hawk mating out of my head, damn you... DAMN YOU... And damn the Babylon Rogues making no sense! I mean I can accept they're descendants were genies... Kind of, we get it, Babylon Garden is a piece of ancient civilization that flies with an ancient genie race that used to inhabitant it... A bit far-stretched by acceptable... But then Zero Gravity comes in and all of the sudden they're also aliens and the Babylon Garden is a freaking spaceship. This bothers me to no end since a race of Bird Genie Aliens is just a huge WTF, I see little to no connection between the three. 8I I am half expecting Sonic Free Riders to throw something else into the mix... BIRD GENIE ALIEN MOLEPEOPLE CONFIRMED!!! And Shadow is a 50 year-old hedgehog fantasizing about a dead 12 year old girl. TAKE THAT SOCIETY!! Also, in Sonic X as Jez says they don't have toes either. Look... And since I know everyone was thinking it, here's what everyone really wanted to see.. ...Chris Thorndyke in a bathing suit. Not enough, well how bout this? ...Eggman in a bathing suit. At least he has toes.
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    You know what Brawl introduced me to? It's that Sonic dude, right? The one who runs around everywhere and shit? Yeah man, you ever play some of those games they made with him? They're fun as hell man. It's like, you just jump around and run really fast like the whole level, like Mario on meth, but like better than that. Seriously guys, you should check the Sonic games out. Fun shit.
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    Do you play Sonic games? And when I say unfinished games I mean games like Sonic 06.
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