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    Big's just a slow-paced laid-back type of guy. He's not supposed to be the brightest tool in the shed, obviously, but I don't think he needs to be portrayed as completely HURR DURR I R RETARDED. He just takes life at an easier simpler pace... so I see nothing wrong with him sounding less 'stupid' and more just like a guy who likes to take it easy and not strain body or brain ♥
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    I'm really hoping the whole cast of characters makes it into the 20th anniversary game now. (If only just NPC's) So I can hear more of the brilliant voices. Also: XD It's because of people like him why we only have Sonic playable in the games now.
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    EGADS! Some of those, no, most of those are WAY better than the fckin 4Kids cast! Here's what I think... Sonic: I really like his voice~ it's pretty low but...I'll get used to it! =3 Better than Jason, that's for sure. Tails: Amy Palant sounded way too girly for Tails, so this is way better and more boyish. Knuckles: Hmm, I noticed how he sounded similiar to Dan Green in Free Riders which made me go =/ . But hearing it in Sonic Colors DS it sounds a little different, a bit higher. I hope he keeps that voice! <3 Shadow: Way way WAY better than Jason's. This one atleast sounds dark and awesome and "I'm the coolest!" like. <3 Jason was trying way too hard, which was hilarious. Blaze: I like it. She sounds very calm, and regal. Amy: O___o Errr...a bit TOO high? I think I will have to warm up to this one. Silver: Ohohohoooo! It's because of Silver's previous voice that I actually disliked the character. He was a whiny little mongrel. >__> He sounds much better here, still youthful but with a lot less whiiiine to his voice. Cream: Awww! She sounds super CUTIE! =^ ^= I really like this one! My ears aren't bleeding, and I like it more than Amy's! Big: Lawl it DOES sound like Patrick. It's cute, he doesn't sound too dumb at least. Espio: ................HOOOOOT. SEXY. SEXY. SEXXXXY! *squee~* LOVE IT. Charmy: It's pretty cute. Not annoying like the Heroes voice and not low and weird like ShtH voice. So yar. Vector: Whahaha, his voice is cool. Nuff said. XD Rouge. OMFG I LOVE THIS. <3 THIS is what Rouge is supposed to sound like, not a fckin 40 year old chain smoker, mm'kay? Omega: Thank the lord, his voice is NORMAL again. -w- And it's awesome! Overall, I'm really liking the new cast! There's a few that make me go HMMM, but I'm sure I will get used to them. I just hope these stay longer than the other voice casts.
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    Just lurking around today and seen the discussion taking place in this topic, joined the forum to take part in the discussions. I wanted to point out that Quinton Flynn is not in the credits. I think that the voice of Silver is Vic Mignogna. And Laura Bailey wasn't "mistakenly written" as Bella Hudson. Obviously, Bella is still the voice of Blaze. They wouldn't make a mistake that dumb. We also see Derek Allen and David Keefer. David Keefer is Keith Silverstein, who we know is Vector, and Derek Allen I'm guessing is Omega and maybe Orbot and Cubot (Since Andy Rannels used to play all the robot voices for 4kids, maybe they're doing the same again.)
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    Vic Mignogna? In a SONIC game? *speechless*
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    Whoa did not expect that many characters to appear in the DS version Espio is easily one of the best new voices. Exactly what a ninja chameleon should sound like. Charmy sounds alright, at least he doesn't sound annoying. Silver still sounds great, thankfully no lisps in any of his clips this time. The one in Free Riders was probably a simple mistake. Blaze I still need to hear more of, but she's sounding good so far. Big sounds good, I think I liked his SA voice better though. Amy still needs work. Omega sounds more like the Heroes voice that I remember, which is perfect. Cubot's awesomeness translates perfectly to the DS version. This new cast overall is awesome, no doubt better than 4kids and on par with the original SA-Heroes cast.
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    Espio sounds like Hinata's brother in Naruto; I can't remember his name though as I only really see Naruto when one of my brothers is watc- NEJI, it's Neji, right?
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    SEGA already set Episode 1 apart from the classic trilogy by being terrible. Thank you, I'll be here all week. Tomorrow's the fan feedback thing. There won't be a live stream, but I'll have a video and photo camera at the event.
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    Jordan E

    New Sonic Cast

    i am just not now tomarrow morning my time you will know
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