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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    Would you kindly stop being a douchebag? I see these kinds of responses from you time and time again and I don't think anybody appreciates this.
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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    Yeah, that complaint is full of shit. GREY! Can't you see all that grey at the bottom of Sonic's shoes?.....and like nowhere else
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    Reminds me of the boss Mororina in Space Channel 5: Also the Wisps and the Moralians make the same jiggly sounds when they talk. Coincidence!?
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    Why Changing Sonic's voice was BAD

    Do I need to say it?
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    Just tell him to piss off. You don't need to defend it. Some people are gonna like it and some aren't, but anyone who tries to pretend like "LOL Sonic = Shit" no matter what just isn't worth the time.
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    Mimi's Art: Sonic CD Pic :3

    A new pic, this time featuring Blaze. I'm trying to put more work into my pics. This one took me over a week to make, so I hope it's alright. There are bubbles!
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    Surprised no one's done this yet.
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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    People who really hates the 3D Sonic games will continue to hate them even if they're good or not. Those people can't be pleased no matter what kind of Sonic game Sega makes. If Colors is really that good, then I'm going to enjoy it and forget all the bad titles. I'm not going to still hold a petty grudge against Sonic when I'm finally playing a good Sonic game.
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    I have a review of both Kinect and Move that I was lucky enough to hear in person... From a Chav on the number 51 bus going home... he was talking to his Chav friend who wore brown boots. It was a single decker bus. The following is a review from a number 51 bus route chav, "Av spent, fuckin' £300 this week on fuckin' PS3 and fucking Xbox... Fuckin' cost me loads man. Fuckin' PS Move, fuckin' bought all the fuckin' stuff and av' only plaid it wonce! Fuckin' Kinect is out, fucking girlfriend wants it for 'er Ex-Box, costs fuckin' undred quid and yer car't fuckin' do nowt. fuckin' shoot' in' yer' carn't fuckin; shoot now, ow' ya' gonna sh00t, walk around yer fuckin' room like this? *He does a mime of holding a gun and pretends to shoot invisable enemies.* And fuckin' Call of Duty! New wone. yer' can run and dive! Yer' can't fucking run and dive usin' kinect! yer' can't fucking run and dive! I do that all the tarme on the new one! Fuckin' run and dive! Run and fucking darve... fucking love it." So... in conclusion... kinect as told by a mainstream gamer chav on the number 51 bus... "It's shit, because you cannot run and fucking dive." If only they'd delayed it by another month.
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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    A game shouldn't get easy rides based off of a track record, be it Mario or Sonic. I don't want to think about reviewers thinking that way because I expect more professionalism from them to not even bother considering that as an option, and I'm not going to discredit them for chiming in on a note easier with Mario than Sonic. I could understand why they would, even though I disliked Galaxy 1 heavily only to really enjoy Galaxy 2. Also the "cool to hate on 3D Sonic" is growing old, and I'm not saying that in defense for the fanbase. Quite the contrary, actually.
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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    Terrible controls. They spent the whole damn review whining about them. The controls were just fine. Regarding Sonic 4, the physics were shit, and killed the game for me. I'll be perfectly honest here: I have no clue how you could possibly like Unleashed more than this. It's superior in every aspect.
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    I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Nega Yacker's Mom (or Wisps in general, as Woun said) as the final boss? XD
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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    While agreeing with the score is fine, GT literally lied through their teeth throughout the entire review, and repeatedly made mountains out of anthills. Out of curiosity, what was it that you didn't like, and which 3D game is your favorite?
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    End level, SUPER SONIC AND MOM WISP YACKER! Screens:
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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    To be fair I did not expect this game to please everyone...Some people like Sonic Adventure 2 more than Sonic3&K. Some people like Sonic 06 more than Sonic 2. Opinions XD But by no means is this game fail like the past games, I remember when we were LUCKY to get anything higher than a 6 :V. If 2 or 3 people don't like it that's better than almost everyone hating on it and 2 or 3 people liking it. Even though Sonic 4 didn't go as plan people got games to fall back on if they didn't like either one of the big timers this year...I say that a success on SEGA's part ^^
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    Big's just a slow-paced laid-back type of guy. He's not supposed to be the brightest tool in the shed, obviously, but I don't think he needs to be portrayed as completely HURR DURR I R RETARDED. He just takes life at an easier simpler pace... so I see nothing wrong with him sounding less 'stupid' and more just like a guy who likes to take it easy and not strain body or brain ♥
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    Studiopolis blows 4kids clear out of the water, and it. IS. GLORIOUS!
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    Yes, your opinion matters to us so much. Someone lock this piece of shit so we can discuss this somewhere else, or even better, not discuss it at all.
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    So I got all the Red Rings and Super Sonic~ I think I am going to create a Red Ring video guide starting tonight. Hope it helps some people.
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    I'm really hoping the whole cast of characters makes it into the 20th anniversary game now. (If only just NPC's) So I can hear more of the brilliant voices. Also: XD It's because of people like him why we only have Sonic playable in the games now.
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    Sonic sounds great. Tails is good as always. Knux is good. Big sounds a little different, but still good. Omega sounds like his Heroes self, nice. Like Shadow, I can actually hear Espio now. Silver sounds great, and so does Blaze. Cream sounds...lively, really great. Amy's less annoying here, best improvement from Free Riders to me. Charmy sounds very good imo. And Vector's great. Thanks Sega. Thanks a bunch.
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    EGADS! Some of those, no, most of those are WAY better than the fckin 4Kids cast! Here's what I think... Sonic: I really like his voice~ it's pretty low but...I'll get used to it! =3 Better than Jason, that's for sure. Tails: Amy Palant sounded way too girly for Tails, so this is way better and more boyish. Knuckles: Hmm, I noticed how he sounded similiar to Dan Green in Free Riders which made me go =/ . But hearing it in Sonic Colors DS it sounds a little different, a bit higher. I hope he keeps that voice! <3 Shadow: Way way WAY better than Jason's. This one atleast sounds dark and awesome and "I'm the coolest!" like. <3 Jason was trying way too hard, which was hilarious. Blaze: I like it. She sounds very calm, and regal. Amy: O___o Errr...a bit TOO high? I think I will have to warm up to this one. Silver: Ohohohoooo! It's because of Silver's previous voice that I actually disliked the character. He was a whiny little mongrel. >__> He sounds much better here, still youthful but with a lot less whiiiine to his voice. Cream: Awww! She sounds super CUTIE! =^ ^= I really like this one! My ears aren't bleeding, and I like it more than Amy's! Big: Lawl it DOES sound like Patrick. It's cute, he doesn't sound too dumb at least. Espio: ................HOOOOOT. SEXY. SEXY. SEXXXXY! *squee~* LOVE IT. Charmy: It's pretty cute. Not annoying like the Heroes voice and not low and weird like ShtH voice. So yar. Vector: Whahaha, his voice is cool. Nuff said. XD Rouge. OMFG I LOVE THIS. <3 THIS is what Rouge is supposed to sound like, not a fckin 40 year old chain smoker, mm'kay? Omega: Thank the lord, his voice is NORMAL again. -w- And it's awesome! Overall, I'm really liking the new cast! There's a few that make me go HMMM, but I'm sure I will get used to them. I just hope these stay longer than the other voice casts.
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    Sonic colors manga (Chapter 4 in pg7)

    Page 05: Page 06: APPARENTLY THE YELLOW-CUBE ROBOT IS EITHER Sorry I don't scan much, It's very hard to do without ripping all the pages.
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    Just lurking around today and seen the discussion taking place in this topic, joined the forum to take part in the discussions. I wanted to point out that Quinton Flynn is not in the credits. I think that the voice of Silver is Vic Mignogna. And Laura Bailey wasn't "mistakenly written" as Bella Hudson. Obviously, Bella is still the voice of Blaze. They wouldn't make a mistake that dumb. We also see Derek Allen and David Keefer. David Keefer is Keith Silverstein, who we know is Vector, and Derek Allen I'm guessing is Omega and maybe Orbot and Cubot (Since Andy Rannels used to play all the robot voices for 4kids, maybe they're doing the same again.)
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    Barry the Nomad

    Kinect for Xbox 360 Discussion

    So I discovered that in the sprint competition of Kinect Sports, you can slap and elbow your opponents on the starting grid, causing you to delay the race start get yelled at by a ref. So basically I slapped and elbowed by opponents for a good two minutes. Even after my dick moves, the crowd loved me as I danced on the podium in my Ryo outfit and sombrero. I'm a hero.
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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    Enough of this farce. So he doesn't like the game, big deal - I expected some people here to freak for not agreeing with general opinion, as always. But last I checked this wasn't The DistantJ Ragtime Show. It's the Sonic motherfucking Colors review topic. Comments like these. Unbelievable.
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    ^ You got to admit that's pretty smart of them
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    If '06 had succeeded...

    I sat on it for a bit, and the only logical answer to this question, if 06 had succeeded, is that classic Sonic would've been officially dead. Completely dead. I mean, why would Sega ever go back to classic Sonic? Obviously people liked this game that plays nothing like the previous games, not even the Adventure games. Why ever go back to the way things were? Sonic the Hedgehog 3: Retribution would be out now instead of Sonic Colors and I can assure you Sonic would not control like Sonic at all, and he'd only be playable in the first stage since the game's real star is Raiden the "Big Boss" Hedgehog. I shutter at this reality.
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    If '06 had succeeded...

    I don't know. If it means Colors wouldn't exist, I wouldn't even be here.
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    Sonic colors manga (Chapter 4 in pg7)

    Thanks again for those scans! Translation:
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    Sonic 20th Anniversary Merchandise

    Just found out; http://www.pbmexpress.nl/epages/PBMExpress.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/PBMExpress/Products/TMBGAB012 Sonic & SEGA All-stars Racing pullback figures. Only available in the Netherlands. The Pull-Back category has proven success with the previously launched Mario collection’s. Sonic and friends make an obvious extension to this category with their own vehicles featured in the hugely popular ‘Sonic All Star Racing game’. Range: Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow. 1 x racer per capsule, 18 x capsules per box. Case Quantity: 18
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    A Retrospective on Sonic Colors

    [is listening to this at the time of posting] Being an optimist that's been repeatedly let down by the game's receptions over the years, and who'd always be the one to go "Let's see how they do next time. <" instead of "I'll never be fooled again, <" It feels pretty good to finally have a game that you were rooting for really go above and beyond in reviews. Seriously, this game's surpassed what I was expecting, and won over the reviewers with flying colors. Honestly, even I felt a little Jaded when Colors was announced, and my hope was starting to wane, but...I was...right? The guy who always looks on the bright side of things was right this time around? The game doesn't suck in the public's eyes? It wasn't eaten alive in reviews? I'm not a complete idiot? .... *Happy tear* :< :< Thank you SEGA. I've waited patiently, and got what I've waited for, now take my money- ya big lugs! Yeah, I'm pretty happy. *is beaming*
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    Saint Nathan

    Sonic Colours Review topic

    Did you have, like, a seizure? That is the only way I can think of where that kind of thing would happen, unless your Wiimote is completely broken and held together with duct space tape.
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    Whoa did not expect that many characters to appear in the DS version Espio is easily one of the best new voices. Exactly what a ninja chameleon should sound like. Charmy sounds alright, at least he doesn't sound annoying. Silver still sounds great, thankfully no lisps in any of his clips this time. The one in Free Riders was probably a simple mistake. Blaze I still need to hear more of, but she's sounding good so far. Big sounds good, I think I liked his SA voice better though. Amy still needs work. Omega sounds more like the Heroes voice that I remember, which is perfect. Cubot's awesomeness translates perfectly to the DS version. This new cast overall is awesome, no doubt better than 4kids and on par with the original SA-Heroes cast.
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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    That's kind of funny, because I actually have the opposite problem. Sometimes, I have to waggle a bit harder for the controller to detect the movement.
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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    Some people tried to say the same thing about NSMBW. That the extra spin would fuck them up because Mario would just do it after they moved a bit. I literally never did the extra spin unless I wanted to. Though I don't flail like a monkey when playing games.
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    This is awesome. Look at that hedgie's cute little Sonic shoes! Well they missed out the buckle but so what, they're still soooo cute XD Sonic influencing real life Hedgehog related things is so cool, reminds me of that time when that Sonic-loving kid helped make keeping Hedgehog's as pets legal in a certain state. It's just so awesome that the very influence of Sonic helps is helping preserve the species. But seriously, it's so awful that these wonderful creatures are declining. They're the gardeners best friend! If people were more educated I bet they wouldn't be declining like they are. I mean how many people believe that bread and milk is good for them when in reality they are lactose intolerant? And rubbish is also a great danger to them when they get their heads stuck in pieces of it. Long live Hedgehogs!
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    He runs faster. He jumps higher. He "flies" instead of running. He has unlimited boost. He is completely invincible. Any obstacle he touches freaking explodes. He can outrun chase bosses like they are nothing. He is so deliciously broken. Yeah... Thats the Super Sonic I know and love... and now it's in full 3D playable glory. :'3
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    Super Sonic in levels confirmed? AWESOME! Thanks Jetronic!
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    I LOVE YOU JETRONIC. Can you still use Wisps as Super Sonic? And that transformation method means that if you're carrying a Wisp when you hit 50 rings, you need to turn super before you can use the Wisp... right? I AWAIT YOUR VIDEO OF AWESOMENESS AND DID I MENTION THAT I LOVE YOU
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    Rusty Spy

    If '06 had succeeded...

    Eh, if the horrible gameplay and programming didn't kill 06, the inherently bad game design, the unfavorable art style and setting would've done the trick. You can say 06 could've been amazing, but there's only so much that simply keeping in the oven for a few more months could improve. Even if the gameplay was great, we'd still have the crappy art style, story, and EliseXSonic.
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    The Sonic Fanbase

    Way to have a ego, I'm not even going to bother with you anymore, if there's anything that annoys me the most is opinionated posts like this. Oh, sorry, for those who want to go back on topic and discuss this go ahead, but I think what's been said has already been said and there isn't really much to discuss.
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    So I'm in Planet Wisp right now, been playing the game for the last 5-6 hours, I have been going after the Red Rings though, I want those Sonic simulator stages. So people here have more impressions than they did when I left, but now that I'm back I can leave my impressions up to this point. *takes in deep breath* OK, you know what Iizuka was saying several months ago about wanting to make this a modern Sonic game that is better than the classics? He wasn't lying. ads;fl;gh;djt;gjlg;fjhjk;sdgfkdl;sf GOD I LOVE THIS GAME. It has more pure fun, more smart levels, more wow moments, more fairness, more awesome music, better writing, basically better everything than we've come to expect and the game contumely wows me and overwhelms me with a feeling of pure joy. You guys played Mario Galaxy 2? This game isn't like Mario Galaxy in a lot of ways, I want to get that out of the way first, they have many differences and both feel fresh in their own ways. But you know how Mario Galaxy 2 filled you with pure joy when you were playing it? Sonic Colors manages to capture that pure joy feeling as well as having more "FUCK YEAH!" and intense moments than Galaxy 2. Yes, I am going to say this, as not only a Sonic fan but a general gamer this game tops Mario Galaxy in ways, which is saying something. I think it's preference on which one you prefer but as a Sonic fan I am LOVING this game. I haven't felt this giddy playing a Sonic game since Sonic Heroes, yes this game truly makes me feel like a kid again. It's not perfect, the 3D sections, while a lot better than I anticipated, still feel like a future game can better the formula. The game starts off a little slow, and I can feel the difficulty raising in the game and see how the difficulty spikes affect it,. A well, some sessions of the game, particularly in Starlight Carnival, that control themselves for about 20 seconds at a time. Also running enemies don't always hurt you which can make them less of a threat sometimes (though not saying this game is easy), but even with all of this the game does so much right and nothing really wrong, it truly is a game to celebrate for Sonic fans and I think a lot of you guys are going to love it. Also the cutscenes are making me laugh a lot, and are very well written with some of my favorite characterization for the characters ever. I would seriously place this game with the classics at this point, maybe even over in some ways. Goddammit Sonic is back, I really hope he can keep it up after this and we may be able to look back at when Sonic was in a slump and laugh.
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    Reviews Thread

    Obviously Eggman.
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    Donkey Kong Country Returns

    Damn, I'm super hyped for this, <3. It's one of the few games I know has some kickass swing music in it, >3. REALLY looking forward to the soundtrack/rip. -Blur
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