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    Sometimes a game just doesn't click for someone. I think that's fine. If I take a bite out of a sandwich and don't like it, then yeah, maybe I should try another bite or two just to be sure... maybe it'll grow on me. But if I STILL don't like it, I'm sure as heck not gonna force myself to eat the whole damn thing just so people won't say I didn't give it enough of a chance. Live and let live guys. Personally, I think the game looks/sounds awesome, 'though I haven't had the chance to play it yet. But some people are gonna disagree, especially if they HAVE played it (even if only partially), and it's totally their prerogative to form that opinion about it. Chill out, guys.
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    Reminds me of the boss Mororina in Space Channel 5: Also the Wisps and the Moralians make the same jiggly sounds when they talk. Coincidence!?
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    Sonic colors manga (Chapter 4 in pg7)

    More pages: Page 07: Is he trying to tell you something? Page 08: Sonic likes to be patted on the head. Page 09: Is this a sonic 4 reference? Page 10: LOL PI PI PI Sonic doesn't know the law of physics. The next one is the last one until I get chapter 3# I might get it today.
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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    A game shouldn't get easy rides based off of a track record, be it Mario or Sonic. I don't want to think about reviewers thinking that way because I expect more professionalism from them to not even bother considering that as an option, and I'm not going to discredit them for chiming in on a note easier with Mario than Sonic. I could understand why they would, even though I disliked Galaxy 1 heavily only to really enjoy Galaxy 2. Also the "cool to hate on 3D Sonic" is growing old, and I'm not saying that in defense for the fanbase. Quite the contrary, actually.
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    Big's just a slow-paced laid-back type of guy. He's not supposed to be the brightest tool in the shed, obviously, but I don't think he needs to be portrayed as completely HURR DURR I R RETARDED. He just takes life at an easier simpler pace... so I see nothing wrong with him sounding less 'stupid' and more just like a guy who likes to take it easy and not strain body or brain ♥
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    You don't be around that many teenage boys, do you? I hear boys between the ages of 13 - 18 with voices MUCH deeper then Sonic's.
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    I'm really hoping the whole cast of characters makes it into the 20th anniversary game now. (If only just NPC's) So I can hear more of the brilliant voices. Also: XD It's because of people like him why we only have Sonic playable in the games now.
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    EGADS! Some of those, no, most of those are WAY better than the fckin 4Kids cast! Here's what I think... Sonic: I really like his voice~ it's pretty low but...I'll get used to it! =3 Better than Jason, that's for sure. Tails: Amy Palant sounded way too girly for Tails, so this is way better and more boyish. Knuckles: Hmm, I noticed how he sounded similiar to Dan Green in Free Riders which made me go =/ . But hearing it in Sonic Colors DS it sounds a little different, a bit higher. I hope he keeps that voice! <3 Shadow: Way way WAY better than Jason's. This one atleast sounds dark and awesome and "I'm the coolest!" like. <3 Jason was trying way too hard, which was hilarious. Blaze: I like it. She sounds very calm, and regal. Amy: O___o Errr...a bit TOO high? I think I will have to warm up to this one. Silver: Ohohohoooo! It's because of Silver's previous voice that I actually disliked the character. He was a whiny little mongrel. >__> He sounds much better here, still youthful but with a lot less whiiiine to his voice. Cream: Awww! She sounds super CUTIE! =^ ^= I really like this one! My ears aren't bleeding, and I like it more than Amy's! Big: Lawl it DOES sound like Patrick. It's cute, he doesn't sound too dumb at least. Espio: ................HOOOOOT. SEXY. SEXY. SEXXXXY! *squee~* LOVE IT. Charmy: It's pretty cute. Not annoying like the Heroes voice and not low and weird like ShtH voice. So yar. Vector: Whahaha, his voice is cool. Nuff said. XD Rouge. OMFG I LOVE THIS. <3 THIS is what Rouge is supposed to sound like, not a fckin 40 year old chain smoker, mm'kay? Omega: Thank the lord, his voice is NORMAL again. -w- And it's awesome! Overall, I'm really liking the new cast! There's a few that make me go HMMM, but I'm sure I will get used to them. I just hope these stay longer than the other voice casts.
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    ^ Yo mamma is so fat that she was used as a model for the Sonic Colors DS game as the final boss! Hur hur dur!
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    Just lurking around today and seen the discussion taking place in this topic, joined the forum to take part in the discussions. I wanted to point out that Quinton Flynn is not in the credits. I think that the voice of Silver is Vic Mignogna. And Laura Bailey wasn't "mistakenly written" as Bella Hudson. Obviously, Bella is still the voice of Blaze. They wouldn't make a mistake that dumb. We also see Derek Allen and David Keefer. David Keefer is Keith Silverstein, who we know is Vector, and Derek Allen I'm guessing is Omega and maybe Orbot and Cubot (Since Andy Rannels used to play all the robot voices for 4kids, maybe they're doing the same again.)
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    So the home console version has Eggman in a mech as the final boss, while the portable version has a giant monster from out of nowhere? That's a... strange reversal. XP
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    After listening to the rest of the new cast, I really wanna hear Big say "The inner magnifications of my mind are an enigma." I've heard that Marine is mentioned when Sonic and Tails meet Blaze. Does this really happen or have I fallen victim to yet another Youtube rumour?
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    Vic Mignogna? In a SONIC game? *speechless*
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    Saint Nathan

    Sonic Colours Review topic

    Did you have, like, a seizure? That is the only way I can think of where that kind of thing would happen, unless your Wiimote is completely broken and held together with duct space tape.
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    Whoa did not expect that many characters to appear in the DS version Espio is easily one of the best new voices. Exactly what a ninja chameleon should sound like. Charmy sounds alright, at least he doesn't sound annoying. Silver still sounds great, thankfully no lisps in any of his clips this time. The one in Free Riders was probably a simple mistake. Blaze I still need to hear more of, but she's sounding good so far. Big sounds good, I think I liked his SA voice better though. Amy still needs work. Omega sounds more like the Heroes voice that I remember, which is perfect. Cubot's awesomeness translates perfectly to the DS version. This new cast overall is awesome, no doubt better than 4kids and on par with the original SA-Heroes cast.
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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    Some people tried to say the same thing about NSMBW. That the extra spin would fuck them up because Mario would just do it after they moved a bit. I literally never did the extra spin unless I wanted to. Though I don't flail like a monkey when playing games.
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    Espio sounds like Hinata's brother in Naruto; I can't remember his name though as I only really see Naruto when one of my brothers is watc- NEJI, it's Neji, right?
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    For the original OP question: Actually make Sonic work in 3D. Sorry Sega, but Unleashed just isn't going to cut it. I want to see you do a 3D game in a 3D environment. Unleashed is more a 3D game in a 1D environment. You can't hide behind 2D sections forever, they need to really buckle down and make Sonic TRULY work in 3D. I've already given my ideas for a 3D game way too many times and I couldn't be assed to post it again so copy-pasta powers go! From the second question: No gimmicks, just gameplay and power-ups. The "gimmicks" should be isolated to specific levels themselves, as a slew of different obstacles for Sonic to interact with. Don't stop coming up with different gimmicks to litter the levels. The game shouldn't need a gimmick when the levels can be sufficient gimmicks in themselves.
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    Just played the game for a few hours. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone. This game is fantastic. For reference, this is coming from a guy who despises SA2, Heroes, Shadow, and 06, while disliking Unleashed and SA1.
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    Go Jetronic! I believe in you! Also, this Writing/VA combo is the best ever! The characters are so fun and believable now. You know what, I'll agree with Dreadknux. IF you think any of the past Game VAs were better, you are officially tone deaf.
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    Can't wait to see what happens when you get all seven emeralds, Jetronic! Also, can anyone with the game confirm what the controls are for the Gamecube controller? Are they the same as Unwiished, e.g. drift with B button and quick step with L/R button?
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    I got it. And I got to Starlight Carnival The conclusion?
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    So how is this game, again?

    I hope you're right. Often to me "this is clearly badly made and there's no excuse" talk implies that there's something wrong with people who don't see anything wrong with the media in question. I still maintain that this isn't a badly programmed engine, just an engine some people dislike.
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    So I'm in Planet Wisp right now, been playing the game for the last 5-6 hours, I have been going after the Red Rings though, I want those Sonic simulator stages. So people here have more impressions than they did when I left, but now that I'm back I can leave my impressions up to this point. *takes in deep breath* OK, you know what Iizuka was saying several months ago about wanting to make this a modern Sonic game that is better than the classics? He wasn't lying. ads;fl;gh;djt;gjlg;fjhjk;sdgfkdl;sf GOD I LOVE THIS GAME. It has more pure fun, more smart levels, more wow moments, more fairness, more awesome music, better writing, basically better everything than we've come to expect and the game contumely wows me and overwhelms me with a feeling of pure joy. You guys played Mario Galaxy 2? This game isn't like Mario Galaxy in a lot of ways, I want to get that out of the way first, they have many differences and both feel fresh in their own ways. But you know how Mario Galaxy 2 filled you with pure joy when you were playing it? Sonic Colors manages to capture that pure joy feeling as well as having more "FUCK YEAH!" and intense moments than Galaxy 2. Yes, I am going to say this, as not only a Sonic fan but a general gamer this game tops Mario Galaxy in ways, which is saying something. I think it's preference on which one you prefer but as a Sonic fan I am LOVING this game. I haven't felt this giddy playing a Sonic game since Sonic Heroes, yes this game truly makes me feel like a kid again. It's not perfect, the 3D sections, while a lot better than I anticipated, still feel like a future game can better the formula. The game starts off a little slow, and I can feel the difficulty raising in the game and see how the difficulty spikes affect it,. A well, some sessions of the game, particularly in Starlight Carnival, that control themselves for about 20 seconds at a time. Also running enemies don't always hurt you which can make them less of a threat sometimes (though not saying this game is easy), but even with all of this the game does so much right and nothing really wrong, it truly is a game to celebrate for Sonic fans and I think a lot of you guys are going to love it. Also the cutscenes are making me laugh a lot, and are very well written with some of my favorite characterization for the characters ever. I would seriously place this game with the classics at this point, maybe even over in some ways. Goddammit Sonic is back, I really hope he can keep it up after this and we may be able to look back at when Sonic was in a slump and laugh.
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    Flyboy Fox

    Sonic Channel

    I have to agree with Sean and Octarine - ol' Eggy just doesn't work if he's too realistic. He was too 'bland' to be either outlandishly goofy or eccentrically sinister. And there's definitely something to be said for Sean's uncanny valley point. A man like Eggman is simply not meant to be rendered 'realistically'. It just looks odd, out of place and kinda jarring. Whether he's portrayed as a clown or seriously creepy, he still works MUCH better in an exaggerated and loud cartoony style. It's how he's always been. Making him 'just a man' doesn't work in a world where no one is 'just a(n)' anything.
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    Your Most Memorable Sonic Game

    Sonic 3 and Knuckles. I got mesmorized by the last final 6 Bosses and I literally screamed at my screen:"JUST FUCKING GIVE UP ALREADY AND GIVE ME THE MASTER EMERALD!!!" After finishing this game, I gained inner peace.
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    Something about the Artstyle doesn't quite cut it for me.It looks cluttered and doesn't have a distinguish design to me. A jungle park that hovers in space? A level made out of food? A Red-White construction in the middle of a grass-field? The Artstyle is so stylized to that at the end of the day you can't really comprehend all of it. And to me that's not really great Artdesign. Unleashed had very detailed and orginal design and was very distinct to the eye, due to using very little colors and having one distinguish theme. It's a different feel to Sonic, and I don't like it too much. Hell even Sonic 4 has better Art direction, cause of using the Old Levels. I got more excited when a new level was revealed for Sonic 4, than if a new one was revealed for Colors.
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    Tails is fat

    And then Tails killed Sonic. :V What would happen?! Tell me!! :U
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    The Sonic Colors route, each game that comes out will have new levels obviously, throwbacks to previous titles, perhaps Tails and Knuckles playable eventually(But not with their crap gameplay styles in Adventure 2, just alternate characters, like in the classics), and this list also applies to the Handheld games, since Handhelds like the 3DS could probably handle Sonic unleashed PS2 with maybe some improved graphics(Not that I want Sonic Unleashed on the 3DS, just using a example).
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    Donkey Kong Country Returns

    Damn, I'm super hyped for this, <3. It's one of the few games I know has some kickass swing music in it, >3. REALLY looking forward to the soundtrack/rip. -Blur
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    Are you denying the fact that Sonic games are for everyone? If there was a Mario game with full voice acting, tons of cutscenes and darker characters I really doubt it would be as enjoyable and would sell as well as a game like Mario Galaxy or Sonic Colors.
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    The games never showed it well, but Mighty IS a power type. The thing that indicates it most other than his name and the fact that one of the manuals outright says so, is his voice in SegaSonic the Hedgehog. It's the typical Japanese "strong man" voice. Also to answer the OP, Mighty and Fang are ok, but only one character really matters here: METAL GOD DAMN KNUCKLES EDIT: Mighty doesn't have any textures in SA1, so you and your friend are bullslaggin'
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    DmC: a new Devil May Cry

    Eh, I don't really like the new look, and prefer the old original look with white hair of coolness. Now he looks like this guy:
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    Aren't you worried?
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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    To be honest...well...a friend of mine actually explained it best He pretty much right...Colors may be good, but we still live in the world were 3D Sonic are hated on...and its still "Cool thing to hate on 3D Sonic Games". Sega needs to keep up the good work if they are gonna gain the general opinions populace back. It won't happen with this game though...maybe if the next couple of games are good people will see Sonic back in a better light. So until that day WE the fans know that this is a Solid Title...and I think we are going to have to deal with that until SEGA fixes their mess.
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    DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMPS!!1! EDIT: in a more relevant topic... This is a pretty common mistake, did you play a Versus matchin the simulator? (I did it against the CPU) You can get the seventh emmerald there. (it's the second I got)
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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    I found the controls fine, like almost everyone else. If I'm correct, GT was the only one to whine about the controls. They were deemed "unresponsive" despite the fact that they were extremely responsive. They noted that "all of the problems from the Dreamcast days are still here", despite the fact that the camera is just about perfect now, and the fact that the game doesn't have its pace broken by some stupidly unrelated alternate playstyle every level. No, they were shit. They were built for a completely different style of gameplay, and don't work well with classic gameplay. Colors' physics work perfectly for the game. (Not to mention, when you slide down a hill in Colors, you gain speed, whereas in Sonic 4, rolling makes you slow down) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfPmYPFZmfo ... I'm getting the vibe that you're one of the people who think Sonic is about SPEED SPEED SPEED. Color's is actually a platformer. How is that bad? I'm sorry if I'm coming off as rude, but your reasoning isn't making sense. :l Edit: Didn't see Sean's post until I posted this. I'll stop this argument here, but I'd be happy to discuss it with you over PM.
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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    Wait? And you said Unleashed had better controls? I'm sorry, but what. Throughout Sonic Colors'development one of the things they were working on the most was the controls, you most likely didn't notice how slippery Sonic unleashed's controls could get at times because of how fast you were moving at times, like I have said many times, Sonic Colors is platforming palooza.
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    SEGA already set Episode 1 apart from the classic trilogy by being terrible. Thank you, I'll be here all week. Tomorrow's the fan feedback thing. There won't be a live stream, but I'll have a video and photo camera at the event.
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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    Sure is fun holding your hands arbitrarily still to avoid accidentally triggering something. And the jumping looks like it has all the same problems as it did in Unleashed.
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    WTF!?!? What is this that I'm seeing? Broken Sonic in a 3D game? I can't believe this...it's fake...*goes into denile* This is crazy though! What? Super Sonic in 3D? I must have been staring at my laptop yelling "STOP LYING TO ME YOU BASTARD!!!" for over an hour before I took this info in...I wonder what his wait animation looks like. EDIT:@ Doctor MK: Apparently you can turn Broken Sonic on and off in the options menu. If he's on, the wisps will be removed from the stages and springs will be placed accordingly to progress through the stage.
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    Jordan E

    New Sonic Cast

    i am just not now tomarrow morning my time you will know
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    I still say 4kids was better (accept For Rouge and Vector new cast wins that round) BUT Jason was better than Roger and Iffin you dont agree with me too bad
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    4kids was WAY better At least Sonic Sounded More Teenager
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