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    You may have coined it but no copyright law in the universe is going to stop me from using it.
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    (I really don't know if this should go in the Review topic or not. Common sense says yes, but it's more about official reviews and such, so I dunno. Anyways, onto the review.) VV Pretty much the start of this, but it's not really part of the review so much as background. Does not contain complaining about the modern games.
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    Doctor MK

    Sonic Colours Review topic

    The story so far... GameTrailers digs themselves a grave by angering the fanbase with a poorly put together negative review. GameTrailers then proceed to try and redeem themselves by explaining their criticisms more thoroughly. All seems moderately acceptable. And then GameTrailers proceeds to call all Sonic fans "furries" and dug themselves right back into the grave they had just climbed out of. The moral of the story? "Way to go, GT"
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    Just because there are better, doesn't make it any less good. Its still a very well-made game and overall very enjoyable. Uniqueness was never really part of the ball game. It seems like a very very well executed experiment, whilst playing with features that the rest of the gaming community find comfortable. Yes there is an abundace of overly rectangular platforms, but because this game is 3D but locked in a 2D camera position, it makes smooth plane shifting impossible. You can't jump on top of a platform from underneath it (something you can do arbitrarily in pure 2D platformers) because of the laws of physics. I agree that they can make it looks smoother and more varied than just blocks, but I'm afraid random floating platforms is a part of the territory when in comes to 2.5D. As for the speed, yes its main just automated, but really speaking in Unleashed all you had to do was press the X or Square button and occasionally tap the shoulder buttons. The boost would never run out because not only do they run on rings, but the boost also acts like a magnet; sucking them in. Ergo you can keep boosting till the end of the level, unless the pace was broken up with platforming, which also featured arbitrary rectangular blocks. However, I think you're missing the big picture. Colours may not have been the game you expected or wanted, but its definately a sign of things to come. I personally think that the game is just a really clever experiment to determine which alternate playstyles people liked the most. Yes the game isn't perfect, but whether you like it or not; it did build off of Unleashed whilst trying a number of new things as well. It uses basically the same gameplay engine as Unleashed HD, only slowed down a tad with a [somewhat awkward] double-jump.
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    Am I the only one here who had no problem with the writing whatsoever? And I'm usually the FIRST one to find faults with the game writing :|
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    I never really thought at any point in Colors that there was a line or scene that was necessarily cringe-worthy, it was just really stuff that didn't appeal to my tastes. The only thing that does come to mind though is a few of Tails' mistranslations. Also Jez, there's already a name for that loltvtropes
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    Now that my Hype mind is gone I can start talking about things in colors I dislike. 1. The handling has improved, but the excitement from playing the 3D areas are not there like it was in UnleashedHD. Drift is kinda slow and sluggish mostly shown at Sweet Mountain Act 2. I liked being able to boost with drifting as well because it made that section go by quicker for those who could control it and it should be an option. Also I don't like the Quick Step and Drifting controls to not be in my arsenal at all times, it makes the game seem even more separated from its 3D/2D moments. If there is 1 thing Unleashed did right is flow (even though it was linear in some levels). Colors might be a better game overall, but Unleashed has superior flow then Colors since it can feel "blocky' at times in game. 2. In the old games blocky levels and flowed levels were completely separated while in Colors they combine it inside of the game and can come off as a bit jarring. Colors also comes off as more of a 2D game with 3D sections than an actually 3D game. Next installment definitely needs more balance and should be 50/50 without braking in game flow. Meaning 1 Act should have blokish level design while the other act is more of a speed fest with platforming like Emerald Hill Zone or Chemical Plant in Sonic 2. Doing this will please both sides of the unleashed formula fan base "Because it gives them acts to choose from and replay again later". Similar to unleashed DLC content and how some levels operated. It should play more like this, but with all the good aspects in colors platforming, alternate paths and better controls, but to be honest I think the reason the excitement of the Unleashed cannot be replicated in Colors is simply because of the WII just being a weaker system and it can't generate the "sensation" you get in Unleashed HD. Any way here my examples in the Unleashed system. This video shows the platforming capabilities in unleashed is there, but harder to do do to Sonic's Slippery controls...which I think ST at the time understood so they based more stages...or the main stages on just Sonic doing more running than platforming. This vid also shows how platforming can still be exciting and "thrilling" while still giving the sense of actual platforming without the "boost boost boost" concept. This level with a bit more variety and not going just "up", with a tad toned down difficulty, alternate paths, with control aspect of colors, and your cooking with fire baby. This Vid all 2D and while its pretty straight forward shows again how to keep the platforming abilities without sacrificing thrill. of course if this was designed like colors with more "flow" than blockish platforming section/ Rush Like gameplay it be vastly superior to this. There nothing wrong with blockish platforming (its in the classics)...nor is there anything typically wrong with colors premise. I just trying to find a medium were both sides can be happy. I play Colors for different reason than I do unleashed...but I will say that if I ever want to get my blood boiling I'll play Sonic unleashed/2. The reason why Colors doesn't top Sonic 2 for me is because Sonic 2 was able to maintain my excitement the entire time while still delivering platforming. Colors doesn't deliver this excitement, but has better platforming. Even the boost in colors feels more like a an "effect" than an actual game mechanic at times. While in unleashed you KNOW boost is working at all times to improve your speed. I very interested to see an HD version of Colors since this will prove whether the WII just lacks the ability to provide that excitement. Its all a toss up really, but there no doubt that as a overall game Colors is superior...because all the good stuff from UnleasgedHD is just like 30% while the rest of the bad stuff actually take up most of the game. If i wanted to show off Sonic to some friends without showing the abomination that's in UnleasgedHD I pick it over colors though, but recommend a Sonic game to a friend? I pick Colors.
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    Sonic Colors Reviewer Gets Comeuppance

    I'm pretty sure all of this is in good fun, even if Sterling's review is absolutely foul, but I'm hoping this actually progresses farther somehow. What will be next from Sega? Special blog entries and videos? In-game references even? The possibilities are never-ending.
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    Now that I've finally had a chance to play it, it's downright awesome on Wii. Anything about the game, you name it, I love it. I don't know where to start with the good points, it's just amazing. Except two things: 1, the Unleashed Wii homing attack. Can't lock-on to things unless they're on screen and the range is horribly long (limitless in 2D). Nu-uh. Bad bad bad. Unleashed 360 style please. 2, the boost. It's so unnecessary in this game. Worked great in Unleashed, and is used REALLY well in Colours DS. But this time... it just doesn't need to be there and doesn't work with the gameplay at all (the 3D sections suffer from somewhat lame design because of it). The game really would benefit from the spindash and rolling. Also, Aquarium Park is one of the best Sonic stages ever. I don't care if he can now swim-ish (just so long as he can't in a game with Knuckles and Tails), it's a fantastic stage. Brilliant layouts, excellent music and stunning visuals.
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    I don't get it distantJ. Sonic games have been platformers from the day they existed. What made sonic and SEGA so succesful back in the days. Reading the decription of what you loved so much about unleashed. I mean... what? Is that really what you want sonic games to be built upon?
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    Sonic Colours Music Thread ♫

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    Detective Shadzter

    Sonic Colours Review topic

    Don't mean to de-rail the topic, but it looks like someone's not got a sense of humour about SEGA's gift to Jim Sterling:
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    In other news, anyone notice how the first 20 seconds of Aquarium Park Act 1, looks similar to Dragon Road Act 1 in the HD version of Unleashed? Take a look:
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    Yeah uhh... remixing generally involves actually creating your own content to the same melody as the original song in a different style etc. Not painfully altering the pitch of the original track to almost unrecognisable levels. If you actually enjoy listening to these then... well, kudos to having a unique taste in music.
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    I guess some people liked BOOST, BOOST, BOOOST. Honestly I like running through awesome looking areas as much as the next guy, I mean it looks awesome. But I like to do platforming in Sonic games as well, even its generic platforming, I hate feeling like a spectator when playing Sonic, and Unleashed unfortunately did that for me.
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    Rumour: PSP2 details

    Yeah 720p isn't as high as say 1080p or 1600*1200, but that's pretty damn good for a handheld, and seeing as many phones have such a system and the iPods "retina display", its not unreasonable. However, the price is a major issue. Especially with Sony. They charged up the asshole for the PS3 when it first came out, and I'm not paying £250+ for a handheld, seeing as I could buy another PS3 with that money. I just really hope for Sony's sake that they managed to reduce the production and development costs of such ridiculous tech enough to be worthwhile. I'd be happy to pay under £200 or a similar price to the 3DS, but no more than that really.
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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    Ugh. I fucking hate them now.
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    Ice Vec

    Sonic Colours Review topic

    They generalize all the fanbase calling it "fan furries" I'd like to punch them on the face for that
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    Comments on profile pages don't work

    I've made IP.Board available in the skin menu. This is a non-themed skin that is fully-functional, so if you need functionality then use it.
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    Detective Shadzter

    Sonic Colours Review topic

    GameTrailers are defending their Sonic Colours review again. Video here (it's at the 13:37 mark): http://www.gametrailers.com/video/episode-134-invisible-walls/707697 Via GoNintendo: http://www.gonintendo.com/viewstory.php?id=142964 EDIT: We can embed GT videos now?
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    I kinda liked the sushi resturant one in Aquatic Park. The worst was the "No copyright law in the universe is gonna stop me!" though. That was total "darkside cookies humour" - which is the name I give to forced humour, the most sterling example of which being the t-shirt phrase "come to the dark side... we have cookies". Dunno why it annoys me but if anyone agrees, know here and now I totally coined that name for it.
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    I'm glad it clicked with you too. I'd have been a lot happier with colours if not for a few little things really. A lot of the speed parts are more automated than you realise, if you actually let go of the controller in certain parts you'll be stunned at how much of it you didn't realise you weren't actually playing - all of the parts which resemble the best moments in Unleashed seem to all work by themselves. That's my one major letdown with it, and yeah, I prefer my platforming a little more varied and a little less about squares and blocks dotted around... I think Colours could have been fixed for me with a few minor little things really. Put it on HD consoles and I'll give it another go - especially since the absolute worst parts for me were the zoomed out areas with the Wii's low resolution making it hard to see anything.
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    Sonic colors manga (Chapter 4 in pg7)

    Translation of chapter 3, pages 1 to 4:
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    Will someone please tell me why people want more story in a game? Plus a SONIC THE HEDGEHOG game of all things. I understand we love our writers now, but did Sonic ever really need more story than "Eggman's starting up some slag again, kick his fat arse back to Robotropolis and save the animals!"? Seriously, story is what the comics are for.
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    Unleashed is way more linear , colors isn't even close.. Unleashed at the most part is always Telling you to 'think or sink'. to Explain more : sonic unleashed day stages are like you are you always boosting and you are always running, you are like on a roller coaster worrying about what it would lead you to and worrying about if you won't have much time to react to what ever the Roller coaster surprises you with. Sonic Colors has Short Cuts Paths. and the game has platforming, the game is Calm, the game doesn't drive you to 'run or die'. it gives you time to think what path you should chose to finish the stage faster. 'Hmm... where to fire the laser? , do I go under water to Drill and go into the pipes? Do I leave the Drill wisp or i could need it later in the stage?'.
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    Claiming Colors is more linear than Unleashed is... almost denial of fact, but the perception can be pretty apparent and understandable considering Colors utilizes most out its 2.5D sections instead of 3D. Unleashed is alot more linear though, it doesnt present nearly as many paths and possibilities until the much, much later levels. I preffer Colors more, Unleashed still feels like a relatively good game but if I'd have to choose one over the other then Colors would be it. It feels like it takes the things that made Unleashed a mostly good game and turns it into something that works with its classic formula of multiple paths, possibilities to choose from and alot more control. Its like a modern-day Sonic CD.
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    Hardly recognisable? They're exactly the same barring the object placement. And what is sad, is the you take the time to respond to every single comment and try to prove how you are right above all else. Seriously, just stop. Stop making excuses and generally, just let it go.
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    Wait a minute, are you guys implying that such small screens would have that high resolutions? ... Sounds incredibly pointless to me. I mean, come on, trying to pack such a big 'resolution' into such a relatively small screen sounds absolutely silly, there's only so much picture quality you can pack into a hand-held device before the difference becomes negligible. Actually, now that I think about it, how does that even work? You can't just make pixels smaller... Can you?
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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    I would like to present SEGA with the "Troll of the Year" award for sending him that gigantic picture. Well played SEGA, well played.
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    So now that you have played sonic colo(u)rs

    In my opinion Sonic Unleashed (360/PS3) is much better because Sonic Colours stage design is more linear compared to Unleashed's and a lot of the time in the 2D sections in Sonic Colours you can't go backwards (invisible barriers) and Sonic Colours just feels more like a spin off than a main series game to me. Edit: Neg repped for my opinion? Trolls.
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    One of the many reasons I dislike Super Sonic. Not only does he utterly destroy the flow of the game, not only does he have a bunch of shit "epic" final boss fights, not only is he a bitch and a half to unlock, not only does he have a legion of fanboys who circle jerk at the mere mention of his name cuz "ZOMG SUPER SONIC HE'S UBER AWESOME", not only is his Final Smash form in Brawl hard as hell to control, but he also sends the whole soundtrack to hell during the stage-by-stage gameplay.
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    Rumour: PSP2 details

    Source: UK:RESISTANCE Well, you heard it here first, folks; it's going to be absolute shite. Of course, you probably didn't actually need this particular story OR my input to deduce this, but still... [/sarcasm]
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    Sonic Unleashed was only "BOOST BOOST BHOOSTHE ZOMG!!!1111" when you had learned the ins and outs of every level and maxxed out your ring energy bar. I mean are we playing the same game? Because Unleashed has me ducking under gaps, avoiding spikes, jumping on platforms, homing attacking enemies with the right timing, avoiding eggman-springs, staying out of bottomless pits, avoiding fire traps, spinning spike-balls, timing my homing attacks on springs which turn upside-down to reveal spikes, timing my movement to avoid swinging blades, quickstepping in actual challenging areas where I can slow down or stop when I want to... Sonic Colours felt more like a spectator sport for all 3D sections with little square platforms laid out as if they were designed by a teenager who just got his hands on Multimedia Fusion as if they somehow made up for it. I'd have totally forgiven the poor platforming layout if the exciting 3D bits had actually depended on my input but they all just happened by themselves if I stopped pressing anything.
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    I think the HD thing is bullshit. Seriously. Unless HD has suddenly dropped its standards sharply (and HD as we know it is way behind PC resolutions in itself), that screen on the 'prototype' looks roughly the same size as the regular PSP screen, and that sure as hell ain't HD. Unless handhelds get some sort of holographic screen or a screen that can fold open or something, we ain't gonna be seeing HD screens on handhelds for a few gens, that's what I think. Also, Sony would be absolutely retarded to release a handheld with specs like that, because it'll make the system ridiculously expensive. If they do, it would be fairly obvious that they hadn't learned a thing from the PS3. If they do that, AND make it download only, the PSP2 is royally fucked. Sony wouldn't be that stupid... Would they?
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