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    The direction this thread has taken amuses me.
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    *Comes in to see speedduelist once again resorting to spamming videos of a game he's never played to try and prove a point....for the umpteenth time.* Same old, same old. :/
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    Look, ma! A video! Skip to 1:20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvPgJoPjkZE
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    Pokèmon Black & White Discussion

    LAUER PRONOUNCED THE NAMES RIGHT FUCK YEAH I CAME PLANETS EDIT: Here, have some more pictures: (spoilered for being big)
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    So then.... that game sold very well, it made a lot of money for what it is. Are you telling us then, that the reason why it sold well on BOTH the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, a market which is in the millions, which is 62 % dominated by male gamers, which has an average age of 35-44, decided to buy that game... because they liked the TV show... or the movieon which it's based. Or does anyone else here think the reason for the high sales might have been more to do with the easy trophies and achievments? Because the following people seem to think so. Well I was under the impression that this was blatently obvious given how if you google the phrase "Easy trophies" with any new game title before it you find literally thousands of threads on the subject.... but if you insist.... Randy Pitchford, one of the main developers over at Gerbox (borderlands/Duke Nukem fame) says so. Electronic Entertainment Design and Research found that games which had easy achievements sold more. Microsoft said easy achievements sell more copies of a game. CVG's interview with Microsoft on the subject. Also... and I know you said that simply little old me saying so doesn't count... but considering I used to help run and modderate PS3trophies.co.uk before the owners i-entry more or less abandoned the site, the Hannah Montanna was one that usually had a lot of activity, so I do have a very good idea as to what I'm talking about. Now... you still don't think that adding easy accolades into a HD version of colours would aid greatly in sales? Anyway, I'm done with having to prove things for other people in this topic. Good day.
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    Chaos Rush

    Why is Sonic Heroes considered bad?

    Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but the majority of you guys think that we haven't had a good 3D main series Sonic game (well, at least not until Colors lol). I haven't played any of the old 3D titles in a long time, so this past month (and October), I booted up Sonic Adventure DX, and decided to play through it. I liked it enough that I actually got all 130 emblems, a feat that have never been able to accomplish before, despite the fact that I've owned the game for about 6 or 7 years. Then I played through Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (if you haven't noticed by now, I don't have a Dreamcast), and I didn't really like it. Sure, the framerate is much smoother and the game is far less glitchier, but the graphics seemed really desaturated for some reason, but the shooting stages are kinda boring, and the emerald hunting stages just isn't fun. I didn't feel compelled to want all emblems like I did with SA1, so I quit after I beat the last story. Then, I booted up Sonic Heroes, and I haven't actually done a full playthrough of that game since... 2004. Yeah, I've booted it up here and there but only just to try a level. I just beat Team Sonic's story, and I have to say this: THIS GAME IS AWESOME. There's no shooting. No emerald hunting. Just get to the end of the level. The graphics are surprisingly really good (but the character models are fugly), and it's kind of hard to believe they did this in 2003. I mean, really, this game has better graphics than the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed. Wow Dimps, that must be pretty embarrassing. It's pretty glitchless IMO (except Bingo Highway... UGH), and one huge difference I noticed from SA2... this game is actually fun. And the levels are HUGE! Not the bad kind of huge like Mad Space where you're just flat out tired of the level, but the average level in Sonic Heroes takes about 7-10 minutes, and every minute is fun (in my opinion, at least). Quite often I would reach the end of the level thinking, "that's it?" and I would be surprised that it was actually 10 minutes. Now yes, I know this game isn't perfect, mainly Bingo Highway is just frustrating, and it's annoying not to get hit in Final Fortress, and it's a bitch to get A ranks with Team Dark, and there's a lack of actual bosses (the robot marathons don't really count IMO), but I still don't see why this is considered a "bad" Sonic game. There were many epic parts to this game, such as those 3 giant boulders chasing you in Ocean Palace, the lava rising in Power Plant, that giant alligator chase in Lost Jungle, and pretty much the entire Hang Castle and Mystic Mansion. My favorite stages are Hang Castle and Mystic Mansion. Those levels are EPIC and I cannot describe how much I enjoyed them, I think they're too short! And they took about 10 minutes to complete! But anyways, my point is, why is Sonic Heroes considered a bad game? It really stands out in comparison to the later Sonic games in my opinion (keep in mind that I've never played Unleashed HD, and I've played Unleashed Wii and I think it's horrible). Or do people actually like Sonic Heroes? EDIT: After reading some of the replies, I realized I forgot to mention something. Yes, the voice acting is terrible, and the script is utterly horrible. Though I'm playing through Team Dark right now and I don't really mind it.
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    So now that you have played sonic colo(u)rs

    Sonic Adventure 2 had lots of platforming, as well as being a fair bit faster than the original. Levels like Metal Harbour and Green Forest - all a good mix of simple platforming techniques; simple, but fun. And Crazy Gadget was basically all platforming while you fucked around with the gravity... and Pyramid Cave.. etc When you think about it, although Final Rush was basically Grind Rails, it required precision platforming to get from one rail to another. And it took a long time for me to master the best possible routes. So lets be honest, they all contained platforming and speed together. To me, the Adventure games (Sonic levels/shadow levels) pan out far more like the original games in terms of balance between platforming/speed. Controls also hold up for play in a fully 3D environment. They just play better in my honest opinion.. .. Sadly i think 06 ruined the thought of the formula ever coming back. Rest in piece Sonic Adventure games (minus all the other characters except Sonic and Shadow, you all played like shit) ps. I Enjoyed colours and LOVE Unleashed HD (SONIC LEVELS)
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    I found 2.5D Colors platforming and multiple wisps paths so much fun than adventure. adventure could have done a more interesting platforming, but it didn't. I want platforming and explorations to be more like this DLC Stage of Sonic Unleashed : that would be a way better master piece than colors. I hope in the anniversary that we get a camera angle that is more like this to support 3D Platforming and explorations. I won't post them all the time. 1 times per page is alright?
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    i never said holding forward to win. The level design of unleashed has too much space of running,grinding on rails,quick stepping and drifting. colors has platforming and exploration for hidden areas and no empty space in levels (Except star light carnival act 1). nice to see some one knows my point. How ever, i Was stuck on that line because of responses like 'you post lots of videos, you are wrong and i won't even have to prove it'. so really don't blame me, blame the uncreative responses from the some of the recent members in the last page.
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    I only posted 1 post, Several people responded to me disagreeing. and the argument was brought to that in the end. EDIT: I am not even going to bother arguing with you, if you can't find another answer other than 'you put so much videos!!! I CAN'T FIND A BETTER RESPONSE!!'.
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    No one looks at those videos. all i hear : 'you are wrong. and you put so much videos'. EDIT: I Clearly posted my point then linked to those videos. how can you say those don't prove any thing?
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    South Park

    The Coon n' Friends trilogy was pretty good, but I was disappointed that they just dropped Hindsight Man's storyarc in the last episode. I think my favorite part was the Cthulu song.
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    Spamming = posting videos? lolno. when i try to prove a point , i will have to link a video if the Text is not enough. if you don't want to Reply to me, you don't have to make false response like 'don't post videos'. just don't respond at all. I already proved my point, those false accusations like yours are just lazy excuses to some people here, so they could avoid replying to what i am saying. all i said those stages are pure running based and barley has any platforming. which i clearly see from the videos. I don't have to play it to notice the obvious lack of platforming or interactivity.
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    You're posting so many videos it's annoying, and you're relying on said videos of a game you HAVEN'T PLAYED to prove a point to people who know and feel differently from personal experience.
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    How am i spamming videos? those videos are totally different and were never posted before. Linking to 2 Different videos isn't spamming.
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    Haters are going to hate
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    Whaaa? Did people take that serious ?
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    *Facepalm* You know when someone has a weak argument when: 1) They are consistently posting videos just to get a point across 2) The videos actually CONTRADICT what their point is Honestly what videos were you watching? I took a good look at that Apotos video (for example) and there are plenty of alternative paths to take in both the 2D and 3D segements. In the 3D there were plenty of opportunities where the player could have turned to the left or right to take another route to a certain place. And look at the 2D sections. Did you not see a rail above him for most of the level? That proves that he could have either taken the top path with the rail, or the bottom path (the one he took). That looks like alternative paths to me. Also, the physics aren't pushing Sonic forward, they assist in the turning. When Sonic comes up to a somewhat windy road, he is usually auto assisted in a certain direction to help you take the turn. This was the same in Colours as well. Now granted, there are a few sections where the game is on rails, but this has been the same in EVERY 3D Sonic title. You really need to observe these videos more carefully and play the game more thouroughly before you start giving an argument about it. Almost all of your points are incorrect, and you would know that they are if you actually played the game more extensively. Don't get me wrong, people are allowed to have opinions about the game (heck I prefer Colours' gameplay over Unleashed's as well), but you're placing your arguments down as if they are fact when they are clearly fiction. Also, about the Wisps. To have the most fun with them, I think you need to know the key points about all of them. For example, the Cyan Wisp gets released once you release the Control Stick/D Pad, the Purple Frenzy turns best when you just tap a direction (it should then automatically start veering in the direction you tap) and can only do a jump when his chomping animation is finished (as in after you eat something), the Green Hover's Ring Dash works best when you approach the rings from the side (this applies to vertical trails of rings too) and the Pink Spikes is easiest to control when you hold a direction for about half a second longer than you need to (when you change direction on a wall) e.g. if you are going up a wall then start going right, keep holding up whilst you transist to going right then after about half a second, push right.
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    Yes I played secret rings and I do agree its not secret rings on rails lol. but its linear that is. I am not saying Unleashed plays its self, its just i prefer Colors level design of platforming and explorations and variety of level design, i liked about the classic games, their are way more paths in colors than unleashed both 3D and 2D Perspectives (although the 2D Sections has more of that and their isn't so much 3D Sections). all this leads me to prefer colors over all (in my opinion).
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  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
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    Easy here. I am only stating my opinion and my point of view on Colors. Sonic 4 is Defiantly not near as bad as Sonic advance games or the rush games. Sonic 4 Episode 1 is a good game, its just not near as good as any of the classics. its still a fun game, but it lacks almost every thing i liked about Sonic 3&k or sonic 1 or CD. Sonic Colors beats Sonic 4 episode 1, and Sonic colors is way more worthy of the title of Sonic 4 in my opinion. Reason : Explorations,hidden areas,slow platforming and Sonic colors even has what I liked about Sonic 3&k and Expands on it (Hence wisps and way more alternate path ways, more hidden areas, bigger level design and ranking system) unlike Sonic 4 Episode 1. I would say Colors has its limits, but to be honest, its limits goes to being as good as sonic 3&k in my opinion.
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    Emmett L. Brown

    Sonic Colours Review topic

    Only YOU can prevent sequelitis.
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    lol family guy Its better than a segment that has no other business in the movie other than prolonging it.
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    I'm going to chip in and say that SA2's port was superior to the original in every possible way imagined. The only reason it scored lower is because by this point, reviewers were fed up with the Adventure system and it's general glitches/design choices that never got fixed. Though I DO like the glitch where you homing attack something and Sonic spins around it like he's using Blue Tornado. Works with Metal Sonic, Shadow, and Super Sonic too!
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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    I don't really care too much, but I just want the point to get across to Sega that this is a good game. Granted, most people seem to agree that the game is good (even the harder-to-please people on NeoGAF) and a 77-78 is in the area of "generally favorable ratings", but I could've sworn I remember reading somewhere recently that Sega said they hope their future games score at least 80s on Metacritic (could be remembering wrong, though). I'd hate for them to fall 2-3 points short of their goal, especially when this game is a game Sega should be proud of. But yeah, reviews obviously don't have much of an effect on me personally. If reviews didn't effect Sega's perception of each game and what path they choose for the future of the series, I probably wouldn't pay much attention to them at all.
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    Really though, by saying that Colours is the better game I'm talking about production values. It delivers more and nothing really ruins it- it's just self-limiting. Unleashed on the other hand is hampered by lame stupid choices yet it's so much better with what it does right. I don't dislike the Werehog gameplay so to say though. It's the fact that it's next to the excellent daytime gameplay and contrasts with it too much.
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    No. Hacks are old news, not yours, and we've had enough of your 'music' topics, I think. *Sonic death music* Mwa~mwa~mwa mwa mwa MWAAAAA~♪ -Locked-
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    You know what part of Colors I loved? When Tails pushed Sonic away to save him from Eggman. He needs more of that and doing stuff on his own. I don't want him to just let Sonic do it, just because Sonic is around. If he knows he has no chance or something, sure, but to just say "I have to save blahblahblah! Oh hey Sonic's here! You do it." (This is of course an exaggeration) would be lame. I still say the Adventures had Tails done best. I don't really hate him not "worshipping" Sonic, but I wouldn't mind it returning. I liked the part of the Colors manga where he gets all excited, because he thinks Sonic can understand the Wisps.
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    Lol, no. You've made too many spammy pointless topics and I'm kinda getting fed up. If you're trolling, you're a poor troll, and if you genuinely just haven't read the rules, even sadder. Next pointless topic earns you a suspension (: -Locked-
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    He never said that, he said that angel island was fast platforming. but any ways, Colors provides enough Platforming Skills :
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    Yes, Tails used to be pretty damn fast. Not as fast as Sonic, of course, but still fast. I doubt we'll see a full return to that, though, not now that Sonic Colours implied that Tails isn't good at handling extreme speed =P What nonsense. That was the only part of the script that had me kinda going 'eh'. It's not a huge deal, but it bugged me just a little.
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    Sonic 2 was the only genesis sonic game that was speed based. Sonic 3 Slow platforming : Sonic 1 slow platforming : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxj68273OJ4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZzBJbLl-8k&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgNPrm_lpG4&feature=related even then. Sonic Unleashed plays its self for 1 minute, you can just tap the boost button for 1 minute between either QTES or chasing to go straight forward. and their isn't any multiple paths in unleashed and their isn't much platforming either. the fact that unleashed is on rails boosting with not much paths and platforming says enough for me. I like Colors better than unleashed.
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    Pokèmon Black & White Discussion

    Better pic:
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    Sonic Colours Music Thread ♫

    I like the first 40 seconds of Aquatic Garden 2. Then it kind of wanders off and forgets what it was doing and starts sucking, and that piano melody I like so much is replaced with more god damn synth thrashing. Unfortunately, that is where my praise for this game's soundtrack ends. And how cute, the final boss tune is an orchestral remix of this game's goofy theme. It's almost like they're making fun of themselves.
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    Badnik Zero

    Sonic Colours Review topic

    Review: Jim Sterling and his Shitty Sonic Colors Review It's strange to think that with the same title that garnered the 8 and 9 scores fans wanted, it was a blogger with an audience that rated Sonic Colors a 4.5 out of 10. Jim Sterling despite his status as a reviewer, complete with a focus on writing things on the internet, shows little understanding of genre, fun games, or not being a douchebag. All I have to ask is... why do people still listen to fucking Jim Sterling? At first his review appears to be levelheaded. By acknowledging Sonic Colors as an improvement over Sonic's last release, Jim breezes through his first few paragraphs without putting his foot in his goddamn mouth. It truly convinces readers that Jim is not a terrible miser sloughing away on a typewriter in a dark room. Then come the indefensible complaints... problems figuring out the games he plays... use of many ellipses... and as a whole a review so badly prepared for, you'd think he spent six minutes with the demo version of the game at E3. Then you realize this review could've been written by a thirteen year old with a learning disability. The simple fact of the matter is this - Sonic Colors - I mean Jim Sterling is a bad reviewer. He is not informative, inventing things to complain about, like physics, which he should probably take a crash course in or at least consult Wikipedia about. Whoever works at Destructoid, they just don't have a clue what's wrong with their editor. This is compounded by the fact that Jim Sterling insists that he's not a massive wart on the ass of online video game reviews. He simply isn't equipped for both being a troll and getting paid for it, and the abhorrent way in which Jim dismisses valid criticism demonstrates this fact over and over again. The review floats "mystically" from one poor example of a flaw no one else experiences to another, making believing this blogger next to impossible. The review possesses an "otherworldly" amount of hyperbole that one has to get used to before he could use it in any decision making processes. And this is all before we get to all the dickriders hanging out on Destructoid. First of all, don't even read this review. This piece requires a strong tolerance for bullshit to even approach readable. Secondly, however much bullshit you can chew on, the review is still absurd. For instance, he finds a way to explain how Sonic's automated homing attack doesn't work for him. Sometimes the review requires sheer fortitude on the reader's part not to comment on Destructoid about how Sterling is a mess. There are sections where Sterling must quickly zip from left to right while running along a path. Of course he can't figure this out because his fat fingers are probably not fit for a standard video game controller. He'll let you guess just how great that feels. Fortunately, Sterling at least gets some enjoyable moments thinking about how furious people will get over this. Professional trolls are usually the worst reviewers, but he is such a smug fucker that he is actually legitimately fun to watch work, helped by the fact that Sterling's attitude is probably fueled by a deep seated sexual frustration. Of course this review isn't mandatory to make an informed purchase, an assumption far from the truth. It seems Destructoid expects you to visit their site over and over until you begin to agree with them. Unfortunately the site is such a farce of journalism that you'll be angry you navigated their hackneyed site layout once, let alone multiple times. The frustrating part is that at times, Jim Sterling truly appreciates a video game. Several of his reviews are notable for not being tripe. He finds a perfect mix between criticism and knowing what the hell he's doing. His Twitter is also fairly tolerable, and Sterling seems to have a better time when not getting paid to run his mouth. Just an affable idiot with a terrible sense of humor. It seems however, the more comfortable and well-fed he gets, the less he gives a crap, and every instance of integrity soon gives way to the same sorry, against the grain posture we've witnessed a dozen times before. The problems are exactly the same, and his reviews are just as bad as always. Score: 4.5 - The Fuck is This Shit (4 scored reviews have some fair points, but they soon give way to ego, incompetence, trolling, and generally confusing views on the game in question. Not the worst writing, but are difficult to recommend to anyone who isn't trying to wank to a low score on a Sonic the Hedgehog title.)
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    Sonic free riders anime opening

    Sonic free riders is soon to be released, and to promote it, I have made an opening that uses the sonic free riders theme with the original sonic riders theme. I used Final Cut Express 4 to edit this opening. I hope you enjoy it and give me some feedback. It always helps.
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    *everyone stares* ._. *backs away*
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    This is bullshit (sorry for my French, totally appropriate). That's all it is, bullshit. Not trolling or anything, but If we demanded SA3, It would suck really bad. The problem with all these interviews is the forcing the idea that Sonic Adventure 3 is a possibility is a simple way of saying "We want this game and we need it NAO!!!". For us as a loyal fanbase, we are not the ones that should control it all the time, that is why its called a fanbase, not a simple DeviantART page where everyone requests their ideas. Simple example is a small fellow fangirl of the Sonic Universe: ZetaR02. She (I think her name is Vannessa, might be wrong) gets requests all the fucking time. Its ridiculous when you go to her profile to see this on almost every page: ...and she rarely does them now, because she finds them overwhelming. Thats who we are now, fucking douchebags that really can NOT appreciate that we have an original character different from every Superman and Sourpuss. Our fanbase should be ashamed that we are not appreciating every good thing we have in these games. Sure, Sonic '06 sucked bad, because YOU are the one that rushed the development and wanted it now. Now for my good thought: I can see it happening that SA3 can come along, but I am not hoping on it.
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    Iizuka Speaks of Sonic Adventure 3…Sort Of

    But we already have Adventure 3. Its called Sonic 06.
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    SEGA and Microsoft dealing with leaderboards

    Legal action??? For cheating at a video game? Calm down mate.
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    Aren't you worried?
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    Jumping on rails is platforming? okay? but other than jumping on rails, the game is forcing you to go straight forward, their are even a lot of speed boosters around shamar and apotos and not to mention empty space lol. I mean you can't deny that the stage is 90% running and grinding on rails LOL, the interactivity is just too low on both of those stages. their isn't much you could do in that stage other than occasionally jump while being on rails. here is another video that further proves my point : (90% of this stage is drifting and quick stepping, like the great racing games except with new abilities and no opponent). and here is another one : that never happened. feel free to prove it I was never yelling, when I bold a Text, I put it that way so i can show the most important part of my post, you should consider before replying. if you think other wise... well go bash every one who uses the bolded texts,
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    Speedduelist wins this whole discussion. Just give it up guys LOLL
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    Sonic Colours Review topic

    Because if we don't care, it all goes back to swords, ware-hogs, and bestiality again! But it all seriousness, this game is great and it should be getting those reviews as such. but like i predicted waaaay before colors released it would be downgraded because its sonic and not 2d so it must automatically suck without even putting alittle effort into it. Plus SEGA did say if any sonic games from now on don't get a average metacritic score, their ripping it off the store shelves. i think 75 out of 100 is the average. I'm hoping some of these reviews Shadzter recently posted go up on metacritic.
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