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    The SSMB Banner topic!

    Surely I wasn't the first to think of this?
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    So, I played a little Sonic 3 while in Economics class today. I wanted to make sure I was right, and this is what I found: Sonic 3 did this. And it did this. So Iizuka basically doesn't know what he is talking about.
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    The Void wisp may well be my favorite one in the franchise. One you figure out how to control the thing (the key is not to oversteer sections, then it handles like a dream) it really is a novel way to blow through shortcuts. Its like the hover wisp on steroids. There is actually one section in Asteroid Coaster where Coming off of the Frenzy wisp, I'd dare say that the Void is an improvement. Comparing the two versions.... I don't know. The DS version certainly plays like Rush, but it is not. The lack of a trick system really makes you depend on wisps a bit more and that makes boost a little bit harder to come by. Even that slight reduction in tension gauge has a big impact on gameplay, making wisp usage the key. Its, Rush 3, but then it isnt. Colors Wii brings solid platforming back to the series, and is pure eye candy. By comparison standards alone, Colors DS doesn't recapture the magic of the original Rush (which is both good and bad). Colors Wii outshines recent endeavors on the consoles, so I think that one gets the nod.
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    The SSMB Banner topic!

    I give this banner a 4.5 -- Below Average. 4s have some high points, but they soon give way to glaring faults. Not the worst banners, but are difficult to recommend.
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    Wii or DS for Sonic Colors?

    Unfortunately, both games suffer from length issues, alas. Having played through the Nintendo Wii version once, I've no drive to go back and play through it again. As soon as I'd finished watching (and playing with) the end credits, there was almost a sense of "Okay, what's next? Move on?" and not the usual addictive joy I have, rushing back to my favourite zones for one more go. Collecting red rings ranges from tedium to insanity, from what I've seen/heard, too. The Nintendo DS version suffers the same fate, and is only really saved by the additional side missions featuring different objective types (rather than the Wii version just asking you to speed to the goal). But these objective types are, themselves, rehashed from Sonic Rush Adventure. Not only that, but the hype surrounding the expanded cast of characters proved quite unfounded when they each "said" two lines, grunted a couple of times and had absolutely no bearing on the storyline whatsoever. While they last, they're both brilliant. After you've finished them, however, there's little to keep you going back and that is true of both versions. So I'm going to be forced into saying the DS version is better, simply for having a little bit more variety thrown into the mix and bringing up some fresh faces (if only for several seconds of random shoehorning... no, that isn't as dirty as it sounds).
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    Well I can't believe it's not butter, and I also can't believe that you're having another go at someone who is defending the game and who is actually posting a reasonable remark for it, but you're allowed to constantly go on about how bad you found it... We get it already. Anyway. Iizuka made a gaffe, so bloody what? I don't particually care if he makes a gaffe so long as he keeps delivering the goods, and to be honest he's not done such a bad job at all... Oh look I can see the Sonic 4 bashers already quoting the post... From what I remember seeing, the vast majority of people who downloaded the game seemed to like it, every single person bar one on the official position of TSS seemed to like it. I just don't get why people are making such a big deal, still, about this since the vast majority of stuff people constantly go on about, you have to deliberately do or go looking for. But take any game and go looking for problems and you'll find them. I'm currently playing Fallout NV and I've recently discovered that if I jump at some rocks from a certain angle, I get locked in a falling annimation and have to re-load. It's not one of the main issues that game has, but the only reason it exists is because I actively went around looking how to do it. Another thing I've noticed is that if I go to some areas and go into third person mode, position the camera to a specific angle I can pick up objects on the other side of walls... which comes in quite handy with some areas. But of course, unless I actively stop and look for that problem, make notes as to how I do it. Would anyone ever discover that? And lets be honest here, he's not done any gaffes anywhere near as bad as Binky (simon Jeffery) used to give us. Don't forget, this bloke is a games producer, he's probably not good at doing interviews or even wants to do them, I'm not suprised he's not the best at it or makes the odd gaffe or two.
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    ok everyone WHY ARE WE DEBATING OVER THIS???????????????? sonic games are great always have been and i think they always will be. so why debate over which system has the best version of a game? i mean come onnnnn its sonic games its awesome no matter what so who cares? im personaly getting both versions for x-mas and i want to play the eggman f-boss and yachers mom f-boss cuz they both seem wicked. do not fight over something that is good no matter what you do to it. =)
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    Here is how i can sum it up : Colors uses mommentum Physics Unleashed does not. Their for I like Colors more. Generally speaking.
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